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[Year]2014 Imani Rehabilitation Agency

Imani A Kayole ( Soweto)

In The abandonment throughout Kenya out of wards, not uncommon left in a roadside dehydration, or when they are facilities available From the outside, insurmountable. lives of all of the continue our difference in the doors.

Is the mother centre and also where the older children undergoing their primary and secondary education reside, their ages range from six to eighteen years.

Brief of babies has reached a crisis level. Hospitals Imani B Kayole (Matopeni) are facing the problem daily as mothers walk The center caters for children of ages 2 to 10 leaving their babies, and do not return. It is also years. A small animal farm is found in Imani ‘B’. for a baby to be abandoned in a plastic bag or Imani babies unit ditch. These babies often die from hypothermia, Takes care of abandoned babies from a day old illnesses related to their malnutrition. Even to two years and gives them care, protection found and rescued, there are simply not enough and primary health before releasing them for to properly care for these abandoned babies. adoption or foster care. the situation can seem grim, depressing, and Imani Malindi We cannot possibly make a difference in the abandoned children of Kenya, hence we Is a rescue center for orphans and vulnerable children located in the costal part of Kenya. It is efforts because we know that we can make a also a holiday place for Children of the entire life of every child who comes through our Imani family.

Imani Ngong’special unit’

Message from the Imani

It caters for the needs of physically and sexually abused children and children whose parents have been imprisoned. After Imani projects



Director in its own special way continues to give care, hope and support to children who are vulnerable in one way or another. These children’s lives change and take a turn every minute Imani comes to their rescue.

tion preparation house)



sincere heartfelt gratitude for the continued support is geared towards friends, the government, donors and other any level and therefore when they attain 18 stakeholders. Your cheerful collaboration and support has years and are rehabilitated they stay there as enabled us to save lives, empower, re-integrate children and they pursue their tertiary education. Imani in different capacities.

The with

kasarani also doubles as a preparation house for children who are ready to rejoin their families after rehabitation.

Project for the young persons (boys and girls) respectively who have not known families at

way 

year 2013 has been hard for Imani and the country as whole several issues traversing. Even though we encountered hardship during those months, a bit of good also came our with blessings from the community and well wishers. It is in March that we actually underwent transitional political change after peaceful elections were conducted country wide.

 Losing one of our uncles of the Imani family, which was a big blow to us all since he worked in imani for a period of 20 years.  The terrorist’s attack on of one of the malls in Nairobi, Westgate, which brought the country to a standstill. More than 70 people got killed .This affected many people both young and old and the whole nation went into morning. Unknown people took over the mall killing people and injuring some. They were in control of the mall for three days. Some few people were rescued but some died in hospitals and some were shot inside the mall. Eventually the Kenyan forces were able to take over the mall after a long struggle.  Partnering with Liliane Foundation, an organization that supports and funds the disabled children. Imani had the chance of partnering with them to support the disabled children we have. It will support the children that are disabled with funds that will facilitate part of their education and medication.  Some of our children joining boarding schools in order to give them humble time to concentrate on studies. Two boys who joined boarding schools will be sitting for their primary certificate examinations at the end of the year.  Increase in VAT on some food items in the country became a major challenge to Imani since it negatively affected our budget for the year. A lot of food stuff prices went up in connection with the VAT. This affected our budget so much sine we had not allocated extra money for the commodities  Maternal health sector being paralyzed in one of the major maternal hospitals in the country after the nurses went on strike due to low pay. As a result of the strike, the infants and babies were referred to other hospitals within the city. Three infants died on their arrival in hospital since they were out of the incubators for long. Eventually the nurses went back to work after negotiating their pay with the government. Highlights of the Year This marks the end of the year 2013, though this is just a fraction of the 22years we are working with the children,, we indeed felt the sweetness of the fruits of our toil. We may not have attained our actualization yet but this year was a moment of pride to the entire Imani fraternity when we were

graced by the presence of Her Excellency The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta who came to share a cup of tea with the children. She sensitized Kenyans to support initiatives that improve the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Her Excellency receiving a gift

The first lady sharing cake during her visit to the home

Partnering with Liliane Foundation was a major highlight as it is an organization that supports and funds the disabled children. It supports the children that are disabled with funds that will facilitate part of their education and medication. As the year came to a close we shared our bundles of joy as we celebrated Christmas in different centres. It was a humble moment and a good experience for our children when they were invited by His Exellency the Governor of Nairobi Dr. Evans Kidero to the tradition of lighting the mayor’s tree. We had a lovely time with our friends and local donors who took their time to visit our children over the festive seasons.

