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& d e W o n i o F ’Tis the season to be festive!

2010 Christmas in Summer – Story page 6 Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 


Fresh food and fun at the Farmer’s Market Handmade tarts, pastries and sourdough bread available exclusively from the Carême stall at the Barossa Farmers Market To place an order Phone 08 8563 1490 Email


Open every Saturday 7.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.





Stall holders at the Barossa Farmer’s Market can expect a rush of customers getting ready for a holiday feast at the Twilight Christmas Market on December 23 at 5.30 p.m. until late. Last year’s Christmas Market provided a range of foods for more than 3,500 people and this year is expected to be just as popular. Barossa Farmer’s Market chairman, Mr Julian Maul said the Christmas market is undeniably the largest market of the year, with about 30 per cent more customers attending. He said last year’s event was even more successful than the inaugural Christmas Market the year before. This year will include more stall holders showcasing their local, seasonal produce. “We have a series of stall holders whose produce is summer-specific,� Mr Maul said. “One of the things we’ve been diligent about is what’s sold at the Market is fresh and local. “The stall holders are attuned – having done two Christmas Markets they realise how important it is to have Christmas produce.� Shoppers do not have to miss out on things that may not be available locally,

with guest stall holders providing more produce. “We’ve got a number of guest stall holders that come from other regions in South Australia who can provide some of our favourite produce for an Australian Christmas, like seafood. “People will be able to pick up Christmas favourites like prawns and scallops. “If we can’t produce it in the Valley, then customers have an opportunity to access the produce from other regions.� Mr Maul said the Market had become a social experience for Barossa locals. “Not only is it the authenticity that’s sold at the Market, but for people in the community it’s been a social hub. “It’s become a place that customers come to catch up with people before Christmas. “It’s a place people want to bring their children and show them real food and

show them there are people who actually make this stuff.� Mr Maul said the event was a Christmas Market primarily for the Barossa community. “Whilst the Barossa Farmer’s Market welcomes tourists, as does the region, the Market has never seen itself primarily as a tourist attraction. “It’s not just something that’s been developed as a tourist experience.� He said the Market was an authentic way to experience the Barossa and the vast majority of customers were locals. Mr Maul said a lot of hard work and love was put into the produce and traders were able to dedicate more resources to it because the stall prices were the cheapest in South Australia. To avoid the Christmas rush, Mr Maul urged customers to place orders prior to the Christmas Market and pick their goods up on the day. The Market is held during twilight hours to avoid the fast approaching hot weather. “It’s at that time of the day because we understand people are busy during the day and it’s hot,� Mr Maul said. “We are holding it in the cool where the environment is more enjoyable and it’s that bit closer to Christmas.�

Made with certified organic oats and fruit and almonds that are 100% South Australian Handmade in the Barossa Valley proudly using quality local ingredients


• Cupcakes • Wedding Cakes • Celebration Cakes • Edible Images • Novelty and Corporate Cakes

Varieties available • Au Naturale • Tutti Frutti • Gone Nuts • Gluten Free • Coconut & Wheat Free Available for tasting every Saturday at the Barossa Farmers Market DH0978-V2

Phone 0418 892 585

Barossa Farmer’s Market, Saturdays 7.30 - 11.30am, or to order phone

Gina 0438 842 116


Barossa Plains Black angus Get all your locally grown Black Angus Beef products at the Barossa Farmers Market

Southern Indian Style Kasoundi Curry Paste & Malaysian Curry Powder Packed with flavour, these excellent curries make truly delicious marinades for your meat, seafood & vegetarian creations over Christmas & the Summer Months.

Ring up now to order your beef for Christmas!  - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader�, December 8, 2010

“Real food from the homes and farms of the Barossa� is what The Barossa Farmer’s Market is all about. Chairman, Mr Julian Maul and founding committee member, Mr Rolf Egert invite market-goers to add the flavours of Barossa to their Christmas dinner table this year.

Also try Carmella’s Barossa Style Spicy Tomato Chutney. Terrific with crusty bread and soft cheese cold meats and eggs.

Mobile: 0408 806 257


0401 814 322


Phone shane or nina


Chilli Egg Noodles in Tomato Sauce Serves 4. 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 125ml (½ cup) dry red wine 2 tablespoons tomato paste (concentrated puree) 425g tinned chopped tomatoes 250ml (1 cup) bottled tomato pasta sauce 1 tablespoon chopped basil 1 tablespoon chopped oregano approx 500g seafood of your choice – marinara, prawns, smoked salmon, etc. 30g salted butter 375g packet of Weich’s Organic Chilli Egg Noodles

Val and David West, owners of Weich’s Barossa Valley Egg Noodles, in amongst their colourful chilli egg noodles.

Barossa Gourmet Confections ATE VEGAN HOT CHOCOL coconut milk, s on po Combine 3 tables lespoons ½ teaspoon vanilla, 3 tab a, and a co co sugar, 4½ teaspoons and add a g mu a dash of cinnamon in sugar til un r cup of boiling water. Sti dissolves and enjoy. SMOOTHIE CHOCOLATE BANANA cup chocolate Place 1 ripe banana, 1 and milk, 1 cup crushed ice in a blender. te tas to up chocolate syr nds until just Process for a few seco g glass. slushy and pour into a lon Enjoy! SPICED CHOCOLATE am 3 cups (750ml) rich cre Recipes by ½ cup (125ml) milk Bryon Pearson from te ola oc ch rk 400g da Barossa Gourmet r ga su g icin s on 2 tablespo Confections. n namo ½ teaspoon ground cin te tas to eg Grated nutm Chilli powder to taste – whisk boil over medium heat Bring cream and milk to and add sugar, while heating. Simmer constantly to build froth vigorously for stir until blended. Whisk spices and chocolate – sprinkle chilli . Pour into warm mugs, a few minutes until frothy immediately. Enjoy! powder on top and serve

1. Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan. Add the onion and garlic and cook over low heat for 2-3 minutes. Increase heat to medium and add the red wine, tomato paste, tomato and pasta sauce. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for 5-10 minutes or until the sauce thickens slightly. Stir in the fresh herbs and season. Keep warm.

2. Sauté your choice of seafood in a frying pan with butter for 1-2 minutes. Add the seafood to the warm tomato sauce and stir gently.

Abbotsford Country House

3. Cook the Chilli Egg Noodles in a large saucepan of rapidly boiling salted water until al dente. Drain well and toss gently with the seafood sauce. Note: Instead of seafood, any other meat can be stir-fried and added to the mixture.


Fresh, quality coffee available from Suite 41 Cafe, TeAro Estate, Murray Street Vineyards & Thornby Fine Meat


DON’T MISS OUT THIS YEAR! Available at the Barossa Farmers Market or phone Jane on 8524 4662 to order



LOCALLY GROWN CHERRIES available at the Barossa Farmers Market

For Christmas orders please

Phone 8564 2421 or Timothy 0429 642 421

Freshly roasted Arabica Coffee Beans available every week at the Barossa Farmers Market DH1157-V2

dies o o g s a m t s i r r fresh produce and Ch For all you

CHRISTMAS MARKET Thursday, December 23 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

NEW YEAR’S MARKET Thursday, December 30 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Cnr Nuriootpa & Stockwell Roads, ANGASTON

TOP QUALITY HAND PICKED KALAMATA OLIVES TAPENADE & OLIVE OIL Experience the difference of real taste and nothing artificial

PHONE 8569 3030


Christmas Puddings

Handmade to a traditional Scottish recipe, without nuts, Abbotsford Country House puddings are wonderfully succulent, traditional boiled puddings.

The Barossa’s freshest coffee is now roasting!

Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 

! e e a s s v o e i n t h s t e o t f b e s i ’T Traditional Christmas with the trimmings The tradition of sitting down to a warm Christmas meal with family and friends is one that families across the Barossa will be upholding this holiday season. Even as the temperature heats up, a roast will still be on the menu of many households and a Christmas turkey is the way to go if you’re opting for a traditional meal. For dessert, the traditional theme can be upheld with Christmas pudding and brandy anglaise. To feed a whole family or a number or guests, a whole snapper with fresh, steamed vegetables in butter and garlic as a side would be perfect. Christmas lunch tends to be based more on cold foods, especially in summer, and dinner suited hot foods. Warm weather is not likely to affect the number of hot meals gracing tables this Christmas with people being set in their ways. Cold seafood is a popular item at Christmas meals, but it’s hard to go past a roast. A hot meal with all of the trimmings at Christmas time, especially with a number of guests, may take extra preparation but the end result is worth it. If you’re opting for a hot meal this Christmas, especially for a lot of people, remember to plan ahead and enjoy the day.

