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barossaherald Kapunda Farm Fair Wrap - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Film star kelpie at Kapunda Farm Fair “We are proud to be making an appearance at the Kapunda Farm Fair and assisting in raising money for a great cause - the Barossa Valley branch of the Make a Wish Foundation Australia. “Dustan just loves having his photo taken so everyone can take the opportunity to be pictured with him,” Danny said. You can have your photo taken with adorable Dustan for $5 at the Kapunda Farm Fair and take home a print. Proceeds go to the Barossa Valley Branch of the Make a Wish Foundation Australia.

THE famous and lovable Kelpie, Dustan, our Freeling celebrity who appeared in the very popular and award-winning movie “Red Dog” will be making a grand appearance at the Kapunda Farm Fair on Saturday, April 21. Dustan is one of five beautiful kelpies that appeared in the movie, including his full brother, Koko. The movie “Red Dog” is a 2011 Australian family film directed by Kriv Stenders and produced by Nelson Woss and Julie Ryan. The film is based on a true story from the novel “Red Dog”. At the 2011 Inside Film Awards “Red Dog” was nominated in nine categories and won seven, including Best Feature Film. Dustan’s ‘Dad’, Danny said, “Dustan takes his celebrity status in his stride and he is an old hat at making movies. “Dustan also appeared in another Australian movie called “Home”, with the same director, Kriv Stenders. “Dustan is such a friendly boy and everyone loves him - he thinks he is human.” Danny said.

At a glance... What: Kapunda Farm Fair. Where: Kapunda Harness Racing Club complex, 41 Hancock Road. When: Friday, April 20 and Saturday, April 21, 2012. Web:



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JAMES St Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Kapunda Farm Fair Wrap Page 1 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

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F A A R M D N F U AI R P A K Friday April 20 & Saturday April 21, 2012

ABRASIVES Crash Repairs 78/79 Main Shed Discount Variety Direct 554/558 Trot Track ADVISORY SERVICES Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Board 510/512 Trot Track Barossa Funerals 133 Central & 1st St Barossa Prostrate Cancer Support Group 70 Main Shed Career Boss 74 Main Shed Dial before you Dig 25 Main Shed Fishcare Volunteers 535 Trot Track Hilgah Honey 100 Central & Trot Track Independent Living Centre 363/364 7th Street Laura Soap & Gift Shoppe 47 Main Shed Mental Health Unit SA Health 48 Main Shed Northern Yorke NRM Board 510/512 Trot Track Peter O'Brien Cabinet Maker 153 2nd Street PIRSA Fisheries 535 Trot Track Rural Skills Aust 30 Main Shed SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board 510/512 Trot Track Marquee Near Main Shed Sophie Thomson ALPACAS & CLOTHING Barachel Alpacas 45/46 Main Shed ANIMAL HEALTH PRODUCTS Laura Soap & Gift Shoppe 47 Main Shed Marlborough Park Saddlery Central Avenue University of Adelaide 175/176 Central & 2nd ARTS & CRAFTS Aussie Craft Creations 170/171 2nd Street Aura Homewares 26 Main Shed Beautiful Bali Bling 166/167 2nd Street Cards by Kaye 164/165 2nd Street Country Fabric n Things 42 Main Shed Gift Quest 44 Main Shed Tote Room off Main Shed Kapunda Quilters Keidra Woodworks 154/155 2nd Street Laura Soap & Gift Shoppe 47 Main Shed Mildura Plasma Cut Designs 261/262 5th Street Phoenix near secreatry’s office ATV'S Fentons Farm Machinery 357/358 7th 399/400 8th Micks Motorcycles Gawler 126/128 1st Street Polaris (SA) 357/358 7th 399/400 8th AUGERS 181/182 2nd & 187/188 3rd Buschutz AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT Barossa Brake & Suspensions 134/135 1st Street Crash Repairs 78/79 Main Shed Discount Variety Direct 379/384 8th Street Future Metal Fabricators 395/397 8th Street Jay & S Tools 247/250 4th Street Pneumark Automations 375/376 7th Street BABY CARE & BABY CLOTHES Jennifer Rose 32 Main Shed Out & About Clothing 65 Main Shed BANKING & FINANCE Bank SA Sponsor NAB 7/8 Main Shed 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th NTS Rural Rabobank 301 Central & 6th St BALE HANDLING 181/182 2nd & 187/188 3rd Buschutz BATTERIES & CHARGERS Crash Repairs 78/79 Main Shed Sskids Tyres 540/541 Trot Track Supercharge Batteries (Eudunda Motors) 325/328 6th & Central BEARINGS & BELTS CBC Bearings (Eudunda Motors) 325/328 6th & Central Jayco Belts (Eudunda Motors) 325/328 6th & Central BIRDS - ANIMALS - REPTILES Animals Anonymous 99 Central & Trot Track Northern Yorke NRM Board 510/512 Trot Track BLINDS & AWNINGS White House Security 54 & 56 Main Shed BOOKS Des's Aussie Hats & Ugg Boots Central & 4th St Jenny Welke 40 Main Shed Stock Journal 163 2nd BRAKES & PARTS 181/182 2nd & 187/188 3rd Barossa Brake & Suspensions BUILDING EQUIPMENT & MATERIALS Discount Variety Direct 554/558 Trot Track Woodshield 229 4th Street CAMPER TRAILERS & CARAVANS Adventura Caravans Central Avenue 207/209 & 224/222 Central 3rd & 4th Built Tough Eagle Trailers 341/344 Central & 7th Johnno's Camper Trailers Barossa Valley 227/280 Central & 5th CAMPING EQUIPMENT Barossa Brakes & Suspension 134/135 1st Street Barossa Spot On Fishing & Camping 514/516 Trot Track 207/209 & 224/222 Central 3rd & 4th Built Tough V Tackle 104 & 16 1st & Trot Track Johnno's Camper Trailers Barossa Valley 227/280 Central & 5th CATERING Cool Cone 537/538 Trot Track Fairy Floss Galore 232 4th German Sausage Van Catering Area Johnny's Popcorn Catering Area Kapunda KHRC Bar Area Kapunda Kindergarten Dining Room Servery Kapunda Scouts & Guides Catering Area Little Mario's Hot Food Van Catering Area Maxines Baked Potatoes Catering Area Rollin Roast Catering Area Rotary Club of Kapunda Catering Area Smokin' Hot Food Catering Area St Johns Lutheran School Eudunda Catering Area Strawberries Galore Catering Area Sylvia Payne Catering Area The Coffee Pot Catering Area Zoom Juice, Coffee & Donuts Catering Area CHAINS - CHAINSAWS - BRUSHCUTTERS

Discount Variety Direct 554/558 Trot Track Ditmar Pty Ltd 64 Main Shed 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Husqvarna (Lyndoch Motors) Jay & S Tools 247/250 5th Street Valley Power Equipment 151/152 Central & 2nd CHEMICALS & APPLICATORS Eichler Traders Pty Ltd 429/430 9th Street Just Shearing & Mallee Scrub 192/193 3rd Street 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th NTS Rural CLEANING PRODUCTS Bi-Tron Lubricants 1 Main Shed Quickleen Australia Pty Ltd 163 2nd Street CLOTHING - FOOTWEAR - HATS - FABRICS Barachel Alpacas 45/46 Main Shed BBB Outback Clothing 529/531 Trot Track Christopher Kay Clothing 532/533 Trot Track Country Fabric N Things 42 Main Shed Cowboys Shop Here 124/125 1st Street Des's Aussie Hats & Ugg Boots Central & 4th St Halls Market Hats 225/227 4th Street Helen Papatsaras 161/162 2nd Street Heniz Fashions 167/168 2nd Street Just Shearing & Mallee Scrub 192/193 3rd Street Meredith Lithgow Direct 27 Main Shed Out and About Clothing 65 Main Shed Salou-JA 12 Main Shed Tess Knits 13 Main Shed COMPUTERS - COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT AA Family Motors 369/370 Central & 7th Gawler Mobile Phones 75/76 Main Shed Holding's Computer Services 14 Main Shed Tech Me Gawler 34/35 Main Shed Web South Computer Sales & Service Marquee Near Main Shed CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE Peter O'Brien Cabinet Maker 153 2nd Street COMPRESSORS & AIR TOOLS Discount Variety Direct 554/558 Trot Track Hitrax Products 263/264 5th Street COSMETICS Bi-Tron Lubricants 1 Main Shed Jennifer Rose 32 Main Shed Proma Systems 69 Main Shed The Body Shop at Home 302 6th Street DIECAST CARS Everything Remote Control 554/558 Trot Track Keidra Woodworks 154/155 2nd Street EDUCATION Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Board 510/512 Trot Track Animals Anonymous 99 Central & Trot Track Asbestos Victims Assoc SA 51/52 Main Shed 267/268 5th St & Trot Track Australian Year of the Farmer Barossa SPOKE Pavilion Bank SA Bright Bugs 169 2nd Street Career Boss 74 Main Shed Defence Force Recruiting 220/221 4th Street Fishcare Volunteers 535 Trot Track Hilgah Honey 100 Central & Trot Track Kapunda & Light Tourism 33 Main Shed Kapunda High School 49/50 Main Shed Parade Ring & Dining Room Kapunda MFS Laura Soap & Gift Shoppe 47 Main Shed Mildura Plasma Cut Designs 261/262 5th Street Northern Yorke NRM Board 510/512 Trot Track Peter O'Brien Cabinet Maker 153 2nd Street PIRSA Fisheries 535 Trot Track Regional Transport Training Services 497/500 Trot Track Rural Skills Aust 30 Main Shed SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board 510/512 Trot Track Marquee Near Main Shed Sophie Thomson St Johns Lutheran School Eudunda Catering Area Trinity College 228 4th Street University of Adelaide 175/176 Central & 2nd ELECTRICAL & GENERAL Plush Audio & Electrical Complex Audio Provider EMPLOYMENT Career Boss 74 Main Shed Defence Force Recruiting 220/221 4th Street ENGINES - PROTECTION - SUPPLIES Pneumark Automations 375/376 7th StreetJays & S Tools 247/250 5th Street ENTERTAINMENT Animals Anonymous 99 Central & Trot Track 267/268 5th St & Trot Track Australian Year of the Farmer Australis Simulation 212 3rd & 219 4th Barossa Valley Hire 120 Trot Track & 1st Belvidere Pony Club Parade Ring Chris Starkey Dining Room Marquee on trotting track Dustan who appeared in "Red Dog" Make a Wish Foundation Marquee on trotting track Grandpa's Animal Nursery 235/236 Central & 4th Habys Manure Supplies 107/109 Central & 1st Variety Club Bash Car Near Upstairs Lounge FARM MACHINERY Ashmore Engineering Trot Track 439/444 9th & 401/406 8th A W Vater & Co Bourgault (WSB) 371/374 7th Ellbourn Engineering 410/412 8th St Eudunda Motors 325/328 Central & 6th 357/3587th & 399/400 8th Fentons Farm Machinery Fix Engineering 237/238 Central & 4th Gawler Farm Machinery 546/551 Trot Track Habys Manure Supplies 107/109 1st Central Hitrax 263/264 5th St Horwood Bagshaw (WSB) 371/374 7th Lyndoch Motors 550/553 Trot Track Manutec 285/287 5th St Marshall Spreader Sales 110/112 Central & 1st Massey Ferguson (WSB) 371/374 7th 350/356 7th & 313/319 6th R H Schulz Pty Ltd Rural Merchanise Traders 110/112 Central & 1st Tundari Sales & Service 559/564 Trot Track WSB Dist 371/374 7th

FASHION PARADE BBB Clothing 529/531 Trot Track Karen's Clearance Shoes Dining Room Meredith Lithgow Direct 27 Main Shed Modern Image Hair & Beauty Dining Room Out & About Clothing 65 Main Shed Sally's Clothes Horse Dining Room FEEDERS & FEED MIXERS 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th St Bromar Feeders (NTS Rural) Keenan (WSB) 371/374 7th Street Power Innovations 375/376 7th Street FENCING - YARDS - GATES - POSTS 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th Gallagher Fencing (NTS Rural) Woodshield 229 4th Street FIELD BINS 273/274 5th & 307/308 6th Ahrens Agri FERTILIZERS Bio-Tech Organics 4 Main Shed Eichler Traders Pty Ltd 429/430 9th Street Habys Manure Supplies 107/109 Central & 1st J T Johnson & Sons 2 Main Shed Newtech Fertilizers (Tundarri) 559/564 Trot Track Omnia Fertilizers (Tundarri) 559/564 Trot Track FILTERS Fleetguard (Eudunda Motors) 325/328 6th Quickleen Australia Pty Ltd 163 2nd Street FINANCE 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track CNH Capital (Lyndoch Motors) NAB 7 & 8 Main Shed 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th Ruralco Finance (NTS Rural) FISHING TACKLE Barossa Spot On Fishing & Camping 514/516 Trot Track 104 & 16 1st St & Trot Track V Tackle FIRE PROTECTORS MFS Kapunda Parade Ring FRONT END LOADERS Burder (Tundarri) 559/604 Trot Track Challenge Implements (Lyndoch Motors) 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Gawler Farm Machinery 546/551 Trot Track FUNERAL DIRECTORS Barossa Funerals 133 Central & 1st St FURNITURE RESTORERS Peter O'Brien Cabinet Maker 153 2nd Street FUEL Bi-Tron Lubricants 1 Main Shed L H Perry & Sons Sponsor GARDEN SUPPLIES Ditmar Pty Ltd 64 Main Shed Eichler Traders Pty Ltd 429/430 9th Street Fenlow & Fengate 131/132 Central & 1st J T Johnson & Sons 2 Main Shed Jay & S Tools 247/250 5th Street Mildred Heights Nursery Sponsor Multi Bin 253 5th Street Peter O'Brien Cabinet Maker 153 2nd Street Softwoods Timberyards 5 Main Shed Waikerie Wholesale Native Nursery 3 Main Shed GENERATORS Hitrax Products 263/264 5th Street Valley Power Equipment 151/152 2nd Street GIFTS Aura Homewares 26 Main Shed Coonawarra Lavender 29 Main Shed Cowboys Shop Here 124/125 1st St Darling Homewares 28 Main Shed Dairy Goat Soc Of SA 105 1st & Trot Track Halls Market Hats 225/2274th St Just Shearing & Mallee Scrub 192/193 3rd Laura Soap & Gift Shoppe 47 Main Shed Mildred Heights Nursery Sponsor GOURMET FOODS Sylvia Payne Catering Area Fudge It 11 Main Shed GOATS - GOAT CHEESE - GOAT SOAPS Dairy Goat Soc of SA Inc 105 1st & Trotting Track GPS Topcom Precision Agriculture (Lyndoch Mts) 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track GRAIN AGENCIES & EQUIPMENT 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th Agfarm (NTS Rural) Brandt (Ahrens Agri) 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th Grain Vac (Ahrens Agri) 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th Selt Augur (Ahrens Agri) 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th HAND PAINTED GLASS & CERAMICS Coonawarra Lavender 29 Main Shed HARDWARE Discount Variety Direct 554/558 Trot Track Jay & S Tools 247/250 5th St 337/340 7th & 329/332 6th Kingcraft Tools Stihl Power Tools 138/140 1st St HAIR & BEAUTY Dining Room Fashion Parades Modern Image Hair & Beauty HATS & UGG BOOTS Des's Aussie Hats & Ugg Boots Central & 4th Street Halls Market Hats 225/227 4th St HAY HANDLING EQUIPMENT, CONDITIONERS & RAKES 181/182 2nd & 187/188 3rd Buschutz Ellbourn Engineering 410/412 8th St 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Howard (Lyndoch Motors) Krone (Tundarri) 559/564 Trot Track 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Kuhn (Lyndoch Motors) Massey Ferguson (Tundarri) 559/564 Trot Track Massey Ferguson (WSB) 371/374 7th 350/356 Trot Track & 313/319 6th R H Schulz Pty Ltd Schinckel Hay Rakes (Vaters) 439/444 9th & 401/406 8th Tundarri Sales 559/564 Trot Track HEATERS Spitwater 366/368 7th & Central HEALTH Anglicare Bank SA Marquee Asbestos Victims Assoc SA 51/52 Main Shed Aust Cranio Maxillo Facial Foundation 10 Main Shed Barossa Enterprises Bank SA Marquee

Barossa Prostrate Cancer Support Group 70 Main Shed Barossa SPOKE Bank SA Marquee Bi-Tron Lubricants 1 Main Shed Carers Link Bank SA Marquee Centrelink Bank SA Marquee CHAP Bank SA Marquee Clinical Services Bank SA Marquee Community Transport/Home Assist Bank SA Marquee Coonawarra Lavender 29 Main Shed Independent Living Centre 363/364 7th Street Inner North Country Health Service Bank SA Marquee Laura Soap & Gift Shoppe 47 Main Shed Leisure Options Bank SA Marquee Mannatech 41 Main Shed Mental Health Unit SA Health 48 Main Shed Mrs A Smithson (Rawleighs) 539/540 Trot Track Northern Domestic Violence Bank SA Marquee Nutri Metics 32 Main Shed Proma Systems 69 Main Shed St Johns Ambulance (Demo) near Secretary's Office The Body Shop at Home 302 6th Street Volunteering Barossa & Light Bank SA Marquee HIRE Barossa Valley Hire 120 Trot Track & 1st HOME INTEREST Aura Homewares 26 Main Shed Barachel Alpacas 45/46 Main Shed Better Lifestyle Living Main Shed 5/6 Cowboys Shop Here 124/125 1st Street Darling Homewares 28 Main Shed Defined Interiors 37 Main Shed JLD Promotions 156/157 2nd Street Mildura Plasma Cut Designs 261/262 5th Street Multi Bin 253 5th Street Paradise Shade Umbrellas 303/304 6th Street Tupperware 53 Main Shed HONEY Hilgah Honey 100 Central & Trot Track Tathra Homestead 72 Main Shed HOSES & FITTINGS Discount Variety Direct 554/558 Trot Track Jay & S Tools 247/250 5th Street Mr Nozzle 389/391 Central & 8th The Hose Factory 116/119 1st Street HORTICULTURAL SUPPLIES Woodshield 229 4th Street INSURANCE WFI 73 Main Shed IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT Earth Irrigation 217/218 4th Street Mr Nozzle 389/391 Central & 8th JEWELLERY Beautiful Bali Bling 166 2nd Street 5th Avenue 36 Main Shed KITCHENWARES Champion Juicer Machines 71 Main Shed Foto's Frames & Fings 24 Main Shed KNIVES Foto's Frames & Fings 24 Main Shed LAND ROLLERS 181/182 2nd & 187/188 3rd Buschutz Fix Engineering 237/238 Central & 4th LAWN MOWERS Gawler Farm Machinery 546/551 Trot Track 350/356 7th & 313/319 6th R H Schulz Pty Ltd Valley Power Equipment 151/152 Central & 2nd Stihl Power Tools 138/140 1st St LEATHER GOODS Cowboys Shop Here 124/125 1st Street Halls Market Hats 225/227 4th Street Marlborough Park Saddlery Central Avenue LEGAL SERVICES Teusner & Co Lawyers 115 1st Street LIGHTING EQUIPMENT Crash Repairs 78/79 Main Shed LUBRICANTS Bi-Tron Lubricants 1 Main Shed 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Fuchs (Lyndoch Motors) MEDIA Barossa & Light Herald Sponsors Stock Journal 163 2nd St Sponsors MERCHANDISE Rural Merchanise Traders 110/112 Central & 1st MOBILE PHONES Gawler Mobile Phones 75/76 Main Shed MOTORCYCLES Gawler MotorCycle Centre 91/92 Trot Track Micks Motorcycles Gawler 126/128 1st Street Yamaha (WSB) 259/260 5th Street 233/234 4th St & 259/260 5th St Yamaha Motors Australia MOTOR HOMES AA Family Motors 369/370 Central & 7th MONITORING EQUIPMENT Gawler Mobile Phones 75/76 Main Shed NEWSPAPERS - MAGAZINES Barossa & Light Herald Sponsors Major Sponsor 163 2nd St Stock Journal NURSERY LANDSCAPING Barossa Table Grapes 113/114 1st Street Ditmar Pty Ltd 64 Main Shed Fenlow & Fengate 131/132 Central & 1st Mildred Heights Nursery Sponsor Protea World 254 5th Street Toolang Enterprises 113/114 1st Street Waikerie Saltbush 3 Main Shed Waikerie Wholesale Native Nursery 3 Main Shed NUTS & BOLTS Jay & S Tools 247/250 4th Street OLIVE OIL Tathra Homestead 72 Main Shed ORGANIC Bio-Tech Organics 4 Main Shed

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Kapunda Farm Fair Wrap Page 2 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Eichler Traders Pty Ltd 429/430 9th Street PERGOLAS Softwoods Timberyards 5 Main Shed PHOTO FRAMES Aura Homewares 26 Main Shed Foto's Frames & Fings 24 Main Shed University of Adelaide 175/176 Central & 2nd PLASTIC PRODUCTS Tupperware 53 Main Shed POLY PIPE & FITTINGS Fenlow & Fengate 131/132 Central & 1st POWER CONVERTERS Power Innovations 375/376 7th Street PRESS & OTHER WHEELS Manutec 285/287 5th St Jay & S Tools 247/250 5th St Agmaster (Eudunda Mts) 325/328 6th & Central PRESSURE WASHERS Spitwater 366/368 Central & 7th POULTRY FEEDS Laucke Mills 257/258 Central & 5th PUMPS 181/182 & 187/188 3rd St Buschutz Hillview Bore Pumps 255/256 Central & 5th St Jay & S Tools 247/250 5th Street Maxiplas 243/246 4th Street Solar Water Pumps 295/296 6th Street Team Poly 97/98 Trot Track PET FOODS Laucke Mills 257/258 Central & 5th Marlborough Park Saddlery Central Avenue PRINTERS Tech Me Gawler 34/35 Main Shed POLYTHENE FILM The Hose Factory 116/119 1st Street POOL EQUIPMENT The Hose Factory 116/119 1st Street POST HOLE DIGGERS & DRIVERS Discount Variety Direct 554/558 Trot Track QUILTING Cards by Kaye & Quilting Fabric 164/165 2nd Street Country Fabrics n Things 42 Main Shed Tote Room off Main Shed Kapunda Quilters Sweet 16 Quilting Machine 42 Main Shed SAFETY EQUIPMENT Discount Variety Direct 379/384 8th Street SATELLITE EQUIPMENT Gawler Mobile Phones 75/76 Main Shed SECURITY DOORS AND SCREENS White House Security 54 & 56 Main Shed SEEDING - SLASHERS - IMPLEMENTS 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Agmaster Lyndoch Mts Agway Equipment Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track Anderson Wrappers Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Borgault Lyndoch Mts Bourgault WSB 271/274 5th St CABE Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track Celli Hoes Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track Chris Grow Engineering Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track Daken Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track Elgra Cement Mixers Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track Elgra Post Drivers Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track Farmscan Monitors 555/564 Trot Track Fix Engineering 237/238 Central & 4th 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Flexi Coil Lyndoch Mts Gawler Farm Machinery 564/551 Trot Track Gibbins Rawlings Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track Hitrax Products 263/264 5th St Honey Bee Fronts Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Horwood Bagshaw Lyndoch Mts Horwood Bagshaw WSB 271/274 5th St 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Howard Lyndoch Mts Husqvarna Lyndoch Mts 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Jaydens Hay Handling Equipment Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track John Berends Implements Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track John Shearer Lyndoch Mts Kinghitter Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track K-Line Rakes Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Kuhn Lyndoch Mts Manutec 285/287 5th St Renn Roller Mills Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Topcom Precision Ag Lyndoch Mts Trolet Mixers Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track VCB Tundarri 555/564 Trot Track SEPTIC TANKS Biocycle 431/432 Central & 9th SERVICES Kapunda CFS Car Parking Kapunda Lions Club Gate Duties Kapunda MFS Parade Ring Shows in Upstairs Lounge Kapunda Musical Society Kapunda SES Surveillance Ambulance Room near Secretary St John's Ambulance Service SHADE HOUSES - GREEN HOUSES - SHADECLOTH Fenlow & Fengate 131/132 Central & 1st Paradise Shade Umbrellas 303/304 6th SHADE - UMBRELLAS Paradise Shade Umbrellas 303/304 6th St SHEARING EQUIPMENT Just Shearing - Mallee Scrub 192/193 3rd Street 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th NTS Rural SHEDS Grant Sheds 309/310 6th Street 311/312 6th & 269/271 5th Magnus (NTS Rural) Wide Span Sheds (Tundarri) 559/564 Trot Track SHEEP Australian Poll Dorset Association 392/393 8th Street Deep Creek Prime Samms 240/242 4th St Duenclin White Suffolk - Prim Sam 179/180 2nd Street Edson Livestock 183/184 2nd Street Jean Court Prime Samm 271/272 5th St Kincora 271/272 5th St

