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October 5, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

STAFF Robert Earl, Jr. Director Alexandra Nestoras Senior Associate Director Won Kang Associate Director Nadine Verna Associate Director Will Simpkins Program Director / Community & Diversity Initiatives Linda Reals Manager / Financial Fluency Program Kimberly Bedeau Employer Relations Coordinator Rachel Tannenbaum Career Counselor Christine Shin Alumnae Counselor Katherine Hendry Assistant Director Halle Kiefer Career Resources Assistant Hiraida Crespo Office Assistant Annapurna Potluri Administrative Assistant

Career Connections GETTING AHEAD WITH YOUR RESUME As a college student thinking about jobs, you may be concerned with what employers are looking for. This month’s career newsletter tackles that concern with resume tips and advice. We surveyed three employers and asked them to tell us what sets certain applicants apart from others. Take a look at how they initially sort resumes, and be sure to follow their advice so that your resume ends up in the “Yes” pile: “I look for resumes that are well organized, concise and tailored for the position the candidate is applying for. It always stands out when someone has put in the effort to customize, elaborate and emphasize their strengths in the areas that are most relevant. Taking that extra time can go a long way!” Irene Kopitov ’04 Senior Account Executive, Meg Connolly Communications “A resume with typos or poor grammar will land a resume in the "no" pile very quickly. On the other hand, if the required experience is presented in a logical, wellorganized manner on the resume, it will make its way to the “yes” pile. This gives the impression of professionalism and good attention to detail. However, a stellar resume will not go far if you fail to include a cover letter when one is requested in the position posting.  It could indicate that the applicant does not follow basic instructions.” Lori McFarland Director of Human Resources, Barnard College “When reviewing a resume, content is obviously key, but presentation is important. If the resume is not well-organized and I cannot quickly glean the essential information about the candidate, I place a resume in the “no pile”. If the resume is well-organized and the objective of the applicant clearly matches the position being offered, I typically put the resume in the “yes pile” for further review.” Ona Bloom ’92 Assistant Investigator, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Read further to learn more about crafting the resume that’s right for you!

Genise Reid Student Employment Assistant 1

October 5, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor


TEN TIPS ON CRAFTING A RESUME 1. First Impressions First impressions are important. Your resume should have a clean, crisp look. It should fill the page but not give the appearance of being overcrowded. Try to maintain a balance between white space and text space. Use professional resume paper that matches your cover letter. 2. Grammar Matters Employers want to hire people with strong writing skills. A poorly written resume can give the impression of carelessness and actually downplay your achievements. 3. Spelling Also Matters Don’t count on spell check to catch all you’re errors. Spelling errors can be hard to catch. Have an extra pair of eyes look over your resume, such as those of a Peer Career Advisor in Career Development. 4. Formatting is Important All information should be presented in a consistent format. Use a professional font that makes information easy to read. Look through the “Resumes” binder at the Career Development library for layout ideas. 5. Job Descriptions Make sure your job descriptions are well defined. Give your potential employer an accurate idea of what experiences you’ve had. Lack of description gives the impression that the activity wasn’t important – or worse, that you didn’t contribute.


How are candidates chosen from hundreds of resumes? What do recruiters want to hear in an interview? What are common job-hunting mistakes students make? Confessions of a Recruiting Director gives the inside scoop on the entire hiring process- from a top recruiting director who's seen and heard it all-and delivers a specific, stepby-step approach to beating the odds. For resumes advice, turn to Chapter 1 on page 5. Available in the Career Development Library on the 2nd floor of Elliott Hall!


6. Active Voice Job descriptions should be in the first person and begin with an action verb. For example, “Conducted psychological research for a comprehensive…” Career Development has tip sheets on action verbs for you to use. 7. Specifications For all work experiences, the name of the company/organization, the location, your position/title and the dates must be included. Make sure you also provide your email address and a working phone number at the top of your resume. If your GPA is above a 3.0, include it in the “education” section of your resume. 8. Dates Use reverse chronological order on your resume; most recent activities should come first. 9. Updating Make sure that you’re sending out the most recent and up-to-date copy of your resume. Indicate when you’ve stopped working at jobs or internships, and keep your current position at the top of your experience list. 10. The 20-Second Test Ask a friend or Peer Career Advisor to look over your resume for twenty seconds, then ask them what they’ve learned about you. Your goal is to catch your employer’s attention quickly and showcase your best abilities right away. If they haven’t deduced what you intended, consider revising wordiness or rearranging skills so the most relevant or important come first. Sources: Resume Design (, Job Choices for Business and Liberal Arts Students: 2010, National Association of Colleges and Employers

October 5, 2009


Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

INTERNSHIP SPOTLIGHT MARGARET MEAD FILM FESTIVAL INTERNSHIP By Marilla Li, Class of 2010 Before working at the Margaret Mead Film Festival, I never considered a job in museum or educational administration. However, this internship broadened my appreciation for the complexity of filmmaking. I learned to appreciate not only the ways in which a film is created and funded (such as in film production), but also the ways that a film is extended to the general public. While the talent and stamina of a filmmaker is integral to a film’s creation, a large part of a film’s success relies on the decisions of other institutions, such as established festivals or distribution companies.

