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This edition of ‘All In’ endeavors to celebrate where we’ve fostered deliberate togetherness.

or the most part, every other Saturday I can be found in a gym somewhere in Indiana, sitting on horrible bleachers, cheering on my oldest son’s AAU basketball team. To borrow from the famed beginning of the amazing work that is Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, the experience is “the best of times and the worst of times.” I say it’s the “best” because I get to watch my kid and the team is great (indeed, nearly unstoppable) when they play together. It’s the “worst,” though, because they don’t play together nearly often enough – and thus lose what could have been won. When I came into this role in October of 2016, we made our goal clear: We here at Barnes & Thornburg are after “bold change” in the diversity and inclusion realm, both relative to our business and to the legal profession as a whole. And we have decided that the only way to truly achieve the results we desire is through deliberate, bold collaboration – with each other (which includes both our lawyers and our amazing non-legal talent), with our clients, and with organizations and efforts in the

communities we serve that typify our values and foster the inclusive engagement we are after. So this edition of “All In” endeavors to celebrate where we’ve fostered deliberate togetherness. The coach of my son’s AAU team says, in one way or another, after almost every game (especially the losses) that the greatness the players desire (the victory they seek) is on the other side of their commitment to playing true team ball. Such sounds a lot like the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Or as sung so beautifully by Emmet from the Lego Movie, “Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.” Whichever one moves you, you get the point. We are better – and can accomplish more – together! Here’s to doing so, boldly!

Dawn R. Rosemond, Partner, Director of Diversity, Professional Development and Inclusion


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bold moves. bold c hange .

Taking Notice: The work we do individually makes a big impact collectively.

Elizabeth Brandon of the Dallas office spoke to 20 high school girls at the Dallas Black Women Attorneys’ College & Career Conversations panel at the South Dallas Campus of Girls Inc. on March 21.

Katrina Thompson of the Columbus office moderated a panel on March 23 at the Women Lawyers of Franklin County March Luncheon.

Lee Hutton of the Minneapolis office participated in a “Racial Equality and The Power of Advocacy” panel on Feb. 16 at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was also a panelist at the Twin Cities Diversity in Practice’s annual meeting on April 12.

Lee Hutton Katrina Thompson Elizabeth Brandon

Tina Syring of the Minneapolis office has been appointed to the 2017-2018 Strategic Plan Evaluation Task Force for the Minnesota Women Lawyers (MWL) organization. Tina will also co-chair the 2018 MWL annual conference.

The firm’s diversity and inclusion initiatives were featured in “Diversity Done Well,” a 2017 publication produced by Major, Lindsey & Africa and in an article, “Q&A with Barnes & Thornburg’s Dawn Rosemond: Driving Diversity and Inclusion at All Levels,” published by Thomson Reuters.

Tina Syring


J U N E 2 017 A L L I N

Bold collaborationwith each other More Than 200 Attend Annual Women in Leadership Event in Minneapolis In its sixth year, collaboration of many is key to success Motivated. Moved. Empowered. Those three words describe how attendees felt when they left this year’s Women in Leadership: Exploring Pathways event after hearing remarks from featured speaker Duchess Harris, a professor and chair of the American Studies Department at Macalester College and author of the book “Hidden Human Computers: The Black Women of NASA.” This was the sixth annual event hosted by the Minneapolis office and aimed at bringing together nationally recognized women business and legal professionals to share their perspectives on navigating the ups and downs of business. The program’s speakers and participants explore and discuss ways to capitalize on key opportunities, create defining moments and excel as a leader. This year, more than 200 women attended. Every year, a few moments are carved out to present the Nancy A. Sullivan Award, named after our former partner, to a deserving member of the Minneapolis business community who emulates Nancy’s boldness when it came to empowering women and the many contributions she made to the firm and the Twin Cities. This year’s award went to Jan Ballman, president and CEO of Paradigm Reporting and Captioning. As the premier annual event in the Minneapolis office, it simply wouldn’t take place if not for the hard work and collaboration of so many. Jen Starken, marketing manager, provides countless hours of direction, planning and support, along with help from Sarah Evenson, office administrator, and Susan Haag, director of marketing services. This year, Minneapolis partner Tina Syring chaired the event. Tina, along with other Minneapolis attorneys Heidi Fessler, Sara Jaspers, Connie Lahn, Mary Sennes and Trisha Volpe, hosted many clients and community members. Attorneys from other offices also attended, including Terri Bruksch of the Indianapolis office, Lori Shannon of the Chicago office and Dawn Rosemond of the Fort Wayne office, who also acted as an event speaker.