N J Loffler 239 4th St SHOES Helen Papatsaras 161/162 2nd Street Oz Styles 9 Main Shed Karen's Clearance Shoes Dining Room SILOS Ahrens Agri 273/274 5th St SOFTWARE Holdings Computer Service 14 Main Shed SOLAR ENERGY - HWS - PUMPS Hillview Bore Pumps 255/256 Central & 5th Natural Technology Systems 251/252 5th St Solar Corp of Australia 158 2nd St Solar Depot 305/306 6th St Solar Water Pumps 295/296 6th St White House Security 54/56 Main Shed ZEN Barossa 265/266 5th St ZEN Home Energy Systems 265/266 5th St SOIL MOISTURE MEASUREMENTS Measurement Engineering 365 7th St SPONSORS A S James-Bear Bank SA Barossa & Light Herald Barossa Valley Hire 120 Trot Track & 1st Flow FM Habys Bulk Transport 107/109 Central & 1st Hickinbotham J T Johnson & Sons 2 Main Shed L H Perry & Sons Laucke Mills 257/258 Central & 5th Light Regional Council 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Lyndoch Motors Mantina Quarries 66/67 Main Shed The Stock Journal 163 2nd St SPRAYERS & EQUIPMENT 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Accuspray (Lyndoch Motors) Croplands (Tundarri) 559/564 Trot Track Discount Variety Direct 554/558 Trot Track Enviromist Industries 177/178 2nd St Gawler Farm Machinery 546/551 Trot Track 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Greentech (Lyndoch Mts) Hardi (Lyndoch Motors) 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Hitrax Products 263/264 5th St Jay & S Tools 247/250 5th St STATIONERY Bright Bugs 169 2nd St STOCK CRATES - FEEDERS - SUPPLEMENTS Built Tough 207/209 224/222 Central 3rd & 4th Buschutz 181/182 2nd St 187/188 3rd St Eagle Trailers 341/344 7th & Central Laucke Mills 257/258 5th & Central Marlborough Park Saddlery Central Avenue NTS Rural 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th St STUMP GRINDERS Vermeer Sales 136/137 1st St SUNGLASSES Heniz Fashions 167/168 2nd St SWAGS Barossa Brakes & Suspension 134/135 1st Street Spot on Fishing 514/516 Trot Track TANKS Biocycle 431/432 Central & 9th 181/182 2nd & 187/188 3rd Buschutz Bushman Tanks 455/456 Central & 9th Maxiplas 243/246 4th St N J Denyer Pty.Ltd 190/191 3rd St Petestreat Waste Water 513 Trot Track Polymaster (Tundarri) 559/564 Trot Track 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th Rhino Tanks (NTS Rural) SL Tanks 181/182 2nd & 187/188 3rd Team Poly 97/98 Trot Track TELEHANDLERS Manitou (WSB) 371/374 7th St TILLAGE - POINTS Agmaster Eudunda Mts 325/328 6th & Central Agpoint Eudunda Mts 325/328 6th & Central Moose Industries 360/361 7th St Primary Sales Eudunda Mts 325/328 6th & Central TOOLS HAND & POWER Crash Repairs 78/79 Main Shed Discount Variety Direct 554/558 Trot Track Hillview Bore Pumps 255/256 Central & 5th Jay & S Tools 247/250 5th St 330/332 6th & 337/339 7th St Kingcraft Tools Stihl Power Tools 138/140 1st St Valley Power Equip 151/152 2nd St TOYS Bright Bugs 169 2nd St Ethical Trading Central Avenue Everything Remote 210 3rd Street Gawler Farm Machinery 546/551 Trot Track Iseki WSB 371/374 7th JLD Promotions 156/157 2nd St Just Shearing 192/193 3rd St Kubota (WSB) 371/374 7th Massey Ferguson WSB 371/374 7th TOURISM Kapunda & Light Tourism 33 Main Shed TRACTORS AGCO R H Schulz 350/356 7th 313/319 6th Eudunda Motor Co 325/328 6th & Central Fendt Tractors (R H Schulz) 350/356 7th & 313/319 6th St Fendt Tundarri 559/564 Trot Track Iseki Tundarri 559/564 Trot Track Kingcraft Tools 337/339 7th St & 329/331 6th St Kubota Tundarri 559/564 Trot Track Kubota WSB 371/374 7th Landini Eudunda Motors 325/328 6th & Central 93/96 & 550/553 Trot Track Lyndoch Motors Massey Ferguson RH Schulz 350/356 7th & 313/319 6th St Massey Ferguson Tundarri 559/564 Trot Track

McCormick Eudunda Mts 325/328 6th & Central 350/356 7th & 313/319 6th St R H Schulz Pty Ltd Tundarri Sales 559/564 Trot Track WSB Distributors 371/374 7th TRAILERS & PARTS Built Tough 207/209 & 224/222 Central 3rd & 4th 407/408 8th & 437/438 9th CMV Truck Sales Eagle Trailers 341/344 Central & 7th Hitrax 263/264 6th St 337/339 7th & 329/331 6th Kingcraft Tools Manutec 285/287 5th St Multi Bin 253 5th St Ellbourn Engineering 410/412 8th St TRANSPORT Regional Transport Training Serv 497/500 Trot Track TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENT Gawler Mobile Phones 75/76 Main Shed TREES Mildred Heights Nursery Sponsor Waikerie Wholesale Native Nursery 3 Main Shed TROUGHS Denyer Tanks 190/191 3rd St 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th NTS Rural TRUCKS & ACCESSORIES Australis Simulations 212 3rd & 219 4th 407/408 8th & 437/438 9th CMV Truck Sales Scania Aust 413/415 Central & 8th South Central Trucks 454/472 Central TUPPERWARE TUPPERWARE 53 Main Shed TYRES Sskids Tyres 540/541 Trot Track UHF & ACCESS Gawler Mobile Phones 75/76 Main Shed VACUUM UNITS Spitwater 366/368 Central & 7th VEHICLES ALL TERRAIN - 4WD Adelaide City Jeep 142/145 2nd St Barossa Brakes & Suspension 134/135 1st St Barossa Nissan 101/103 Trot Track 281/284 & 297/300 Central Barossa Valley Toyota Gawler Farm Machinery 546/551 Trot Track Hitrax Products Pty Ltd 263/264 5th 233/234 4th & 259/260 5th Yamaha Motors Aust VEHICLES OTHER AND UTES Adelaide City Chrysler 142/145 2nd Adelaide City Dodge 142/145 2nd Adelaide City Great Wall 142/145 2nd Adelaide City Jeep 142/145 2nd Barossa Funerals 133 Central & 1st Barossa Hyundai & Mitsubishi 146/150 2nd & Central Barossa Nissan 101/103 Trot Track 281/284 & 297/300 Central Barossa Valley Toyota Eagle Trailers 341/344 Central & 7th Eblen Angaston 172/174 Central & 2nd Lynas Auto Group 542/545 Trot Track Lynas Valley Ford 542/545 Trot Track Lynas Valley Honda 542/545 Trot Track Lynas Valley Kia 542/545 Trot Track Lynas Valley VW 542/545 Trot Track 93/96 4th & 550/553 Trot Track Lyndoch Motors Proma Systems 69 Main Shed 121/123 1st & Trot Track Steinborner Holden Vermeer Sales & Service 131/137 1st St VET PRODUCTS Laura Soap & Gift Shoppe 47 Main Shed 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th NTS Rural University of Adelaide 175/176 2nd & Central VINEYARD MACHINERY & SUPPLIES BMS AG & Construction 385/388 Central & 8th Gawler Farm Machinery 546/551 Trot Track Woodshield 229 4th St VINTAGE TRACTORS & MACHINERY Gawler Machinery Restorers Club Trot Track Ron Smith Trot Track Kapunda Historical Society Trot Track Gawler Tractor & Engine Assoc Trot Track WASTE WATER SYSTEMS & TREATMENT Biocycle 431/432 Central & 9th Petestreat Waste Water 513 Trot Track WATER PURIFIERS BMS AG & Construction 385/388 Central & 8th Hillview Bore Pumps 255/256 Central & 5th PROMA Systems 69 Main Shed WEATHER FORECASTING EQUIPMENT Measurements Engineering 365 7th St WINDMILLS & WIND SYSTEMS Hillview Bore Pumps 255/256 Central & 5th Natural Technology Systems 251/252 5th St WIRE 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th One Steel (NTS Rural) WINERIES Alderseys Vineyard 230 4th St Callipari/Ned Kelly Red 536 Trot Track Old Kapunda Distillery 31 Main Shed WOODEN TOYS & FURNITURE Keidra Woodworks 154/155 2nd St Pete O'Brien Cabinet Makers 153 2nd St WOODCHOPPERS & SPLITTERS Vermeer Sales 136/137 1st St Whitland Engineering 214/215 3rd St WOOL BUYERS Aussie Wool Buyers 189 3rd Street WOOL PRESSES 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th Heiniger (NTS Rural) WOOL PRODUCTS Halls Market Hats 225/227 4th St WOODWORKING EQUIPMENT Discount Variety Direct 554/558 Trot Track YARDS 311/312 6th & 269/270 5th Magnus (NTS Rural)

PROGRAM OF EVENTS 2012 **Public Cash Out facilities are available at the Secretary’s Office**

Plus, 350 exhibitors this year! FRIDAY, APRIL 20


9.00am onwards Free Pony Rides in the parade ring and Grandpa’s Animal Nursery, Bank SA Pavilion has free show bags for the kids, Scissor Lift Rides, Australian Year of the Farmer 2012 Road Show, Quilting and Crochet demos in the dining room/bar area indoors, Haby’s Element Racing Pro Class Off-Road Buggy, Kapunda’s car entry into the Variety Club Bash, Vintage Tractors and Farm Machinery, Mechanical Bucking Bull Rides, V8 Simulator Car, Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board bird and animal display, Peter O’Brien’s furniture restoration information.

9.00am onwards Free Pony Rides in the parade ring and Grandpa’s Animal Nursery, Bank SA Pavilion has free show bags for the kids, Scissor Lift rides, Australian Year of the Farmer 2012 Road Show, Quilting & Crochet demos in the dining room/bar area indoors, Haby’s Element Racing Pro Class Off-Road Buggy, Kapunda’s car entry into the Variety Club Bash, Vintage Tractors and Farm Machinery, Mechanical Bucking Bull Rides, V8 Simulator Car, Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board bird and animal display, Peter O’Brien’s furniture restoration information.

9.30am Animals Anonymous Show A hands-on native wildlife show with plenty of Australian animals including bettongs, potoroos, gliders, crocodiles, pythons, frogs, turtles and creepy crawlies and more.

9.30am Animals Anonymous Show – A hands-on native wildlife show with plenty of Australian animals including bettongs, potoroos, gliders, crocodiles, pythons, frogs, turtles and creepy crawlies and more..

10.00am Sophie Thomson, gardening presenter from ABC TV’s Gardening Australia talking about, “The basics of water wise gardening - from the ground up”. You can talk to Sophie after her show about your gardening issues.

10.00am Sophie Thomson, gardening presenter from ABC TV’s Gardening Australia talking about, “The basics of water wise gardening - from the ground up”. You can talk to Sophie after her show about your gardening issues.

11.15am Kapunda Musical Society parade of old fashioned costumes and music, upstairs in the grand stand members’ area.

11.15am Kapunda Musical Society parade of old fashioned costumes and music, upstairs in the grand stand members’ area.

12 noon Fashion Parade featuring local Kapunda businesses Sally’s Clotheshorse, Karen’s Clearance Shoes & Bags, Modern Image Hair & Beauty in the dining room/bar area indoors near the quilting.

12 noon Fashion Parade featuring local Kapunda businesses Sally’s Clotheshorse, Karen’s Clearance Shoes & Bags, Modern Image Hair & Beauty in the dining room/bar area indoors near the quilting.

12.30pm Animals Anonymous Show – come and touch, feel and learn about some of our beautiful Australian animal friends.

12.30pm Animals Anonymous Show – come and touch, feel and learn about some of our beautiful Australian animal friends.

1.15pm Sophie Thomson – expert gardening presenter from ABC TV talking about, “Making good plant choices for water wise gardening”. Chat to Sophie after her show about your gardening issues.

1.15pm Sophie Thomson – expert gardening presenter from ABC TV talking about, “Garden Woes - top 10 garden pest and disease problems and how to deal with them”. Chat to Sophie after her show about your gardening issues.

2.30pm Kapunda Musical Society Show – with musical performances from the Young People's Drama Workshop upstairs in the grand stand members’ area. 3.30pm Fashion Parade featuring Meredith Lithgow Direct - classic country women’s styles including relaxed jackets, trousers, skirts, blouses and tops. Hair and make-up by Modern Image Hair & Beauty. Also featuring Triple BBB Outback & Rural Clothing and work wear for the blokes in the dining room/bar area indoors near the quilting.

2.30pm Kapunda Musical Society Show – with musical performances from the Young People's Drama Work shop upstairs in the grand stand members’ area. 3.30pm Fashion Parade featuring Meredith Lithgow Direct, classic country women’s styles including relaxed jackets, trousers, skirts, blouses and tops. Hair and make-up by Modern Image Hair & Beauty. Also featuring Triple BBB Outback & Rural Clothing and work wear for the blokes in the dining room/bar area indoors near the quilting.

For further information contact Bill Adams on 0408 811 840

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Kapunda Farm Fair Wrap Page 3 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

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Fighting on all fronts By JOHN CRAWFORD


THE Middle East is a long way from the quiet streets of Lyndoch where she grew up, but Michelle Rayner (pictured) wouldn’t have it any other way. She is aboard the HMAS Melbourne, an Adelaide-Class guided missile frigate operating in and around the Red Sea and Gulf of Oman. The ship is providing support for maritime security operating to counter terrorism, smuggling and piracy activities in the region, as part of operation Slipper. Even though she is fighting the war on terror as Sub-lieutenant Rayner, she has also been fighting to raise funds for cancer research at home in Australia. The 26-year-old and another crew member have raised more than $8000 for the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, getting their heads shaved in the process. Speaking from the HMAS Melbourne at sea in the Middle East, Michelle said the pair has been using email to contact family and friends of those on board to gather support, as well as organising events on the ship. “We had a ‘Melbourne’s Got Talent’ competition where people could enter and sing or play musical instruments,” she said.

“We have been raising funds for about six weeks, then the winner of the competition and the person who donated the most money on board shaved our heads at the end of the competition.” Working as an assistant supply officer, Michelle is on her first deployment with the navy, having left Sydney on February 11. “Over here, we can be re-tasked at any time,” she said. “We need to be ready to do that, and that requires a massive team effort, which we are always able to accept whatever mission we are given.” She said the navy offers the perfect opportunity to forge a unique career path. “In the Barossa, there is not a real interest in the defense force,” she said. “When I joined there was only myself and one other person from Adelaide, out of about 130. It is a great career opportunity for someone who wants to get out and do something a little bit different.” Michelle studied at Lyndoch Primary and Nuriootpa High before she moved to Sydney in 2009 to join the navy. Her parents and sister still call the Barossa Valley home. The HMAS Melbourne is due back in Sydney in August. PIC: Sergeant Mick Davies.

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Meet Barossa Council’s Five running for new chief executive Gawler Council

THE Barossa Council has welcomed a new chief executive officer, Martin McCarthy from the South-East. The 41-year-old father-of-two and husband to Lisa was the CEO of Kingston District Council for seven and a half years. He will begin his role in the Barossa in June. Martin brings a wealth of experience in state and local government in finance, economics and business management at senior management level. He said it’s the grassroots achievements that attracted him to local government. “What I love about local government is we can do things quickly and I enjoy that, I enjoy doing things for the community,” Martin said.

THE Easter break has passed and the Herald is straight back into the swing of things, but we haven’t forgotten about all the action from the long weekend. This week the Herald features Maureen Wake, a volunteer who helps bring surprises to the animals at Monarto Zoo each Easter. Collingrove hosted a Hillclimb event on Easter Monday, which is featured in this week’s edition on page four. Easter also means it was Oakbank racing on the weekend, and there is a gallery online at of racing action from Saturday. This week’s print edition of the Herald includes a wrap for the Kapunda Farm Fair on Friday April 20 and Saturday April 21 at Kapunda Paceway. Featuring a map and a list of all the events throughout each day, it is essential for anyone planning a day out at the fair. The Herald will be in the thick of the action with a photographer capturing all the colour and excitement from the fair. If you want to see your and your family or friend’s faces in the Herald, keep an eye out for our roving photographer and let them know you are keen for a photo and you could see it printed in the following week’s paper.

NEW: Mayor Hurn welcomes Martin McCarthy. Martin said he was impacts, things are attracted to the region happening quicker because of its here and we need to be attributes - food and on the front foot to wine - as well as its ensure we respond to challenges. these challenges in a “We have similar sustainable and pressures (in the measured way.” South-East) relating to He added, “There’s no infrastructure, doubt the Barossa is an sustainability and land extremely positive and use,” he said. progressive community “Looking at the 30 and an idyllic area to Year Plan and its live.”

FIVE candidates are running for the two vacant councillor positions with Gawler Council. The vacancies were created by the resignation of Karen Carmody and David Strauss. Robin ‘Nobby’ Symes, Dianne Hockley, Barry Neylon, Andrew Paroczy and Craig Dunstan have all nominated. Candidate nominations closed on Thursday, and postal ballot material for voting is expected to be sent out from next week. Voting closes at midday on May 7, 2012. Craig Dunstan (pictured) said he is running for Gawler Council because he believes he will make a positive contribution to the Gawler community. “If elected I will strive to ensure council decision making reflects the need of our rapidly growing community,” he said. “My core interest lies in improving our Gawler community for all residents; especially in the areas of local infrastructure, main street congestion, the integration of upcoming community developments and raising the profile of our community as a tourist and retail hub.”

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 2 - The Herald, Barossa Valley


Footy Tipping


LEAPING: Horses make the jump over the hedge in the Von Doussa Steeplechase at Oakbank on Saturday. PIC: Graham Fischer

Protection laws change

Nuriootpa High School Open Day

The interim DPA will ease some of the restrictive development requirements introduced in September last year, while still protecting the region from urban sprawl. Mr Rau said the new Bills would allow councils to refine the planning rules for their area. The new interim DPA enables reasonably expected development to occur in towns, allows housing on allotments already designated for rural living with some design measures, and enables development that supports primary production. Mr Rau said it had been a challenge to get the right balance for the important tourism, winemaking and agricultural areas. “I believe that through the introduction of this new DPA, we can continue supporting economic growth in the Barossa and McLaren Vale and deliver an excellent interim solution for the community,” Mr Rau said. The interim DPA will be subject to a new period of formal consultation with the community and anyone who made a written submission on the previous interim DPA to be invited to make a new submission.

1 Penrice Road, Nuriootpa SA 5355 T 8562 2022 F 8562 1029 E

A NEW interim development plan amendment (DPA) protecting the Barossa Valley from urban sprawl has been introduced to parliament. The new DPA came into effect on Thursday, providing revised controls to protect the region in response to community concerns about overly restricted development in the previous DPA. This former DPA, which was introduced in September last year to accompany legislation to protect the Barossa Valley from urban sprawl, classed virtually all development in the Barossa protected area as non-complying, forcing all applications to go before the Development Assessment Commission. Planning minister John Rau said it is vital measures are put in place to protect the integrity and culture of the Barossa Valley. “Last year we took quick and decisive action to protect these unique areas from inappropriate development and urban sprawl with the introduction of an interim DPA,” he said. “I have listened to local council and community feedback and am taking further action that will allow appropriate development activities to occur in the protection districts.”

New look Gawler brand

Enjoy a tour of our extensive facilties and see displays from each learning area, including our new Language Centre.

Sunday May 6th Guided Tours 1 - 3pm

~ NEW: The banners hanging in Murray Street. branding in place, and to also clarify what it is council has a brand and reduce the confusion,” he said. Mr Kerrigan said the new branding would also separate council from the services it provides. “Council wanted to have more impact when there were matters associated with council, or the services provided, or the matters associated with promoting Gawler,” he said. “The thing with councils is that not everything is about the council as such, it is more about the services we deliver. “We wanted to separate the corporation of council from some of the other issues we deal with, and to also promote

Gawler.” Council signs are also being replaced with the new Gawler branding, which will be done in accordance with the regular replacement schedule. Gawler’s distinctive street name signs with blue writing on a yellow background will also soon be a thing of the past. “The Australian standard is to have black (writing) on a reflective white background and council will gradually be replacing those and any new signs that go up, especially in the new subdivisions, we will be looking at them being compliant with the Australian standard of being black on a white reflective background,” Mr Kerrigan said.

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Mild Steel, Galv & Aluminium Sheet Special Steels Steel Tubing - Round & Square Roofing & Reinforcing Structural & Gridmesh Aluminium - Flats, Angles & Tube Stainless & Galvanised - Flats, Angles & Tube Pipe & RHS • Fencing - Rural & Residential Stock Handling Building Products (Gutters & Flashings) Abrasives

Open Mon - Fri 7:30am - 5pm Sat 7:30am - 12 Noon PHONE ORDERS WELCOME 278 Penrice Road, Angaston

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 3 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

(Next to Penrice Quarry)


THE new visual identity for Gawler has been launched and is already making an impact. Banners have been hung in Murray Street and from the Gawler Council chambers, while the Gawler Council website has been overhauled with the new branding and colour scheme. The update aims to represent the history, environment, culture and heritage of the Gawler area, with the three circles in the logo representing Light Square, Orleana Square and Parnell Square in the town. Gawler Council chief executive officer Stephen Kerrigan said there had previously been a number of images council was portraying for Gawler including ‘The best of town and country” slogan, the council crest, and a silhouette of a jumping horse. He said with expected growth in the area in the near future, it was the right time to create the new brand. “Council is embarking on a change and about how we promote our town, especially with the anticipated growth over the next five to 10 years, and council felt it was the opportune time to get our

Our Principal Mr Ian Tooley invites you to an afternoon at Nuriootpa High School

Hillclimb season start

VETERAN: Ian Brock in his Nadger. Ian is 88-years-old, the same as his racing number. He recorded 45.26 secs in his 998 cc, sports car at the Collingrove Hillclimb on Easter Monday. PIC: Bob Taylor.

THE 2012 Collingrove Hillclimb season began on Easter Monday with the running of the Easter National Historic Hillclimb. All states, except Western Australia were represtented among the 47 competitors. Famous cars names of the past including MG, Mini, Lotus, Lola, Austin Healey, Amilcar, Austin 7 and Ferrari mixed with home-built specials took part in ideal conditions. Fastest time was set by Jay Muldoon in the Regularity competition driving a Bowin P6 in a time of 32.85 secs. Bill Norman from Tweed Heads in New South Wales recorded 34.47

seconds to finish second in his Lola T640. Bill is a son of Eldred Norman, a foundation competitor at Collingrove. Third fastest was John Muldoon, also driving the Bowin P6, with a time of 35.09 seconds. Fastest ‘tin top’ was Stewart Garth driving a Cortina GT Mk 1 in 37.29 seconds. Sunday, April 22 will see the next Collingrove Hillclimb event with the running of a combined meeting featuring the first round of the Penrite Oil Winter Cup and the Reynella Mazda Collingrove Challenge Trophy for Multi Club competition.

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UPHILL: Gerard Miller in his Plymouth Special during Monday’s Hillclimb. PIC: Bob Taylor.

Close of Nominations Town of Gawler Supplementary Election for 2 Area Councillors

Strata and Community Title Owners

Nominations Received At the close of nominations at 12 noon on Thursday 5 April 2012, the following people were accepted as candidates and are listed in the order in which they will appear on the ballot paper.

Have your complex professionally managed We are here to assist, call

Area Councillor – 2 Vacancies HOCKLEY, Dianne SYMES, Nobby DUNSTAN, Craig NEYLON, Barry PAROCZY, Andrew

The election will be conducted by post. Ballot papers and pre-paid envelopes for each voting entitlement will be posted between Tuesday 17 April 2012 and Monday 23 April 2012 to every person, or designated person of a body corporate or group listed on the voters roll at roll close on Wednesday 29 February 2012. Voting is voluntary.


A person who has not received voting material by Monday 23 April 2012 and believes they are entitled to vote should contact the Deputy Returning Officer on 7424 7420. Completed voting material must be returned to reach the Returning Officer no later than 12 noon on Monday 7 May 2012.


A ballot box will be provided at the Council office, 89 Murray Street, Gawler for electors wishing to hand deliver their completed voting material during office hours.


Vote Counting Location

health & fitness

AVOID preven

The scrutiny and counting of votes will take place at the Council Chambers, 89 Murray Street, Gawler as soon as practicable after 12 noon on Monday 7 May 2012. A provisional declaration will be made at the conclusion of the election count.


illness & injury

otivat ion, energy & vitality

lost m N I A G RE 3018697

All candidates must forward a Campaign Donations Return to the Council Chief Executive Officer within 30 days after the conclusion of the election.


Campaign Donations Return

K Mousley Returning Officer


Pauline R Murray Body Corporate Managers 17 Cowan Street, Gawler SA 5118 Ph: 85223800

Postal Voting


Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 4 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

SPEED: Michael Bartsch in action in his BA Ford Falcon at Eastern Creek in March. INSET: Michael Bartsch.

