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Nuriootpa Celebrating 165 years

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Nuriootpa Nuriootpa celebrates 165 years By Kathryn Schilling

I have been researching community involvement in Nuriootpa in particular the Vine Inn Hotel for a few years and have uncovered some interesting facts about Nuriootpa and how its strong community focus all began. Nuriootpa’s first resident community body was the Vigilance committee in 1910; their charter was to install street lighting and build the railway station. If it wasn’t for their “watchfulness” Nuriootpa would never have had the railway as the first survey did not include Nuriootpa. Railway Terrace was a thriving area of industry with the Appelts cool drink factory, the Barossa Creamery and later Tarac, Pop Kaesler’s garage, and the Angas Park preserving factory, where the convenience of the railway allowed moving goods and produce to and from the city easy access.

The townspeople of Nuriootpa also raised money and with gifts of land and dollar for dollar donations from William Coulthard, they also built the Institute as a War Memorial after WWI and then the Band Rotunda and in 1936 they built the Centennial Park, as it was SA centenary year. Their fundraising efforts and voluntary labour were truly inspiring! I am sure this is what led to establishing the Community Hotel to find a way to raise funds in a simpler fashion, they may have even run out of ideas to raise the funds needed for more facilities and projects. The first official meeting was in 1937 to establish the community hotel and the lease was taken. So the fundraising efforts in the town were helped by putting the profits from the Hotel back into the community, a charter which still exists today. The Hotel also ran a community passenger coach for tourist travel and to take children to kindergarten. They also purchased and ran Coulthard’s Dairy. In 1938 they purchased the hotel property and a new building commenced. The St. Petri Church hall was also built in 1938. 1939 “Win War effort” was launched with a direct gift of over £1,000, two ambulances were purchased. 1944 National Fitness Committee and the Nuriootpa Armed Forces Welfare Fund were established. Post war planning enquiry committee set up with sub committees in: health, recreation, community centre, library, education, industry and development. This must have been very exciting times after so much hardship and sorrow following the war. Efforts to rebuild communities encourage healthy lifestyles and remember those who had given their life for their country. Out of these preliminary committees the Neni’s Nuriootpa idea developed for a War Memorial embracing Dental Centre a comprehensive community centre to be built in a 10 – 20 year plan. 17 Gawler Street, The first accomplishment was a technical school; Nuriootpa is still home to a TAFE college Nuriootpa today. The Nuriootpa War Memorial Community Friday Centre Inc. was established with its first constitution dated June 16, 1944. There were


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47 associated committees that managed the affairs of the community. Forty acres of land purchased and an architect was engaged to draw up the long range plans. Additional land was given by William Coulthard for the child care centre now the Nuriootpa Community Children’s Centre. This was commenced in 1946 and was opened in 1947 and included: Mothers’ and Babies’ Health Association Clinic, a rest room for women that was open daily, an all electric kitchenette, kindergarten and playground. Again this was a huge voluntary effort including all steel playground equipment, sandpit to the cost of over £4,000 and furniture and fittings donated by the people. A youth club was setup in an old army hut “Nissan hut” next to the Vine Inn Hotel, now the Senior Citizens’ Clubrooms. Swimming Pool planned, built and opened in 1945, again a substantial voluntary effort at a cost of £3,000. Quite remarkable one of the first 50 metre pools in SA. A modern sub division planned with 40 building blocks which now forms the residential area on Kokoda Road and Buna Terrace. A site was set aside for a high school with seven acres; the land was purchased by the SA Government and is now site for the Nuriootpa Primary School on Buna Tce. Documentary Film projector installed into the Institute and a family film club established, this went on to be the first country theatre in SA to have a Cinemascope lense in 1955. Cecil B. DeMille sent a letter of congratulations when the “Ten Commandments” was screened in 1959 and broke world box office records. I find this a fascinating highlight for the valley of the churches! A community amplifier service was installed and the volunteer fire brigade was established. The next was the RSL Clubrooms built in 1948 when the population was only 1,000. They had 10 other projects on the list, like an open air theatre, and it may, 80 years on still become a reality. A community forest and garden was earmarked and today we have a fantastic bush garden in Nuriootpa. In 1956 after William Coulthard the third, passed away and the War Memorial Association purchased Coulthard House from the Coulthard family. Coulthard left the balance of his fortune and land holdings to this association. In the 70’s there was the Nuriootpa Businessmen’s Association. Then in the 80’s it became the Nuriootpa Commerce Association. Late in 2000 it amalgamated with the War Memorial Community Association to become the Nuriootpa Regional Community Association. Three years ago it was reborn again as the current Nuriootpa Futures Association.

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Celebrating 165 years any matters affecting Nuriootpa or its immediate regions. Immediate regions defined by the mapping within 5355 postcode. To receive and facilitate feedback from members of the Nuriootpa Community and to encourage constructive criticism, enabling evaluation and improvements. To encourage the business interests of Nuriootpa, to welcome new business and to encourage residents to support local businesses. To promote and support any programme or event to enhance Nuriootpa as a progressive township which contributes to the lifestyle of the Barossa. In 2014 the NFA identified 13 key action themes. The Board and associated sub-committees have actively commenced on the following of these themes: linear paths, town entrances, public spaces, events and tourism, heritage and youth. If anyone from the Community would like to join any of these groups, the NFA welcomes them. Please contact us for information on meeting times and dates. Role of the NFA • Engage the community in planning the Township’s future. • Enhance Communication between council, businesses, residents and tourists. • Maximise the prosperity and sustainability of Nuriootpa and environs. • Attract and support events and activities that contributes to the local economy. • Develop and promote businesses and community facilities in Nuriootpa and environs. • Advocate for community services. Common Themes Amenity, recreation assets and open space linkages; Capitalising on town assets as a district centre including retail, commercial and industry; Activating the main street through events, art and recreation; Community spirit and unity; Space for urban development (residential, industry and commercial); Collaboration on marketing, tourism information and tourism product development; Good road access via Sturt Highway and Barossa Valley Way; Potential to field strong candidates for council elections. DESIRED OBJECTIVES Upgrade and activate public spaces and their linkages – town entrances, footpaths/trails, key

event spaces, neighbourhood and linear parks. Coulthard House, Centennial Park and Tolley Reserve to be developed and used as tourism and events precincts. Continued support of Barossa Bushgardens with the objective of further development of natural resource management and nature based recreation. Tourism directional signage to indicate Nuriootpa’s location as a district centre. Better linkages between the town centre and adjoining environs. Improved government and social services as the District Centre. Improved tourism information services. Improved regional health services. Regional public and commercial transport hub. New industry and technology precincts.

