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May 1, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor



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STAFF Robert Earl, Jr. Director Alexandra Nestoras Senior Associate Director Won Kang Associate Director / Student Employment Will Simpkins Program Director / Community & Diversity Initiatives Nadine Verna Program Director / Senior Year Linda Reals Manager / Financial Fluency Program Katherine Hendry Assistant Director Halle Kiefer Career Resources Assistant Hiraida Crespo Office Assistant Genise Reid Student Employment Assistant Annapurna Potluri Administrative Assistant

You are entering the workforce for the first time and looking for a job. So what are you actually supposed to be doing with your time? A job search is a full time job. Wake up, exercise, shower, and get dressed.  You need to feel motivated, healthy, and focused when you're doing your search.  Perhaps getting out of your dorm and heading to a local coffee shop or library will help. Job Boards: Spending time on job boards is a necessity, but it probably won't be very effective.  Your resume will be part of a firehouse, but it's like the lottery--if you don't play, you can't win.  Looking through job boards and applying should only be the tip of the iceberg.  While searching, and Craigslist should get you nearly 100% coverage of jobs that are posted. One thing is for sure, job boards should be taking up about an hour of your day-tops. Referrals/Networks: The 8th Annual Source of Hire Study says that only 12.3% of new hires come from job boards.  Nearly twice as many people got their jobs through referrals--which means that the more people you know, especially in your own industry, the more likely you are to be able to network your way in. To build your network, you need to work both offline and online. Informational interviews are great. You're not really asking for a job. You are just there to learn. Should you impress someone with your extensive homework and your thought provoking questions you might wind up with a job the next time an opening happens! Online, there are two networks in particular you should be on-LinkedIn and Twitter.  Blogging: Blogging is another important part of getting found (vs. trying to find a job).  Most of you are going to be knowledge workers--so how do you show someone what your mind is capable of? is a great place to build a site with a blog, and create pages for your resume, work examples, etc. Professional Mixers: Go to as many professional mixers as possible.  The key here is getting to know at least one person pretty well.  Making a good impression with one person can get you introduced to lots of other people later on. Collecting 30 business cards of people you don't remember likely won't lead you anywhere.  By Charlie O’Donnell, co-Founder & CEO, For full article visit: For more career search advice, visit:


May 1, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

TEN TIPS WHEN NETWORKING WITH ALUMNAE 1. The primary rule is DON’T ASK FOR A JOB. Most alumnae are not in a position to hire you. 2. Do your research before meeting with an alumna. Research the industry and the company she works in. 3. Stay clear of personal questions, such as age and income.


4. Take time to learn how she entered the field. Ask about her career path and what she likes and dislikes about her job. 5. Ask which companies, of course other than the one she is working for, are the current leaders in the industry. 6. Inquire about professional organizations or industry specific websites and blogs. 7. Bring your resume, it may come in handy if she asks for it. 8. Ask for other people to talk to within her company or her professional network.


Build relationships to find the hidden jobs that don’t get advertised, to help you explore a new career or start a business. Available in the Career Development Library on the 2nd floor of Elliott Hall!


9. Don’t leave without a business card and if you have the opportunity, present your own. (Go to to create your own business card.) 10. Be sure to follow-up by sending a thank you note.

May 1, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor


ABOUT THE DIRECTORY: Literary Market Place 2009 is the ultimate insider’s guide to the U.S. book publishing industry, covering every conceivable aspect of the business. Available in the Career Development Library on the 2nd floor of Elliott Hall!

BARNARD SENIOR INITIATIVE: SHADOW DAY REFLECTIONS On March 26th and March 27th, Barnard seniors ventured out to meet with Barnard alumnae. Here is what some students had to say: Jennifer Feierman I was paired with alumna Sara Hasson at Perry Davis Associates, a non-profit fundraising & business development consulting agency. Not only was I able to talk with Sara and gain insight into the industry through her experience, but I was also given the opportunity to speak with everyone at the agency, from the co-owner to senior account executives to recently hired junior staff. Because Perry Davis is a smaller agency, each member of their team offered a different perspective on the industry and unique advice. For example, when I was able to grab a few minutes with the co-owner (also a Barnard alum!) she spoke with me about interviewing, and how to avoid pigeon-holing yourself in the different specializations within the fundraising & development industry. A senior account executive was able to offer insight on working with different types of companies, and consulting versus working for only one company. Recently hired '07 and '08 college graduates spoke with me about their experiences job searching. All the individuals I spoke with shared what had led them to work in fundraising & development. The most valuable piece of information I learned from these conversations was how diverse the individuals who come to this field are: different college majors, different levels of education, different professional backgrounds. Julia Martinez Last Thursday, I had the privilege of being paired with Barnard alumna Yuliana Gomez, Managing Editor at Latina Magazine. As the Copy Editor, Chris Hermosilla joked, Ms. Gomez gave me the “red carpet” treatment. I had an informational interview with her, and then based on our conversation, she introduced me to anyone she could think of that would be helpful for me to speak with. I had the opportunity to talk with the Art and Photo Assistant, the Beauty and Fashion Director, the Beauty Assistant, the Web Team, the Entertainment Editor, and Copy Editor. Everyone was very kind and willing to offer their thoughts and suggestions about my career interest in the publishing industry. In just a few hours, I learned what it takes to be successful in digital and print media, and how I can best continue to pursue this career path as a graduating senior. Jennifer Franich Last week I shadowed Alumna Felice Barry, Criminal Defense Attorney and Public Defender at Queens Law Associates in Forrest Hills. Though I spent only a few hours with her, the experience allowed me to gain insight into the work of a public defense attorney and the inner-workings of the court. Ms. Barry graciously let me follow her around everywhere, in and out of the Domestic Violence Court, the Family Court, and Prostitution Court. I also stood with her in front of the judge and jury, and spoke to the District Attorney. She also introduced me to her colleagues and law students interning at the office, a few blocks from the Queens Criminal Court. She shared a few of her cases with me, explained the process of receiving cases and meeting with clients, and how her position ensures that each person is treated fairly in court. She shared with me her background, how she came to her position, and her mistakes throughout. In a few hours, I truly learned a lot about the work of a young lawyer, the ups and downs of working for the public, and got to know a generous and intelligent alumna. 3


