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No 49 June 2009 Newsletter for the staff of NHS Barnsley

Staff Recognition and Awards Ceremony 2009 And the winners are… Celebrating NHS Innovation Week in Style, our staff awards ceremony was held at Brooklands Hotel on 30 April. The awards were split into two categories, recognising individual achievement and team initiatives. Tom Sheard, the Chairman of NHS Barnsley presented each of the individuals with their certificate, a shopping voucher and a letter confirming two day’s extra annual leave as recognition of their achievement. L- R (front) Pamela Kirk, Medical Directorate; Joan Burton, Primary Care Preventative services; Val Crawshaw, Inpatient Rehabilitation; Tony Porter, Community Mental Health Services; Sean Rayner, Chief Operating Officer and Ailsa Claire, Chief Executive. (Back l-r) Gary Garvey, Finance Directorate; Karen Peary, Assessment and Care Management; Hannah Geal, Mental Health Crisis Care; Paul Hughes, Children’s Business Unit; Jane Kennedy, Performance and Quality; Tom Sheard, Chairman; Alison Milbourne, Public Health; Mick Hitchen, Estates and Facilities; Betty Franklin, Community Rehabilitation; Joanne Brown, Learning Disabilities; Joan Greaves, Long Term Conditions; Tina Driver, Strategy and Contracting and Rebecca Parden from Human Resources. More pictures and winners from the awards inside this issue!





News from the Chief Executive

News from Care Services Direct

A night to remember The staff awards ceremony, held during NHS Innovation Week at Brooklands recently certainly proved to be a night to remember. It was nice to spend the evening recognising all the staff who were nominated for individual achievement awards – our local heroes. The team initiatives also unearthed some really good work taking place in Barnsley across a spectrum of services. Well done to everyone who won a prize on the night and thanks to everyone who was able to attend. We’ve collected in your feedback about the night and will use it to shape future recognition events.

Transforming Community Services - a busy month The past month has been a busy one as far as the Transforming Community Services programme is concerned. The road shows have commenced (joint with Staff Side), and thanks to all staff who have attended so far. There are several more roadshow dates in the diary, so try and get along to one of the sessions if you get the chance. There are opportunities to discuss the programme at staff meetings and in other forums. There is interesting debate being generated, and all questions and comments are welcomed and relevant. Don’t forget there is a dedicated section on Connect, now featuring a video of yours truly (Clint Eastwood is in no danger of maintaining his position as the greatest screen star).

Transforming Community Services A series of Roadshow events have been taking place and there are still a few more planned in the diary (listed on Connect). It’s really important that staff are engaged in the consultation process that will form the recommendations for the future of Care Services Direct. The Consultation runs across the Summer season so please make sure your voice is heard and counted. Look out for next month’s payslips where staff will have the opportunity to make their statement of preference towards the type of organisation they think we should go for.

Staff Recognition and Awards Ceremony This month’s edition features the winners from the excellent Awards ceremony held at Brooklands Hotel. It is right that we should celebrate success and congratulations to all those teams and individuals who took part on the night. I would like to think that all our staff are ultimately “winners”, without your contribution we wouldn’t be recognised as a leading Primary Care Trust in England. It is a privilege to be a Chief Operating Officer in such and organisation, so congratulations to everybody.

Mexican Swine Flu It’s been a busy month, taking in all the news about the latest strain of flu virus to hit the world. As I write this, Barnsley was fortunate to be an observer to the identified infected people and it now seems to be slowing down but this is not something we should ignore. It’s been a good opportunity to test our emergency planning and readiness to react to a pandemic. At times of emergency we rely on everyone to step up to the challenge and work appropriately and communicate well with each other. Remember, in six months, experts at the Health Protection Agency (HPA) expect the next wave to hit and this could be worse for Barnsley. I always welcome any suggestions staff have in how we can improve our systems and processes in relation to emergency planning.

Visitors from Wales On 12 May we welcomed colleagues who work in Mental Health services in the Gwent area of Wales. They had an opportunity to share their experiences of Partnership working in South East Wales, and listen to what we had achieved in Barnsley. They visited some of our mental health services and provided us with some balanced feedback on their views of how we do things in Barnsley. Overall , and I use the words of their Chief Executive here, they were “inspred by our approach to partnership working, and our commitment to make things work in the face of difficult challenges.” They also reported that they had enjoyed a very good “curry” in Wombwell the night before.