Tina Syring

“This event is a true definition of successful collaboration not only by those from Jen Starken the firm, but also the clients and community leaders who participate each year as well,” Jen said. “It goes to show that this event is becoming one of the hottest tickets in town.”

I was reminded of the power and importance of women supporting women. As an entrepreneur and mother of twin girls, this event demonstrated how vital it is to tell the many stories that haven’t been told about intelligent, courageous women who dare to break the mold!


Embracing Diversity and Inclusion is a Year-Round Focus in Minneapolis Diversity and inclusion has become a year-round priority for the Minneapolis office, and like the work going into building such a successful annual event for women leaders, there is work being done every day by attorneys and staff to foster an environment of inclusion that promotes retention, training, promotion and empowerment so that everyone is positioned to win. Under Connie Lahn’s leadership, the Minneapolis office has taken the firm’s diversity and inclusion initiatives to new levels. Making bold, deliberate moves has helped drive inclusive engagement, improve the diversity of the office which in turn helps better staff clients’ legal needs and enhance the cultural competency of everyone who works there.

Connie Lahn

“Our attorneys have stepped up their support and involvement in groups whose focus is diversity,” Connie said. “We have added an article in our monthly office newsletter specifically on the topic of diversity and inclusion. We provide yearly training to all employees to improve cultural competency and engagement. We continue to expand our recruiting efforts beyond the traditional hiring sources and post open positions with local affinity bars.” Connie added that the Minneapolis office is active in the community in various ways through the support of organizations and events such as Minneapolis Association of Black Lawyers Annual Dinner; Minneapolis Hispanic Association; Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal events; Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association; and as a corporate partner of Minnesota Women Lawyers. And the list continues to grow. Several partners and associates in the Minneapolis office also actively participate in Twin Cities Diversity in Practice organization and enjoy a solid partnership to address issues of diversity, career development and retention of diverse attorneys. “Growing a diverse workforce doesn’t just happen,” Connie said. “It requires deliberate and intentional action. As a result, improving diversity is a top goal in our office’s strategic plan.”

bold moves. bold c hange .

In My Shoes Program Inspires Insightful Discussion


Dawn Rosemond of the Fort Wayne office led a spirited discussion in the Los Angeles office on Feb. 17 titled “In My Shoes.” The session, which was a part of a broader Black History Month celebration spearheaded by Los Angeles Office Manager Melanie Mawema, was made available to all offices live and via webinar and thereafter for those who could not attend. Dawn, the firm’s director of diversity, professional development and inclusion, facilitated the discussion using personal experiences to drive sensitivity, engagement and discussion surrounding how diversity and inclusion impacts our everyday lives.

Pat Miles of the Grand Rapids office is the third former U.S. Attorney to join Barnes & Thornburg in the past two years. Adding Pat to the team means that Barnes & Thornburg is now home to three African-American former U.S. attorneys – Pat, Roscoe Howard and Michael Battle (the latter two of the Washington, D.C. office). There have been only a handful of Pictured from left: Michael Battle, Roscoe Howard and Pat Miles African-American U.S. Attorneys in the country and Pat and Michael were both firsts in their respective districts -- the Western District of Michigan for Pat and the Western District of New York for Mike. And Roscoe immediately followed current U.S. District Court for the District of the Virgin Islands judge, Wilma Lewis, and former Attorney General Eric Holder in the country’s largest federal district, the District of Columbia. Pat was appointed by President Barack Obama, while Michael and Roscoe were appointed by President George W. Bush. Having Pat, Roscoe and Michael together means the firm can now offer clients more than 30 years of experience handling compliance, governmental investigation matters, and prosecutions before the Department of Justice and independent counsels.

