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INSIDE “A Year of transformation”..................................4 Our Vision, Mission, and Core.................................6 Our 3-part platform...............................................7 Conscious SponsorshiP...........................................8 Game-Changing integration...................................10 elevated culture....................................................14 Industry “Take notables”.....................................17 By the numbers.......................................................18 Our locations...........................................................20 Social Media.............................................................21 Committee Members................................................22



“GREATNESS BEGINS AT THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE” – Robin Sharma A YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION Someone recently asked me to describe 2018 relative to our diversity and inclusion platform in one word. Without a moment’s hesitation I declared, “Transformative.” According to, “transformative” means “1. to change in form, appearance, or structure; metamorphose; 2. to change in condition, nature, or character; convert.” What it doesn’t mean perhaps best affirms why I made such a bold declaration, as the converse of this grand word is “ordinary,” “everyday,” and “uneventful.” Our 2018 was certainly none of those things. Instead (and just by way of example), in the past 12 months we saw marked growth of women and minority representation in our partnership ranks. We also launched a new breed of firmwide diversity 4

and inclusion training, utilizing an in-person, market-by-market approach to foster interaction and elevate consciousness, all to the end of better tackling the dangers of implicit bias. To better care for our talent, we created a new professional development program called VISION that includes a deliberate sponsorship initiative we’ve coined Project Keymaker. It’s a funny name, we know. But we are quite serious about doing whatever it takes to make sure that our teammates don’t fall through the cracks, especially relative to our women and minority talent. Retention is a problem in our industry (in particular, relative to diverse practitioners), because folks become detached and oftentimes invisible. Project Keymaker was specifically designed to help us address this. And then there was the overhaul of our parental leave benefits policy. By unanimous vote, the firm’s Management Committee approved a recommendation put forth by our Women’s Initiative Task Force to establish a “one for all” policy affording ALL of our talent (lawyers and non-lawyer professionals alike), 16 weeks of paid leave at 100% pay, inclusive of adoptions; the policy went into effect Jan. 1, 2019. I struggle to identify a moment in 2018 that made me more proud. Indeed, I think this change best embodies why “transformative” is the only descriptor that came to my mind when asked to define the last year. That is, while the approval of the parental leave benefits overhaul literally moved me to tears, there is a common thread throughout all that we were able to accomplish: each stride made (those mentioned above and what you will experience in the pages to come), inure to the benefit of our core and reflect a deliberate decision by our leadership to invest in change that goes well beyond a mere “box check” – and will endure. Without question (and as I say all the time), there is so much more to do. This important work does not actually end. It simply evolves. The accounts in this publication of some of our proud moments from last year are not meant to suggest otherwise. Indeed, I can hear my mother saying that, “It’s a poor frog that praises their own pond.” Since I’m still just a little bit scared of her, I wouldn’t dare go too far here. But there’s an old saying from another wise philosopher (Oprah) that is apropos here: “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” So we are taking this opportunity to celebrate and enjoy some of the key “life” moments of Barnes & Thornburg in 2018. We (Bob and I), hope you enjoy this journey of reflection with us and that you reach out to unpack and learn more about anything you see, who we are, our platform and/or where we’re going from here. I can guarantee you, we’re just getting started! Enjoy! Dawn R. Rosemond, Partner, Director of Diversity, Professional Development and Inclusion

Robert T. Grand, Firm Managing Partner

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Co-Chairs


To align the business of diversity and inclusion so fully with the business of the firm such that top talent from all backgrounds sees Barnes & Thornburg as both the preferred destination and national standard relative to excellence, inclusive engagement and empowerment in action.

OUR MISSION To position all of our talent to win – individually, collectively, and for our clients.

OUR CORE • We strive to reflect the clients we serve and the communities in which we have the privilege to practice law. • We define, promote, and embrace diversity broadly to foster authentic inclusion. • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion permeates every aspect of how we conduct business. • We are responsible stewards of our resources, taking care to use our influence, brand, purchasing power, and thought leadership to drive diversity and inclusion growth outside the walls of our firm. • We proactively seek out and pursue opportunities to better support, empower, and promote our talent. • We continuously look for innovative solutions to remain effective, relevant, and in tune with our clients’ values and business objectives.



SPONSORSHIP empowering our talent

INTEGRATION aligning our business and values


cultivating true inclusion



Project Keymaker takes partner-associate mentoring relationships to the next level. Instead of the obligatory annual check-in lunch, Project Keymaker creates a platform for the most accomplished members of our firm to utilize servant leadership skills, typically reserved for outward facing causes, for intentional investment in the holistic development of their younger colleagues. Project Keymaker demonstrates the firm’s understanding that ensuring a lawyer’s long-term success at Barnes & Thornburg is not that dissimilar from the process of cultivating a fruitful client relationship. The more you pour into the client/lawyer relationship (e.g., breaking down barriers, making meaningful connections, creating opportunities, etc.), the bigger the returns. –Rubin Pusha, III

To drive attachment, build soft skills, EQ, and to better position our talent for success

Indianapolis Associate (Corporate)

Goal Powered by engagement on BOTH sides


The “Project Keymaker” Difference

Structure 8

Deliberate cross-office/cross-department pairings designed to drive broader firm engagement and opportunities



100% ENGAGEMENT By Management Committee By ALL of our 14 offices By ALL departments

I’ve been thrilled with my pairing with Bob Grand. Not only is his wisdom invaluable as a true leader and rainmaker, but he’s also been incredibly attentive and clearly committed to building this relationship. I’m looking forward to seeing it grow and develop. – Gray Mateo-Harris, Chicago Partner (Labor and Employment)



Value-Driven Procurement Created and Launched New Diverse Supplier Program

–Debi Mitchell, Director of Operations


We’re excited that our new Diverse Supplier Program will more formally emphasize our efforts to align our supplier’s values with our own and allow us to create opportunities to expand business relationships with diverse suppliers.