Christmas is a Treat at Tanunda Bakery Traditional Fruit Christmas Cakes and Puddings

• Vanilla Cookies • Vanilla Kipferl • Springerle • Punsch Brezeln • Lübecker Kokosmakrőnchen (Coconut Macaroons) • Gingerbread (honey cookies) • Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Stars) • Nougat Cookies • Almond Bread • Spitzbuben (Raspberry Kisses) • Heidesand (Buttermelts) • Lebkuchen

Also available: Mohn Stollen (Poppy Stollen) Nuss Stollen (Nut Stollen) Marzipan Stollen

Plätzchen wie zu Grossmutters Zeiten Cookies like in Grandma’s times Shop 3, 181 Murray Street, Tanunda Phone: 8563 0096  - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010

Gingerbread • Houses • Men • Trees • Hearts

Mixed Packs made to order just ring Elké to place your order DH0706-V3

C h r r e i e s t m n m i a s m W F o o d & u S Seasonal bargains for a cold Christmas lunch The joy of eating seafood on a warm Christmas day might be made even sweeter with the possibility of cheap crayfish this year. An import ban on crayfish (also known as lobsters) by China means there could potentially be up to 80 per cent more crayfish available in Australia over the Christmas season. The recent embargo and surplus of crayfish has already made the price plummet and this could continue into the Christmas season. Mr Richard Miles from Miles’ Newsagency and Deli in Angaston says this could mean good quality and cheaper crayfish for locals. “We’re hoping for a glut in crayfish this year because last Christmas, the Australian price for crayfish was $70 a kilo,” he said. “But China could still lift the embargo

before Christmas, which would mean prices could go back to normal. “We’ll know sometime in the next few weeks whether or not we’ll have cheaper crayfish for Christmas.” Fresh Australian crayfish, oysters, smoked salmon and prawns are a popular choice for Christmas lunch and Mr Miles says cold Christmas lunches are becoming more popular every year. “A lot of people prepare a hot Christmas lunch because it’s tradition but will have seafood for dinner and on Boxing Day,” he said. “Seafood is popular at Christmas because it’s something special you can enjoy on a special day as a once a year treat. “Obviously, cooked lobster and prawns, smoked salmon and fresh oysters are a convenient option for the Christmas period

because there is very little preparation needed.” Over the last Christmas period, Mr Miles sold almost 300 kilograms of cooked prawns and this number increases every year. “The majority of our sales are cooked prawns,” he said. “They’re really popular because it means on Christmas day, families have the convenience of serving them without much preparation needed.” Despite the popularity of seafood at Christmas, poor weather forecasts for Christmas day could affect the amount of seafood sold. At this stage, The Weather Channel is predicting a relatively cool and wet Christmas day. “In the past when the weather is cool over Christmas, we don’t sell as much seafood,” Mr

Miles said. “It’s in people’s nature to prefer hot food in cooler weather and cold food in hot weather.” Fresh prawns and seafood will be available at Miles’ Newsagency and Deli in Angaston in the next few weeks.




FOR CHRISTMAS Choose from:

 Crayfish  Prawns  Oysters  Moreton Bay Bugs  Smoked Salmon  Other Seafood Lines are available PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW! WE’RE OPEN CHRISTMAS DAY 9 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

MILES DELI & NEWSAGENCY Juanita Lebani from Eden Valley; Mr Richard Miles and Kayla McPhail, from Nuriootpa are keeping busy at Miles’ Newsagency and Deli in Angaston as they wait for the first delivery of prawns and seafood for the Christmas season.


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The Valley

Pizza and Gourmet

Upon presentation of this voucher receive a FREE 1.25LT. COKE with any purchase. Valid until 31/12/10 dr2202

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51 Murray St, NURIOOTPA

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YOu HaVe ur O Tried esH r new f eT m gOur fisH ? Pizza DR2161-V2

Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 

! e e a s s v o e i n t h s t e o t f b e s i ’T

Sausages and steaks by the pool FAMILY FUN IN THE SUN: Fletch Kennedy, Halen Lange, Kim Lange, Daniel Falkenberg, holding Kieran Falkenberg; Jenny Werfel with Mya Werfel; Karina Lewis with Lachlan Turner. Front: Hayley Falkenberg, Jade Falkenberg, Hayley Ellis and Ryan Ellis in the pool.

. . . t s e b e h Only t



Megan and Matthew Turner.


• Bier sticks • Pepperoni • Fritz • Cabana • White Pudding • Black Pudding • Ham Steaks • Bacon • Kranskys • Vienna Hot Dogs • Saveloys AVAILABLE AT MOST IGA, DRAKE AND FOODLAND SUPERMARKETS AND SPECIALIST SUPPLIERS

Manufacturers of quality smallgoods 9 BAROSSA VALLEY WAY, TANUNDA

PHONE: 8563 3098

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The new Thermo Twin BBQ utilises the innovative three-tier cooking system which prevents hot and cold spots meaning perfect cooking results every time. It is ideal for smaller entertaining areas or balconies or where space is at a premium. How to participate: Simply purchase any product at Barossa Betta Electrical Nuriootpa between December 1 and 12 noon Friday December 24 to go into the draw to win a Sunbeam BBQ valued at $399. Place your entry forms in the entry box in store to have a chance to win.

BAROSSA BETTA ELECTRICAL 21 Murray St., Nuriootpa Ph: 8568 6008  - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010

You’re better off with


Barbecues are a popular summer activity and Freeling couple, Matthew and Megan Turner host the food-filled days for friends and family on Summer weekends. Their barbecues tend to be even more of a hit with guests because they have a pool and people even invite themselves. Everything from barbecue meats, salads and homemade dips, to the occasional spit roast can be found at the Turners’ barbecues. They said nibble plates with brie cheese, Gouda with crackers and Maggie Beer mushroom pate are always popular. Once guests get thirsty from all the nibbles, they usually indulge on red wine, soft drink or the favourite, beer. The Turners limit their barbecues to the warmer months because cooler weather means the pool can’t be used. The soaring temperatures don’t stop the Turners, with cold meats and salads being served at the pool parties. The Turners said barbecues are a great way to catch up with friends, inviting about 10 to 15 people over at any given time. With most of the Turners’ friends having children, owning a pool is always popular with the younger members of the family. The biggest upside of barbecues, according to the Turners, is the ease of cleaning up. Mr Turner said he loves the lifestyle of hosting barbecues. “I love to hang at the barbie talking to my mates with a coldie in one hand,” he said. The Turners barbecue in style with a stainless steel unit that has three burners, a wok on the side, a rotisserie with a hood and a cupboard underneath.

Food & Wine Top tips for Barbecuing this summer If you think grilling meat on the barbecue is as simple as slapping a piece of meat you bought at the supermarket on a grill and flipping it a few times, you’re potentially missing out on the greatest eating experience of your life. Wanera chef, Mr Gabriel Wilson says there are a few tips home cooks can take on board to improve their barbecue skills. “There’s nothing worse than a badly done piece of meat,” he said. “You’ve got your semi professional barbecue cooks who just chuck meat on the barbie, and then there are people who are really cluey on the best ways to barbecue and get some really fantastic results.” One of Mr Wilson’s biggest tips for home barbecue cooks is to brine the meat prior to cooking it. “Make a salt water solution and pace the meat in the solution for up to 24 hours, depending on what you’re brining,” he said. “What happens in that process is the meat starts expelling its natural water and intakes the salt water solution and it actually takes on more water than it originally had in the meat. “It’s a healthy way of seasoning and you’re pumping the meat with water, which leaves you with a juicy, tender piece of meat.” Here are more barbecuing tips from “The Leader” that will make your next barbecue your finest work ever: Choose the right cut of meat - Some cuts of meat are better for barbecuing than others. It’s important to experiment to see which varieties of meat cook better on the barbecue compared to the frying pan. Choose the right quality of meat - To get the best results from barbecuing, it’s important to have the best quality meat. Make sure you choose a reputable (and preferably

local) butcher and don’t be afraid to ask questions about different types and quality grades of meats. Get to know your butcher, call and ask when they receive orders so you always have the freshest meat for your barbecue. Season early - Meat should be salted and seasoned early, so that the flavours of the seasoning are properly soaked into the meat. Seasoning should be done one or two hours prior to heating the barbecue. For the best results marinating meat, it’s important to marinade the meat overnight.

Take ‘em out early - When barbecuing steak, let the meat sit on the counter for at least twenty minutes prior to cooking. The heat of the barbecue will kill off any air-born impurities or diseases that the meat may come into contact with during this time. Steaks at room temperature take seasoning better and will cook faster, resulting in better flavours and a juicier steak. Don’t touch it! - This is one of the biggest mistakes a home barbecue cook can make. Everyone wants to keep checking the food to see if it is done, but it’s important to leave the meat alone. Know how thick the meat is and roughly how long it takes to cook. Flip it once and give it a quarter turn once on each side. Keep It Clean - Clean your barbecue regularly. Remove all coals, grime and any liquid that has accumulated over time. By keeping a clean barbecue, it stops the flavours from the previous barbecue flavouring the fresh meat. Start The Fire Early! - Heat the barbecue 20 to 30 minutes prior to cooking to make sure the grill is adequately hot. A hot barbecue means the meat cooks quickly without losing any of the beautiful flavours and juices.



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Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 

! e e a s s v o e i n t h s t e o t f b e s i ’T “

Cuts of meat courtesy of Mr Paul McGormann from Thornby’s Fine Meats in Tanunda. Mr McGormann comes from a farming family in Sanderston, in between Cambrai and Mannum, and has only recently branched into the butchering business. “We launched our own brand of lamb in March this year and since then we’ve been looking at ways to expand and one of those ways was to buy a butcher shop. “All of our lambs are grain fed, so there is increased marbling through the meat, making it high quality and tasty,” he said.



