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No 54 December 2009 / January 2010 Newsletter for the staff of NHS Barnsley

Our Local Breastfeeding Stars Work is ongoing within Barnsley to promote the benefits of breastfeeding and increase take-up, particularly amongst young mothers and their families. A campaign called ‘Be a Star’ is being used by NHS Barnsley to increase the number of young mothers who choose to breastfeed by demonstrating the benefits of breastfeeding to the health and wellbeing of both mum and baby. Find out more about this initiative on page 4.





News from the Chief Executive News from Care Services Direct

I am amazed at how quickly this year has gone. I thought I’d reflect on what’s happened over the year. In January, we renamed ‘PCT News’ to reflect our organisation. The newly titled NHS Barnsley News got a new look and feel. Barnsley College and NHS Barnsley began to explore the partnership opportunities open to them, the Family Nurse Partnership celebrated their first year and Fit for the Future opened their first demonstration site at Athersley North Primary School.

Sean Rayner, Chief Operating Officer Transforming Community Services

In March we got a green light from the first World Class Commissioning assessment. NHS Barnsley was rated the highest possible for finance, governance and strategy for the future of healthcare in the first ‘assurance’ report. At the same time, the Transforming Community Services (TCS) programme was released.

We have now entered the next phase of our journey along Transforming Community Services. Detailed work is now progressing through to February 2010 to develop for Care Services Direct our ‘business’ and financial model and our governance processes in such a way as to prepare us for becoming a Community Foundation Trust. In short, we have to demonstrate that in comparison to a range of other organisational options we can be sustainable under the model of a Community Foundation Trust. I have briefed the Joint Management and Staff Committee about this process, and will continue to ensure that Staff Side colleagues are briefed and involved in this work.

April was the month that Infection Prevention and Control promoted ‘Safe Hands’ as part of the Clean your Hands Campaign with Barnsley Goalkeeper Heinz Muller’s help. The Trust celebrated NHS Innovation Week at the end of April with its own Oscars-style awards ceremony which recognised individual and team achievements. In June we were in the middle of the busy TCS roadshows which were well supported by Staff Side and delivered by our Chief Operating Officer Sean Rayner. Fourteen new Cadets were welcomed to Housekeeping roles within the Facilities Department which demonstrated progress in our partnership with the College.

Infection Prevention and Control The Infection Prevention and Control Team have recently published a new DVD to help encourage hand washing amongst young people (see article on page 9). This is a good example of using up to date communication methods to target a specific population group. It is often the simple health messages and communication techniques that are the most effective.

July was the month the café opened at the Oakwell Centre, staffed by Volunteers, and we opened the doors to the new walk in health centre in Gateway Plaza in Barnsley town centre. In August, the Stop Smoking Shop at Barnsley Hospital celebrated its official opening, a team of mental health staff and service users flew to Germany to represent Yorkshire and Humber at the European Mental Health football Tournament in Munich.

Money As Thomas Jefferson said “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”. Our (Care Services Direct) financial position in the current financial year remains very tight, and all actions that can be taken to minimise our expenditure are being taken. As we move forward into the next few years, the financial challenges for us to make substantial efficiency cost savings are significant. Work is now well underway to put in place plans for us to make these cost savings. At every stage on this journey, your involvement will be a prerequisite for success. Further details of how to get involved will be published shortly. The work nationally within the NHS to drive forward efficiency savings and improve quality comes under the new heading of QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity, Prevention) - another acronym for your collection.

In September work to improve the same sex facilities at Mount Vernon and Kendray was completed. October reported the TCS consultation outcomes at the Board and we welcomed the new Director of Public Health, Elizabeth Shassere to NHS Barnsley. We celebrated 10 years of the Stop Smoking Service in October and were honoured that Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families opened the Health and Wellbeing drop in service at Barnsley College. At the time of writing, I’m still in 2009 so you can read all about what happened in November and December in this issue. It is without doubt that 2010 will be an eventful year for staff who work in Commissioning and Care Services Direct. All that’s left to add is that I wish all NHS Barnsley staff a happy Christmas and hope you enjoy the break.