Sourcing local talent Finally, I’d just like to comment on the excellent partnership work Barnsley College are supporting us with the Cadet scheme mentioned on page 11. The newly created course supports on-the-job learning for people who wish to join the NHS and gain a qualification at the same time. This grow your own solution leads to employment opportunities for local people and is a credit to Barnsley during difficult national economic times.

Register your preference (Transforming Community Services....again) Finally, next month (July) we will be distributing a letter with payslips that will provide an opportunity for you to express a preference for our future organisation form as a service provider. I hope that by that stage you will feel confident in being able to make an informed expression of preference and have your voice heard. Don’t forget to visit the information page on Connect.


18 Week survey give insight to patient experience

SIBD is changing to BOD

An action plan detailing our future work following the 18 week patient experience survey has been approved by Yorkshire and the Humber Strategic Health Authority.

Service Improvement and Business Development set up in 2007. Their role is to support the continual efforts of provider services to deliver sustainable high quality care whilst making the best use of available resources.

The survey was run by Ipsos MORI and NHS Barnsley teamed up with BHNFT to find out the views of 1500 patients. The response rate was 25% (378 patients responded) and will enable benchmarking across the region in relation to waiting times and choice.

On 1 June the team relaunched to a new name which is Business and Organisational Development. The BOD mission is: • To deliver continuous improvement in order to realise the full benefits of investment • To optimise resources to improve quality through an inclusive approach and encourage creative thinking that challenges traditional ways of working. • To enable transformational change that builds capability and sustainability to deliver the best quality of care.

The research set out to understand the overall patient experience that patients have of waiting for appointments. It looked at patient satisfaction, waiting times and gave PCTs the opportunity to improve their service delivery through follow up action plans. In summary: • 88% of patients rated their overall care as good or excellent • Four in five patients were happy with the amount of time they waited • 96% attended their first choice of hospital • Almost all patients felt they were given privacy and respect • Most rated the facilities clean and in good condition

Mariana Pavlovic, Project Support Officer said: “It’s not simply us going in to a service to help fix any problems, we offer support and mentoring to departments or individuals to enable them to implement, own and affect the change they wish to see themselves.” Putting these elements into practice, they have already worked with the following departments using our range of products to promote modern ways of thinking and developing best practices.

The action plan which commenced April 2009 identifies issues, objectives, work and timescales with monitoring and links to other work programmes.

The team: • Have supported the launch of Rapid Access Clinics. • Have begun working with support and administrative services to investigate the use of Demand and Capacity and Lean methodologies. • Have supported Podiatry services to use Thinking Differently techniques to identify issues and solutions relating to data collection. • Helped Physiotherapy to explore potential new models of service.

Active Health week 15 - 19 June


Come and join in an informative yet fun workshop; chat with the team on their open day or pop-in to a road show event. The workshops will cover some of innovative techniques that we use including Six Thinking Hats, Thinking Differently Techniques, Process Mapping, Lean methodology and the Demand and Capacity ‘Sweetie Game’. The Open Day will be a unique opportunity to see the new base on 1st floor of the Lodge at Kendray Hospital. Come and see our LEAN office in action and our innovative use of accommodation - for which we received a runner up award at last months Staff Recognition Awards. Road shows take place in June and July at Keresforth, Mount Vernon Hospital and Kendray Hospital. Dates are to follow on our website. There is also a mountain of freebies which, like us, are innovative and useful! For any more information, please visit our improved website, which features regular updates of our work, our events and useful links http://nww.barnsleypct.nhs. uk/serviceimprovement/ or call 01226 434248 4

The Barnsley Integrated Learning Disability Service is having an Active Health Week, to promote the benefits of undertaking exercise activities in local communities. This will include people with learning disabilities, their families and carers participating in activities in their own communities and will support ‘inclusion’, a key principle in “Valuing People Now”. Our aim is to introduce service users to new activities and for them to be supported either by their family members and / or support staff to participate in the events that have been planned. For further information please contact Joanne Brown, Professional Support & Practice Development Nurse (LD) on 01226 775661 or mobile 07786 707349 3

Overall Winner

1 Improving Job satisfaction

Long Term Conditions implemented Telehealth technology to support the delivery of care to patients with LTC in their own homes.

