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Barnet and Southgate College has a great career advice service which helps you with anything; from supporting you to fill out your UCAS application form to improving your CV skills

REED ncfe Students at Barnet and Southgate College are given a head start in their employment search thanks to an innovative collaboration with the REED NCFE Partnership

Adi Sheehan Employability Manager

The REED NCFE Employment Zone offers each student exclusive access to local vacancies and jobs that are rarely advertised, they also receive tailored training in the skills they will need specifically for these jobs, to help ensure maximum employability once they have completed their studies at college. All Barnet and Southgate HE students gain access to the REED NCFE Employment Zone – supporting you into employment. REED NCFE will train students to understand how the world of work operates and they will be taught how to think and behave in a work environment, improve their interview skills and be given careers advice and work experience. In a recent survey of 1,264 employers conducted by REED, 97% put the workplace mindset element ahead of skills, as something they look for when recruiting. In a further study of 30,000 CVs (comparing successful CVs against unsuccessful ones), REED found that demonstrating a workplace mindset on a CV “tripled your chances of getting and keeping” the best jobs.

Adi Sheehan manages the REED NCFE Team at Barnet and Southgate College. She will be your first point of call for enquires around employability coaching and teaching, as well as part time, full time and apprenticeship opportunities. The employability brokers and teachers at REED deliver one-to-one coaching, building CVs, assistance with job searches, finding appropriate vacancies, managing the recruitment process and preparing students for interviews.

We think that there’s no substitute for real handson experience and know that those students who work during their studies are one step ahead of the competition at the end of their course

Gulden Osman Employment Broker/ Employability Teacher

Declan Murphy Employment Broker

Visit us in the Employment and Enterprise Zone (G Block at the front of Wood Street Campus) or call 020 8275 7674 for further information

For the latest information please visit, email: or call 020 8266 4000


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