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CHRISTMAS MESSAGE Thank you again for your support in 2012, as always it is greatly appreciated. We look forward to bringing you more news and information in 2013. The team at Haines Hunter would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas followed by a safe and Happy New Year!


The high sides are an excellent and necessary addition to a boat of this size.




Purchasing a boat is always a compromise. It doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend you will never find one boat that does everything well, however, in saying that, you should use your allocated budget to try and purchase the best boat your dollar will buy to suit your fishing needs.

I believe the 400 Prowler suits a large variety of fishing prerequisites and is superior to many comparable vessels for its price. From all the research we have done you cannot buy a new boat of even sort of similar features at this price and certainly nothing with a centre-console or of fiberglass construction. If you were to purchase a new 4m aluminium boat from any of the large aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia, you would be looking at spending at least $2–5,000 more and you would not have the soft ride and handling capabilities the 400 Prowler offers. I think it’s fair to say that this boat has been designed as a superior alternative for those looking to purchase a 4-metre tinny; what we found was this is the best tinny we have ever seen.

Note the aggressive entry and reverse chines.

THE INTERIOR LAYOUT Haines Hunter has put good thought into maximising the limited interior space available in this vessel. The centre console stands at a good height so you can stand up straight and steer at the helm without the need to bend, however, placing the throttle into reverse requires some serious bending; by mounting the throttle on a 45 degree angle rather than vertically this issue would be absolved. The lower compartment of the console has enough room to easily fit a 25 litre fuel tank under it and the top of the console has enough space to mount small to medium sized gps/ sounder units. In the front of the console a very classy looking stainless steel locker opens to a 5 rack stow away of tackle trays to house your tackle. The stern’s rear carpeted seat/hatches have two compartments where safety equipment, the battery, bilge pump and other items can be stored. A bait board could be easily mounted here if required but would limit rear seating. The bow offers a suitable anchor well and a quality bollard and bow roller sit atop the front deck with enough room left over to mount an electric motor.

NEWSLETTER CHRISTMAS 2012 The tested model had two gunwale mounted rod holders and you could easily fit four more. This would provide effective trolling and rod placement capabilities but you would have to add rod holder extensions. The boats sides are of a good height to lean against with both fishermen on the day of testing being of greater than six foot in height finding them more than suitable on such a small vessel. Port and starboard side pockets allow storage for oars, the removable anchor light and other items. This is an ideal boat for the solo fisherman with two men fishing comfortably and three being a crowd. An adult and two children would be fine depending on weather conditions. I love the fact that there is no helm seat in this boat – if you do want a seat, an esky will suffice and this makes your arrangement somewhat customisable depending on what kind of fishing you are doing.

An easy boat to launch on your own.

THE HULL Some things in life are of personal opinion, but you would be fighting a losing battle to contest that there is a four metre hull that looks better than this You would also be a liar to try and argue that you don’t want your boat to look great, stand out and make the Jones’ a little jealous! Boats are a sense of pride and joy and are somewhat like children for many boaties (and in some cases more important). The Prowler has not much left to be desired in the aesthetics category – she is very easy on the eye. Aside from its classic Haines Hunter lines and sleek black paint job, the most noticeable part of the hull is its extremely aggressive entry, deep vee (especially for its size) and big reverse chines. This hull design provided a very soft ride for a four metre boat. Driving the Prowler further west to leave the shelter from where we launched showed the deep vee to cut through bay chop with ease; it’s a very soft riding hull when under way. Turning her sideways to the chop felt a little uneasy at first in such a small vessel but the Prowler handled it beautifully. The 30hp Mercury gets her on the plane well but in no way does she rocket out of the hole. However, the boat in no way struggled to get on the plane with two blokes weighing in with a combined weight of 190kg. At wide open throttle we were doing 45km/h with the two of us in the boat and the Prowler was steadfast and rode solid. Grab rails would be a necessary

The console and controls are all of a good height for stand up driving.

Although the prowler is small there is full walk around access from bow to stern.

addition to the vessel for passengers while underway. Stability at rest was not its strongest point, as to be expected for a such a deep vee hull. However, a very soft ride to compromise a minimal gain in at-rest stability is one of the compromises that must be made when choosing a boat and I personally would rather rock around a little and get home fast, soft and safe.


THE FINAL VERDICT This is a vessel of high quality craftsmanship and design that looks amazing, has a very soft ride, excellent handling, well thought out fishing space and will hold its value for resale. Available in tiller steer as well as centre console with a variety of other options to customise it to suit your requirements. This boat will ride softer and handle better than most, if not all boats in its price and size range. Haines Hunter has done a great job in providing a quality boat at an affordable and comparably low price. Unless you were planning on launching this boat down muddy slopes and or you were after a car topper you would be doing yourself an injustice to not take it out for a test and see for yourself.