Winner: “The Comfort Club” operates in the Community and is designed to befriend new parents, reduce social isolation and post natal depression. The six week course for mums is held at Mapplewell Health Centre and covers a new complementary therapy from breathing and relaxation to tai chi and beauty therapy. In addition to the original course, mothers in the community some of whom are here tonight have built on the club and run their own support group in the village hall and local children’s centre. This is a good example where health initiatives can inspire and motivate members of the public to ‘grow their own’ networks.

The Doc@Home system enables patients to have their condition remotely monitored by NHS Barnsley staff. 140 devices in total have been purchased and 100 are being issued to patients with COPD and the next on the list are patients receiving Trust palliative care services. Early feedback is positive from both patients and clinicians and an evaluation of the technology’s contribution to positive clinical and economic outcomes is planned later this year.

Runner up: “Using accommodation differently” from Service Improvement and Business Development demonstrated innovation to find solutions which would help people work flexibly and still meet business needs. The team say the benefits have been numerous including enhanced team work, communication and more open leadership improving efficiency of use of office accommodation.


NHS Barnsley Team Awards Six categories were identified for the team awards, with a winner and runner up in each category. An overall winner was also presented at the end of the ceremony. The below initiatives were selected:

2 Engagement & Participation

3 Communication Champions

Winner: Mental Health Service users at the Oakwell Centre have completed their FA Coaching Award. They take part in football training sessions at Oakwell Academy which runs for any service user who has or is suffering with a mental illness. We wish the team luck as they prepare to compete in a European Mental Health tournament this month in Munich.

Winner: Stop Smoking Service shop partnership work

Runner up: The South Yorkshire Conditions Management Programme (hosted by NHS Barnsley) has more than 30 volunteers who work within the programme to help improve engagement of new and potential customers. Some of the full time employees within the CMP team are previous customers too.

Its partners have been instrumental in its continuing success, listening to clients worry about putting on weight when they stop smoking led to a partnership with slimming world and Barnsley Premiership leisure. Quitters get a 12 week free membership.

CMP helps its customers to manage their health conditions, by educating and advising them. It promotes the concept that most people can do some form of work provided they get adequate support and training and helps their customers to move closer to the labour market.

Barnsley’s Stop Smoking service pioneered setting up a town centre shop, which has since been replicated in many other towns nationally. Now based on Eldon street, the shop enjoys a key town centre location, representing NHS Barnsley as a high street service provider.

Runner up: The Client Matters is a newsletter for service users, written by service users with support from staff. Anthony Payne, Activity Coordinator suggested the service user led newsletter be created. The newsletter engages clients on many levels with opportunities to have their say, pose questions to staff and managers and get a response back on the printed page. Everyone works hard on the magazine and it is a credit to their determination and commitment to providing client led care.


4 Use of Technology

5 Better ways of working

Winner: Long Term Conditions implemented Telehealth technology to support the delivery of care to patients with LTC in their own homes.

Winner: Memory clinics have been developed for new referrals to get diagnosis and follow-up patients. Within each clinic, medical colleagues are supported by a member of the memory team who have considerable input into the clinic, the assessment, diagnosis and post diagnostic work.

The Doc@Home system enables patients to have their condition remotely monitored by NHS Barnsley staff. 140 devices in total have been purchased and 100 are being issued to patients with COPD and the next on the list are patients receiving Trust palliative care services.

Verbal feedback from clients and carers demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach and the value they place on having a member of the team there to discuss issues post appointment.

Early feedback is positive from both patients and clinicians and an evaluation of the technology’s contribution to positive clinical and economic outcomes is planned later this year.

Memory clinics are so successful, further development in to nurse-led clinics where following up appointments are seen by senior workers within the team who are qualified to prescribe medications, where initiated by the consultant.

