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Table of Contents Introduction . . . 4 Sales Date & Location . . . 6 Estimate Strategy . . . 8 Sample Catalogue Entry . . . 12 Market Expertise & Financial Terms . . . 16 Marketing Plan & Strategic Vision . . . 20 Special Events . . . 24 Press Coverage . . . 26 Timeline . . . 28 Conclusion . . . 29

Since its founding in 1889 by Annie Nathan Meyer, Barnard College has been a distinguished leader in higher education, offering a rigorous liberal arts foundation to young women whose curiosity, drive, and exuberance set them apart. Barnard is a diverse intellectual community in a unique learning environment that provides the best of all worlds: small, intimate classes in a collaborative liberal arts setting dedicated to the advancement of women with the vast resources of Columbia University. Barnard College offers bachelor’s degrees in approximate 50 fields, where you can pursue special degree programs in cooperation with Columbia University, the Julliard School, and The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) and the Manhattan School of Music. One of the Double Degree Program was launched to provide women with the opportunity to earn undergraduate degrees from both JTS and Barnard College, specializing in Jewish Studies and granting a Bachelor of Arts. Notable alumnae include cultural figures such as Laurie Anderson, Margaret Mead, Cynthia Nixon, Martha Stewart, and Zora Neale Hurston. Barnard’s fundraising campaign, the Bold Standard, highlights female excellence of the past and present while seeking to ensure it for the next generation of young women.


Sotheby’s will present its first ever auction dedicated entirely to women artists in March, during Women’s History Month. Amassed over the last century and containing works dating exclusively since the college’s inception, the works on offer present several of the finest female artists of the last hundred years, and proceeds from the sale will support the construction of a new building meant to support contemporary female artists. Works from the Barnard College Collection will include highlights such as works by artist Georgia O’Keeffe, Helen Frankenthaler, Natalia Goncharova, Jenny Holzer, and Susan Rothenberg. Sotheby’s invites art lovers to support both the legacy of these modern masters and the next generation of women who dare to be bold. We are thrilled to be handling the Barnard College’s Collection of finest female artist so influential to the history and community. We are honored to have the opportunity to work with the Barnard College Collection, and proud to represent works of the most influential female artists in modern art history at our March 22, 2019 auction.



IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PURCHASERS – CHANGE OF PROPERTY LOCATION POST SALE Purchasers may pay for and pick up their purchases at our York Avenue headquarters until the close of business on the day of each respective auction. After this time, sold property will be transferred to our new offsite facility, Crozier Fine Arts, One Star Ledger Plaza, 69 Court Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102. Once property has been transferred from our York Avenue location, it will not be available for collection at Crozier Fine Arts for two business days. Crozier’s hours of operation for collection are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday. Please note, certain items of property, including, but not limited to jewelry, watches, silver and works on panel will remain at 1334 York Avenue. Invoices and statements will indicate your property’s location. For more information regarding collection from our offsite facility, please visit 6

“There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen. Go against the rules or ignore the rules. That is what invention is about.� -Helen Frankenthaler


Estimate Strategy

Lot 1 Natalia Goncharova (Russian, 1881-1962) Untitled, 1912 Oil on canvas 9 ¾ x 6 ¼ inches Signed, lower right $50,000-70,000

Lot 2 Helen Frankenthaler (American, b. 1928) Painting with Frame, 1964 Oil on canvas 36 ¼ x 43 ⅞ inches $200,000-300,000

Lot 3 Georgia O’Keeffe (American, 1887-1986) Black Spot No.2, 1919 Oil on canvas 24 ¼ x 16 ¼ inches Signed, verso $6,000,000-8,000,000


Lot 4 Jenny Holzer (American, b. 1950) Hide Under Water, 1983 Cast aluminum 6 x 10 inches Signed, verso $7,000-10,000

Lot 5 Susan Rothenberg (American, b. 1945) Bucket of Water, 1983-84 Oil on canvas 84 x 127 inches Signed, verso $150,000-200,000


Estimate Strategy for Black Spot No. 2 Georgia O’Keeffe’s influence in the realm of modernist and abstract painting cannot possibly be overstated. She is most known for her flower paintings, which were born out of her nonrepresentational abstract paintings of the late 1910s. Black Spot No. 2 is one of the most important of her abstract paintings and was exhibited in the Whitney’s 2010 exhibition Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstraction, rendering it extremely valuable. The other two versions of the work, Black Spot No. 1 and Black Spot No. 3, are both in the collections of museums and galleries. The rarity alone, in addition to its art historical importance and exhibition history, would greatly increase the value of Black Spot No. 2 as it is the only work Installation view of Black Spot No. 2 at the Whitney’s of its kind available for sale. Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstraction exhibition.

Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe Title: Pink and Green (Pink Pastelle) Date: 1922 Medium: Pastel on linen Dimensions: 16 x 14 inches Markings: Signed with artist’s initials “OK” within her star device and inscribed Pink Pastelle on the stretcher Sale of: Sotheby’s, New York: November 4, 2015 Estimates: $1,200,000-1,800,000 USD Sold for: $2,530,000 USD

Sotheby’s New York sold this beautiful abstract, colorful, and nonrepresentational painting of O’Keeffe’s for $2,530,000 USD, which was far above its high estimate of $1.8 million. The fact that one of O’Keeffe’s abstract works that was also exhibited the same Whitney show, Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstraction, performed this well in recent years proves that Black Spot No. 2 would achieve great results as well. Additionally, since Black Spot No. 2 is oil on canvas, a very valuable medium, and 24 ¼ x 16 ¼ inches, a standard size for O’Keeffe paintings, while Pink and Green (Pink Pastelle) is pastel on linen and only 16 x 14 inches, we can confidently predict that Black Spot No. 2 would achieve a much higher price at auction comparatively.


“The men liked to put me down as the best woman painter. I think I’m one of the best painters.” -Georgia O’Keeffe




GEORGIA O’KEEFFE (1887-1986) Black Spot No. 2 Oil on canvas 24 1/4 x 16 1/4 in. Signed, verso Painted in 1919

ESTIMATE $6,000,000-8,000,000

PROVENANCE The Downtown Gallery, New York Mr. and Mrs. Irving Levick, Buffalo
 Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc., New York Bernard Danenberg Galleries, New York Private collection: Robert and Soledad Hurst, Colorado Private collection: Loretta and Robert K. Lifton, New York Currently in the Collection of Barnard College, New York

EXHIBITION HISTORY Philadelphia, Pennsylvania no. 143, 1921 Anderson Gallery, New York, 1923

Alfred Stieglitz (American, 1864–1946), Georgia O’Keeffe, 1918. Gelatin silver print; 11.4 x 9.1 cm (image/paper/first mount); 31.8 x 25.4 cm (second mount). Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 1949.742.

An American Place, New York, 1934 Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 1946 Worchester, Massachusetts, 1959 Cincinnati, Ohio, 1961 Des Moines, Iowa, 1961 Downtown Gallery, New York, 1962 Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 1963 New Delhi, India, 1968 Washington D.C., 1987 Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Sep. 17, 2009—Jan. 17, 2010 The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C., Feb. 6—May 9, 2010 The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 28—Sep. 10, 2010

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way — things I had no words for.” — Georgia O’Keeffe



eorgia O’Keeffe’s unrivaled and radical form of abstract painting solidified her as one of the most innovative and notable American artists of the 20th century. O’Keeffe is often referred to as the first American abstract painter who bravely paved the way for artists of the future, though no other modern artist has been able to paint with such precision, intimacy, and mastery since. Black Spot No. 2 is exemplary of O’Keeffe’s unique form of dynamic abstraction. Her intent focus on lines, shapes, and brushstrokes, almost evoking biomorphic forms echoed in nature, is striking. In addition to her intriguing, voluptuous compositions, she also spearheaded the implementation of abstract fields of color — as evident in Black Spot No. 2’s spectacular fields of blue, green, yellow, and black — long before the famous Color Field painters were recognized for doing so, re-emphasizing her role as a pioneer artist. Black Spot No. 2 serves as a catalyst for O’Keeffe’s distinct form of abstraction and modernism. Painted in 1919, this work precedes her famous flower paintings that she began to paint in 1924-25 and therefore represents O’Keeffe fully mastering her initial exploration of colorful abstraction before moving onto more representational subject matter. She is most known for her later paintings in which she takes American

Georgia O’Keeffe, Flower Abstraction, 1924

objects or still life scenes and renders them in a colorful abstract state. She miraculously transforms depictions of landscapes, animal skulls, flowers, and everyday objects into dynamic compositions of sensuous lines and bright colors with her paintbrush as if it were a magic wand. Dominated by lively curvilinear forms with a linear line beautifully piercing the composition, Black Spot No. 2 perfectly embodies this style but is even more unique as it serves as a quintessential example of O’Keeffe’s pure abstraction that deeply influenced her later work.


The rarity and importance of Black Spot No. 2 cannot be emphasized enough. There are two other versions of this painting, Black Spot No. 1 and Black Spot No. 3, and they are both in private collections of galleries and museums, which makes Black Spot No. 2 the only one of its kind on available on the market today. As a perfect example of O’Keeffe’s abstract painting style, full of biomorphic lines and striking color fields, it is no wonder that this work was exhibited extensively across the United States and highlighted during the Whitney Museum of American Art’s 2010 monumental retrospective, Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstraction. Within the Whitney’s Georgia O’Keeffe, Black Spot No. 3, 1919

significant exhibition, Black Spot No. 2 took the spotlight and solidified itself as a must-have painting for

those interested in Georgia O’Keeffe’s incredibly influential abstract style of painting that changed the course of modern art history in America.


