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No 50 July 2009 Newsletter for the staff of NHS Barnsley

There’s a new place to eat and drink on the Kendray site: The Oakwell Café. Staffed by volunteers and service users, the café offers work experience and employment opportunities to people with mental health problems and is a warm and welcoming place to grab a cuppa! Martin Flowers, Crisis Care Business Unit Manager began the proceedings at the launch event, commending the ethos of the café and the opportunities it gave to people looking to get back to work. Caroline Brindley, NHS Management Graduate, currently working in NHS Barnsley followed Martin’s speech with a few facts about mental health, which affects 2.5 million people of working age who are in contact with NHS services. “Government direction suggests that we need to improve employment opportunities for those who wish to work but find it difficult to find suitable employment. We hope that this café is a step towards helping people in Barnsley gain experience and improve their confidence whilst working for a small business.” Service users have been working in the Café since the beginning of May. Vera is a service user at Moorland Court and she said: “I’ve enjoyed meeting people and seeing new faces through working at the café. My confidence and self respect has soared although I felt a bit apprehensive at first about taking on this voluntary role.” Elaine, a service user from Moorland Court said: “I like service food and drinks and get out and about more, using public


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transport which has helped build my confidence. I’m thankful for this opportunity and glad I found the courage to do it.” Dianne Graham, Business Unit Manager for Specialist Services read on behalf of another service user called Mary. “The voluntary training has been good work experience for me and I have felt well supported throughout. It’s good to be a team worker and it feels like we are providing a worthwhile service to visitors at Oakwell.” Further developments are already taking place at the café with ‘knit and natter‘ sessions, card making (these cards are also available to buy on the counter) and themed events throughout the year. Sean Rayner, Chief Operating Officer for Care Services Direct was invited to cut the ribbon for the official opening. Prior to the ribbon cutting he commented: “This project goes a lot further than just serving tea and coffee to visitors. With support, we are offering our service users a chance to promote their independence, and valuable work experience. We hope that by demonstrating our own commitment to helping local people find work we are leading the way for local businesses who can also benefit. My thanks go to everyone who has worked hard to make this project possible.” Pictured: Sean Rayner cuts the ribbon with (l-R) Denise Hargreaves from Moorland Court, Martin Flowers, Dianne Graham, Caroline Brindley and Jane Keeling. Volunteers Vera, Emma, Mary, Elaine and Tony are pictured in their new uniform.



News from the Chief Executive

News from Care Services Direct

An honour to work here I recently received the exciting news that I have been awarded an OBE for services to Health which you can read about on page 3. Thank you to everyone who has sent their congratulations to me. I feel that everyone who works hard to commission and provide top health and social care services in Barnsley has contributed to this accolade. My family were really pleased and excited to hear this news. Their ongoing support plays a key part in my work and means a lot to me.

Congratulations go to the team of mental health service staff and service users from Barnsley who represented Yorkshire and the Humber at a football tournament in Munich recently (featured later in this edition). On 24 June, a team representing Care Services Direct staff competed against a team representing services users. In a highly competitive match in hot conditions, the service user team ran out 2 – 1 winners. I make no apologies for re-emphasising the importance of familiarising yourselves with the challenges contained in Transforming Community Services. The future shape of our organisation and how we can further improve services in a challenging economic climate are the outcomes that we need to grasp in order to be in control of our own destiny as far as we can be. There are further roadshow and deliberative sessions arranged, and details can be found on Connect or via Katy Jarvis-Morgan.

Y&H awards I attended the Yorkshire and Humber Health and Social Care Awards at Sheffield City Hall last month on behalf of the Specialised Commissioning Group Secure Services, shortlisted under the leadership for improvement category. Although they did not win, to get through to the last three in any category is a real achievement, and although we would have all liked you to win we should celebrate that achievement. It is a real endorsement of the work they are doing in that team so well done. The HSJ and Guardian Public Servant Awards are currently open – read more about these on page 3.