The T-Bone steak is an Aussie favourite on the barbecue because of the rich flavours and tenderness of the meat. Mr McGormann says there are some easy tips to buying the perfect steak. “One thing you look for is the muscling, which is the fat running through the meat,” he said. “A good lot of muscling means it will be tenderer and juicy when you cook it. “It’s also a wise tip to look for a good, fresh colour – a bright red colour indicates the meat has been freshly prepared.”


A traditional German sausage, Bratwursts are a bit thicker than normal sausages and are made from a slightly different recipe. “We sell a lot of Bratwurst at the shop and the previous owner sold a fair few too,” Mr McGormann said. “It seems to be a Barossa favourite and tourists look for it, for a sample of that famous Barossa German heritage.” The best way to cook Bratwurst is on the barbecue but on rainy days, they can be cooked under the griller.

Pepper Steak

According to Mr McGormann, premarinated pepper steak is a convenient way to enjoy this classic pub favourite at home on the barbecue. “Our pepper steak recipe is very tasty and quite popular amongst customers because it’s convenient and pre-prepared in the shop,” he said. “We prepare the flavouring on cuts of sirloin steak, which can be cooked in the frying pan or on the barbecue.”

 - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010

Undercut Fillet

Undercut fillets are the tenderest piece of beef available. The succulent meat comes from inside the rump and is perfect for Fillet Mignon or Beef Wellingtons. It is also the most expensive cut of meat, and with such intense flavours and perfect texture, it is more suited for pan-frying than the barbecue.


Also known as New York or Porterhouse, sirloin steaks are a world-wide popular cut of meat because they have a firm texture and are rich in flavour. “Sirloin steaks are excellent for marinades and that is because there aren’t any bones in the meat, so it’s easier to marinade,” Mr McGormann said. There are a variety of marinated sirloin steaks available at local butchers.

Lamb French Cutlets

Lamb is a must-have for Australians on Australia Day this year (see story, page 22) and French cutlets are considered to be quite trendy at the moment. “French cutlets look like loin chops but they are trimmed right back, so all that is left is the eye muscle,” Mr McGormann said. “They’re great for the barbecue and for marinating. “At home, we spread Olive tapenade paste that on the meat and cook them on the barbecue – the result is a beautifully tender and tasty piece of meat.”

. . . r e m m u S s i h t e Sizzl

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Cnr of Calton Rd & High St Gawler






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Take a break from your Christmas shopping and relax at Caffe Acqua

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MON-THURS 10.30am - LATE. FRI-SUN 8.00am-LATE Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 

! e e a s s v o e i n t h s t e o t f b e s i ’T

Fruit worth waiting for

Discover the flavours of barbecued fruit Barbecued fruit is a great way to finish off a meal when entertaining, or it can be a tasty way to include more fruit into your diet. The health benefits of fruit are indisputable and experts recommend people eat five portions of fruit a day.

Different fruits are high in fibre and low in fat and are full of vitamins such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium. A tasty fruit kebab recipe is an easy and fun way to incorporate different fruits into your daily diet.

The following recipe is great to make with younger children. Cointreau Amaretto is an optional ingredient and can be replaced with juice. Serves 6 Ingredients: 6 wooden skewers 3 nectarines, quartered and stoned 3 banana, peeled and thickly sliced 6 red plums, halved and stoned 12 strawberries, hulled 3 kiwi fruits, quartered 2 mangoes, cut into chunks 5 tablespoons of Cointreau Amaretto 2 tablespoons of honey Method: 1. Place all fruits into a large shallow bowl. 2. Mix the Cointreau and the honey in a jug until well blended. 3. Pour the mixture over the fruit and toss lightly so the fruit is coated. Cover the bowl and marinate in the fridge for one hour. 4. Meanwhile, soak the wooden skewers in cold water for 30 minutes. 5. Drain the fruit but keep the marinade. Thread a selection of fruit pieces onto the soaked wooden skewers. Cook the kebabs over medium heat for 5 to 7 minutes until lightly caramelized, brushing with the reserved marinade and turning frequently.

Manager of She’s Apples in Gawler, Mark Shillabeer.

THORNBY fine meats


Spend $30 or more and receive a free raffle entry to win a $100 store voucher.

Ph:8563 2728

Elizabeth St,Tanunda 10 - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010


• Fresh seasonal SA seafood now available • Large range of locally produced pantry items • Bulk orders of grain fed lamb and beef

For fruit-lovers, the wait for stone fruits like nectarines, peaches and plums this year has been longer compared to other years. The unseasonably cool and wet spring weather has meant that the ripening of stone fruits has been delayed by three weeks. Manager of She’s Apples in Gawler, Mr Mark Shillabeer says the three week delay may result in a cross selection of fruits available mid-summer. “Everything’s running three weeks late due to the cool spring but there might be a catch up time later on mid season,” he said. “If next season’s fruits are on time, we will see a mixture of different seasonal fruits available at the same time, which is great for consumers.” Luckily for fruit-enthusiasts, the weather conditions are starting to heat up and a larger variety of stone fruits will soon be available at local fruiterers. According to Mr Shillabeer, nectarines are the most popular of the summer stone fruit family and they are currently available. “The nectarine season ranges from early November until nearly April,” he said. “The biggest sales we make over summer are yellow and white nectarines, which we source from the Riverland.” According to Mr Shillabeer, a lot of people do not realise that there is more to nectarine varieties than white and yellow. “For nectarine growers to cover the whole five month season, they need to have many different varieties of white and yellow nectarines that become available at different times,” he said. “So we stock hundreds of different varieties

of nectarines over the season and each variety is subtly different. “There are certain varieties that are highlighted as an exceptionally good eating variety and taste is the single most important factor when we select our fruit.” Cherries are another popular fruit for summer, but Mr Shillabeer has found cherries only sell over the Christmas period. “It’s one of the few fruits that have a hyped buying season, where customers will only buy them at a certain time of the year,” he said. “We really do not sell cherries until Christmas.” There are over eight varieties of cherries that can be purchased and there are a few tips to picking the perfect cherries. “Two factors that need to be considered when buying cherries are the taste and the hardness of the fruit,” Mr Shillabeer said. “Soft cherries don’t hold up as long as the hard ones do. “It’s also important to choose large fleshy cherries that you pay a little bit extra for, because that way you have peace of mind that you’ve paid for flesh and not stone. Culturally, Australians do not eat a lot of plums over summer compared to European cultures. “You can’t even compare the number of nectarines sold to plums, but it’s not a naturally in our nature to eat plums over summer,” Mr Shillabeer said. “We have some really fantastic plums that aren’t overly expensive, and there are some fantastic flavours to be explored in plums.”

C h r r e i e s t m n m i a s m W F o o d & u S Outdoor food safety tips s e p i c e r n i Try these Australia has a worldwide reputation for its great outdoors lifestyle, however eating outside has its risks. The food you take away on picnics, barbecues and camping trips is kept out of its regular environment for longer periods than it should, potentially creating food safety issues. Many foods taken on picnics are preprepared such as salads, rice dishes and cold cooked chicken and need to be stored appropriately. Follow these simple tips to avoid any food safety risks when eating outdoors: • Put meat into the bottom of a cooler when travelling as meat juices can easily leak onto pre-prepared food, and to prevent cross contamination. • Cut meat into serving sizes before leaving home so you won’t have to prepare food outside. • Be sure to completely defrost your barbecue meat so that it cooks

evenly. • Don’t pack food if it has just been cooked as coolers cannot cool food down. It is best to refrigerate cooked food overnight before packing and make sure all dairy products are cold before placing them in the cooler. • Pack plenty of ice bricks or gel packs to keep food cool. • Fruit and spreads such as Vegemite, jams and peanut butter are great for sandwiches because they do not need refrigeration. • Perishables such as salads, quiches and cold meats should not be out of the fridge for longer than four hours. After this time they should be thrown out. • Always wash your hands after handling raw meat on the barbecue or going to the toilet. • Never use the same utensils on cooked meat as you did for raw meat.

Summer Platters to enjoy at their best

Pineapple sage Rose petals Add a delicate, sweet flavour to many dishes. The petals can be used in sorbets, fruit salads, teas and dessert and the stronger the fragrance, the stronger the flavour will be.

Has a distinct pineapple flavour and can be used wherever this taste is suitable – in desserts, salads or even teas and drinks. The red flowers are eye-catching in the garden and on the plate.

Chives Bear clusters of delicate lilac coloured flowers, which are a great garnish for potatoes, soups and salads.

Nasturtiums Have also had a long history as an edible flower. They have a peppery flavour similar to radishes and the small buds are known as “capers”. The flowers add colour and beauty to salads and vegetable dishes.

Lavender Flowers that have a long tradition of use in confections and cafes. Lavender has a perfumed scent, which it imparts to the food. It can also be used in jellies, ice cream and other desserts.

