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To create and maintain good Community Relations to local and regional communities where Jaguar Land Rover design and manufacture To enhance Jaguar Land Rover's reputation as a Socially Responsible Company Nationally and Internationally

DEFINING STRATEGY The Community Relations Strategy is an integral part of the JLR Corporate Social Responsibility CSR strategy (BITC CSR framework) that is part of four distinct Impact areas: COMMUNITY - WORK PLACE - MARKET PLACE - ENVIRONMENT The Community Strategy follows Business in the Community BITC's Community Framework to co-ordinate all Community Relations activities across JLR, The Framework supports JLR's mission to demonstrate best practice in CSR whilst underpinning corporate objectives. The key areas of engagement with the wider community are identified as: 1. Corporate Objectives 2. Education and Industry 3. Employee Volunteering 4. Corporate Community Engagement 5. Cause Related Marketing and Charities 6. Key Messages 7. Bench Marking, Management and Recognition 8. Key Elements of the Plan JLR is continuing to use and support the BITC framework, which provides focus nationally, regionally and locally. JLR's high profile and ongoing engagement within the Community will increase expectations that we are serious about our intentions and that any engagement with the Community is to be trusted. 1.


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Key Objectives - To support JLR's objective of being regarded locally regionally and nationally as best in class in Community Relations: • National support to JLR sponsored programmes. • Extend involvement with local community activities • Participate in collaborative ventures Including TATA and associated Companies • Selectively promote community involvement • Assist Dealers and NSC's and involve suppliers in best practice Community Relations • Link to CSR and Sustainability Strategies • Demonstrate where appropriate Community Excellence 2.


“Engineering skills shortage is holding back the UK, says new report” – - The Royal Academy of Engineering “To get young people engaged with engineering, you need to give them ‘hands on’ experience of the industry. Many engineering professionals believe that focusing on science alone can put many students off engineering and that a more practical approach, such as Design and Technology courses, which present work-based scenarios, can be more beneficial“. - The Institution of Engineering and Technology - IET 2.1.

Education has been given a high priority underpinning JLR's support to the Campaign to Promote Engineering, particularly raising the profile of Apprenticeships' in JLR as a career choice and supporting the national TALENT agenda and focuses on the following key areas: -


Education Business Partnerships Centres – EBPC's located at each of our five sites in the West Midlands and Merseyside, linking to local Education strategy and networks. Providing state of the art facilities for work related activities for young people supporting the national curriculum, national diplomas and work experience.


Education Business Forums - supporting local and national Government backed initiatives to help regenerate poor performing schools in deprived communities close to our operations, including employee involvement and support to head teachers to improve personal development and school performance.


National School and Education Challenges – to raise the profile of JLR Community Relations Strategy nationally specifically our education programmes. • • •

F1/GT in Schools Design Challenge 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge Maths in Motion Challenge

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• • • • • • 3.

Specialist Schools Trusts and Academies' SSTA's, local and regional support to initiatives focusing JLR's support to schools specifically engineering. Imagineering Fair and Clubs Engineering Education Scheme Green Power Challenge Apprentice and Graduate CSR Challenges The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programme


"Employees that are actively involved in community investment activities are significantly more likely to find their work interesting, will recommend working for their company to family and friends and credit their engagement in community activities to helping them manage people more effectively". - Research International 3.1.

Community involvement provides many opportunities to engage employees and to develop a wide range of skills and competences including communication, project management, leadership and team working.


The company has a number initiatives that support site community plans highlighting employees willingness to engage with the Community, foster teamwork and support the Company's 'Public Face ' of commitment by engagement. Employee Involvement remains a cornerstone of business commitment to social and economic regeneration of communities.


This strategy requires hands on development by sites to personalise a site 'Community Plan' which supports Company Score Cards. Each site should consider having a committee to formulate the Site Community Plan, which is chaired by a Senior Manager. A typical plan will include: -

• •

Site committee/community plan Direct involvement and employee support to site Education Business Partnership Centres Senior and Junior management support to identified Community activities e.g. School/College/University Governorship Head Teacher Mentoring School Governors Active local community team and individual community projects Local Government representation Community links into Company supported regeneration programmes e.g. Education Forum and EBPC's Charity requests

• • • • • • • 3.3.

Employee volunteering will continue to be supported by the existing JLR 16 hour Policy and administered by BITC's CARES programme.

