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Colaborative story by 6 Primary CPR Barranco de Poqueira Capileira-Bubi贸n-Pampaneira th


Once upon a time there were two brothers called David and George. David was ten years old, he was tall. He had blonde hair and green eyes. George was nine years old, he was short, and he had brown hair and blue eyes. The brothers loved play football, they lived in Granada. Their mum was called Clare. She was 40 years old and their dad was called Tom was 43 years old.

On Tuesday, Tom bought tickets for a football match, David and George were really happy, it was the first time they saw a football game. The football match was on Saturday. On Saturday, David and George went to play football with their friends, Marcus and Peter before to the game. They talked about the football match, Marcus and Peter had tickets too. 2

At two o'clock the two brothers went home to have a snack. They were every day thinking about the football match and their mother laughed them all the time. In the afternoon, his mother had to leave their home before, but she did not say why, so they needed to go with his father. Come on, let´s go to the Parrots against Squirrels football team. When the party arrived, the two brothers Tom and George with his friends were excited when they got into, they could not with their emotion, the field was very large and could accommodate thousands of people.

They arrived at the right time, they could listen to the shouts and whistles of the followers. And Tom and George recognized his mother in the passenger seat. They were awesome. Their mother was dressed with a strange clothes, for it was a squirrel costume and 3

lots of parrot glued to his arms. Suddenly, his mother began to down the stairs and got into the field trying to take the ball to the players. The friends of the brothers began to laugh, but suddenly, the crazy mother with a grey curly hair and with a strange dress began to play for the squirrel team and the surprise was that she was the best player. And finally the squirrel team won the game and the kids and everyone began to dance the Waka Waka song.

The end


The big football match  

Historia realizada en 6º curso de primaria en el área de ingles. realizada en colaboración

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