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Buyer’s guide for rugby shoulder pads Shoulder pads come in a variety of styles and sizes depending on how much padding you desire. Most of them are shorter and cover only the shoulders and collarbone to allow for protection with a lot of breathability. The most important is the protection and the evacuation of the body heat. The IRB requires that padding be soft and no more than 1 centimeter thick when uncompressed. Rugby shoulder pads provide a great protection to the shoulder, collar bones and the chest from injuries though proper technique is still a must to prevent injury. Do choose a rugby shoulder pad made of breathable fabrics such as nylon elastane, to prevent sweat from sticking to your skin, making you feel hot and uncomfortable. This protection has to have a high level of breathability. The shoulder pad must adapt to your body in a stretchable fabric that provides a snug fit and doesn’t restrain your movements. They have to allow flexible movements. Most models have closed-cell cushioned padding on the shoulders, biceps, and sternum. The rugby shoulder pads come in a variety of sizes and styles suiting to your need of padding. •

Shorter pads cover the shoulders and collarbone only, but they provide more space for breathing.

Longer pads cover most of the torso and upper arm, but they are not so comfortable for all players. They also include some protections for the ribs and sternum.

The thickness of padding inside them shouldn't be more than 1 cm when uncompressed.

Materials Used •

Manufactured from lightweight material for comfort and less heat retention, the full-length garment comes with high density foam padding, with an incredible impact resistance.

Made of Neoprene, the shoulder vest comes with front and back shoulder protection for contact situations. It has a breathable mesh.

Buyer’s guide rugby shoulder pads – 2010 – ANG


The honey comb pattern on the shoulder pad enhances the fit.

Space age fabric wicks away perspiration, while keeping one warm in the cold, and cool in the heat. 100% nylon spandex, expanded and thermoformed eva foam.

The Barnett range offers the shoulder pad in various sizes from S to XL and with a different quantity of protection pads according to the models RSP-8, RSP-5 and RSP-3.

Buyer’s guide rugby shoulder pads – 2010 – ANG


Rugby shoulder pads  

Buyer's guide for rugby shoulder pads

Rugby shoulder pads  

Buyer's guide for rugby shoulder pads