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Bath Burp

August 2012


Issue 15


I’m getting old, and have only just realised that what i thought was ‘grabbing life by the balls’ was infact ‘repeatedly kicking the balls until life had become a dead eyed eunich’. It’s too late now, you guys go on without me. I shall walk into a small copse or crouch under a hedgerow, so as not to blight the serene view with my rotting and no doubt comically prostrate naked body. Why naked? i took my clothes off of course, and gave them to a charity shop. They were very grateful, but did request that i remove my nude self from the building. Fair play, i look horrible naked. May the beasts make a feast of me, and so enter me into the circle of animals eating dead stuff. Actually, that sounds rubbish. i’ll get packing and come along with you. Lots of Love Mr David Selby

Magazine contributions: CD contributions: Special thanks to Bloomfield Computing & Studios Ltd for burning this month’s CD. Front cover image by the wonderful Bob Shaw: Visit him, he’d visit you.

Jessika Short

I Have Absorbed Your Sleep I have absorbed your sleep And now, It weighs me down Laden, Like a cloud I walk I press my weight against your face My eyes pushing through you As I wash by, in a heated wind Thin and reaching Thick with thought You close yours As my heat envelopes your face We come eye to eye Gliding, then gone In passing, something old reaches out A bridge is built, between your gut and my mouth People walk down from my height and fill your stomach Your skin stretching with their weight. Then we move. Our bridge begins to crack The painted iron starts to flake And the weight of all those people push it further A gaping hole opens beneath their feet And they fall Into space Lost Somewhere between us But our feet get stuck in their dead

And this note that rings Can we hold it As it holds us Blind You reach out, but the distance is not a reachable one I try to speak, but the distance is not a speakable one Time starts to fly. The slow history we had been building suddenly rushes past We are left, in a vast, empty space Alone Face To face No paint to cover our naked bones Our iron nuts and bolts are the bare flat colour of steel I reach out and feel the cold surface of you You try to speak Your mouth opens like a vast cavern and swallows me And I am inside you now Heavy on your heart Whispering Secrets To your organs

By Poppy Pitt


The images are drawn using pencil, makeup brushes, eyeshadow and mascara. Nina used to be a make up artist.

COLOURS Why is the world trying to persuade me that

race-hate is race-fate? Like if every creed carved out their own chess piece the board would still be black and white and there’d be no peace?   Am I really supposed to believe for a second that every second man, feeling second hand doesn’t have one damn second, man, to think about the next guy?   Why do I feel that the whites hating the blacks and the blacks hating the browns is just a revolving wheel, if it spins fast enough the colours all blur…seriously.   Instead everyone seems to want to stick the brakes on, let it all keep on breaking up like waves on the cliffs of stubborn ignorance…. funny the great one’s in Dover are white… see my point?   Put it into context, don’t try to con the text or the writer for that matter and especially not the speaker!     Tower Blocks – Building Blocks Poor and Excluded – Poor Excuses Role Models – Media Brothels   You call it one thing, I’ll make it another – for better or worse.   But I’ll never be the hater.   That’s gotta be something close to bravery, right?  

Stuart Waddicor

Queen Organiser - Heidi holds it all together, makes sure we all do our jobs on time, and collects all the creative content together. She basically makes it all happen and is a star.

This month we’re very honoured to be able to show, in glorious black and white, the portraits Malcolm Ashman painted of four members of The Bath Burp Team, as part of the faces{Bath} project.

The Illustrator - Bob does all the front cover drawings and, this month aside, he draws all the comic strips for the middle pages of The Burp. One seriously talented artist.

There are a whole bunch of other volunteers who also make The Bath Burp happen, including our very own webman and raffle sorcerers, our folding and stapling team, the shops that sell The Burps, the people that buy them, and of course the artists, writers and musicians who contribute to it. Thanks folks!

Co-founder / Printer - Ben lays out The Burp each month and chaperones through the CD content. He also writes things like this block of text, and regularly misses meetings.

The Bath Burp Editors are on show at Faces{Bath} first pop-up exhibition at the Guildhall, High Street Bath until the 5th August. If you missed that then visit the Royal United Hospital (main entrance, through the Atrium and turn right), Â Combe Park, Bath from the 3rd October until 30th November.

Co-founder / Editor - Dave provides the voice of The Burp with his editorials each month. The Burp was founded by these two after a drunken chat at The Royal Oak, to show that lots of creative and talented people live and work here. Prove us right, send in your contributions for the next issue.

The Burp’s Creative Busy Bee Heidi Lee-Sperring has decorated a Swan for Wells which is on display in Heritage Courtyard behind the Cathedral. Remember the Pigs and Lions of Bath? There are 60 swans on display around the city and they will be auctioned to raise money for charity in October. For more information please visit

Dave Selby - Man

What’s on this month’s CD, ft. Bath Folk Festival 1. Safe with me, by Stevie Jo Dooley., 2. Skyfall, by Catmandu, ft Ruby Brown. Written as an alternative theme tune for the next James Bond movie. 3. TARANTULA, by Muddy Miles, Bristol based and played The Royal Oak in June. BATH FOLK FESTIVAL SECTION - 4. Cuckoo, performed by Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith. Winners of the 2nd heat in the New Shoots competition for the Bath Folk Festival 2012. jimmyaldridgeandsidgoldsmith1. 5. Big John Macneill, Malibu Abu, by Jon Hicks, playing on Sunday 19th August at Widcombe Social club with Spiers and Boden and Bob and Gill Berry 4pm-7pm 6. Snow, by Effra, a folk trio playing original traditionalsounding tunes with a bold contemporary twist. They are playing at Green Park Tavern with Jez Hellard and the Djukella orchestra on Wednesday 15th August 7. The Sunset, by Inu, who are playing Friday 17th August with Spiro and Cliff Stapleton 9-12pm --8. Delightedly Slow, by Leonie Evans, who has just released her solo EP which you can stream at 9. If…, by Budada, recently returned to the UK from playing shows in Hong Kong where they also released their debut EP ‘City of Workers’ 10. One More Reason, by Southern Drop. These fine folks are playing The Bath Burp Launch. 11. Redemption, by Southern Drop 12. Red Hooded Girl (piano version), by JOE LOUVAINE ft. Ella Squirrell, They are also playing. 13. Daniel ISAKONGO / EXPLOSIVE Nzakomba, playing at the Taste of Africa event at Bath City Farm on the 1st September. www.

Send your tracks / poems to

Bath Burp Issue 15  

Bath Burp Issue 15. August 2012

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