New drug treatment system in Barnsley

NHS Constitution Consultation

We are delighted to confirm that the Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) have formally accepted our tender for four of the seven elements of the new drug treatment system in Barnsley.

The NHS Constitution brings together in one place what the NHS does, what it stands for and the commitments it should live up to. It describes and renews our commitment to the values and enduring principles of the NHS.  It is also a living document that needs to reflect what matters and is relevant to the needs of patients, the public and staff in the 21st century. A consultation is currently underway that proposes new patient rights to: • treatment within a maximum of 18 weeks from a GP referral and to be seen by a cancer specialist within 2 weeks from a GP referral, or where this is not possible, for the NHS to take reasonable steps to offer a range of alternative providers; and • NHS Health Checks for those aged 40 to 74 to assess their risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.

It is excellent news that we will be able to continue working with Barnsley DAAT who demonstrate such commitment to the recovery agenda. We believe drug treatment can and should be delivered with ambition for an individual wherever they are in their treatment journey. Phoenix Futures will be working with NHS Barnsley’s Care Services Direct (the provider arm) to deliver the following elements of the new service: • • •

Care co-ordination/navigation service Engagement and treatment service incorporating the Drug Interventions Programme (DIP) Structured Day Service to include education and training and Conservation Therapy Programme

The prescribing and clinical treatment services will be delivered by Care Services Direct in a sub contractual relationship with Phoenix Futures.

It also welcomes views on areas where we believe we will soon be able to offer rights, such as dentistry, evening and weekend access to GPs, personal health budgets, the ability to choose to die at home and rapid access to diagnostic tests.

The harm reduction and young people’s services will be delivered by Addaction.

Following the commitment in Building Britain’s Future to strengthen advocacy and redress systems, the consultation also seeks views on the proposed role of the Constitution Champion.

We are really looking forward to launching the new services in April 2010. We will be working closely with new and existing providers to ensure the smooth transition to the new treatment system without any interference to service delivery for those currently in treatment.

The Consultation runs until 5 February 2010. More information at: Liveconsultations/DH_108012

Karen Biggs Chief Executive Phoenix Futures

NHS Barnsley are strictly stars on HSJ website Following the success of ‘Strictly’ stars Darryn and Lilia at the launch of the NHS Barnsley Live 4 Life event at Brooklands earlier in the year, the HSJ website are running a page within the resource centre area of their website. The article demonstrates how the initiative is an integral part of the service’s vision for improving the health and wellbeing of the workforce and was created as a direct response to staff surveys and the challenge posed by Dame Carol Black in her report ‘Working for a Healthier Tomorrow’. Glenis Brailsford, Consultant in Workplace Wellbeing and head of the Staff Support Service said: “It’s nice to know that we are being held up as an example of excellence on the well-respected HSJ website. The staff support service is well established and prides itself on being a beacon of excellence.”


Sean Rayner Chief Operating Officer Care Services Direct

Breast is still best for the people of Barnsley!

NHS Barnsley, Barnsley Hospital and Barnsley Council Children’s Centres have been jointly awarded Stage 1 Accreditation in UNICEF’s ‘Baby Friendly Initiative’, an internationally recognised mark of high standard in breastfeeding services.

a set of best practice standards on promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding for maternity units and community services. Kay Bennett, NHS Barnsley breastfeeding co-ordinator, said “The additional funding will help Barnsley address some of the gaps in breastfeeding services through implementing Baby Friendly Initiative standards. NHS Barnsley, Barnsley Hospital and the local authority are jointly celebrating the success of recently achieving Stage 1 Accreditation in this initiative and within the next 18 months we will be looking to achieve Stage 2”.

Members of staff from across the three organisations are celebrating having received a high commendation for hard work and joint initiatives put in place to promote, support and protect breastfeeding in Barnsley. The Director of Public Health for Barnsley, Elizabeth Shassere, said “this fantastic achievement demonstrates the hard work from all partner organisations involved and clearly demonstrates to local people the high standards employed throughout Barnsley”.