Win tickets to the Shannons Nationals THE Herald has two double passes to give away to attend the Shannons Nationals this weekend at Mallala Raceway. Simply send an email to with your name and contact phone number in the subject line. The winners will be drawn at noon on Thursday, April 12 and contacted immediately by phone. One entry per person. The tickets are valid for both Saturday and Sunday. And one of the lucky winners will be given a ‘hot lap’. So be quick with an entry.

Touring car action heats up MALLALA will roar to life with motorsport action this weekend for the Shannons Nationals. Tanunda driver Michael Bartsch will be in the thick of the action, driving his BA Ford Falcon in the Kumho Tyres V8 Touring Cars event. The series started last month in New South Wales at Eastern Creek, with Mallala hosting the second round. Bartsch said things did not go well in the first round and he was looking to improve this weekend. “We didn’t have the right parts to get the set-up right for that track so we struggled all weekend, but still came away with sixth for the round from the 20-odd cars that were there,” he said. “It is not what we were hoping to achieve, we were hoping to be fighting for the win.” Bartsch will tackle this weekend looking to not only improve on last month’s performance, but also to better the third placing he drove in his old vehicle at Mallala last year. “I finished third there last year in my old car, and this is a better car than that,” he said.

“Some local knowledge as well should help to keep me in front. “Our team has got a test day on Wednesday (today), so we will try and get the car sorted out and get the handling right and then everyone else will be there on Friday for more practice.” He said the plan is to qualify near the front of the field and stay there. “It is much easier to run up the front than it is in the midfield,” he said. “You don’t have to worry about what everyone else is doing - you can drive your own race.” Other races at the Shannons Nationals include the sports sedans, Porsches, the Holden versus Ford battle of the saloon cars, the V8 Commodore Cup, the Australian Swift Racing Series and other sprint races. Tickets are available via or at the gate. Weekend passes are $40, with kids under 14 admitted free. Saturday only entry is $25 and Sunday is $35. Racing commences Saturday afternoon after qualifying and continues on Sunday.

orchard lane

1 Murray Street Nuriootpa

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 5 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Phone 8568 6022

THE Smart State PC Donation Program, offering not-for-profit organisations recycled PCs, is again open for applications. There are two rounds of the program each year with the current round closing on April 13. Organisations can apply for up to three computers in each round.

PCs are offered on an as is basis, without modems, sound cards or CD drives, but have a Microsoft operating system installed. If any organisation is interested in applying, application forms are available from the Schubert Electorate Office, 129A Murray Street, Tanunda or phone 8563 3636. Further information can also be obtained via the website community_donation.html

• Mobile Production Animal Veterinary Service • Based at the University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy Campus • Providing veterinary care and preventative health services for production animals (dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats, alpaca, pigs and poultry) • Covering Roseworthy, Gawler, Mallala, Barossa Valley and surrounding areas (approx 50 km radius from the Roseworthy Campus) • After hours emergency service available • For an appointment please phone 8313 1999.

Stage Sta age

3 years

1,500 communities


In brief...

Zoo’s Easter treat WHILE many people indulged in Easter treats over the weekend, one Angaston woman made sure the animals cared for at Monarto Zoo were given their share. Maureen Wake, aged 66 and a volunteer at the zoo along the Princes Highway, made brightly coloured paper mache Easter eggs filled with dried fruit and vegetables. A member of the Catering for Conservation Group at Monarto Zoo, Maureen prepares food treats for the animals as part of the Zoo’s BEEZA (Behavioural Environmental Enrichment Zoo Animals) program. For over five years Maureen has been travelling from her Angaston home to Monarto every Tuesday where she volunteers as a guide and BEEZA ambassador. She says her love of animals, dates back to a happy childhood growing up on a farm in Mt McKenzie. These days nothing gives her more pleasure than a day spent each week at Monarto. “It’s just like going home - I see the gates and I think it’s so nice to be back again. I love the animals, I love talking to people and I love being in the scrub,” she said. “If I lived closer to the zoo I'd be there every day.” Maureen, who worked at Yalumba Wines for 26 years before her retirement, signed up as a volunteer at the zoo about five years ago. Her husband Robert has also started accompanying her on the trips becoming a volunteer as a Mallee Minder. “Volunteering means we get to

VOLUNTEER: Maureen Wake with the Easter treat.

do what we love, learn new skills and make new friends and we get so much satisfaction from seeing the positive differences we make to the lives of the animals and the environment,” she said. Maureen says the BEEZA program is about thinking of new ways to enrich the animals’ lives by stimulating their ‘wild’ behaviours increasing natural activity levels and problem solving skills. “Sometimes we put peanut butter in dried hoses that have been donated to us, or dried fruit in magazines for the chimps to flick through and find.” She explained how the chimps

enjoy primate balls, which involve chopped up fruit and vegetables which are rolled up and frozen. “When I started I undertook a volunteer program with the zoo, and while it’s an ongoing learning process, when you're passionate about something it's easy to pick it up quickly. “Volunteering at the zoo is also very social, it’s lovely to arrive at work, sit down and chat over a coffee with my friends before checking the roster and heading off to the platforms or on the tours.” Maureen added, “We’ll keep going to the zoo for as long as we can, until neither of us can drive anymore”.

3.5 million homes & businesses

To see if you’re one of the first, visit or call 1800 881 816 The three year plan covers network construction due to commence 1 April 2012 through 30 June 2015. When complete, the NBN is planned to reach 100% of Australian homes and businesses.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 6 - The Herald, Barossa Valley




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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 7 - The Herald, Barossa Valley




LOOK MUM, NO SHOES: Barefoot water skier Jarrod Sieber shows off his moves.


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Making a splash BAREFOOT skier Jarrod Sieber, from Tanunda, is hoping to make a splash in Sydney this week. He is part of the South Australian team competing in the 50th National Barefoot competition. Jarrod is in the men’s Division Three of the competition, which began on Monday and runs until the weekend, with finals to be held on Friday and Saturday. Barefoot skiing might seem an unusual sport, but Jarrod says it needs plenty of skill and there is a huge adrenaline rush. “If you can imagine skiing without skis on the water and you have those beautiful mornings when there is no-one else on the river, and you have perfectly flat water and you are going 70kph - there is nothing like it,” he said. Jarrod has been barefoot skiing for the past five years and said skiers use a variety of tricks to earn points. “One of the main tricks is tumble-turns where you drop to your bum I suppose, then spin around 360 degrees on your back, then stand back up,” he said.

While injuries are a risk, Jarrod said it was a huge adrenaline rush. “If you are after an exciting, fast, extreme sport, this is it,” he said. There are three disciplines in barefoot skiing – tricks, slalom and jumps. In tricks, competitors have two15-second runs to perform a variety of tricks, each of which earns points that go towards their tally. Slalom sees the skier cross the wake of the tow boat as many times as possible in two runs, each of 15 seconds. Jumps are only undertaken by participants who have scored well enough in the previous two events to prove they have the ability to handle barefoot water skiing. In this event, skiers are towed towards a ramp, make the jump and have to stick the landing and ski away, with the jump distance measured by a camera. Anyone interested in barefoot water skiing can check out Barefoot SA’s Facebook page or contact Jarrod direct on 0403 533 811 if they are interested in giving it a go.

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Free Demonstration Available on all Products Potger and Richardson Chemmart® Pharmacy Kim Potger and Phil Richardson 114 Murray Street, Gawler | Ph : 8522 1712

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 8 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Blue for autism See Nutcracker on ice New Car ADD a splash of blue to your outfit, your work place or home this month to help raise awareness for Autism. The Light It Up Blue initiative is to support those who live with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families and carers. Member for Wakefield Nick Champion, who supports the cause, encourages people in his electorate to get behind Autism Awareness Month by also hosting a fundraiser or morning tea, or simply by talking to others about autism. Mr Champion said getting the right support to children with autism and their families in the early years had been a focus of the Australian Government in recent years. He said the government’s $220 million Helping Children with Autism package is the first national initiative to help families and children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. “It has been an enormous help to families, many of whom were previously receiving no services whatsoever,” Mr Champion said. For more information on the Helping Children with Autism package, visit

THE Nutcracker on Ice comes to Adelaide this year and you have the chance to win a double pass to be part of the audience at the Festival Theatre in Adelaide. The international ice dance sensation involves The Imperial Ice Stars who will dazzle audiences from July 18 to 22. Over the past seven years The Imperial Ice Stars have performed to more than three million people across five continents, at some of the world’s most prestigious venues. This award-winning troupe has built up a worldwide following and established an unrivalled reputation for their sophisticated portrayals of classic works, and for executing the most complex and daring manoeuvres on the ice. Their previous world tours have been Sleeping Beauty on Ice, Swan Lake on Ice and Cinderella on Ice, and have been greeted with nightly standing ovations and five-star reviews. Set on a frozen theatre stage, this brand new production

follows the classic Russian tale of Maria, the little girl whose love brings to life her cherished Nutcracker doll - a magical Christmas gift from her mysterious godfather - leading to adventures with the Mouse King, the enchanted Prince, and the Sugar Plum Fairy. Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased through the Festival Theatre. Win a double pass Herald readers have the chance to win one double pass up for grabs to attend The Nutcracker on Ice on Thursday, July 19 at 7.30pm. To enter, place your name, address and daytime telephone number on the back of an envelope, addressed to: Herald’s Nutcracker on Ice competition, PO Box 43, Tanunda SA 5352. Only one entry is permitted and entries close, Monday, April 30 at 5pm and the winner will be announced by telephone. The winner must collect the prize from the Herald office, Murray Street, Tanunda.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 9 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Trevor Kruger A/H 0417 876 350

Tim Kroehn A/H 0439 702 210


Gordon Alderslade A/H 0418 811 019

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 10 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Be aware of falling

SUPPORTIVE: SA Dog Rescue volunteers (from left) Shane Jones and Carole Morries with Orlando staff Sara Martin, Rosemarie Connolly and Michelle Chisholm.

RESIDENTS are being encouraged to think about falls prevention in April as part of ‘Falls Awareness Month’. The aim of initiative is to raise public awareness about fall related injuries, and what people can do to stay safe. Each year about 13,000 older adults admitted into SA's public hospitals are due to injuries sustained from falls. While there is an ongoing myth that falls are an inevitable part of ageing, falls are often a sign that something is not right. Muscle and joint weakness and pain, dizziness or unsteady balance, poor eyesight and medications can all play a part in why people fall.

Incorporating strength and balance exercises into daily routines, eating healthily and having glasses and medication regularly checked can all help to reduce the risk of falling and getting injured. People are urged this month to identify and fix any potential hazards in the home, such as removing any cords or rugs that they could trip on, making sure they have good lighting and storing items within easy reach. Also, to discuss any fall with their doctor or health professional, so they can help to identify any risks and suggest ways to manage them. Throughout April, health services across the state will be

organising displays to help spread the message to patients, visitors, staff and the general community that falls can be prevented. Displays will be held at many public and private hospitals, day therapy centres, councils, GP offices and public libraries, providing people with useful falls information, including pamphlets, fact sheets, booklets, posters, badges and fun find-awords. Further information about falls prevention can be found on the Falls SA website: or for a range of fact sheets on how to stay healthy and prevent falls, visit

Raffle funds to help the dogs MORE than $4300 has been welcomed by a charity group that relies heavily on the generosity of others to see abandoned dogs cared for. SA Dog Rescue received the funds thanks to staff at Orlando Wines who held an Easter raffle in late March. The funds will be used to help reduce the rescue service's current vet bills, which total about $15,000. SA Dog Rescue founder Carole Morris said the animal charity is a ‘no kill’ rescue service that is run entirely by volunteers. She and partner Shane Jones, who attended the drawing of raffle winners at the Rowland Flat Gramp's Café, explained the not-forprofit group works by rescuing dogs and now cats and placing them into foster homes. “The animals are then cared for and given a variety of rehabilitation from walking with a lead to being out in the public,” Carole said. “In some cases the animals are adopted by the volunteers. However,

the dogs can be adopted by families or individuals wanting a companion either big or small.” Volunteers are located throughout the state including the Barossa and Gawler regions. This is the second time Orlando Wines has supported a worthy local cause. Earlier this year the company raised a similar amount to support Barossa Valley Meals on Wheels and the purchase of a hot box for the delivery of meals. A large pool of prizes for the Easter raffle included a signed Adelaide Crows Football and, of course, a large selection of premium wines donated by Orlando Wines, a brand company within Pernod Ricard. For those who would like to support SA Dog Rescue by way of money donations, food, blankets, bedding and veterinarian supplies or to become a sponsor, contact Carole on 0408 808 115. In addition, to adopt a dog, check out SA Dog Rescue Facebook page or visit to view photos.

Precision weather WONDER what the week’s weather will bring? Then check out the new improved forecasting services thanks to the Bureau of Meteorology and federal government. The upgrade means the region can now access seven-day weather forecasting services for their exact location. The ‘Forecast Explorer’ allows internet users to point and click for seven-day, online, map-based forecasts in their area. A service that was previously only available to major cities and regional centres. The Bureau of Meteorology’s online maps now reveal weather forecast predictions for different times during the day, providing an easy to use tool by which residents can plan their weather-sensitive activities, simply by pointing and clicking at any point in a sixkilometre grid. The quality-controlled forecasts include maximum and minimum

temperatures, the likelihood of rain, and rainfall totals for any location. ‘Forecast Explorer’ also features access to four-day forecasts of wave and wind conditions on coastal waters. It’s said to be ideal for those planning weekend trips or contemplating heading out over a long weekend. ‘Forecast Explorer’ is part of the Bureau's Next Generation Forecast and Warning System, which received Federal Government funding of $30.5 million. In 2011 the Next Generation Forecast and Warning System improved forecasting for Elizabeth, Clare and Nuriootpa, providing them with the same seven-day forecasting services previously only available in major urban centres across Australia. To access Forecast Explorer, visit public/sa/. Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 11 - The Herald, Barossa Valley


Views expressed in the Letters to the editor are not those of the Herald. We welcome topical letters, with preference to letters of no more than 200 words. All letters are checked for authenticity. Pseudonyms are not acceptable. Mail your letters to: The editor, PO Box 43, Tanunda, SA, 5352. Fax: 8563 3655. E-mail:

Council volunteers thanks WHILE we can all be quick to complain at times, there is often a good side to most things. Our club property was recently the target of senseless graffiti and as we had heard that the Gawler Council has a fab team of volunteers who spend their time keeping the town graffiti free, we alerted them to the damaged area. Being a club of volunteers we certainly appreciate the effort of these people who tirelessly attend to the removing of unsightly graffiti. Through the medium of your paper, we extend our sincere thanks to these kind volunteers and to the Gawler Council for facilitating this service. Our property is again looking as good as new thanks to their efforts - right in time for the new season to begin. A big thanks to all those involved for their assistance. Leanne Songer President, Gawler Central Netball Club Electrickery On reading Barbie Brown’s letter to the editor (Herald, March 28), I wondered how much credibility the first part of the letter actually has with all the facts and figures and biased opinions put forward. The last part of the letter certainly has no credibility and, here are some figures on Germany’s power generation. These figures are from 2011 and

are close to current figures. Coal accounts for 65 per cent, gas for 13 per cent, wind power for six per cent, nuclear for 13 per cent, and last but surely the inflated one in Barbie’s letter, solar accounts for just three per cent. If we are to be like Germany in the letter then we would only produce just three per cent, a mere pittance. How they would separate the solar power only during the days the sun shines from all other generators would be an interesting exercise before they export it? As for peak power loading with solar panels forget it. I agree that we have more sun to generate more power than many other countries. If any politicians of either major parties had the foresight to look into the future ahead of the money for coal which costs more to generate and gives an excuse to allow private operators to hike the prices up. Like many people, I believe solar panels are a great way forward in electricity generation but, we still need a reliable base load generator at all times. Dare I say it but, wind power gives power for more hours of the day on the forbidden hills, ear plugs supplied, than solar panels . Robert Chapman via e-mail Controversial view Recently I received the following email written by an anonymous

writer who for obvious reasons has refused to sign their name because the “do gooders” in our society would label them as being racist. I cross ocean, one way trip, pay people smuggler one big tip. Green man, his name Bob Brown, he welcomes all of us to town, he big man in government now I think, he sends us off to Centrelink. Welfare says, “You come no more, we send cash right to your door.” Welfare cheques they make you wealthy, Medicare it keep you healthy. By and by I get plenty money, thanks to you Aussie dummy. Write to friends in motherland, tell them come fast as you can, before all is changed to Abbott plan. They come in turbans and Toyota trucks, and buy big house with welfare bucks. They come here, we live together, more welfare cheques, it gets better. Fourteen families, they moving in, but neighbour patience wearing thin. Finally Aussie guy moves away, now I buy his house, then say find more immigrants for house to rent, and in the yard I put a tent. Everything is very good, and soon we own the neighbourhood. We have a hobby, it’s called breeding, welfare pay for baby feeding. Kids need dentist, wives need pills, we get free, we got no bills. Australians crazy, they work all year, to keep the welfare running here.

Blackmores Flexagil® pain relief cream. A new clinically proven, natural* pain relief cream Always Al ways read the label. label. Use only only as directed. If symp symptoms ptoms persist see your healthcare professional professional. *Na *Natural tural active ing ingredient redient derived derivved from comfre comfreyy root extract. Relieves acute muscle and joint pain.

CHURCH SERVICES SUNDAY, APRIL 15 LUTHERAN CHURCH PARISHES Angaston Parish: 8.45am HC, 10.30am; Penrice: 9am LR; Keyneton: 10am LR; Eden Valley: 11am HC; Springton: 9am HC. Bethany-Tabor Parish: Bethany: 8.30am T, 11am M; Tabor: 9.45am. Cambrai Parish: Cambrai: 9.30am R; Sedan: 9.30am R; Stonefield: 9.30am R. Eudunda Parish: Eudunda: 10am LR; Neales Flat: 9am LR; Peep Hill: 9am LR. Freeling Parish: St Mark’s, Freeling: 10.45am; Trinity, Rosedale: 8.45am. Gawler: Zion, Pr G Havelberg, 8523 1929. 22B Cowan St, Gawler. 8.45am W HC; 10.45am C W. Gawler Immanuel: Cnr Second & Seventh Sts, Gawler.Ph: 8522 6000.Sunday 8.45am, 10.45am. 1st Sunday of month 9.30am. Share-a-meal every 1st & 3rd Wed 11.45am. Greenock: Nain: 9am HC; Gnad: 9am LR; Greenock: 10.30am HC, no JAM. Kapunda Parish: Allen’s Creek: 9am Pr; Bethel: 10.30am R; Kapunda: 10.30am HC. Langmeil Parish: 8.45am Trad HC; 10.30am HC Light Pass Immanuel Parish: Light Pass: 10.30am Baptism; Stockwell: 7pm P/P; Dutton: 9am; Truro: 10.30am HC. Light Pass Strait Gate: 10am R; Gruenberg: 9am HC; Truro: Lyndoch Parish: Lyndoch: 9am Spoken, HC; Rowland Flat: 10.30am Spoken, HC. Nuriootpa: St Petri: 8.30am HC, 10.30am W; Holy Trinity: 11am M HC; Ebenezer: 10am LR; Neukirch: 9.30am M HC. Robertstown Parish: Robertstown: 8.30am HC; Point Pass: 10.30am HC. St John’s Parish: St J: 9am HC. St Paul’s Parish: St P: 8.45am C HC; Gdb: 10.30am C HC. Tanunda Lutheran Home: Worship 10.30am .

Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church: 10.30am Fortnightly Services, at Nuri Senior Citizen’s Centre. Pastor M Rosenzweig. Ph: 8563 1310. ANGLICAN CHURCH Anglican Parish of Barossa: Nuriootpa: HC Sdk, Barossa Village 10.30am. Kapunda Anglican Parish: St Hilda’s, Eudunda: 11am HC; Christ Church, Kapunda: 9.15am HC; St Matthew’s, Hamilton: 7.45am HC. Mt Pleasant: 1st Sunday 8.30am, all other Sundays 9am. Enquiries to Hazel Wilton, Warden on 8568 2042. UNITING CHURCH Barossa Congregations: Nuriootpa: 11am Webb; Tanunda: 9am, Webb Henley Fulham visit; Angaston: 9am Harris. Gawler Parish: Gawler: 9.30am Haskard, Gawler: 5pm Haskard; Sandy Creek: 9.30am Doody; Williamstown 10am Argent. Kersbrook: 10am. Enquiries: 8389 3114. Light Parish: Kapunda: 9.15am Mrs Ro Olafsen; Robertstown: 9.30am Mr Tim Prior. BAPTIST CHURCH Barossa Community Church: 10am Barossa Junction Motel/Conference Centre, Barossa Valley Way, Tan, Pastor Richard Ansoul. Ph: 8563 2158. Lyndoch Baptist Church: Kauffman Ave, Lyndoch: 10am. All welcome. Enquiries to Pastor Tony Edwards on 8564 3001.

CATHOLIC CHURCH PARISHES Northern Light Catholic Parish: Nuri: 1st & 3rd Sat 6.30pm, 2nd & 5th Sun 10.30am, 4th Sun 9am; Kapunda: 4th Sat 6.30pm, 1st & 3rd Sun 10.30am, 2nd & 5th Sun 9am; Freeling: 1st Sun 9am, 4th Sun 10.30am, 5th Sun 5pm; Tarlee: 3rd Sun 9am. Parish Office: Ph 8566 2064. SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST Barossa: 1 Old Kapunda Rd, Nuri; Sat 9.30am Family Bible Study, 11am Family Worship. ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Barossa New Life Centre: Sunday 10am at the roundabout, cnr Barossa Valley Way & Siegersdorf Road, Dorrien. 4pm at Mt Pleasant Anglican Church Hall, Melrose St. All welcome. Pastor Diane Pope, Pastor Trevor Auricht. Ph: 8562 3844.

CHC 52054-08/11

Kapunda: 10am Sunday, Light Community Church, Main St, Kapunda. Pastor Paul Smith. All welcome. Ph: 8566 2864.

CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Tanunda, McDonnell Street opp former Tanunda Primary School: Saturdays 2.30pm, Worship, Open Bible Study. CHRISTIAN FAMILY CENTRE Barossa: 10.30am Sundays. 16 Scholz Ave, Nuri. Pastor Alan Matson. Ph: 0404 846 274. Murray Flats: 5pm alternate Sundays. Pastor Alan Matson. Ph: 0404 846 274. Cambrai Uniting Church 5pm. SALT CHURCH 25 Northside Crt, Evanston Gdns: Sunday Service 10am & 5pm. Offices, b/shop open 9.30am-4pm. Ph: 8522 0000. THE CHRISTADELPHIANS Sunday school, Greenock Institute Hall, 9.30am. Memorial meetings 11am Sunday. Bible Studies 8pm Tuesday. All welcome. Phone 8524 4196. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Main North Rd, Evanston Park. Worship Service Sunday 10.30am. All welcome. Pastor Douglas Carolisen. Ph: 8523 1706. INTERDENOMINATIONAL CHURCH Birdwood United Church. 10am Pr Brian Teakle. Ph: 8568 5540. All welcome. HEWETT COMMUNITY CHURCH OF CHRIST Kingfisher Dr, Hewett. 10am, Sunday inspiring worship service. Young generation and creche avail.Youth, women and men’s programs. Ph: 8522 4938. GAWLER FULL GOSPEL OUTREACH MINISTRIES Family Worship Svc. 10am Sun, stone pavilion, Sport & Community Cent, Nixon Tce, Gaw. Pastor Shirley Coe. Ph: 0401 065 748. KAPUNDA EVANGELICAL CHURCH Sundays 5pm, CWA Hall. Pastor Andrew Amos. Ph: 8566 2148. LYNDOCH FULL GOSPEL FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY Lyndoch Institute each Sunday, 11.30am-1.30pm Pastor Ken East . Ph: 8524 4787.