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When I compare this list of achievements to the recent strategic directions of the Nuriootpa Futures Association, it still requires community involvement, voluntary hours, fundraising and proud community spirit to be strong in a community for the town to grow and sustain development and industry. We should all be proud of our community businesses, Vine Inn Barossa and The Co-op, both of which are still profitable businesses some 75 years on and still supporting the whole Barossa community from its profits. We all need to be “watchful” and “vigilant” in our community to ensure facilities are maintained and serving the needs of the residents. It isn’t any wonder why Nuriootpa has become the commercial centre of the Barossa with never having had its own council it grew on a strong community focus supported by the volunteer committees. Nuriootpa War Memorial Community Association Inc. 1944 Constitution The Centre The Nuriootpa War Memorial Community Centre was planned as a comprehensive growing and living memorial to those who served in World War II. The objects as set out in these rules cover the general aims of the Community Centre, but the real growth can only take place in the hearts and lives of the people who have the opportunity for fuller camaraderie and fellowship because of their contacts and activities in connection with the apparently superficial work of the Centre. In the striving and working together to bring into being the amenities and services, we hope that a new spirit will come into our hearts and minds, and we will be given a greater tolerance, understanding and outgoing caring for our neighbour. In this way the Community Centre will also serve. Nuriootpa Futures Association 2012 Objects and purposes of the Association To work together in areas including commerce, tourism, social and sporting activities for the promotion and benefit of the Nuriootpa Community. To work together with The Barossa Council and where necessary act as a lobby with matters relating to: Regional town planning, beautification, tourism, matters of Nuriootpa community grievance and concern. To provide leadership on Nuriootpa Community interests through public consultation and debate on

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Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015 - 3

Nuriootpa A touch of royalty helps build town pride Research by Nuriootpa’s Leah Bartsch suggests that a Nuriootpa fundraising event may have sparked the idea for the Barossa Vintage Festival parade and former Vintage Queen competition. Leah found that in the months following the end of WWI, Nuriootpa community members talked of creating a fitting memorial to those who had given their life during the war. “Following a number of community meetings in early 1919, it was decided to


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build a new institute as a war memorial and to begin raising funds. The town would hold Nuriootpa Day,” said Leah. The fundraising event bore striking similarities to Barossa Vintage Festival which was to emerge decades later in the 1940s. “A committee was formed, headed by William Appelt, and months of preparations began. The day, planned for Saturday, November 8 that year, would involve a procession, a queen competition and a carnival. The Tanunda Choral Society would end the festivities with an evening concert,” Leah said. Four young girls were selected as queens and each represented a different theme, with Gwen Kretschmer as queen of sport, Ethel Appelt as queen of children, Edna Sleader as queen of flowers and Stella Scholz as queen of willows. Events were held in their honour leading up to Nuriootpa Day, to gather votes for the girls and raise funds for the new hall.

In the weeks leading up to November 8, The Leader provided running tallies of each girls’ votes. The newspaper also reported that a special locally designed button, with an illustration of the bridge and south side of the town, was produced to mark the day. “Nuriootpa Day dawned bright and warm. The procession began at the post office around 1 p.m., led by local police constable WP Dermody and followed by the Nuriootpa Town Band. The little queens came next in vehicles decorated according to their theme. Comic vehicles, decorated by community members, brought up the rear. The parade finished at the recreation park, where the carnival was set up with stalls, sideshows and activities, including snake charmer, Mr Brandenberg. “Queen of sports, Gwen Kretschmer, was crowned winner of the queen competition at the evening concert, while the Queen of flowers was awarded best decorated car. “The Tanunda Choral Society entertained the local community into the night, ably

assisted by a number of local performers,” described Leah. The 1919 Nuriootpa Day raised more than £500 and the event was continued over ensuing years to raise money for the memorial and future projects. Nuriootpa Soldiers’ Memorial Hall was officially opened on June 7, 1925. Records show the final hall construction and fit out cost £7,000 and that William Coulthard donated the block of land for the new institute which adjoined the existing hall. “The community support and spirit for this project was reflected on and engaged in later years, particularly during the Second World War,” explained Leah. “The Nuriootpa War Memorial Community Association, established in 1944, planned a community centre as a living memorial to those who served during the Second World War. “The centre would include amenities such as a swimming pool, a kindergarten and baby health centre, a youth club and a housing subdivision.”

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NURIOOTPA ROYALS: A photo from the late Mrs Myra Falkenberg (nee Rohrlach), of Nuriootpa, depicting a 1936 queen competition to raise funds for local projects. Front: Pat O’Brien, Dallas Lowke, Valda Chesterfield, Lola Hoopmann. Back: Robert Tunkin, Kath O’Brien, Terry Zander, Gordon Heidrich, Myra Rohrlach (winner), Eric Gabel, Angus Schiller, Bona Schiller, Lance Roenfeldt, John Siegele, Gwen Kretschmer and Ron Geyer.

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4 - Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015

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Celebrating 165 years

Nuriootpa Town Day parade.

The Nuriootpa community gathered to watch the foundation stone being laid on June 9, 1924. The new institute was opened in 1925 and cost £7,000. The old institute can be seen in the background.

The original Nuriootpa Institute 1878. Mr William Coulthard laying the foundation stone for the Nuriootpa Institute on June 9, 1924.

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Nuriootpa Nuriootpa tourism enhanced by oval In 1936, the Nuriootpa Centennial Park was developed to celebrate the Centenary of Australia, to be the future home for football, tennis and cricket, and ended up playing a key role in the boost of tourism in the area. Back in 1936 there were many ideas of how Nuriootpa should celebrate the centenary. After prolonged debate, it was decided that the construction and development of a new oval complex would be appropriate. A park committee was established and Mr William Coulthard offered 15 acres of his land on Penrice Road for the project with the purchase price of £1,500. An amount that was beyond the wealth of the committee, so William gifted them half the area for the new park. Around 150 people in the community pulled together to form a huge community ‘working bee’ whilst William was out of the area.

