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125ml 175ml bottle

Borsao Macabeo, Campo de Borja, Spain 3.25 4.15


Fruity and fun with tropical notes, makes this great white wine very easy drinking indeed.

Sauvignon Elégance, Côtes du Tarn, France 3.50 4.75 18.00

If you like your Sauvignon tangy, curranty, refreshing and elegant… this certainly does what it says on the tin, er bottle!

Chardonnay, La Vieille Capitelle, Domaines Gerard Bertrand, France 4.00 5.25 19.00 Chardonnay sans oak – from the deep South of France. Utterly butterly and tropically fruity to boot.

Pinot Blanc Tradition, Caves de Turkheim, Alsace France 4.25 5.95 21.50

Light, and pale in colour, but soft and smooth with a hint of spice. Maybe the easiest white wine on our list to drink! A great food wine too.



Vinho Verde : Casal Mendes, Portugal


An absolute summer delight and a perfect accompaniment to seafood. Beautifully fresh and delicate.

Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine de la Mirande, France 23.50 Picpoul means lip stinger in the Languedoc lingo. This prickly green wine is normally partnered with shellfish. But is a delight on its own.

Verdicchio di Matelica, Colle Stefano, Marcche, Italy 28.00 Organic little number with tongue tingling citrus flavours that dance the tango across your palate. Thrilling stuff.

Sauvignon de Touraine


Sauvignon is what the vineyards of the Loire do so well and this is the wine for you if you ever have those Sancerre withdrawal symptoms. Fruit, fruit and more fruit- gooseberries, blackcurrants and passion fruit for a proper palate wake up call and a taste tingler.



125ml 175ml bottle

Merlot- Mourverdre, Les Oliviers, France 3.25 4.15 16.00 Delicious blend of popular Merlot and rustic Mourverdre. A terrific wine that is silky and quaffable, but with a slightly wild, rustic edge. Enjoy!

Shiraz, Ca di Ponti, Sicily, Italy

3.75 4.50 17.50

A luscious, supple, fruity wine from the Island of Sicily. Full bodied, but with smooth tannins. Spicy and very easy drinking.

Beaujolais Villages, Les Pivoines, France 4.00 5.25 19.00 Made from 100% Gamay- a wonderful example of just how good everyday Beaujolais can be. Flavours of raspberry, strawberry and cherry. Mouth filling and quaffable.

Valli Unite, Ottavio Rube, Piemonte, Italy 4.20 5.50 21.00 This totally natural wine without additives and completely unfiltered is a true taste of the countryside. Imagine all the aromas of earth, hedgerow and forest distilled into one wine... this is it.

Pinot Noir, Le Fou, Aude, France


Crianza, Gran Cerdo, Spain


Côtes du Rhônes, Terre du Mistral, France


Chinon, Expression, France


A great wine full of fruit flavour and really easy drinking. Good fun and stylish. Smooth and silky. From the Aude Valley in Languedoc. Gran Cerdo translates as ‘big pig’ but this is more of a cute little porker than a hefty wine! Indecently fruity, a red to put a smile on your face.

Named after the famed wind (the Mistral) that blows through the Rhone valley to the Mediterranean. This medium-bodied blend exudes herbs and spice and all things nice. Chinon = Cabernet Franc. It’s pure and elegant, think substitute claret... but so much better.




Pinot Grigio Ancora, Italy




4.75 17.50

A lovely summer thirst quencher, dry and fresh.

Rosé de Provence, Domaine de Vieilles Tours, France 24.00 Classic Provencal rosé made from predominately Grenache. Fruity, savoury and a really good match with food. From a small family-owned estate in Provence.

BUBBLES Lunetta Prosecco, Ca’Vit, Italy



Gremillet Brut, Champagne, France



Very popular indeed, perhaps the ultimate party wine. Fizzy and soft with just a touch of sweetness.

Winner of the wine and spirit challenge ‘best non vintage trophy’.

Veuve Cliquot, Champagne, France


A true classic. Veuve Cliquot yellow label has become renowned for its unpretentious sophistication and style. Exceptionally dry!



A Classic Martini 7.50

Absolute Vodka or Plymouth Gin, olive or twist. It’s up to you... want it dirty? Just ask!

Manhattan 7.50

From the 1920’s New York club of the same name. A classy and strong concoction of Canadian Club Whisky and sweet vermouth, garnished with a maraschino cherry.

