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Amazon Prime Air: Delivered By Drones The drones, called Octocopters, could deliver packages weighing up to 5 pounds which accounts for 86% of Amazon’s products to customers within 30 minutes of them placing their order. The service will be called Prime Air and comes as Amazon is looking to improve its efficiency to boost growth. However, it still has to wait for permission from US regulators. It is scheduled to launch some time in 2015. If this is a success I believe this will revolutionise the way all sorts of packages are delivered to our homes! Take a look at this short clip showing a drone picking up a package from one of its warehouses and delivering it to the doorstep of a customer's house.

The Last BarFighter: Beer Sampling Arcade Game So you like arcade gaming machines, you’re pretty awesome at old school street fighter, and you love beer. So now imagine, if some awesome beer company made an arcade machine, that pitted players against each other to win free beer. Well, here it is.. The Last BarFighter, from Big Boss Brewing, is the first ever beer-dispensing arcade game that takes the snore factor out of beer sampling. Players place their cups in the tray below their respective tap. After three rounds of street-fighter-style-action, the winner’s cup is filled with a sample of beer from a keg placed within the machine. To the victor goes the pour.

The new Willy Wonka? Hidden Golden Tickets in Chocolate Boxes The spirit of Willy Wonka is being evoked with a competition that will see five tickets hidden in Heston Blumenthal's Christmas chocolates with those who discover a ticket invited to spend the day with the celebrity chef. The ad created by BBH was launched yesterday! A sixth ticket will be available to the winner of an online game Heston’s Chocolate Challenge on Waitrose’s Facebook page. Winners will enjoy food demonstrations and tastings hosted by Heston and his team in their experimental kitchens in Bray. It is here that the chef and his team of development chefs have dreamed up some of his most imaginative culinary creations - surrounded by vats of dry ice. Anyone fancy a chance of winning? The box is priced at £13.50 but is on offer until the 24th December priced at £10

Cool stuff 5th december 2013  
Cool stuff 5th december 2013