Upon his return however, he discovered that the town had fenced off the entire area. He accepted his loss without complaint, and furthermore left an additional six acres of land and £1,000 for maintenance in his will. The opening of the park in November 1936 was a significant event for Nuriootpa and the celebrations lasted four days including a huge procession of floats from the old park to the new park. Sporting clubs exclusively used the oval for the next 10 years. After World War II, a few campers started to pitch tents on the vacant land next to the oval. The vacant land had only a water tap but it was still popular with the campers that visited the area. Eventually, caravans started to arrive and the oval committee saw the potential in starting a caravan park. The South Australian Government offered subsidies to work with this tourism project, which helped with the building and development costs. The volunteer committee developed the area







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for tourists over the following years. The committee installed a camp kitchen consisting of an open fireplace, laundry, kitchen facilities, and showers installed in the grandstand. The increasing demand for more sporting facilities allowed for a second oval and soccer pitch to be developed. An estimated 23,000 people a year use the various facilities at the park. The Centennial Park, as well as being an important sporting complex, has been a valuable tourist park and plays an important role in the Barossa tourism industry. The park has been run by a dedicated committee of volunteers who have carried on the efforts of that working bee back in 1936. While there have been many passionate volunteers over the decades, three men have given outstanding service contributing over 150 years of voluntary service. Arthur Milway, secretary for 50 years, Ian Klaebe, treasurer for 42 years, and John Reusch, on the committee for 62 years. The Centennial Park has come a long way when looking back to 1942 when the only way to keep the grass under control was to put sheep on the oval.

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Celebrating 165 years

Building Nuriootpa one house at a time members situated nearby. “We still do go down to Adelaide regularly and there is quick access onto the highway, which was quite appealing. There are the community stores, which have a lot of shopping facilities and it caters for most of our needs. “We are looking forward to just being 10 minutes away from work and being able to walk and cycle around the town. “We wanted to have something that was more modern and not needing a lot of upkeep so we can spend more time getting away and with our friends and family,” said Julie. Though the Buckbys will miss Tanunda, they said that the potential for Nuriootpa is great. With an expanding housing development, Julie hopes that it will allow for growth and improvement in the Nuriootpa facilities, such as a variety of eating-places and possibly a picture theatre. Julie says it’s important that Nuriootpa is able to cater for young people in the area as well. Brenton and Julie are very exited to be building and moving into their house, which has only just started construction. They are also keen to see how their new house will turn out as they did a lot of the design themselves in conjunction with the builder. Brenton and Julie are looking forward to moving into a new development in suburbia. “We wanted to stay within the town boundaries and not go out any further. “We are in an area that has a few trees and bushes directly across the road so there is still a sense of openness,” said Julie.

Aerial shot of Nuriootpa in 1948.

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Nuriootpa Primary School

Principal: Ms Jill Hess Ph: (08) 8562 1040 E:

By Ruby Murray, Felix Stokoe and Staff Representative Our school was established in 1860 in Third Street, Nuriootpa, and the enrolment was 28 students. We currently have 323 students enrolled along with lots of great teachers. This school moved to its current site on May 6th 1977. Our school provides many subjects such as English, Science, PE, Maths, Art and Technology. We learn the language of German once a week. Next term we will have a German speaking school starting at Nuriootpa Primary. They will meet on Saturday mornings. Our students manage lunchtime activities, which include dance, sport, Lego, hip-hop dance, scrapbooking and chess. Our Student Executive Group also manage things like Market Days, which are a lot of fun and we sell our own products. They also organise fundraising events to support local charities. Every four weeks the school holds a whole school assembly where we celebrate our students’ successes. Every class manages the assembly. It is especially fun when the Junior Primary students manage the morning. You may have noticed in April we did the pop up museum at Coulthard House. It involved us doing a piece of writing about what vintage means to us and drawing a picture about vintage. On Reconciliation Day we went to the Barossa Bushgardens to learn more about Aboriginal culture. We really enjoy doing activities that involve the local community. We work closely with the pre-schools and Nuriootpa High School to ensure the transition from one environment to another is supportive of each child/student’s needs. We enjoy the smartboards, computers and ipads in our school. We enjoy coming to school and learning. DH3918


Nuriootpa’s recent growth in housing development has given affordable new land blocks to prospective buyers. Brenton and Julie Buckby, who were looking to move within the Barossa, decided to build their perfect home after seeing all the available land in Nuriootpa. “We had a look at housing in Tanunda and Nuriootpa, we hadn’t found anything that we actually both agreed on. “Then they had these blocks in Nuriootpa. It was a hard decision to make. Since we moved in to the Barossa about 24 years ago, we were always in Tanunda, so we had a lot of feeling for the town. “We both work in Nuriootpa and thought it makes sense. The blocks were available and that’s when we started looking into building,” said Julie. Real estate agencies have seen a rise in Nuriootpa’s popularity due to the services available and the affordability of land and housing. In 1976, there was a population of 2,808. This has risen to 5,215 in 2011 with a suspected potential growth to 6,565 in 2021. In 2011, Nuriootpa had over 1,474 families with there currently being a higher demand from young families moving from the city. Houses on the market in Nuriootpa have an average sale time of 30 days while others are even sold before going on the market. Estate development in Nuriootpa is a logical location for controlled growth since there is restricted expansion in the Barossa. Julie explained that Nuriootpa has a lot of good facilities and they are able to build a house for their current needs at the moment. They are able to choose the size and the type of the house, add on an additional shed and also think about the future ahead with family

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Nuriootpa Celebrating the past, appreciating the present, growing the future Redeemer Lutheran School, Nuriootpa is celebrating 150 years of Lutheran education in August this year. Initially the school was established at Light Pass in 1846 to provide education for German Lutherans who had migrated from Prussia. The school was temporarily closed in 1917 during the war. The school reopened in 1936 and lessons were given in English with one hour religion a day in German by their teacher Mr G F Jacob. A picnic was held in October each year and the records show that for the 1938 picnic 20lbs. of lollies, 3lbs of peanuts, 4 crates of oranges, 2 crates of apples and cool drinks were required. The school at Light Pass served its community well and it was only in 1976 when land was purchased on the western edge of Nuriootpa that plans were made to relocate the school. During the ten day period May 21 to May 30, 1982, the entire school was shifted by parents and staff from Light Pass to the new school at Vine Street, Nuriootpa.

Redeemer is known today for being an innovative educational leader, recognised within local, national and international schooling circles. “The school has spacious grounds, a natural bush setting and state-of-the-art learning spaces and world class facilities,” said the principal, Mr Andrew Kelly. “The latest significant building projects have been our resource centre, which opened in 2010, and our gymnasium, which opened in 2013 and is available both for the school’s use and for the wider community. It’s where local basketball teams train,” said Mr Kelly. Today Redeemer offers excellent education, modelled on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme catering for 400 students from Reception to Year 7. “An exciting development is that we have recently received approval to build a purpose built Early Learning Centre on the school grounds” which Mr Kelly says, “will enable us to cater for 3½ to 5 year olds. “This will be an exciting

development which will benefit the community.” Expression of interest in enrolling in the new centre for 2016 is currently open. The school’s buildings and education programme will be on display for those who wish to attend the Open Day as part of the 150th celebrations on Friday, August 28. Other activities during the celebratory weekend include a visit to the Light Pass School on the Saturday afternoon and on Saturday evening there will be a dinner with live music, great food and local wines “It’s sure to be a great evening; we are encouraging current and past families from Redeemer to come along,” said Mr Kelly. A large church service will follow on the Sunday in the school’s gymnasium. The weekend will be both a celebration of Redeemer Lutheran School’s last 150 years and an opportunity to delight in what lies ahead.

