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SMG Cool Stuff Valentines Special‌

Lidl: The Valentine Kiss Detector App ♥ The app and site – available for Android, iPhone, Facebook and the Lidl website – uses your camera to capture smooches and pits users the challenge of kissing someone else on camera for the chance to win £50 in Lidl vouchers. Whether you kiss a significant other or some random person on the street, the app “verifies” your kiss with a “hyper-advanced kiss sensor technology” before the app enters you into the voucher competition. Lidl CEO says “We are connecting romanticism with tech and retail.” The app will detect love in 24 European countries.

Google Doodle: Personalised Chocolates for loved ones ♥

Google has celebrated Valentine’s Day with a romantic interactive Doodle on its search page, but with a humorous twist. When web users land on the page, they will find the brand’s logo has been replaced with the red, jiggling figures of two people and a heart. Clicking play, the logo transforms into a chocolate box with ‘Google’ written in elaborate, swirling writing across its front. This then opens up to reveal three chocolate cases and a chopping board harbouring ingredients that users can click through to make loved ones a batch of three tailor-made 'e-treats' in white, milk, or dark chocolate. Toppings include indulgent fudge, gummies bears, and sprinkles, or more healthy cherries, strawberries, raspberries, almonds, and walnuts.

3D Printed Roses add new tech twist to Valentine’s Day ♥ While many Valentine’s Day celebrators may go to the florist and fight over the best bouquet of flowers, others may try an alternative route. Now 3D printed roses are on the market ready for purchase with one rose for £15, a half-dozen for £45 and a dozen fresh from the printer for £100.

The red roses are a creation from the online It is offering ever-lasting roses that for most may seem affordable. Traditionally, flowers are cut and wrapped in pretty ribbons for those to give to someone special on Valentine’s Day. If a person wishes to purchase a unique gift on this special day, then 3D printed flowers might just be the best present to give!

Cool stuff 14 feb 2014