May 1, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

LOOKING FOR AN INTERNSHIP? In addition to eRecruiting, you have access to and, two online resources with hundreds of different internships organized by industry and state. To access both databases, log into eRecruiting, and use the school passwords provided on the lower left hand side of the home page. INFORMATION: Log



Summer 2009 Alumnae and Donor Sponsored Internship Grants applications are due on Wednesday, 4/8 at 4 PM. For more information, visit: New internships! For these and other opportunities, visit eRecruiting. Americans for Tax Reform is seeking interns to work along side some of the best political advocates in Washington. Interns are assigned to work on policy issues side by side with members of the staff.   The National Air and Space Museum offers an exciting work experience to students through its Summer Internship Program. Interns have a firsthand opportunity to learn about the historic artifacts and archival materials housed in the Museum and to study the scientific and technological advances they represent. Each year positions are available in a variety of Museum departments such as Aircraft Restoration, Aviation or Space History, Planetary Science, Exhibit Design, Public Relations, and Education. Students from all fields of study are encouraged to apply. The Kings County District Attorney's Office Victim Services Unit is looking for volunteers. There are many opportunities for learning and growth with professionals in criminal justice, social work and legal careers. Types of responsibilities include crisis counseling, long and short term counseling with victims of domestic violence, advocacy for crime victims, community outreach and ongoing case management for crime victims. Mandate Pictures is a multifaceted film production and distribution entity, recently acquired by Lionsgate. Company's projects include Academy Award nominated Juno, Strangers, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, The Grudge, 30 Days of Night, etc. Their Creative Department seeks motivated and hardworking summer interns with a passion for film.   The New York Times Syndicate is looking for editorial interns who can work at least one day per week, from May 25 through late August. This internship is designed for candidates intending to pursue careers in publishing, particularly aspiring writers and editors. Editorial interns assist backfield editors working on articles by their columnists and writers, on subjects ranging from foreign affairs to fashion. Interns are closely monitored and trained by Syndicate staffers. African Services Committee, the oldest non-profit organization serving and supporting African immigrants in NYC, is seeking an intern to enhance and maintain their current website, newly launched on a Joomla platform. Tasks include: maximizing homepage interface, adding new sections, editing images, integrating video collateral, and researching and recommending new modules and features as necessary.


May 1, 2009


Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

TIMESHEET-X LAUNCHING SATURDAY, MAY 16th! No more paper time sheets! No more running to Career Development to submit your timesheet. Thousands of students and trees are very excited! More information to come.

GET VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES IN YOUR EMAIL! Make sure to indicate “community service” or “volunteer” as a preference in your eRecruiting profile to receive our community service listserv. You’ll get biweekly announcements of newly posted volunteer opportunities for Barnard students.

SUMMER CONTRACTS The academic year ends on Friday, May 15, 2009. You will have to submit all paperwork for the academic year by that day. If you plan to work after May 15th, you will need a new contract for the summer. You can begin coming in for summer contracts at the end of April. Even though the timesheet process will be automated beginning May 16, you will still need to come to Career Development during contract hours to complete contracts for all positions worked. SUMMER POSITIONS There are some summer positions available on-campus, but most departments hire students that have been working during the academic year for them. You should check with your supervisors to see if there are positions available for the summer. WORK AWARDS If you are working on a Federal Work Study or Barnard College Job award, please make sure that you do not work beyond your award amounts. There is no more Federal Work Study money available and increases cannot be granted. If you want to be switched or need an increase in your Barnard College Job award, please contact financial aid to see if this is possible. Please fill in your file number on your timesheet. If you cannot locate it, please email Won Kang at