REDEEMER LUTHERAN SCHOOL invites expressions of interest for enrolment in our


The opening of the school building in 1914.

Redeemer Lutheran School students celebrating 150 years of Lutheran Education

  Redeemer Lutheran School Year 7 students outside the original Light Pass Lutheran school building opened in 1914. Not in order: Jonah Baldwin, Meghan Blackburn, Charlie Brooks, Ruby Coles, Edward Cooper, Nicholas Crockett, Yasmine Enthoven, Grace Gordon, Hugo Graetz, Lauren Heinjus, Jacob Heintze, Amelia Hoffmann, Sharni Hoffmann, Hannah Hooper, Benjamin Jantke, Chloe Johnson, Dana Kalleske, Amy Lewis, Lewis Lloyde, Keely Lydeamore, Abby Materne, Taylah Miller, Lachlan Murdock, Mitchell Noack, Harvey Nobes, Charlie Nolan, Amber Perry, Eli Renner-Davis, Harry Robinson, Ella Rothe, Oscar Seppelt, Caitlin Stafford, Olivia Stein, Hannah Stevenson, Olivia Valente, Harmon Vears, Abby Walker, Stephanie Weigand, Liam Young and Sarah Zadow.

Early Learning Centre students (3 ½ - 5 year olds) will have access to the school’s outstanding specialist facilities, programs and expertise, while learning in their own purpose-built facility, providing an excellent transition for schooling.


For expressions of interest forms visit or call reception at Redeemer.


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8 - Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015

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Celebrating 165 years

Following in their father’s footsteps Tyler, 11, has been a part of the CFS cadets for a year and said, “I knew some people that were doing it. I thought it would be a good experience.” The CFS cadets teaches basic drills to young teenagers, they learn where objects are on the trucks and how to handle them safely, map reading and other basic skills needed as a CFS fire fighter. The skills the cadets are learning will help them fight fires in the Barossa community and in other states if needed once they graduate from their cadetship. Jason said he has been involved in some larger fires over the years, including one at Sampson Flat and interstate. “We have sent strike teams over to Port Lincoln and

Flinders Ranges. We do a fair bit, not only in your own area, but also abroad to help out other states. “Some fire fighters have gone to Queensland, others have been flown over to Sydney to fight fires. “You just rely on all of your mates that are with you to help you out. You always try to have a local CFS volunteer on an appliance so at least they know the area,” said Jason. Regan and Tyler are both proud that their father is in the CFS with Regan saying, “I think it’s pretty good, he has done heaps of things and helped save a lot of people.” Jason said that going up against fires can be, “a bit daunting but it is something you have to do.” DH3922

Regan and Tyler Billing, from Nuriootpa, are following in their father’s footsteps by joining the CFS cadets. Jason Billing’s love for the community must have rubbed off on his sons, with Jason saying that he joined the CFS to help out the Barossa area. “I have been here for around 13 years. I do it to help the community, for the camaraderie and the enjoyment of doing it,” said Jason. Regan, 15, is nearly eligible to move from a cadet to fire fighter after being in the cadet programme since 2011. Regan said he joined because, “I have friends in the cadets and my dad also does it. I just wanted to help out the community.”

NURIOOTPA ROVER FOOTBALL CLUB Proudly contributing to the lifestyle and culture in the Nuriootpa community since 1908. Providing opportunities for young people to enjoy a competitive team sport. Support the Tigers in 2015 in their charge to the finals! Regan, Jason and Tyler Billing in their CFS gear at the Nuriootpa CFS Station.

Proud to be part of the

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Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015 - 9

Nuriootpa Nuriootpa High plays important role in education (and providing the extra money) that sandstone facing was used to provide a suitable image for the important building. The Coulthard name still remains as a prestigious prize for a Year 12 student each year. One of the continuing features of the school is the breadth and depth of subject offerings and extra curricula events. Students are able to study in many areas

and have the opportunity to be involved in sport, visual and performing arts, many agricultural events, excursions, camps and academic competitions. While maintaining a strong academic focus and high levels of success, the school now also offers a wide range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) options. This allows students to begin practical and targeted learning for the vocation they intend to adopt on leaving school, while maintaining their studies. Many students take advantage of these opportunities and are well prepared to start their trade on leaving school. The school also now hosts the regional Disability Unit. Forty students attend the unit and have a combination of


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Shania Murphy, Deanna Hunter, Alannah Wildman, Casey Dibben, Jessica Dickinson, Alan Bedsor, Paige Gregor, Chelsea Morris, Nicholas Coutts, Dawson Cheers, Bethany Feuerherdt and Ebony Mustard, who are all part of the Specialist Wine Education Programme available at Nuriootpa High School. *The 4th tyre for $10 offer is valid on purchases of four Turanza Serenity Plus or Supercat tyres. These offers apply on purchases made in one transaction between 01/07/2015 and 31/08/2015 and are redeemable in store. Offer excludes government, fleet and wholesale purchases. Not available with any other offer and available while stocks last. Visit for full terms and conditions.

10 - Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015






specialised help and study in the mainstream subject areas. A close connection with Barossa Enterprises provides an excellent avenue for many students on their graduation from school. In 2015 the school has established an Independent Learning Centre to support students in completion of their SACE and transition to work. The centre aims to re-engage students that have left school early or have had some difficulty in the mainstream and provides a flexible individual learning programme. The school enjoys and celebrates the close connection that exists with the community and appreciates the support provided through work experience, sponsorship and many combined events.


Nuriootpa High School has played an important role in the community since its inception and in fact celebrates 80 years in 2015. Beginning with 95 students in 1935, the school currently has an enrolment of over 940 students including the regional Disability Unit. Mr William Coulthard was generous in his support for the high school and sold the land at less than half the normal value, insisting

Celebrating 165 years Gum tree gathering for Nuriootpa’s first Lutherans

Ÿ Commercial and residential lawn mowing

Most days various groups with different purposes gather at St. Petri. On a Sunday morning around 350 people of all ages gather at St. Petri. They sing, pray, care and hear what God’s got to say about life. They then take what they hear and try to live it out the best way they can in and around this town. The St. Petri congregation are thankful to God for their life and the life of their local community. They intend to continue to serve this community wherever and whenever they can.