Pictured right (from left): Partners David Wood and Dawn Rosemond. Pictured below (from left): Stephanie Moore, Valerie Spencer and Beverley Haynes of the Los Angeles office (bottom).

Serving Up Experiences at ‘Lunch With Leaders’ In an effort to bring female and diverse lawyers together, Terri Bruksch, Kari Jackson and Kara Kapke of the Indianapolis office hosted an intimate and fun networking “Lunch with Leaders.” Nearly 30 attorneys and friends of the firm gathered in the Indianapolis office on April 26 to hear from Dawn Rosemond of the Fort Wayne office, who led the group through a discussion on the concepts reflected in her book entitled “Boss Presence.”

As an African-American woman, it was heartening to listen to Dawn speak about the challenges she faced to succeed. Dawn brought home the fact that we should celebrate our differences and what we bring to the workforce.

- Melanie Mawema

Terri Bruksch

Kari Jackson

Kara Kapke


J U N E 2 017 A L L I N

Bold collaborationwith our clients Pro Bono Client Establishes Indiana’s First Medicine Practice Inclusive of All

Clients Taking Notice: Importance of Diverse Legal Teams Talking about the need to staff diverse legal teams is important. But what is more important is acting upon it. This spring, the firm, led by Alan Mills, was selected to be on Eli Lilly and Co.’s panel of approved law firms. The firm’s approach to creating the legal team for this engagement emphasized not only competency, but also diversity and inclusiveness – all values that Lilly has declared as important to its organization. The Barnes & Thornburg legal team and Lilly recently had the opportunity to meet up in the Indianapolis office. The meeting included all attorneys who make up the team, from the newest associate to the most experienced partner. Everyone gathering in one room to engage with the client provided a perfect networking and professional development opportunity, which resulted in Lilly representatives remarking how excited they were about the diversity in the room – how everyone there was a key member of their team. Fielding diverse legal teams not only is consistent with the needs and desires of the firm’s clients and potential clients, but also helps deliver a better work product, as a result of the different perspectives that a diverse team brings to the table.

Alan Mills


At Mosaic Health & Healing Arts, people of all backgrounds are welcomed, regardless of their ability to pay. Cindy Benedict, a paralegal and the firm’s 401(k)/pension administrator, is seeing Mosaic’s impact firsthand as a volunteer and board member for the new healthcare provider in Goshen, Indiana. Mosaic is Indiana’s first family medicine practice that is openly inclusive to people regardless of their relationship status, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, sex, disabilities, ancestries, religions, and national origins. There are no limitations to care at Mosaic. “My experience as a corporate paralegal made it easy for me to volunteer to be a board member,” Cindy said. “Barnes & Thornburg recently agreed to offer pro bono advice to Mosaic and I’m confident that it will help Mosaic get off on the right foot. Barnes & Thornburg’s strong healthcare, corporate, labor and nonprofit departments are able to provide assistance in a comprehensive and efficient way that benefits all of those associated with Mosaic – the individuals and communities who are served.” Several years ago, Cindy met Mixhi Marquis at the Center for Spiritual Growth in South Bend, Indiana. “Shortly thereafter, I met Dr. Katie Bast and we participated in several small, group classes led by Mixhi about being present in life,” Cindy said. “During these classes, Mixhi and Katie shared their vision of creating Mosaic and their compassion for others. I felt inspired by their dream for Mosaic and rejuvenated by their enthusiasm for life.” Dr. Bast contributes to the mission as a compassionate solo practitioner, the medical director, the supervisor of the medical staff and as a support group facilitator. Marquis’ role as executive director of Mosaic is wide-ranging, including, but not limited to, educator, spiritual guide, facilitator, visionary and energy worker. “It is so incredibly exciting to see Katie and Mixhi fulfill their vision of establishing Mosaic and I am honored to be a part of it as a board member and volunteer,” Cindy said.

