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After officiating a funeral for a sudden death, be it still born or a death by a violent accident, sometimes the only way to recalibrate and ground myself is by immersing in the vastness of the ocean for hours. Every time I lean into the ocean to hold me, rock me, shake me up, humble me, soothe me, I do so in that spirit of reciprocity and gratitude. I offer a song, a piece of my hair, clean up garbage and stay curious to a relationship of reciprocity. I notice that the ocean has embraced me unconditionally whether I come with unrelenting grief, passionate play, unbridled joy, wild rage, total confusion or in love. What a gift to experience this unconditional holding, consistent witnessing. I feel cellularly, spiritually, physically, energetically and emotionally changed.

In my personal and professional life I invite folks to commune, consult with and care for, the ocean. Every fall I host a Wolf Womxn Retreat in Tofino where we hold daily ceremony with the ocean, surf, play and remember how vital this relationship is to personal and elemental healing. My company is La Lupa Via-The Wolf Way. My belief is that spirit of sea wolves can inspire us to thrive, reclaim and remember, when we are disconnected, stuck or suffering. Sea wolves show us the necessity of leaning into pack. That earth-based ritual, trusting instincts, howling often and communing with the ocean daily are necessary to heal personally, collectively and globally. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the ocean’s fierce love and embrace. May we wake up to protect her with a fierce immediacy and commune daily to remember the mystery. | 11

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Vol 4 Issue 2 - Blue Healing