Old Fashion 7.50

The only way to drink bourbon, ours is laced with maple syrup and topped with orange zest.

Margarita 7.50

Invented by bartender Don Carlos in 1941 for Margarita Henkel, daughter of the then German ambassador, she was the first to try it. Order yours straight up, on the rocks, or with passion fruit.

Mai Tai 7.95

A creation of Trader Vic’s restaurant in California, 1944. The Mai Tai (Tahitian for ‘good’) is a tropical little number that lives up to its name.

Side Car 7.50

Served to an American officer in Paris in the 1940’s who always travelled by motorcycle sidecar. This blend of cognac, cointreau and fresh lemon was his favourite tipple.

Negroni 7.50

The classic Italian aperitif; a bittersweet symphony of gin, campari and sweet vermouth.

Singapore Sling 7.95

From the long bar at the ‘Raffles Hotel’ in Singapore, this recipe is considered the original and for over 100 years it has stood the test of time. Plymouth Gin is married perfectly with cherry heering, benedictine and pineapple juice. A long refresher.

Gin Fizz 7.50

A great way to experience gin and lemon, refreshing and beautifully simple. (egg white optional)



Miss Money Penny 7.95

A quintessential English martini - Hendricks Gin, elderflower and cucumber. A perfect pre-dinner tipple. (egg white optional)

El Mexican 7.95

Sauza Hornitos Tequila, freshly muddled ginger and blackberry, and a dash of lime juice.

Popping Mark’s Cherry 7.50

Tonight’s the night where cherry and Makers Mark Bourbon come together.

Fine & Fresh 7.95

A fine blend of Calle 23 Tequilla Blanco, Grand Marnier, and almond all combined beautifully with the fresh juice of pink grapefruit.

The Mediterranean 7.95

The blend of Plymouth Gin, blue curaçao, basil and lemon evoke the wonderful essence of the Mediterranean.

Manzana 43 7.95

Sauza Hornitos Tequila, fresh apple and Licor 43 (vanilla) are lovingly combined with sugar and lime.

Pom Pom 7.50

Plymouth Gin, Calvados and pomegranate are perfect partners. (egg white optional)

The Italian Job 7.50

Absolute Vodka and Aperol are touched by passion fruit to create this great Italian masterpiece.

Lychee Lychee 7.95

Rose liqueur and Absolute Vodka embrace lychee purée to create this elegant martini.

Peachy Keen 7.50

Absolute Vodka, grenadine, peach schnapps and peach puree combine for a moorish martini. Another one ladies?



The Cuban classic: lime, sugar and fresh mint muddled and shaken with Havana Especial.

Caipirinha 7.50

The true taste of Brazil: Germana Cachaça 2yrs with fresh lime and white sugar. Mouth-wateringly refreshing.

Daiquiri 7.50

We serve it long at kick, this summer quencher is great with mango, strawberry or raspberry.

Long Island Ice Tea 7.50

A tea like no other! Vodka, gin, tequila and Brugal Blanco Rum come together with cola for this strong but refreshing classic.

Bramble 7.50

Plymouth Gin and lemon juice join forces to take on sugar gomme and the moorish taste of fresh blackberry, with a float of crème de mure.

Basil Grande 7.50

Fresh basil leaves are muddled with strawberry before adding Absolute vodka, grand marnier and wild raspberry liqueur. Finished off with a touch of freshly ground black pepper.

Summer Punch 7.50

Plymouth gin, wild raspberry liqueur and fresh blackberry are combined and shaken and then topped up with ginger beer – a summer delight.


The Sour Collection 7.50

Choose from amaretto, whisky, midori, pisco or benedictine. All mixed with fresh lemon and bitters that make all the above sing.

Cosmopolitan 7.50

The classic ‘girl about town’ martini... Absolute vodka, cointreau and cranberry juice with a squeeze of lime.

White Russian 7.50

This old school favourite combines vodka and kahlua with cream or milk.


Prosecco and peach.

Spritz 7.50

Prosecco and Aperol.

Kir Royale 8.00

Champagne and Creme de Cassis.

Classic Champagne Cocktail 9.50

Champagne, sugar cube, angostura bitters and cognac.




