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Monosquare Typeface BR I E F After having a class on Illustrator where we were shown how to create a simple typeface I took this further and developed a whole typeface. M ET HODOLOGY This typeface was created on illustrator using the same sized square, with shapes cut out of it to form the characters. E VA LUAT ION After having completed an initial alphabet I worked with Brian Whitehead in order to refine some of the characters that did not work as well as they could do for example the A, B, C, and R as we felt these didn’t interact well with the other characters due to the uneven height of them. The refined letters can be seen on top of the alphabet. Although the alphabet has good impact because of the big bold size of the letters I feel that the mixture of upper and lowercase in one alphabet looks strange and makes some of the characters look awkward and wrong,

Collage BR I E F For this task we had to create a set of 3 collages that had to convey the words “conflict” “celebration” and “confusion”. M ET HODOLOGY I used a mixture of collage and illustration to create my final piece. E VA LUAT ION I struggled with this task as I find it very hard to let go and to make abstract pieces, however once I had finished my first piece, incorporating both collage and illustration the other two were a lot easier to form because I managed to step outside my comfort zone and not judge the work until it was finished. I feel that my pieces work well as a set because of the similarity in style, and I won a prize in class for my collages.

Information Graphics DE V E LOPM E N T This is my development of the Information Graphics; I was trying to gather the data for the piece as well as trying to come up with an interesting design that would show my data in a clear and beautiful manner.

Information Graphics BR I E F In this task we had to design a piece of Graphics from information we gathered ourselves. I decided to gather relevant data to the course so chose to ask people their favourite typeface. M ET HODOLOGY I used Photoshop to create the final. E VA LUAT ION I am very pleased with my final outcome, which when I presented to the class they commented on how professional the final outcome looked, and how easy it was to understand what the graphics were representing, so I feel my final worked very effectively as a piece of information graphics as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Personal Photography BR I E F To investigate and explore different mediums. M ET HODOLOGY I used different effects on the camera playing with Aperture, shutter speed etc. A NA LY SIS These are photographs that I took to try and gain a greater understanding of the medium of photography, as well as hoping to improve my skills on the adobe programme Photoshop, whilst editing these shots I wanted to try and create a dark, mysterious mood which I think I have achieved, however I still feel I have a large amount to learn in this medium.

Lino Print BR I E F This was a workshop that I took part in in order to gain a better understanding of different mediums, this was an incredibly insightful workshop where we were quickly taught the basics of cutting, inking as well as being warned of what not to do in this class. I will definitely be using this as a regular medium as I developed one of my prints into a personal poster on the next page, and I think that lino print gives a lovely effect with the patchy ink that’s left on the page.

Skulls are so fucking hip.∆

Typographic Rules BR I E F The aim of this brief was to portray a typographical rule that we were given, v in a way that people could understand what your rule was, we were also encouraged to think laterally on this task and use new and exciting mediums. E VA LUAT ION My rule was “Thou shall not have excessive amounts of reserved out text� the idea behind my designs was that it would be initially invisible but would be able to become visible through a process. My design on the left was made up of two pieces of paper with sliders running through that could render the text either visible

or invisible by pushing or pulling the sliders at the side which had the message drawn on, I feel that this was an interesting way to show my rule so in that aspect it was successful. Another medium I used was painting clear varnish onto glass with the rule, rendering it completely invisible until light was shone through it. Then I took photos of the shadow of the glass being shone onto a wall, which then got taken into Photoshop and made into a gif. Although I feel that the final on the left was finished to a higher standard, I believe the concept behind the gif is the stronger one.

A natomy Of Type

Exploring Typography BR I E F After having the class on “Typography drawn� I was inspired to investigate different styles of letterforms M ET HODOLOGY Explore the basic circles and sticks which constitute Roman typeoraphy. E VA LUAT ION So using ink and a fork i created the typeface to the right which i think has great features, with the ink flowing to create an element of movement, but also the scratching effect from the fork gives a more edgy side to the typeface. The letterforms bellow were created through playing with geometric shapes and perspective, these are quite abstract characters and although i do not believe they would work well as a complete typeface i feel that they are an interesting concept that i will consider developing in the future.