On the cover of this edition is the opening of the Oakwell Café at Kendray. The café is a credit to all concerned who were involved in its establishment. I believe that Care Services Direct should lead by example in engaging mental health service users in employment opportunities. We need to provide leadership in our local community to drive out the stigma that is often associated with mental ill health.

Transforming Community Services I’m pleased to hear that (at the time of going to print) more than 500 staff have attended one of the TCS Roadshows, which are being jointly delivered by our Chief Operating Officer, Sean Rayner and staff side colleagues. It’s significant that we usefully include and consult staff in decision-making processes because we want staff who work in Care Services Direct to have a say in how their organisation will change. We know staff who are engaged are: • more creative • more productive • constructively critical • will challenge the status quo • seek to initiate change • tend to enjoy their work more • make the experience of work better for colleagues and partners

I had the pleasure of being one of the first member of staff to watch the new Safe Hands DVD produced by our Infection Prevention and Control team. What are relatively simple tasks in hand washing can be very effective in controlling the spread of infection. Congratulations to the Team’s initiative.

We have pledged to enable staff input in our participation programme. Inclusion in decision making and change is not a one-way ticket for employees – and will certainly be ongoing in the context of TCS for the foreseeable future. More information on TCS can be read on pages 4-5 which includes lots of the questions (and answers) staff have asked us. 2

Cardiac Care Support Event The North Trent Network of Cardiac Care held a successful event ‘Supporting the Cardiac Support Groups across the Region’ at The Source, Meadowhall recently. Heart patients and carers, groups and those wishing to start up or develop a support group were invited to attend. This was a sharing and learning event to support the development and promotion of successful cardiac support groups across the Cardiac Network region which covers Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster, North Derbyshire, Rotherham and Sheffield. Mr Peter Braidley, Clinical Lead for the Cardiac Network, opened the event and presented some interesting facts about the progress of heart health care and the way these achievements can be further supported by rehabilitation programmes and continued support for patients. Professor Patrick Doherty, National Clinical Lead for Cardiac Rehabilitation, spoke on the role of support groups in rehabilitation and the importance of continuing with rehabilitation after hospital initiated schemes have finished. Workshop groups discussed setting up and sustaining a cardiac support group and the role of support groups as a service provider. Some useful perspectives, suggestions and solutions were shared which will help to ensure that service users’ opinions, will shape the setup of cardiac support groups. The event was well attended with 91 people including members of the public, health professionals and representatives from Barnsley Coronary Club, Concord Heart Support Group, Danum Cardio Club, Doncaster Stroke Group, Doncaster Take Heart, Heartbeatz, Killamarsh Heart Support Group and Rotherham Heart Support Group, as well as Barnsley Hearts of Oak Heart Failure Support Group, Chesterfield Lighthearted, Dales Heart Cardiac Support Group, Dicky Tickers Heart Support Group, Dronfield Cardio Club, The Hallamshire Hearties Support Group and Sheffield Coronary Society who provided ‘Market Stall’ displays. North Trent Network of Cardiac Care have pioneered the setup of a Cardiac Network User Group (with representatives from cardiac support groups across the region) to review, discuss and comment on Network business, ensuring that patients’ views help to shape heart care services. This Group, working together with the cardiac support groups, will take forward the findings of this event to help and support the regions cardiac groups. For more information, please contact or telephone Nicola on 01226 433774. Pictured: Front - Diane Davies (member of the Cardiac User Group), Prof Patrick Doherty (National Clinical Lead for Cardiac Rehabilitation), Mr Peter Braidley (Clinical Lead for North Trent Network of Cardiac Care) then (working across from the left) John Wardle (member of the Cardiac User Group), Ann Baines, Kath Cope, Emma Andrews, Colette Longford, Rachel White, Richard Sorsby (all Cardiac Network Service Improvement Team), John Plant (Chair of the Cardiac User Group), Nicola Brazier (Cardiac Network Admin Support).