Childrens’ Centre breastfeeding groups across Barnsley are celebrating the Stage 1 Accreditation and are working towards full accreditation by 2012. Some of the mums at Hoyland Common Children’s Centre are training as breastfeeding peer support workers, providing a vital line of contact and support for mothers who want to breastfeed their children.

NHS Barnsley will be supported in their breastfeeding work by a financial award from the Department of Health, which will be used to promote breastfeeding and tackle local health inequalities. The funding helps hospitals in low income areas to achieve UNICEF’s Baby-Friendly Status,

Picture: Hoyland Common Children’s Centre Halloween Party

On Tuesday 20 October, the ‘Be A Star’ campaign launched in public with a spectacular fashion show in The Mall in Barnsley town centre. 11 young breastfeeding mothers and their families modelled fashions that had been kindly loaned and donated by local stores and students from Barnsley College created the finishing touches with glamorous hair-styles and make-up.

effective at reassuring other mothers about the benefits of breastfeeding.

The campaign was introduced by Kay Bennett and Cathy Utley, healthy early years coordinator at NHS Barnsley, who presented the campaign materials and explained what had been learned from the research. The models were invited to give accounts of their own breastfeeding experiences and when asked why they had chosen to breastfeed, comments such as “it’s the most natural thing in the world” (Shannon) and “it allows mother-baby bond to develop, it’s there when you need it, it helps with postpregnancy weight loss and it’s free” (Leanna) were very

The Mall was awarded the Breastfeeding Friendly Award after displaying posters about breastfeeding and training their staff to encourage breastfeeding throughout the shopping centre. This shows a positive commitment to the health of current and future generations of Barnsley citizens and is sure to attract more new mothers and their families to The Mall.

The event attracted a crowd of visitors and interest from the general public. 90 people officially pledged their support to the campaign and took home a goody bag containing breastfeeding and campaign information.

Linda Robinson, Infant feeding coordinator for Barnsley Hospital and Kay Bennett and Cathy Utley of NHS Barnsley, all


Heart Failure in the Community

Pictured: Models at the ‘Be a Star’ fashion show

What is Heart Failure? Heart Failure simply means that the heart is not pumping as well as it should to meet all the needs of the body. It does not mean that the heart has stopped working or you’re having a heart attack. There are many different things that can cause Heart Failure, such as: • • • • • • • • •

Heart Attack High Blood Pressure Narrow or Leaking Heart Valves Excessive Alcohol Intake Viral Infections Coronary Heart Disease Irregular Heart Beat Underactive Thyroid Gland Anaemia

Who is eligible for the Community Heart Failure Service? Anyone who is registered with a Barnsley GP and has been diagnosed with heart failure can be referred to the Community Heart Failure Service. There are a variety of methods in which you can be referred to the Community Heart Failure Service, such as: • • • • • •

GP Community Matron Hospital Consultant Practice Nurse District Nurse Self/Family Referral

What happens next? Once referred to the Community Heart Failure Service, the individual will be contacted by the Community Heart Failure Nurse and depending on the individual needs they will either invite you to a clinic in your local health centre or will arrange a home visit to assess needs. Following this they: • • • •

Agree a care plan Educate and advise Check medication and doses Monitor blood and pulse rate

agree that this is a very exciting time for breastfeeding in Barnsley. So many people now recognise the importance of breastfeeding as a result of the work that is being carried out and our strength lies in working together to secure a healthier future for the children of Barnsley.

This is because the Community Heart Failure Nurses like to make sure the service users understand they can have a positive impact on their condition just by changing simple lifestyle choices.

For more information about the Be a Star campaign please contact Kay Bennett on 01226 433787, or email kay.

More information For further details please contact the Community Heart Failure Nurses at:

If you would like to pledge your support to the Be a Star campaign and help to promote the message about breastfeeding in Barnsley, please email your name, job title and place of work to and we’ll send you a pledge certificate.