Chalk & Cheese BR I E F The brief was to develop an A3 typographical poster in black and white, which portrayed the chosen message with two different fonts. M ETODOLOGY Gain a greater understanding of the different type families and investigate which typefaces work well together. E VA LUAT ION This brief was difficult as we had been selected partners at random, this proved challenging as we had to account for each others visual tastes The final design was quite successful with Rockwell and Futura balancing against one another well due to the similar weight of the stroke. The message is made clear because of the cutting off of the characters in “today” and “not” which draws in the eyes, making the quote clear and concise. After completing the hand rendered final I took the design onto the macs and developed it into a colour final, which I think looks more aesthetically pleasing than the original.






N YC Magic BR I E F We had to gather as many different ideas through brainstorming on the subjects of New York and Magic, after this we had to design an A4 poster to try and promote NYC with the theme of magic. M ET HODOLOGY To investigate different techniques of gathering ideas. E VA LUAT ION These are the two final outcomes I produced, I wanted to develop a broad range of idea’s so as to show the different angles the brief could be taken on, I think the illustration above has a lot of energy due to the hand

rendered finish, but also the illustrations inside the apple could be changed to make the design more relevant to the theme of magic. My other final design is more focused on my slogan than the aesthetics; it has a humorous element to the piece, which appeals to quite a lot of people. I chose a simple sans serif to design my piece around this is for maximum legibility, giving my letters a generous kerning so as to allow them space to breathe. Overall I am pleased with the aesthetics of my piece, however I feel that they could have been playing on the idea of magic more.



his term has encompassed a huge spectrum

on typographic language which helped me to learn the

of new ideas and techniques, my Adobe

correct terminology and inspired me to create different

Illustrator skills have progressed to the point

alphabets and letterforms.

where I have been able to design a new typeface on

I had a very steep learning curb from college as the

the programme as well as being far more accomplished

briefs we were given in uni were given a few hours

on InDesign with both layouts and the format of text.

turn around time which came as a shock but I feel

However the first classes I found it extremely hard to

this is an important skill for a job coming out of the

break out of my comfort zone with the projects aiming

degree so I will strive to continue to improve in this

to get us to suspend judgment and generate ideas rapidly

aspect. Although I had worked as part of a group before

which before the course was the opposite way to how

university, I had limited experience in designing with

I would usually work, however now I feel that my idea

other people, at first I found this challenging because

generation is slowly becoming more effective.

we all had different ideas about both the final and the

My favourite class was the collage brief as this really

concept, but once I had completed a few tasks in this

challenged me to stop being afraid of getting messy

manner I found it incredibly enlightening to be able to

with my work; he showed us beautiful collages from

work alongside other people and bounce ideas from one

artists at the start which inspired me a great deal and

another leading to better final pieces and ideas, which is

for the project that I was arguably dreading the most it

something that will be regular in industry.

ended with 3 collages that I am extremely satisfied with.

Throughout the 12 weeks the course has helped me

The NYC magic brief was particularly interesting to me

improve on my lateral thinking skills as well as working

as we were shown new techniques on how to brainstorm

as part of a group and has taught me to not always

and gain ideas effectively, which I then developed into

choose the obvious when designing and to develop as

two aesthetically pleasing finals.

many ideas as possible so as to have different directions

Through the course I have been able to improve both

to take the brief, also instead of always wanting a

my skills and knowledge of typography through

polished neat final I am now more interested in the

several classes, the anatomy of type gave me a greater

concept behind the idea rather than what the outcome

understanding of characters in general, as well as quizzes

will look like.

Portfolio 2012  

My portfolio for our first semester.

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