Meat - Shaved Meat Platter • • • • • • •

Roast Beef Hungarian Salami Turkey Breast Champagne 97 per cent Fat Free Leg Ham Premium Boneless Leg Ham Jarlsberg Cheese Shaved Chicken Breast Supreme

Garnish: Coral Lettuce Sliced Meats: To add more height and drama, fold the meats in half and stagger them along the cheese. Vegetables for Colour: Add baby bell peppers lightly tossed with olive oil, and a quick roasting to further intensify the colours and flavours.

Cheese – Connoisseur’s Cheese Platter • • • • • • • • •

Gouda Cheese Tilba Cheese Trilogy Dutch Smoked Cheese South Cape Cheese Blue Jindi Cheese Camembert South Cape Paste 2 x South Cape Crispbread Swiss Rinded Cheese Mabels Apricot and Almond

Garnish: Dried Apricots and Figs Cheeses: Cheese can be expensive, so pick two or three varieties you like the best. For this platter, you could opt for mild Gouda as the focal point with the red rind intact to help keep the slices wrangled on the board like caged animals. The second cheese could be a super sharp and hard Irish cheese adding a little contrast. Rather than keeping the cheese in its standard block shape, create interest by slicing it into triangles. If you wanted a third cheese, perhaps consider selecting a rich blue, like Gorgonzola.

Fruit Think About Colours - Choose fruits in a variety of colours and disperse them throughout the platter. There should be big blocks of colour, with contrasting colours next to each other. Use All Parts of the Fruit - Even the Inedible Parts - Rinds, shells and stems can make some of the most interesting presentations. If you’re using a pineapple, chop off the top and use the leaves as a centrepiece. Or, hollow out the bottom of the pineapple - leaving all sides intact - and fill with berries or nuts. For watermelon, you can hollow out the bottom and fill it with melon balls or other fruit. Use a Platter with a Lip or Ridge - Fruit is juicy, which is why we love it, but it can also be very messy. Make sure you use a platter that has a tall enough lip to catch any escaping juices. This is especially important if you are transporting or carrying the platter. Be Seasonal - The best tasting fruits will be ones that are in season and properly ripened. In the Summer go for melons, strawberries and other berries. Be Creative - There are no rules with fruits trays, so let your imagination run wild! Get inspired by the fruits and their bursts of colours and let that guide your arrangement. Even using special fruit tools like a melon baller or a zig-zag fruit slicer can really jazz up a tray.

Mathew Goodlet and Karen Roesler enjoy a picnic in the Lyndoch Hill rose garden. Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 11

! e e a s s v o e i n t h s t e o t f b e s i ’T Enjoy a meal of flowers in the garden The new fad of having flowers in salads, stir-fries and deserts can be seen in magazines and cook books around the world, but edible flowers have actually been around for centuries.

Lyndoch Hill chef, Mr Mathew Goodlet says the recent trend of incorporating flowers in recipes comes from European influences.

Ceviche blue eye travella, shallots, lemon, fennell and chilli.

“Using flowers in food is becoming incredibly popular in European restaurants in countries like Spain, France and Denmark,” he said. “These regions are extremely influential as to what we eat and cook; Denmark restaurants are a particularly big inspiration to Australian cooking.” Sage flowers, apple and orange blossom, thyme and chive flowers can easily be taken from the garden to use in salads, to add interesting flavours and textures to a meal. “The flavours that are produced by a flower are often reminiscent to the flavour of the herb or fruit the plant produces,” Mr Goodlet said. “For example, orange blossom takes on an orange flavour, whereas thyme flowers taste similar to thyme and nastursiums have great peppery flavour.” Lyndoch Hill serves smoked tomato labne with beetroot, turnips and nastursiums and ceviche blue eye travella with shallots, lemon, fennel and chilli salads on their menu. “Having flowers in salads and desserts definitely has a wow factor, in the Barossa Valley at the moment it’s extremely popular and adds colour, texture and flavours to a dish,” Mr Goodlet said. “At Lyndoch Hill, most of our garden products, like herbs and salad vegies, are sourced from local producers no further than one kilometre.” Mrs Karen Roesler also works as a chef for Lyndoch Hill and supplies the kitchen a lot of the fresh herbs and flowers from her own garden in Lyndoch. “Nowadays, people are looking to go back to nature by sourcing natural foods from their own gardens,” she said. “The way foods are being processed today, by incorporating flowers in recipes, it’s a way of going back to nature and we get a lot of positive feedback from customers.” Flowers available on the menu vary from season to season, depending on what Mrs Roesler has growing in her personal garden. “It’s a trial and error thing – I plant whatever is in season at the time,” she said.

ht N ig PE E N r O T day mbe LAhurs ece m T D p y g l8 er rin til Ev du

Breakfast & Fantastic Coffee Daily from 7.30am Enter down Rumours Laneway from 7.30am (Wohlers 101 Murray St Tanunda) Relaxed family friendly atmosphere & alfresco dining Great selection of hearty cooked breakfasts, scrumptous lunches, WI-FI INTERNET delicous coffee & cake HOT SPOT

Take Away available - ph. orders: 8563 1420

Now available at Rumours

Celebrate the Christmas Cheer with a Complimentary Glass of Jacobs Creek Sparkling

with any meal purchase of $10 or more from the Lunch menu at Rumours Espresso Tanunda Only on presentation of this voucher

Cafe located in 12 - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010

Offer Expires 24th December 2010 This voucher is not redeemable for cash & is dine in only. Voucher not to be used in conjunction with any other voucher or offer. 1 Voucher per person.

101 Murray St, Tanunda Phone Orders & Bookings: 8563 1420 E:


Located in Wohlers 101 Murray Street Tanunda

C h r r e i e s t m n m i a s m W F o o d & u S “For example, at the moment tarragon is coming into season so we will have more dishes that feature tarragon. “People don’t realise it’s quite easy to grow your own herbs and flowers at home. “We have different garden beds around the house and we source blossom from our fruit trees at the moment.” Mrs Roesler’s love for gardening and fresh produce comes from her childhood, working with her grandfather in his home garden in Kapunda. “My grandpa taught me a lot of gardening tips when I was growing up,” she said. “I spent a lot of time with him in the garden so being able to introduce that to my own children and grandchildren has been really rewarding. “Now my grandchildren are getting involved and they also grow products for Lyndoch Hill.” According to Mrs Roesler, the trick to getting great flowers and vegetables in the garden is to make sure the soil is properly fertilised for what is growing. On top of being decorative and tasty in cooking, edible flowers have excellent health benefits. “They’re really good for you too – some flowers are good for your digestive system or skin or are high in anti-oxidants,” Mrs Roesler said. Some flowers are not edible, so it’s important to know what flowers to plant and how to choose the right flowers when they are in bloom. It’s important to check flowers for diseases or insect damage before eating them and follow a list of what flowers are edible.

Smoked tomato, labne, beetroot, turnips with nastursiums.

. .. n o ti a s n E s tE s ta t s tE la ’s a s s ExpEriEncE Baro A small insight to our menu... KIDS MEAL DEAL – (includes glass of soft drink and a Freddo in ice-cream). SA Oysters (freshly shucked on premise) Tempura – light tempura batter. Mixed ½ ½ – as it says. Winter Creek Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc Chicken Breast – pan fried and served on wilted spinach and finished with Barossa blue vein cheese sauce. Winter Creek ‘Tiddlywinks’ Riesling Traminer

Salt n Pepper King Prawns – on a bed of lettuce and with garlic aioli. Winter Creek Eden Valley Riesling Lemon Passet – Homemade tangy, zesty, cool lemon pudding Death by Chocolate – Chocolate mud cake, chocolate ice-cream and chocolate sauce. YOur ChEF: Michelle Stephens

“Good Food, Good Wine, Good Company”

Barossa Valley Way, TANUNDA

Ph: 8563 3400

Restaurant open Fridays & Saturdays. Cafe open 7 days for Breakfast & Lunch.


fillet on roasted ak – prime scotch i and scallops in Ste d oo af Se ng ar Sizzli lam with prawns, ca potatoes stacked served on sizzle plate. e uc cream garlic sa rossa Shiraz Ba k ee Cr er Wint

RY GLASS OF COMPLIMENTAAROSSA SHIRAZ B WINTER CREEKe of our signature dish. With the purchas tion


Duck Breast – roasted breast, served on a garlic and onion potato cake and topped with asparagus spears and red wine jus. Winter Creek ‘Second Eleven’ Shiraz Grenache

on presenta Offer only valid of this coupon. 10

2/ Promotion ends 25/1

Winter Creek Cellar Door at The Barossa Junction Barossa Valley Way, TANuNDA Ph: 8563 1384 Cellar Door Open 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 7 DAYS Exclusive Cellar Door Sales & New Releases.

more than just a motel Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 13

! e e a s s v o e i n t h s t e o t f b e s i ’T

A cold treat for summer

The “refreshing mint” gelati is five year old Vanessa Trinkle’s favourite flavour according to her mother, Elke from Tanunda Bakery.