Sean’s a Video star Chief Operating Officer Sean Rayner has starred in a video to help raise awareness about Transforming Community Services. In the short film he explains the different organisational forms open to Care Services Direct and the important role staff play during the TCS consultation. You can download the video on the TCS area on Connect which is accessed through a banner on the home page. 3

Ailsa awarded OBE Our Chief Executive Ailsa Claire, learnt recently that she has been awarded an OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for her services to public health and the NHS. Ailsa has an extensive list of achievements and commitments both in and outside of Barnsley. She is an active member of the NHS confederation group, as well as being the chair of the Yorkshire and Humber Specialised Commissioning group and a member of the national body, the Independent Reconfiguration Panel. Alisa feels privileged to be recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list, and she said: “I am extremely honoured to be awarded an OBE for services to health and am very pleased to accept on behalf of NHS Barnsley. “It is a tribute to the 2400 staff who commission and deliver services in Barnsley and recognises how NHS Barnsley is striving to support the people of Barnsley to achieve better health and well being.” NHS Barnsley Chair, Tom Sheard expressed his delight at the Chief Executive’s achievement and said: “Ailsa deserves the recognition for her outstanding contribution to the NHS and her continued commitment to improving patient care. We are all very proud of her.” Within the next six months, Ailsa will visit Buckingham Palace to be formally presented with the award by the Queen herself.

Transforming Community Services Frequently asked questions Q. What point do staff get to vote/express preference?

decision? Is there enough time to do a full business plan in the given timescale?

An expression of preference will be sought on the July Payslips from all NHS Barnsley staff.

The Board will consider a recommendation report provided by a project board who will be considering the outcomes of the consultation. Timescales are tight but ultimately reflect the guidance issued by the Department of Health in the TCS national document. At this stage we would only need to submit a declaration of interest in working towards either Social Enterprise or Community Foundation Trust.

Q. Could all Business Units become something different? Yes. eg. Surrey District Nurses became a Social Enterprise. However, Business Units would need a good business case. Q. What input are external Stakeholders having?

Q. What about the comments from Unison on vertical/ horizontal being a first step towards becoming a Community Foundation Trust

This process is being led by Commissioning. The internal participation plan is being led by Care Services Direct.

This is a possibility that staff should consider. Q. How does the Care Services Board get to their


Q. Will the PCT be doing an Options Appraisal of each organisational form and publishing the results?

A year and a half from October 2009 to gain legal status. Q. What would happen if the Commissioner doesn’t agree with our recommendation/preference?

As we work through the staff consultation process we are making a running record of all the issues and opinions expressed by staff. The deliberative sessions we are running throughout June will also add value to this process. Regular updates and documents are published on the intranet site for staff to access. The concept of the participation plan is that it will be a transparent and open process.

The SHA would have to be convinced there is a case to disagree. Q. If for example we joined with RDASH would we still be part of NHS Barnsley?

Q. When staff vote to express a preferred organisational form what influence will the result have on the decision making process? If there is a difference between the staff ‘vote’ and the Board’s intention and the Board take no notice, what could happen? Could there be a judicial review?

No, we would still have NHS terms and conditions as an NHS organisation but would be part of the host organisation of RDASH. Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each ‘organisation type?’

The Board will have to take staff preference into account and if there is a majority decision on an organisational form this will be seriously considered. A decision will not be made until October so that staff have the option to feed their preference in.

It is difficult for us to say the major benefits but we can say a Social Enterprise may have longer term implications on pensions and working terms and conditions. Q. How does this centre on patient need?

Q. What ultimately matters to commissioning? Ultimately, it is the most important aspect of TCS. We need to create an organisation that serves local need and provides value for money and works effectively to serve our local population in the best way possible.

To commission the best and highest quality service. Q. Would it be best to stay together as one service or hive off services?

Q. Will our pensions change if the outcome was to be a social enterprise?

All are options but ‘take over’ and ‘hive off’ suggest being done to, this is our chance to influence and take control of our own destiny. Being a provider within the PCT is an option in the book but not a reality for a long term option.

Yes, possibly, there are no guarantees. It is helpful to read the handout on Connect about Social Enterprise that covers this question.

