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Bath Burp July 2012


Issue 14


I was thinking, maybe I would see if I could write an editorial in 9.58 seconds. Old Meddlist Dave Selby However that would be cheating. Though I feel a great warmth from the creaking bars of the Cultural Olympiads electric radiator, the super-massive grey cloud of The Coelympics has left me bitter and cold. Look no further than the maniacal bleating of His Nob. Boris Johnson declaring Wiff Waff (Ping Pong) to be strictly a English invention (I assume he means British. Indeed, tis a confusing conglomerate land mass, which saw Chris Hoy travel to Beijing Scottish, and come back British), and you’ll see the distorted mess where a brain should be, contorting to give reason for the flag waving that makes xenophobia so synonymous with sport. Sebastian Coe has rendered himself the most terrifying Hal figure in my very own Space Odyssey. And as I tumble through the stellar tundra screaming, “Bring us to the worlds stage for reasons other than personal profit”, an answer comes back, in a horrible monotone, “I’m sorry I can’t do that, Dave”.

Magazine contributions: CD contributions: Special thanks to Bloomfield Computing & Studios Ltd for burning this month’s CD. Front cover image by the wonderful Bob Shaw: Visit him, he’d visit you.

THe OLYMPIAD ISSUE - featuring Bath’s twinned cities. We’re doing something a bit different in this edition of The Bath Burp and taking you on a tour of some of the twinned cities of Bath to celebrate a what they have to offer from their own arts and music scenes. If we’ve managed to track down some of their athletes competing in this years Olympics, we’ve name-checked them, so you nice folks can have a few more people and places around the world to cheer for when the sporting spectacle arrives. Not complete, probably not accurate, but would you want anything else from The Bath Burp Team? Enjoy!

Beppu is a tourist town sandwiched between the sea and the mountainsin southern Japan and is famous for its onsen (hot springs) as well as its sex museum, Beppu Hihokan, which commemorates the resort town’s sex industry with waxwork exhibits. Sports wise it hosts the BeppuOita marathon, and the Oita Heat Devils basketball team.

Aix Olympians to look out for... Clara SANCHEZ - Cycling Mickaël BOURGAIN - Cycling Marlène HARNOIS - Taekwondo Erwann LE PECHOUX - Fencing Marcel MARCILLOUX - Fencing Anthony TERRAS - Ball trap de l’Arbois

When it is 6pm here it is 3am in the morning the next day in Manly. Olympians to watch out for from Manly: Jo Brigden-Jones, who will be competing in the women’s K4 500. Murray Stewart, 25 who lives and trains in Manly will be paddling in K1,2,3,4 events. They are both a member of Manly Warringah Kayak Club and Manly Surf Life Saving Club.

SALTMOTION Joel Coleman is at the forefront of ocean photography, and his prints are exclusively available through

Olympians to look out for: Alexandra Rickham studied in Bath and is in the Sailing and Skud 18. Emmanuel Nartey is competing in the Judo competition, and trains with Team Bath, but represents Ghana. Plagued by self inflicted dietry restriction, Emily Figueira aka The Dark Fingure of Winter, is the latest addition to the Bath Burp team. Currently in her second year at Sion Hill, Emily will be working on our new look website (coming soon), and generally being taken advantage Louise Hunt debuts in the of. wheelchair tennis for the ParalympicsGB. Gemma Howell is due to start a Sport and Exercise Science degree in September and is competing in Judo, under 63kg class.

GB simming team, Shobian-Marie O’Connor, Chris Waker-hebborn, Michael Jamieson and Andrew Willis train at the Bath Intensive Training Centre.

More info on Team Bath here:

‘Swimmers’ by Boyd @ Action on Hearing Loss

ART AT THE EDGE To celebrate Bath’s links to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Art at the Edge have organised a city-wide sport themed sculpture trail displaying sculptures and other artworks in dramatic settings. The launch of the sculpture trail coincided with the Olympic Torch coming to Bath on May 22nd. Money raised from the sale of artworks will be used to help disabled and disadvantaged young people through the life changing work of the Youth Sport Trust and the British Paralympic Association.

Football (The Kick) by Hamish Black

Basketball by George Triggs

Judo by Sophie Dickens

Shot Put by Nigel Ellis

Cycling (The Race) by Alan Dun

Wrestling by Etienne Millner

Papp Pala László Kaposvár

When you search for Kaposvar on Google, the forth highest fact about it is that it is twinned with Bath. It’s built on seven hills and is known as the City of Flowers. It is one of the biggest cities in the south of Hungary. A friend’s dad met a nice potter and a man called Zoltan. Kaposvar is also as far as Ghengis Khan got on his invasion. On good authority the city has a high concentration of moustaches. “Yona pota” is how you say hello. (Spelling may or may not be correct).

Olympian to look out for: Christoph Lambert (Judo) was born in Braunschweig. Bernard Franke was a keeper for the Eintract Braunschweig football team. He was the Goal Keeper for West Germany in all matches in the 1984 Olympics.

Artist: Knud Balandis with Monika Aumann Title: Ottomotorsport Etching 30x40 cm Copyright: Š Knud Balandis

Artist: Sabina Kaluza. Title: 1.Kor. 14, 34 Š Sabina Kaluza 50x50cm / 2010 * Polymetylmethacrylat

Olympians to look out for: Teun de Nooijer is a field hockey player and previous Olympic Gold winner. He started playing for HC Alkmaar before moving to HC Bloemedaal. He is described as the ‘greatest hockey talent that the Netherlands has ever produced.’ He will be in the Dutch Hockey team and is definitely a player to watch. Alkmaar has a Velodrome and is home to the national cycling team of the Neatherlands. Theo Bos a silver Olympic 2004 olympic medalist is a Road and Track cyclist, he lives in Alkmaar. He was aiming to compete in the 2012 games but will have to miss them due to a serious leg injury. We wish him well.

What’s on this month’s “twinned with Bath” CD GERMANY - BRAUNSCHWEIG Tracks 1 & 2, Ghost & Chains and pounding hooves, by Tephra 3. Rapnation, by Klaus Gelhaar. Musicians: RAPFLEKTION (a musical and intercultural project with young people from Brunswick, Germany); http://rapnation. 4. Suite in d for Recorder and Harpsichord obligato, 3rd Movement – Presto, by Georg Philipp Telemann. Musicians: Tabea Wink (Recorder), Nina Ding (Harpsichord). Both are 13 years old and winner of the German “Young musicians” Federal Competition. Tracks 5 & 6, Such a waste & That’s why by Delicate Plant UK - BATH 7. The official punk rock anthem of the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea – by Hacksaw. Great title, great sporting track. NETHERLANDS - ALKMAAR 8. Goldilocks, by Dress Up Dolls, a cross-fertilization between 80’s power rock and Radiohead. Great stuff. AUSTRALIA - MANLY Tracks 9 & 10, Mosh in Time & Sharp, by Michael Crafter. Big big sounds and high energy in short bursts from this internationally touring Australian band.

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This edition of The Bath Burp was kindly supported by Bath & North East Somerset Council through their Micro Olympiad Grant scheme.

Bath Burp Issue 14  
Bath Burp Issue 14  

Bath Burp Issue 14. July 2012