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The story of St. Boniface in the local institute, decided to build their own church and so banded their talents and resources and collected donations. They collected enough money, approximately £250 and erected the main body of the church. The building opened in October, 1904. The porch, baptistery and vestry opened in 1936 with a donation from Mr William Coulthard. St. Boniface was named after an 8th century Anglo Saxon Bishop. Boniface known as the Apostle of the Germans was a English Benedictine Monk. Boniface relinquished the monastery and dedicated his life to the conversion of the Germanic tribes. He worked tirelessly and

faithfully and is honoured as a Bishop and Martyr (672754). He has been judged as having a deeper influence on European history than any other Englishman. There is a story about Boniface that he literally struck a blow for Christianity in his attempt to destroy pagan superstitions. On a day previously announced, in the presence of a tense crowd, he attacked Donar’s sacred oak on Mt. Gudenburg with an axe. The huge tree crashed, splitting into four parts. The people waited for the gods to strike Boniface dead – but nothing happened so they converted to the Christian faith, a faith that continues today.


Welcome to St. Boniface, a beautiful church situated between the two banks in the main street of Nuriootpa. This church is well maintained by a faithful and engaging congregation, to find out service times please see the notice boards or The Leader or pop in on Friday mornings. St. Boniface is one of five churches that make up the Anglican Parish of The Barossa and is engaged in a variety of things such as Bible studies, m e d i t a t i o n s, s u p p o r t i n g missions, and running Op shops, plus pastoral services such as weddings, baptisms and funerals. St. Boniface was established over a 100 years ago when a dedicated band of Anglicans, who had been worshipping



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Barossa Valley Lawnmowing Service The Nuriootpa Bowling Club has a proud history of being part of the Nuriootpa Community since 1928.

Proud to be a part of the Nuriootpa Community... P. 8562 2150 F. 8562 4331

New members always welcome.


Under a gum tree just west of Nuriootpa the first gathering of St. Petri Lutheran Church took place nearly 150 years ago. From these humble beginnings St. Petri is now a community of people happy to serve others in and around Nuriootpa. This service takes many forms - caring for families, especially now through their Hand in Hand Family Centre in partnership with Lutheran Community Care, a place of refuge for people in trouble, as in the 1983 flood and a place where the community can get to know God.

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Nuriootpa Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool Working Group So many people have fond memories of times spent at the “Nuri Pool”. It was a very popular place to spend summer days and as children left school they would say to each other, “See you at the pool!” An opening celebration is planned for November 8 to celebrate the 70th Anniversary and to remember the pool as part of Nuriootpa’s War Memorial. If you have photos or information about the pool’s beginnings the Group would like to hear from you and would certainly welcome more volunteers. If you don’t want to be on a committee but are willing to contribute on an “as needs” basis, it would be great to hear from you too. For further details please contact, Ms Jacqui Will, Nuriootpa WM Swimming Pool Working Group Member. Phone 08 8565 7233. A good spot could always be found on lush green grass to spread a towel under shady trees. People from all walks of life would be swimming, floating and jumping into the sparkling water via the small or big diving boards, some showing off with a “cannonball” or a dive. Children swarmed over floating tractor tubes and then, fingers wrinkled and white from the long time spent in the water, would climb out to buy an ice-block and families would share a barbecue meal or picnic. The swimming club was very strong and hosted carnivals, Vac-Swim was a yearly event and not just local schools held their aquatics days there. In a time where there were few backyard pools, homes with air-conditioning and affordable entertainment choices, the pool was very much a community meeting place. The pool has a remarkable heritage, among the first of many valuable assets planned and built by the Nuriootpa War Memorial Community Centre and opened February 2, 1945.


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Hundreds of volunteers laboured for this memorial to those who had served in World War II. There are many people like John Reusch who remembers helping to dig the hole. Sally Pfeiffer recalls her father, Clarrie Maywald before dawn shifting sprinklers by hand and the excitement of readying the pool for opening day with work going on at night, lit up by car headlights. Others tell of Dr F. W. Hoopmann collecting leftover wet cement after the daily cement lining of water-pipes in the district by the Water Department and using it for the pool surround. Barossa Council initiated an investigation of the pool structure earlier this year and confirmed what an excellent job was done - 70 years later the shells of both pools have been found structurally sound. For years many people have started their summer mornings with laps of the 50m pool, out in the open with wild birds and the occasional hot air balloon overhead. There is great camaraderie as all share the invigorating start to the day but then they found they had something else in common. They all observed the steady decline in this once glorious venue and were all deeply concerned about the long term future of the pool. The diving boards and slippery dip removed years ago have not been replaced and all agreed with one swimmer’s grandchildren that it had become “the no fun pool”. Upon investigation it was found that The Barossa Council has faithfully maintained the pool, the majority of budgeted funds are spent on maintenance and that the diving boards by law cannot be replaced (less than three metres depth). A “vicious circle” has developed whereby the venue is increasingly dilapidated, attracting fewer people, making the Council reluctant to direct more resources towards it than necessary. Encouraged by many like-minded people and inspired by Nuriootpa’s legendary community spirit, a resolve grew within a group to rally interest and support to bring the fun back to the “Nuri Pool”. With that in mind, in February this year the regular swimmers and other community minded people were invited to meet and 22 people attended including Cr Scotty Milne and Director Corporate and Community Services, Ms Jo Thomas. From that discussion a Working Group of 13 volunteers was formed under the “umbrella” of Nuriootpa Futures Association. Their aim is to come alongside Barossa Council and the venue manager, Mr James Parker, to build the pool back up to the local summer meeting place for this generation and those to come.

Jacqui Will, Ruth Prescott, Phil Krahling, Cathy Raha-Lambert, Libby Krahling (hidden at rear), Greg Kretschmer, Rachel Falland, Regan Lambert, Lyn Jaensch and Kelvyn Prescott at Nuriootpa WM Swimming Pool in March at the close of the season.

Standing: Mignon Sich, Regan Lambert, Ruth Prescott, Julie Baird, Kathy Schilling and Libby Krahling. Sitting: Cathy RahaLambert, John Duruz and Imelda Carson. Sitting front: Jacqui Will following a meeting of NWMSP Working Group. Missing members are Lyn Jaensch and Mel Whitrow.

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Marcus, Roslyn and families wish to congratulate Nuriootpa on the 165th Anniversary. Many great memories. We continue to support the local community with sporting and musical events. As the rich earth becomes consumed with housing developments we are extending our Earth, Vine to Wine vision, by planting new clones of varieties suited to our soil and microclimate.

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Nuriootpa 165 years Celebration.