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Company representation and involvement nationally, regionally and locally to community and business groups is an essential means of gathering information and influencing key government and regional enterprises e.g. Regional Development Agencies, Local Strategic Partnerships, Chambers of Commerce and Business, Charitable and Public Networks.


Representation from Board, Executive and Senior Management is a key element of information gathering for future changes in strategy and should support the following areas:• • • • • • • • • • •

City Forums, Local Strategic Partnership's e.g. Coventry Partnership, Marketing Birmingham. Local Community Forum's Chamber of Commerce and Learning and Skills Councils BITC – National and Regional membership CBI – National and Regional membership Department of Trade and Industry partnership Regional Regeneration Boards Education Business Forums Inward investment boards e.g. LEGI, RDA, Euro funding Regional Business Partnership Committees Business Improvement Districts




The company continues to sponsor and contribute to general charities nationally and locally. Expectations from charities for sponsorship and giving are increasing. The Company will continue to focus on selected key Corporate Charities NSPCC, RED CROSS and BEN while continuing to support local charities through the support and contribution to site charity committee's including MOTOR-VATE and existing Jaguar and Land Rover Employee Charities Committee's.


The following Organisations and committees should continue to be chaired by JLR Board, Executives, Managers and Trade Union representation demonstrating by presence the Company's direct commitment and influence: • Coventry and Warwickshire NSPCC Business group • BEN - Regional, National • Key charity events (Cause Related marketing) should continue to be supported by Corporate Events where there is a direct benefit to Company Sales and Promotions e.g. Arts & Business Awards, NSPCC Ball, Red Cross Ball, BEN Ball.



"There seems to be an assumption that communicating CSR is somehow different from communicating any other business issue - it isn't, CSR communications need to be as professional as any other Community Strategy.doc26/11/2012 4

type of corporate communication - using the right channels to reach target audiences". CSR Executive Survey The Institute of Public Relations 6.1.

The following key messages are to be clear in all activities undertaken by the company both internal and external: • • • • • • • • •


Board level commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility Jaguar Land Rover's commitment to the community Trusted Company Socially Responsible Respected by our employees Employees respected by the community Sensitive to social, economic and environmental issues Diverse in our involvement in the community Corporate accountability

Principles underpinning our Public Voice

Six key principles run through our work in the Community and underpin our public voice: • • • • •

Support for sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Recognition of the partnership between our business and society Conviction that progress in achieving higher standards of corporate responsibility will best be achieved through a voluntary approach rather than regulation, where possible. Different indicators of success in corporate responsibility have different levels of materiality in our Company as expectations can reasonably vary by business size, sector and location. Our business, by and large, does good by virtue of the goods and services provided and how it does it, creating wealth, enabling economic stability, providing opportunities for employees, suppliers and customers as well as paying tax. Belief that excellent understanding of communities from which our business draws its customers and employees makes it more effective and profitable.

7. BENCHMARKING, MANAGEMENT AND RECOGNITION Benchmarking, Management and Recognition are key tools to measuring the impact of the JLR Community Strategy externally. A number of initiatives provided by our BITC membership give us the opportunity to identify our strengths and weaknesses and actively communicate our successes. 7.1.

BITC CR Index - Business in the Community's CR Index is the UK’s leading voluntary benchmark of corporate responsibility. It helps companies to integrate and improve responsibility throughout their operations by providing a systematic approach to managing,

Community Strategy.doc26/11/2012


measuring and reporting on business impacts in society and on the environment. JLR will be taking part in the 2009 CR Index. 7.2.

CommunityMark - The CommunityMark is the UK’s only national standard that publicly recognizes excellence in community investment. CommunityMark companies take a holistic approach to community investment, which means they are good from the inside, out. The CommunityMark is not an award – it is an independent, 360-degree, rigorous assessment process that defines innovators and leaders in community investment.


Awards for Excellence - The Awards for Excellence are independent and peer assessed corporate responsibility awards. Run in association with the Financial Times, the awards recognise and celebrate those companies who have shown innovation, creativity and a sustained commitment to corporate responsibility.


Corporate Social Responsibility – JLR are developing a CSR Strategy for 2010. Support will continue through the CR Index assessment to help create a bespoke JLR CSR Strategy and integrated into the JLR Sustainability Strategy.

Prepared by: Les Ratcliffe Manager Community Relations Jaguar Land Rover

Community Strategy.doc26/11/2012



To create and maintain good Community Relations to local and regional communities where Jaguar Land Rover design and manufacture. To enhance...

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