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Barnacle Busters – Offers the best Underwater Maintenance Service in Jupiter FL

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Underwater Yacht Maintenance

Zinc Replacement

Propeller Repair and Replacement

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About Us 

Barnacle Busters is a largest and well know underwater Yacht Maintenance Company in West Palm Beach, FL.

We have a team of fully trained, licensed and professional divers used for underwater yacht cleaning service.

The Company professional offers full range of services in cleaning the boat either monthly or recommended basis.

Our Services 

Barnacle Busters offers variety of underwater maintenance services which includes

Boat Bottom Cleaning

Hull Cleaning

Underwater Repairs

Propeller Repair and changes

Zinc Replacement

Underwater Yacht maintenance 

It is important to remove barnacle from bottom of boat and keep them off your hull.

Regular Hull Cleaning improves the efficiency of your boat, saves fuel and allows the boat to run faster in marine.

Our professional diver will inspect the bottom of the boat and removes all barnacles and clean your yacht completely with fair price service charge.

Zinc Replacement 

Zinc Replacement is very essential to prevent corrosion from important parts of your boat.


Our Professional underwater maintenance diver will inspect your zinc and if it is necessary they can replace to prevent costly damages.

Propeller Repair and Replacement 

The basic problem for propeller repair is the debris that is surrounded around the propeller fan. It will stop from rotating the propeller, so there will not be any forward movement of boats.


This leads to propeller bent or damages, so you immediately need to contact underwater divers.


Our divers will take care of your propeller needs and replace it by using our latest tools and equipments.

Contact Us 

For more details about the best underwater maintenance services in West Palm Beach, FL

Address: 10456 Riverside Dr. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – 33410

Phone: 561-625-4484

Barnacle Busters – Offers the Best Underwater Maintenance Services in West Palm Beach FL  

Barnacle Busters is a well known underwater Yacht maintenance company in West Palm Beach FL. We have professionally trained divers who gives...