Sauza Hornitos 3.80

Havana 7yrs 3.80

Sauza Hacienda 3.60

Flor de Caña 4yrs 3.60

Reposado Corralejo 4.60

Flor de Caña 7yrs 4.10

Patron Tequila Reposado 5.40

Flor de Caña 12yrs 4.40

Patron Tequila Rep Café 5.60

Pampero Ron Anejo 3.80

Calle 23 blanco 100% Agave 3.40

Brugal Anejo 3.80


Bacardi 3.40

Jose Cuervo Gold 3.50

Del Maguey Cremade Mezcal 4.60 Del Maguey Single Village Mazcal Chichicapa 5.40 Del Maguey Mezcal Santo Domingo Alobarradas 5.40


Havana Especial 3.50

Brugal Blanco 3.40 Sailor Jerry 3.60


Germana 2 yrs 3.50 Velho barrerio 3.60 Pitu 3.60


Plymouth (House)3.50 Bombay Saphire 3.50 Plymouth sloe 3.60 Tanqueray 3.60 Tanqueray 10 4.20 Sipsmith London Dry 3.80 Hendrick’s 4.00


Absolute Blue 3.50 Stolichnaya 3.50 Ketle One 3.60 Belvedere 4.80 Grey Goose 4.40


Scotch Blend: Famous Grouse 3.50 Johnnie Walker Black 3.70 Chivas Regal 12yrs 4.20 Ballentines 3.40 J+B 3.40 Scotch Single Malt: Glenmorangie Highland 4.20 Dalwhinnie 15yrs Highland 4.60 Macallan 10yrs Speyside 3.90 Glenrothes Reserve Speyside 4.60 World Whisky’s: Jameson 3.50 Canadian Club 3.50 Jack Daniels 3.50 Penderyn awr Cymru 3.60 Bourbon: Makers Mark 3.60 Rip Van Winkle 10yrs 4.80 Williams 1783 no 10 3.90 Woodford Reserve 3.90



Kir 3.80 Kir Royal 8.50 Pernod 3.60 Ricard 3.60 Absinthe 6.10 Cinzano Bianco (50ml) 3.70 Martini Extra Dry/Rosso/Rossa (50ml) 3.70 Campari 3.40 Pimms 3.40 Tio Pepe sherry seco (50ml) 3.70 Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe, Fino NV 4.25


Martell vs 3.50 Courvoisier 3.50 Remy Martin vsop 4.20 Baron de sigognac vs, bas Armagnac 3.40 Calvados vsop 3.70 Fernet Branca 3.70 Taylors Port (50ml) 3.70


Amaretto 3.40 Bailey’s (50ml) 3.80 Chambord 3.40 Cointreau 3.40 Drambuie 3.40 Frangelico 3.80 Grand Marnier 3.80 Galliano 3.40 Jeagermeister 3.40 Kahlua 3.40 Malibu 3.40 Schnapps (apple, peach)3.40 Sambuca 3.40 Sambuca Negra 3.80 Tia Maria 3.40



(Belgium) 4.60


(Belgium) 3.60


(Belgium) 3.60

Stella Artois

(Belgium) 3.50


(Belgium) 3.80







Kronenbourg 1664 (France) Krombacher½ ltr

3.40 (Bar Kick only)

(Germany) 4.80

Nastro Azurro




(Mexico) 3.50







Superbock ½ ltr



(Spain) 3.50

Estrella Damm

(Spain) 3.50

Mahou 5*

(Spain) 3.60

Ginger Joe (Ginger Beer) 4%ABV 3.40 Timothy Taylor Landlord ½ ltr (England)4.60 Cider – Ask staff

(England)3.40/4.60 (Bar Kick)

Aspall’s Suffolk Cyder

(England)3.60 (Cafe Kick)

Happy-Hour every day from 4-7pm Bottled beer of the day £2


Sparkling mineral water: Pedras 1.50 small 2.50 large Still mineral water: Carvalheiros 1.90 Coca Cola/light bottle 2.10 Sprite bottle 2.10 San Pellegrino Lemon (cloudy) 1.90 Orangina 2.10 Chegworth Valley Organic Cox apple juice 2.95 Fentimans Ginger Beer 2.95

FRESHLY MADE DRINKS Freshly squeezed orange or pink grapefruit 2.50 Home-made smoothie 3.00


Espresso 1.50 Double Espresso 2.00 Cappuccino 2.10 Latte 2.10 Macchiato 1.60 Americano 1.80 Moccha 2.10 Hot Chocolate (El Canario) 1.95

JING Tea 1.90

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