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87 years ago my grandparents saw an opportunity to move to Nuriootpa to start up this business. We feel proud to be part of the

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Celebrating 165 years Barossa Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church spreading the gospel

The Barossa Valley Seventh world field. Others have made Day Adventist Church was considerable contributions to the formed in Nuriootpa 65 years administration, educational and after the establishment of the health institutions of the church. township. The currently held monthly Since that time the church has been involved in the spreading of Recipe Club meetings help to the gospel in both the local area promote good health amongst the as well as having a worldwide members of the local community. view. The promotion of mankind Mrs Donna Fay a current as a being 5 created in the image member of the congregation and of God, his enjoyment and duty also chaplain at Nuriootpa High while here on earth and his care 5 leading a School, is at present and concern for his neighbour Children helping to build the Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool. Supplied by group of students and other staff has always been the basis of Cr. Scotty Milne, theay photograph is believed to be taken inN late 1944 or early 1945. Jacqui on a visit to Cambodia to assist members’ beliefs. Niced ic ed Mcan M arke agnames netic of the children in the picture ay rscontacted Box 12 on in providing humanitarian aid Will is keen W to hi find out the and be Members believe the Bible as te Pe boards rmanent 5 the inspired word of God contains to the poor and underprivileged 08 85657233. Whiteboard 70 34 414 Bullet 70 34 46 0 60 0x45 Point Black 0mm $49.95 ea the essential truths that provide of that country. 70 34 417 Bullet 7034471 Bullet ch or $39.95 ea Po int Po int Blue Black ch 7034418 Bullet x 12 The members of the local 7034415 Chise for the present life and Bo 7034461 90 0x60 wh en Po arkers you buy 3 l Point Black int Bluguidance ay M e 0mm $59.95 ea Nicedof 7034419 Bullet 7034416 Chise ch or $49.95 ea the promise future life in the oard Po l Point Blue int Red Whitebcongregation ch ent Point Black are proud to be 7034462 90 0x12 when you buy 3 Perman earth made new. 70 34 417 Bullet ck 00mm $110.95 ea Bla e int Po Bullet llet Point Blu ch or $94.95 ea 414 associated with Nuriootpa in this Bu 34 8 70 441 tic 703 e lley ch T h e703447 B 1a rBuollets sPoaint BluVa llet Point Red Niceday Magne Bu 9 when you buy 3 441 703 celebration and wish all those int Black have Po l ise ds congregation members Ch 5 ar 703441 Whitebo int Blue $39.95 each 12 Chisel Po involved and the members of the 4416good 703 the news of the $49.95 each or 3 you buspread 3 m 3 y 50m 0x4 s Box board 60 when k 70 34 46 0 SAhVE BOARDS t Blac BO XE S gospel to many areas of the town all the best for the future. eac $ .95 White 7 Bullet Poin t Blue $49 FROM $25.20 22 .80.95OReach or FO $59 1 in 00mm SAVE *Accessories inc PER BOX 70 3 4 4 whRen you buy 3 llet Po SAVE 7034461 90 0x6 3 luded with $ ck 18 Bu et Point Red UP TO $ each 600x450mm boa .95 70344 ll BOXES $25.20 $94 u or h B rd 0.95 eac 9 e $11 1 4 3 mm y 20 4 R 200 bu % FO 3 0x1 70 2 90 when you $22.80 OR ack Niceday703P446ens B PER BOX $ 3 ue ox 12

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Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015 - 13

Nuriootpa Nuriootpa Community Children’s Centre The Barossa Valley was identified as a high need area in the 1992/96 National Child Care Strategy. As such it was jointly funded by both the Commonwealth and State Governments. The Leila Bullock Kindergarten (est. 1947) in Nuriootpa was selected as the site for 21 child care places to be added on to the existing kindergarten building. The Management Committee was re-incorporated to manage the child care, pre-school and other programmes already running from the centre. The Nuriootpa Community Children’s Centre, as it was re-named in March, 1995 became the first Integrated Children’s Service in South Australia. The management committees of 1994 and 1995 worked very hard to set up a good basis from which the Centre could be even more successful. The Child Care part of the Centre opened on July 24, 1995. As an Integrated Service they are now a 90 place Department of Early Childhood Development Kindergarten and 30 place Community Based Child Care Centre. This year the Nuriootpa Centre is celebrating 20 years of providing Integrated Early Childhood Education and Care services to the community. What happens at the Centre? Lots of exploration and learning. Learning: that’s the beauty of indoor and outdoor play, and it’s something provided with great emphasis. All are proud to be able to encourage children (and their families) to explore the outdoor environment where the centre has created many natural play spaces to build on children’s skills, knowledge and abilities. Centre educators have a wealth of knowledge and collectively have many year’s experience of working with young children and their families. They have formed strong links within the community, where the children visit the local

primary school, (and vice versa). High school and Tafe students attend the Centre for work experience and placements and the Centre has a great connection with the Barossa Bush Gardens. For them, it’s about being here for the community and providing the best possible education and care. The Centre philosophy states: “We acknowledge that each child is unique, belonging to a family within our culturally diverse community and that we are all on a learning journey together. “All children have the right to quality education in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. “We respect children as capable, competent and active learners, believing that ‘Play is the natural way that children learn’ (Reflect, Respect, Relate) and is the foundation for life-long learning.”

Chloe Carter, Aimee Gripton, Sally Wuttke (Centre Director), and Lucas Fairey.

Community sport integral of Nuriootpa Over the last 165 years, Nuriootpa’s sporting options has rapidly grown to accommodate all the various types of sport in the Barossa. Nuriootpa boasts a diverse range of sporting clubs, including football, netball, basketball, tennis, cricket, junior soccer, hockey, lawn bowls, golf, table tennis, karate and more. Mr Peter Rosenberg, life member of the Nuriootpa Rover Football Club and the Nuriootpa Bowling Club, said that, “There would be over 600 young people playing sport representing Nuriootpa. If we didn’t have sport what would they be doing? “It gets them involved and it builds a camaraderie that is rather unique. Particularly in the Barossa where the towns are so close, there is a real friendly rivalry, which is great. “The thing is that you know the people in the opposition and after the game you can have drink and experience the camaraderie that comes from playing sport. “That’s the whole essence of it, you play to win but you build friendships that last for many years.” Sport clubs in Nuriootpa have grown over many years; the Hockey club has become a bigger sport in the Barossa and is still growing. The Nuriootpa Bowling Club is the biggest in the Barossa and Light Bowling Association. The Barossa Valley Golf Club has successfully attracted many players to join the club by having a good social environment. Junior Soccer is another thriving sport, which has grown significantly in recent years and caters for a healthy junior competition. Various other sports in Nuriootpa have been just as successful, including the football, netball, basketball, tennis and more. Peter said that the reason that clubs have become so successful is due to the people and volunteers that have helped fundraise money for the clubs to expand the facilities.

