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Date: 01/05/12

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Service and Hire Rates •

High Pressure—High Volume Jetting Unit

2000 Gall. Vacuumation Tanker


Pump Unit


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Hire Rates. Hire Conditions. Due to the nature of equipment hired from Aalto Technical Services Ltd. experienced, trained technicians are employed to safely operate the plant to expedite work under your direction. Any waste removed to appropriate disposal must be identified and accompanied by correct declarations, together with hazardous waste codes in compliance with current waste disposal regulations. Hire will continue in half-hour increments after leaving site until such a time that successful tipping is accomplished.

Hourly Hire Rates. All equipment hired on an hourly basis is subject to a minimum hire period of five hours.

Half Day Hire Rates. Half day hire rates include traveling time and attendance on site from either: Mornings 08.30 hrs to 12.00pm Afternoon 12:30 hrs to 16:00 hrs

Daily Hire Rates. Daily day hire rates include traveling time and attendance on site from: 08.30 hrs to 16.00pm Including lunch break (normally between 12:00 and 12:30 pm.) Note: All terms and conditions including prices stated in this catalogue are quoted in good faith, subject to VAT at the current rate and are negotiable subject to circumstances that enable work to be engaged on a pre-planned or repetitive Programme.

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Hourly Rates

High Pressure/ Volume Jetting Tanker &Operatives. Per Hour Half Day Rate Daily Rate

£106.24 £531.20 £1062.34

2000 Gall. Vacuumation Tanker & Operatives Per Hour Half Day Rate Daily Rate

£112.38 £563.90 £1120.00

Pump Unit & Operatives Per Hour Half Day Rate Daily Rate

£ 80.33 £401.65 £803.30

CCTV Unit & Operatives Half Day Rate (Min 4hrs) Daily Rate DVD and Report

£369.81 £850.00 £ 85.00

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Vacuumation Work The prices quoted below are based on work done within the Greater Manchester Area. From July 2005 Waste removed from surface water Interceptors was classified by the Environment Agency as hazardous waste and subsequently premises producing in excess of 200 litres per Annum need to be registered with the Environment agency and maintain a current hazardous premises number before any waste can be removed.

Interceptor Cleaning Transport Average disposal cost: Waste Admin Charge

£337.17 £ 69.77p per Tonne £ 77.81

Septic Tank Cleaning Transport Average disposal cost: Waste Admin Charge

£269.76 £ 16.58p per Tonne £ 16.78

Grease Trap Cleaning Transport Average disposal cost: Waste Admin Charge

£269.76 £ 59.77p per Tonne £ 16.78

Note: All terms and conditions including prices stated in this catalogue are quoted in good faith and are negotiable subject to circumstances that enable work to be engaged on a pre-planned or repetitive Programme.

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Spillage and High Pressure Cleaning High Pressure Jetting We use high pressure jetting equipment which can deliver between 500 and 10,000 p.s.i of pressure with flow rates between 5 and 80 gallons per minute, so we can clear any blockage effectively and quickly. Fast and effective solutions Our mobile units carry equipment to provide fast and effective solutions. we use this method as an effective cleaning tool when other cleaning methods fail. Restaurants, factories, working yards, car parks, public areas and amenities benefit from jetting technology to effect stubborn cleaning operations. User and Environment Friendly All detergents used in our jetting operation are non-caustic and biological, rendering their use both user and environment friendly and are available from our sister company The Barrel Butler Co. Ltd

The use of this type of equipment is undoubtedly the fastest & most economical method of cleaning any surface or drain All Work of this nature is unique to individual requirements

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Flood & fire clean up operations. Helping out with the aftermath of floods and fire. We have on many occasions been asked to help with various forms of emergencies. Our technicians are regularly called out to assist in internal flood clean up exercises, working both independently and in direct assistance to local Emergency Services. We can efficiently respond to any types of spills whether oil or chemical. Using the latest technology and procedures our emergency response teams are trained to handle a wide range of problems.

Our Sister company are in the process of setting up a 24hr helpline to offer help and advice in the event of emergencies and spillages.

We ourselves operate exclusively in the North West of England but by registering with you will have 24 hr. access to companies who specialize in flood and spillage remediation throughout the U.K. will also offer sound, site specific spill prevention advice free of charge.

Ring– 0800 092 8265 For Further Information.


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Restoring vandalised property. Vandalism Restorative Clean Up Work. Unfortunately vandalism has become almost part of everyday life. We are called on regularly to remove graffiti plastered on walls, buildings and street furniture. Many substrates require different cleaning methods in order not to damage the underlying surface. Our cleaning methods ensure that no surface damage occurs as a result of cleaning.