Q. Why is the participation plan and decision process so condensed for such a major process?

Q. Will job security be affected depending on which option is chosen?

The Transforming Community Services document states the timescale. By October 2009 our Board (Care Services Direct) and NHS Barnsley Board have to inform SHA of our intention.

It could be affected in any of the options but some are ‘safer’ than others. It is up to staff to read the surrounding information about TCS and make their own minds up about the pros and cons of each organisational form.

Q. How quickly would we become a Community Foundation Trust if that is what was decided?

Meet the CASH team Hello to the newly re-named Family Planning Team who, in line with national movement, are now known as CASH – which stands for Contraception and Sexual Health.

• • • • • •

“Our new image is much more modern with new posters and a trendier image,” said Sue Dymock, who works in the CASH team, “it’s more representative of what we do and covers our wide ranging services.” Amongst their services, the CASH team are currently running services that cover: • • • • •

STI Screening and treatment (including partner notification) Cytology (smear tests) Health and wellbeing Counselling and Psycho Sexual Health Emergency contraception (including Saturdays) Outreach clinics

… and the list goes on! “We’re never afraid to introduce new elements into our work,” continued Sue, “For example, we are involved in stop smoking services, and working in partnership with Barnsley College.”

Contraception and C Card Justeens Sexual Health advice Pregnancy testing Referral for terminations

The team are friendly and approachable fitting in national initiatives into their working week and in addition to their Queen’s Road base, work in GP Clinics and carry out domiciliary visits in people’s homes.


What’s happening with 18 Weeks? The June 2009 edition of the NHS Barnsley 18-weeks newsletter is now available online. The performance figures are, once again, very positive with NHS Barnsley performing well above the national 18-week targets (94.4% Admitted patients and 98.5% Non-admitted patients).

Enable Barnsley is an equipment and demonstration centre located on the ground floor of Wellington House. The centre provides free, independent advice and support to members of the public, carers and professionals about the range of equipment available to promote safe and independent living. Shower seats, bath lifts, rise and recline chairs and kitchen utensils are just some of the equipment the centre demonstrates. You can also find out about communication services such as adapted telephones and Telecare assistance.

The 18-week Patient Survey is an essential way of ensuring that we meet and exceed the expectations of our local residents’ healthcare needs. One way of effectively gathering feedback is through the use of carefully developed surveys. The 18-Weeks Survey asks over 20 questions that cover all the parts of the total patient pathway. This includes questions and feedback in areas such as:

A programme of awareness raising sessions took place in May, inline with the launch of the centre, which was open to colleagues throughout health, housing, social, and third sector groups and services. These sessions gave colleagues the chance to see what equipment is available and how it can help make people live safer and more independent. The layout of the centre enables the equipment to be demonstrated in a realistic but safe environment so it is clear to see how it would be used in real life situations.

• Booking an appointment with the GP • What the environment is like when they go into the hospital • The standard of the food • How polite and kind the clinical staff are NHS Barnsley also attended the MSK Services Event in May 2009 at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton, to discuss important issues such as the National Orthopaedic 18 weeks performance and how best to sustain 18Weeks in MSK services.

The centre is based on the ground floor of Wellington House, Wellington Street, Barnsley, S70 1WA. You can visit the website at or contact the team at enablebarnsley@barnsley. or 01226 787855. Also available from the centre are information posters and leaflets for clients.

Contact James. Townsend@ to receive a regular copy of the 18 weeks newsletter. 6

Business and Organisational Development Re-Launch Events

Hayley Whyke, Amy Gillott, Annette Taylor, Lianne Harrison, Vikki Padgett, Lucy Wilkins, Brian Nevin, Marian Pavlovic, Ian Williams, Janice McNally, Adele Brear, Jane Pightling and Colleen Browne.

As part of the BOD re-launch the team are running a series of free taster sessions for Care Services Direct staff in order to introduce ourselves (formally SIBD now BOD), the products and tools we use and how they can help you. Our work is not about going into a service and fixing problems. Instead we offer support and mentoring to departments and individuals to enable them to identify their needs and to implement, own and affect the change they wish to see.