A slice of Damo

The Home of your Christmas Wish List


r the familyg” o f s t if g t e “Swe s everythin a h o h w r e memb


o i n h e s d a F d l O s ’ y at h

Sweet Shop

86D Murray St, Tanunda

8563 1166


14 - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010

As the weather heats up, there’s nothing better than cooling down with a good gelati and it’s even better if the sweet treat is homemade. Owner of Tanunda Bakery, Mrs Elke Trinkle, has been selling homemade gelati at the bakery for almost three years. Elka said she prefers homemade gelati because it’s smoother with a cleaner taste and you know exactly what is in it. The bakery sells about 20 flavours and rotates them throughout the year. The flavours include vanilla, chocolate Ferrero Rocher, Dutch chocolate, Toblerone, Snickers, hazelnut crunch, Mars, Bounty, honeycomb caramel, Swiss chocolate, caramel, sesame bar, pistachio, macadamia and almond. “It’s always rotating so it doesn’t get boring,” Elke said. Elke also makes fruity flavours, such as mulberry, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, apple, pineapple and passionfruit, which are 100 per cent fat free and use local fruit where possible. Elke said she started selling homemade gelati because it’s popular during the summer months. She said, despite having such a broad list of flavours, the most popular is a traditional favourite, vanilla. Other popular flavours are strawberry, lemon and Belgian chocolate. The homemade gelati is also used in the bakery’s iced coffee and iced chocolate. Elke said gelati is sold in an aerated form in stores so people are literally paying for air. She said to produce good gelati, the ingredients should be quality and it should not be stored for too long.

Here comes the festive season! Lo ad up the party platters, break op en the barbies an d start experimen with fresh, flavour ting some salads! When I begin to think of the festiv e season, it brings mind all the fresh to produce that is at m y fingertips in orde to create the dele r ctable sought afte r summer feasts we love to indulg that e in. Nothing beats po olside cheese pl atters and wine, enjoying new se ason’s lamb, the flavour of young and the best seaf beef ood S.A. has to of fer. Do yourself a favo ur and grab a nice thick slice of Apex Bakery brea d, top it with hom emade cocktail sauce, fresh praw ns, cos lettuce an d avocado! Knoc back with a glass k it of Millers Gin co mplimented by le lime and plenty of m on, ice! To start you off, he re are a few ingr edients that can always be found on my poolside pl at te r: • Barossa Valley Cheese Company Cheeses. • Maggi’s Pate an d Quince Paste. • Barb Buggy’s Barossa Bark. • An array of Sc hulz Butcher’s sm oked and cured meats. • Garden Gully dried fruits. • Seasonal fresh fruits and Veg. With all this savo ury talk, be sure to remember your sw eet tooth! Pavlovas, fruit salads, sorbets an d parfaits! Recently my wife , Patti whipped up a glor ious passion fruit parfa it that turned out to be quite a hit with all who sa mpled it. She has been so kind as to share her re cipe with us! Enjoy… …

C h r r e i e s t m n m i a s m W F o o d & u S TA R LEE

Gunge H o t e l llan (Railw a




In the c ountr y town of Hotel wa Freeling s used a the Rail s one of McLeod way the main ’s Daugh s e tt t e in rs to bec gs for Hotel. In ome the dulge in a G u p n ie g ellan history ce of Aus and boo tralian t k for you e le v today. G is ion r Christ reat foo mas Day d and re lu courses n ch asonable – phone prices fo 8525 2 r3 009.

The Staff and Management wish to thanks their patrons & wish them all a very Merry Christmas. Meals Available Tuesday – Sunday LUNCH: 12 noon – 2 p.m. DINNER: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Patti’s passionfruit white chocolate parfait Serves 4 Ingredients: 6 x Passion fruit 300g White Chocolate Buttons 2 Tbls Sour Cream



1 x Lemon (juiced) 300ml Cream Nip of Cointreau

Method: 1. Cut passion fruits in half and remove pulp. Set pulp aside. 2. Place chocolate buttons into small pot on low heat with the Cointreau and 1 x Tbls of water. Gently warm until all melted. 3. Place the juice of the lemon and sour cream in a small bowl and whisk together. 4. Whip cream in separate bowl. 5. In a large bowl combine the lemon mixture and the chocolate mixture. Gently and gradually fold in the whipped cream. 6. To assemble the parfaits, place a small amount of pulp into the base of each glass followed by a layer of the white chocolate mix. Continue to proceed with a layer of pulp the a layer of mix finishing with a pulp layer. 7. Refrigerate for 2 hours prior to serving. 8. Garnishing options may include tuille biscuit, passion fruit skin curl, Anglaise and berry Coulis. The 40’s team would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous Christmas and New Year!!! By Patti De Ruiter

PLUSH GROUP gue Bottle Shop Catalo

v Offer Dec 6-19

Bar & Bottle Shop


GUNGELLAN HOTEL Home of McLeods Daughters

Saturday, To the sounds Dec 18 Don’t for get your singing v oices and dancing shoes!! essed Best Dr Prizes

For the Kids.. Jumping Castle Face Painting

and the


SPECIAL Pint of Beer Prices Cocktail of the Week Sumptuous Platters

MEALS - Lunch: Wed-Sun, 12-2pm Dinner: Wed-Sat, 6pm-8pm Sunday: Pizza & Platters 2pm-5pm Our famous Seafood Platters are available upon pre-ordering.

Ph :

2 Gray St., Freeling DH1325

Come and Celebratof.e. !

1st Anniversary Celebration


$45 per adult Pre-Christmas menus from $16 p.p.

PHONE 8525 2009

Main North Road, Roseworthy

Door Prizes



Phone 8524 8014 Ample car parking

11 a.m. till late



41 murray st., angaston

OPEN 7 DAYS 1 Hallet Street, Tarlee

CHRIsTMAs DAy LUNCH $50 per adult Pre-Christmas Menus - From $17 p.p.


8528 5217



$10 Lunch $20 Dinner - 2 courses

• Family Friendly Atmosphere • Beer Garden • Pool Table • Large Open Fireplace • ATM • Pokies – Gamble responsibly

Hahn Super Dry Carton

ph. 8564 2014




ve a Recei x of o b free s with e p sha n. carto each d ali

also o t e l wa s h is h t 869 Hotel. hed in 1 Leitch’s e h t s a Establis ears come to r many y you have ll a s a known fo h l e eat rthy Hot b with gr o u w p e s y r o t R n The ical cou Book om a typ ristmas. r h f C t c is e h p t x t e iss ou nction o don’t m istmas fu r h C e r meals. S p our 8014. now for y e 8524 n o h your table p – h mas lunc or Christ

8 5 6 4 1 07 2 DH1317





sts el boa t o H y help Valle ng and e Eden o l h a t , e n st w om the to their 1 ere. C f h e o p t s a b r o u h atm ome celeb In the family n will c family e c i d d t r n s a a r a s a fant Beer G on Decembe Roger e n h e T e . l l i dA 70’s Hote 64 Gil an nd the – phone 85 at the a y a r b a b s r A nch lot”, Annive e sounds of l for lu ster of Mer a i t h n t e o el. e “ma re ess alive t he hot hat th ings a t t k t o o a o s l B d 18. mber a r is situate Reme o . o 2 D 7 10 ellar ines C W e n i v Ir





Located at the b eginning the hote of the G l was kno ilbert Va wn as th Hotel fro lley, e Sir Jam m 1869 es Fergu . Under of Helen son the new Hatch, t manage he hotel m of old fa e nt has seen shion co a resurg untry ch historic e n c a e rm come hotel. R back to elax in t a cold b this he Beer eer and Garden check o Phone H w ith ut the d elen on 8 aily spe 528 52 c ia ls . 17.

Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 15

C h r r e i e s t m n m i a s m W F o o d & u S A thirst for Summer drinks Cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and punch are healthy alternatives for fizzy drinks over summer. Whether they’re fruity or milky, a cold, homemade drink on a hot Summer’s day is refreshing. Fun drinks don’t have to be limited to adults, with many non-alcoholic options also available. Ms Emma Pevreall from Wanera Wine Bar and Restaurant, Angaston prepares cocktails for thirsty customers and said they are particularly popular when the weather starts to heat up. Emma said the key to a good cocktail is fresh fruits and premium alcohol, to reduce a headache in the morning. She said you can’t go wrong with a cocktail when you’re being creative at home. “There’s no right or wrong way, it’s all about having fun. “They can just use their favourite fruit and their favourite clear spirit and be creative with it.” She said pre-mixed cocktails are now available so the work is taken out of sipping on your favourite tasty drink over Christmas.


margar ita slus hie Mix ½ c u p te quila, ¼ triple se c c a small and lime juice up each , flesh o mango, and half f 1 cup ic blender. cup mango ne e cubes c B a n d s lu lend until ice is tar in a s h y. P o crushed margari u ta glass r in to a c h il le . d

il cockta assion p e n g a it ssionfru Champ fresh pa c a s t e r p u c ¼ e s Combin 2 t e a s p o o n til sugar n d u n r a ti s d nd p u lp a jug a ½ cups chille g in r a g 1 in r su v u r o e es. P four s dissolv wine among assionfruit g p n li spark and spoon in s e s glas evenly. mixture Mango

Emma Pevreall, from Wanera Wine Bar and Restaurant with a Summer favourite - the strawberry daiquiri.

margar ita slus hie Mix ½ c u p te q triple se uila, ¼ c c a small and lime juice up each , flesh o mango, and half f 1 cup ic blender. cup mango ne e cubes c B a n d s lu lend until ice is tar in a s h y. P o crushed margari u ta glass r in to a c h il le . d

For the love of food and wine... Review by Butts It has been a while since my last Review, and for me the wait was surely worth it. I had the pleasure of dining at Envy Restaurant, Lyndoch, formerly Monkey Nut Café. I chose to have a lazy afternoon late lunch and looking at the wonderful views of the Barossa Hills through the glass French doors, I had time to savour the menu offered.