WWW.HOOKEDUPMAGAZINE.COM.AU MARCH 2012 ISSUE 3 HOOKED UP POOR * AVERAGE ** GOOD *** EXCELLENT **** AMAZING ***** Words by Dean Linardos. Pics by Kosta Linardos.


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With the festive season upon us I firstly would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year. If you’re like me and planning on staying local over the Christmas break the options are endless to get your boat out and enjoy it with family and friends. The fishing is unbelievable at the moment and will be right through to winter now with pretty much every tasty species that lives in Port Phillip Bay on offer. Snapper will still be on the go over Christmas this year as the season is a couple of weeks late. Deep of Point Cook and Werribee always fishes well over Christmas break. Whiting will be in full swing over the weed beds all around the bay along with the calamari. Then you have Flathead and gummy sharks which love this time of year now the water temps are up it really brings them on the bite. Other than fishing you can make the most of your boat and include your whole family in a nice cruise around the bay stopping in at a few of the lovely marinas for a bite to eat or a drink. Or even anchor in close and jump in for a swim with water temps in the low 20’s its pretty refreshing on them hot summer days. Then when night falls have a cruise up the Yarra River, it’s really a must do! You can drive your own boat right into the heart of the docklands and moor up overnight or just for a few hours while you have dinner. Then carry on up the Yarra to the front of crown and get an ice cream.

NEWSLETTER CHRISTMAS 2012 Then we have all the freshwater lakes and rivers close to Melbourne to unwind. For example Pykes Creek Reservoir is approximately an hour west of Melbourne it’s a great lake big enough for most trailer boats even if it’s a fishing boat. You can tow water skiers and tubes around the lake or even go up the back water and have a fish for some red fin or maybe even a trout. There are toilets and BBQ facilities, so you can really have an enjoyable day. So whether it’s salt or freshwater make sure all your safety gear is up to date as the water police will be out doing their job. A friendly reminder that the skipper of the vessel must also be under .05 at all times even at anchor. Also between sundown and sun up all on board a boat less than 12m must wear a life jacket. Merry Christmas Jack Auld


FISHING THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA WITH CHARLIE MICALLEF A YEAR ROUND FISHERY Squid You may ask why choose Squid to start with? Well it is this time of the year that starts the whole cycle. Big schools of breeding squid enter our waters at this time of the year. This provides a great bait source and not too bad on the table either


Ever since we stopped the scallop dredging this particular time of the year is now firing! Particularly over the last few years great catches of the large Snapper are being taken; yes we can all be proud once again of our great Snapper fishing at this time of the year. I feel the rains we have prior to the fish entering will determine where the fish will be at their thickest. Last season saw many fish bypassing the Queenscliff area and head straight for Carrum to look for that fresh water and spawn. As a result we did not see good catches of Snapper off Rye until late November. Many techniques and bait are used at this particular time of the year and I’ve found when they are picky, try using small baits and fishing very light. As the water warms up the Snapper hit the bait harder which counts for more hookups. Down on the Mornington Peninsula I prefer using braid combined with the new ultrachemically sharpened hooks out now, this makes catching Snapper is a real joy.


Big Female Gummy Sharks This is my favourite time to be fishing on the Mornington Peninsula particularly in April when the water temperature is still fairly warm and we usually get fairly calm conditions both in Bass Strait and in southern Port Phillip Bay. I have already mentioned Gummy Sharks but in April to June the big females enter the southern end of Port Phillip Bay and provide us with some of the best sport fishing you can get. So I thought some more detail was warranted. Fishing on the various drop offs from the main shipping channel and gutters from Portsea to Rye have provided me with some great captures of the big female Gummy Sharks. There has been a lot written on the effect of berley when fishing for these big females and I now use different techniques depending on the current flow. When fishing in the fast flowing water such as on the drop offs of the main shipping channels I do not use berley at all and rely the big Gummy Shark’s sense of smell to find my bait. The other method is to use plenty of berley when fishing in the areas that have very limited current flow such as the deep waters in the middle of Port Phillip Bay. The type and quality of berley is also important. If you use old berley you will attract a lot of unwanted species such as Banjo Sharks and big Sting Rays. I have found that the big females tend to hone in on fresh fish frames in these areas. There is no doubt that oily type baits such as Tuna, Trevally and Salmon all work very well on