Cindy Benedict of Barnes & Thornburg is pictured (far right) with other members of the Mosaic Indiana Board of Directors.

bold moves. bold c hange .

Partnering For Bold Change: A General Counsel Roundtable For this year’s annual spring capital partner retreat, the firm’s director of diversity, professional development and inclusion, Dawn Rosemond, spearheaded a General Counsel Diversity Roundtable, a collaborative effort with firm managing partner and co-chair of the firm’s diversity and inclusion committee, Bob Grand, and Connie Lahn, Mike Carrillo and Andy Detherage, three members of the management committee. Panelists were representatives and decision-makers from three of the firm’s clients: Steven C. Benz, assistant general counsel at Eli Lilly and Co.; Angel Shelton Willis, vice president and deputy general counsel at Ingersoll Rand Company; and Ernest J. Newborn II, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary at USI Insurance Services. Moderated by Dawn, the panel led the firm’s ownership through a robust and candid discussion about the importance of driving true inclusive engagement, not just focusing on demographics, and shared best practices on how to make a real impact within our firm and on the profession as a whole. “We looked at the data and discovered that the service providers we work with that are more diverse and inclusive deliver better results, because different perspectives allow you to see an issue from all sides,” said Angel.

We looked at the data and discovered that the service providers we work with that are more diverse and inclusive deliver better results, because different perspectives allow you to see an issue from all sides.

According to Dawn, this roundtable was a critical step toward driving the bold change we all seek. “Aligning the business of diversity and inclusion with the wholesale business of this firm is a part of Barnes & Thornburg’s vision. Such will never happen, however, without true buy-in and commitment from the owners and leaders of the firm. So we have to first ensure that we are educated and modeling the bold change desired before expecting it of others. And since we are in the client service business, what better way to begin to affect such change than to hear what our clients have to say about best practices?” The roundtable discussion was well-received by everyone in the room. “Without question, Barnes & Thornburg will continue to engage clients and the communities we serve to help us be our best and to aggressively pursue real, lasting solutions to this long-standing issue,” said Dawn.

Far left: From left, Bob Grand, Ernest Newborn of USI Insurance, Connie Lahn, Dawn Rosemond, Angel Shelton Willis of Ingersoll Rand, Steven Benz of Lilly and Mike Carrillo. Top right: Ernest Newborn. Middle: Steven Benz. Bottom right: Angel Shelton Willis.


J U N E 2 017 A L L I N

Bold collaborationwith communities and organizations we serve Barnes & Thornburg Selects Three Attorneys for Participation in National Legal Diversity Programs

Diversity Scholarship Recipients Set to Shine as Summer Associates

Rubin Pusha III, Steve Hernández and Elizabeth Brandon have been selected to represent the firm in the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity’s (LCLD) Pathfinder and Fellows programs in 2017. LCLD is a national organization working to build a more diverse and inclusive legal profession.

This is the fifth year the Indianapolis scholarship has been presented as part of Barnes & Thornburg’s ongoing commitment to diversity. New this year, the firm also presented a diversity scholarship to a law student working as a summer associate in the Chicago office.

Rubin, an associate in the Indianapolis office, will participate in LCLD’s Pathfinders program, which trains early-career attorneys in professional development. Steve, a partner in the Los Angeles office and LCLD alumnus, will serve as a Pathfinder program facilitator to help guide Rubin through the program. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve as the firm’s representative for this prestigious program,” Rubin said. “I am excited for the chance to acquire the knowledge that can help me become a razor-sharp lawyer. I also look forward to meeting other program participants and enhancing my network of colleagues.”