Apollo Court Medical Centre Dodworth Barnsley South Yorkshire S75 3RF Tel: 01226 209881 Email or

For more information about UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Initiative, please visit:


Security Awareness Month The Health and Safety Team were busy in November with the team out and about across many sites and LIFT centres. They were visiting staff to promote Security Awareness Month by holding road shows in partnership with the local Police. During the road shows, there was a chance for staff to ask questions and voice concerns around the issue of Security Awareness and get advice about specific issues. Staff also got their hands on the free goodies on offer! The road shows, such as the one at Longfields pictured, proved a success with staff. For more information about Security Awareness contact the Health and Safety team at Keresforth on (43) 5603. Pictured (l-r): Tom Sheard, Chairman; Ailsa Claire, Chief Executive; Martin Brandon, Assistant Director HR, Health and Safety and Security.

Health records amnesty

Fraud Awareness

All operational services business units are required to have filing systems in place that account for all patients known to their services. The Care Services Direct Care Records Management Group is offering an amnesty to any members of staff who knowingly or otherwise are holding patient health records or case notes outside recognised local filing systems, to put them back into circulation or storage with no questions asked.

As well as the regular visits and training carried out by the Counter Fraud Team, the team have been tackling the current issues of fraud and the recession, fraudulent behaviour carried out whilst off sick, the recent rise in scams and the most popular Christmas scams to look out for. Any act of NHS Fraud can be detrimental to staff and services, and a recession only highlights the issues of costs and savings. The past year has also seen a rise in identity fraud and NHS staff have been targeted through scam emails asking for details. So look out! No genuine company or service would ask for your details via email. The Christmas season brings a rise in such scams and fraud, so other common things to look out for around this time are fake invoices and any emails that asks for your password details.

It has been known in the past for teams to move base with no thought to the plight of non-current records left in dark corners or cellars, or even for staff who have left the organisation to come across records in their loft! These are obviously extremes, but there may have been occasions when records have been misplaced and subsequently found but staff have not felt able to own up to this. Regardless of the circumstances, if you are aware of any patient records that are not where they should be or have been overlooked, then please contact the Information Services Health Records Team at Kendray to discuss the appropriate action to dispose of or put back into storage.

Although fraud is a serious issue, the Counter Fraud Team can offer advice and are there to help. If you have any concerns you should contact Robert Purseglove directly on 0114 271162 or by e-mail at robert.purseglove@ Alternatively you can call the confidential NHS Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line on free phone 0800 028 40 60. The latest newsletter ‘Fraud in the Spotlight’ is also available on connect.

The IS Health Records Team can be contacted on: ext 4180/4156 or via the IS Help Desk on ext 4030.

Beware of thieves Health and safety are warning staff of this recent fraud taking place in health centres – remember it could happen in your building too. Be vigilant! A well dressed man is talking his way into clinics then stealing credit cards etc. from unprotected personal belongings. The victim then receives a bogus call pretending to be their bank trying to get the pin number.


Let us know you’ve passed and we will keep your training record up to date The Centre for Learning and Development has developed a Qualification Notification Form to be used by all staff when any qualification has been completed. This form should be downloaded from the CfLD page on connect, completed and sent to the CfLD, House 2021 at Keresforth, once you have achieved a qualification of any type. This will benefit individuals by ensuring your individual training records are kept updated and accurately reflects the learning and development you have completed. Whilst the Centre for Learning and Development may be aware you have applied for study leave to start a course, we do not necessarily know if and when it has been completed. It is therefore important that every one achieving a qualification completes and returns the form to ensure it is recorded in personal learning and training records. Please contact the Centre for Learning and Development if you require any further information (43) 5769.

Choose Well Like everywhere else in the UK, NHS Barnsley is expecting extraordinary pressures and demands on our health services over winter 2009/10, especially due to the added pressures of Swine Flu. The Choose Well campaign was established to provide the public with information that will tie together all NHS Barnsley services and highlight the importance of selecting the appropriate NHS service if you fall ill during the winter period. Choose Well aims to raise patients’ awareness of the range of services available to them, particularly when they need help urgently so that they can judge the best place to go for help and reduce pressures on both acute and primary care services. Using the wrong services not only costs the NHS millions of pounds each year, but also prevents urgent appointments being available to those who need them most. The thermometer below has been developed to help you identify which services you can use for your specific need and indicates the level of urgency and seriousness. A&E or 999

The Barnsley dietetic department nutrition training directory is now available for 2010. The directory provides information about the various nutrition training offered by the Community Dietitians. 