We think Australia darn good place, too darn good for Aussie race. If they not like us, they can scram, lots of space in Afghanistan. Name and address supplied Anzac support In my opinion, political correctness in this country is now bordering on insanity. How dare the federal government waste taxpayers’ money on a research paper, which appears to be suggesting that we should undermine our history and traditions, namely the recognition of Anzac Day? Why? The possible offence to some cultural minorities? How could the government even consider for one second such an offensive notion, that we should “water down” our traditions to please a few? What will be next? Remembrance Day? Easter? Christmas? Where is our sense of pride, our sense of self, our sense of who we are and where most of us have come from? Are we supposed to forget those thousands of people who have laid down, and are laying down, their lives for us in hideous circumstances so that we can live in peace and freedom? It is pretty clear to me that the Advertiser poll results on this issue show resoundingly that the majority agree with these sentiments. I am a pacifist, I hate wars, but if this pathetic government report is part of the multicultural agenda for Australia, then I think we are lost as a sovereign nation. Ms A Hodges Birdwood Human rights I write to alert readers to an important human rights issue the government is reviewing right now. The federal government now has three bills before the Senate comprising its “Stronger Futures” plan, one of which extends elements of the federal intervention in Aboriginal communities for a further 10 years. Over 33,000 people have signed a petition led by the ‘Stand for Freedom’ movement, which protests key actions under the intervention. A Senate inquiry is now scheduled to investigate this. In direct irony is the fact the government is, at the same time proposing to amend the Australian constitution to include Aboriginal people. Freedom from discrimination is enshrined in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights which Australia supported at its birth in 1948. It is also written into various Australian anti-discrimination laws. Few people may be aware that the Racial Discrimination Act was in fact suspended from 2007 until 2010 to allow the federal intervention in Aboriginal communities. So how safe are human rights in Australia, when a government can just suspend laws when it feels like it? Australia is the only western democracy that does not have a human rights act. The United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay sharply criticised our performance in the areas of detainment of refugees and our treatment of Aboriginal people in May 2011. Ms Pillay also asked why our government does not support a human rights act? I personally asked John Howard when he was Prime Minister and was told it was best that politicians held this power rather than courts. Given some of government’s antics how can we trust them to protect our rights? The only protection is to know your human rights and educate others. If you don’t know them, you don’t know when they are being abused.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 12 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights is simply explained on the website of There are booklets, DVDs and teaching plans all available free as a community service sponsored by the Church of Scientology Human Rights Department. Pass them round to everyone you know. Nigel Mannock Youth for Human Rights Australia Dundas, NSW ETSA issue It would appear that since the privatisation of ETSA, which at the time absolved the then state government of any further responsibility for the company, action of privatisation concurrently absolved ETSA from any responsibility to anyone at all. I admit to first hand knowledge of the fact and my story is quite simple. To facilitate the best use of my property which is no longer cultivated for a cereal crop I decided to invest a considerable sum of money in revegetation. Some 700-plus tubestock had been planted in 2011 and we were awaiting rain so as to allow self-seeding of the remainding land to progress. On arrival home on February 15 last I found no fewer than five ETSA vehicles on my property, including a cherrypicker, two trailers and a large mobile machine of some size together with a crane belonging to a well-known Murray Bridge crane company. On making enqiries from one of the ETSA employees as to the reason for the vehicles being on my property I was told “routine maintenance”. This in spite of the fact there was no ETSA infrastructure on my property. No easement exists on my property and therefore there was no reason nor permission for them being there. It would seem the maintenance was actually being undertaken on a stobie pole on the road verge adjacent to my home. It could easily be accessed from the road. As a result of this incursion, which took place as stated without permission and with total disregard of any possible damage I contacted ETSA by way of the corporate telephone line. I was told it was not possible to speak with any of the management (presumably too busy wining and dining in the executive dining room) to be disturbed in the carrying out of their sinecure. As a result I was foisted on to an underling whose duty, it appeared, was to field all such calls. I was informed a “procedure had to be followed” and subsequently gave the necessary information of my complaint receiving, in return, a reference number and an assurance my complaint had to be resolved “within 20 days”. I also rang the crane company to enquire as to what the crane was doing on my property and was told the matter was “confidential”. How strange. Almost like American “national security” excuses. As I had heard nothing from ETSA for some four weeks I rang ETSA again on March 13 to complain and received a call back from someone euphemistically called a “team manager”. I trust not a football team but suspect otherwise. He cheerfully made promises that compare very favourably with those made by politicians. All talk and no action. To date, now some eight weeks after the original complaint I am still waiting to see what excuses ETSA have for the trespass and not surprisingly, am not holding my breath to see what they intend to do about future intrusions and recompense for that of February 15. I am not holding my breath but am keeping a sharp look-out for aeronautical pigs. Robert H Mercer Mt Pleasant





Stunning red hot duco, 18” sports alloys, 6 speed auto, rear park assist, 6 airbags, stability ctrl. Fantastic value at this price. S752AOP



Dual fuel with luxury, only 18,000kms, dual zone climate control air cond, alloys, 6 airbags, Bluetooth, 6 stacker CD player & fog lamps. S154AHR


Direct from GMH executive fleet, rare manual transmission, low kms, full factory body kit, and alloy wheels, 210Kw performance with Holden’s SIDI economy. S844AGV







Top of the line and only travelled 7000kms, dual zone climate air, reverse camera, 6 airbags, full leather and Holden IQ technology. YKY918





WOW! HAVE A LOOK AT THIS ONE! Full leather trim, reverse park camera, Holden IQ tech, sensational performance, Immaculate condition. WELL WORTH THE TRIP! S179AMH


8522 4222


Cnr Bridge & Murray St

6 Speed Auto Turbo Diesel Moroccan Blue Duco Heated Leather Seats Tinted Windows Mudflaps





7 seater top of the range, T-bar auto. This family vehicle has it all including sunroof, reverse camera, full leather, tinted windows & nudge bar. S725AKX





Stunning Chilli red duco, GMH exec driven, low kms, remainder of new + free 3 Yr Holden Certified Warranty. S749AKE

A popular small car in crisp white duco, 1 owner, auto, ABS brakes, great fuel efficiency. S674AJA

1.8L Auto, 5 door hatch, very reliable and fuel efficient, silver in colour S411ADX







Sports SP23 Model with 2.3L engine, semi auto, cruise control, grey duco, curtain airbags, 6 stacker CD, climate ctrl + Lots more. BE QUICK. XFM883

5 Star safety rating alloy wheels, cruise control,window tint, great value. S610AGY

Low kms, limited edition factory sunroof, pewter grey duco, GMH exec driven, heated leather seats, fog lamps + lots more. S691ALE



$22,990 29 Murray Street

8522 1222 GAWLER




1owner air cond, power steering, keyles entry and more






Well maintained vehicle, with great service history. Perfect vehicle as a family sedan, or cheap and reliable company car. auto, air cond, cruise cont. & pwr windows + more




Low kms,Alarm system,weather shields,tint and alloys finished in chilli red and priced to sell fast




2009 TOYOTA CAMRY ALTISE SEDAN Stunning Wildfire red duco, econ 2.4L 4 cyl engine with 5 speed auto transmission, MP3 compatible stereo system, front & rear power window and tow package






3door hatch, air cond, air bags, alloy wheels, remote keyless entry, power windows and more.certified warranty



automatic, air cond, power steering, cruise control, abs, 4 airbags, balance of new car warranty




6 speed man, air cond, power steer, cruise control, factory alloys, remote entry, sports styling t/out. WELL WORTH THE TRIP





Loaded with factory features, including alloy wheels, dual zone climate ctrl, premium audio system, incl 6 stack CD, 8-way adj. driver & passenger seats, cruise control, rear park assist.









Very popular SUV, auto, pwr steering, pwr windows, cruise ctrl, remote entry, 2005 model, silver. WELL WORTH THE TRIP.

Books, automatic, air cond, power steering, cruise control, factory alloys, 6 stacker cd, only covered 60,000 kms







DISCLAIMER: Prices are exclusive of registration and stamp duty payable to road transport. *To approved purchases through St George Bank, Adelaide. Some photos for illustrational purposes only. LMVD2833.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 13 - The Herald, Barossa Valley


groundsman located a window panel and frame missing from a classroom. Further investigations carried out by the police revealed a CD


player and MP3 case were stolen. If the public knows any details about the incident, police urge them to contact 131 444 or through their Gawler station phone number on 8522 0400.


Surveillance & Security Systems, Guards & Patrols.

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POLICE have arrested one offender and investigations continue following a break in at a Gawler school. Between March 30 and April 2 a school

13 Gawler Street Nuriootpa SA 5355

8562 1100

Police catch a speed demon A GAWLER man in his 40s will pay the price for speeding over the weekend. The man was reported on April 7 by the Freeling Police for travelling a 154km in a 100km zone on a motorcycle. He was also reported for driving in a manner dangerous. The man also tested positive for a drug swipe and was drug diverted. His motorcycle was impounded.

ADELAIDE AIRPORT # Fares from $80 # Keswick Rail on request 7 DAY SERVICE


Bus from your door

A Great space for a function!! We cater for all types of functions including cocktail, sit down & formal Various Room options available Functions up to 250 people We can tailor the package to suit your requirements We have all your party needs covered Contact us today for our functions packages or to view our facilities



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GAWLER POLICE Arrests • An Evanston youth was arrested on April 1 by the Gawler Police for serious criminal trespass and theft. • A Gawler male youth was arrested on April 6 by the Gawler Police for property damage. The same juvenile was also arrested for two counts of assault. •A 29-year-old Gawler East man was arrested on April 7 by the Gawler Police for aggravated assault. • A 23-year-old Evanston Park man was arrested on April 9 by the Gawler Police for two warrants. Reports • An 18-year-old Gawler West man was reported on April 3 by the Gawler Police for making off without payment. • A 37-year-old Elizabeth South man was reported on April 3 by the Barossa CIB for cultivating cannabis, possessing cannabis and for theft. • A Gawler East male youth was reported on April 2 by the Gawler Police for aggravated serious criminal trespass and theft. • A 35-year-old Virginian man was reported on April 3 by the Barossa Highway Patrols for driving while disqualified and for breach of bail conditions. The vehicle was impounded for 28 days. • A 26-year-old Gawler woman was reported on April 9 by the Gawler Police for theft. • A 35-year-old Hewett woman was reported on April 9 by the Gawler Police for driving while disqualified. The vehicle was seized for 28 days. • A 21-year-old Gawler South man was reported on April 10 by the Gawler Police for exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol with a reading of 0.175 and for breaching his probationary licence and having inadequate lights. The vehicle was seized and a licence disqualification was given. Serious Criminal Trespass • A small amount of cash was stolen from a Gawler church after unknown persons smashed a rear glass door and gained entry on April 3. • Jewellery was stolen from a house on Jollytown Road, Lyndoch, between April 7 and 8. Property damage • An Evanston business was marked with blue and black paint, between March 30 and April 2. • Unknown persons used spray paint to mark the canteen and other various buildings at a Gawler school on April 3.


Talk to an expert today LEWIS&SHANE

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Theft • Spotlights were stolen from a vehicle parked on street on Fifteenth Street, Gawler, between April 1 and 2. • A cast iron urn was stolen from a front of garden on Duffield Street, Gawler East, between March 30 and April 2. • A laptop was stolen after a person had party, with about 200 people in attendance on One Tree Hill, Gawler, between March 30 and 31. • A mini bike was stolen from the rear yard of a premise on Spring Road, Evanston Park on April 9. Assault • A person was hit with a rock by a student while walking home from school along Para Road, Evanston, on April 4. The Gawler Police reported a student for the matter. Arson • A male youth was seen lighting a fire at the base of gum tree in a reserve on Hallam Drive, Gawler on April 8. The MFS attended and extinguished the fire. To help police with their investigation, contact 131 444. NURIOOTPA POLICE Arrest • A Nuriootpa man in his 20s was arrested on April 9 by the Nuriootpa Police for a first instance warrant. Reports • A 19-year-old Freeling man was reported on March 2 by the Freeling Police for driving while disqualified. • A Hamley Bridge man in his 20s was reported on April 7 by the Nuriootpa Police for pca with a reading of 0.116. An instant loss of licence was issued and the vehicle was seized. • An 18-year-old Nuriootpa woman was reported on April 7 by the Nuriootpa Police for aggravated serious criminal trespass and for theft following a break at a business premises in January. • A Kapunda man in his 50s was reported on April 9 by the Kapunda Police for failing to remain at a crash and for due care, following a vehicle accident in Gawler. • Two Nuriootpa male youths were formally cautioned by the Nuriootpa Police on April 9 for being unlawfully on premises. Serious criminal trespass • Entry was gained to a business on Main Street, Kapunda, between April 1. Dangerous driving • An 18-year-old Highbury woman was detected on the Sturt Highway at Greenock by the Nuriootpa Police on April 6 for travelling 160km in a 110 zone and for breaching her probationary conditions. An instant loss of licence together with an on the spot fine was issued.

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Arrest over theft


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 14 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Real Estate Liftout

Headmaster’s residence Historic Lyndoch property with options. See Domain P3.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Domain Page 1 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Real Estate Liftout

Fantastic investment ABOVE: The back yard. RIGHT: The house.

Retire To The Barossa Valley


*towards the cost of selling your home – conditions apply


Call 1300 308 141 or visit


0 $10,U0S0 *


With access to over 20 lenders, including HomeStart Finance, we work hard to find you a better deal.

Call us today...

PUBLIC NOTICE Re: Section 7 The Vendor’s statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agents office three business days prior to the auction or at the place of auction thirty minutes before sale.

Australian Credit Licence No. 389548




Gaynor Stibbs 0413 674 138

THIS immaculately presented home is set in the stunning township of Lyndoch in the Barossa Valley. It is within walking distance to schools, shops, wineries, restaurants and is only a short drive to Adelaide and Gawler. The house offers four good-size bedrooms, the master with a built-in robe. The home is complete with formal entry, large lounge and a good-size dining area off of the kitchen. Take a look outside where the home

is set on just under a quarter of an acre. This beautiful property has so much potential. It has been freshly painted and has new floor coverings, ducted evaporative cooling, gas heating and a large shed with a fully fenced yard. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a lovely piece of the Barossa Valley at an affordable price, so don’t miss out. Call Kies Real Estate on 8523 3777 to arrange an inspection or for more




LYNDOCH $325 - $335K



OPEN 152B Murray St INVEST, RETIRE OR RELAX A brand new courtyard home with all of the “I wants”. Appealing front elevation and quality fittings throughout. Double garage and paved front yard. Ensuite and walk-in robe to master bedroom. Fully fenced and planted rear garden. Close to main street. Investors note, first tenancy establishment is FREE! Call to inspect. Peter Fairweather 0415 825 420


42 Gilbert Street Open Fri 4.15-4.45pm Sat 12-12.30pm

Open Sun 3-3.30pm

Lot 102 Belvedere Rd Open Sun 2-2.30pm GREAT HORSE PROPERTY SET ON 26.7 ACRES. Three bedrooms ensuite & WIR, lnge/formal dine. Near new wood kitchen gas cook top & Ubench oven, meals + family room. 3 way bathroom. Combustion heating & ducted cooling. Verandah, dble carport, 6x9.2 mtr gge, 4 bay in house horse complex, tack & feed areas, massive 15mtr x 15mtr Implement shed, approx one acre licensed vineyard. Pergola, winter dam, 100,000 r/ water plumbed to home. Only minutes’ to Nuriootpa. Sue Schugmann 0419 850 408

GORGEOUS OUTLOOK! 4 brm brick veneer home set on a large 5150m2 (approx) block. Separate lounge room, kitchen/ family/meals area, bedrooms 1, 2, and 3 all with built-in robes, three way bathroom, slate flooring, outdoor entertaining area, 3 garden sheds and ample rainwater. Peter Fairweather 0415 825 420

7 Robert Ross Dv



OPEN 12 Rounsevell Court

Open Fri 3.30-4pm Sat 12.45-1.15pm

SPACIOUS FOUR BEDROOM HOME Spacious sep lnge, incl flat screen TV & entertainment unit, lge kitchen with lots of bench space & access to gge, o/plan family/meals, 4 brms, ensuite & built in walk in robes. Ducted R/C A/C, extra lrg dble gge with rear access, Rear v/dah, established gdns & fruit trees, r/wtr tank, 772m2 block. Sue Schugmann 0419 850 408


CEDAR COTTAGE This western red cedar cottage is set on a large block of over 1600m2. Stylishly presented as an open plan, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with beautiful indoor/outdoor flow. Combustion heat/bread oven, evap cooling, fruit trees and veggie patch in beautiful cottage garden, rain water tanks. Very affordable living or holiday home! Sue Schugmann 0419 850 408

42 Angas Street

GREAT LOCATION, IDEAL FAMILY HOME Separate entry, lge lnge, 3 brms, Ensuite, walk in & BI Rs. Huge open plan meals & family, kitchen with walk in pantry, split system a/c, comb heating, neutral décor. Full length rear v/dah, dbl c/port with roller drs, 8 panel solar electricity, r/wtr tanks. BBQ Area, Established gdns. Walk to local schools & shopping. Sue Schugmann 0419 850 408


EBENEZER $630-$650K


OPEN Open Sun 3.15-3.45pm

34 Hoffmann Ave Open Sun 11.45-12.15pm

On an elevated (approx) 1005m2 block this 3 brm 2 bthrm home gives you plenty of room to move. 2 sep living areas both of good size. Good family kitchen with plenty of cupboard space, gas cook top, electric oven and dishwasher. Outside is a gabled patio perfect for entertaining friends. Evaporative cooling, gas heating, a dbl gge umr and plenty of room for a caravan or boat. Peter Fairweather 0415 825 420

FAMILY LIVING, AS GOOD AS IT GETS This meticulously presented large portico family home has 3 lge living areas, 4 brms and 2 bthrms. Generous proportions enhanced by 9 ft. vaulted ceilings. Whether you`re into a contemp or classic décor the delicate colour scheme will suit every style. Shed in the back gdn is fully lined & insulated. Perfect as home office, art studio or wine storage. Sue Schugmann 0419 850 408

11 Rushall Rd

104 MURRAY ST, TANUNDA F: 8563 0105 E:

Peter Fairweather 0415 825 420

Sue Schugmann 0419 850 408

Sue Fechner 8563 3511

Elle Moreton 0488 996 566

Property Manager Anne Johansson 8563 3511

RLA 1997

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Domain Page 2 - The Herald, Barossa Valley


8563 3511

Real Estate Liftout PROPERTY OF THE WEEK

SPACIOUS: The back yard area of the historic Lyndoch property.

A great opportunity AS RARE as hens teeth. Definitely worth a look is this halfacre allotment with over 100 metres of road frontage in Lyndoch. Currently on two titles the property has a circa 1890 stone cottage which was originally the headmaster’s residence for the Lyndoch Public School that opened in 1879. The potential of this superb opportunity is obvious - to renovate the cottage and sub-divide the remaining land, subject to council consent. With three bedrooms, a formal lounge, kitchen/dine and a large cellar the property is deserving of restoration and would certainly reap rewards for its lucky new owner. Together with the opportunity to develop the remaining land.

Character and charm

WELL ESTABLISHED: The two double bedroom Kapunda house. Inset: The heritage-style bathroom. PROFESSIONALS Kapunda is There is an eat-in country The gardens are well acting under the instructions kitchen, a heritage-style established and the allotment is from the Public Trustee on this bathroom, a laundry, seperate fully fenced providing security property at 42 Coghill Street, toilet plus verandahs on three and privacy. Kapunda. sides. A single garage and wisteriaSituated on a well-fenced Reverse-cycle split-system air covered carport offer some established corner allotment of conditioning is provided, along sheltered car parking. about 870 square metres, and with an open fireplace, and wood The asking price is $195,000? ‘newly released’ is this circa and electric stoves in the If so hop on the phone to 1880s character sandstone kitchen. Professionals Kapunda and get cottage with an extension. Shady original verandahs your details registered so you It comprises two double shelter portions of the eastern can be one of the first to view. bedrooms, a lounge with an open and western walls and the full Contact Steve Mann on 0417 fireplace and a dining room. length of the northern wall. 811 348. RLA163708.

At a glance... Where: Lyndoch Features: Walking distance to amenities. Open: By appointment. Price: $399,950. Agent: Kies Real Estate. Contact: 8523 3777. RLA61382.

The property is within walking distance to all of Lyndoch’s amenities - local schools, shops, restaurants and wineries. A project worthy of the investment, inspection is by appointment, so call to arrange a time to suit.

FLOOR PLAN: Opportunity to remodel wonderful building.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Domain Page 3 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Real Estate Liftout

Time for tree change on two hectares

MOBILE: 0419 623510


for at least four vehicles and separate the work zone from the home. This 4.8 acre parcel will give the owner the opportunity to keep a few sheep and an alpaca or two in the property’s fenced northern paddock. Plus there’s a small pine forest, tall gums and pockets of native bush that surround the home attracting birds, wildlife and offering so much for the kids to explore, experience and enjoy. With rainwater storage as well as mains and the opportunity to add extra tanks and a few solar panels onto the north facing roof, the new owner could be well on their way to achieving an affordable, semi selfsufficient and ecologically responsible lifestyle for their family.

At a glance... Where: 43 Willows Road, Nuriootpa. Feature: A rural retreat conveniently located close to Nuriootpa’s town centre. Price: $340,000 - $360,000. Open: Call agent to view. Web ID: HRE583. Agent: Homburg Real Estate 8563 2599. RLA219152. Contact: Cindy Taylor on 0408 086 119.




2 NEW HOMES NEARING COMPLETION Located in the most convenient position in Nuriootpa, and set among other quality homes these homes are just a few minute’s walk to the Barossa Regional Shopping Centre, post office, restaurants and hotels but enjoy the serenity of the adjacent linear park with its beautiful gums and abundant bird life. The four bedroom homes (or 3 bed + study) have been designed as open living plans and include an under roof alfresco area adjacent to the dining/family room. Floor coverings to be included throughout and so much more. Phone Ian Mader Mob 0419 623510 for further details. PROFESSIONAL OFFICE BUILDING FOR LEASE Excellent exposure – located on Tanunda Road Nuriootpa. Air conditioned building including security system - consisting of four individual offices and a large reception area including display window. Provision for adequate parking. Negotiable lease term available. Is there a better place for your business?

Contact Ian

HOME: Above and below are views of the three-bedroom Nuriootpa house on nearly five acres.

RURAL LIVING ALLOTMENT Allotment of 1Ha. Situated in the quality rural living area on the Northern edge of Angaston. Create your own home amongst the rolling hills with room to live and enjoy. Fully fenced and serviced. Want the space – close to town – lovely rural setting? You can have it all. Price $270,000.00. Contact Ian Mader Mob 0419 623510 to arrange an on site inspection. ON THE RISE – ELEVATED RESIDENTIAL ALLOTMENT Main road frontage – huge allotment of 956 square metres. Adjoins rural living – lovely rural feel. Lots of room for the boat and caravan or just enjoy the space. A very affordable price $145,000.00.

Mader 0419 623 510 to arrange your confidential inspection.


WITH a vista of tall gums, rural pastures, vineyards and the Barossa Ranges in the distance, this two hectare property is conveniently located on Nuriootpa’s edge. It will give a family the space for health, fun and recreation; a retreat from the everyday, where the kids can experience childhood freedom and the owner can weave the ‘eco’ back into their existence. With three driveways in its corner position, bitumen road frontage on both sides and good shedding, this property will suit the tradie or small business operator with plenty of room for work vehicles. This rural parcel features a much loved three bedroom timber-framed residence with an open living plan that could easily be adapted to suit individual needs and tastes. Sliding doors extend the living space out to an immense attached verandah and the addition of decked areas would further expand and connect this rustic residence with the great outdoors. Ducted evaporative air conditioning and a slow combustion heater provide economical yearround comfort. A kid’s playground area with its swing-set and cubbyhouse has been fenced off for safety. There’s a small young orchard, vegie patch, greenhouse and just beyond, the poultry pen will encourage the kids to recycle the kitchen scraps and have fun collecting the daily eggs. The 6m x 9m garage with attached sundry shedding will provide shelter

ROOM TO MOVE: Part of the land on the Willows Road property.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Domain Page 4 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Real Estate Liftout

A good life TLC: The Angaston cottage which has potential.

Corrugated iron cottage THE characteristics of this Angaston cottage include the external materials of attractive blend of pressed pattern metal, ribbed wall sheeting (corrugated iron) and besser block. The residence is currently in need of some exterior work to bring it up to its original glory. Surprisingly, the inside is spacious with high ceilings and polished timber floors throughout. The kitchen, with electric appliances and dishwasher, opens onto the comfortable lounge room with combustion heating and reverse-cycle split-system air conditioning. There are two double bedrooms and one single bedroom which can be used as an office. The views from the timber-decked verandah are magnificent with the old Angaston church and the rolling hills. This property is located on a 559 square metre allotment and is only a few minutes walk to all the amenities that Angaston can offer.

At a glance... Where: 4 Collins Street, Angaston. Features: The beautiful town of Angaston. Price: $235,000. Open: Sunday, April 15. When: 12.15pm to 12.45pm. Agent: Julie Toth Real Estate. RLA:198199. Contact: Julie Toth (pictured) on 0418 853 134 or 8562 4650.

RUNNING a B&B in the Barossa is a lifestyle choice many would like to make. As a business, this Tanunda property makes sense, with three fully furnished and equipped, self-catering apartments and the room to create a fourth, subject to council consents. That room could be used for the owner’s accommodation, a manager’s residence or a fourth B&B. Either way, there is a lot on offer. Two of the apartments offer family accommodation, with two large bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and plenty of living space to spread out in - more like a home than an apartment. The third studio apartment, also well equipped, would suit a couple or single occupant. These various options offer both choice and versatility which allow one to meet the requirements of a variety of guests. The property can be sold as a going concern or used as a very spacious, large family home. The location is ideal for either purpose, being in an older, established part of Tanunda, within walking distance of the main street

shops and restaurants. With Tanunda’s reputation as a tourist destination and the Barossa’s busy events calendar, there is always strong demand for quality, affordable accommodation. As a business venture for a young couple or a couple easing their way into retirement one could hit the ground running with bookings available and ready to go.

