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Student Handbook 16/17

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Safeguarding


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Support for students Attendance & Absence Punctuality


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Definitions of Absence Tutorial Support


The College - Our Commitment


The College - Your Commitment


The Learning Resource Centre (Library)

10 • Sports Facilities • Barnfield Nursery • Salon B • Student Refectory • Activities & Enrichment Programme • The Student Hub 11 • Independent & Impartial Careers Guidance 13 • 14


Be Heard

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Comments, Compliments & Complaints Other Policies & Procedures

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Health & Safety Information Technology Campus Officers

Mission Statement “Barnfield College will realise the entrepreneurial skills and educational needs of the community and employers through inclusive, outstanding innovative programmes of study.”

If you would like a large print or tape version, please contact Student Services. 2

Message from the Student President I am currently in the first year of the level 3 Public Services course. I want to go to university and study immigration law as I want to become a police officer. I moved to England when I was 15 and could barely speak English! The supportive environment at Barnfield College has helped me to progress both socially and academically. The College welcomed me onto the level 1 course in Public Services and gave me the opportunity to realise my potential and achieve many personal goals. Now I’m studying a course which is A-level equivalent and I have truly high aspirations for my future. Alongside studying, I am also fulfilling the duties of the Barnfield College Student President, which runs side-by-side with the Student Partnership Council. I’m looking forward to representing you next year and hope that you will get involved in all aspects of our College community. Usman Sana Ullah Student President

Welcome to Barnfield College 3

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion At Barnfield College we believe that everyone should be treated fairly, with respect and should be encouraged to reach their full potential. Every possible step will be taken to ensure that all applicants, students, staff and visitors are treated equally and fairly. If a potential student has a disability that may affect their studies, the College will seek ways of supporting that student so that they will have the same opportunity to succeed as others. This means ensuring (as far as is reasonably practicable) that: • All student areas are physically accessible • Assistive technologies are in place • Specialist staff are available to assist the student within and/or outside the classroom. In college, you will find people who are different from you in the way they look, think and behave. They may differ in age, ethnic background, religious beliefs, sexual preferences or abilities. The College believes that it is better to understand these differences and respect people as individuals, rather than try to make everybody the same. It tries to provide opportunities for developing a better understanding of different lifestyles, both within the curriculum and through its enrichment programme and other activities. If positive action to encourage good practice fails, the College is prepared to take steps against anyone who regularly unlawfully or unfairly discriminates, bullies or harasses another individual on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief or disability. Equality means saying no to bullying. SAFEGUARDING Barnfield College takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard all children, young and vulnerable adults during their time as a student with us. All staff are trained to deal with safeguarding in a professional and sensitive way. Our trained Student Engagement Team provides support on any personal, financial or domestic difficulty which may prevent you continuing and progressing. They can refer you to the correct agencies or staff if needed. To speak to a member of the Student engagement team please visit The Hub. 4

SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS Our aim is to support you in a way that will help you achieve your goals. Independent information, advice, guidance and support are available to you at all stages of your learning.

ATTENDANCE AND ABSENCE You are expected to maintain excellent attendance in all classes.

PUNCTUALITY You are expected to arrive promptly for all classes. If there is a valid reason for lateness then this will be considered by your tutor. Persistent lateness will be referred to your personal tutor who may deal with the issue through the College Disciplinary Procedures. If you know you will be late for a lesson in advance, you should notify your tutor.


DEFINITIONS OF ABSENCE There are two categories of absence - authorised and unauthorised. Initially, all absences will be considered as ‘unauthorised’ and it is your responsibility to provide evidence of the reasons for absence, so that the absence can be ‘authorised’ if appropriate. Work experience and educational visits organised by the College will be counted as ‘present’.

AUTHORISED ABSENCE You will need to request an absence 2 weeks in advance from your personal tutor by filling in an ‘Absence Form’. The following categories may be counted as authorised absence (not exhaustive): • Medical appointment notified in advance: appointment card/letter required • Care of family member for whom you have caring responsibilities if notified in advance • Emergency care of family member for whom you have caring responsibilities, with no prior notification • Attendance at a funeral if notified in advance • Illness. For learners under the age of 19, a supporting letter from parent/guardian must be submitted.