Rubin Pusha III

Steve Hernández

“I am honored to have been chosen for the LCLD Fellows program and cannot thank Barnes & Thornburg enough for nominating me for this important initiative,” Brandon said. “I am excited to join other experienced attorneys from across the country to delve more deeply into networking opportunities and training that can benefit my practice.” The LCLD Pathfinder Program is now in its second year as a full-scale program, having been piloted in 2015 among a select Elizabeth Brandon number of LCLD Member law firms and corporations. The LCLD Fellows program, which has trained more than a thousand mid-career attorneys since 2011, is one of LCLD’s most important initiatives. The program aims to increase diversity at the leadership levels of the nation’s law firms and corporate legal departments.


“Recruiting top-quality talent of all backgrounds is paramount to Barnes & Thornburg,” said Dawn Rosemond, Barnes & Thornburg’s director of diversity, professional development and inclusion. “We are excited to continue growing our scholarship program for diverse law students.” Abdulrasheed will serve as a summer associate in the firm’s Indianapolis office and will also represent the firm as a participant in the 2017 1L Scholars Summit sponsored by the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD).

A member of the Corporate and the Finance, Insolvency and Restructuring departments, Rubin joined the firm full-time in 2012 after serving as a summer associate. Additionally, LCLD has named Elizabeth, a partner in the Dallas office, as a member of the 2017 class of LCLD Fellows. The Fellows program exposes participants to a year of networking, training, peer-group projects and interaction with top LCLD leadership.

Recognizing that a commitment to diversity requires action, Barnes & Thornburg’s diversity scholarship program has awarded two first-year law students with the opportunity to launch their legal careers. The 2017 scholarship recipients are Jamal Abdulrasheed of the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis and Brandon Villa of The John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

Jamal Abdulrasheed

“I am truly honored and humbled to have been selected as a diversity scholar for 2017,” Abdulrasheed said. “Diversity requires agents of change who see the immense value that it brings to the legal practice and I am excited to join a firm that values this idea. I look forward to learning and growing with Barnes & Thornburg this summer.” Abdulrasheed earned his B.A. in political science from Indianapolis University Purdue University-Indianapolis prior to attending law school. He will serve as a summer associate in the firm’s Chicago office this summer. Brandon Villa “I am thrilled to further my professional legal career through the 2017 diversity scholarship program,” Villa said. “Diversity inspires change and affords individuals the opportunity to foster a culture of inclusion. I hope to expand my passion of the legal practice and grow this summer with Barnes & Thornburg.”

The Diversity Scholarship is open to first-year law students who demonstrate a commitment to contributing to the diversity and inclusion goals of Barnes & Thornburg and the legal profession.

bold moves. bold c hange .

Attorneys Show Bold Support for Local Law School

Women of GRIP Gather in Grand Rapids Office

On March 3, Barnes & Thornburg was a sponsor of the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law’s Black Law Students Association and Hispanic Law Society’s 5th Annual Diversity Dinner and Reception in Indianapolis. Bill Padgett, Angela B. Freeman, Rubin Pusha, Oni Harton and Ladene Mendoza of the Indianapolis office and Dawn Rosemond of the Fort Wayne office attended the event. The firm sponsors a table each year in an effort to maintain and cultivate a strong pipeline of diverse talent. Photo credit: David Jaynes.

Advertising law was the topic for the second meeting of GRIP, the Grand Rapids Intellectual Property Women’s Forum, on March 9. The organization was founded by Liz Peters of the Chicago and Grand Rapids offices, along with Monica Stover of the Grand Rapids office, who chaired the meeting. GRIP allows women to network and keep up to date on IP issues, while enhancing professional and personal development. Joan Long of the Chicago and Grand Rapids offices and Brandi Van Leeuwen of Meijer Inc. spoke during the well-received presentation on advertising law, which was held in the Grand Rapids office.