Runner up: The Business Change and Training Team use a serviceled approach to business change and service redesign. They have recently used training to introduce the new TPP SystmOne to a number of specialist service areas in the Trust.

Runner up: An exercise Pilot with the Parkinson’s Disease Community group has been developed through inter-agency working. This is led by the needs and wishes of people with Parkinson’s disease living in Barnsley. The falls service in Barnsley is working alongside the group to enable individuals to maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle. The pilot programme has 20 volunteers who were screened to establish their safety to exercise in the community. The group aim to provide an ongoing interagency community exercise group for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

The team have introduced new tools and ways of developing and delivering systems that are well received by staff and ensures the full potential of systems are understood and used.


NHS Barnsley Team Awards continued

6 Improving Safety

Bright Spark ideas

Winner: This initiative is based on a Home delivery service to patients requiring continence products. It’s a better and safer way of working as the service prevents staff, patients, relations and carers from having to lift bulky packages.

Finally, staff were invited to submit their ideas into a Bright Spark Awards. The initiatives that were suggested ranged from: • • • •

The service includes care homes and involved a large amount of communication at the offset. Starting February 2009, the home delivery services has been well received and although it was hard work in setting it up it has been of immense benefit to the people who use our services.

Laughter workshops for staff A hearing voices group Any large policy having an executive summary Credit card sized appointment cards

Of those shortlisted, not all were able to attend on the night but all received a prize.

Runner up: Essence of Care’s work on the Continual development of record keeping standards helps to ensure that practitioners produce complete, accurate, relevant, accessible, timely and reliable records.

Thanks to everyone who attended on the night, we hope you enjoyed the NHS Barnsley 09 Awards.

Records are important. They demonstrate effective communication that supports and informs high quality care. The aim is to ensure standards required of clinical records are clear to everyone and practiced as the norm. This contributes in turn to the safe effective delivery of care to people who use our services.


Wise up on Water! “Water is a basic Nutrient of the Human body and is critical to Human life” (WHO)

we are to make hydration a top priority, everyone in the hospital environment needs to play a part.

The Essence of Care Nutrition Group have developed a “Nutritional Framework” This framework supports the need to improve not only the water consumption of our patients but, also of staff. Water is essential to health, and is one of the six basic nutrients (along with carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals), but is often overlooked.

The Nutrition Group identified the need to raise awareness of the importance of water and hydration to patients and staff health, and ensure that the provision of water is fundamental aspect of Nutritional Care. We have designed a Poster Campaign, (6 designs in total) giving information, facts and tips to improve water consumption, these will be issued one poster a month from June 2009 through to November 2009 to all wards and depts within inpatient settings.

Diabetes Week 15-19 June 2009

The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) believe that if

It is estimated that 2.5 million people in the UK are known to have diabetes. Diabetes UK, the leading charity for people with diabetes, estimates that 400,000 people in England have the condition and do not yet know. Although diabetes is a lifelong condition with potentially serious complications affecting the eyes, nerves, and kidneys, it can be successfully managed and complications prevented by leading a healthy diet and lifestyle. Medication and/or insulin may also be required as part of treatment. Throughout Diabetes Week, the Diabetes Dietitians, alongside other healthcare professionals, will be holding roadshows in a variety of locations across Barnsley. Our aim is to raise awareness of diabetes amongst the people of Barnsley, and in particular to those of us who may be at greater risk.

diabetes. Information and advice will be available on diet, weight and exercise, all of which play an important part in preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes. For further information on Diabetes Week and where the roadshow will be stopping near you, please email Antoinette Goodwill, Diabetes Dietitian

Come along and learn about what we all can do to help reduce the risk of developing

Staff Fire Action - Hospital Sites Two recent fire alarm activations on hospital sites have highlighted the need to reiterate to staff the 2 tone fire alarm system. Upon hearing the fire alarm on a CONSTANT SOUNDER staff need to be aware that the fire is within their area and local evacuation procedures should be followed. However, when the alarm is on an INTERMITTENT SOUNDER, the fire is in another area of the site and no immediate evacuation is needed, but a designated Fire Marshal or Fire Warden should be spare to check the fire alarm panel and assist affected area involved as required. For additional information, guidance or advice on fire safety, please contact the Health & Safety Services Department at the Keresforth Centre on 01226 435603 or extension 5603.