NOT-FOR-PROFIT UPDATES COLUMBIA/BARNARD COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND SERVICE FAIR 4/8, 6 - 8 PM Carleton Lounge, Seeley Mudd Hall Stop by this fair to get information about the various community service, civic engagement, and community-based learning programs offered by departments and programs at Columbia University and Barnard College. Refreshments available. RSVP: eRecruiting


May 1, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE--HOW FAR WE’VE COME The following NY newspaper articles with headlines from the 1970s, bring to light the sexist dynamics that existed in the workforce and the fight that was launched to bring about fairness and equity for women. Visit the Barnard Center for Research on Women website for the full articles:





May 1, 2009


Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL FINANCE IN YOUR TWENTIES AND THIRTIES 4/30, 5 - 6 PM Career Development In this economy, it's more important than ever that you take charge of your finances. Beth Kobliner has been providing smart, down-to-earth advice on debt, investing, taxes, and other financial issues for more than 15 years. A former writer for Money Magazine and columnist for Glamour, Beth is the author of the New York Times best-selling book Get A Financial Life (March 2009). She has appeared repeatedly on Oprah, Today, CNN and MSNBC to name just a few. RSVP: eRecruiting

INTERNSHIP GRANT UPDATES SUMMER 2009 DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8 at 4PM WHO: Barnard classes of 2010, 2011, & 2012 WHAT: Many internships that offer great hands-on experience and a chance to gain in-depth knowledge of a field may provide no monetary compensation. For students considering such unpaid internships, Barnard College offers funding through alumnae and donor-sponsored grants. HOW: Grant applications are available on the Career Development website ( Students must have confirmation of an internship before applying for funding. NO late or incomplete applications will be accepted. WHEN: Wednesday, 4/1 at 4 PM - 5 PM Resume-Writing Workshop Thursday, 4/2 at 4 PM - 5 PM Internship Grant-Writing Workshop Friday, April 3 at 12 PM - 1 PM Internship Grant-Writing Workshop Please register on eRecruiting to attend workshops!


MAY CALENDAR 8th Annual Asian Diversity Career & Graduate School Expo Friday, 5/1/09 RSVP: eRecruiting

Join the largest and fastest growing Asian and Asian American Career expo in the nation! Thousands of job-seekers and prestigious exhibitors are expected to attend. Please direct all inquiries to

44th Semi-Annual New Jersey Collegiate Career Day Wednesday, 5/28/09 at 9 AM Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Open to all college students and graduates from any school. 150 employers with full-time jobs and internships. Details, resume submittal, directions/parking instructions, and a list of employers at beginning May 1. Email with questions.

Barnard Senior Initiative Celebration: Alumnae Networking Reception and Etiquette Dinner Saturday, 4/6/09 at 4 PM James Room RSVP: eVite

Senior Initiative participants are invited to celebrate, have fun, eat and meet young alumnae.

Women and Advertising: Gender Roles in Ads and at the Office

Wednesday, 4/6/09 at 4:45 - 6 PM Career Development Library RSVP: eRecruiting

Join us for an intimate conversation with Publicist executive, Melissa Schulz, to learn about an advertising career and current trends and hot topics in the field. Melissa Schulz spent most of her 17 year career at Publicis working on a wide range of (mostly) consumer packaged goods. Her experience spans from launching brand new brands like PeopleLink Phone Company to reviving old ones like Weight Watchers Frozen Foods, Zest Soap, Benadryl, Slim-Fast and Quaker Oatmeal.’s Cleveland NonProfit Fair Thursday, 4/8/09 at 11 AM Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Nonprofit Career Fair is generously hosted by The Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations and cohosted by The Center for Civic Engagement and Learning, The Case Career Center and many others. For more information, visit: CareerFair/Viewer/default?careerfair-id=212.

Alumnae and DonorSponsored Internship Grants APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, 4/8/09 at 4 PM

Many internships that offer great hands-on experience and a chance to gain in-depth knowledge of a field may provide no monetary compensation. For students considering such unpaid internships, Barnard College offers funding through alumnae and donorsponsored grants.

Columbia/Barnard Community Engagement and Service Fair

Wednesday, 4/8/09 at 6 PM - 8 PM Carleton Lounge, Mudd RSVP: eRecruiting

Stop by this fair to get information about the various community service, civic engagement, and community-based learning programs offered by departments and programs at Columbia University and Barnard College. Refreshments available.

The Making of a Mogul: A Woman's Rise in Real Estate Wednesday, 4/15/09 at 6 PM 223 Milbank RSVP: eRecruiting

Barnard alumna, Jacky Teplitzky, will discuss her successful career in real estate. A Managing Director at Prudential Douglas Elliman (PDE), she has sold more than $600 million in Manhattan real estate. Join us to hear more about Jacky, real estate, entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership!

Financial Fluency: Managing Your Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties Thursday, 4/30/09 at 5 PM Career Development RSVP: eRecruiting

With guest speaker Beth Kobliner. See Financial Fluency for details. 8

Barnard College, "Career Connections," April 2009 Issue  

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