Choking, Chest pain, severe bleeding and blacking out.

NHS Walk-in Centre Cuts, strains, rashes and sprains. or Minor Injuries Unit GP

Vomiting, ear pain, stomach ache and back ache.


Diarrhoea, runny nose, painful cough and headache.

NHS Direct

Unwell? Unsure? Confused? Need help?


Hangover, grazed knee, sore throat and cough

Nutrition training information 2010

Choosing well ensures you receive the best possible treatment, leaving emergency services to those who need them most. For more information on Choose Well visit www.


These courses are free for all Barnsley NHS staff, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council staff, Barnsley community and voluntary workers. A small charge will be made for commercial / for profit organisations.  The directory is available to view on the training pages on Connect.

How did you do? 6. Do you know what to do in an infection outbreak?

Remember the Infection Prevention and Control Quiz we ran a couple of months ago? Well thanks to everyone who had a go. The answers are below and we will be printing the winners next month. If you enjoyed this quiz, do have a go at the Hydration Quiz on page 11 too.

Contained in the Major Outbreak Implementation Plan. • All patients/clients must be isolated • Infected staff must refrain from work for 48 hours post symptoms (diarrhoeal infections) or when asymptomatic. • Ensure accurate case lists maintained • Deploy staff to dedicated areas wherever possible • Inform visitors and restrict where appropriate • Segregate day care/residential facilities • Suspend admissions, discharges and transfers • Employ stringent Standard Universal Precautions • You need to contact• Contact responsible person in charge. • Contact Infection Prevention and Control Team (IPCT) between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. If out of hours the Infection Prevention and Control Team must be contacted at the next available opportunity • On call Manager out of hours who must then liaise with the on call microbiologist

1. Who is the Director of Infection Prevention and Control (DIPC)? Margaret Kitching- Director of Nursing and Professions 2. Who is the lead for decontamination? As above 3. What would you do if you had a needle stick injury? Bleed It, Wash It, Cover It and Report It- As contained in the Contamination Incidence Policy 4. Where are infection control policies and procedures kept, how would you access these?

The IPCT, Director of Infection Prevention and Control (DIPC) or Consultant Microbiologist will determine whether to implement the Major Outbreak Plan

Some areas have a yellow Infection Prevention and Control Manual, this should be easily accessible and staff should be aware of this. If your area does not have a hard copy of the manual this is available on the Trusts Intranet site- click on infection prevention and control and the manual and policies are available there.

7. How many steps are there in an effective hand hygiene technique? Six steps

5. Is there a treatment pathway for MRSA & C difficile?

8. How is the organisation assured that its premises environment/buildings are clean?

There is a care pathway for both conditions. C difficile care pathway is contained in the Clostridium Difficile Policy. MRSA care pathway is contained in the Integrated Care pathway for patient with MRSA- MVH and Integrated Care pathway for patient with MRSA- Mental Health Inpatients Available on the Trusts Intranet site- click on infection prevention and control, they are available there, also available at ward level.

The organisation has a cleaning strategy. The cleaning schedules and monitoring results are clearly displayed in inpatient areas. 9. Does the organisation have a uniform/work wear policy? If yes identify five criteria to which you should adhere Yes the Trust has Uniform and Dress Code Policy

To raise awareness of Infection Prevention and Control Week, NHS Barnsley Infection Prevention and Control Team held a day-long event in October at The Mall, Barnsley. The aim of the day was to raise awareness of infection prevention and control, hand hygiene and Swine Flu symptoms and prevention to members of the public of all ages from young to older generations. Freebies were given out on the day to members of the public, including sample bottles of alcohol gel and lots of information leaflets. The stand and the freebies were also dusted with ultraviolet powder, so that when the public picked up the freebies they were then asked to test their hands under the ultraviolet light. The contaminated areas on their hands by the powder glowed under the light. The aim of this activity was to demonstrate the ease of transmission of micro-organisms.

