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lungs and even teeth. Not to mention that being 'locked up' in a hyperbaric chamber could induce some serious claustrophobia.

scientific experiments, and generally observing the effect that living in a submersible construction had on the human body and mind.

As with any scientific discovery, we often wonder: How was it figured out?

The staff had every regular home amenity you could think of: shower, hot water, TV, radio and even a tanning bed to combat depression caused by vitamin D shortage. They discovered that higher concentrations of oxygen make hair and nails grow three times faster, sleep more restful and regenerative and wounds heal quicker. 

Jacques Cousteau, the late world famous French navy-officer-turned-oceanexplorer and scientist, considered 'the father of scuba diving,' hoped to enable future exploration—and exploitation— of the sea by creating the Conshelf, a series of underwater research and living stations. Placed at Shaab Rumi in the Red Sea of Israel in 1963 at a depth of 11 to 25 meters, Jacques and his crew spent several weeks in these constructions. This Conshelf 2 project focused on testing several mixed breathing gases, performing several other

The project was largely funded by the French petrochemical industry, who terminated the project, deeming it unproductive. All that’s left today is the rusty remains of one of the submersibles, accessible to interested scuba divers.

As a medic, I have seen the beneficial effects—and side effects—of hyperbaric treatment up close in some of my patients. Decubitus wounds that seemed untreatable eventually closed and horrible infections were cured, but also substantial visual impairment was experienced. It’s a unique but expensive treatment showing us what pioneering research can lead to.  As an avid ocean lover it still amazes me how curing the sea is. It makes me wonder how many treasures and treatments She might still have in store for us. Let’s treat and conserve her well, and see what more she is willing to give and teach us.  Love, Sarah | 21

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