Initially our technicians will visit any site of vandalism in order to assess the problem thoroughly. From there, in full joint discussion, we will agree together on the best and most effective, economical way forward.

We operate and maintain high pressure power washing equipment to suit all requirements, including removing graffiti from concrete, bricks, pavement, stucco, steel, tin, and most other surfaces.

All cleaning methods incorporate environmentally friendly materials and procedures.

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Environment Protection. Pollution Clean Up Here at Aalto Technical Services Limited we have developed services that offer tailored solutions to environmental challenges that could affect our customers in both the private and the public sector. Using appropriate methods of containment to reduce the spread of pollution allows us to prevent further damage to the local environment prior to cleaning. Once the spread is contained, our Response Unit will set about filtering the polluted water in order to restore it as close as possible to its original condition.

Our Pollution Response includes the following:

   

Full clean up of the site, restoring the contaminated waters to their original state. The complete rejuvenation of the contaminated and surrounding area. Full disposal of the pollutants in a safe and appropriate manner. After care consulting and advice on preventative measures to avoid further pollution. For more information on our Pollution services call us now.

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Oil Interceptors and Blocked Drains Oil Interceptors Oil Interceptors work underground and are normally unseen by the general public. These are essential installations and service areas where fuels and oils (That could wash off or leak from vehicles and machinery.) are present - such as car parks, working areas and roads where such liquids may come in to contact with the common drainage system. Oil interceptors work by preventing such liquid pollutants from entering the common drainage system. Aalto Technical Services Limited are specialists in Interceptor installations and Maintenance, working in strict accordance to criteria regulated by the Environment Agency. Legal Obligation. Did you know that there is a legal obligation to clean interceptors at least twice a year. If you don’t you risk being prosecuted by the Environment Agency! If there are any doubts, ring us today for impartial advice and a cost effective solution. Aalto Technical Services Limited are experienced waste carriers and have been working within Environment Agency guidelines many years. If you have any doubts about your site give us a call and we will arrange for an experienced waste management consultant to visit at your convenience.

Ring– 0800 092 8265 For Further Information.


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Domestic Sewage & CCTV Surveys No job too small We don’t just deal with the large, industrial jobs. If you have something as small as a blocked toilet, or blocked drain, give us a call and one of our staff will be on hand to advise or arrange for a technician to be with you quickly to resolve your problems. We specialise in unblocking toilets, cleaning septic tanks and clearing blocked drains, solving domestic sewage problems in an instant. CCTV Surveys Closed Circuit Television has become an invaluable diagnostic tool for the drainage industry. In recent years there have been technological advances that enable high resolution, real time images to be viewed and recorded. Aalto Technical Services Limited provide CCTV inspections and accurate diagnostic reports to pinpoint problems that cause the drain to block. With this information: on the spot recommendations, together with estimated costs can be assessed. CCTV camera inspections and reports are thorough. The inspection is done by transiting a camera into the plumbing system, and recording the results on video. We can use this video report to produce a diagnosis of your sewerage system’s problems. The camera will clearly indicate any defects, broken pipes, or tree root problems in storm water drains and sewer lines – eliminating the cost of excavation if there happens to be a problem. Special Rates - We can offer discount rates to Insurance Companies, Mortgage lenders and Estate Agents for agreed bulk bookings. please Ring 0800 092 8265 for more details and a package that suits you. Domestic CCTV Surveys. Aalto offer economical rates for domestic CCTV surveys that don't break the bank and give physical assurance that all is either well or subject to further work.

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Domestic Sewage & CCTV Surveys (Cont.) Pre-Purchase surveys Pre-Purchase House CCTV Surveys Identify defects that indicate financial liability. When houses are purchased, normally a mortgage lender will insist that a survey of the property be carried out in order to identify defects that could indicate financial liability prior to purchase. Responsibility for drains could cost thousands of pounds. However if they cannot survey the underground drains they simply can’t identify defects that may well be there. A property owners responsibility for their domestic drain ends at the connection with the public sewer, wherever that may be! Imagine, after buying a property finding there is a problem with the drain under the road. The cost to dig the road up could run into thousands of pounds. Peace of Mind. For peace of mind and in the interests of certainty, (If there is a problem underground, at least you would be aware of it before you part with your money.) We strongly advise that purchasers invest in a pre-purchase CCTV survey before exchanging contracts. Re-negotiation of Purchase price. A video of the survey together with a comprehensive report will be supplied. If the drains are clear, giving the buyer peace of mind. If there are problems, we will identify them, recommend remedial work then supply a quotation in order to present the buyer with grounds for re-negotiation of the purchase price.