these big female Gummy Sharks - as they say ‘fresh is best’. Using whole baits can be very effective however when the big females are finicky I have found long strip baits with one single hook to be a better option. These big girls have provided me with some excellent sport, and as a fishing guide more people wish to catch a big female Gummy Shark than any other species we have to offer. It is because of this, that I encourage all my clients to set free these magnificent big female Gummy Sharks, and I am happy to say that the trend is now to do so. We all need to look after this great fishery and ensure that this magnificent species continues to thrive. Land-based There are certainly many options along the Mornington Peninsula back beaches for the land-based fishermen. Keeping in mind ‘safety first’ these areas should only be fished when we have a small swell and with a tide running out. One of my favourite spots for land-based fishing is the channel area on the ocean side of Cape Schanck. Walking down the stairs the first one will appear on your right hand side and the other straight in front of you. These two channels hold a real variety of fish and can provide you with hours of entertainment. Berley There has been much written about this topic. Whether to use it or not; I can only report on what I have found to be successful. I use it and lots of it. Yes it can attract the nuisance

fish such as Banjos and Sting Rays but you just have to be prepared to weather these annoyances. I use a four foot diving bag with a plastic zip that makes stocking it with bait quite easy. I use enough weight to get the bag to the bottom of the sea floor. After topping it up with fish frames, I then lower it to the sea bed. There is a common belief that old smelly berley is the go but I believe that the berley must be fresh to attract the quality species, such as Snapper and Gummies. Scallops If you love your scallops than the Mornington Peninsula is the place to be, the scallops grounds along the southern Port Phillip Bay area are the best I have ever seen it, the end result of 14 odd years of no commercial scallops has certainly paid off. Rosebud Reef With the warmer water the Rosebud Reef will fire up not only for bread and butter fishing but for the series angler who wishes to catch a large shark by reckoned this is the place to be. With so much a variety of different species of fish in this location it is no wonder that the big boys come here to feed. Portsea Pier For the p angler Portsea pier will continue to fire as long as we have fairly high water temperatures you don’t need to cast too far out squid and King George Whiting can be caught along the pylons.

NEWSLETTER CHRISTMAS 2012 Point Nepean / Point Lonsdale


Remember that everything that comes through the rip will be either side, point Lonsdale or point Nepean again with warm water temperature anything and I mean anything can be caught around these heads. Free Diving and Spear Fishing The water temperature is now 19 degrees with the wind still a problem. Reports are that crays are plentiful along our back beaches and the Pinkies are now on the inshore reefs. There are literally walls of these Pinkies to be found. With Sorrento back beach being the top spot. They are only a stones-throw from the shore. But be careful, pick your days to make sure you have a low swell (safety first!). On Port Phillip Bay, the Snook and LongSnouted Boarfish have also entered. These can be found at the Fort and along our inshore reefs. The Scallops continue to be plentiful but at this time of year you must be absolutely serious about safety. During the Christmas period, the increased traffic on the water provides a real threat to the safety of divers. Always ensure you fly your flag and dive in groups. In signing off, keep in mind that the holiday period is exceptionally busy at the boat ramps. For us regular users, remember that many of these people are once-a–year boaters so please be patient. Think smart – by launching very early we can avoid the morning chaos and by retrieving our boats mid-afternoon, around 3pm, we’ll miss the late afternoon rush as well. Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year. Safe Fishing and free Diving, Charlie Micallef

T-Tops, rocket launchers and outriggers are all additions offered from the Haines Hunter Aftercare Centre.

HAINES HUNTER PROWLER 525 LIMITED Deciding on what boat to purchase can be a daunting task. It’s very different to purchasing a car, a home, or any other major purchase. The hardest part about choosing a boat is picking one that can suit a variety of fi shing applications, such as the family, your mates, your budget, your cars towing capabilities, your driveway, and of course; you want it to look cool. All these aspects need to be taken into consideration before you even take it out to test its performance on the water. I believe that the 525 Prowler is one boat that can cover more bases than your average; read on and I’ll explain why. THE FUNDAMENTALS The Prowler comes in at an overall length of 5.30 metres. Its weight, height and length mean that it can be towed easily with a V6 sedan or wagon so there is no need to consider upgrading the average family car for a larger 4x4. It will also easily fi t in the average driveway, carport and larger garages, so storage issues are not of concern. The 525 offers exceptional crossover appeal. It’s spacious centre console lay out is perfectly suited for targeting bream and flatties in estuaries, trolling for trout in big freshwater lakes, running up and down salty rivers for barra, bottom bouncing for reef species and trolling for game species. It would also have no trouble acting as a water ski vessel. The only thing it can’t do is comfortably fish more than three people, head out wide in really rough conditions and like all centre consoles offer protection from the wind and rain. INTERIOR LAYOUT The 525 is laid out simply and it maximizes fishing space as all centre consoles should. It allows full walk around access without the need to squeeze around the console sideways. The seat included on the Limited model is a large padded bolster seat with storage under the cushion for tackle trays. You could also fi t a small esky or large tackle box under the seat itself.