Governor with the children during the traditional lighting of the mayor’s tree Events graced the year as the Imani alumni (young adults raised in the home from childhood) walked from Nairobi to Malindi sensitizing Kenyans against the plight facing challenged adults and retired social workers and raised much needed awareness on the target group. Being a Christian foundation, we celebrated Christmas in our different centers with others joining the malindi family celebrating the successful walk. We embraced the government idea, through the president in making sure the delivery services to women will be at lower cost


1.0 Programme activities 1.1 Motivations One of our spearheads for the year was to ensure the children felt safe, secure and appreciated. We embraced every talent identified within the children and give them an arena to show their framework through a Christian approach. During April and august, we engaged the children in activities that nurture their talents like painting, watering flowers and cooking, all which were done

under the guardianship of an adult professional. In a bid to encourage the positive behavior we rewarded the good efforts and took the children to trips. The children in Nairobi visited the paradise lost while those in malindi visited Arabuko forest.

One of the children in art activity 1.2 Child participation

Our children participated in the day of the African Child organized within every district and division country wide. This was for every child to reflect, appreciate and be recognized in the society, with a

theme of eliminating cultural and social practices affecting children.

A group of children dancing in the day of the African child

1.3 Counseling and psychology

In order to optimize the rehabilitative component in working with our children, we welcomed on board a child counselor who undertakes sessions with the children through group sessions and on a

personal level. Here the topics covered included, Sexuality, self awareness, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS among others.

A group of children during a group therapy

1.4 Capacity building for the staff Employees are a key determinant of an organization’s success and are often the “face” of the agency to the public ( guests and donors). Imani recognized the importance of maintaining a well-trained, well-qualified workforce as a critical function of both individual managers and public

staff during training

CHAPTER TWO 1.0 Healthcare

agencies as a whole. The staff was trained on assessment of individual and group strengths, competencies and challenges, empowering the organizations core values and output towards the objectives of the organization.

Primarily the objective of this project is to provide: a. Primary health care to our babies. Childhood is the most crucial developmental period in an individual’s lifetime, and in particular health issues. The earlier these diseases are detected the easier it is to control it as the child grows and the less expensive it is for us as an organization.

b. Medicines and care to our HIV infected children from childhood up till they become adults. c. Medicines, wheelchairs, hearing equipments, to our handicapped children. d. Medical and social attention for abused children. e. Medical care for every child in the event of sickness

The philosophy and experience of Imani Rehabilitation Agency is based on the reality that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another. This being one of the major

component of our rehabilitative programme, we continued to keenly treat and control the culminates presented by the children under our care.

The months of April, August and December were abit challenging, with the fact that it was school holidays. This increased the number of children with injuries and common colds, most of these cases were dealt with our in-house nurses and part time doctor. Cases that needed specialized facilities were referred to other hospitals for extensive consultation. A good example is a child who was abandoned due to

brain problem and could not be tackled internally was referred for extensive consultation. During the reporting time we also had a medical camp within the home where International doctors diagnosed the children these doctors and nurses treated the children of any ailment and the very complicated ones they referred to major hospitals within the country.

An international doctor attending to a child

During the same time, children with special needs were able to get a sponsor through the Lillian foundation programme to fully support their education and medical needs. 2.1 Admissions During the year the number of our children increased by admitting 60 children in all our houses all below the ages of five. These included referrals from the district children’s officer, hospitals and police stations.

Newly admitted child to the organization


3.0 Education Imani believes that education is a vital basic need in every individual and more so to our children. We understand that acquiring quality education skills shall enable our children to support themselves in the future in which long term results shall be

eradication of interdependence and poverty across the society. In Imani we have gone further to seek for quality education and to achieve this we have our children attending various schools in our country. These schools play host to skilled and qualified teachers

who teach our children and impact knowledge for better living. 241 Imani children were enrolled in 41 different schools. The schools are from primary, secondary and tertiary level. Several of our handicapped children are in special schools like for example: Kwale school for mentally handicapped. On the onset of the year we encountered some educational challenges, where the learning programme in public schools was paralyzed due to teachers strike, however after a month the programme resumed to normal. In doing analysis, we realized a drop in performance, here the staffs took the mandate of empowering the education

Children going to school in their physical education uniform

department, by allocating to themselves a school each where they were to monitor and evaluate performance and behavior in relation to the children’s growth. We have since seen a steady improvement of our children performance in comparison to the previous academic year. This has been enhanced by the constant supportive eduation program. Come end year examination, two of our children, sat for KCSE while nine others KCPE. Two of the children completed their tertiary education, both with a certificate in mechanical engineering.

children discussing class work arranged by one of the staff

3.1 Special education

One of the children with special handicapped case was taken to a special boarding school in Kitui, for better monitoring during his studies. The boy Edwin who is blind and deaf would get regular

monitoring to help him communicate better with his disability.

Edwin being taken to a special boarding school for the deaf and blind.

CHAPTER FOUR 4.0 Community Outreach Activities

Through working in close partnership with the community and the department of children protection centre, we received information about children abandonment and neglect. Through extensive network with the local authorities we managed to provide appropriate interventions to such children and put emphasis on the importance of children living within their family units. As part of the extensive services we engaged in

activities to support the communities around us who are faced with diverse life predicaments like tabooed children, unemployment and terminal Illness. With this we provided the families with food baskets and situation management alternatives like referrals, counseling and temporal shelter.