Chef, Steve McConnell and his lovely wife, Heidi have recently acquired this restaurant, and the small light lunch menu was a refreshing change. The small wine list of local wines was another bonus. When reviewing a restaurant, I look for certain criteria; namely quality, local produce content, presentation and always value for money. I found all of these here at this venue. The lunch menu consisted of steak, risotto, seafood, chicken, platters and much more. There is also an extensive children’s menu. I ordered from the lunch menu and my wife selected from the specials board. Having had the pleasure of eating Chef Steve’s cooking before, I found again the meal was of the highest standard and quality. The portions were of great value, the steak I selected was cooked to perfection and a glass of 2005 Kies Klauber Block Shiraz topped off my lunch. The Riesling

marinated chicken salad with light vinaigrette had a great zesty taste that my wife thoroughly enjoyed. A selection of homemade cakes and sweets and many choices of different coffee and teas made for a wonderfully lazy long lunch. Quality of staff also help to make a restaurant, and, our day was completed by having Tanya Kadow help us with some of our selections. There are few times that one can find a little gem, but, I believe that I have. Locals and visitors a-like, do yourself a favour and try this little restaurant. With seating for approximately 70 people inside, an outdoor area also available, Envy is able to cater for small weddings, private parties and functions. Sunday morning Buffet Breakfast is now available from 9a.m. – 11a.m., including cereal, muesli, toast with condiments, fresh Danish, hot bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and much more from only $11.50 per person. In the New Year, Envy Restaurant is looking to provide a Dinner menu on Friday and Saturday nights.


Envy Restaurant Barossa Valley Way, Lyndoch

16 - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010


PHONE 8524 5333

Heidi and Steven McConnell from Envy Restaurant, Lyndoch.

Food & Wine Top wine honours for Two Hands and Schild Estate Two Hands, Marananga and Schild Estate, Lyndoch have placed second and seventh respectively in US magazine Wine Spectator’s annual list of most exciting wines. Two Hands’ 2008 Bella’s Garden shiraz and Schild Estate’s 2008 shiraz received the honours in the international list, which more than 15,800 wines were reviewed for. The previous best on the list for Bella’s Garden was fifth and Two Hands winemaker, Mr Matt Wenk said he was very excited for the winery. He said the win was also great for the Barossa. The winery has featured on the list for eight years in a row, and Bella’s Garden has been on it six times. Bella’s Garden 2008 scored 94 points on the list and sells for $55 a bottle. “In the current global environment, Australian wine in America hasn’t been as hot as it was five or six years ago so it puts it out there and

says it’s good quality,” Mr Wenk said. Bella’s Garden had been on the market for a few months before the list was announced and the exposure helped sell the last of the bottles and has created interest for the next release. Schild Estate’s 2008 shiraz is the cheapest wine in the top 10 at $20 a bottle and scored 94 points. Schild Estate winemaker, Mr Scott Hazeldine said it was pleasing to be honoured by the magazine, which recognised the nuances of the fruit. “I think Wine Spectator is one of the most prestigious and respected titles going around,” Mr Hazeldine said. He said the recognition was fantastic for the region and a lot of hard work and processes had gone into creating the wine. “It reaffirms our place as a premium wine making region.” Peter Lehmann, Tanunda also featured on the list with Clancy’s 2007 ranking 77.

FOKPZ!BO!FWFOJOH!PG!PQFO!BJ S!DJOFNB!XJUI! HSFBU!XJOFT-!EFMJDJPVT!GPP E!BOE!QJDUVSFTRVF! TVSSPVOEJOHT!BU!UIF!KBDPC ÖT!DSFFL!WJTJUPS! DFOUSF!JO!UIF!CBSPTTB!WBMM FZ/ GSJ!8ui!KBO!3122!////////Nbnnb!Njb!)Q H* GSJ!25ui!KBO!3122!///////Dbtbcmbodb!)Q H* GSJ!32tu!KBO!3122!////////Csjef!boe!Qsfkv ejdf!)QH* GSJ!39ui!KBO!3122!///////Wjdlz!Dsjtujob !Cbsdfmpob!)N* GSJ!5ui!GFC!3122!////////TjohjoÖ!jo!uif !Sbjo!)H* GSJ!22ui!GFC!3122!///////Spnfp!boe!Kvm jfu!)N* GSJ!29ui!GFC!3122!///////Uif!Cpbu!Uibu !Spdlfe!)N* GSJ!36ui!GFC!3122!///////Tifsmpdl!Ipmn ft!)N* Fousz;!%26!qfs!qfstpo!Ñ!jodmveft!b!hmbtt! pg! KbdpcÖt!Dsffl!!Sftfswf!xjof!ps!tpgu!esjol /!!! Gppe-!xjof!boe!opo.bmdpipmjd!cfwfsbhft !bwbjmbcmf!! gps!qvsdibtf/!Tusjdumz!op!CZP!gppe!ps! esjol/ Eppst!pqfo!8qn/!Npwjf!tdsffojoht!d fodf!! bgufs!tvotfu!)bqqspy/!9;26!Ñ!9;56qn*/pnn !! Up!cppl;!Qipof!)19*!9632!4111/!!

Npwjf!tdsffojoht!nbz!cf!dbodfmmfe!evf!up!sbjo!ps!!i jhi!xjoet/!! Jo!uif!fwfou!pg!jodmfnfou!xfbuifs!qmfbt f!dpoubdu!KbdpcÖt!Dsffl!Wjtjups!Dfousf/

Winemakers, Scott Hazeldine, Schild Estate and Matt Wenk, Two Hands.

The award winning Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre, Rowland Flat has announced the return of its popular outdoor cinema, every Friday night in January and February. Doors open 7 p.m. and movie screenings will commence after sunset (approximately 8.15 p.m. – 8.45 p.m.). The movies are all G, PG or M rated and will be screened at the Centre. Visitors can enjoy a glass of wine and a casual meal while views of the Barossa’s rolling hills provide the perfect backdrop for a selection of international movies. The season commences on January 7 with ‘Mamma Mia’, the romantic musical comedy set in the Greek Islands with an all star cast led by Meryl Streep. Audiences can experience the wartime drama of ‘Casablanca’ with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman on January 14. The action crosses from India, London and Los Angeles in the Bollywood rort ‘Bride and Prejudice’ on January 21, and finishes with a trip

to Spain for ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ on January 28. During February 4 join Gene Kelly for the old-time favourite ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. Just before Valentines’ Day, hearts will be twisted in modern Verona for ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on February 11. The season ends with two films set in the UK: the comedy ‘The Boat That Rocked’ set in the 1960’s on February 18 and the beguiling cleverness of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ played by Robert Downey Jr, on February 25. Entry costs $15 per person which includes the movie and either a glass of wine from Jacob’s Creek Reserve range or a soft drink. A selection of food, wine and nonalcoholic beverages will be available for purchase. Casual meals include pizza, marinated chicken wraps and traditional fish and chips, priced at $15 each. Platters, popcorn and dessert options will also be available. For more details visit www. or phone (08) 8521 3000, or find them on Facebook.


Summer movie nights at Jacob’s Creek

KbdpcÖt!Dsffl!Wjtjups!Dfousf!Cbspttb!Wbmmfz!Xbz-!Spxmboe!Gmbu!! Q;!)19*!9632!4111!F;!kdwdApsmboepxjoft/dpn!!X;!xxx/kbdpctdsffl/dpn! !!!!!!xxx/gbdfcppl/dpn0kbdpctdsffl Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 17

! e e a s s v o e i n t h s t e o t f b e s i ’T - New Asian Restaurant Opening December 12 for lunch and dinner, will be a new restaurant with the funky name, FermentAsian. Tuoi Thi Do will bring her passion for authentic and exciting modern ThaiVietnamese food to 90 Murray Street, Tanunda. With a strong emphasis on justpicked freshness, choosing meat and vegetables that are locally grown, the restaurant will be an exciting addition to the Barossa. Tuoi grows many of the vegetables and herbs herself in her home garden. Growing-up in Viet Tri in the far north of Vietnam, Tuoi’s curiosity about the regional diversity of Vietnamese food took hold. This culinary diversity taps into and explores the flavours and traditions of the different sub-regions of both Vietnam and Thailand via a constantly seasonal changing small menu. Vegetarian and take-away will also be available, and, it is advisable to make known any food allergies that you may have (because of the fresh Asian ingredients used e.g. peanuts, chilli etc.). All pastes for the curries are made fresh by Tuoi herself, and these pastes will be available for purchase from the restaurant in the near future, along with Asian groceries and

other gourmet items. FermentAsian proudly offers a diverse wine list carefully chosen to complement the food. She aims to provide a constantly rotating list of local artisan wines from the Barossa, and a selection of imported and wines from other Australian regions. A list of beers and ciders provides further food-matching and chilli quelling opportunity. With seating for only 40 people, bookings will be essential. Opening from Wednesday to Sunday, lunch will be available from 12 noon to 2.30p.m. and dinner from 6p.m. to 9.30p.m. Tuoi also has a proud association with KOTO International, a non-profit restaurant and vocational training programme that is changing the lives of disadvantaged youth in Vietnam. KOTO helps to provide both kitchen and frontof-house staff the skills, knowledge and confidence to gain useful employment in the hospitality industry. Tuoi plans to provide opportunities for KOTO graduates to further their cooking experiences within her Barossa Valley restaurant. Tuoi, her staff and family welcome you to FermentAsian and invite you to share a variety of dishes from this exciting addition to the Barossa.