Infection Prevention and Control Week Event

Three of the Infection Prevention and Control team were dressed up as ‘bugs’, including E.Coli, MRSA and C.Diff. There was an excellent response from the public on the day and it was very interactive. A big thank you goes out to all staff involved in the day and also to staff from the BHNFT Infection Prevention and Control Team.


• • • • •

10. What infection prevention and control leaflets are available to patients and the public?

Clothing worn at work, including uniforms should encourage public trust and confidence in the employees of NHS Barnsley. Clothing should be safe, practical and reflect the type of work to be undertaken. Where departmental guidance restricts the wearing of jewellery e.g. clinical, catering, domestic etc, for staff performing clinical procedures jewellery is restricted because of safety and infection control. Plain finger wedding rings may be worn, but rings with stones or indentations must not be worn because of the infection control risks reference should be made to NHS Barnsley Hand Hygiene Policy. Necklaces, bracelets, charity bands and other wrist jewellery are not permitted. An SOS bracelet or necklace may be worn by staff to indicate the existence of a medical condition i.e. epilepsy/diabetes etc. NHS Barnsley’s identity badge must be worn at all times whilst at work. However, if with the approval of a manager it is felt that it is not appropriate to wear a badge in plain sight when accompanying clients for reasons relating to privacy and dignity, then the employee should still have the badge on their person, even if not displayed All uniform/dress and corporate mufti within clinical areas must have short sleeves and bare below the elbow to meet infection control requirements. Nails must be kept clean and short and be an appropriate length for the work environment. Nail polish or false nails must not be worn on where this adversely affects a member of staff's ability to carry out their duties effectively and/or where this would compromise health and safety or infection control. In particular clinical, catering or domestic staff must not wear nail polish and/or false nails as these have been shown to act as a reservoir to gram-negative bacteria and can reduce the effectiveness of hand hygiene techniques.

The Trust has the following leaflets available to patient and the public: • Patient and Visitors Please help us win the battle against infection • Scabies • Barrier Nursing • Clostridium Difficile • MRSA • MRSA Screening • Matron’s Charter 11. Where is the infection prevention and control team base, and how do you contact them? The Infection Prevention and Control Team are based at Mount Vernon Hospital, NHS Barnsley, Ward Green, Barnsley, S70 4DP Phone 01226 43 33643 Fax 01226 433369 The infection prevention and control service is provided Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm, with an emergency ‘out of hours’ service provided by the Infection Control Doctor, which also includes weekends. There is also a facility for asking the Team a question through the intranet Infection Prevention and control site. These question are answered as quickly as possible. 12. In your KSF how would you define your responsibility for infection prevention and control? This would be within the safety domain. Staff and Managers should ensure infection control practice and performance is incorporated in KSF/staff appraisal and part of training needs analysis. Managers should consider the necessary competencies for the specific work required and arrange for these needs to be met through the appraisal and personal development plan process.

Any exceptions to this policy must be authorised by an appropriate line manager either on an individual basis or for a defined group.

A new DVD has recruited local pupils from Wombwell Park Street School, Kingstone School and Carlton Community College to help encourage hand washing amongst young people. The DVD shows schoolchildren and teachers how to wash their hands effectively, through a simple, six-step demonstration. All primary and secondary schools in Barnsley have just received the DVD, which is expected to raise awareness of good hand hygiene and help prevent the spread of germs between schoolchildren. Alison Thomas, Senior nurse for Infection Prevention and Control, said: “The DVD is proving to be a great success, with some schools already committing to using it as part of their curriculum. NHS Barnsley wants to embed good hand washing routines at an early age for all young people in the borough and through working with local schools; we are getting closer to realising this.

School children star in hand washing DVD

“Sometimes children don’t wash their hands, so it’s essential we help them understand that it’s important. Washing hands helps prevent germs being passed on to others and keeps people of all ages in better health. We hope to see children across Barnsley practising their new hand washing skills for years to come.” The ‘Safe Hands 4 Kids’ DVD was produced by local company, Matthew Lindley productions, for NHS Barnsley and is available to view on the NHS Barnsley website: 9

News from Staff Side

team works we want to know about it. You can do this within your work team, with your manager, through Katy Jarvis-Morgan or your Trade Union rep or by telling Ailsa or Sean – but don’t let your great ideas go to waste.

