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The Interactive CV

In these harsh economic times it comes as no surprise that employers are getting swamped with CVs. This poses two problems: first, it is pretty darn hard to make yours stick out from the rest. Secondly, the person reading your CV is probably not having the best of times. Graphic designer Robby Leonardi has managed to solve those two problems by creating a CV video game. Prospective employers are able to venture back and forth in a Mario-esque fashion whilst exploring Robby’s different selling points.

Have a go yourself by popping to the following address:

Flippin’ Crazy Ever wondered what it would feel like to casually perform a backflip over a 72 foot gap? Well thanks to Kelly McGarry, he’s made sure you at least get an idea.

The free ride mountain biker managed to stick a GoPro on top of his helmet to document his silver medal winning run at the Red Bull Rampage 2013. Check out his full run at: And for another angle:

Take an E-Trip to the Museum Into cars? Then you’ll love this! The Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese has teamed up with Google Maps in order to create an online museum experience. Fanatics can wander the floor and drool over the history of Lamborghini in one room. From the prototypes and vintage automobiles that inspired later models, to one-of-a-kind concepts and special editions, inside and out. Head over to this link to have a look yourself:

Smartphone Controlled Bike Lock A Kickstarter campaign has been created to cut those pesky 5 seconds out of your life you spend unlocking your bike. Bitlock is a specialised bike lock that works with your smartphone to give you a seamless bike locking/unlocking experience. The device automatically unlocks itself when it detects your smartphone is less than three feet away. Also working in reverse, the BitLock locks itself once you move over three feet away. The lock itself is made of cut-resistant steel, is waterproof and comes with a five year battery life that warns you when it is low. Along with its primary locking/unlocking abilities, the smartphone app allows you to see how many calories you have burned and has other features such as saving your bike’s location so you’ll never lose your bike again! To find out more head over to:

Cool stuff 25th october 2013  
Cool stuff 25th october 2013