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Felpham Parish Council

12 December 2012 Volume VII

Council and Committee Meetings Agendas for all meetings of the council are displayed on this website and on notice boards throughout the village, at least three days before each meeting. Members of the public are welcome at all meetings and will be given the opportunity to ask questions at

Cycling on the Promenade Recently there has been discussion on increasing the length of the promenade, west of Gloucester Road, that cyclists can use and what should be the best way to proceed, dedicated lanes or mixed use. This increased use by cyclists may be extended to east of the current length permitted. This was one of the items discussed at the open meeting held on the 27th November. Had the cyclist in the picture been stopped, what would his excuse have been? I did not see the sign. I did see the sign but do not care. Question: Is that area of the promenade suitable for cyclists?


Site 6 (Blakes Mead) Progress on the Felpham section of the Bognor Regis Northern Relief Road (BRNRR) is going as planned. Recently Barrett David Wilson (BDW) issued an update and information sheet, some of which is reproduced here. Where the line of the road crosses the rife and railway line a viaduct is to be built. This will consist of 16 equal spans of 30.3 meters in length. The spans are supported on columns atop piled foundations which will extend some 30.3 metres into the ground. The beams across each span will be 30 metres in length and weigh up to 60 tonnes and are being manufactured in Ireland and will be transported from Southampton at night in escorted convoys, installation will also be at night. The cost of the Felpham section of the relief road is in the region of ÂŁ26 million. Tis is cost is being met by BDW.

Felpham welcomes careful drivers As part of the A259 road mitigation plan, the survey carried out by the Parish Council indicated that a 20mph speed limit through the village would be made welcome. The planning of the suggested schemed is now going ahead although it is believed that no work will start until the BNNRR is open, which is projected as late 2014. The 20mph scheme may include Upper Bognor Road and Snooks Corner. All the proposed schemes will be open to public consultation and resident are urged to take part when this happens.

Fun on the Prom 2013 This has now been set for Saturday 10th August 2013. It is planned to run from early pm to 10.30pm. Watch this space for updates.


Felpham Newsletter  

News update for December 2012

Felpham Newsletter  

News update for December 2012