At a glance... Where: 19 Bridge Street, Tanunda. Feature: Lifestyle and Income. Price: $650,000. Open: By appointment. Agent: Barossa Real Estate. RLA1997. Contact: Peter Fairweather on 0415 825 420 or 8563 3511.


... where people matter FREELING

$360,000 GREENOCK

14 Kirchner St Open Sun 3.45-4.15pm OPEN

$525,000 TANUNDA


15 Coronation Ave Open Sun 1-1.30pm

12 Victor Street



ESCAPE TO AN AMAZING LIFESTYLE! QUIET TREE LINED STREET LARGE FAMILY HOME 4 brms, 2 bathrooms, study, lounge, family room, open Magnificent home, 3 brms & 3 bthrms, renovated Dble brick 3 brm home on a 780m2 cnr block. Large plan kitchen, air cond, double garage, entertaining inside & out. 16.3kW solar panels, 88,000L rainwater lounge, kitchen with pantry, heating & cooling. Dble area, large shed, room for boat & caravan. plus mains. Over 1 ac of land, fruit trees & veggie gdn. gge, estab rear garden with fruit trees & more.


$275,000 NURIOOTPA $310-$330,000 ANGASTON


4C The Crescent Open Sun 2.15-2.45pm 4B The Crescent Open Sun 1.45-2.15pm 4 Collins St Open Sun 12.15-12.45pm OPEN




Dble brick, 3 brm home, lrg lounge with French doors, 3 brms, ensuite, walk-in robe, formal lounge, kitchen with elec stove & pantry, polished flr brds family/games room, large modern kitchen, t/out, htg & cooling, dble gge. 697m2 allot (approx) double garage, quiet location, low maintenance.





We have three excellent tenants whose rental properties are being sold and we would love to find them good homes! If you have a property that you would like to rent out please do not hesitate to call us.

8562 4650

Call for your free market appraisal

FLOOR PLAN: The Angaston house, close to the town centre.


Lot 202 Sedan-Angaston Road

LARGE 2168m2 BLOCK 2 lge sheds, suit handyman. 3 brms, o/plan kitchen/dine/lnge area, a/c, 40x20 shed concreted & 3 phase pwr plus 30x15 shed, enclosed lge backyard & lge fenced yard for animals.

8562 4650 0418 853 134

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Domain Page 5 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

THE CORRUGATED IRON COTTAGE 3 brm cottage, polished timber floors throughout, kitchen with dw, lounge with heating & cooling, timber deck with views, few minutes’ walk to all amenities.


Lot 8 Sedan - Angaston Road NEW

1390m2 BLOCK – GREAT VALUE Large flat land with no encumbrances put on this property by the council with over 30m frontage and over 45m in depth you could dream up your own design (STCC.) Water and power available.

2/7 Gawler Street, Nuriootpa





Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Domain Page 6 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Lifestyle, acres ancient gums

Price reduced

UNDULATING and studded with ancient red gums, this 108.9 hectare picturesque parcel of prime grazing land is situated just two kilometres north of the historic hamlet of Eden Valley. With most of the fencing upgraded recently, various sources of water to the property, a modest four bedroom home and shedding, the property represents a rare opportunity to live an enviable income producing clean living country lifestyle in this very beautiful part of the world. Cleared and considered to be about 70 per cent arable, the property is one of only a handful of its size remaining in this ideal cattle grazing territory, most having been subdivided down into smaller rural living allotments in years gone by and many planted out to vineyard. All water infrastructure has been recently upgraded and includes new poly pipes and concrete cattle troughs to provide an improved water supply to all paddocks. There is a new galvanized iron tank of 21,600 gallon capacity connected to both mains and the rainwater supply, a spring-fed dam located near to the improvements on the land and a second dam located in the southern portion of the property. On the south western corner, a seven acre pine and gum plantation stands beside the cattle yards and crush. On the property’s western edge, the residence and other improvements are situated, comprising of a machinery shed, cement block workshop with sink area. The timber framed residence, built in the late 1960s, offers four bedrooms, separate lounge, eat-in kitchen and bathroom, with verandahs to the front and back. A lined galvanized iron shed provides additional selfcontained accommodation. Enjoy a grazier’s life, horse keeping or develop the land further and follow your country lifestyle dream among the ancient gums of Eden Valley.

At a glance... Where: Lot 1 Keyneton Road, Eden Valley. Feature: Picturesque parcel of prime grazing land. Price: $750,000. Open: Call agent to view. Web ID: HRER161 Agent: Homburg Real Estate on 8563 2599. RLA219152. Contact: David Braunack on 0418 841 349.

WATER: The dam on the Eden Valley property is just part of an extensive water supply. Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Domain Page 7 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Real Estate Liftout

ABOVE: The impressive three-bedroom Lyndoch house with excellent views. Below, the kitchen, with stainless-steel appliances and a feature bay window.

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LANDLORDS Our Business Owner is a landlord too! PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Ring me for an appraisal 7 days a week on

0427 233 319

Julie Thring Owner

28A Adelaide Road, Gawler 8523 3319


Great price and location SITUATED in a great location within walking distance of the local school and shopping this Fairmont home is well presented with a number of desirable extras both inside and out. The owners have used large moss rocks to enhance the street appeal, making the front verandah of this Lyndoch house an ideal spot to sit and enjoy the view. The impressive separate entry has large neutral tiling and leads to a generous formal lounge, which could be used as a fourth bedroom. Central to the home’s living and entertaining areas is the lovely cream kitchen, complete with stainless-steel appliances and a feature bay window, and overlooks the dining area and the large family room. All of the living areas in this house are tiled for easycare cleaning as well as giving a feeling of space. For all year comfort there is split-system air conditioning, centrally-located combustion

heating and ceiling fans. The main bedroom has a feature bay window, giving extra room for seating or storage and includes a walk-in robe and ensuite. The other two bedrooms are of a good size with bedroom two having a walk-in robe and bedroom three a built-in robe. The main three-way bathroom is in close proximity to the bedrooms for convenience. For the entertainer the rear pergola is a fantastic extra, with a great view of the rolling Barossa hills.

A lot of thought has gone into the planning of the garden as there is a lawn area just off the back verandah, for the children to play in a safe and secure environment. The double carport has two roller doors that come off the pergola area. To the rear of the garden is a storage shed for all the garden tools. To keep electricity costs down this property also has eight solar panels. Inspection is recommended.

At a glance... Where: 42 Gilbert Street, Lyndoch. Price: $325,000 - $335,000. Open: By appointment. Agent: Barossa Real Estate. RLA1997. Contact: Sue Schugmann on 0419850408.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Domain Page 8 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Guaranteed Risk Free Selling! Many more properties for sale, call in to inspect our full range Land Release Lot 42 Lot 43 Lot 44 Lot 45 Lot 46 Lot 47 Lot 48 Lot 49 Lot 50 Lot 51 Lot 52 Lot 53 Lot 54 Lot 55








Unrivalled Quality & Privacy This beautiful tree studded allotment offers over an acre of tranquillity with stunning views of the Barossa. The 2 storey residence comprises of 3 lge brms upstairs, 2 with balconies to enjoy the views, & a main bthrm. Downstairs is a huge open living area overlooked by the amazing timber kitchen with granite bench-tops, superb appliances & slate flooring, together with lge lndry & 2nd toilet. The enclosed vdah is a 2nd entertaining area currently used to accommodate a pool table & spa, with sweeping views of the park-like grounds, fully estab & easily maintained. There is also a 40x30x15 shed/wkshp & another 20x20 lined shed/children’s retreat. No expense has been spared in the establishment of this wonderful home, it is warm, inviting & quality t/out. Inspection is a must to truly appreciate all the qualities that this property has to offer - A great find nestled in the heart of the Barossa. # 5031 RLA 61382


$329,950 2


$549,950 2


This stunning home set on 1.6 Hectares (approx 4 Acres) offers 360 degrees of rural views - rolling hills on the horizon, the lovely Barossa vineyards & grazing land. The home offers 3 brms, main with WIR, ensuite & glass doors leading outside with views simply to die for & brm 2 has a WIR. Ducted r/cycle heating & cooling throughout & a 1.5Kw Solar system which feeds back to the grid. Spacious o/plan living with a stylish kitchen which opens out onto the family room & dine area which overlooks the rolling hills & vineyards. The formal lnge has an open fire place. This property is complete with a small boutique vineyard of 80 year old Dry Grown Grenache maintained by neighbouring vineyard owners, large shed, 3 phase power to the property & the home, Enviro Cycle septic system which drip feeds the garden, dble gge & a wonderful entertaining area, perfect for having a BBQ & enjoying the majestic views. # 3015 RLA 61382




$329,950 2



Available 7 Days

Price $149,950 $159,950 $139,950 $134,950 $169,950 $189,950 $139,950 $189,950 $149,950 $149,950 $139,950 $159,950 $174,950 $199,950





$490,000 2



$399,950 1


1920 Cottage on 1/2 Acre

Seeing is Believing

“Merriwood Farm & Guest House”

Opportunity knocks with potential plus! With over a 30m frontage this half acre allotment offers a whole array of possibilities. Together with a 1910 original cottage, which although requiring considerable work, has been partially restored. As a project this property would certainly reap rewards for anyone willing to put in the hard yards. Invest and prosper with this wonderful package.

This quality Homestead built home situated on a 1372m2 allotment offers large formal entry, formal lounge and dining with bay window, master bedroom with built-in robe, large ensuite with spa and double shower, bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 are extra large and have built-in robes and ceiling fans, all bedrooms also have Austar connected. 3-way bathroom and generous size laundry. Open plan kitchen, dining and family room leading through to the games room which has glass doors leading out onto the salt water solar heated pool. 3 car garage under the main roof, approx 32,000L rainwater storage, two 3phs reverse cycle split system air-conditioners, large entertainment area complete with bar and wood fire pizza oven, large lawn area and side access for trailers/caravans with a high clearance lean-to off the shed.

Set on over 5 acres this stunning circa 1890 cottage offers 360° panoramic views, offering 3 bedrooms, master with open fire place, family/ dining & formal lounge, country style Oak kitchen and stylish bthrm with spa, slow combustion heating & r/cycle air-conditioning. The separate guest house features open plan living, master brm, kitchen, lounge/dining & bathroom. The property has 4 paddocks, some with horse shelters, 9.3x10.3 shed with workshop, large aviaries, kangaroo enclosure, shared bore, 55000L approx rainwater storage and stunning cottage gardens. All this situated approximately 10km out of Kapunda.

# 5044

# 3022

# 3027

RLA 61382


$329,950 1

RLA 61382




$499,950 2

RLA 61382





$399,950 2

Stunning 4 Bedroom Home

Perfect Position

Convenient & Tranquil

The Best of Both Worlds

Stunning 4 Bedroom

This stunning quality home built in 2004 is a massive 249m2. Set on a 920m2 allot this lovely Distinctive built home offers 4 lge brms, main with ens & WIR, brms 2, 3 & 4 with BIRs, good size office, fml entry & fml dining, generous size kitchen complete with quality appliances, plenty of storage & a lge b/fast bar overlooking the spac o/plan living meals & family room. The home is fully insulated, has r/c heating & cooling, rainwater tank, dbl c/pt with remote roller doors, 12m x 6m galvanized shed with built in mezzanine storage area. The front gdn has established plants and pop-up sprinklers and the back garden has a large entertaining area with the gardens yet to be completed. This stunning property is within walking distance to the main street and local schools.

This wonderful three bedroom home offers ensuite and walk-in robe to the main bedroom, formal lounge with bay window, formal dining room or study plus family/dine area which is over looked by the Blackwood timber kitchen with walk-in pantry. Complete with heating and cooling, superbly established gardens, return verandahs, great outdoor entertaining and fantastic 20x30 shed, all on an 832m2 corner allotment opposite a huge recreational area close to amenities - this property truly offers it all!!

Set on over a quarter of an acre (1104m2) this much loved family home offers 3 bedrooms, main with walk-in robe and bedrooms 2 and 3 with built-in robes, open living family, dining and kitchen together with a large formal lounge. The home is serviced by a 3.5hp split system and also slow combustion heating. Outside, the property boasts unbroken views over the Barossa Ranges and beautifully established gardens just perfect for entertaining. Also with a 20x20 shed with cement floor and power, double carport, rear access and 6500L of rainwater storage fed to the laundry and kitchen. A lovely property offering privacy and seclusion yet walking distance to all of Lyndoch’s amenities. A “must inspect” for anyone looking in the Barossa, convenience and tranquillity found. # 5020 RLA 61382

Offering two residences on over one and a half acres, this is both a unique and idyllic property. Set in a very quiet court, it boasts stunning views to the Barossa Ranges framed by it's very own vines. Built in 1982 this solid brick home consists of one dwelling featuring 3 bedrooms with formal lounge/dining, superb timber kitchen, full bathroom with separate toilet and laundry adjoined to another 2 bedroom residence with kitchen, open family/dining, bathroom with shower and separate toilet plus laundry also. Both serviced by ducted evaporative air-conditioning and reverse cycle split systems. The property offers superbly established mature gardens, a huge pergola outdoor entertaining area with a 30 x 20 shed with power and cement floor. This is a truly rare offering which would accommodate a whole range of requirements. # 5021 RLA 61382

Looking for the WOW factor? This property definitely has it. Set on a large corner allotment (842m2) this beautiful home offers 4 bedrooms, main with ensuite and walk-in robe, remaining 3 brms all with matching built-in robes, formal lounge, open kitchen/family/dine combined plus games room. With superb fittings throughout the home oozes quality. Serviced by ducted air-conditioning, gas heating and split system reverse cycle. The gardens are fully established and easily maintained with drippers and sub-surface irrigation. Together with full length pergola, 20x20 shed/workshop, rainwater storage and side access. This wonderful home is sure to tick all the boxes without doubt a “Dream Property”.

# 3020

RLA 61382

# 5016

RLA 61382

# 5054

RLA 61382

3A Adelaide Road, Gawler (08) 8523 3777

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Domain Page 9 - The Herald, Barossa Valley


We’ll get you where you want to go!

Real Estate Liftout

Serenity and space SITUATED on almost two country acres, just metres from the Nuriootpa-Angaston bike trail, and a short stroll from the Barossa Farmer’s Market, this lifestyle property is the ideal sanctuary for the family to retreat to. Weekends spent away from work and school will be all about relaxing, forgetting life’s pressures and simply enjoying the resort-style features this property offers. A place where friends will be welcomed and life can be richly lived in these natural surrounds. Planned to cater for the diverse needs of a growing family, this property has something for everyone. Lifelong family memories will be created of parties enjoyed around the huge above-ground pool and of long summer days indulging in barbecues and festivities under the home’s expansive paved entertaining area. This adapatable home of comfort comprises two large inter-connected living spaces plus a rumpus room, glass doors on each of these individual spaces slide across to take living outdoors, either pool-side or pergola-side. The majority of the interior has been tiled in a natural choice of hardwearing slate, easycare for the busy traffic of family life. Slow combustion heating, ducted evaporative cooling, reverse-cycle air conditioning plus ceiling fans cover all climates while the perfectly northfacing solar panels add to the ‘eco’ factor. The home’s three bedrooms all feature built-in storage, the master with a lovely updated ensuite and well out-fitted walk-in robe. The separate rumpus room may also suit as a fourth bedroom. Fabulous shedding includes a four-bay machinery shed with 10ft clearance, large garden shed, double garage that has been lined and insulated for use as an outdoor games room plus a single carport attached to the home aqnd the property has generous rainwater storage. Tall gums, native shrubs and golden wattles line the property’s fenced boundary and act as a private screen that attracts local birdlife. A small and varied orchard in the property’s rear adds to the country experience and the kids will enjoy harvesting and then cooking with the produce they have collected. In this beautiful setting of nature with great shedding, multiple outdoor spaces to enjoy and a very adaptable and spacious family home, this property gives everyone the chance to be free to enjoy their hobbies, explore the beauty of a childhood spent outdoors and the serenity of life on a small acreage.

ABOVE: The classy main bedroom of the Angaston house, and below, relax outdoors with friends under cover.

At a glance... Where: Lot 4 Diagonal Road, Angaston. Feature: Adaptable home of comfort with fantastic shedding. Price: $550,000 Open: Sunday, April 15. Time: 3pm - 3:30pm. Web ID: HRE585 Agent: Homburg Real Estate 8563 2599. RLA219152 Contact: David Braunack 0418 841 349



Digital Antenna Installations


TV Outlets :: Tuning :: Reception/Signal Diagnosis





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04 888 25653

or 8565

7236 Nuriootpa




Jimcom Pty Ltd • New TV Aerial Installations • Home Theatre/Surround • Plasma & LCD wall mounting Sound Installations • Pre-wiring Houses for Pay • SMATV/MATV Systems TV, Phone Points and Future • Free Satellite TV Installation TV Points EFTPOS & Credit facilities available

Mobile: 0402 554 594

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Shower Surgeon We fix leaking showers!


Phone Andy on 0430

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• Regrout • Reseal • Waterproof • Tile Repairs • Tiling • Bathroom Renovations FREE QUOTE AND GUARANTEE

Ph Mark: 0401 186 784 BLD 225357







BINS / SKIPS 2/3/4/6/8 Cubic Metre Skips 1 & 2 Cubic Skip Bags Asbestos Skips EPA Licenced





Tiling, Plastering, Masonary, Concreting, Gyprock fixing All types of repair work


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Nuriootpa House & Grounds Maintenance BLD 198620

Servicing the Barossa • Second Fix Valley

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Matthew Bishop 0417 773 430

Blitzin the Gawler & Barossa Valley 2, 4, & 6 Cubic Metre Mini Skips

E: Web:

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CARPORTS/VERANDAHS Looking for a cost effective yet practical solution for your outside project?

Various sizes available



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• Customised Homes • Addions and Renovaons • Carports and Verandahs • Decks • Bathrooms and Kitchens Call Tristan Kerr for all your General Building Requirements Greensmart Accredited

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• Masonry & Paving Work Carpentry & Gyprock • Renovations & Maintenance • Gates & Welding

Perfect for tidying up around the yard

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Home Renovations and Alterations

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Fast, friendly service Windows Shower Screens Mirrors Splashbacks & More

Grants Glass & Glazing


Grant McDonald Mob. 0409 248 234 Fax. (08) 8523 3227

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Phone Rob:

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SPECIALISING IN Prior to purchase inspections Termites - Bees - Ants - Rats - Mice Possums - Spiders, etc. 50 yea combin rs Pest Co ed experie ntrol nce

ABN 14142736856 1801293


BAROSSA VALLEY & SURROUNDING AREAS Phone: 8563 0430 or Callum: 0412 460 165


• Landscaping • Paving • Retaining Walls Block or Sleeper • Post Holes • Dig Outs/Levelling • Instant and Artificial Turf • Light Earthworks • Trenching (Stormwater, Electrical etc) • Base prep for Sheds, Rainwater tanks, Paving, Concrete etc

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And Garden Maintenance


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•Now selling Concrete •Full range of dolomite products available •Including ballast for septic • Phone us for a free quote

East Tce Kapunda 8566 2302

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Phone 0403 007 863 or 8563 0217 (Tanunda) PAINTING/DECORATOR

Painter & Decorator


0428 733 862 LYNDOCH



MBA No. 02271


Up ontoRoof 35%Restorations DISCOUNT


*Conditions apply

Re-roofing & Guttering up to 25% off CALL JOHN NOW FOR AN OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE

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ROOFING/GUTTERING We Do... • Roof Restoration - Re Roofing • Gutters • Carports • Verandahs • Roller Shutters • Canvas and

Summer Specials - Call Now

Shade View Awnings • PVC & Ziptrak Blinds

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& LIGHT TAXI BAROSSA CAB SERVICE • Restaurant and Airport Transfers • 7 seater available • 7 days HOURS OF OPERATION Sunday-Thursday to Midnight Friday and Saturday till 3am

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Tom the Tiler & Son lists Bathroom Renovation Specia FREE QUOTES

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TIMBER SUPPLIES • Treated pine • Oregon • Pinus • Trellis • Poly Carb Sheeting


timber is



We stock all your materials for pergolas, shadehouses & landscaping

Friendly helpful advice available ~ SPECIALISING IN TREATED PINE POSTS & TRELLISING ~

R & M TIMBER SUPPLIES Lot 9, Kelly Road,Willaston, Phone 8522 6504



FURNITURE REMOVALS Fully Insured 1 or 2 men option Northern & Barossa Areas



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FREE Quotes • 35 years experience • Interior • Exterior


023 206







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Sliding or Hinged Doors Large range of finishes available Quality custom built kitchens, wardrobes, laundries, etc. Competitive Prices ROBINS CABINET SERVICES 8562 1662




25 years experience Interior • Exterior Decorative Finishes Roof Restoration Colour Consultation




Mowing, Landscaping, Edging, Slashing, Poisoning, Gutter Cleaning, Trimming, Pruning, Rubbish Removal, Full Garden Cleanups + more... Discounts for pensioners & unemployed - Fully insured

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Jeremy & Kylie



Gardens by Graham & Co


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Talk to about a us fu landsca ll p packag e e!


Nowing offeruse Ho ning Clea


Your Complete Earthworks and Landscape Service

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Builders Lic No. BLD 158849





Phone John

0414 349 336 ABN 76 249 871 585

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: N E P O W O N m - 7pm

ay 8a id r F o t y a d n o M - 2pm m a 9 y a d r u t Sa Holders d r a C e r a C h lt a Pensioners/He illed b lk u b n e r d il h and C Saturday h g u o r h t y a d n Mo

OTHER SERVICES ABBOTTS PATHOLOGY have an onsite collection centre which is open 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am to 11.30am Saturday.

Family Medicine, Paediatrics, Mens Health, Womans Health, Minor Surgical Procedures, 4 years old healthy kids’ checks, Lung function Tests, Child and Adult immunisation, Diabetic/Chronic Condition Patient Care Plans, Pre-employment Medicals.



Dr M. Zirapuri Dr A. Kothari Dr P. Kothari Dr O. Thein Dr G. Salib Dr N. Dabbagh Dr S. Amin

New Patient s Welcom e

Practice Manager: Mrs Karen Tuckwell



Reception: Dianne, Lauren, Natasha, Tremayne & Kerry Practice Nurses: Leanne, Eileen Our reception/nursing staff are trained to/and pride themselves in offering professional friendly service to our patients.

ALLCARE also offers onsite allied services: Podiatrist: Social Worker: Psychologist: General Surgeon:

Mr Daniel Claassen consults alternate Fridays Mr Peter Dowling consults every Tuesday Mr Justin McKenzie alternate Wednesday’s Mr Rimino Guerriero consults alternate Thursday afternoons.

49-51 Cheek Avenue


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Win tickets to see “Two Weeks With The Queen”

33 main north road willaston t: 08 8522 1021 f: 08 8522 1629 e:


Kids Eat Free Lunch & dinner Schnitzel Night Family Meal Night *2 adults & 3 kids Steak Night

Roast Day

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Family Meal Deal only available Wednesday nights. Adult’s meals must be ordered off the Family Meal Deal Menu 1 meal per child. Extra kid’s meals charged at $7.50. All Meal Deals not valid with any other food promotion or offer

Herald's Two Weeks With the Queen Competition PO Box 43 Tanunda SA 5352. Remember only one entry per person and entries need to be received no later than Thursday, April 19 at 5pm. The winner must collect their prize from the Herald office, Murray Street, Tanunda.

Proudly brought to you by

THOSE who have enjoyed the dulcet and sultry tones of Lucie Thorne are in the luck. The singer is returning to the Barossa for her third Candlelight Concert in Tanunda on Saturday, April 21. Lucie has brought the main hall of the Barossa Regional Art Gallery in Tanunda to life at previous concerts, with her unique voice and guitar skills, which are expertly teamed with Hamish Stuart's percussion. Lucie's background was featured in the November edition of Rolling Stone magazine’s 'Top New Female Artists To Get Excited About'. VJ Entertainment, a Tanunda based company which run the popular Candlelight Concerts looks forward to again hosting Lucie. In addition, Barossa’s Sue Baker will open the

evening - so get your tickets early to avoid disappointment, as limited numbers are available. Vicki and Jamie Blechyden from V J Entertainment said this one's going to be an “absolute cracka”. Tickets are just $30 which are available from Vicki on 0417 084 191 or through Barossa Music Centre, Murray Street, Tanunda. The concerts feature a casual café style set up with tables reserved upon request. The public is encouraged to bring along a picnic supper. Wines will be available by Linfield Road Wines and of course get your fill of perfect coffee, tea and dessert by Ai Made It. If you ‘like’ V J Entertainment on Facebook you can find out about more concert and gig updates.


It’s storytime


Proudly presented by the Tri-Five Classics Association

Name:................................................................. Town:...........................................


PUBLIC WELCOME FROM 10am Adults $5, Conc. $3, Family $10 For more info contact Rocco at


All GM vehicles past & present on display. Food & Drinks available

Greenock Creek Tavern

AS part of the 2012 National Year of Reading the Friends of the Barossa Library will host a Story Book Picnic on April 15. The picnic, aimed at families, will be held on the oval at Seppeltsfield Winery and will have a variety of events and activities for the family. There will be live entertainment, dress ups, face painting and amusements provided by clowns. In addition, winners of the story writing competition, open to primary aged students, will be announced. The day runs from 11.30am to 4.30pm, with tickets available for $10 per family (two adults and two children) or $5 per person. Tickets are available from any Barossa Council library branch or from Bill Biscoe on 0419 157 085.


