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liueng Blue Hea Iss challenging time in my life in the last We humans are funny. I’ve been going through a very gh peri-menopause, illness, weight gain, year, mostly the last few months. I’m working throu and stay motivated and positive about and depression. I’m strug gling to get my work done had some amazing opportunities and much. I’ve reached out for help from others and have be engaging in. However, the one thing suggestions put forth. Some of which I will definitely me the strongest, is the ocean. But heal will that I know to work the best, the thing I know listen, and to ask for direction. to une, comm to her through all this I’ve strug gled to go to r, my confidant and my guide. Yet for She IS the ultimate healer! She is my church, my docto from my desk, my computer, my home some reason, I can’t seem to rip myself away much specifically the ocean and I’m feeling office. I’ve been disconnecting myself from nature and need the connection, we are part of it. the consequences of it. WE NEED THE EARTH. We l and we can do it on our own, and in It’s so easy to slip into believing that we are in contro leaning farther towards it; but not been has y fact quite the opposite is true. But our societ bringing the awareness of our need of entirely. While I write this, I know of many who are I know of many who share their wisdom connection to the planet, our oceans and our land. to the human consciousness. I hope to from their respective fields and have brought it back e and this growing re-connection back also share these stories in our magazine. These peopl hope. to the planet, the ocean and our need of her, gives me science behind it. I’m excited about this issue; stories of healing and the have to make myself a priority in order I have to make the ocean a priority in my healing. I breathing in her salty air and listening to heal properly. Getting myself out of the funk and and the breeze that runs along her to her speak to me through the crashing of the waves . I have my kayak, my friends, my comshore towards me is exactly what this woman needs munity, the ocean. What more do I need? in your life did you need healing and Where is your favourite place to go to heal? What time to you? the ocean was there for you? How does the ocean speak With much love and appreciation, making waves,

Jodi Mossop

the articles you’ve read, the people you’ve As always, I love to hear from you, our readers, about and if we find them GREAT, we’ll include in our stories your encountered and we would also love to hear next upcoming issues. Send all emails to Jodi@barna

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Vol 4 Issue 2 - Blue Healing