July. Feel free to pop in for a chat whenever you have a spare five minutes. Of particular interest might be: - The implementation of New Ways of Working in our Office, for which we were Runners up in the Improving Job Satisfaction Award at the PCT Staff Recognition Awards 2009. - Our Lean Office system that reduces waste and makes for a more efficient working environment - A chance to speak to our staff about the work we do, the tools we use and how we could help your department - Our promotional items- all with an innovative twist!

The taster sessions taking place in early July will cover; • Demand and Capacity • New ways of working • Process Mapping • Six Thinking Hats • Change Management • Lean - this approach is going to be part of a big roll out across CSD over the next year, so come along and find out exactly what it is all about.

We hope to see you soon! The BOD Team For further information, please contact the Business and Organisational Development Team on 43 42 48 Or email us on

These are aimed at providing information about the theory behind the tools, generic examples of how the tools should work and real life examples of how they have worked. Our fully interactive sessions are made up of presentations, group exercises, discussions, refreshments and free promotional items! Please contact us if you wish to attend as places are limited! Call us direct on ext 4248. See nww.barnsleypct. for the July dates and more information about the tools we use. If you think the tools we use will be useful for your service we will be happy to discuss your options. The tools we use are just part of the variety of services we offer, we can also help you with • Leadership Development • Consultation • Facilitation • Support • Project Management We will be opening our doors and giving you the chance to see our office in action from 7.30am to 5.30pm on 15th


Barnsley Hits the Target for Chlamydia Screening. Barnsley NHS has achieved its target for Chlamydia Screens in 2008/09.

Untreated infection can have serious long-term health and fertility consequences for both men and women. Chlamydia is invisible, often without symptoms, serious and easily spread.

Our annual target was to screen 17% of the 15 – 24 year old population of Barnsley, which equates to 4761 screens. As a result of the programme, 19.4% of the 15-24 year old population of Barnsley were tested, which equates to 5462 screens.

The test for Chlamydia is done with a simple urine sample and if positive, it can be easily treated with antibiotics. If you are aged 15 – 24 and want to receive a free Chlamydia test you can send for a postal testing kit which can be done in the privacy of your own home and posted to the testing laboratory.

The expectation from Strategic Health Authority is that the percentage of screens will increase year on year. For 2009/10 the target is 25% of the 15 – 24 year old population of Barnsley (7100 screens) and for 2010/11 this increases to 35% (9940 screens).

For more information on Chlamydia, for a testing kit and for details of local screening events: visit the Terence Higgins Trust website -, telephone 01302 730400 or email

Chlamydia is the sexually transmitted infection most frequently diagnosed in GUM clinics in England. Prevalence is highest in sexually active young men and women, especially those aged less than 25 years.

Alternatively, you can either contact the Contraception and Sexual Health Services (CASH), formally known as Family Planning on 01226 249949, or attend your GP.

Commissioning Training Programme The Strategy and Contracting Directorate has taken a new approach to ensure that local staff remain up-to-date in their knowledge of local commissioning issues and their general commissioning skills and competencies. In a nutshell, commissioning is concerned with identifying local health and well-being needs and ensuring that the right local health services are bought and performance managed in order to meet those needs. In line with best practice as outlined by the new World Class Commissioning Assurance Framework, a series of one hour long ‘taster’ sessions have been developed to raise awareness amongst colleagues of key commissioning functions. These sessions are designed to ‘wet the appetite’ and inspire people to learn more about the fascinating world of commissioning. Sessions are presented in an easy to understand format by colleagues who are considered to be the organisation’s ‘expert’ in their area. This first programme will run for 13 weeks, (May – August). Places are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis due to the limited seating capacity and high demand. Feedback from staff so far has been excellent so if you want to attend you must apply quickly! Following the conclusion of the programme, the Strategy and Contacting Team will determine how best to develop this programme in the future. So even if you miss out this time you can put your name down for future sessions. Attendance will be rewarded not only by having a more in-depth understanding of how local services are commissioned but you’ll also receive a Certificate. Anyone wishing to book a place or requiring more details about the training sessions on offer, please contact Hannah Twiby via email at