Tuoi Thi Do in her own home grown herb and vegetable garden.

Open just in time for Christmas

OPENING DEC 12 fermentAsian

The Sweetest Choice this Christmas

Wednesday to Sunday Lunch 12 p.m. – 2.30 p.m. Dinner 6 p.m. – 9.30 p.m.

18 - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010


90 Murray Street, Tanunda


8563 0765

he family t r o f s t if g “Sweet verything” e s a h o h w member

ashioned F d l O s ’ y h K at

Sweet Shop

86D Murray St, Tanunda

8563 1166

C h r r e i e s t m n m i a s m W F o o d & u S NEWYEARSEVE FEATURING ACOUSTIC DUO


nEW $10 CoCKtaiL MEnu!! Friday after Work Drinks... the perfect way to kick the weekend off in style with our $10 cocktails.


aSK uS about Your oFFiCE LunCH CatErinG nEEDS Various baguettes and wraps available



Complimentary Garlic bread with any purchase of a Large takeaway Pizza on Friday & Saturday nights.

receive a FrEE Christmas Cookie with any purchase of a coffee - in House only

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Withnew Spring set to menu ease the & try Rosa Our Summer haschill, justcome arrived, so our dropnew by Moscato and enjoy a Frizzanté platter & friends. gourmet lunch withwith oneaofshared the best views of the valley. Krondorf Road,Tanunda


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Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 19

! e e a s s v o e i n t h s t e o t f b e s i ’T

Open a top drop... Grant Burge Wines 2010 Dolcetto Shiraz Frizzante

LiebichWein 2010 Ruby Mataro

This is the first ever vintage of this semi-sweet style of wine to be produced by Grant Burge Wines. With a small amount of natural carbon dioxide retained from fermentation, the resulting wine is slightly frizzante, fresh and lively. Aromas of black cherries and red liquorice from the glass and follow on to the palate, which is supported by sweet spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Served chilled, this wine is ideal as a summer red, and can be enjoyed as an aperitif or matched with a spicy Thai Beef Salad.

Newly released Ruby Mataro (also known as Mourvedre) is a fresh twist on a tawny-based style. Free run Mataro juice was fermented and then lightly fortified and bottled without wood treatment or extended ageing. It shows terrific fruit definition and balance for such a youthful wine. An irresistible scent of blackberries mixed with spicy mulled wine flavours and a refreshing sweet finish. Serve chilled on hot days or over crushed ice. Some customers are using the young fortifieds in the kitchen in sauces, sorbets and wine cocktails.

Jamabro Wines Hissy Fit Sparkling Semillon

Creed Wines The Savvy Sisters 2008 Rosé

A rich and stylish Rosé, this is a dry wine with powerful fruit but remaining fresh and vibrant. Savoury palate and a touch of spice which offers complexity and sophistication. Best served chilled, this wine will always refresh and surprise. An elegant and fun wine to be enjoyed with a wide range of foods, but try duck or kangaroo! Share with friends.

Barossa Valley Estate 2005 E&E Black Pepper Sparkling Shiraz

At this time of year when we start planning for Christmas and New Year and it all becomes a bit stressful, you should ‘crack a Hissy Fit’. What do girls want? Diamonds are divine, but so are shoes, shopping and bubbles in your wine. Having a Hissy Fit is one way of achieving your goal and is best enjoyed with friends. The beautiful citrus aroma of this wine is complemented by the grapefruit and lemon bubble burst on the palate with a long, dry finish.

LiebichWein Frontignac

Fruit comes from carefully selected parcels in the Barossa Valley, chosen for its exceptional quality and concentration of flavour. Created using the traditional bottle fermented method. Aromas of lifted cherry, chocolate and spice are balanced with a touch of oak. Very ripe and mouth-filling, with a fine mousse and long fruit finish. A touch of sweetness is balanced by the fresh acidity. Very layered and complex.

A blended rare red frontignac wine that skilfully balances 20 year old barrel aged with younger unwooded wine. Showcases luscious aged rancio characters of burnt honeyed toffee with aromatic floral musk and exquisite flavours. Gentle red/orange hue. This 5 year old wine is a fine Barossa liqueur that should be savoured as an encore or finale for any meal. May also be served chilled.

Wine Tip

with Stuart Bourne

The first taste of summer, weatherwise, has shown it’s smiling and sunny face, so as the season warms up, I can feel a bunch of fresh Barossa whites coming on. We may be internationally recognised as producing some of the best red wines in the world, but don’t forget that we are also very adept as Barossan winemakers in being able to produce some classic white wines. Riesling is probably the first that springs (or summers) to mind. That little slice of heaven that is the Eden Valley produces some of the finest examples of Riesling in Australia. All of the 2010 versions are pretty much released now, so slurp into these babies with a pile of fresh shucked oysters (South Australian grown of course) coupled with an outdoor umbrella, a gentle gully breeze and what more could you want? Other great whites to be found on our tables this time of year would include Semillon and Chardonnay, but also keep an eye out for the Frontis. Every now and again I yearn for something with a touch of sweetness to it, and our beloved Frontis of the Barossa are often made with just a touch of residual sweetness left behind after ferment. Balance that out with a crisp acid backbone and it makes for a sensational accompaniment to so many Asian inspired culinary creations. If I ever do a sweet and sour dish or a Vietnamese salad, what could be better than a sweet and sour wine to go with it. BVE have just released a cheeky little number in our 2010 Barossa Fronti, slightly sweet with a fresh acid backbone. As to the other joys of summer, like school holidays, lazy sunny afternoons, going for a swim, a walk, a fish or just hanging out with a good book – whatever it is that takes your summer fancy, simply enjoy it! As always, eat and drink sensibly and well, enjoy the warm weather, laugh roundly and richly and remember that we live in one of the greatest places on Earth. Be safe for the holidays and best wishes to you all.

From the Team at BVE we would like to wish our growers and supporters a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, Happy New Year

Seppeltsfield Road, Marananga Phone: (08) 8568 6950 P.O. Box 177, Tanunda SA 5352 20 - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010

Email: Fax: (08) 8562 3599


Barossa Valley Estate

Stuey B

Winemaker, Barossa Valley Estate

C h r r e i e s t m n m i a s m W F o o d & u S il


mer) g in Sum



rt, uby Po Pyms) 50ml R lemon juice on use ti ia r a v h 1 splas vermouth (for ice, ry d l m ss with as 5 la 2 g g in ix ith soda into a m edients peel, top up w r g in r u Po mon ist of le add a tw nd serve. a desired e, ordial, ic a c n o : m n le d Variatio by Port, 10ml monade or so u le R h l it m w 0 . p 4 u ess on, top sweetn slice lem g on desired in depend


Radford Road, Seppeltsfield

Everyone at Greenock Creek Wines would like to extend Seasons Greetings to all. We wish you a prosperous, healthy and happy year ahead.

Recipes at

Our Cellar Door is now closed until mid 2011 when we will reopen with the 2009 release.