A very well laid out and spacious platform. Rod holders are also provided in the stern side of the seat, which is great as you always have somewhere to place a rod. Two people can comfortably lean against the bolster seat while under way and also lean against it on the stern side while fishing. The seat, console, steering and throttles are all laid out with intelligent design. I’m 6’3” and was delighted that I didn’t have to bend over to steer, or work the throttle, and I could fully control the boat whether I was standing, sitting or leaning against the seat. The console and helm itself is stylish and has been designed with the fishermen in mind. There is ample room for all controls, which are in easy reach, and there is enough room to flush mount a 10” gps/sounder unit. The front of the console offers a cushioned seat that is actually comfortable to sit on. This seat folds forward to allow under console storage. Two more floor hatches sit under the console; these are suggested as small kill tanks. Constantly getting to them to place fish would become very tedious and in my opinion are far better suited as longterm storage for things like extra ropes, first aid kits and other items. The 525 is fitted with four gunwale mounted rod holders for trolling. The dual batteries, water separator and fuel filter are all easily accessible for maintenance and are top quality components. All wiring and cables throughout the boat are clean and well placed.

A stylish and functional console.

The ability to place wrap around snapper wracks is a great feature.

NEWSLETTER CHRISTMAS 2012 The lack of weight in the front of all centre consoles can make handling and steering into the chop fi nicky but the 525 handled this better than most comparable vessels I have been in. Turning sideways into the waves at speed and performing quick circle work when I lost my hat overboard was no issue for the 525. The steering was very responsive at all speeds and porposing, cavitation, too much drag and too much bow lift were of no concern what so ever. The high sides give the boat a very safe feel and provide you with a feeling of security that is largely due to the excellent ride and hull performance while under way and at rest. The 525 rode better as it went faster and speeds in excess of 70 km/h proved her to be a dry boat. In fact, no water entered the boat at all. THE FINAL VERDICT

An electric anchor winch is a handy add on. The Limited edition is fitted with a cork floor; it looks great but is an expensive option that is not a necessity. Haines Hunter do a great fleck and flow coat so your boat would look great without it. All the glass work, gel coating and finishes on the fibre glassing are of excellent craftsmanship and quality with no rough or unfinished edges. The whole boat is finished immaculately in every way. The side pockets are roomy enough to fi t multiple gaff s, nets, rods and anything else you want for easy access. Lastly and of great importance is ample room to tuck your feet under the side pockets and nice high sides to lean your knees against when fighting that fish on a rocking boat. THE HULL We launched in Melbournes Port Phillip Bay for the day of testing and were greeted by a 3/4 metre chop. Although rougher conditions would have been desirable these conditions did offer a great insight into the hulls capabilities. The 115 Yamaha four stroke pushed the 525 on to the plane nicely and I immediately noticed how soft a ride the aggressive entry and 21 degree dead rise provided. Pushing straight into the chop at speed was a breeze and like all Haines Hunters this boat just eats through choppy water and gets softer the more speed you give her.

It’s evident upon close inspection that every aspect of this boat has been finished beautifully and well thought out and to be honest after testing it I really want one! There are no cheap plastic parts used anywhere and the boat is an excellent fishing platform for 2 people but still comfortable enough for three. The hull provides a fast, safe and soft ride and the boat is dry and quite stable for a deep-vee hull. The best part about this boat is its ability to fish in ocean, bay, estuary, river and lake waterways without any form of compromise. There are a host of options that can be added to this vessel via the Haines Hunter aftercare centre and the first I would go for would be a bow mounted electric motor. If you’re looking for a boat that has versatility, exceptional handling, a great look and is small enough to keep in the average drive way and large enough to take off shore or rough days with comfort, the 525 Prowler must be taken for a test run. Kosta Linardos

Under console storage.

Steering and throttles are placed ergonomically.




This recipe also works well with whiting, and is perfect with a simple green salad and crisp white wine.