No Homework Required at Development School for Youth

From left: Rubin Pusha, Tiffany Presley of Quarles & Brady LLP, and Dawn Rosemond

From left: Angela B. Freeman, Oni Harton, Ladene Mendoza and Dawn Rosemond

Coming Together to Celebrate Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Grand Rapids and Minneapolis offices each sponsored community breakfasts that commemorated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day on Jan. 16. Our attorneys and staff proudly represented the firm at these important community events. Don Lawless, Lydia Barbash-Riley, Charlie Denton, Brian Kersey, Pamela MacDougal and Monica Stover of the Grand Rapids office attended the Grand Rapids Urban League’s corporate breakfast. Tom Mielenhausen, Lee Hutton, Heidi Fessler, Roger Maldonado, Scott Rothenberger and Molly Beckius of the Minneapolis office attended the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Breakfast presented by the General Mills Foundation and the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) in Minneapolis.

Firm Sponsors Annual Women Lawyers of Franklin County Soiree On Feb. 24, the firm was a platinum sponsor of a soiree celebrating the 75th anniversary of Women Lawyers of Franklin County in Columbus. Katrina Thompson of the Columbus office is president-elect of the organization. Bill Nolan, Adrienne Pietropaolo and Natasha Szalacinski of the Columbus office also attended the event.

More than 30 Chicago minority youth participated in a leadership development and mentoring program hosted by David Ritter of the Chicago office on April 26 in the firm’s Chicago office. The program, Development School for Youth, provides opportunities for Chicago youth to interact with professionals and partner with business leaders across the country. Lindsey Dates, Laura Luisi and Grant Peters of the Chicago office each led a session about what it is like to be a lawyer. Lindsey explained and provided mock-trial examples of the “nonHollywood-like” aspects of litigation. Laura shared insight into her legal career and provided a real-life trial case study. Grant explained the nuts and bolts of intellectual property law and the presence of IP in everyone’s daily life.

Freeman Honored with Achievement Award Angela B. Freeman of the Indianapolis office was honored with the award for Achievement in Science & Technical Disciplines at the 37th Annual Minority Achievers Awards and Scholarship Gala hosted by the Center for Leadership Development in Indianapolis. Angela, an intellectual property attorney, began her career as a molecular biologist with Eli Lilly and Co. She was nominated by her peers after a collaborative effort to recognize and support each other’s successes. Pictured (from left): Phil Burkholder, Angela B. Freeman of Barnes & Thornburg and Nyla Gavin.


J U N E 2 017 A L L I N Golden Opportunities at Women’s Conference in San Francisco

Indy Chamber Hosts Women in Business Retreat

Attorneys from across the country explored diversity, inclusion and the paths to leadership at Women Legal 2017, the Ark Group’s 10th annual conference for women held in San Francisco in February – including Lauren Box and Hillary Close of the Indianapolis office.

Barnes & Thornburg sponsored the Indy Chamber’s Women in Business Retreat in Indianapolis on Feb. 16 and 17 at The Alexander Hotel. Josh Hollingsworth, Hillary Close and Deborah Pollack-Milgate of the Indianapolis office were table hosts at different restaurants throughout the city during the event’s dine around.

“The program’s stated objective was ‘illustrating the business imperative for the advancement, retention and succession of female leadership in the legal profession – while identifying opportunities to open up business dialogues and make useful connections,’” Hillary said. “And it did not disappoint.” The conference drew women lawyers who have taken an active role in their firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts. “From topics like ‘The Profitability of Gender Diversity and Inclusion’ to ‘Thinking Like Google: Using Innovation Techniques to Boost Diversity,’ we heard from law firms and clients about new approaches to address the challenges and opportunities of promotion, retention and succession of female leadership,” Hillary said.

Top 3 Takeaways from Women’s Conference

1 2 3

A discussion of the inaugural 2016 Women in Law Hackathon yielded ideas that firms could implement every day. This “hackathon” – the term for an intense collaborative exercise – yielded ideas from leaders in law firms throughout the world. A panel of the managing partners, all women with incredible insights about the paths to leadership within law for women. A panel of women serving as associate general counsel for large corporations shared their expectations and requirements for diversity in legal teams and reinforced the importance of inclusion. It was evident from this panel that large corporations care about diversity and are good at discerning whether a firm truly values diverse talent. The bottom line: firms should get serious about fostering true diversity, or risk missing out on lucrative opportunities.