Tastes of Summer

Merry Christmas DH0703-V2



Fortify Your Christmas 3 Available in 1, 2 or

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Steingarten Road, Rowland Flat -

Juli Heinze from Jamabro Wines, Tanunda with their new Sparkling Semillon range. The first taste of summer is here and it appears sparkling and lighter wines are set to be the tastes of this summer. The Barossa is well known for its red wines, but wineries across the Valley are producing very tasty white wines too. White wine, chilled to perfection, provides wine drinkers with taste sensations that are as subtle and refreshing as they are light and cheerful. It is now acceptable to drink white wine with a large variety of meals because the typically lighter flavours will not overpower the chosen cuisine. Another wine style that has seemingly taken over as a summer time wine drink is Rose’. Rose’s are a perfect refresher for our climate and our preferences for eating outdoors, and today’s are not as sweet and thin as the ones our parents used to drink. Modern Rose’ is accompanied by fragrantly fresh and uplifted aromas, lively and crisp, that deliver mouth-watering flavours to make them easy to drink and are perfect with the Australian culture of the beach, outdoor dining, barbecues and long hot summer days. Australians have also embraced many different types of sparkling wine. When we mention sparkling it does not automatically mean a pale gold liquid anymore. Sparkling wine comes in all shapes and sizes – white, red, pink, dry, sweet, light, rich – however it is the bubbles that differentiates sparkling wine from other table wines. This now might mean a dark red drink if you’re enjoying a sparkling shiraz, a pale pink if you are having a sparkling rose, or a sparkling white that maybe from a different variety of grape than the usual pinot noir grape . The introduction of the Moscato complements a

growing social tend for the Muscat family of grapes. Designed for immediate consumption, the pink blush colour of Moscato has a hint of floral, a delightful spritz and can be described as summertime sunshine in a bottle, whatever the occasion. According to Mrs Juli Heinze from Jamabro Wines in Tanunda their new Sparkling Semillon is becoming quite popular and a great wine for celebrations over summer. “The lighter wines that can be chilled are popular for that refreshing taste when it’s hot,� said Mrs Heinze. “Champagnes, Rose and Moscato are also great for summer... they have a fresh, clean and crisp taste and lend themselves well with Summer foods. “They go well with lighter meats such as chicken and fish, salads and cheeses too.� Mrs Heinze said Rose is also a great option for summer when eating out. “Rose goes well with white meats as well as red meats and Asian food too, so when you’re eating out and you’re not sure what you want, Rose is the better choice,� said Mrs Heinze “Wine brings out different flavours of food and should always compliment what you’re eating. “ Riesling is also said to be a popular wine this summer along with Sauvignon Blanc which complements all kinds of food whether its finger food or seafood. Stay ahead of the trend this summer and be sure to grab one or two and try something new during the festive season. Good food needs great wine, so celebrate with family and friends with the easy to drink different styles that abound with Australian wines. Wishing everyone a safe and happy festive season.


&UDFND´+LVV\)LW¾ ZHNQRZ\RXZDQWWR Refreshingly different, a bottle fermented 5HIUHVKLQJO\GLIIHUHQWDERWWOHIHUPHQWHG 100% Barossa Valley Semillon. With a %DURVVD9DOOH\6HPLOORQ:LWKD gorgeous citrus aroma and a grapefruit JRUJHRXVFLWUXVDURPDDQGDJUDSHIUXLWDQG and lemon bubble burst on the palate, OHPRQEXEEOHEXUVWRQWKHSDODWHWKLVLVD this is a clean, crisp, dry wine. FOHDQFULVSGU\ZLQH Made using the traditional methode 0DGHXVLQJWKHWUDGLWLRQDOPHWKRGH champenoise process, it is a seriously fun FKDPSHQRLVHSURFHVVLWLVDVHULRXVO\IXQ addition to your occasion. Enjoy with DGGLWLRQWR\RXURFFDVLRQ(QMR\ZLWK VHDIRRGZKLWHPHDWVDQWLSDVWRSODWWHUV seafood, white meats, antipasto platters... EXWHVSHFLDOO\ZLWKIULHQGV but especially with friends.



Jamabro Wines PO Box 434, Tanunda SA 5352 0437633575


Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader�, December 8, 2010 - 21

! e e a s s v o e i n t h s t e o t f b e s i ’T

Australia Day foods to test the tastebuds Australia Day is the official national day of Australia and commemorates the arrival of the first fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 marking British colonization. Since this time Australians have celebrated the anniversary of this day in many forms whether it be watching the cricket, relaxing at the beach, going a hotel for celebratory drinks, attending a concert or having a barbecue with friends. We celebrate Australia Day to embrace culture in all its forms including aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. Celebrate this Australia Day with traditional Aussie foods easy to make and always enjoyable. From Pavlova and homemade meat pies to lamingtons, lamb burgers, barramundi, prawn skewers and kangaroo, you can’t eat more Aussie than that. Try making these foods on Australia Day and show your true Aussie spirit: • Meat pies • Lamb • Fish and chips • Damper • Pie floater • Prawns • Kangaroo

• • • • • • • • •

Mangos Passionfruit Vanilla Slice Anzac biscuits Rissoles Bacon and eggs Scones Pavlova Cheese and Vegemite scrolls

PAVLOVA Named after the Russian ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova in honour of her during her tours to Australia in the 1920s. The dessert is a popular dish and an important part of the national cuisine and is frequently served during celebratory or holiday meals.

LAMINGTONS This food was said to have been named after Baron Lamington, a popular governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901.



A traditional and iconic Australian soda bread prepared by swagmen, drovers and other travelers. It consists of wheat flour based bread, traditionally baked in the coals of a campfire.

this Christmas with our range of wine refrigerators and coolers

E $3,999

Wine Bottle Cooler

BAROSSA BETTA ELECTRICAL 21 Murray Street, Nuriootpa - 8568 6008 22 - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010


You’re better off with

1918 Parmesan Oil available to purchase, Gift Vouchers Available. Both great Christmas gift ideas!

94 Murray Street, Tanunda, 5352

PHONE: 8563 0405


Wine Conditioner


njoy the long, hot summer relaxing in our shady gardens.

C h r r e i e s t m n m i a s m W F o o d & u S For your diary...

CONTACT E VENU 8525 2009 Freeling l, te ENT o H EV n lla e g Gun 8524 8014 DATE el Night l itz te o hn H Sc hy rt o w Rose 8564 1072 Tuesdays tel o H Kids’ Night y lle a V n e Ed 8568 2290 ight N l e itz l hn te o Sc H Springton 8525 2009 Wednesdays g lin e e el Night Fr l, itz te hn o H Sc n Gungella 8524 8014 Thursdays l te o H Kids’ Night hy rt Rosewo 8562 2008 l te o Schnitzel Night H ll e Stockw 8562 2008 l te o Schnitzel Night H ll e kw Stoc 8564 1072 p and Red Night tel o m H Ru y lle a V n e Ed 8562 2008 Fridays Lunch st l a te o Ro H ll e kw c o St 8563 3700 Sundays s e in W Roast Lunch e Grant Burg andlelight C y b nda ls ro a C alley Way, Tanu V . 8564 1072 December 15 .m p l te o H Gate opens 5.30 y lle a Eden V 8562 4942 ’s Day nanga 70 ra / a a M b s, b e A in W r le ity Whist December 18 Christmas Nativ ht ilig Tw 18 December ston s Market, Anga r’ e from 6 p.m. rm Fa a ss ro Ba mas Market ist hr C 23 r e Decemb 5-8 p.m. aston er’s Market, Ang HRISTMAS DAY C rm Fa a ss 25 r ro e b Ba m Dece rket New Year’s Ma 30 r e b m e Dec 5-8 p.m. E NEW YEAR’S EV 31 r e b m e er c e D S Tour Down Und TO N ngaston SA 3 -2 wson Lakes to A a 8568 6217 M January 16 18 ry a nu ines W Stage 1 Ja ld fie lts e p p Vines’ Se kespeare in the ha ‘S 22 January n Park AUSTRALIA DAY ngas Recreatio A January 26 Angaston Show February 26-27 Festival Barossa Vintage 1 y a -M 23 ril Ap

A u s t r a l ia D ay b a r b e c u e w it h f a m il y a n d f r ie n d s . . . c h il l e d d r in ks, Summer sala ds and back yard c r ic k e t

Lyndoch Hill


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Indulge in one of the Barossa’s finest food experiences . . . ! DINNER, Open 7 days, 6pm till late LUNCH, Saturday & Sunday BREAKFAST, Saturday & Sunday CHRISTMAS a very special Lunch Stunning cuisine, fresh, local, regional & seasonal produce prepared through the talents of Chefs Karen Roesler & Mat Goodlet

SANTOS Tour Down Under January 16-23

Stage 1 January 18 finishes in Angaston FULL DETAILS IN JANUARY 12 EDITION

8524 4268 DH1318

family e h t e Tak ls by o r a C to the ht at g i l e l d n Ca s e Wine g r u B Grant

Corner of Barossa Valley Way & Hermann Thumm Drive Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010 - 23


t s o m s ’ a i l tra s u A 09 h t 0 u 2 o r e S h c t u yb r t n u o c d e award Award Winning Woodsmoked Leg Ham........................................ $11.99kg Award Winning Woodsmoked Leg Ham Boneless ........................ $16.50kg Almond Grove Freerange Antibitoic Free Whole Turkey ...... $10.99kg Barossa Valley Grown Freerange Pork Loin Boneless Roast............. $16.99kg Local Drunken Lamb Speed Roast ................................... $14.99kg Delicious Homemade Woodsmoked Atlantic Salmon........................... $49.99kg 3 Foot Award Winning Woodsmoked Garlic Mettwurst........................... $30each

Cooked SA King Prawns Available All Christmas Meats available on request. Come and speak to one of our Pleasant Butchers.

All Staff at Mount Pleasant Butcher and Gumeracha Quality Meats would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year. Valid until December 24 EFTPOS AVAILABLE PHONE ORDERS WELCOME

8568 2019 8389 1083 GUMERACHA

All specials available at both Mount Pleasant & Gumeracha Butchers 24 - Summer Food & Wine, “The Leader”, December 8, 2010



Food and Wine Summer 2010  

The Leader's special Summer edition 'Food and Wine' supplement.

Food and Wine Summer 2010  

The Leader's special Summer edition 'Food and Wine' supplement.