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FEBRUARY 20, 2010

The Barlow Saints Messenger A History of Tweets...

Music Notes!

Another Punch for the Weary...

Twitter - a #ee social networking and microblo$ing service tha! enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140characters displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s subscribers who are known as fo'owers…Since its creation in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has gained notability and popularity worldwide. Source:

In my isolated room with worries joggin’ through my head. How much more will I consume before it eats me instead? Work I’d done the night before. Using every offered hour. I don’t know what’s in store or even what this life is for. Worn out and tired, at a loss to say. Another punch for the weary. I’ve been called upon to find my way. Another punch for the weary. Those 4a.m. stints really took me back. I’m tired of lying to myself. I want my life back. In my isolated room, how much more will I consume. Worries wanderin’ through my head, but they consume me instead. Worn out and tired, at a loss to say. Another punch for the weary. I’ve been called upon to find my way. Another punch for the weary.

You can Tweet from anywhere in the world you have internet access, via applications on your phone or computer (Mac in my case) like Twitterific and also through other online Social Networking sites like Reverbnation, Facebook, Myspace, etc. Twitter can simply be used to let your friends or colleagues know what you are up to from time to time or it can be used to let your fans know how your last gig went. You can post pictures with TwitPic at, videos at, or even “Shmap” your locations with which allows you to share locations and events with anyone following you. Twitter is a social networking, micro-blogging, and promotional tool which aims to enable its users to share news, ideas, and opinions with others.

··········································································································································································· My answer to “When” is “NOW” RT @nametagscott The answer to “When?” is “Next!” What is your legacy of taking action?30 minutes ago from web ········· Following me on Twitter? How about joining my mailing list? You’ll be the first to know about upcoming shows! hours ago from web ········· Just made this for my lovely wife: It was SO incredibly good! ••••••Lobster Pot Pie••••••9:24PM Feb 14th from Twitterrific ········· Couldnt have said it better RT @zoecello maybe “truelove” is when neither you, nor your partner are aware, or care, that its valentine’s day9:17PM Feb 14th from Twitterrific ········· Just found @Wisestamp - Google Chrome Extension for Email Signatures. Check it out ‫ ܌‬http://www.wisestamp.com3:01PM Feb 12th from web ········· New blog post I think you might like: What’s in a Name?

By Brian Theore!

Calendar Calender The Barlow Saints are currently in the studio putting the final touches on their debut album set to be released in early spring 2010.

PM Feb 11th from ReverbNation

········· Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy...a great inspirational article from Derek @sivers Feb 11th from web ········· @Rob_Moshe RT The powerful message that I give myself (but rarely listen to): “Show confidence and you will make a difference”11:06AM Feb 2nd from web in reply to Rob_Moshe


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The Barlow Saints Messenger  

February 20, 2010

The Barlow Saints Messenger  

February 20, 2010