CHAPTER FIVE 1.0 Administration 5.1 Monthly meetings

These continued to take place within the centers which were geared on improving the benefit of the children under our care. The primary importance of these meetings is to disseminate information to the staff, offer input to solve a problem or address an

issue and for motivational purposes. Some of the staff also got new looks in terms of their uniforms from black to blue.

Staff during a monthly meeting

5.2 Volunteers For this period we received seven international and nine local volunteers. Virtually all of them were assigned duties in different departments, but majority were placed in babies unit which requires a large number of personnel. Each volunteer was assigned four babies actualizing the convention on the rights of children.

Volunteers taking children to clinic

Volunteers helping out with the little work in the centre

5.3 Partnership

One of the aims of Imani is rehabilitation. This is to work out the best way possible towards the children’s challenges especially in the health part of it for those with challenges. Through the facilitation with the Lillian foundation, two of our social CHAPTER SIX 6.0 Exit programmes

workers were trained on the best practices on undertaking and ensuring children with special needs can be cared for in terms of meeting their needs of which some of them have benefited from.

6.1 Children of imprisoned parents

Under our rescue program, we were able to rescue 2 children of the imprisoned parents. Our plan is to provide these children with temporary rehabilitation and special care and also to integrate

them into our education program. We also look forward to re-unite them with the parents after they are released.

Imprisoned parents with their children during a visit at the prisons 6.2 Reunion We also managed to reunite 4 children with their families after their parents were found. It was a bundle of joy for these parents as they shed tears

of joy for having the opportunity to parent their children once more.

Mother and her child during a reunion process when the mother was found after follow ups.

6.3 Reintegration We rejoined seven children back to their families to different parts of the country. One outstanding

case was of a girl who was brought in at a tender age of two and a half years when the mother

passed away while the father was young and jobless and he had no family member to take care of the baby. The children department referred the

child to Imani and later reintegrated her after 14 years when the father was stable.

6.4 Adoption As one of the exit strategy in Imani, this takes up activities for the best interest of the child. Parents from different parts of the country after undergoing successful application with the

adoption agencies got the joy of being parents within the year. 15 children were joined with the new families through the programme.

6.5 Fostering We placed four children to the community members. This was done after realizing the rehabilitated children needed a smaller family unit to promote their holistic growth. The foster parents were allowed time to bond with the children CHAPTER SEVEN 7.0 New development

before placement through sub-county children’s officer.

Our malindi centre greatly benefited, as we were able to construct a modern dining hall. The dining hall was fully extended to suit the population housed in the centre and our children to enjoy

their meals and have the opportunity to feel at home with a sense of belonging.

New malindi hall

Imani b successfully completed the new family unit to cater for the children in the home. The units acts as a family house to the children who need special attention and monitoring. The house has a living room with a dinning section, a kitchen area, three

bedrooms and a bathroom. The door to the house was opened in a celebration graced by the main designer of the house.

Celebration during the opening of the family house in Imani b 7.2 Livelihood projects These projects are found in Imani B, Imani Ngong and Malindi. The cat fish stocked in malindi ponds together with poultry keeping projects, home

One of the fish ponds in malindi

grown sources of protein have been made available to the children.

dairy farming at Imani B

7.3 Imani malindi home for the aged In an effort to meet these growing social needs in the country, Imani beneficiaries embarked on an initiative to campaign for the aged (retired social workers and missionaries),by walking from Nairobi to Malindi to embrace their safety, security, dignity and better living in old age. In addition this centre

will also serve as an exit strategy for challenged adults who have been brought up in different children’s home and cannot fit back to the community.

Imani alumni during the imani Nairobi malindi walk

7.4 Food basket from the community The local community through market traders once again became a helping hand to Imani fraternity where they donated assorted vegetables on a weekly basis. This was through a weekly lobbying practice for the same and which made the community to become more aware of the social challenges that has overwhelmed our young generation mainly the children. Through these networking activities, they (community) felt they have a mandate to play in protecting the children and their wellbeing To mention but a few, we had some members of Sankara hotel, Kenya army and OLX donating a variety of clothes and foodstuffs to the children.

Kenya army donating food to imani

Looks of joy as children receive donations

CHAPTER EIGHT 8.0 Appreciations Indeed words cannot complement our heartfelt thanks giving that you made an impact in the life of a needy child. Taking care of vulnerable children could be overwhelming but through your financial, material and moral

support we were able to persevere through the difficult times. We therefore would love to acknowledge the following for their continued support:  Imani Foundation  School fees donor  Femi Foundation  Quack Foundation  Panasonic  John Volken Foundation  Friends of Imani  Laxmanbhai  Marikiti and City Park Traders  Fresh n Juici  Vegpro  Brookside dairies  Administrative and support staff

Final annual report 2013  
Final annual report 2013