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Tango History  and  Facts •

Tango was  first  released  by  a  company  called  Corona  in  1950   by  2  men  called  William  Thomas  and  William  Evans.

Corona was  brought  by  The  Beecham  Group    in  1958.

Corona  was  then  bought  by  Britvic  SoG  Drinks  in  1987.


Britvic Some of  the  brands  you  may  know  that  Britvic  own  are   Tango,  R.Whites  Lemonade,  Robinson's  and  Drench.    These   are  just  some  of  them  though  as  they  own  22  different  well   known  brands.    


Different flavours  of  Tango   released  over  60  years!

Tango Orange  (1950–present,  branded  simply  as  'Tango'  unVl  1993) Tango  Apple  (1988–present) Tango  Lemon  (1950s–2001) Tango  Blackcurrant  (1995–1999,  2011–present) Tango  Cherry  (1998,  2000–present) Tango  Citrus  (2007–present) Tango  Fruit  Fling  (2003–2006) Mango  Tango  (2005,  limited  ediVon) Tango  Alan  (1982-­‐1981) Tango  Tropical  (1999–2001) Tango  Orange  and  Pineapple  (1970s-­‐1990s) Tango  Grapefruit  (1978-­‐unknown  date)

Different flavours  of  Tango Tango  Pineapple  and  Grapefruit  (1987–1998) Diet  Tango  Orange  (1990–2007,  2009–present,  branded  simply  as  'Diet   Tango'  unVl  early  1980s) Diet  Tango  Apple  (1990–1997) Diet  Tango  Blackcurrant  (1995–1997) Diet  Tango  Lemon  (1990–1998) Diet  Tango  Tropical  (1999–2002) Tango  Orange  No  Added  Sugar  (2007–present) Tango  Citrus  No  Added  Sugar  (2007–present) SVll  Tango  (1994,  1995–1998) Tango  Sparkling  Caribeean  Lime  Drink  (1960s) Blackcurrant  Tango  SVll  (1996)

Different Types  of  Tango There  is  a  tango  called  Turbo  Tango,  this  was   released  in  2011  and  is  sVll  going  today.  This  was   made  for  people  who  could  not  be  bothered  to  Vlt   there  head  like  you  would  with  a  normal  drink   because  with  this  drink  you  push  the  top  of  this   then  it  comes  out  the  top  kind  of  like  a  foamy  drink.   You  can  find  these  in  any  sort  of  supermarket  for  a   price  of  roughly  £1.59.

Different Types  of  Tango   A  different  type  of  Tango  is  Tango  Ice   Blast,  which  was  released  in  2004.   There  are  4  different  flavours   released:   Tango  Ice  Blast  Cherry;  Tango  Ice  Blast   Raspberry;  Tango  Ice  Blast   Bubblegum;  and  Tango  Ice  Blast   Lemon.       You  can  usually  find  these  in  cinemas   and  big  events  because  Tango  is  a  well   known,  instantly  recognisable  brand.   Tango  Ice  Blast  was  such  a  big  success   that  Tango  made  an  amusement  ride   at  Blackpool  called  Tango  Ice  Blast.   This  ride  opened  in  2007  under   various  different  names  but  was   renamed  to  Tango  Ice  Blast  in  2004  to   encourage  people  to  ride  it  under  a   recognisable  name.


CompeAtors: Fanta

Fanta is  one  of  the  main  compeVtors   for  tango.    Tango  is  owned  by  the   massive  Coca  Cola  Company.    The  key   element  that  makes  them  compeVtors   is  the  orange  flavour  they  are  both   based  on,    so  people  that  like  orange   fizzy  drinks  need  to  choose  between   the  two.    Therefore  Britvic  and   CocaCola    constantly  compete  to  get   the  most  sales  and  be  the  most   favoured  drink. Fanta  outsold  tango  in  2005  by  3  to  1   and  reigns  supreme.  A  current  student   poll  currently  shows  Fanta  with  57.5  of   the  vote   hfp:// t=1827389)

TANGO The  Banned  Advert   "You  Know  When  You've  Been  Tango'd"  (1991–1995,  2002–2005)


This advert  was  made  in  1991  but  was  aired  on  TV  in  1992.