UNAUTHORISED ABSENCE The following categories may be counted as unauthorised absence (not exhaustive): • Driving lessons • Illness that is not supported by a letter from parent/guardian (under 19 learners) • Illness that is not supported by a self-certification form • Job • Completing outstanding coursework.

TUTOR SUPPORT - Tutorials If you are on a full-time course you will be assigned a personal tutor. Your personal tutor will: • Begin the process of action planning with you • Be your guide and the person you can contact if you have concerns about your work or other matters • Ensure that you succeed and help you with the process of identifying and applying for higher courses at college or university, further training or employment • Ensure that concerns are addressed and that effective systems are in place to support you whilst at college. You will have a tutorial every week where you will learn and reflect on topics to promote personal development and prepare you for your future. 6

The College - Our Commitment During your time here, you are entitled to: • Up-to-date information about the College and its courses • Suitably qualified and experienced staff • Opportunities to take part in a range of social, cultural, recreational and sporting enrichment activities • Access to appropriate specialist resources, including up-to-date computers and software • Access to impartial careers advice and guidance • A pleasant learning environment that meets health and safety requirements from discrimination • Contact your parent/carer/guardian/key worker on issues affecting your progress • Caring, respectful and supportive staff that will do their best to help and challenge, you to realise your potential.

In addition we will: • Provide high quality teaching and learning • Help you manage your learning, be well organised and punctual • Set work appropriate to the course, mark it promptly and give helpful feedback.

Your personal tutor will: • Provide pastoral support, including a concern for student’s health, well-being and security • Promote personal development and provide support in developing essential skills • Monitor attendance, behaviour and academic performance and help identify concerns.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of college life, or our educational provision, we hope that you will raise the issue with us and give us the opportunity to put it right. 7

The Student - Your Commitment ‘Be Ready. Be Respectful. Be Safe.’ Be Ready • Bring all resources you will need to each lesson • Be prepared to learn and complete all independent work • Be on time • Be engaged in your own learning. Be Respectful • Be considerate to others • Be respectful to yourself • Be respectful to the environment and property • Be respectful to other peoples right to learn • Be tolerant to other peoples beliefs, ideas and individuality. Be Safe • Be aware of your environment • Be aware of health and safety guidelines and advice • Be responsible for your own safety and considerate of others • Wear your I.D. badge at all times when at college • Be mindful of your own mental well-being and access support if required. 8

THE LEARNING RESOURCE CENTRE The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is a great place to study and catch up on your assignments. There is plenty of space and laptops for individual or group study. Our collection of books and magazines covers all subjects with many electronic services too. The team are ready to help you on any aspect of your course and can give specialist help in using MS Office, developing research skills, assignment planning, referencing and a lot more.

SPORTS FACILITIES The College boasts a range of sports facilities including a sports hall and gym with both cardiovascular and resistance equipment.

Regular exhibitions on varied themes take place in the LRC and we are often showcasing the great work done by students across the College. Open until late, three evenings per week during term time, it’s a great place to make sure you get the best results possible from your course.


24/7 services You don’t have to be in the College to be able to use our services. We have over 500 e-books, access to information services, help sheets and electronic magazines available.

Barnfield Nursery is our on-site day care facility with places for children aged between 2 and 5 years. The nursery is open Monday to Friday. Children of staff, students and the general public are all welcome. For any further/fee-related enquiries, or to make a pre-start appointment visit the nursery, contact us on 01582 569 569 or visit 9



The College’s beauty salon is run by students under the expert supervision of fully-trained staff. Providing a professional service, they offer a comprehensive range of treatments.

Our refectory’s aim is to provide a service second to none offering a wide selection of food.

Our salon is open to students so why not visit us if you need a new image or just want to take advantage of our quality, affordable treatments. To book an appointment call 01582 569 590


THE STUDENT HUB The Student Hub provides a range of opportunities to engage in recreation, leisure or simply to meet up with friends. The Hub is a safe and engaging space for you to access support, socialise and meet new friends, engage in activities and express yourself. The Student Hub is open every day so come along at lunchtime to get involved in a range of activities.


