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Salt Water:

the Power to Cleanse and Protect by Rachel Young

Salt. It’s one of the chemical compounds that is most intimately connected with our human bodies—one that might even hold a candle to hydrogen, oxygen or carbon. A myriad of elements fused together, salt holds great power on an elemental, cellular level. These microscopic effects, as they always do, ripple outwards to alter life as a whole. Our experience of this earth changes in ways we may never consciously recognize, but it’s always present and ready to be harnessed. When it comes to curiosity of simple things, like salt, simplicity becomes an obscure concept. There’s an undeniable beauty that comes from the delightful replication of its chemical structure (in numbers absolutely inconceivable), assisted by the concept, the idea, of potential. It’s comforting to look at salt and know that this inert substance has the power to cleanse one’s body and protect our collective psyche. To some, it might be even more comforting to admit that we might never completely understand its power—and to love it anyway. Here, gratitude is the name of the game. Which begs the question: can we, as humans interacting with this earth and its many different building blocks, accept the idea that salt might hold more of a healing dominion over our bodies than we could even conceive as possible? So far, it’s been interesting to watch us toe the line. However, there’s another element in combination with salt that results in another joyfully simple state of being: water. Is there a single person in the

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world who can deny the healing power of water? We can see the progression of our lives clearly reflected in the endless movement and curls and currents of a river. We delight in dancing rainfalls, so out of context as it falls from the sky. Fresh water is so essential to us that we would, with ease, perish without it. Even a simple glass of water can cure most of our everyday ailments, from headaches to exhaustion. Same goes for salt water: thalassotherapy utilizes the ocean as a mode and methodology for healing, for both mental and physical health. The difference between the power of river or glacier, which can carve through a mountain with unreal precision, and that of the ocean, mysterious and all-knowing?

Sea salt.

Drinking salt water is not recommended as a method of hydration, but salt does have its nutritional purposes other than making food taste delicious. Sea salt can cleanse your digestive system by blasting through any blockages that may have built up. Salt water is incredibly buoyant and can gracefully cradle arthritic joints, as well as give your immune system a nice boost. You know those archaic nutrients brought to the top of the sea by those deep ocean currents? They nurture your body just as they nurture the clouds of blooming plankton, which in turn feeds the fishes that then feeds the world. The sea is a constant reminder that we are not separate from the natural world but rather an innate part of it. Just as essential as plankton and sardines are to

the grand blue whale or the fearsome great white shark or the salt locked in its waters. When looking at salt on its own, there are tomes of information available on its many uses. It’s not hard to find the many metaphysical uses for salt, as they’ve been well documented by ancient Asiatic and Wiccan cultures throughout the ages. It’s been noted that salt, especially sea salt, is particularly superb at neutralizing excess energy. According to quantum physics, a considerably more recent science, all matter emits vibrations on a subatomic level. All things vibrate at different levels, and different vibrations tend to come into balance and sync with one another when in relative physical proximity. Salt’s vibrational frequency draws out excess or irregular energy from anything placed near it, which is why you’ll find new-age crystal lovers cleansing their stones in living salt. In more colourful terms, it is known to “draw out bad energies.” Many people throw salt over their shoulder with the intention of neutralizing any “bad luck” they may have accrued—in fact, salt is used in exorcisms as a way to rid people of their devil within! You could also keep insects at bay by leaving a thin line of salt around the perimeter of your house. The addition of water makes salt’s benefits even more accessible to us, including the wellknown soak in a salty bath. Ocean water is, quite literally, swimming with minerals. It’s almost as if all the earth’s forces conspired to make

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