Mon - Fri 11am till LATE Sunday 11am till 8 HAPPY HOUR Sun -Thurs 5 - 6pm $1.00 off wines and pints + spirits




Chicken or Beef Schnitzel, with your choice of sauce and a FREE schooner of draught, Coopers or blonde or glass of house wine



12pm - 5pm

E FRE LIVE BAND RY Roots Music with ENT


T Bone or Scotch Fillet, Chips, Salad and your choice of sauce/gravy and a FREE schooner of draught, Coopers or blonde or glass of house wine






‘LAURA HILL & The Tuesday Bandits’ on their Guava Tree Tour


Ravioli or Penne with Carbonara or Neopolitan sauce and a FREE schooner of draught, coopers or blonde or glass of house wine



Pool Table, Pokies, Jukebox, Beer Garden & Function Room available. Great Food and Fantastic Local Beers on Tap.

Phone 8562 8136 2 Murray Street, Greenock

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Baked Potatoes & Cheese Platters A range of GIBSON wines on sale 1810001

For your chance to win a bottle of Langmeil wine, complete the crossword only and drop the entry form into The Herald office Monday by 4.30pm. Winners need to collect their wine within the week. Last week’s winner was Sandy Braunack of Tanunda.

SUNDAY 15th April

To win There is a chance to win a double pass to the production by either visiting the website, and click on the competition banner or place your name, address and daytime telephone number on the back of an envelope, addressed to:

Candlelight concert brings Lucie back to the Barossa

Kids’ Entertainment

Twoway Crossword No 089

Uncle Bob and their overprotected son, Alistair. Colin is a determined and optimistic character who decides he will enlist the help of the Queen of England to help find a doctor to cure his brother's cancer. He never manages to meet the Queen but he does meet Ted, an adult unlike others he has met, and their friendship helps each of them come to terms with the difficult situation they both face. The production will be held on April 27 and 28 and May 4 and 5 at 8pm. Tickets for the show are available through Kapunda Tourism Centre and Australia Wide Badges, Murray Street, Nuriootpa.



THE Kapunda Musical Society with the Herald offers readers the chance to appreciate local actors performing in a tasteful production in a local setting. Up for grabs is a double pass to the society's mid year production, Two Weeks With The Queen, to be performed over April and May. The production centres on a 12-year-old boy named Colin, who lives with his parents and younger brother, Luke. On Christmas day Luke becomes seriously ill and is diagnosed with cancer. In a well-meaning attempt to spare Colin the pain of his brother's illness, his parents decide to send him to England to stay with relatives Aunty Iris,

Marquee - rain, hail or shine! Kick back, relax and enjoy!


Turning in Tanunda TURNING Point Dance is new to the Barossa in 2012, however the school is far from new - in fact it is a well-established and highly regarded school in South Australia. The school’s main studio is in St Jays Recreation Centre in Salisbury, and also holds classes at Clare in the Mid North. Turning Point Dance was founded in 1996 by Michelle Hofmann, the school principal. She said branching out to the Barossa this year was due to a demand in the area which Turning Point Dance was happy to meet. Michelle is a strong believer in bringing a quality dance education to children, not only those within the metropolitan area but also for children who live further a field. Currently classes in the Barossa are for children wishing to study ballet on a weekly basis. This will extend to classes in jazz, tap and contemporary being available when numbers and demand increases. There are so many benefits to be gained from learning to dance: self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, fitness, coordination, grace, poise, and correct posture. Students also learn an appreciation of dance, music and theatre. Results from exams, competitions and auditions provide real evidence the school is maintaining the high standard of dance tuition and it continues to strive to maintain excellence through attention to detail in every aspect.

At a glance... Saturday, April 14 Masterclasses with Valmai Roberts examiner with the Australian Conservatoire of ballet for RAD grades four and above Monday, April 16 - Tanunda Come and Try Dance Ballet for children 18 months and over Ballet and Jazz For children five-years and over

Turning Point Dance has qualified teachers, two recognised ballet curriculums, and exceptional results for exams and competitions as well as a friendly and caring environment. Students from the school have gone on to study at the Australian Ballet School, West Australian Academy of Performing Arts as well as Adelaide’s Bachelor of Dance Course. In 2011 the school had 61 students take their Royal Academy of Dance exam

graded and Vocational graded exam with a 100 per cent pass rate, the majority of students awarded a Distinction. The school has a strong emphasis on teaching all children to achieve their personal best, while strengthening the emotional and physical health of each student. “We offer tuition in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Limber, Pilates, Anatomy, and SACE Dance. Turning Point Dance is holding several workshops this school holidays,” she said.

Monday, April 16 - Friday, April 20 Salisbury RAD Vocational Graded Workshop Intermediate Foundation - Advanced Two Ballet and Pilates for students 10 years and over Friday April 20 - Salisbury SACE 1 and 2 Dance For students and teachers involved with year 11 and 12 Dance For more information regarding these workshops or term time dance classes, contact Michelle Hofmann by email on or phone 0413 113 950.


Professional training for Boys and Girls 21/2 years to advanced levels in Classical Ballet RAD and ACB Jazz and Tap CSTD Contemporary, Limber / Pilates for Dance Students

Fairies Galore & More Come along and join the fun and imaginative class of dancing and singing for both boys and girls 18 months to 3 years

SACE Dance 1 & 2 Adult classses available in Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Ballet


HOLIDAY WORKSHOP Monday April 16th For information call or email Ph. 08 8346 9260 0413 113 950 Principal: Michelle Hofmann RAD Registered Teacher

New Dance School opens in Tanunda Turning Point Dance was established in Salisbury in 1996. The school has rapidly developed to become one of Adelaide's leading dance schools specialising in classical ballet as well as offering students a wide range of classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Limber and Pilates. Dancing aids in achieving a healthy body and mind through regular exercise. Children who exercise regularly have bigger hearts, more muscle mass, less fatty tissue, stronger bones and more flexible joints. Those who dance and keep fit as children are more likely to continue this lifestyle into adulthood. One of the most important things dance does is build confidence. Emotional development in children is as important as the physical development and dancing helps to gain a positive self image and enables the child to become more confident. Children also love to be challenged, they learn that healthy competition encourages them to strive to do their best by practising hard, and they don’t need to win to achieve their best. Tuition is offered to children from 18 months to 3 years in the form of Fairies Galore and More which is a fun and imaginative class of dancing and singing for girls and boys, it also includes interaction and participation with their carer. Following this students take classes on their own, without the help of their carers, as they

begin their formal dance education. Currently we offer classes in our main studio in Salisbury in Ballet RAD & ACB, Tap CSTD, Jazz, Contemporary, Pilates and Body Conditioning. SACE Dance Stage 1 & 2 as well as an Intensive Training Programme for students seriously wanting to pursue a career in dance. We would like to offer all students regardless of talent, age and location a quality training in dance. Bringing together students from not just the northern suburbs of Adelaide but also northern country areas. Dance offers so many great things for children, it promotes coordination, cooperation, musicality, fitness, determination and self discipline. Some will go on and make dance their career, some will continue to dance for fitness and fun while others may gain an appreciation for watching others dance. No matter where students wish to go with their dancing all students deserve a teacher who is trained and can offer a top quality education. All classes will be limited in size and taught be a qualified teacher. Enrolment day will be held Thursday Febuary 2 from 4 pm to 6.00 pm at the Tanunda Soldiers Memorial Hall where classes will be held.

For more information please email to or call Michelle on 0413 113 950. 1809439

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 17 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Yates Auto & Willaston Mechanical Repairs JOIN FORCES

Yates Auto products and services - Logbook and general servicing. - Brake repairs and disc/drum machining. - Mechanical repairs. - Sell Australian made Century batteries and offer free fittings on batteries purchased. - Free battery testing, and check the alternator and starter with no appointment required for battery. - Comfortable customer waiting area. - Loan car available. - Flexible opening hours by arrangement. - We have the latest software and can quote on thousands of log book services in minutes, also have a computer link to our main parts supplier and can check price and availability of parts instantly, so can quote for most repairs in minutes too. - Can provide a fixed price quote for servicing before carrying out any work. - Always seek customer approval before carrying out any additional work. - Eftpos facilities, telephone credit card payments accepted.

Good luck and congratulations to Yates Auto Service We would like to wish Chris Yates of YATES AUTO SERVICE all the best as he begins his business operations in Willaston. We have acted as Chris’ accountant and business advisor since 2009 and have seen his dedication to the mechanical service industry grow in this time. We offer Chris our support as he strives to provide the community with the highest quality service. Congratulations Chris and thank you for your clientele.


Call us on 8522 2633 for a complimentary meeting to discuss how we can help you, or visit our website at 1810198

New clients welcome IN JUST three years Chris Yates has made a name for himself as an outstanding mechanical repairer within the Gawler region. His enthusiasm and dedication to the auto industry has seen the RAA contractor branch out to run his family business, Yates Auto Service. Located at 10a Kelly Road, Willaston, Yates Auto Service is run in the same shed as Willaston Mechanical Repairs, operated by Ken Pearce. Yates Auto Service is open to new customers, including those RAA members who Chris supported during mechanical breakdowns.

FRIENDLY: Chris Yates gets his hands dirty while working on a vehicle.

Chris says many people will remember him as the ‘nice English RAA man’ after he arrived in Gawler from the UK about three years ago. He spent two years as a roadside mechanic contractor with the local RAA. "I now live in the Gawler area with my three children who attend Trinity College," he said. Chris also encourages new people to the area to give him a call and for those commuters who drive to Gawler to catch the train. Chris's dedication to old fashioned customer service means he will meet customers before normal opening times if

required, drop them at the station, then collect them on their return. "I always keep the customer informed and will not carry out any work without first obtaining authorisation," Chris said. "I can service your car while it is still under manufacturers

warranty and if you are still paying main dealer prices for car servicing, ask us for a quote, we could save you hundreds of dollars," he said. Yates Auto Service is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. For more details, contact Chris on 8523 1043.

Out of hours mechanic IT’S business as usual for Willaston Mechanical Repairs, according to owner and trusted mechanic Ken Pearce. However, there's been a slight change with Yate's Auto, run by Chris Yates, now housed in the same building as Willaston Mechanical Repairs. Ken explained both businesses operate separately, and the two businesses under the one roof share running costs, meaning a cut in costs is passed onto their customers. This also means sharing of equipment and knowledge, which gives the customer a wider range of services. Meanwhile, Ken continues to support those people who run on a daily tight work schedule. "With people working long hours, often it is hard to find time to book your car in to be looked at," Ken said. "So I have decided to do some work at night. If people want to contact me, I'm happy to have them drop their car off after work, say four or five o'clock and I'll have it ready for them by nine. "While I'm servicing their car they can head out for a meal, do some shopping or visit friends. "Already I have had some interest so if people contact me I will arrange an evening to do the work." Bookings are essential for out of hours work. Ken Pearce is a true Gawler identity. He was born in the town, did his schooling and played sport for Gawler Central where his brother Les is now the football club president. In 1971 he started his mechanic's apprenticeship at John Doran Motors before branching out with Les to run Pearce Auto Repairs for 22 years. "I decided to take a break several years ago but while in semiretirement had many old customers ask about going back to work so I started Willaston Mechanical Repairs about two years ago,” he said. "I have kept up to speed attending all the schools to learn about modern technology and it is amazing how car engines have changed since I started." Old cars are a passion for Ken who is restoring a 1953 Morris Minor ute which was built before he was born.

TRUSTED:Ken Pearce at work at Willaston Mechanical Repairs.

So if Ken's 'out of hours' services suits or you are looking for a proven mechanic, give him a ring on 0433 641 422 or drop in to Willaston Mechanical Repairs at Lot 10a Kelly Road, Willaston. 1809756

For professional and friendly service at a very competitive price Log book and general servicing Brakes


Suspension Batteries



Loan Car Available

Proud to be a supplier to Yates Auto

Extended opening hours by appointment

FREE battery, starter and alternator check FREE fitting on all batteries purchased 1805818



Phone 8532 1043 | Lot 10A Kelly road, Willaston (same building as Willaston Mechanical Repairs)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 18 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Call for funding applicants THE Gawler Community Services Forum (GSFC) is calling for applications from regional organisations and community groups to apply for funding to assist with activities and projects. Funding of up to $1000 per applicant is available. GCSF chairman David Pedler said the funding did not have to be matched by the organisation, however the forum would “look favourably upon the linking of like-minded organisations that can support each other”. “It’s great that the forum has been reinvigorated in 2012,” Mr Pedler said. “We’re eager to distribute these funds to local community groups to assist them in their endeavours.”

The grants are a joint initiative between GCSF and the Wakefield Spoke Network. All applications must be received by 5pm on April 13, 2012. Funds provided must be spent by September 30, 2012 and successful applicants will be required to provide a brief evaluation within two months of completion. Application and evaluation forms are available from wakefieldspokenetwork The applications are also available in Gawler from Tony Piccolo’s office at 148 Murray Street and from Gawler Council at 89 Murray Street. Phone GCSF grant liaison officer Beth Hudman on 0447 710 677 with enquiries.

An art affair Big barbecue fundraiser TWO accomplished Kapunda artists will present a joint exhibition ‘Max and Mal’s Artrageous Affair’ from April 15 to May 20. Both artists have a studio/gallery that is part of the Artists’ Trail in Kapunda and they also hold classes and workshops locally and outside the town. Maxine Donald came to Kapunda from Gawler in 2003. She was involved with the Gawler Art Society and with establishing the Gawler Community Gallery. Malcolm Craig came to Kapunda in 2009 from the Swan Valley in WA. He was well known there through his studio/gallery featuring regular workshops and working with the community. The artists say about half of their work on show are new. Mal’s are primarily pastel works, with some acrylic and some 3D wire sculptures. Max’s works are primarily watercolour and pencil and include some acrylics works. There is a wide range of subject matter, including nature studies, buildings and portraits. Both are award winning artists with work in private and public collections. The exhibition will be held at the Kapunda Community Gallery, located above the town library, on the corner of Main and Hill streets, Kapunda. It will be open daily from 10am to 4pm and admission is free.

THE Kapunda Lions Club encourages the public to tuck into tasty barbecue foods this month as they work to raise funds for Australia’s Biggest BBQ. This unique fundraiser provides funds and raises

awareness for the Anti Cancer Foundation and Childhood Cancer Research. According to Dean Parish from Kapunda Lions, the Lions Clubs of Australia is a partner of Australia’s Biggest BBQ, and in the past the Kapunda

group has raised about $5000. The barbecue will be held at Kapunda Hardware Store, Main Street, Kapunda, on the morning of Saturday, April 28. For more details, contact Dean Parish through the Kapunda Lions Club.

Hannah Schultz, of Angaston, was one on April 5.

Aiden Cartwright, of Nuriootpa, was three on April 14.

Happy birthday to... Herald birthday photographs are taken inside The Co-op’s Toyworld section, Nuriootpa, each Saturday. Parents are asked to line up from 10am.

AUTHORISED AGENT FOR ONGA & DAVEY PUMPS All Pump Repairs - Any Make and Model



New & Recharged Cartridges Ink & Toner for all Printers, Photocopiers & Faxes








why pay more for ink & toner cartridges?

8524 4217

GAWLER 4/71 Murray St 8523 5441 NURIOOTPA 57 Murray Street 8562 1031 WH1806848


Contact us with your winery enquiry

Ph: 08 8568 8000 Fax: 08 8568 8088 Email: Web:

235/45 R17


175/65 R14


235/40 R18


185/65 R14


245/45 R18


195/50 R15


245/35 R19


205/65 R15


L/T185 R14


215/60 R16


L/T195 R14



Victoria’s Beautiful Mornington Peninsula (9 Days) Monday 24th September - Tuesday 2nd October 2012


Eternal Youth Skin Care


8523 51 10 Lot 17 Little Paxton St WILLASTON

WEMS Pty Ltd, U1/181 Sturt Highway, Nuriootpa SA 5355

20% OFF

175/70 R13


Great Value From $65


• Engineering • 3D Design • Custom Fabrication • Stainless Steel Supplies • Installation • Maintenance • Structural Steel Work • Labour-hire

Wheels & Tyres

DAY 1 - Home/Ballarat through Tailem Bend for Morning Tea. Arrive Ballarat late afternoon. DAY 2 - Ballarat/Hastings Visit Queen Victoria Market, fresh produce & clothes, shoes, jewellery, giftware, home wares & more. Visit Port Phillip Bay, Mordialloc, Edithvale, Carrum, Frankston & Mornington, then ‘The Briars Park’. DAY 3 - Mornington Peninsula Visit Hastings, Balnaring, Merrick’s, guided tour with lunch at Ashcombe Maze, Shoreham. Visit popular beach resort of Flinders, then Cape Schanck, Lighthouse Museum, and Portsea – holiday destination of Melbourne’s rich & famous. Return to Tyabb via Sorrento, Rye, Rosebud & visit Charlie’s Auto Museum in Dromana. A 1940s style garage housing unique vehicles & motoring memorabilia. Arthur’s Seat - Towering 300 metres, the best place to view Port Phillip & the Mornington Peninsula. DAY 4 - Hastings/Phillip Bay Travel around Western Port Bay to Phillip Island, stop at San Remo. Visit Rhyll & see unusual bird species, continue on to Cowes. Travel to ‘Nobbies’ for breathtaking coastal scenery then visit the world-renowned Penguin Parade. DAY 5 - Hastings/Mornington Peninsula Morning tea, a guided tour & lunch at Beleura House and Garden (an Italianate villa erected in 1863), visit The Garden Vineyard at Moorooduc, one of the 10 Best Gardens in Australia. DAY 6 - Hastings/French Island cruise to French Island, tour of Island, for wild Koala spotting & Island sights. DAY 7 - Hastings/Geelong Visit Sorrento, catch the ferry to Queenscliff & visit Queenscliff Maritime Museum, guided tour of Fort Queenscliff, visit a 19th century Coastal Artillery Fort. DAY 8 - Geelong/Ballarat Visit Eastern Beach & the waterfront precinct, stroll along the foreshore, follow the bollard trail, or wander to the Botanical Gardens. Visit Ford Discovery Centre - a showcase of automotive technology, 90 minute scenic lunch cruise on Coria Bay. DAY 9 - Ballarat/Home PRICE ON APPLICATION


HEWETT PHARMACY 21 Adelaide Rd, Gawler. Ph 8522 1689

Kingfisher Drive, Hewett. Ph 8523 1330


8562 8092 ABN 43 056 104 187 # Triple R Travel Lic No. 31486

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 19 - The Herald, Barossa Valley


With Eric in God’s care.

FUNERAL NOTICES RATTAEY The Family of DORIS EDNA RATTAEY respectfully advise Family and Friends that her Funeral Service will be held on THURSDAY April 12, commencing at 1.30pm in St Paul's Lutheran Church, Murray Street, Tanunda, followed by refreshments in the Church Hall. A private burial service will be held at Nuriootpa Cemetery.


FIREWOOD Quality seasoned. Split red. blue, sugar gum, mallee stumps sawn mallee & bags of kindling. Weighbridge docket supplied. Pickup or deliver AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. Matthew Reimann, Firewood Supplies. 0413089743. Delivery available 7 days by appointment. Credit Cards now accepted.

J.W. SMART WOOLBUYERS PTY LTD. Will buy all types. Flexible hours. Ph: 0417878486 -

ZUMBA at Greenock Institute. Wednesdays 10.15am. & 6.30pm. Instructor Sue Evans. Ph: 85628184



BIGGER & BETTER Garage Sale at 14 Jane Place, Tanunda. Saturday 14th April, 2012, from 08.30 Hrs. Tents, camping gear, beanie kids, heritage pieces, books, preserving jars, quality second hand clothes, shoes, furniture, toys & bric-abrac, antique weaving looms, pot plants in terracotta pots. Everything must go.

ANY SCRAP METAL Will pay cash for the removal of yours. Ph: 0412259039

GUN SALES. Ammo, repairs, safes, accessories & service. Gawler Fishing & Outdoors, 48 Murray St, Gawler 85226200 "GYPSUM FOR SALE" S.A. Agri Gypsum incorporating Mills Freightlines Pty. Ltd. "Gypsum" for sale ex Morgan. 15.34% Sulphur, Calcium 23.4% Cart self or transport available. Contact: Gavin Mills 0428462001 Jayne Mills 0428462010 HAY OATEN WHEATEN Hay from $35 roll Phone Peter & Bev Grocke 0429 694 058 or 8563 2113 JACKSON'S FIREWOOD free bag kindling with every order. Dry split redgum mallee pink gum. Weighed delivery only. 0400083852 LEADLIGHT - Local, professional affordable leadlight. I'll come to you, or call at Gawler Glass Design studio, 58 Yettie Rd, Williamstown. Weekly classes. Bob Pirch 85247241

IN MEMORIAM CLARKE, Daniel James 18/9/80 - 14/4/07 Time changes many things, but not the memory this day brings. Always in my heart. Love Mum.

MAINS pressure blue line poly from $37 roll. Gawler Irrigation, Lot 11, Paxton Street, Willaston. Ph: 85232350 NEED A PUMP? For all your needs, Gawler Irrigation, Lot 11, Paxton Street, WILLASTON. Ph: 85232350 OATEN & LUCERNE HAY Smalll squares. $6/bale. Ph: 0427485217


PEA STRAW for sale $4 per bale delivered. Ph: 85663916

Barossa New Life Church TREASURE CHEST - FURNITURE MART 10 Murray St, Nuriootpa Tel. 85622988

PLANTS - Natives, perennials, tube stock, water wise etc. MORNING STAR NURSERY Lot 1 Cossins St., Kapunda. Ph: 85663952. Open Thursday to Sunday 9am- 5pm.

Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm Saturday 9am - 12pm All donations of furniture, clothing, bric-a-brac enable us to assist our Community CASH FOR BOTTLES & CANS. Wine bottles, batteries, phone Lange's Can & Bottle Depot on 85642292 for trading hours, 20 Newcastle St, Angaston. COUNTRY STITCHERS fundraisers for CARERS LINK BAROSSA & DISTRICTS INC. will be in the BAROSSA MALL on 11th, 12th & 13th April, 2012. We will have plenty of winter warmers for the coming cold weather, eg. bed socks, hat/caps, knee warmers, rugs, quilts, cot quilts, h /water bottle covers, knitwear, littlies retro PJ's wheat heat bags, gloves, mittens, fingerless gloves, Crows and Pt Power caps, tea cosies (lined) girls retro pinny sets, ironing board covers (standard 15" x 48" Large 15 1⁄2" x 53") crocheted top t /towels, casserole carriers & cushions. Times: 11th April 10 a.m.- 5.30 p.m. 12th & 13th April 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. DODGE 500, 1975, 15ft Timber Tray Top Truck with Tailgate. Only 51213km on Odometer. Not registered, good condition. Runs well $3500. 85645118 DOMESTIC farm, pool and spa pump repairs. Complete workshop facilities also for electric fence energisers. New units, conversions to solar, tapes and insulators. Qualified tradesman. Ag Power Williamstown Road, Cockatoo Valley. 0408820024

MISCELLANEOUS BIBLEHELP Don't know just what to believe anymore - 85623945

SELLING, BUYING .......? Advertise in the Herald classifieds, and get results! Giveaway ads are run for 1 week, FREE. You can now place your classified ad at Kapunda Newsagency, deadline is Monday 5.00p.m. Classified deadline 5.00pm Monday. (Maybe subject to change) Ph: 85632041, Fax: 85633655 or email

MOTOR VEHICLES CASH FOR CARS and scrap metal. Ph: 0404856309 HONDA CB 750 1975 very good original condition. 8,063 miles $6,850 ono. Ring Andy 0414723418 Eng. CB 750-2573570

BOATS & MARINE ZODIAC DINGHY, 2 person inflatable, 2 oars.With 4HP Yamaha Outboard Motor, only 20hrs use. $1500 - 85645118

FOR RENT LYNDOCH 3 BEDROOM LARGE STONE HOME Town Centre, NO pets, avail. immediately. $250 p.w. Ph: 0438033763

FOR HIRE SLUSHIE/FROZEN Cocktail Machine HOT CHOCOLATE Cocktail Machine PUCKER POWDER . FAIRY FLOSS Slush-a-Licous Phone Pina 0434141097 Family owned, locally operated.

HAVING A GARAGE SALE? Advertise in The Herald classifieds, and get results! All Garage Sale ads MUST be prepaid. You can now place your classified ad at Kapunda Newsagency, deadline is Monday 4.30 pm. Classified deadline 5.00pm Monday (Maybe subject to change) Ph: 85632041 Fax: 85633655 or email SAT/SUN 14/15. Yettie Road, Williamstown. 8.00 a.m. Furniture, double bed, toys, books, bric-a-brac, microwave. SATURDAY 14th April. 8.30a.m. Lord Lynedoch Street, Lyndoch. Clothes, baby goods, toys, freezer, microwave & appliances. Scuba, furniture. TANUNDA Sat 14/4, 8am to 12noon, 64 Para Rd. Toys, computer table, bric-abrac, general household items.