New finance lead Meet Dawn Gibson, the new Deputy Director of Finance for Care Services Direct. Dawn previously worked at Kirklees PCT where she worked as the Assistant Director of Finance. Dawn has a wealth of NHS experience as she has worked in a number of managerial roles since 1990. Under the new Transforming Community Services (TCS) Programme, the provider arm of the organisation, Care Services Direct must have a designate Finance lead who is a member of the Care Services Direct Board. “My role will include developing a financial strategy, aligned to the service strategy which will ensure that Care Services Direct has financial stability and delivers quality and efficient services within the resources available to them. Outside of work, Dawn has two girls aged 14 and 15 so is currently actively taking part in GCSE revision. She is married and lives in Huddersfield.

Safety comes first… “be proactive” say Julie and Wendy Julie Finch, Assistant Director of Corporate Governance for Care Services Direct and Commissioning and Wendy Beresford, Patient Safety Manager for Care Services Direct, are the patient safety and risk management leads for NHS Barnsley.

Wendy is a well known face around the organisation and has worked closely with patient care in Barnsley for 21 years, and has more recently moved into the area of patient safety, using her clinical expertise and knowledge to add quality to her role. “I wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on patient care,” explained Wendy.

Their work spans a large area and is key to ensuring clinical safety, but it’s all in a day’s work for Julie, Wendy and the team.

To date, the team have been building links and working closely with the Health and Safety Team, forging external links and networks to strengthen the service.

A typical day could include: • Standard reporting (IR1) • Ad hoc requests • Checking systems and processes • Analysing the patient journey • Giving advice to staff • Liaising with H&S

What Julie and Wendy are certain about is the importance of their role being seen to be helpful and supportive, rather than a team who people only contact when something bad has happened. “We are determined to empower people who will find us to be a friendly and approachable service that staff can use – we’re not just the team who do investigations after an untoward event.” Said Wendy.

“It’s important that we are following national movements on patient safety from the National Patient Safety Agency.” Said Julie, who has worked for 29 years in the local NHS, starting off in Leeds, then Bradford to Harrogate, North Yorkshire and Rotherham, including a stint at the NPSA. “My role covers risk management, governance, complaints, the assurance framework, healthcare standards, NHSLA and leading on the assessment process,” Julie added: “Barnsley is certainly one of the best places I have worked.”

Julie added: “All we ask is that staff proactively manage patient safety and risk and we are more than happy to help contribute to this process.” Contact the team on 01226 43 ext 3713


Do you know any unpaid carers? Then tell them about this service! Unpaid carers can have peace of mind with Barnsley Carer’s Emergency Respite Service. It operates 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, providing support to Barnsley’s unpaid carers. The service steps in when short-term care cannot be provided due to a sudden health crisis or accident. A simple call to their helpline will bring the service into action.

PD Awareness at Mount Vernon Staff from the Joint Therapy Team (wards 4 and 5) at Mount Vernon joined in The Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Awareness Week with a public display of information. Rachel Stewart, Physiotherapist said: “There are more than 450 people with Parkinson’s Disease living in the Barnsley area. At Mount Vernon Hospital within the Older People’s Services we often have patients with PD who are having difficulty with mobility and activities of daily living or problems with medication.” PD patients are also admitted to MVH following falls and injuries from falls, or additional medical complications. “Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Week gave us the opportunity to display information about PD, what it is and the many possible symptoms and how it affects the lives of people.” Rachel continued, “We displayed information for staff, patients, relatives about therapy treatment covering physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and the support that is available from dieticians, PD specialist nursing and the assessment and rehabilitation unit at BHNFT.” The stand also raised awareness of the Parkinson’s Disease Society and the information and support they can offer to patients. Pictured: (front, l-r) Kayleigh Childs, Cheryl Birkins, Rhonda Keay (back) Rachel Steward, Claire Poole and Darren Thorpe. A special mention also goes out to OT Diane Allen who was not able to make the photo but has put in lots of work during the awareness campaign.