“Nuriootpa has become the centre of sport in the Barossa region. Sport in country towns is a way of life, it’s an important part in the social and cultural environment in the community,” said Peter. Nuriootpa has also been host to many inter state events and a range of different famous sports players has played in the area. In 1936, Don Bradman brought the South Australian state cricket team to play a combined team at the Centennial Park in Nuriootpa. In the same year, the Port Adelaide League football team played against a mixture of Barossa and Light players with the locals winning by two points. These matches helped raise funds for the new Nuriootpa Oval. In 1967, a special inter association football match was held between the Upper Murray League and the Barossa and Light Association. The match saw the arrival of a young football star, Russel Ebert, who played for the visitors and later on became a big contender in SANFL. Other SANFL league football games have been played at Nuriootpa, in 2003 an AFL pre-season game was played between Port Adelaide Power and Western Bulldogs. For a decade the South Australian Women’s Tennis Championships were held in Nuriootpa with world tennis champion, Alicia Molik playing there earlier in her career. In 2013, the National under 15 cricket championships and a number of 20/20 district cricket matches were held on Nuriootpa turf. While, Nuriootpa has hosted interesting guests and events, it’s the community aspect of sport that thrives in all areas of the Barossa. The variety of sport in Nuriootpa brings people of all ages together creating a unique social environment and the dedication of the volunteers has been vital to running sports clubs.

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Building | Joinery 2015 Hardware Celebrating 120 years.

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14 - Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015

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“Happy 165th Anniversary NURI”

Back: Brian “Packer” Ivkovic, Nuriootpa Hockey Club; Davud Quodling, Nuriootpa Lawn Bowls Club; Grant Daniel, Nuriootpa Tennis Club; Rhys Schultz, Nuriootpa Cricket Club, Trevor Giles, Barossa Valley Golf Club. Front: Zac Dahms, Nuriootpa Rover Football Club; Giles Button, 8, Barossa Valley Little Athletics; Mekhi Dalhenberg, 8, Nuriootpa Basketball Club; Emily Raymond, 11, Barossa United Junior Soccer Club; and Brodie Ireland Nuriootpa Netball Club.

Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015 - 15

Irrigation Works

Nuriootpa Lifelong Nuriootpa resident looks to the future

Born, raised and still living in Nuriootpa, Mr John Reusch has experienced the growth of the town over his 80 plus years of residence. John says that whilst “It has changed a lot,” he also looks forward to what developments will be made in the future.


One of the main things he has been speculating about is the outcome for the historical Coulthard House. “Just how we can resolve the situation, I’m not quite sure,” John said. “The standards of the place are so strict it makes it difficult…It would be great if it could be turned into some sort of tourist attraction. “I remember when they were located i looking for a place for the tourist n the information centre, it would have heart of the beautiful Baros been great to go in Coulthard sa V alley House because it’s a real central

resq u t c i P

ue Park

position. However, it’s a really good set up now down in Tanunda.” As a child John was involved in the construction of the Nuriootpa Swimming Pool, as well as being heavily involved in volunteering throughout his life. “I will be very interested to see what happens with the pool. I remember there was a time when there were so many people there, that you couldn’t put a towel down on the ground. Cars lined the streets and all the around the bowling club.” He reflects on the development of The Co-op, amongst many of the other

shopping facilities around the town. “It’ll be very interesting to see what happens with the construction of the complex… I hope I will still be here in five to ten years to see it happen!” John also said that he has been amazed by the housing expansion in Nuriootpa, and the continued plans for development. “As older people we are fairly well catered for in the Barossa, there has been a lot of progression with the building of retirement villages. I’ll be interested to see how they are going to utilise other land around the town.”



P: 8562 1404 E: Penrice Road, NURIOOTPA

Es t

. 1932

Proud part of Nuriootpa’s Sporting History.


1932 Newspaper Edition

John Reusch has seen Nuriootpa grow significantly, but he also looks forward to what the future will bring.

Chinese Dragon Restaurant Lunch Wednesday - Saturday 12pm - 2pm

Congratulations on 165 years. 16 - Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015

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Celebrating 165 years All paths lead to Nuriootpa

Lyndon Stoll, Nuriootpa Futures Association, is heading up a subcommittee that will enhance Nuriootpa’s profile in the Barossa.

as well as a map to show where the town is located in relation to other major Barossa townships and points of interest. “People who come into Nuriootpa can then choose the Linear Park path for example and complete that activity by cycling or walking. However, they could also choose to meander the main street.” Town gateways also feature prominently on the A-Team’s wish list. “We have a number of entrances into Nuri that barely identify our beautiful township, three off the Sturt Highway, two from Angaston and one from Tanunda. “Just take a look at Kapunda entrances and Waikerie for example, it’s quite clear where you are as you approach those places”. Lyndon said a number of issues need to be addressed for changes to be implemented, including land availability, planning permission and local funding to enable the entrance showpieces to be completed. The sub-committee is currently working with The Barossa Council and Tourism Barossa to include Nuriootpa in the “Barossa By Bike” map which highlights the Barossa Cycle Hub. “At this stage, the Nuriootpa township is bypassed at Penfold’s via South Terrace en route to Angaston. “We feel this needs to be addressed to include the Nuriootpa main street and the Linear Path.” Lyndon will be cycling the path this week with a Council representative to show the route that he has ridden many times which incorporates the Barossa Bush Gardens. “If feasible, it will be included in the new brochure to be released later this year. It would not be an expensive project as much of the path already exists,” he explained. In the NFA’s effort to attract a diverse range of visitors to the area, the “A” team are developing Nuriootpa’s geocaching presence. “Geocaching and in particular Geo Tour is a project that is really high on our agenda at the moment. It’s very important to offer and promote another activity to our local community, tourists and the wider Barossa to participate in,” said Lyndon. “We would all recall doing treasure hunting as kids, well, this is a real world outdoor high-tech treasure hunting game that everybody can do. All you need is a Smartphone, the Geocaching App and away you go! The project works in hand with Nuriootpa’s linear paths and bikeways and Lyndon believes it will add further value to local business. “It can contribute to more usage of those paths, resulting in a greater return for our shops in town. “It also allows us the opportunity to show off the history of Nuriootpa and, as a consequence, bring people into Nuri and the broader region. “You can see that we are focusing these activities in Nuriootpa because we are attempting to raise the Nuriootpa town profile, but ultimately we are ensuring that we also achieve a Barossa focus overall.” A proposal to increase the use of Tolley Reserve as a venue for community events will create an outdoor facility that is set to impress. “It is important to us as a community to ensure that we have activities that have a focus on our youth and given that the Barossa Valley Skate Park and a playground including the train are located there, why wouldn’t we look for other opportunities in the same location?” Recent discussions with The Barossa Council has revealed there are no major plans for the site and the A-Team are keen to make their visions a reality. “Of course there is much to do,” admitted Lyndon. “The NFA needs people to make this all come true – these people need to come from the local community. “We believe in what we are doing and that it will address Nuriootpa and overall the Barossa Valley’s future for our kids. Get in touch with us and be a part of the future!”