Fire Call procedures

Fraud Awareness Month Last month was NHS Fraud Awareness month (FAM), and the awareness of fraud was addressed throughout all areas of the NHS. Local Counter Fraud Specialists (LCFSs) used FAM events, presentations, associated literature and activities to raise awareness of what NHS fraud is and the risks and impact it may have upon staff. Fraud in the NHS is a drain on the valuable resources meant for patient care and services and costs the NHS many millions of pounds, it is therefore important to publicise these dangers. During FAM, a number of events and awareness campaigns were held throughout Barnsley, including exhibition stands and talks and presentations. In addition, NHS Barnsley publicised the NHS Counter Fraud and the NHS Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line, as well as distributing a wide range Literature (printed and electronic) including the Insight newsletter and information leaflets. If you have a concern about NHS fraud, you should contact Robert Purseglove directly on 0114 271162 or by e-mail at Alternatively you can call the confidential NHS Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line on freephone 0800 028 40 60.

At the beginning of last month, the Fire Service implemented a new fire response policy with a view to reduce the number of attendances to sites for false alarm calls. The new policy states: “That during the hours (0800 hrs to 2000 hrs), one fire engine (pump) will be mobilised to any premises generating an Automatic Fire Activation (AFA). Between 2000 hrs and 0800 hrs, this will be increased to 2 pumps for sleeping risks. However, we must emphasise that this facility should a second call confirm the AFA stating that this is a confirmed fire the Fire Service Control will mobilise the full Pre Determined Attendance (PDA) for that premises”. Paul Salter, Group Manager South Yorkshire Fire Rescue Service. This has implications upon the Trust in regards to doing all we can to prevent possible financial charges placed upon us for wasting Fire Service resources. The NHS Barnsley Health and Safety Department along with the Estates Department are doing all they can to maintain alarm systems and make changes to the signaling response in the hope of reducing unwanted fire calls.

Mentor Preparation Course Information After at least one year of qualification there is an expectation that the next step would be attending a mentor preparation course.

So, to confirm the procedure:

The following start dates have been organised

It is part of our fire procedure to make the ‘confirmation fire call’ using the (9)999 or 3333 system depending from which area you work.

Monday 7th September 2009 Tuesday 10th November 2009 Wednesday 13th January 2010 Thursday 18th March 2010 Friday 7th May 2010 Monday 5th July 2010 A Study Leave Form and a Sheffield Hallam University Mentor Prep Application Form both signed by the candidates manager (both of which can be downloaded from the Barnsley PCT Connect/Human Resources/Learning and Development page/under development opportunities/Mentor Prep) should be sent to Tracy Maldzinski. If individuals have difficulty with access to PCT Intranet they can contact either Tracy or myself and we will send the relevant documents directly back to them, together with a letter explaining which forms need filling in and what needs sending back to the Centre for Learning and Development. When the completed documentation has been received ,a confirmation letter will be sent to the applicant to confirm that their completed application and study leave form have been received in the Centre of Learning and Development and that once the LBR Lead has signed the application form, we will send this on to the Sheffield Hallam University. These courses have already been paid for by the Strategic Health Authority as part of the contract to provide pre-reg nurse training at Sheffield Hallam University and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. 9

When making the fire call direct to the fire service via (9)999 or to the switchboard 3333 it is vitally important that you inform the receiver of your call of either of the following phrases: • • •

There is fire alarm activation but not a confirmed fire at this stage. We are investigating That this is a confirmed actual fire situation That this is a known false alarm and fire service is not required.

If at any stage during the fire call and after the ‘confirmation call’ has been made, when at that time it was not known if the fire call was legitimate or not, and it soon becomes apparent that it is a false alarm then we have a duty to call (9)999 or 3333 to cancel the Fire Service attendance immediately. For further information or advice please contact Health and Safety Department or Richard Galliford direct on 01226 435601.

