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Yahoo! Launch World First Hands On Search. Yahoo launched the worlds first hands on search in Tokyo as part of a project to help visually impaired children access the internet, and engage with the outside world. Yahoo placed pods like the one on the left, in various hostels around Tokyo which could recognise a verbal search. The children would speak whatever they wanted into the machine and the Yahoo Pod would recreate it with a 3D Printer. This allowed the kids to touch what they couldn’t see! Anything from giraffes to skyscrapers became something they could touch and feel thanks to this great idea from Yahoo!

Check out the video below to see the project in action!

Crazy 3D Projection Mapping by Box Interested in 3D projections? Box is a dynamic projection mapping video that featured on The Creators Project, which explores the creation of real and digital space through the use of 3D projection mapping on moving objects. Box is a very technical and good looking 3D experience. The whole performance is shot in black and white and the level of detail and fluid movement of the projections come together to create a truly mesmerising experience. Check out Box below:

Bonus Video: Box behind the scenes

Geox create 7 days of rain in Barca In order to promote and test their new waterproof footwear Geox have come up with a creative new campaign to show off how well their shoes can stand wet conditions. Meet Tom, the test subject for Geox’s new shoe the Amphiobiox. Tom went to Barcalona for 7 days during the campaign shoot. While there, the team at Geox and their production partner, Mediamonks built Tom an artificial raincloud so they could film him go through a series of daily challenges while being constantly rained on in the new Amphibiox footwear. Click below for Tom’s 7 day challenge:

Cool stuff 11th October 2013