Bottom line, this was a deliberate act to move us toward better and is a transformative moment for our culture – one that will benefit the firm for many years to come.

-Robert Grand, Firm Managing Partner

As a mom of two small children, I felt moved to join the Women’s Initiative Task Force and to give nonlawyer staff a voice in the firm’s strategic planning efforts…I’m extremely proud of Barnes & Thornburg for taking this leap.

-Jennifer Borchelt, Legal Administrate Assistant



12 weeks @ 10% pay for attorneys, paralegals and non-legal administrators only 6-8 weeks @ 100% pay for salaried staff, with required elimination period including vacation and incidental time


16 weeks @ 100% pay for ALL fulltime employees – lawyers and nonlawyer professionals

-Peter Lovins, Director of Legal Affairs, Columbus Blue Jackets

This is truly amazing. Thank you for being a leader in this space, especially in creating a gender neutral policy!

Inclusive of male and female colleagues

Our new policy is a direct reflection of the firm’s commitment to identify opportunities and eliminate barriers that impact the success of all members of the Barnes & Thornburg family.

-Julia Spoor Gard, Chair of the Intellectual Property Department and Parental Leave Liaison

Inclusive of adoptions


ELEVATED Launched reimagined approach to firmwide diversity and inclusion training Beyond Diversity 101: Micro-inequities, Implicit Bias and Moving toward Equity In-Person Market-by-Market Approach | CourageousConversations | Engagement Beyond Comfort Zones | Cultivating Understanding | Pursuing “Better” | 5 Markets Down (Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Diego) | 9 Markets in 2019

‘I am Barnes & Thornburg’ Campaign Firmwide Monthly Communication Campaign that: • Moves us beyond the resume and the “single story” • Fosters real connection • Celebrates our uniqueness • Creates opportunities

Women’s History Month 2018 Campaign March 2018 | 5 Weeks | 15 Women 5 Power Words Used to Redefine Themselves and the Firm




“Day Off”


“Day of Service”

“I Am Barnes & Thornburg” + Women’s History Month “Redefine” Campaign = LCLD “What’s Working” Feature “What’s Working” highlights the innovative initiatives LCLD member organizations are using to build a more inclusive legal profession | Featured in TWO categories: “Relationship Building” and “Communication | Check us out at:


Past External “Shirley’s Legacy” Honorees

Our “Shirley’s Legacy” award is named after Barnes & Thornburg’s first female partner, Shirley Shideler, and was created to honor trailblazing women who embody her legacy of excellence, leadership, service and mentorship.

2015 – Hon. Sarah Evans Barker, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana; Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush, Indiana Supreme Court; Carol A. Stephan, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

2018 Internal “Shirley’s Legacy” Honoree

2016 – Lauren K. Robel, Provost, Indiana University Bloomington, and Executive Vice President, Indiana University; Kristin G. Fruehwald, Retired Of Counsel, Barnes & Thornburg LLP

2017 – Judi Sobecki, U.S. General Counsel, The AES Corporation; Sharon Barner, Vice Julia Spoor Gard, Chair of the Intellectual Property Department President and General Counsel, Cummins and Parental Leave Liaison Inc.; Erin Roth, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Wabash National As department administrator, Julia takes Corporation; Carrie Hightman, Executive Vice extraordinary care to understand the President and Chief Legal Officer, NiSource Inc.; needs of the department, identify workable Cynthia Kretz, Vice President and General Counsel, solutions to problems, and implement Cook Group Inc. policies that foster and promote success

for the individuals that make the up the department as well as the department as a whole … she is a great mentor, advisor, colleague, and friend to all. Julia is a model representative of the firm to the community, and she serves as a source of inspiration to many of the firm’s young attorneys.

2018 – Karen Freeman-Wilson, Mayor of Gary, Indiana

– David Wong, Indianapolis Partner (Intellectual Property)


Rubin Pusha, III, Indianapolis Associate, Corporate

Honoring those in our firm who go above and beyond to foster a true inclusive and equitable work environment.

Rubin and I were taught… to use our positions of influence…to ensure that diverse and underrepresented populations (no matter how that may be defined) get a fair and equal opportunity to add value at this law firm. To this day, Rubin continues to advocate for such diversity and inclusion… Despite his young age and demeanor, Rubin truly is a staunch and fervent advocate and ally for the importance of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our local and legal communities.


– Angela B. Freeman, Indianapolis Associate (Intellectual Property)



Moving in the right direction!



women and minority attorney hires women and minorty summer associates

2 1L Diversity Scholarships (Indianapolis and Chicago)




Diversity and Inclusion Committee Robert Grand

Firm Managing Partner Co-Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Dawn R. Rosemond

Partner Director of Diversity, Professional Development and Inclusion Co-Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Kelly Atkinson

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Columbus Office Administrator



I get a bird’s-eye view of the diversity and inclusion work in which so many large firms are engaged all over the country. The work at Barnes & Thornburg is truly industry leading. In the last 10 years, UPS’ understanding of effective diversity and inclusion programs has improved greatly as well as corporate expectations around such programs. Companies are no longer paying lip service to diversity and inclusion; we expect our law firms, and other vendors, to live it as a core value. Barnes & Thornburg’s commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal industry is real and impactful. I am blown away by the great work being done by the firm in this arena and expect other firms to follow your lead. –Andrew Charles Cooper, Vice President, Legal and Strategic Communications, UPS Airlines

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