Dear Barnard Readers, Fall is approaching fast – my favorite NYC season. Fall is a reminder that as students we’re turning over a new leaf. Another school year is upon us, a chance to invest in new classes, activities, jobs, and internships. Fall gives us ample opportunities to build our resumes. But what is it that really makes a resume stand out? In my first few weeks as a PCA, I’ve noticed that presentation plays an important role. A resume is, in my opinion, unique in all the steps of the application process. You get a chance to showcase your skills, work experience and leadership positions in a way that a potential employer can review in under two minutes. A resume is an opportunity to make an impression before your employer even gets the chance to meet you. Most basically (and importantly) – proofread, proofread, proofread! Basic typos and lack of cohesion in formatting makes a resume sloppy and difficult to read. Readability is key, and a reader is therefore essential for any resume writer. Luckily, Barnard’s Peer Career Advisors are here to offer you just that. We can offer you tips on formatting, clarity, and wording that can really make you stand apart from the competition. So this fall, come talk to a PCA – no appointment necessary – and give yourself the opportunity to lend a little something extra to your resume. After all, you owe it to yourself and to all of the hours you’ve spent working, interning, volunteering – now let employers see that as well. Best of luck! Jenny Lyubomudrova Peer Career Advisor ____________________________________

DROP-IN HOURS Peer Career Advisors Monday -Friday 10 AM - 4 PM



October 5, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

LOOKING FOR AN INTERNSHIP? In addition to eRecruiting, you have access to and, two online resources with hundreds of different internships organized by industry and state. To access both databases, log into eRecruiting, and use the school passwords provided on the lower left hand side of the home page. INFORMATION: Log


Hot Internships! For these and other great opportunities, check out eRecruiting at PEN American Center is the 3,400-strong association of writers working to advance literature, defend free expression, and foster international literary fellowship. They are seeking a Design and Multimedia Intern to join their team. Applicants must have demonstrated graphic design experience. The New York City Department of Small Business Services is a client-centered agency whose mission is to serve NY’s small businesses and commercial districts. SBS provides direct assistance to business owners, promotes economic opportunity among minority- and women-owned businesses, prepares New Yorkers for jobs, and more. They are looking for a Business Solutions Marketing intern to serve as the project manager for the Division of Business Development's social media marketing initiative. The Jim Henson Company Creative Affairs team is looking for an intern to support in the development of sci-fi/fantasy genre films and television and also to work inter-departmentally on special projects. Duties will include reading scripts & books, writing coverage, creative research, writer/director/design research, etc. The Jewish Outreach Institute seeks an intern to support their work of creating a more welcoming and inclusive North American Jewish community. The intern would work for The Mothers Circle Program, an umbrella of free educational programs and resources for women of other religious backgrounds who are raising Jewish children within the context of intermarriage or a committed relationship.

eRecruiting Marvel Entertainment is seeking interns for all areas of its operations, including but not limited to editorial, art returns, production, digital media, human resources, brand assurance, creative services, and business development. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a professional association of more than 40,000 members worldwide.  AIChE fosters and disseminates chemical engineering knowledge, supports the professional and personal growth of its members, and applies the expertise of its members to address societal needs and improve the quality of life. They are currently seeking a part-time paid intern for The AIChE Foundation which raises funds to support projects and activities that further the Institute's mission.   She Writes, a groundbreaking new organization for women writers is looking for interns for the fall semester.  There is no trash to take out, just serious thinking with smart passionate, motivated women. The intern should be interested in writing, editing and publishing, particularly from a women's perspective and passionate about working to build from the ground up an innovative, multifaceted organization. The Hospital for Special Surgery is seeking an intern for the HSS Alumni Association. The Alumni Association consists of Residents and Fellows who have trained at HSS and the attendings who have served on staff.  Working within the Education Division, the intern position involves event planning, communications, and alumni systems management. 4

October 5, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

GET VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES IN YOUR EMAIL! Make sure to indicate “community service” or “volunteer” as a preference in your eRecruiting profile to receive our community service listserv. You’ll get biweekly announcements of newly posted volunteer opportunities for Barnard students.