Pensions JSSC want to remind all staff that with the changes to the NHS Pension Scheme there is a choice that will need to be made if current members want to change to the new scheme. The Trade Unions have produced their own advice and we suggest you look at your own Union’s website, and our Payroll department has sent us all a leaflet with our payslips. We strongly advise everyone to check this out for themselves, as everyone’s circumstances are different – go to: http://www.

The next stage for TCS Thank you to all staff for completing the TCS Preference Poll. We had an overwhelming response from you and as you will probably be aware the result showed over 99% of you want to remain part of the NHS and believe that the NHS is worth fighting for. You are not alone in your view as Andy Burnham (Secretary of State for Health) also agrees with you. He said recently “Let me begin with where I stand on this debate, and that is that the NHS is our preferred provider.” This ministerial position is welcomed by Staff Side as it reinforces not only established NHS policy, but reflects the views of our staff and the people of Barnsley.

Disability Focus Group Several members of JSSC have become part of the Disability Focus Group – either because they themselves have a disability, are carers of a disabled child or adult or have a special interest as a Trade Union official. We strongly support the work of this group as disability should not be a barrier to contributing fully to the work of the Trust and you should not face any discrimination due to it. If you want to register an interest in this group please contact Amanda Heenan, the Equality and Diversity Manager ext 3670.

His statement follows a meeting between the NHS unions to voice trade union concerns about the increasing privatisation of the NHS, which included an emphasis on NHS providers becoming Social Enterprises through TCS. “This sets a clear direction for the NHS,” says Staff Side Secretary Tony Wright, “and one that the PCT cannot ignore”.

How can we find efficiency savings? We all know that every pound of public money spent in NHS Barnsley needs to work hard, and this is going to be especially important as the NHS faces significant financial challenges over the next few years. JSSC has already supported managers in encouraging staff to come up with ideas to save money, but we want to be able to do more. As we increasingly become an organisation that implements the opportunities offered by the NHS constitution and continue to involve all staff in how the Trust is run JSSC believes that the solution to a number of problems will come from you. So whether it is how to save money on the use of taxis, stationery, reducing waiting lists or restructuring how your

Your vote along with ministerial policy reinforces Staff Side’s position that the NHS is best placed to provide good quality health care. Paul Smith, Staff Side Chair said: ”We will work in partnership with management to ensure that we meet the PCT timetable for formal consultation in March 2010 to become a Community Foundation Trust. “ If you have not yet joined a trade union but believe that we are stronger together, then please contact the Staff Side Secretary on ext. 3246 or Staff Side Chair on ext. 4091.

Framework for Nutrition

LEAN learning event Whilst NHS Barnsley did not win at the LEAN Healthcare Awards held recently at the Royal Armouries, the Business and Organisational Development (BOD) Team and supporting service area representatives from Physiotherapy, Community Services and Continence and Urology left the event with plenty of ideas and inspiration to support their forthcoming LEAN work. Vikki Padgett from BOD said: “The LEAN day was really inspiring, to meet many NHS organisations who have been using LEAN for longer than us and the outcomes of their work has made us even more determined to continue spreading the LEAN word within NHS Barnsley. There were some excellent initiatives which we can all use to benchmark within our own services.” During the awards ceremony, a motivational speaker who used magic tricks to get his messages across, selected BOD’s Mariana Pavlovic to be his glamorous assistant. NHS Barnsley was presented with certificates for its three shortlisted LEAN award entries and represented the work of the organisation with poster displays on the day. To find out more about LEAN, visit BOD’s page on Connect and talk to the team! 10

The Essence of Care Food and Nutrition Sub Group proudly presents the framework for nutrition for NHS Barnsley. The framework sets out best practice for the delivery of nutritional care for all in-patients within NHS Barnsley. The framework supports ALL practitioners to achieve optional screening, monitoring and evaluation of the nutritional status of each individual patient. The Framework for Nutrition can be accessed via Connect. To support this launch, the dieticians have developed a training programme, bespoke to each clinical area. We encourage all practitioners to attend their sessions. For further information, please contact dieticians Catherine Mangan on 433414 or Helen Dixon on 433241.