Market Expertise Georgia O’Keeffe Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1 48 x 40 in. 121.9 x 101.6 cm. Oil on canvas 1932 Sotheby’s New York 20 November, 2014 American Art Estimates: $10,000,000-15,000,000 Price Realized: $44,405,000

Sotheby's New York holds the auction record for Georgia O’Keeffe and any female artist. Not only is this the record for O’Keeffe, but it represents the highest price achieved at auctions for any female artist.


Market Expertise

Sotheby's New York also holds the auction record for Helen Frankenthaler.

Helen Frankenthaler Saturn Revisited Acrylic on canvas 84 x 53 in. 213.3 x 134.6 cm. 1932 Sotheby’s New York 12 May, 2015 Contemporary Art Evening Estimates: $600,000-800,000 Price Realized: $2,830,000 17

Financial Terms To make sure that your collection reaches its true value, we plan to spend:

$759,350 on marketing of your five excellent works through various channels; $151,870 on insuring your valuable works for full protection throughout the process; $75,935 on transportation to make sure each trip is smooth, safe and secure. We would also like to join the charitable cause by offering free service and charge $0 for seller’s commission. Therefore, by consigning with us, YOU SAVE $1,198,960. 18


Marketing Plan & Strategic Vision

Barnard is an all-women’s college with an impressive roster of female artists in their expansive collection. Each of the works in the sale represent the most influential female artists of the 20th century, whose leadership and bravery changed the course of the American canon and Modern Art. Since the proceeds of the sale will fund the construction of a new arts building for Barnard students, we will emphasize the passing of the torch from esteemed female artists of the past who empower those of the future. This sale represents the legacy, not only of Barnard and its students, but pioneering and daring artists in New York City. Building off of Barnard’s development initiative, “Bold Standard,” and the success of last year’s “Fearless Now” campaign here at Sotheby’s, we remain committed to promoting artists that have challenged the status quo and who bravely paved the way for artists of the future. Sotheby’s plans to target a core audience drawn from our extensive client list. Utilizing our considerable database, we will market the sale primarily to collectors of American, Modern, and Postwar painting. In addition, we plan to reach out to Barnard and Columbia alumnae and friends of the school to offer them a chance to own a piece of Barnard’s history. Digital outreach will help Sotheby’s access Barnard alumnae as well as celebrate female achievement during Women’s History Month. Hashtags incorporating Barnard’s name, related information, and strategic postings will harness the ability of social media to create exposure on a wide scale. Sotheby’s plans to target buyers who are not only connected to Barnard or advocates of Women’s History month, but also those who may not be art world insiders. The high quality of the pieces and the stylistic moments they represent in each artist’s oeuvre make these artworks ideal for institutional research and display, and we plan to invite curators and scholars from museums with large collections of the represented artists. Furthermore, we will host events that blend scholarly discussion with cocktail party previews, to attract a wide range of interested buyers and garner serious academic attention. Not only is March Women’s History Month, but it is also a time full of art fairs and events. We are strategically planning our sale at the end of March to give us access to the largest pool of collectors in New York. We are designing the sale, “Highlights from the Barnard College Collection,” as a single-owner sale model so that all the attention can be on the Barnard College Collection and marketing the institution’s prestige to raise the necessary funds to bring your vision to life.


Digital Marketing Campaign


Exhibition Design



Special Events Sotheby’s will be hosting a brunch on Sunday, March 10th at 12:30pm catered by our in-house café, San Ambroeus, for Barnard alumni and other esteemed guests. This will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Rosalyn Deutsche, professor of Modern and Contemporary Art Feminist Theory, and Urban Theory at Barnard College, to discuss female modern artists and the works being offered in the Highlights from the Barnard Collection sale. Panelists will include Jenny Holzer, New Yorkbased artist whose work Hide Under Water is a key part of the sale, Sara Kay, owner of Sara Kay Gallery that focuses on supporting female artists, Katy Siegel, Senior Programming and Research Curator at the Baltimore Museum of Art, and Kathleen Madden, Barnard alumni who teaches contemporary art courses at Barnard College and Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Sotheby’s will also host a private viewing party with cocktails on Monday, March 18th at 7:30pm for Barnard alumni and Sotheby’s VIP clients the day before the exhibition is open to the public. This private viewing party will give our important guests the opportunity to view, enjoy, and celebrate the works of art that are being offered for sale before the rest of the world has access to them.