SENIORS / BARNARD EXPERIENCE FOR SENIORS IN TRANSITION (BEST) BEST ORIENTATION (Last of the Semester!) Friday, 10/23 at 10 AM Career Development Seminar Room BEST assists all seniors - regardless of academic major or professional interests - in making post-college plans. Seniors in the BEST program participate in information sessions, networking events, workshops, conferences and other activities to help them gain useful skills, gather valuable information, and make life decisions. Come to this orientation to hear about BEST policies and procedures as well as how you can get involved.  In addition, bring a copy of your updated resume to get resume approval status on eRecruiting for access to restricted jobs/ programs.  Resumes will be reviewed for approval following the workshop. RSVP: eRecruiting

ETIQUETTE DINNER: MASTERING GOOD MANNERS Tuesday, 10/27 at 5-7 PM North Tower, Sulzberger Hall This workshop will prepare participants to exhibit proper etiquette during interview dinners as well as business social events.  Topics to be covered include, table manners, place settings, ordering food, professionalism, follow-up, basic netiquette and more.  A formal, 3-course meal will be provided. Space is limited, so register at the Career Development Reception Desk ASAP. All students welcome! Cost: $10 (Funding is available for students who are unable to pay) RSVP: Contact Career Development for more information. ______________________

INFORMATION SESSIONS: MMG Partners Information Session Monday, 10/5 at 7 PM Columbia University Faculty House Federal Reserve Bank of New York Thursday, 10/15 at 5 PM Columbia University Faculty House ______________________

DEADLINES: Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship-Spring 2010 Friday, 10/9 Teach for America Wednesday, 10/28 Ruder Finn Executive Training Program (Public Relations) Thursday, 11/5


October 5, 2009


Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

PUT YOURSELF IN THE EMPLOYERʼS SHOES You have an average time of 20 seconds to grab the attention of a hiring manager with your resume. It seems somewhat unfair doesn’t it? All of the college years you’ve spent studying, volunteering, working and interning has to now be condensed onto a meager 8.5x11inch sheet of paper, and this document is the link to an interview, a position and a career. In my first few months at Barnard, I have been increasingly impressed by the amount of experience students have, but all of this information may not end up on your resume. I advise all of you to see your resume as testament to what you can do for an employer. Have you solved problems or created processes that enhance the efficiency of that particular organization? Have you encountered difficult situations and have provided innovative solutions in the very kind of setting you a trying to work in? These are the types of resume bullets that will spark the interest of an employer. Your resume is not a “one size fits all” document; one form of your resume may be well-suited to one position and miss the mark for another. It’s important that you filter through your qualifications and background and select items that respond best to the needs of the employer. I understand that it may be challenging to omit information from your resume that represents your hard work and dedication. But just remember that when hiring managers choose your resume from a huge pile of applicants they are wondering: “What can this candidate do for me?” And you only have 15 seconds to answer... Best, Rachel

FINANCIAL FLUENCY FINANCIAL FLUENCY SERIES Wednesdays, 10/14–11/18 at 12–1 PM Career Development Seminar Room Need help managing your finances? Attend the Financial Fluency Series – learn about budgeting, managing your spending, choosing the right credit card, doing your taxes, saving / investing and much more. Sign-up required via Career Development eRecruiting website. If you have difficulty with sign-up, please email


October 5, 2009


Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

Take advantage of the opportunity to build you career development skills. Attend one or all of the workshops. For more information login to eRecruiting at Resume/Cover Letter Workshops Wednesday, 10/7, 12:30-1:30 PM Monday, 10/19, 4-5 PM Friday, 11/6, 2-3 PM Tuesday, 12/1, 12-1 PM

Job/Internship Search Tuesday, 10/6, 5:30-6:30 PM Friday, 10/23, 4-5 PM Wednesday,11/4, 12-1 PM Tuesday, 11/17, 3-4 PM

Interview Workshops Monday, 10/12, 4-5 PM Monday, 10/26, 12:30-1:30 PM Tuesday, 11/10, 12-1 PM Thursday, 11/19, 4-5 PM Friday, 12/11, 2-3 PM

Professional Networking Online Monday, 10/5, 4-5 PM Tuesday, 10/13, 12:30-1:30 PM Wednesday, 10/21, 4-5 PM Thursday, 10/29, 10-11 AM Thursday, 11/12, 4-5 PM Wednesday, 11/18, 12:30-1:30 PM Friday, 12/4, 12:30-1:30 PM Tuesday, 12/8, 3-4 PM