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They’ve nicknamed themselves the NFA “A” Team and no, they didn’t star in an eighties television series. They are one of several sub committees of the Nuriootpa Futures Association (NFA) formed as a result of public consultation following the release of the organisation’s Strategic Plan last year. Led by Mr Lyndon Stoll, the sub-committee’s portfolio includes linear paths and bikeways, public spaces, town entrances and gateways. “It’s really quite exciting to be part of the programme we would love to see in Nuri,” said Lyndon. Working in collaboration with Mr Craig Grocke from RDA Barossa, the team has helped to create a town information sign. “The sign for Nuriootpa is going to be placed at Tolley Reserve. It will be approximately 1.2 metres by 2.8 metres so it’s a reasonable size,” Lyndon explained. Key attractions specific to Nuriootpa will be included

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Similar to the beautiful township of Nuriootpa, it appears that some things just get better with age...

Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015 - 17

Nuriootpa DH3895

The Nuriootpa Co-operative Store was formed as business leaders rallied to ensure there was a retail offering in the region and that the money stayed within the Barossa. That continues to remain the focus for The Co-op, 70 years on, the community owned co-operative where profits are shared among 16,000 plus members. Chairman, Mr Phillip Schmaal looks back on the history of The Co-op fondly, observing the philosophy behind the formation still holds true today and that’s to ensure residents of the Barossa have access to quality retail services locally. “When you look back over the history every 20 years or so there has been a major investment in re-development and upgrading the retail offering,” said Mr Schmaal. “What we are doing now is very consistent with the original vision. “When you look at the future… the housing developments and growth of the region, we need to be planning and

BAROSSA ROOFING Congratulations to Nuriootpa on the 165th Anniversary

LIC NO BLD 165 553

Thorpy’s Never Ending Bargains “We have been here for 24 years and still going strong because we love the Barossa and we love the people” Colin and Raelene


continuation of Murray Street and draw on plans which combine traditional Barossa architecture and funky rather than a square white concrete box. “This is very much an expansion of Murray Street,” said Mr Schmaal. “It’s about attracting shoppers and visitors into our region and how the community as a whole, including other retailers, can benefit. How can we bring people in and have the whole Nuriootpa retail community benefit. “Nuriootpa is the larger, more prominent retail destination. By bringing other shops in, we are retaining more people here.” Mr Schmaal said the development is practical while reflecting the architectural history of the Barossa. The supermarket development is expected to start in coming months with both projects to be ready for operation in early 2017.

An artist impression of The Co-op’s supermarket development. The administration centre remains with the new complex being built in the current carpark and where Valley Bargains is now.

Uniting Church named after generous benefactor The Nuriootpa Uniting Church is built on land donated by William Coulthard, hence the name Coulthard Memorial Church. Throughout its history it has provided a place of care for all members of the community. Many of the original community forefathers came from the then Methodist Church. This sense of community outreach continues within the congregation today. It has always been involved in all facets of community life through volunteering

Children learn best through playbased learning. That’s why at Goodstart Nuriootpa we have a high quality kindergarten program because like you, we want your child to be ready for school and life. Our centre recently received an exceeding rating For vacancy enquiries:


Open Monday - Saturday 30A Murray St., Nuriootpa BA17244

and membership in various service clubs. For many years members presented the “True Christmas” story to local school children. Its now famous “Rainbows End” provides an opportunity for community members to buy all kinds of goods and clothing at reasonable prices. It also provides an opportunity for members and the community to share in fellowship. For over 10 years its members have provided Christmas lunch for those

Quality kindergarten could be closer than you think

• Cards and gift wrap • Gift ideas • Hardware • Confectionery • Flowers • Stationery • Craft/scrapbook • Hair accessories • Pet accessories • Kitchenware • Knitting yarn • Picture frames • Candles and much, much more!

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adapting to cater for that growth. “Whilst we are a regional centre our close proximity to the metro area means our retail offering needs to be competitive with what are on offer in the city and outer suburbs. “The Co-op was established to fill a market gap and nobody else provided the services needed by the community, so the community banded together to form their own co-operative.” Mr Schmaal is looking forward to The Co-op’s planned developments – a 4,500 sq m supermarket in addition to specialty stores in a $10m development and the construction of the region’s first homemaker centre with the state’s first flagship Mitre 10 in a $4.5m development. Plans for both of these developments are exciting and reflect The Co-op’s strong belief in local business, regional growth and sustainability. Mr Schmaal said it will also compliment existing retail offerings in Nuriootpa, given the development is a


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New development compliments Nuriootpa’s offering

18 - Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015

within the community to share a meal and fellowship together. The House of Hope, the latest project, is providing opportunities for the church to work with local schools to provide a safe place for students to come after school as well as a place for “disengaged” students to have some extra help and mentoring. The church continues to seek ways to be Christ to the community, Christ for the community and Christ in the community of Nuriootpa.

COMMUNITY HELPERS It is a privilige to serve the Nuriootpa & Barossa Community as it celebrates 165 years as part of SA’s unique history. Providing recycled furniture, bric-a-brac and clothing to the Barossa community.

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Nuriootpa Celebrating 165 years

Celebrating 165 years Celebrating 20 years of business in Nuriootpa

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Great for the guys too!

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We’re local and we love working hard for our community!

We could tell you reasons why the new Nissan Navara is such a great car. tead But ins e... n here’s o

The family behind the Nuriootpa Newsagency: Nick, Colin and wife Leah, Craig and Jorja Mills. Inset: Lyn Cundy, affectionately known as “the paper lady”.

What’s new at the Nuriootpa Newsagency... Appreciation Journals

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The Siegele family has been in business in the Main Street of Nuriootpa for half of the town’s 165 year history. Experience for yourself good old fashioned personalised service in a new and modern dealership. Mike & Jon’s father and grandfather serving a customer.

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Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015 - 19



Artist Impression



Orchard Lane 20 - Nuriootpa Celebrates 165 Years, “The Leader”, July 15, 2015

Nuriootpa - Celebrating 165 years  

The Barossa Valley town of Nuriootpa celebrated 165 years in 2015. 'The Leader' newspaper published this special lift-out feature to mark th...

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