Green News Did you know? Video conferencing is available in the Board Room at Kendray and two of the meeting rooms at Longfield’s Court. 10

Shiela Morrisroe (pictured) works for Central Call, part of BMBC’s emergency line for Carers. She said: “Our service helps carers to feel less stressed about their ongoing caring responsibilities and means people can enjoy a better quality of life.” Carers can access the service by filling in a form called an Emergency Plan – this contains essential details that the Central Call require to deliver their service. Shiela can be contacted on 01226 775676 and is happy to visit teams or individuals to help them understand the benefits of this free service and help fill out forms.

Celebrating our Cadet Scheme Cadets are a new initiative at NHS Barnsley. The scheme provides an opportunity to ‘grow your own’ staff and provide on-the-job training whilst offering employment to local people.

scheme. I was on the scheme for 6 months when I decided that I wanted to work permanently in the department so I applied for a post when it came up and was fortunate to get the job.”

The first wave of cadets have been in post from October 2008 and have reported their experiences of working for us back through the Employability team.

Leigh settled in well and was made really welcome by staff when she first started as a Cadet. “I feel that the Cadet Scheme has helped me to gain permanent employment, it’s a good way to give people the chance to get first hand experience and gives employers the chance to see how people work and perform.”

Leigh Roberts is the first cadet to go through the whole process and her story is one of success. She recently applied for a job and found permanent employment with the Performance and Governance Department. Her feedback on the Cadet process has been largely positive. “I originally told staff at Barnsley College that I wanted to work for the NHS and they directed me to the Cadet

Leigh’s line manager, Jane Kennedy said:”Since Leigh started with the team, she has worked around various areas of the department to enable her to complete her NVQ. The staff she has worked with have really benefited from supporting her and her training, I think it has helped develop those members of staff in a field they would not normally be involved in.”

Welcome to new starters It was the first official day for 14 Cadets who are part of a partnership project between NHS Barnsley and Barnsley College. The newly-created Housekeeper role was launched by the Facilities department who have created a new opportunity for people looking to train for a new career. The placements are work based four days per week, and allow students to gain hands on experience whilst also allowing time to study in college and complete their qualification. Sue Norwood said: “Whilst strengthening our workforce is our main aim, opening up opportunities for local people is also important to us and it’s thanks to the support from the College that we’ve been able to do this.” Look out for further updates which will be covered in future issues! 11

Patients give thumbs up to hospital food Auxiliary nurse Val Crawshaw contacted the magazine to pass on a “well done” from the patients on the Stroke Unit to the kitchen staff at Mount Vernon Hospital. A local opinion survey was conducted on the ward which rated the hospital food. Comments ranged from “Well cooked and prepared, good portions, never hungry,” to “Great Good,” “Brilliant, couldn’t wish for better. Beats other hospital food” and “Good variety,” “”Good choice for diabetics,” “Perfect food, brilliant, enjoyed every meal,” and one patient even said they’d like to take the cooks home with them! Pictured are the kitchen staff including Val and Sue who are due to retire after working respectively 25 and 30 years.

Thanks…. Information for mums-to-be From April 2009, you can claim a one-off, tax-free payment from H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) if you’re a mum-to-be who’s at least 25 weeks pregnant. The payment is called ‘Health in Pregnancy Grant’ and is to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. Your due date needs to be on or after 6 April 2009 for you to make a claim. Who can get Health in Pregnancy Grant? You can get the grant if all of the following apply: • you are 25 weeks pregnant or more • your expected date of delivery is on or after 6 April 2009 • you have been given health advice from a midwife or doctor How is the Grant paid? HMRC will pay the grant directly into your bank or building society account any time from April 2009 onwards. Don’t worry if you don’t have an account - any bank or building society will help you open one. 12

Rebecca Andrews Steve Barton Wendy Beresford Joanne Brown Val Crawshaw Julie Finch Anne Hall Helen McNair Shiela Morrisroe Mariana Pavlovic Cheryl Rusling Rachel Stewart Jody White Keep your contributions to NHS Barnsley News coming! Send all suggestions, photos and articles to or telephone 01226 43 ext 4298. Thank you.