CAMPUS RECRUITMENT Each month this section will feature companies that are recruiting at Barnard, along with information pertinent to the process. Since finance and consulting companies recruit early in the fall semester, this issue highlights finance opportunities. Check back each month for different industries and sectors. Black Rock - Firm-wide Analyst Interview Date: 10/6 BMO Capital Markets - IB Analyst Interview Date: 10/5 CITI - Sales & Trading Analyst Interview Date: 10/7 City Year - Corps Member Drop Dates: 11/30, 2/12, 4/15, 5/31 JP Morgan - Finance Analyst Drop Date: 10/15 Pre-Select Date: 10/22 Interview Date: 10/29 McKinsey - Generalist Business Analyst Pre-Select Date: 10/9 MMG Partners - Business Analyst Interview Date: 10/7 TD Securities - Corporate Banking Analyst and Leverage Finance Analyst Interview Date: 10/6 7


How To Find A Job

Networking Boot Camp

Starting the search process for a job or internship? Join us at Career Development to learn more about the search and application processes.

Tuesday, 10/13 at 12:30 PM Wednesday, 10/21 at 4 PM Thursday, 10/29 at 10 AM Career Development Seminar Room RSVP: eRecruiting

Seniors, come learn how to network with your friends, family, professors and beyond. It is mandatory that seniors attend a Professional Networking Online workshop in order that they can receive access to the Barnard Alumnae Network. Students of all years are invited to attend the workshops.

MMG Partners Information Session

Monday, 10/5 at 7 PM Columbia University Faculty House

Please join Dr. Moses Ma, Chairman and CEO of MMG Partners, for a presentation on management consulting within the financial services industry. The presentation will include a general overview of the consulting industry, details about employment opportunities, and will be followed by a Q&A session. Applicants who attend the information session will be given additional consideration throughout the interview process. Refreshments will be served.

Wall Street, The Road Less Traveled Tuesday, 10/6 at 6 PM Career Development Library RSVP: eRecruiting

Come hear Alumna Elaine Yu’86 and graduate from the Wharton Business School share with you her storied career on Wall Street. She has worked on Wall Street in Institutional Equities Sales, advising clients both in Asia and the US on Asian stock investments.


Tuesday, 10/6 at 5:30 PM Friday, 10/23 at 4 PM Career Development Seminar Room RSVP: eRecruiting

Resume Writing Workshop

Wednesday, 10/7 at 12:30 PM Monday, 10/19 at 4 PM Career Development Seminar Room RSVP: eRecruiting

Bring your resume and cover letter to our workshop, and find out how to create a superior application.

Interview Skills

Monday, 10/12 at 4 PM Monday, 10/26 at 12:30 PM Career Development Seminar Room RSVP: eRecruiting

Come learn the ins and outs of interviewing: how to prepare, the questions you'll be asked, and how to follow up after the interview is finished.

Careers & Coffee

Tuesday, 10/13 at 5:30 AM Career Development Seminar Room RSVP: eRecruiting

Career Development will host a "Careers and Coffee" featuring Mr. Kenneth Needleman, co-owner and Chief Conservator of Fodera Fine Art Conservation, Ltd., of New York City, an industry leader in the art conservation field. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about a non-conventional career path in the field of art. Coffee and cookies will be available.

Financial Fluency

Wednesday, 10/14 at 12 PM Career Development Seminar Room RSVP: eRecruiting

Need help managing your finances? Attend the Financial Fluency Series - learn about budgeting, managing your spending, using credit wisely, doing your taxes, saving, investing, and more. The Series will be offered on Wednesdays from 12 - 1 PM starting on 10/14 through 11/18.

NY Federal Reserve Bank Info Session

Thursday, 10/15 at 5 PM Columbia University Faculty House, Garden Room 2

Fashion Scholarship Fund Info Session

Tuesday, 10/20 at 6 PM Career Development Library RSVP: eRecruiting

This scholarship provides an award of up to $25,000, mentorship, and a summer internship to sophomores and juniors at partnership schools interested in fashion and merchandising careers. Come learn about the application and selection process. Refreshments will be served.

BEST Orientation

Friday, 10/23 at 10 AM Career Development Seminar Room RSVP: eRecruiting

Come to the last BEST orientation of the semester!

Etiquette Dinner: Mastering Good Manners

Tuesday, 10/27 at 5 PM North Tower, Sulzberger Hall RSVP: Contact Career Development

for more information. This workshop will prepare participants to exhibit proper etiquette during interview dinners as well as business social events. Topics covered will include, table manners, place settings, ordering food, professionalism, follow-up, basic netiquette and more. A formal, 3course meal will be provided. Space is limited, so register early. Cost: $12 (Funding is available for students who are unable to pay) ______________________

DROP-IN HOURS Career Counselors Monday -Friday 12 PM - 2 PM

Peer Career Advisors Monday -Friday 10 AM - 4 PM

Barnard College, "Career Connections," October 2009 Issue  

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