Hydration Quiz Water, water everywhere, did you take it in? Did you read the posters, or put them in the bin?

Answer the following questions for the chance to win a ÂŁ25 Marks & Spencer voucher.


Water is one of the six basic nutrients




Drinking plenty of water helps to prevent constipation, urine infections and incontinence


Drinking plenty of water causes diabetes mellitus


The NHS advises that people should be drinking 1 litre per day


Simply breathing in and out uses more than a pint of water per day


During exercise it is advised that people drink at 30 minute intervals


Urine should be plentiful, pale in colour and odourless


Drinking more water helps to reduce water retention


Dehydration is defined as 5% or greater loss of bodyweight as a result of fluid loss


Water is the most important thing that you need to stay healthy

Please submit your entries to Catherine Mangan, Dietician, Keresforth Centre by 18 December 2009 by completing your details below to have the chance of winning a ÂŁ25 Marks & Spencer voucher.



Contact number




Did you know that NHS Barnsley is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and helping to reserve scarce natural resources for the future? To help us focus on this important objective we have set up a small team known as the Carbon Reduction Group to focus on issues we feel are of importance. To do this we need all the help we can get from people who: • are interested in carbon reduction • can help us get the message out to all staff •

want to contribute in some way to our goal of reducing energy consumption

can spare a little time to help spread the message from the Carbon Reduction Group

can act as a focus for people wanting to put ideas forward to the Carbon Reduction Group

If you think that this is something that you would be interested in getting involved with please contact Dawn Hood Tel: (43)4284 and leave your details.

First Mental Health Sports Tournament In October we joined in with ‘Get Moving Week’ in celebration of world mental health to promote the benefits of being active for mental wellbeing. This included the first mental health five-a-side Football Tournament, badminton and table tennis, which took place on 8 th October at the Oakwell Academy football ground in Barnsley, organised by Hannah Geal, the PMA Yorkshire & Humber League Coordinator. 5-a-side Semi finals of the football were Doncaster REACT Vs Cheswold Park Rangers and our own Barnsley teams; Oakwell Terriers 1 Vs Oakwell Terriers 2. The winners were Oakwell Terriers 1 who beat Cheswold Park Rangers in the finals. Both teams will go through to the National PMA. Badminton and Table Tennis In Badminton, the runner up was a player from York, and the winner was a player from the Doncaster REACT team. Both will represent their teams at the national finals in Sheffield. The table tennis final completed the sports events with a player form Cheswold Park and a player from York, both played a very good game, and it was very exiting to watch. The title went to Cheswold and the runner up went to York. Presentations Every player received a medal for taking part in the tournament and each team was awarded a trophy for their participation. Sean Rayner, Chief Operating Officer and Tom Sheard, Chairman joined in the presentations to show their support of the sports tournament and the day’s event. Special thanks to… Hannah would like to say a huge thank you to all the teams that entered into the 2009 PMA Yorkshire & Humber World Mental Health day Sports tournament. “I would like to say thanks to Ronnie, Mark and Wayne from Barnsley FC for their ongoing support with this project. Moorland court that provided the food for this event, and Denise in particular for arranging this and feeding lots of hungry footballers on the day. My thanks go to the physiotherapy staff, from Kendray, Steve who worked alongside me all day, selling raffle tickets and Kelvin and Liam I couldn’t have done this without!” “And finally, the PMA and NHS Barnsley, without your support this day would not have been possible so on behalf of all the players I would like to say huge thank you for your ongoing commitment to making events like this happen. See you all next year!” If you are interested in any future events or more information about PMA Yorkshire & Humber contact Hannah Geal (43) 4664. PS. We’re taking part in the mini Olympic finals at Sheffield English Institute of Sport at the end of November. We’ll let you know how they get on! 12

We are seeking people to act as Energy Champions within business units and at our buildings throughout Barnsley.

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Energy Champions Volunteers Needed

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