New Safe hands DVD The Infection Prevention and Control team have produced a DVD to promote hand hygiene and are now using the video at induction and their training sessions. Alison Thomas, Senior Infection Control Nurse said: “We looked at the available videos out there and nothing was suitable so we decided to make our own here in Barnsley.” They combined forces with local film company Matthew Lindley Productions, who helped them to come up with the concept and produced the short film using a room and sink at the Cudworth LIFT centre. Matthew said: “The film is presented in a contemporary and quick-moving manner, which I think makes it stand out from other hand-hygiene resources being used elsewhere in the country. It’s nice to know that this DVD will make a difference to healthcare not only in our region, but hopefully in other parts of the UK once word has spread about its availability”.

Hospital stop smoking shop official opening Tom Sheard (NHS Barnsley Chair) and Steve Wragg (BHNFT Chair) officially opened the NHS Stop Smoking shop in the outpatient department of Barnsley Hospital on recently. The new stop smoking shop is the second to open in the borough, following the opening of the Eldon Street shop last year.

Staff Nurse Anthony Larkin, from the Rapid Response Team stars in the video and was selected due to his love of acting outside work. Matthew continued: “It was nice to be approached by my local NHS - and the Infection Control Team were a pleasure to work with. It made perfect sense to cast Anthony, because we know he is an experienced performer and that he wouldn’t be fazed by the lights and camera”.

The BHNFT shop has already helped over 60 people in Barnsley to stop smoking, including: inpatients, outpatients, members of staff and hospital visitors.  The shop offers open access for anyone and a formal referral from a health professional is not required.  The service also encourages staff to directly refer patients to the service while they are in the hospital or attending outpatient services, and following discharge, patients are offered home visits to monitor the progress of their efforts to stop smoking.   On average more than 200 people a month have successfully quit during the past 12 months – resulting in the stop smoking services most successful year ever, surpassing the previous year’s quitters total. Roger Hayhurst, aged sixty six from Barnsley, knows all about the benefits of stopping smoking having sought help from the service 3 months ago. Having previously tried to stop – using patches and hypnosis – Roger eventually got off cigarettes.

“We were so pleased with the end result which was a real team effort,” ended Alison, “Adele Watson wrote the script, Kath Bamforth organised and coordinated the project, but we really couldn’t have done it without Matthew’s help! We are also looking to market the video wider than Barnsley.” The film has added features of subtitles and can be easily adapted to different languages. Look out for the video which is hosted on the Connect site, and will also be shown at the hand hygiene drop in sessions. Pictured: L-R Kath Bamforth, Alison Thomas, Matthew Lindley and Diane Naylor.

Roger said: “I had tried to give up previously but this time I had a real incentive. When I found out my youngest daughter was expecting a baby, I knew I had to stop. I was concerned that she wouldn’t want to bring the baby to my house and so I visited the Barnsley stop smoking service. With their ongoing support and advice I’ve now given up smoking.” Speaking about the new service, Respiratory consultant Dr Malik said: “People attending the chest clinic often have serious conditions which are made worse with smoking. By referring patients directly to the onsite stop smoking shop after they have attended an appointment at the hospital, we are more effectively helping people with these conditions from getting worse.” People seeking advice or help can simply drop in to the service, make an appointment or be referred through hospital services such as anti natal or chest clinics. 10

Footballers represent Barnsley on Trip to Munich A team of mental health staff and service users with a joint love of football flew to Germany to represent Yorkshire and Humber at the European Mental Health football tournament hosted in Munich. Upon arrival, the team joined Hackney and travelled by coach to their digs, enjoyed an authentic German evening meal (sausages) and settled in for the evening. On their first full day, the team visited Munich, wearing their Barnsley football tops which attracted lots of positive attention from the locals and other tourists. They went with tour guides Hans, Tommy and Mickey who were from the German mental health football team. They had a walk round the English gardens and practiced their football skills in a friendly match against Hackney. The next day was the first day of the tournament and al the teams played five 20 minute matches. The following day all 12 teams took part in the play-offs and the Barnsley team finished ninth. In addition to this result, Steve won the highest goal scorer, Kev won an award for being one of the best players in the tournament and Luke (from Hackney) was one of the highest goal scorers and England took home the best Player award too. Hannah Geal, PMA sports lead said: “It really was a fantastic trip and very well organised, now in its twelfth year, and yes, we’ve been invited back next year! We enjoyed making new friends and speaking a bit of