Sotheby’s is honored to offer highlights from Barnard College’s collection as a dedicated auction on 22 March 2019. Amassed over the last century and containing works dating exclusively since the college’s inception, the works on offer present several of the finest female artists of the last hundred years, and proceeds from the sale will support a fund for the construction of a new building with art galleries for the campus and future acquisitions. Sotheby’s invites art lovers to support both the legacy of these modern masters and the next generation of women who dare to be bold.

A private women’s liberal arts college in New York City, Barnard College has been empowering young women since 1889, making it one of the oldest women’s colleges in the world and the only women’s college in New York City to this day. Notable alumnae include cultural figures such as Margaret Mead, Cynthia Nixon, Martha Stewart, and Zora Neale Hurston. Barnard’s fundraising campaign, the Bold Standard, highlights female excellence of the past and present while seeking to ensure it for the next generation of young women. Known as the 'Mother of Modernism', O'Keeffe's artistic prowess shines through in this early abstract work predating her famed flower paintings. Widely collected in institutions across the US, O’Keeffe’s artistic practice was anything but conventional, and her pioneering abstractions set her apart from an American art scene where machismo figuration reigned. Her long and prolific career was predicated on close observation and an intense love of nature, and many of her works draw from nature with abstract and organic motifs that revel in their gloriously saturated colors. One of the most eagerly anticipated lots, Georgia O’Keeffe’s Black Spot No. 2 (lot #, estimated USD $6,000,000 $8,000,000), represents an important moment in her stylistic development. Painted just one year after arriving in New York and meeting her partner and soon to be lover Alfred Stieglitz, Black Spot No. 2 exemplifies this transitional period of continually reduced compositions, culminating in precisely delineated forms and nuanced use of color. This work foreshadows her later flower pieces with its closely cropped forms, giving the impression that the fluid shapes are a detail of a larger, unknown picture. A harshly outlined rectangle dominates the painting, and her technical skill shines forth in handling black paint, juxtaposed against sensuous curving forms rendered in softly hued colors. The work basks in its own painterly light, and the O'Keeffe's masterful handling of tonal gradations emphasizes and luxuriates in the gentle dynamism of the shapes.


Also emerging from the collection of Barnard College, Helen Frankenthaler's Painting with Frame is estimated to fetch USD $200,000 - $300,000, and is a characteristic example of her soak stain canvases in the early 1960s. Frankenthaler rivals O'Keeffe in her contribution to the American canon, as a pivotal and often underappreciated member of the New York School. Her works blend the emotive power of Action painting with the vibrancy and supremacy of Color Field painters, bridging the gap between the two groups of Abstract Expressionism. Best known for her canvases stained with floating jewel toned shapes, Frankenthaler pioneered the lyrical spontaneity and all over format that came to define the Abstract Expressionist movement. For a time in the early 1960s, Frankenthaler played with the compositional structure of the canvas, experimenting with the liminality of large format paintings and the real space they occupy. This work captures the essence of her spirit at an incredibly prolific period of her career, with a saturated purple form floating between strips of color, integrating and emphasizing the edges of the canvas in the compositional whole. In an increasingly digital world, these manifestations of passion and artistic talent stand as a testament to the exuberance of the human experience. The other lots include selections from Natalia Goncharova, Susan Rothenberg and Jenny Holzer and demonstrate Barnard's commitment to artists who dare to be the avant-garde - who dare to be bold. The 5 lots on offer will be on view in Sotheby’s York Avenue galleries beginning 19 March 2019. With thoughtful curation and commitment, Barnard College has assembled a remarkable collection of pieces that highlight the achievements of artists who spent their careers proving to the world that their talent transcended their gender.


Marketing Timeline January 19th: Announce sale date with press release - Place color ads in print media: - NYT Weekend Arts, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, Art + Mid-February: Roll out weekly printed ads in NYT, WSJ, New Yorker, Instagram spots posted twice a week until the sale February 18th: Release first blog post and short specialist talk video on the Sotheby’s - Blog updated with weekly promotional posts

March 11th: Carousel of images featured on Sotheby’s homepage, linked to spotlight blog with final promotional post

March 10th: Brunch followed by panel moderated by Dr. Rosalyn Deutsche. - Panelists include Sara Kay, Jenny Holzer, Katy Siegel and Kathleen Madden

March 18th: Special private viewing and reception for VIP clients at Sotheby’s

March 19th: Preview opens to the public March 22nd: Sale held at 5 pm


Thank you for considering Sotheby’s as the best way to sell highlighted works from the esteemed Barnard College Collection. Outlined in this proposal is a roadmap to marketing and selling your selected works for the highest value to ensure that your vision of constructing a new contemporary arts building comes to life. We at Sotheby’s also believe in the power of women and hope to support female artists of the future with you. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results of selling your works at Sotheby’s. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and we look forward to getting started.


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Barnard college collection