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Building Commissioning as described by the

Building Commissioning Association: “A quality based process with documented confirmation that

building systems are planned, designed, installed, tested,

operated and maintained in

compliance with the owner’s project requirements.�

C o m m issioning N e w B u i l d i n g s Q U A L I T Y A S S U R A N C E | C O S T S AV I N G S | R E D U C E D E N E R G Y | I N C R E A S E D C O M F O R T

Building Quality Assurance Commissioning Solutions’ new building commissioning is a quality assurance process. This means we verify and document that the building systems function as the designer intended and meets the operational needs of the building owner and its users.

Why Commissioning? New building systems should be commissioned for these reasons:

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Building Commissioning? •

Commissioning thoroughly documents system design intent, operating sequences and test procedures.

Commissioning verifies system performance based on extensive functional testing and measurement.

Operational problems are avoided prior to occupancy

Poorly performing buildings inherently have high costs

There are many benefits to Owners, Operators and Occupants

Smoother construction process

Commissioning accomplishes higher energy efficiency, environmental health and occupant safety and improves air quality.




The end result of commissioning is to reduce operating costs while increasing comfort in the building. There are other added benefits to Owners, Operators and Occupants such as:


• 8 - 20% reduction in operating costs • Fewer change orders • Reduced construction costs • Reduced operating costs • Fewer construction delays • Assurance that they got what they paid for

O p e r at o r s

• Properly operating systems from the beginning • Fewer occupant complaints • Training on all systems • Proper O&M manuals • Fewer construction delays

O c c u pa n t s

• Healthy indoor air quality • Comfortable environment for both work & play

Additional Benefits Save money. Lower energy & maintenance costs. Quick payback. Safer, more reliable and comfortable buildings. Fewer disputes between building owner and contractor. Fewer change orders. Problems are discovered early when they are not expensive to correct.

Why Choose Commissioning Solutions? Our Commissioning Agents are team builders. Our goal is effective and professional communication. Commissioning Solutions has sense of respect for the design and construction team. This respect allows us to be embraced as part of the team. Our Agents have great people skills and we strive, in all interactions, for diplomacy and tact. Our Commissioning Agents have great technical skills. Our depth of experience in system design and the knowledge on how systems should operate sets us apart from the competition. Our Agents have the abilities to supplement the Engineer’s design recommendations with our own examples and experiences. Our firm is independent from Architects, Engineers and Contractors. We provide objective opinions and suggest the best solutions without any possible conflict of interest. Commissioning Solutions has the tools and resources for independent measurement of HVAC systems for use in troubleshooting for the TAB verification purposes.We have no vested interest in any of the

service providers.




Commissioning An average up front cost for commissioning is typically dependent on a small percent of the construction cost of the systems being commissioned.

Commissioning costs are recovered many times over through operational savings, improved staff performance and avoidance of costly construction problems. Typically the average price of new building commissioning is 50¢ to $1.50 per square foot.


your risk

Owners often say they cannot afford to pay for building commissioning. It is important to recognize the potential risks of NOT commissioning. Some of the risks can include, but are not limited to:

“Industry sources indicate that on average the operating costs of commissioned buildings range on average of 8% to 20% below that of non-commissioned buildings.”

• • • • • • • • • •

Schedule overruns Change orders Litigation costs High vacancy levels Uncomfortable occupants Excessively long shakedown periods Costly post occupancy corrections Inability to perform adequate operation and maintenance High operation costs Energy inefficiency



New Building

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Commissioning that starts at the design phase allows Commissioning Solutions to work with the design team and become familiar with the project goals and the design intent as decisions are being made to ensure that the project meets the owner’s requirements and expectations. Drawings can be made to effectively incorporate commissioning into the development process. This will ensure success, avoid problems and additional work later in the project. In past experiences, Commissioning Solutions has seen projects with very sound design and less than 1% of change orders, but found that there were over 550 deficiency items throughout the commissioning process. Commissioning can occur in the construction process or after construction is completed. This can make it more difficult to document the design intent, identify designing problems, develop testing plans and conduct tests. This can compromise the potential for success.

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Please contact Brent Wavra, Managing Principal at 701.371.8014 or for more information on Commissioning Solutions and what our firm can do for your building.

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Commissioning Solutions - New Buildings  

Commissioning Solutions’ new building commissioning is a quality assurance process. This means we verify and document that the building syst...

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