ANYTHING WITH METAL Cash 4 cars, free collection. HAPPY SCRAPPY recycle it! 85630213 or 0406411117 CASH FOR SCRAP METAL I AM LOCAL. Ph: 0411165694 A COMPETENT PERSON to instal a combustion heater flue in Wasleys. Your quote to 0437872125.

COMING EVENTS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Need Help? Contact 83463255 Meeting: Friday's - C.W.A. Building Kapunda - 8pm. KAPUNDA "Farm Fair Saturday" Indoor Market 21st April 2012 CWA Hall – Main Street Come for a browse 9.00 - 3.00 - FREE ENTRY Stall holders welcome (Public Risk Insurance essential) Phone 85662241 or 85663913

Barossa Valley Prostate Cancer support Welcome men travelling Group

PETS BELINDA'S PAMPERED PETS NURIOOTPA Professional dog grooming by an animal lover. EFTPOS now available. Ph: 0418810323 HOOTZ DOG GROOMING Mobile. Qualified groomer. Nuriootpa Ph: Justin 0406840020 HYDROPAWS 4pawfectpaws. Mobile nose to tail pet care. Heated hydrobath, blowdry, nails & clipping. Ph: Bridget 0488444542

HEALTH & BEAUTY MASSAGE Therapeutic, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy Massage, Aromatherapy Pamper Packages, Myofacial Release, Reiki. 7 years professional experience. Gift vouchers & Pensioner discounts available. Consulting in Kapunda. Liz Ronan. Ph:85663125 or 0400760010 REMEDIAL MASSAGE Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Myo-Fascial, Lymphatic. Wed, Fri - 1A Bilyara Rd, Tanunda. Ph. 0409631553 Thurs - Petite Pear Shop 3 Gilbert St, Lyndoch. Ph. 85245156. Health Rebates.

with all types of cancer.

Meets 2nd Tuesday monthly 2-4pm. Further information call Don 8562 3359 FRIENDS OF THE BAROSSA LIBRARY

STORY BOOK PICNIC Sunday 15th April 11.30 am to 4.30 pm at Seppeltsfield Winery Great day of family fun with entertainment from Cool4Kids, story-reading, old-fashioned family races, clowns, face-painting, craft stalls.

Dress up as a story-book character and WIN! Great prizes for primary school age story writing competition and family races and dress-up competition thanks to the generosity of major sponsors Vinpac international. Tickets $10 per family (2 adults, 2children) A Barossa Library event for the National Year of Reading.


Beloved wife of Eric (deceased). Loving Mum to Susanne, Rae and Mary. Nanna to Krista and Sally, Mother-in-law to Philip.



RATTAEY Doris Edna (nee Rasmus) Passed away peacefully on April 7 2012 at Tanunda Lutheran Home. Aged 92 years.




PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CHIMNEY CLEANING Local Barossa Service Phone: David 0407189215 CHIROPRACTOR. Dr Kana Nathan 39 Murray St, Angaston. Consulting Saturdays Ph. 85642882 CIVIL CELEBRANT - Angela Nielsen Ceremonies designed for you. Marriages, namings, committment and renewal of vows. Ph: 0408107940 or 85642773 LEADLIGHT STUDIO make new, repair old, traditional to contemporary. For quality & competitive prices contact Tracy 85246959 Willliamstown

PERSONAL ERECTION & PREMATURE PROBLEMS? Help for $30. Money back g'tee. Free sample. 0424 452 329.

MT. PLEASANT area. Unrushed & personal 4 gents who prefer private. 0466964374

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2 CLEANERS required for night cleaning (couple or individuals) to clean a busy leisure centre in Tanunda. MUST have own ABN and have experience using an auto scrubber. Good hourly rate. Ph. 0451371105


The EAS Canteen is looking for someone for 4 to 8 hours per week. The Canteen operates daily (Monday to Friday during term time) from 10:00am until 2:00pm to provide recess and lunch for 180 students and 20 staff. We are seeking motivated and friendly staff for Term 2. Experience is preferred but not essential. Employment will be under the Fast Food Industry Award 2010, with a possible extension of the contract, reliant on demand. Applications are to be in writing, including your resume, by Thursday 19th April 2012 to Roxanne Rosenzweig, Canteen Manager, Eudunda Area School, 2 Reserve Road, Eudunda 5374.

A RELIABLE CLEANER required for B & B Tanunda. Some experience preferred. Also a casual gardener - suit retired person a few hours a a fortnight. Ph: 0417824842



Eudunda Area School

$4000 Government Training Incenves are available for *eligible parcipants making the course cost neutral!

Enquiries to Roxanne 0428 765 695 or Sonia Neville 0428 544 283


Call to discuss (08) 8562 2122

The Barossa – committed to excellence in Local Government



Part Time 2 days per week Maternity Leave Contract

CLEANERS needing extra work in school hours. Honest & reliable in your home. Ph: 0429007863

• Key position within the Customer Service Team • Level 2, The Barossa Council (ASU) Enterprise Agreement 2010

HOME CLEANING & IRONING - $15 off first reg. service so you try us out. Ph: Carolyn or Nat till 8pm daily incl. w/ends. 0409691576

Responsible for the delivery of the best available advice, assistance and services to Council’s external and internal customers including switchboard, customer enquires, cash handling and administrative support.

PAINTER Local experience. Quality work. Free quote. Ph: Peter 0417805982 Lic. No. BLD48086 ROLLER shutter repairs 08 85662922


Phone 8563 0198

Exciting new opportunity exists for the role as a casual gymnastics coach/instructor at The Valleys Lifestyle Centre. The Clare Gymnasitcs Club Inc is growing rapidly and The Valleys Lifestyle Centre requires additional coaches to help develop and build the club of over 100 participants. Successful applicants will have the following desirable: • Have a passion and high level of enthusiasm for gymnastics and working with children of all ages and abilities. • Assist the Clare Gymnastics Club and the development of the gymnastics program for the Valleys Lifestyle Centre. • Experience within the sport of gymnastics or similar field is desirable but not essential, coaching or competing experience also desirable. • Coach/instructors must have excellent communication skills, experience working with children, general knowledge of gymnastics, and coaching philosophy that recognises safety in progressive training. • The role will require some administration duties, record management and documentation, and promotion of the facilities and services provided by The Valleys Lifestyle Centre Gymnastics Program. To be successful in the role you will have or be willing to obtain the following qualifications: Essential: Minimum • Level 1 gymnastics coaching accreditation • Senior First Aid and CPR • Police check. Please forward applications by

Requirements for this position include demonstrated experience working in a customer service environment, sound ICT, keyboard skills, attention to detail, a high level of enthusiasm and a general desire to learn and develop. Written applications addressing the specialist knowledge and skills required should be forwarded in confidence to the Human Resources Officer, The Barossa Council, PO Box 867, Nuriootpa SA 5355 or email by Thursday 26th April 2012. Please refer to the position description available at for further information please contact Human Resources on 8563 8444. The Barossa Council is committed to EEO principles, workplace diversity and professional development.

Mark’confidential’ and post to: Andrew Waters Manager, Recreation & Lifestyles Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council 4 Gleeson Street, Clare SA 5453

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Friday 20th April 2012







Do you have a passion for Natural Resources Management?

NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for a development assessment. Details of the application are as follows:DEVELOPMENT NO.313/467/2011 APPLICATION SA Feltus ADDRESS 4 Main Street KAPUNDA SA 5373 NATURE OF Single storey detached DEVELOPMENT dwelling with verandah and garage under main roof in association with an existing farm building (non-complying) SUBJECT LAND East Terrace KAPUNDA, LOT: 591 DP: 80496 CERTIFICATE OF Volume 6037 Folio 568 TITLE The application may be examined at the Offices of the Council located at 93 Main Street, Kapunda and 12 Hanson Street, Freeling, during normal business hours and any person or body affected may make relevant representations in writing concerning this application to reach the General Manager Development and Regulatory Services at PO Box 72, Kapunda SA 5373 not later than 5.00pm on Thursday, 26 April 2012. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38 (8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. AUTHORISED: DATE:

Jake McVicar 11 April 2012

Men’s div April 2. Enigmas 10 def Team Rehab 5, Krackers 11 def Wombats 4, T & A’s 11 def Barflyz 4, Spot On 8 def Raiders 5. 180 thrown by Des Copeland and Scott Rider x2 - 6 peg outs - Adam Totolas, Bob Pryde, Phil Rowland, HPO 116 Phil Rowland (170 Gavin Cundy. Mar 19). Premiership: Krackers 6.31, Barflyz 4-25, Wombats 4-25, Enigmas 4.24, T&A’s 4.19, Team Rehab 2-22, Spot-On 2.16, Raiders 0-11. Mixed March 27. Wonderers 11 def Kookaburras 0, Rosie’s LFD 7 def Rebels 4, Ravens 7 def B&B’s 4. HPO 102 Dave Wheeler, 180 thrown by Deb Bellchambers March 13. Premiership: Ravens 4-15, Wonderers 2-14, Rebels 2-12, B&B’s 2-11, Rosie’s LFD 2-10, Kookaburras 0-1. Ladies April 4. Hepcats 12 def Saints 3, Angels bye. HPO 78 Naomi Trotter. Premiership: Hepcats 6.28, Angels 2-15, Saints 0-5. Next rounds of matches: Ladies Div on April 11: Angels playing Hepcats at Roseworthy Hotel, Saints bye. Mens Div on April 16: Barflyz playing Wombats at the Munno Para Bowling Club, Krackers playing Team Rehab at the Commercial Hotel, Two Wells - Raiders playing T & A’s at the Roseworthy Hotel, Enigmas playing Spot On at the Roseworthy Hotel. Please Note: - If you want to join a team, we have ladies, mixed and men’s trying to find extra players, for further information please phone our secretary on 0418 892 905.

Oakbank action


1. Only one entry per person 2. Emailed, photocopied and faxed entries permitted. Phone entries NOT accepted. 3. Tips must be submitted to a designated drop off point by 5pm Friday - except from Round 2: 5pm Thursday April 5, Round 5: 5pm Tuesday April 24, Round 12: 5pm Thursday June 14. 4. The weekly winner will win a $50 Barossa Betta Electrical Gift Card. 5. The weekly winner will be the one who tips 9 correct winners for that round and has the closest margin. The margin is always from the first-named game. 6. In the event of two or more tipsters selecting the same 9 winners, the winning margin indicated will be used as a tie-breaker. If this still cannot separate the tipsters then a draw shall take place. 7. If no tipster selects 9 winners the weekly prize will jackpot each week until won. 8. If, at the end of the season, two or more tipsters have equal points that will qualify for a prize, the winner will be decided by the margain score. If a tie still exists, a draw will be used to determine a result. 9. Tipping runs for the minor rounds only. 10. When tips not submitted, tipsters who have previously lodged entries will automatically receive the away teams for the round. 11. After missing three consecutive rounds, tipsters will be eliminated. 12. The Barossa & Light Herald will not accept responsibility for late entries received. 13. Designated drop off points are: Nuriootpa - Harvey World Travel Vine Inn Kapunda - KBL Security Angaston - Angaston Hardware Gawler - Harvey World Travel Tanunda - The Herald Office 14. Fax entry number 8563 3655 email entry: or Post to the Herald P.O. Box 43, Tanunda SA 5352

Gawler Darts results on April 7 - by ‘Pegout’.



Apply to become a member of one of the following Natural Resources Management (NRM) Boards and make a real difference to how the environment and natural resources are managed in your region: • Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges • Eyre Peninsula • South Australian Murray Darling Basin There are eight regional NRM boards established under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004. Each NRM board has up to nine community members, including a Presiding Member and they are responsible for preparing and implementing a regional natural resources management plan for their region. Approximately three to four days per month is required for service on a board and fees are paid for attendance at NRM board meetings and approved NRM board activities. Successful applicants will be appointed for a two or three year term. It is preferable that members live in the relevant region and be engaged in an activity related to the management of the land. Adherence to government policies relating to gender balance and cultural diversity will be considered in the selection process. Board members have skills, knowledge and practical experience in a number of areas. On this occasion, people specifically with one or more of the following areas are encouraged to apply: Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board (one position available) • primary production • water resources management • conservation and biodiversity management • community affairs at the regional level • natural and social science

ABOVE: The leaders jump a hurdle in the home straight with a lap to go in the Trial Hurdle. BELOW: Cellamaster easily wins the opening event on Easter Saturday.

Eyre Peninsula NRM Board (one position available) • urban or regional planning • natural and social science • business administration (including skills, knowledge or experience in communications and stakeholder engagement, Government systems, risk management and strategic planning). South Australian Murray Darling Basin NRM Board (two positions available) • community affairs at the regional level • conservation and biodiversity management • natural and social science • Aboriginal interests in the land and water, and Aboriginal heritage (representation of Aboriginal people will be strongly considered in the selection process). Application forms can be downloaded from the following website: Alternatively, see contact details below if you would like to request an application form be posted or emailed to you. Completed applications should be addressed to:


Mrs Mica Balela Department of Environment and Natural Resources GPO Box 1047 Adelaide SA 5001 Phone: (08) 8463 6860 Email: Applications close at 5.00pm 4 May 2012

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Teakle’s top 20 Herald football writer Mike Teakle rates the most influential players in the Barossa, Light and Gawler Football Association for the 2012 season which starts on Saturday, April 21.

No 2: Tom Schiller of Tanunda.

No 3: Sam Walton of Willaston.

1. Luke Wells (Tanunda). Automatic choice. ‘Billy’ is without doubt the most influential player in the league. 2.Tom Schiller (Tanunda). After recovering from surgery to repair a niggling ankle injury midway through last year Schiller scorched every opponent both in the midfield and while resting forward. 3. Sam Walton (Willaston). Made the leap from ‘good’ to ‘great’ last season and was justly rewarded with his first Mail medal. 4. Sam Agars (Tanunda). Sam’s ability to control a game from multiple positions gives his team a huge advantage. 5. Craig Gogoll (Nuriootpa). An elite defender, Craig can control games from half back or half forward. The addition of some tall timber at Tigerland should allow him to play solely at centre half back, his best suited role. 6. Joel Campbell (Willaston). Joel is able to find space through the midfield and racks up a ton of possessions. He delivers the ball to his forwards on a platter, and also delivers the hardest fair bump in the competition. 7. Mal Greenwood (Freeling). Mal had an outstanding season in 2011 and should be able to produce a similar effort this season with the burden of coaching lifted from his shoulders.

Numbers against Bulldogs By ROBERT LAIDLAW CENTRAL District lost its first two games of a season for the first time since 1990 in going down by 16 points to West Adelaide in Easter Thursday’s SANFL clash at Richmond. As was the case in the first game against Norwood, the Bulldogs failed to fire up front, with the opposition defence repelling too many forward forays easily. The value of the likes of Daniel Schell and Daniel Havelberg in the past is missing, while the unavailability of Alan Obst for the first half of this season, has left Central with an obvious problem who is going to straighten the Dogs up going into attack? Against West there was a purple patch in the third term, where Central kicked three majors in three minutes, which was the only time it looked like the team of the past decade - but three minutes of great footy is just not good enough, no matter the opponent. Fortunately for the Bulldogs their defence was solid all game and Westies wasted many opportunities, which made for an uninspiring game. After West booted the game’s first two goals, Eddie Sansbury nailed Central’s first, half way through the opening term, while Matthew Westhoff missed a sitter running into an open goal from 40m, when the shot hit the post. At the 20 minute mark of the first quarter West kicked its third major of the period and led 3-2 to 1-2 at the first break. The game should have been put away in the first half of the second term by the Bulldogs, but three straight points before a goal to Justin Hardy still saw Central trail, in spite of having 70 per cent plus of the play. West controlled the final 10

minutes of the half and booted the only other goal of the period to lead 44 to 2-6 at the long break. Much of the first half resembled a rugby maul, which continued early in the third term, until the Dogs hit their straps, with majors to Trent Goodrem, Hardy - a goal of the game snap from a pack in the forward pocket - and Sansbury, to grab an unlikely nine-point lead at the 11 minute mark. Then West dominated with the next five scores, but fortunately the first four were behinds - three from easy shots 25 metres out - to inch one point ahead. The Bulldogs then had their turn at the yips, with three misses in the time on period to go into the final break with a two-point advantage. With two quick goals to open the final stanza, West seemed to take control, with Sansbury’s third major for the Dogs, at the eight minute mark, leaving the game there for the taking, which the home said did, with the next three six-pointers. Late in the contest Paul Thomas ran in to boot a goal to reduce the margin but it was too late, with the team that wanted the win more, winning. Paul Marschall again stood out in defence and demonstrated plenty of poise for a second gamer to be Central’s best. Ryan Williams showed signs he is returning to his best form, while Jarrod Schiller’s courage was a standout, and Luke Barmby made a welcome return to the Dogs. Next Saturday is perhaps the most crucial game Central has played against South Adelaide this millennium, with victory a must if the Bulldogs are to keep in touch with the top four, before welcoming back a host of players over the next month. Lose and Central will be 0-3 with big games against Port Adelaide and the Eagles in coming weeks.

8.Heath Commane (Barossa District). Kicks 70+ goals with regularity, is the most dominant pure forward in the league. 9. Andrew Prior (Tanunda). Has transitioned beautifully from his role as a key defender to being a ‘super utility’ who can move up the field and turn a match with a five minute burst on the ball. 10. Luke Howard (Gawler Central). The Tigers ruckman dominates the air in most games. He’ll need to step up even further in a depleted team. 11. Michael Taylor (Barossa District). ‘Scrubber’s’ kamikaze-style and intensity at the bottom of the pack is unmatched but he’s also an elite ball getter who could go close to collecting the 2012 Schluter medal. 12. Josh Taylor (Willaston). Another ‘super utility’ although his 2012 role could be less varied thanks to key off season signings. He should be a monster across the centreline and a nightmare matchup for opposing coaches. 13. Billy Nichols (Nuriootpa). Has flourished since being given the captaincy. Billy is the key to his team progressing to the finals in 2012. 14.Phil Bennett (Angaston). Big enough to handle any forward, Phil is a typical defensive general who doesn’t give his opponent any room to move.

West Adelaide Central District

3.2 1.2

4.4 2.6

15. Brad Taylor (Kapunda). The Bomber captain leads from the front every week, is deadly near goal, and can kick inspirational goals at crucial times. 16. Paul Stelzer (Barossa District). Outstanding midfielder/forward who can run all game and provides a crucial link from the clearances - dangerous near the goals. 17. Mark Paget (South Gawler). Put simply, Mark is a beast, the type of ruckman every club would love to get. He returns from a stint at Port Adelaide and if he shows his previous form will carry the Lions out of the cellar. 18. Ryan Bignell (Tanunda). Tanunda’s ball-winning king has more clearances than a Persian rug factory and can play on any line when his team needs. 9. Paul Bova (Gawler Central). The Tigers goal-kicking machine may find it tougher this year with his supply expected to drop but he’s possibly the most efficient forward in the league in terms of marking the passes he gets and converting. Thrives under pressure. 20. Ben Schiller (Tanunda). Stepped out of his brother’s shadow last season to become a truly elite midfielder. Tackles magnificently for his size and has developed into a dangerous forward option.

8.10 5.10

10.10 7.12

(70) (54)

Best: Marschall, Williams, Schiller, Symes, Barmby, Sansbury. Goals: Sansbury 3, Hardy 2, Goodrem, Thomas.

STRONG: Tanunda’s Scott Dutschke breaks clear of his West Adelaide opponents. PIC: PLA Media.

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Four of a kind

Home Theatre Pack* from




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Air Conditioning Systems 1801906

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*Pics for illustration purposes only. Product may vary.



FOUR: Apprentice jockey Jake Toeroek signifies his four winners at Naracoorte.


APPRENTICE jockey Jake Toeroek may have claimed an Australian record with his four winners at Naracoorte on Sunday, April 1. Several other apprentices have ridden four winners in a day but records indicate none had achieved the feat in their first year of riding. Toeroek, who is apprenticed to Tony McEvoy at Kildalton Park, Angaston, only began riding on October 1 last year. His first day of riding was at the Jamestown Cup meeting and his first winner was the feature race on the McEvoy-trained Sky Raider. His winning tally is now up to 18 with the four at Naracoorte helping rocket him up to 10th place on the SA Jockey’s countryprovincial premiership. Toeroek’s winners at the SouthEast track were popular with punters. His first winner Lionhearted Girl was a $2.50 chance, Aged in Oaks ran the $2.20 favourite, Bredlign started at $2.80 and Foodeater was a $2.50 favourite. “It was certainly a special day,” Toeroek said. “But it helped that all of the winners had plenty of ability and were well placed by their trainers. “I knew I had a good book of rides but to have it all come together for four wins was amazing. “It could have been five as my ride in the first race, Hasta La Shamer, didn’t have a lot of luck

and took a while to get wound up in the home straight.” Toeroek, 17, hails from Birdwood and became a jockey after attending a TAFE course. Trainer Tony McEvoy said he was delighted with the progress Toeroek was making. “Jake was with my stable for more than a year learning the skills before I let him ride in races,” McEvoy said. “He is a good listener and accepts criticism, so he learns from his mistakes. “Stable foreman Warren Hughes is an ex-jockey and with myself having ridden as well we are able to help Jake. “We go through everyone of his rides and ask him to rate his effort with a reason why and then put forward our views.” McEvoy said Toeroek’s reward for his hard work and success would be that he will apply to let him now ride at metropolitan meetings. When apprentice jockeys begin their careers they are only licenced to ride at country and provincial meetings before gaining approval to ride in the city. “I will apply to the stewards to let Jake ride in the city, but for a start will restrict him only to my horses,” McEvoy said. “That way I can restrict his riding to one or two a meeting and ease him into the pressures of metropolitan racing.” Toeroek’s most recent winner was at Clare on Easter Saturday scoring on Hong Kong Missy.







60-64 Murray St, Nuriootpa

8562 1548

8566 2922

50 Murray Street, Nuriootpa 5355 Phone: 8562 3552 Fax: 8562 3557 email: web:

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8568 6028 1803573


Shop 7 Barossa Mall 1 Murray St, NURIOOTPA

20 Main St, Kapunda



Award winners Barossa and Light Cricket Association 2011/12 season Team of the Year

A2 Bat agg: Andrew McKay (South Gawler) 386 Bat ave: Rhys Handtke (Sandy Creek) 39.50 Bow agg: Jamie Schmidt (Nuriootpa) 43 wickets Bow ave: Jamie Schmidt (Nuriootopa) 7.49 Cricketer of the Year Jamie Schmidt (Nuriootpa) 1071 points

Riley Barker (South Gawler) Ty Stock (Gawler Central) Jamie McCafferty (Gawler Central) Craig Reimann (Kapunda) Aaron King (Gawler Central) Ben Burgess (Angaston) Craig Mullins (Gilbert Valley) David Golder (South Gawler) James Vandeleur, captain (Gilbert Valley) Brett Burgess (Angaston) Brett Woodards (Angaston)

A3 Bat agg: Brandon Nottle (Sandy Creek) 381 Bat ave: Shane Dawe (Gawler Central) 40.71 Bow agg: Matthew Cotton and Greg Hinderwell (both Sandy Creek) 38 wickets Bow ave: Matthew Cotton (Sandy Creek) 7.61 Cricketer of the Year Matthew Cotton (Sandy Creek) 1100 points

Umpire of the year Anthony Tscharke

A4 Bat agg: Wesley Rudd (Mallala) 448 Bat ave: Kelly Curnow (Mallala) 100.75 Bow agg: Peter Nitschke (Greenock) 35 wickets Bow ave: Andrew Wright (Freeling) 6.58 Cricketer of the Year Peter Nitschke (Greenock) 1008 points

J L Mosey Medal winners James Vandeleur, Ty Stock 27 votes Trophy winners A1 Batting agg: Aaron King (Gawler Central) 636 Batting ave: Aaron King (Gawler Central) 63.60 Bowling agg: Brett Burgess (Angaston) 38 wickets Bowling ave: Craig Mullins (Gilbert Valley) 10.37 Cricketer of the Year Aaron King (Gawler Central) 1246 points

A5 Bat agg: Chris Gusch (Gilbert Valley) 779 Bat ave: Adam Borgas (South Gawler) 53.20 Bow agg: Craig Schulz (Angaston) 38 wickets Bow ave: Michael Lightburn (Angaston) 9.68 Cricketer of the Year Craig Schulz (Angaston) 1378 points

A1 Reserves Bat agg: Gary Stevens (Greenock) 559 Bat ave: Ben Parish (Freeling) 50.56 Bow agg: Robert Montgomery (Freeling) 30 wickets Bow ave: Brian Montgomery (Freeling) 9.20 Cricketer of the Year Toby Eggleton (Truro) 994 points

Man of the Match - grand final A1: Eddie Renner Medal Tom Vater (Gilbert Valley) A1Res: Ashley Read (Freeling) A2: Jamie Schmidt (Nuriootpa) A3: Matt Cotton (Sandy Creek Green) A4: Sam Carmichael (Freeling) A5: Matthew Busch (Gilbert Valley)


Matthew Bouveng, KBL Security


Collingwood 12 Richmond Pt Adelaide Fremantle Essendon St Kilda West Coast Adelaide Geelong

Adam Hunt, Harvey World Travel


Carlton 14 Richmond Pt Adelaide Fremantle Essendon St Kilda West Coast Hawthorn Geelong

Chris Linden, Manager, Vine Inn


Carlton 25 Melbourne Sydney Fremantle Essendon St Kilda West Coast Hawthorn Geelong

Aaron King (Gawler Central)


Rob Colaruso, Harvey Norman Munno Para Carlton 13 Melbourne Pt Adelaide Fremantle Essendon Bulldogs West Coast Hawthorn Geelong

A1 Cricketer of the Year



Fri, April 13

v Collingwood



v Melbourne


Port Adelaide

v Sydney



v Brisbane


Gold Coast

v Essendon


West Bulldogs

v St Kilda


Carlton Sat, April 14

Address: ________________ ________________________ Phone: __________________ proudly sponsored by:

Sun, April 15

GWS Giants

v West Coast



v Adelaide


Nth Melbourne

v Geelong


Mike Teakle, Herald Sports Writer


5.1 Home Theatre System & TV


$1000 CASH $500 CASH

Plus $50 weekly for the person who selects all 9 winners and is closest to the margin* *Prize jackpots if not won

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Collingwood 44 Richmond Pt Adelaide Fremantle Essendon St Kilda West Coast Hawthorn Geelong

Central District Football Club supports


Gawler and Kapunda Sportsperson of the week


Brandon Kurtz - Angaston

with Graham Fischer and Mike Teakle

Brandon Kurtz plays football for Angaston. Where have you played your football? Angaston, Aldinga, Berri, West Adelaide juniors.