Barnes & Thornburg sponsored the sellout 2017 Dancing with Our Stars Gala hosted by the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio (DASCO). The event, held on Feb. 4 in Columbus, is an inspiring event devoted to raising funds and awareness for Down syndrome and DSACO. Kathie Skamfer, a marketing services representative in the Columbus office, is a volunteer and member of DASCO. Her daughter, Kristin, has been a dancer featured in the gala for the past three years. Since Barnes & Thornburg opened its Columbus office in 2009, the firm has been a sponsor of local DASCO events.

Kristin Skamfer with fellow dancer Peter Crawford

Cook County Bar Association Hosts Speed Mentoring Event in Chicago Office

Hillary Close

Lauren Box

This inspiring, invigorating conference built on diversity and inclusion concepts, while providing concrete ideas for how to implement and measure the impact of diversity and inclusion efforts.


On Pointe: Columbus Office Supports Annual Dancing With Our Stars Gala

Come here often? Our Chicago office hosted a speed mentoring event for the Cook County Bar Association to give new lawyers an opportunity to network with attorneys from different sectors. Nicole Janes, a government affairs specialist in the Chicago office, was heavily involved in planning the April 25 event and attorneys Lindsey Dates and Richard Boykin of the Chicago office served as hosts. Twenty-four members of the Cook County Bar Association from private firms, solo practitioners, government and non-profits served as mentors to the 50 new lawyers who were paired with a mentor from each sector of the law. “This was a great event,” Nicole said. “The ‘speed mentoring’ concept allowed young lawyers to meet with several types of lawyers and get information on the opportunities that exist in the legal community today. This was a really unique event.”

bold moves. bold c hange . Attorney Starts Local Chiefs in Intellectual Property Chapter After attending the Women in Tech, Law and Policy Global Summit organized by ChIPs (which stands for Chiefs in Intellectual Property) in Washington, D.C., Deborah Pollack-Milgate of the Indianapolis office had an opportunity. She found the conference to be very beneficial and, while conversing with other women from Indiana who had attended the event, they noticed that although ChIPs has chapters on both coasts, the Midwest was not represented. Deborah, along with two other local women, began the process of establishing an Indianapolis ChIPs chapter. Deborah and other local business leaders kicked off this new ChIPs chapter with an event at Barnes & Thornburg on April 27.

Our Vision To align the business of diversity and inclusion so fully with the business of the firm such that Barnes & Thornburg is established as the preferred destination for top legal talent from all backgrounds and as the national standard relative to excellence, inclusive engagement and empowerment in action.

Our Mission We hire great legal talent from all backgrounds and then work together as a team to deliberately position them to win.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee collaborates to improve diversity and increase growth opportunities for legal professionals and staff firmwide. Co-chairpersons: Bob Grand Dawn Rosemond MEMBERS AT LARGE: Leasa Anderson Edward Ayoob Alicia Raines Barrs Mark Bayer Kara Cleary Lindsey Dates Christopher Fowlkes Angela B. Freeman Jeanine Gozdecki

Ann Grayson Tammy Helminski Steve Hernรกndez Jeffrey Hopper Lee Hutton Ken Inskeep Karoline Jackson Nick Kile Sarah Kuhny Naomi Kwang Denise Lazar Rachel Lerman Laura Luisi Melanie Mawema

Paul Olszowka William Padgett David Paragas R. Anthony Prather Jesse Reeves James Robinson Laurie Rompala Alice Springer Katrina Thompson Steve Thornton Debby Usher Heather Willey David Wood

Deborah Pollack-Milgate (far right) greets guests at inaugural Chiefs in Intellectual Property event


All In - Diversity & Inclusion Newsletter - June 2017