It was  banned  aGer  a  number  of  children  started  copying  the  advert.

Named 3rd  best  advert  of  all  Vme  in  2000.

Tango Clear’s  Advert "It's  Clear  When  You've  Been  Tango'd"  (2006  for  Tango  Clear) hfp://

This  advert  was  banned  because  of  complaints  from  the   people  of  Swansea  because  of  the  mess  it  leG  their  streets  in. They  replicated  Sony’s  advert  for  LCD  high  definiVon  Bravia  TV hfp://­‐k

Primary Research I  conducted  a  taster  session  in  Blackheath  Village   and  most  of  the  people  that  were  willing  to  try  the   taster  where  youngsters  from  the  ages  of  14-­‐18  and   most  of  them  preferred  the  Tango  Orange  to  the   Apple  and  Cherry  flavours.

I also  sent  a  quesVonnaire  around  to   colleagues  at  school  and  this  is  the   feedback  I  received....


As you  can    see  everybody  that  tasted  Tango  liked  it  and  everybody  but   one  person  has  seen  a  Tango  advert.     I  think  it  is  clear  from  this  research  that  even  though  some  Tango   adverVsements  were  banned,  they  sVll  get  out  there.    They  are  so  iconic   that  one  they  are  seen  they  are  not  forgofen.     This  is  a  sign  of  great  adverVsing  concept. 12

Tango’s Target   Audience Tango’s  target  audience  is  more  for  teenagers  because   most  of  the  adverts  are  humorous  and  oGen  perceived   as  stupid,  so  appeal  to  a  younger  sense  of  humour  and   so  teenagers  find  it  funny. I  believe  that  Tango  is  also  targeted  at  mainly  boys   because  of  the  adverts  I  have  seen  seem  to  afract  the   humorous  side  of  males.


IniVal §Ideas Idea  1:  playing  football,  half-­‐Vme  refreshment  on  the  pitch  to  win  the  game Idea  2:  watching  football  at  home  on  the  sofa,  need  a  half  Vme  drink  and   someone  is  filmed  free  running  to  get  Tango  for  the  lads Idea  3:  assassinaVon  afempt  of  a  known  drug  dealer,  drink  Tango  to  prepare,   gunfire  and  bloody  blades,  the  criminal  falls  into  a  pool  of  Tango  to  save  the   community.


Breakdown Assassins dressed  in  all  orange  drinking  Tango  when  gevng  ready   for  the  assassinaVon.   They  kill  the  drug  dealer  and  he  falls  into  an  orange  pool...of  Tango!

Feasibility Study Skills-­‐  need  good  camera  work  and  ediVng  skills. Time-­‐  this  advert  would  not  take  long  to  produce. Budget-­‐  this  will  not  cost  a  lot  to  make Equipment-­‐  will  need  a  couple  of  bits  of  equipment. LocaVon-­‐  in  a  back  garden. 15

S.W.O.T Analyses Strengths: Core  message  is  good,  Tango  is  drunk   by  Heros. Everybody  will  want  to  watch  it   because  it  creates  a  desire  to  see  why   it  was  banned  so  everyone  will  want   to  watch  it.

Weaknesses: It  would  not  get  shown  on  TV  for  long.

OpportuniVes: Will get  Tango  out  with  hype  as   everyone  will  be  talking  about  it,  so   more  sales.

Threats: It  sends  a  violent  message  so  could  be   sued  by  the  A.S.A.


Budget/ Requirements Camera-­‐ £329.99 Tripod-­‐£30.00 Replica  guns-­‐  £30.00 Assassin  robes-­‐  £32.90 Blades-­‐  £5.99 Underwater  light-­‐  £12.37 Orange  colour  lens  for  light-­‐£0.98 Fake  blood  x2-­‐  £1.34


Regulatory Issues The  AdverVsing  Standards  Authority  have  banned  most   of  Tangos  previous  ads  because  of  violence,  which  has   ulVmately  made  them  successful. The  ASA  will  probably  ban  my  ad  because  of  violence   but  this  is  what  I  plan  to  do  to  follow  the  Tango  way  and   have  yet  another  successful  ad.


tango presentation  

my presentation on tango

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