Serves 4

3. Dust the snapper fillets in cornflour, dip into the egg, and then coat with breadcrumbs. Set aside on a plate.

INGREDIENTS 4 snapper fillets, skin removed ½ cup (60g) cornflour 1 ½ cups (150g) breadcrumbs 4 eggs 1 cup (250 ml) extra virgin olive oil ½ tablespoon of butter (optional) 1 garlic clove, peeled and halved 1/3 cup (80 ml) balsamic vinegar 1/3 cup (80 ml) lime or lemon juice

1. Put the cornflour on a plate and season with salt and pepper, and put the breadcrumbs on another plate. 2. Lightly beat the eggs in a shallow bowl.

4. Heat the oil, garlic and rosemary in a frying pan until very hot. If you like, add butter for extra flavour and colour. Cook the snapper fillets for about 2 minutes on each side, until golden brown. You may need to do this in more than one batch, depending on the size of your pan. Remove from heat and place on a plate lined with paper towels. 5. Drain the oil, and keep the garlic and rosemary for the balsamic reduction. 6. Remove any breadcrumbs from the pan, then add balsamic vinegar and simmer for about 4 minutes, until the liquid has reduced by a third. Add lime or lemon juice, and season with salt and pepper to taste. 7. Serve snapper with sauce on the side for drizzling.

Sprig of rosemary salt and pepper, to taste

Recipe by Matthew Hayden from Matthew Hayden’s Home Ground


FISHING WESTERN PORT WITH GAWAINE BLAKE This week in Western Port has been nothing but amazing for Whiting not only are there great numbers but the size is very good too. I have been concentrating my fishing around tortoise head bank and Tankerton in 5–8m of water. The best baits have been mussel and fresh squid strips. There are still Snapper to be caught from Cowes through to Rhyll on the evening run in, best baits have been fresh Mullet fillets followed by fresh squid. Gummy have been regular catches throughout the port, pictured is Don Ung with a nice fish from the top of the port.

If you’re willing to put in the time there are some fantastic Mulloway to be caught in the Corrinella region. Over the Xmas break I’m sure there will be many hitting Western Port for its great fishing opportunities. If your targeting Whiting you want a nice soft tip 2-4 kg I prefer the Nitro preferably spooled with 3-5kg braid attach to this an extended paternoster rig out of 10lb mono with a size 6 Gamakatsu shiner hook. Sinker size will vary depending on depth but 1-4o/z should cover it.


The Haines Hunter Club is opening up opportunities for families to maximise their use of their Haines Hunter whilst participating in club events and activities throughout the year. The focus on family is the cornerstone of our club with competitions and activities planned for the kids as well as fishing adventures.

Burleying is the key to good results using mashed pilchard in a burley pot on the bottom remember to shake the pot and check regularly to keep the flow going.

Small moves are the key until the fish are located once you find the fish make note of the depth this can help you stay with them throughout the day.

Mussels and squid are dynamite on Western Port Whiting and work well as a combination bait keep your baits small and make sure your hook is exposed.

If Gummy’s are your choice the best advice I can give is to read this article. Be safe and have fun on the water! Merry Christmas, Gawaine Blake

Our comprehensive insurance package is designed so that you can specifically tailor your insurance cover to suit your boating needs. Haines Hunter Boat Insurance has been designed for boating people, for all boats new and used.

Personal effects owned by you and your passengers covering clothing, shoes, waterproof gear and manchester up to $10,000

Emergency land transit towing cost $5,000

Pollution cover – the accidental discharge, release or escape of fuel, lubricants and clean up after an accident $500,000

Up to $50,000 cover to the names insured from an accident occurring when using you boat, for death, permanent and total loss of sight, use of a limb, thumb or any finger

Owner Benefits The features and benefits of Haines Hunter Boat Insurance are: •

Haines Hunter factory backed

Lost keys $1500

Genuine manufacturer parts on used repairs

Pay by the month option

Agreed value for hull, motor, trailer and equipment and accessories

Replacement of boat in first 3 years of original registration

New for old on mechanical and electrical components of motors regardless of age

Layup, premium discount for the months your boat is not used

24/7 emergency claim service

Premium discounts for age, boating experience and boating courses

$10 million legal liability standard

Accessible only through authorised Haines Hunter dealers

21 day cooling off period.

Fishing, water ski and dive equipment up to $1,500 for each item and $15,000 in total

The Haines Hunter Club will be a perfect networking platform for exploring different destinations around Australia while enjoying the company of people with similar interests. The club also sets a target to be Australia’s most prestigious trailer boat club aligning itself with Australia’s most prestigious and successful trailer boat manufacturer, Haines Hunter.








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