The College has a wide range of activities that you can get involved in. This includes competitive sports such as football, cricket, basketball, and recreational sports such as table tennis and badminton. Other enrichment opportunities include Life Skills, Debate Club, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Student Magazine and Open Mic events. All enrichment activities run subject to demand and are currently non cost for students.* * Additional cost may apply for residential and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Independent & Impartial Careers Guidance The purpose of careers guidance at Barnfield College is to raise aspirations and inspire you to fulfil your potential and achieve learning and work goals. Through the offer of professional, independent and impartial careers advisers, we ensure you receive high quality careers advice and guidance. This service, available on both campuses provides you with: • Confidential 1-2-1 interviews • Help to choose the right course based on informed labour market information • Guidance on education, employment, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities • Support on CV writing and Interview skills • Job search for full and part-time jobs, work experience and internships • Links with a wide range of employers, training providers and universities • Progression activities and events such as the Barnfield Higher Education Fayre. Through careers education and your study programme, you will also develop the skills and knowledge essential for you to self-manage your future career journey.

You can access Careers Guidance via Student Services at both New Bedford Road and Enterprise Way campuses. 11


Be Heard STUDENT PARTNERSHIP COUNCIL The Student Partnership Council is made up of students from across all programmes. For the benefit of all students, the Council ensures that the total college experience is an outstanding one. The Student Partnership Council meets every half term and members will also be in contact with student representatives in their curriculum area on a regular basis. What does the Student Partnership Council do? • Acts as a source of information and advice for students • Meets to discuss a range of issues affecting students • Members of the council have a direct link to Senior Management and ensure student voices are heard. Be a Student Representive Every personal tutor group elects a member to represent them in meetings and to feedback their ideas. If you would like to be a student representive talk to your personal tutor.

STUDENT GOVERNORS The Student President and Vice President are appointed as student governors. Governors are responsible for strategy, and reviewing performance. The Governing Body meets regularly during the year.

STUDENT VOICE Throughout the year there will be opportunities for you to share your opinions through surveys, focus groups and representative meetings.


COMMENTS, COMPLIMENTS & COMPLAINTS We welcome your views as they help us to continue to improve. If you are not satisfied with any service we offer, you have the right to complain. The College has a complaints system that aims to be simple, easy to understand and is responsive. If you need help or advice in using any of the procedures, you can consult your personal tutor, course leader, staff or the Student Partnership Council. They may, in the first instance be able to deal with your complaint personally or refer you to the most appropriate person or procedure.

What do you think about the College? This is your college and we want to know your opinions. There are several ways in which you can express your views. Make sure you use them!

Other Policies & Procedures Copies of the following policies and procedures are available from Student Services. Ask your tutor for guidance if you wish to access them.


• Student Disciplinary • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

• Attendance and Punctuality

• Health and Safety

• Acceptable Usage

• Safeguarding

HEALTH & SAFETY You should make yourself familiar with the our Health and Safety policy. Whenever the fire alarm sounds (except for tests) you should leave the building as quickly as possible. HEALTH & SAFETY POLICY The College Health and Safety Policy is available on the College network system. Hard copies are also available in Student Services. HAZARDS Reporting hazards is important because it ensures a safe environment for you and your fellow students. In the first instance report the hazard to your tutor or refer your concern to Reception. EVACUATION PROCEDURE The evacuation procedure is designed to ensure that all students and staff are able to vacate the buildings quickly when the alarm (sirens/bells) is sounded. On hearing the alarm: 1. Leave the building that you are in by the nearest available fire exit (these are clearly marked) 2. Close all doors behind you 3. Do not collect coats, bags etc 4. Go to the nearest assembly point 5. Do not re-enter the building until told to do so 6. Do not use the lifts.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY As a Barnfield student, you are entitled to use the College’s IT facilities. This includes computers, software, multi-media and use of the internet. Internet access includes access to online databases, electronic journals, learning materials and e-mail. The system is used by hundreds of students and staff so we have to have clear rules to make sure that everyone’s privacy and rights are respected and that the system continues to work efficiently.

CAMPUS OFFICERS Campus Officers are on each site to ensure that all students feel supported whilst maintaining a safe environment and implementing the student code of conduct. If you wish to speak to either a Campus Officer or Student Engagement Officer, please visit the Student Hub.


01582 569 569

New Bedford Road Campus New Bedford Road Luton LU2 7BF

Technology Campus Enterprise Way Luton LU3 4BU

Student handbook 16/17  
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