Mothers keep in touch

German with people from all over Europe and closer to home, we had a lot of fun. My best moment was scoring a penalty against the Germans!” On their final day in Munich, the team took a 40 minute tour of the huge Allianz Stadium where Bayern Munich and TSV Munich 1860 play. The Olympiastadion holds 69,250. “We were all quite tired after all the exercise we’d had the previous two days,” continued Hannah, “But it was definitely worth it, we’d like to say a big thank you to the PMA team for coordinating the trip and fielding the extra players we needed.” The football initiative, which won a prize in the recent NHS Barnsley awards, used their prize money to pay for an evening meal whilst in Munich. Upon their return, the team reflected on the visit. Two of the players had never flown before and although a little nervous to start with, they both enjoyed their first flying experience. It gave everyone a taste for travel, it had been a good trip because they were able to plan what they wanted to do, play football with different teams, explore new ground and try different food. Everyone agreed that they had got to know each other better and really bonded with each other and the other teams in the tournament, particularly Hackney. Next on the calendar for the footballers is a reunion trip to London to promote the PMA with the Hackney team which also includes a visit to the Arsenal ground.

The latest Keep in Touch day, held at the Conference Centre, Kendray for new mums working for NHS Barnsley was well received by the 15 mums who attended. Mothers and babies were treated to a baby massage and yoga session. Also in attendance on the day were representatives from Bookstart, Surestart, Baby Waves and Mary Eliott from Darton Children’s Centre who led on the baby massage session. 11

Successful Fundraising for the Community Rehabilitation and Respite Unit The Community Rehabilitation and Respite Unit fund raising committee recently organised a sponsored 45 mile bike ride and coffee morning, both of which were a great success. The Community Rehabilitation and Respite Unit specialises in the rehabilitation of clients with neurological impairment including brain injuries, and because clients can be in care for periods of up to a year it is important that they can access local community and social events, in order to make their stay comfortable. Therefore, the fund raising committee play an active role in raising funds to support clients and their families, and the committee have helped to fund a Nintendo Wii, a pool table for the unit and financially support trips to events in Sheffield. The recent coffee morning raised £80 with three happy clients leaving with raffle prizes, and the sponsored bike ride was also a success with all members completing the full 45 miles, raising a total of £220.00. Many thanks go to the representatives from Headway and Irwin Mitchell solicitors who supported the event, helping make it successful and enjoyable for everyone involved. Half of the money raised from the sponsored bike ride has been donated to Yorkshire Headway as an appreciation of all their input into the unit. If you would like any further information about the important and unique role the unit plays, please feel free to contact extension 3444 to discuss this further.

Barnsley Old Boy’s Successful Trailtrekking campaign NHS Barnsley Chair Tom Sheard and his team ‘The Barnsley Old Boys’ have successfully completed Oxfam’s 2009 long distance charity walk; Trailtrekker. They joined forces with “The Fabulous 4” which is a team of Council Officers namely Tina Hickling, Dougie Dunsmore-Dawson, Roger Norton and Martin Farran. Joint use of the support vehicle meant they were able to reduced the carbon footprint for the event. The Old Boys , who completed their walk on the 31st May, raised several thousand pounds for the charity, and successfully completed the walk within their 30 hour target. Tom finished the 100 kilometre walk (62 miles) in 28 hours and 21 minutes, and raised a huge £1360. Tom’s and his team are all aged fifty or over, with one member (Councillor Joe Hayward) in his seventies. They prove that almost anyone can take part in walking activities, and that it is a great way to stay active, especially because it is completely free to take part! Team leader Tom, speaking about event said: “Trailtrekker is a great cause and I am delighted to be part of a team from Barnsley, raising so much money for Oxfam and Barnsley Hospice.

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