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Tank Cleaning and Removal Working in Confined Spaces All our Technicians are equipped, trained and qualified in safe confined space working. We work regularly on projects that require knowledge of safe man-entry techniques. This operation (as does every task Aalto carry out) requires physical discussion in order to formally identify and analyse the level of any risk involved before deciding on site specific actions aimed at reducing those risks to a minimum. This is followed by a discussion on the method to be undertaken in the expedition of the work. Once a safe working method is agreed a working document entitled a ‘Method Statement’ is issued which will become the technician’s ‘Bible’ for the duration of the task. The ’Method Statement’ will incorporate critical checks and balances to be conducted by a nominated member of the team to ensure that the task is implemented to a safe and satisfactory conclusion.

Previous tasks have involved: Working inside tanks Underground Operations (manholes) Operations requiring full PPE gear Working within complex sewage systems General Repairs within confined spaces Working between machinery etc. Because we are a small organisation, we use more appropriately ‘geared-up’ contractors for work that involves working in seriously hazardous conditions. However our technicians are fully trained and equipped with appropriate up to date safety and emergency rescue equipment in recognition of the risks and dangers of working in any confined space situation.


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Tank Cleaning and Removal Working in Confined Spaces (Cont.) Confined space entry always involves a minimum of three fully trained technicians for the following reasons.

No technician is allowed to work in a confined space for more than 20 minutes in any single hour.

When a Technician is working in a confined space, a second qualified person will monitor the atmosphere within the space and observe the person working at all times. If difficulties arise, he will be ready to evacuate the person in the tank via pre-determined instructions, while the third person will be nominated to summon aid in line with those predetermined contact instructions.

All tanks and confined spaces whether classified as low hazard or high-risk, commercial or domestic are treated with the respect they command and both our and your employees deserve.

If in any doubt, call us for a free no-obligation consultation.

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Preventative Maintenance Pre-Planned Preventative Maintenance. A way to reduce costs, spare commercial and industrial clients the embarrassment of drain break-down, unpleasant odours, or health hazards, ‘preventative' maintenance programme ensures that your drains reflect your reputation. Keeping the system flowing. Pre-planned maintenance is tailor-made to your individual requirements taking care of your drains, sewers and associated pipework. Keeping the system flowing freely, avoids problems associated with blockages and reduced flow. Pre-planned maintenance arrangements can be applied to foul or surface drainage and process Pipework. All Pipework is different. The frequency and type of service depends on how busy the system is. Other factors like:  The substance being discharged.  The size of building.  The type and size of Pipework. Are all contributing factors to the effectiveness of the system. Free no-obligation site inspection. The first step is for our surveyor to carry out a free site inspection. We will analyse previous problems and isolate areas of concern. We will then propose an initial ‘clean' that will return the Pipework to optimum performance. From there, in consultation with you, a detailed program is prepared highlighting those parts of the system that need cleaning on a regular basis. Then, at pre-determined times to suit you, our technicians will expedite the scheduled work. Preventative' maintenance helps to avoid problems that create flooding which leads to damage of property and stock, which in turn brings unbudgeted expenditure.

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Our Company’s Mission Statement. Below are extracts from Aalto Technical Services Ltd.’s Mission Statement. Our expertise is second to none where issues of an environmental nature are concerned. We are acutely aware of our industry and those engaged in it. Small in Stature: Huge in Knowledge. Often, because we are a small company, we may not necessarily be in a position to involve ourselves directly. However, because of the recondite experience inherent in our company it is likely that we can and will source appropriate help in dealing with major spillages etc. Recommend Specialists beyond our ability. Obviously we will be promoting our own companies goods and services where we can help, but we will also recommend alternative companies, particularly those who specialise in areas beyond our company’s ability and operate away from the Northwest of England. Here to Help! Either way, we are here to offer genuine assistance and by using it we assure potential clients that there is no obligation to exclusively use our products or services. The criterion is one of offering helpful assistance that can be addressed safely, quickly and within the United Kingdom's environmental regulations. Please feel free to call us in the event of any problems you may be experiencing, our help is free and completely without obligation.

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Aalto Technical Services Catalogue 2012  
Aalto Technical Services Catalogue 2012  

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