Who are key players at your club? Joel Wilson, Jack Miles, Matthew Head and the rest of the young bucks. What is your most important attribute? Reading the play. Who is a character at the club and why? Nick Falland, just an intense angry unit. Who is the best player you have played with and against? Michael Spanagel, David Green, Matthew Doecke, Craig Harvey, Stewy White, the list goes on. Against: Alex Kennedy, Heath Commane. Who are your sporting idols? Brett Favre, Glenn Archer, Roger Federer. Any superstitions? Not really. What event has inspired or amazed you? The birth of my second son was an epic labour and Jasmine was such a trooper. Way tougher than anything I will ever, or have ever, done. If you were Prime Minister what issue would you address? Crime. More prisons, harsher sentences. Pet hates on the football oval? Cowards and snipers. Favourite actor and movie? Adam Sandler and movie - Caddyshack. If someone had to play you in a movie who would it be? Chevy Chase.

Greatest moment and disappointment? 2003 premiership, and disappointment breaking my leg in the 2004 preliminary final and missing the grand final. How would you spend a million dollars? Jasmine would spend it before I saw it. What other sport would you love to be the best in the world at and why? American football, love the game. If you could have any four people stranded on a deserted island with you who would they be and why? Jasmine, my two boys, Elliot and Riley, and Sponge Bob Sparepants to keep the boys busy.


WNBL star Tess Madgen is on the move. After two strong seasons with the Bendigo Spirit, the dynamic forward has signed with league powerhouse the Bulleen Boomers. Despite winning the Spirit’s MVP award for the second year in a row Tess was disappointed with her season. “I didn’t get better in any way last year,” Tess said. “I want to make it to the level of being in the Opals squad and I think this move will help me achieve that.” A big lure at Bulleen is the first rate coaching panel which includes legendary Olympic coach Tom Maher, fourtime Olympian Michelle Timms and former Adelaide 36ers coach Gary Fox.

“I’ve loved my time at Bendigo but at Bulleen having two full time coaches will give me a chance to work on a lot of aspects of my game,” she said. This season’s runner up, the Boomers boast a talented core including Opals Liz Cambage and Rachel Jarry. The addition of Madgen should propel them into outright favouritism for next season. Meanwhile, Tess’ older brother Ben’s sizzling finish to the 2011/2012 season was capped off at the Sydney Kings awards ceremony. Ben collected the inaugural Laurie Waterson award as clubman of the year. The award recognised the former Williamstown junior’s efforts both on and off the court in the community. WH1808454

Relationship and employment status: Married to the beautiful Jasmine, manager- Plush group of hotels.

Your Guide to the Tides

> Hockey DESPITE the hockey season being several weeks away the best players in the Barossa and Light will be hitting the pitch in Adelaide next week at the state hockey championships. Under the watchful eye of coach Daniel Wall the squad has been training intensely and has already played three trial matches against premier league teams.


“I’m really happy with the team we’ve got,” Wall said. “The majority is still last season’s team of the year, and it’s going to be a young team and a very fit one as well.” A bonus is having a fully fit Marty Gallasch chomping at the bit to dominate as the goalkeeper, after an injury plagued preseason in 2011. Marty is set for a great season with the all-conquering Nuri men’s A grade side going for its 10th straight title.

> Netball IN A first for Barossa, Light and Gawler netball, a senior coach has been selected to play at the sport’s elite club level. Leigh Waddington, who is coaching Gawler Central, has sat on the bench for the Adelaide Thunderbirds in their opening two games with wins over the Sydney Swifts and reigning premier the Queensland Firebirds. Local netball’s preseason cup will be conducted on Sunday at Lyndoch. Proudly brought to you by: BAROSSA



33 Railway Tce, Nuriootpa

8562 4881

Kim’s catch

brought to you by

Gawler Fishing and Outdoors Mon-Fri 9am - 5.30pm Thurs 9am - 8.00pm Sat 9.00am - 4.00pm Sun 11am - 3.00pm

The recognition highlighted he did everything the Kings’ organisation aspires to achieve. “I’m absolutely thrilled to be honoured with this,” Ben said. “It’s named after a man who has been our team manager for the last 20 years. “It tops the season off nicely. I’m pretty excited the club has resigned Shane Heal as coach for the next two years as he’s given me and the other guards a huge boost in confidence. “I believe he can help us improve, make the playoffs and eventually contend for a title.”

• Fishing • Camping • Guns • Marine 48 Murray Street, Gawler

8522 6200 Tide Times for Port Adelaide (Outer Harbour) and Wallaroo for the week to come

Pt Adelaide APR 2012


11 WE

0236 0608 1108 1904

0.58 0.65 0.48 1.74


1110 1936

0.47 1.67

1038 2010

0.50 1.55

1002 2041

0.56 1.41

0924 2036

0.61 1.25

0922 1854

0.65 1.14

11 WE

0051 0619 1146 1831

0.47 1.70 0.50 2.57


0106 0631 1159 1850

0.59 1.66 0.49 2.48

0116 0647 1220 1911

0.68 1.65 0.53 2.34


0134 0706 1244 1933

0.79 1.61 0.67 2.10


0159 0724 1257 1943

0.96 1.47 0.94 1.77


1039 1720 2201

1.18 1.52 1.34

16 MO


13 FR

14 SA

15 SU

16 MO

APR 2012





0936 0.69 0258 1.51 1712 1.18 0917 0.96 1545 1.78 TU 2246 0.92 2144 0.98 *Please note - Add 1 hour for daylight savings ‘Tidal predictions supplied by the National Tide Facility. The Flinders University of South Australia, Copyright Reserved’

17 TU


Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 26 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

HOOKED: Kimberly Meaney with her winning catch.

By LUBIN PFEIFFER THE ‘Get Some’ salmon challenge was held at Butlers Beach over the weekend with 35 keen anglers attending, many from the Barossa. The aim is to catch the heaviest salmon over the two days and there are also prizes for the biggest nontarget species. The weather was fantastic over the competition and the fish responded with numerous good-sized Australian salmon landed over the duration of the competition. Average size of the fish was just over 1kg. The P Slot cellar group provided the night time entertainment on Saturday and it was a well run event

organised by Kym Weltman and Kain Grocke. Many thanks to Nuriootpa Spot On, the major sponsor, with several surf combos and tackle vouchers up for grabs. A free barbecue was enjoyed by competitors at the weigh in. The winning, and biggest, fish was caught by lady angler Kimberly Meaney who blitzed the field with her 5.84lb salmon. You always need a little luck in comp fishing as this fish was caught just an hour from the finishing time on day two. Second place went to Brett McDonald with a 2.88lb fish, closely followed by 3rd place Kym Weltman with a 2.86lb fish. Tight lines until next week.



Hockey is back

SUCCESS: Marg Dunn celebrates a long putt at Barossa on Saturday.

GOLF KAPUNDA Despite last week being Easter weekend there was a good field for the Sskids Tyres par comp at Kidman Links. In stark contrast to the previous week, scores were very low with just six players making it into the black. Personally I think the nature of the par format lends itself to difficult scoring opportunities on occasions, but that is just my opinion. The best score of the day came from one of the fillies with Dib Strangward having a pretty good +6, well ahead of the next best of +1. With five players just making it into the black it was a five way countback for the major prize. According to our new scoring system within OneGolf it was the lanky Gawlerite Tim Scheer who managed to scoop the prize. The other four were left to fight out the grade prizes and day balls. Andy Peters just pipped Gary Maynard for the B grade and Damian Trotta managed to knock over Geezer in the C grade. Despite what some people think, I believe the par format is more difficult for the lower handicappers and the A grade was won by Greg “Bully” Higgins who managed to finish up square, a great effort considering he pulled up a little worse for wear from the night before. The only other players who managed to stay out of the red were Gary Brushe, Symon Byrne, James Kerrigan and Ian Gawley. I know the format is tough to score but I think with a total of four balls oob Bazz “Willow” Williams was always going to have trouble scoring no matter what the format. He did however have a run of five pars on the trot which helped save the day from a complete disaster. Jayden Higgins had a day he would rather forget with all his luck being bad and the driver just not behaving for him. This week is the monthly medal stroke round and also the culmination of the Paul McCarthy Gold Medal comp. There will be 10 players (two were lucky enough to win two monthly medals) who will compete for this prestigious award. Everyone is aware the subs are now overdue and James would be most appreciative if they could be paid promptly. Good luck to all involved in the Gold Medal final and also to the rest of us making up the numbers. Sskids Tyres Trophy Par: T Scheer +1, D Trotta +1, T Stevens +1, A Peters +1, G Maynard +1, G Brushe 0, G Higgins 0, S Byrne 0, J Kerrigan 0, I Gawley 0, C Bolt -1, J Lindeblad -1, R Bak -1, M Pettigrew -1, B Menzel -1, G Akkerman -1, M Mickan -1, T Holding -1, H Murray -1, J

Shephard -2, S Fiddes -2. Ccr: 72 Ladies: D Strangward +6, I Smith -1, C Perry -3, V Wilson -4, J Morrison -6, C Molloy -7, W Wilson -10. Awcr: 74. Kapunda Ladies had their opening day on April 4. A nine hole Ambrose was played with drinks at the dam. After that everyone was required to hit over the dam off the mens’ 5th tee. The winners for the day were Lorraine Cram, Kate Richter and Marianne Daniel with a nett 28. Runners up were Carole Molloy and Helen Sexton. Sponsors were Perrys BP Kapunda. A pooled lunch was enjoyed after which a general meeting was held. All golfers are reminded that we will be holding a champagne and chicken brunch on April 25 starting at 11am. A mixed Ambrose is to follow. GAWLER Wednesday Ladies; The Phil O`Bryan-sponsored day was won by Nicki Stuart with a 70. Runner up G Potter 74, second runner up V Blows 75 on c/b. NTPS: 3rd M Bow, 11th K Barr. Gobbler: G Potter. Birdies; M Bow, N Stuart. Thursday men; Grantley Oates showed that lefthanders are definitely more talented and can win around Gawler and with his 42pts beat Jerremy Griffiths and John Weaver with well compiled 40s. Balls; S Noack, N Orr, D Steel, D Butler 39, J Williams, R Volraat, D Wyer 37. NTPS: 4th; R Volraat, 6th; R Tyson, 11th; S Noack. Birdie balls; P Marsden 4 and11, R Sawyer, D Butler, R Volraat, R Roy, P Robinson, S Noack. Gawler South pieman Jason Assender eagled the 9th. Midweek ending; John Jordan had a welcome return to form with 42pts to beat the unlucky lefty D Nguyen on a c/b. with a 67 off the bat. Ball rundown; R Crockart 41, I George, S Byrnes, D Steel 38, G Eccles, J Martin, P Robinson 37. Birdie balls; D Nguyen, C Swinstead, D Hurley, D Rogerson, H Smits, R McNamara. Saturday; The beginning of the ongoing Monthly Medal sponsored by, T & S Refrgeration. And the winner Rocco Polito didn’t stick around for presentations in case he mozzed himself, but he need not have worried as his 67 was the round of the day. Other winners Brett Santini in B, Les Taylor in C and Deb Agar won the girls event. A grade - R Polito 67, D Nguyen 71, A Sota 72. B grade - B Santini 68, N Heinrich 71, T O`Boyle 72. C grade - L J Taylor 69, T Smith 72, R Ashton 74. Ladies - D Agar 71. Ball winners; G Long, T Bow, C Swinstead, B Marsh, G Page, M Yardley, D Edwards, D Terrell, C Morrison, G Caldwell,H Smits, S Jeffery, K Barr. NTPS; Uleybury Wines - G Page,

St Kilda Hotel - J Holmes, Giannitto Hotels -B Marsh, Kingsford Hotel - H.Mckerney, Roseworthy Hote - R Taverner, Fasta Pasta - D Butler, Hi Beam Car/Dog Wash - D Dare, Pizza Works - S Porter, Willaston Hotel - G Caldwell. Birdie balls; D Agar, R Morris, M Beck, P Poysden, D McLeod, N Heinrich, B Marsh, D Terrell, W J Martin, G Long. Next weeks event is the season opening ambrose with shotgun starts at 7.30am and 12.30pm. Ring Phil in the Pro-shop if you desire a game in this fun way to start the golfing year. Sunday; The Easter Bunny didn’t show up which explained why no one was at the course except for a few die hards. Taking home the chocolates was lefty Craig Bartholomew with 37pts from Henke Smits with 36 pts. NTP on the 4th; J.Agar and a birdie ball to CBartholomew on the 11th. BAROSSA Saturday Blue Course stroke competition. A grade A Strawbridge 68, r/u M George 71; B grade M Perks 72, r/u D Virgin 72; C grade C Linden 71, r/u K Bockmann 74. A grade (37 players): Z Fuller 71, M Bogan, G Wills, P Steele 73, T Giles, T Turnbull, P McCarthy 74. B grade (35 players): G Laucke 72, J Kay 73, C Sims, R Kernick 75, C Campbell, M Wilson 76, D Trinne 77. C grade (14 players): E Planthaber, G Maxted 76, B Scholz 77. Ladies competition: F Hockings 69, S Turnbull 71, P Siegele 73, H Sandow 74. NTP 3rd A Stawbridge; 4th 2nd shot Z Fuller; 6th N Ward; 10th 2nd shot G Bethune; 12th L Collins; 17th T Giles. Long drives: A grade A Southern; B grade B Beattie; C grade R May. Putting: P Steele. Midweek White Course stableford competition: P Cox 40, K Bockmann 39, D Oats, I Wigley 38, M Bogan 37, P Alderson, J Raynor 36, G MacGillivray, J Ortlieb, L Williams 35. MT PLEASANT Saturday stableford competition: J Pape 45, K Vine 37, M Watkins, N Sutherland jr. 36, T Vine, T Mitchell 34. Midweek stableford competition: A grade - K Franklin 40, I Wannan 37, S McNeil 36; B grade - K Reichstein (c/b), B O’Neil 35, P Flatman 33. Ladies opening day Ambrose results: best gross D Watkins/K Franklin/C Zerk/L Stephens 72; best nett B Wright/G Ludlow/H Bulis 63.6. TANUNDA Saturday ARA Jobs stroke competition: winner B Hage 66. A grade B Hage 66, r/u S Fechner 71; B grade S Blackwell 67 (c/b), r/u D Lane 67; C grade J Denley 69, r/u D Forrest 71; Ladies D Reichelt 73, r/u R Newstead 81. Long drives: A grade D Goers; B

THE Barossa Valley Hockey Association season starts again on May 5. Players from Nuriootpa, Tanunda, AM United, Gawler, Two Wells, Trinity College and Trinity Hockey Clubs have been busy dusting cobwebs off their sticks to prepare for some healthy competition. This fun, family sport is played on Saturdays at Stockwell Recreation Park and Karbeethan Reserve in Gawler and caters for players from all areas of the Barossa and Light areas, as well as Gawler and Playford. The BVHA caters for all ages and abilities. The “Hookin2Hockey” program is for under nine and under 11 players (from five-years-old up) and allows juniors to learn the sport of hockey on a smaller field with modified rules. This safe and fun environment is ideal for beginners and new players are more than welcome. Hockey is family friendly with some clubs registering three generations of players from one family. The Barossa is one of the strongest regional associations in the state and enter association teams in all age groups in the State Senior Championships (April 14, 15) and the Junior Zone Championships (June 9-11). Last year the combined Barossa/Riverland team were the champions in the under 18 Boys grade, with the Barossa under 15 Boys and under 13 Girls taking runner-up spots. The Senior Championships is a new format this year which puts Barossa teams against some top Adelaide clubs and should bring out the best in both men and women. The BVHA was recently awarded $500,000 from the state government towards an artificial pitch at Stockwell Recreation grade P Giersch; C grade B Lees. NTP 6th T Jenkins (Peter Lehmann); 8th D Forrest (TPGB); 11th D Forrest (Langmeil); 16th S Ward (Rusden); 7th hole 2nd shot K Goers (Kalleske). Rundown: T George 69, S Coombs 70, N Giles, F Contestabile 71, T Schmaal, P Schultz, A Aryres, D Newstead, C Crichton, B Bailey 71. Men's Midweek Barossa Valley Toyota stableford competition. A grade: B Veevers 36 (c/b), C Crichton, P Kopec 36, S Fechner 35, D Lane 32. NTP: J Blechynden. LD: P Kopec. B grade: B Andrews 34, B Sims 33, B Eckermann 32. LD: B Eckermann. Good Friday Pro Shop stableford competition: C McMillan 39, B Veevers 31. Ladies Midweek Yourtech Services par competition: A Myatt 1, R Duncan 0, D Reichelt 0, L Price -1. NTP: C Lynas. LD: R Duncan.

BRIDGE BAROSSA Winners for March Monday nights were Rhonda Wallace and Jill Allanson followed by Ken Farley and Peter Clark, third were Max Jahn and Evan Allanson. First for Wednesdays was Hans

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Page 27 - The Herald, Barossa Valley

Park. From next year Barossa players can learn to play hockey on the same kind of surface as the Olympians and hopefully watch some top notch hockey when visiting teams come to play. New players are welcome at all clubs. Club contact details are available on the website or email the secretary at secretary@barossahockey .com to find out the nearest club. Leagues and divisions: The Barossa Valley Hockey Association has the “Hockin2Hockey” program for under nine and under 11. Junior grades are under 13B/under 14G, under 15B/under16G, under 18. All junior grades are mixed. Seniors consists of A and B grade men and women allowing seniors and juniors who play seniors the option to play at a level that suits them. Favourites to win and why? In the A grade women defending premier Nuriootpa will have to work hard to hold onto their trophy as AM United will be keen to return to top spot. AM United were pipped at the post last year by a hard-working Nuri team who only managed to beat them once - when it counted. There are a few teams stepping up to the A grade this year. Two Wells are reentering the women’s comp after a two-year hiatus and they are welcomed back into what is now a six-team competition. Tanunda, Trinity and Gawler have been busy recruiting new players which should make this competition one to watch. The Nuriootpa A grade men’s team are playing for their 10th consecutive premiership this year Haan, followed by Elaine Kenny and Third were Annie Hatcher and Judy Fechner. During March 10.36 Master Points were accumulated in the club with 31 players achieving some points. Last Monday Bridge Barossa played a four table Howell movement and first were Adelaide Abbott and Miles White with 59.2%, followed by Rhonda Wallace and Jill Allanson 54.9%, Ken Farley and Peter Clark 52.7%, Max Jahn and Evan Allanson 50.3%, Toni Harvey and Hans Haan 48.8%, Joan and Howard Haese 42.9%, Joan Lee and Kevin Jones 41.1%. On Wednesday 32 members turned on a delightful shared lunch followed by the game; after some delicious wine served by mine host Hans Haan.In a sixtable Mitchell movement first NS were visitors from Gawler Peter Janes and Ian Ramsey with 56.3%, followed by Huong Burgermeister and Evan Allanson 54.2%, Helen Farrelly and Toni Harvey 52.9%, Max Jahn and Hans Haan 49.6%, Rhonda Wallace and Jim Hayes 49.2%, Fran Hannan and Ron Male 40%. NS winners were Ken Farley and Peter Clark 54.6%, Elaine Kenny and Alec Harris 54.2%, Annie Hatcher and Judy

which would place them as strong favourites. However, if last year’s grand final was any indication competition will be strong. Nuri was pushed to the limit last year by AM United with extra time and sudden death penalty strokes before being awarded the medallions. It’s set to be a very heated season with pride on the line. AM United, Tanunda, Trinity and Two Wells make up the rest of the men’s A grade sides and some young players coming through the ranks are keen to prove themselves and put an end to Nuriootpa’s record premiership run. Membership Although membership numbers have remained stable over the past few years, the BVHA are looking at ways of sustaining an increase in numbers of the next few years. One of these strategies is the installation of an artificial pitch which is going in next year and is sure to generate some interest from junior and senior players. The Association has also visited all schools in the region and are hoping some of these juniors come out and give hockey a go. What does the grant for a synthetic pitch mean for the association? When will it be put in place? The grant is fantastic news and means the Association can provide a playing surface that is current for its members. The Barossa Association isa one of the last in the state to still be playing grass and is excited about the opportunity to bring its playing surface into line with national standards. The turf will be ready to play on for next season. The program for the 2012 season can be found at the website: Fechner 49.6%, Marg Long and Trish Page 41.2%, Helen Sandow and Ziggy Mentz 40.2%.Supervised play with Lois Wasley, Lorraine and Brian Kahl, Debra and Ron Baker and Carol King enjoyed the day. Information on 8563 3204.

TENPIN BOWLING Morning Stars: Bowled Out 52, Two Of Us 47, CD Players 43, Sparestrikers 34, Lucky Ducks 24, Dynamic Duo 16. Star bowler: Kit Wilton 31 (pins over average). Valleyites: Tripod 124, Wafwoteam 120, Zodiacs 118, Ten Pinners 116, The Drifters 92, WMD 76.5. Star bowler: Sue Briner 42, Sean White 88. Grapevines: Strike Outs 42, What Evers 40, Strikers 34, Pinsetters 28, Double Trouble 26, Pin Killers 24, Pin Magic 22, Go Getters 20, Pinheads 18, Two Wonders 14. Star bowler: Ben Chopping 37, Venessa Wade 12. Have A Ball: Creepshow 52, Balls Of Fury 50, Old Farts 49, Triple XXXX 36, Gutter Trash 34, Speed Demons 32, Aint No Turkey 28, Here 4Dabeer 21. Star bowler: Hazel Hancock 36, Ken Thomas 56. Barossa juniors: league will resume Friday, April 27.

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Top 20

Pelicano’s Cup

MIKE Teakle, the Herald’s football expert today lists his 20 most influential players for the 2012 Barossa, Light and Gawler Football Association. They are the players he believes will be the stars of the competition in this season which begins on Saturday, April 21. Turn to page 23 to see if you agree with his assessment. Tanunda ruckman Luke Wells has been a standout in recent seasons. See if he is Teakle’s top pick. Wells (blue top) is pictured playing for the SA Country side against the South Australian Amateur League side at AAMI Stadium on Saturday before the Adelaide Crows - Western Bulldogs clash. The city side ran out 10 point winners in an absorbing contest where Wells had a good game but couldn’t lift his team to a win.

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PROMISING staying three-year-old Pelicano (pictured) came of age at Oakbank on Easter Monday with a comprehensive win in the time-honoured $50,000 Coopers Brewery Onkaparinga Cup (2150m). The youngest horse in the event, Pelicano, a $4 chance, thrashed his rivals scoring by three and a half lengths. Trainer Tony McEvoy was delighted with the win. “He finally showed on the racetrack what he’s been showing me at home,” McEvoy said. “Pelicano works in the style of a quality horse but on raceday he has been making mistakes which have stopped him from really showing his ability - even though he had picked up three wins from his five starts before today.” On Easter Monday, Pelicano, beautifully ridden by Matthew Neilson, defied his rivals in the race up the home straight to score comprehensively. “Today he wanted to put himself in the race right from the start,” McEvoy said. “Matthew gave him a great ride and I was delighted with the way he hit the line.” Pelicano will now head towards his major goal this preparation, the $500,000 Centrebet South Australian Derby (2500m) at Morphettville on May 5.

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