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Contributing to our community MTEMC and the ad valorem tax that goes to local counties Tax season is here, and Middle Tennessee Electric is proud to pay our share to the local governments we serve. As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, we’re exempt from certain types of taxes like federal income. However, one of the largest taxes we pay every year is to local governments through the ad valorem tax.

(cities and counties) to benefit their citizens and communities. This year, we paid more than $5.5 million to the communities we serve through this local tax. Below, you’ll find a break down of our ad valorem taxes based on the county, which includes the taxes paid to cities within those counties.

The ad valorem tax is based on the assessed value of our infrastructure, which includes buildings, offices, transformers, poles, wires and much more. The money we pay is then used by local governments

MTEMC President/CEO Chris Jones hands over the Rutherford County ad valorem tax to County Trustee Teb Batey.

Taxes by County Cannon County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $263,556 _______________________________ DeKalb County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,114 _______________________________ Maury County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $18,163 _______________________________ Rutherford County . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,210,639 _______________________________ Smith County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,438 _______________________________ Trousdale County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,843 _______________________________ Williamson County . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,669,041 _______________________________ Wilson County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,405,368 _______________________________ xx

It’s the easiest good thing you’ll ever do.

SharingChange is MTEMC’s charitable foundation whose sole purpose is to give back to the communities we serve. For just pennies a month, participants


February Grants








can support hundreds of local, nonprofit organizations. Funds are donated by MTEMC members, with 100% of the donations going to local charities and organizations. Some of the funds have been used for things such as firefighting equipment for volunteer fire departments; life-saving equipment for ambulances; hospice programs; youth programs; food shelves and clothing, shelter and medical services. And that’s just a sampling.

January $13,500 Rutherford Grants$3,418

Since 2003, Middle Tennessee Electric’s charitable foundations have touched the lives of countless local individuals. All with the help of our compassionate, caring members. For more information, visit our website at *SharingChange is a voluntary program and members have the option to discontinue participation at any time.

The Journey Home, Inc



Provide food to those in need

Saddle Up! to a great charity

RCSO Community Projects Group (SCAN/Senior Citizens Awareness Network)

$ 2,418

Community Housing Partnership of Williamson County


Habitat for Humanity Williamson-Maury

$ 5,000

Mercy Community Healthcare

$ 5,000

The Heimerdinger Foundation


Saddle Up! is Middle Tennessee’s oldest and largest center offering equine-based programs exclusively for children/youth with disabilities. The program currently serves more than 250 children and youth who deal with more than 60 types of documented disabilities. The mission of Saddle Up! is to provide children and youth with disabilities the opportunity to grow and develop through therapeutic, educational and recreational activities with horses. Incorporated in 1991 and located in Franklin, Saddle Up! is also Middle Tennessee’s only program offering hippotherapy. The program also has equine-assisted learning and equestrian club for more advanced riders and will soon be adding vaulting. “We want to thank all the people who contributed to SharingChange to make this grant possible,” said a Saddle Up! spokesperson. “We are very grateful.”

Provide assistance for elderly residents of Rutherford County

Provide housing to those in need Provide housing to those in need

Provide equipment for patient care Provide meals to cancer patients

Saddle Up!

Provide improvements to therapeutic facility

$ 5,000

Frank Town Open Hearts Ministry Inc.


Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville


Provide an educational experience for the youth Provide housing to those in need

Alexandria Firefighters’ Association Provide emergency personnel equipment




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Introducing the customized new payment system, “Budget Billing�

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Bill payment was never easier MTEMC is always about improving the member experience. That’s why we have two convenient billing choices under what we call “Budget Billing.� In short, it’s billing for every budget with two choices, both easy to understand and easy to use. Variable Budget Billing is calculated by taking an average of the previous 13 months of billing. Bills then adjust every month but always based on the preceding 13-month average, which allows members to have a more consistently-priced bill even during high-energy consumption seasons. By reducing the variation in monthly bills, members can more accurately budget each month. The second option is called Fixed Budget Billing. This option allows members to pay a fixed amount each month calculated on their previous 12-month consumption. No matter what your energy consumption is, you’ll be charged the same amount on your monthly bill. Once a year, your account will be “settled up,� and either a credit issued or an adjustment added based on actual usage the previous 12 months.



Middle Tennessee Electric | Budget Billing

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APRIL 2019

Our billing options are designed to give you more opportunities to pay your monthly bill based on your lifestyle or financial situation. After you choose your option, you can just relax — because whether we’re supplying electricity or handling the billing, we always want you to be comfortable.


Variable Budget Billing is perfect for members who want to create a more consistent monthly bill. This option reduces the peaks and valleys in monthly bills, but does fluctuate some each month to account for your energy consumption.

o Fixed Budget Billing is another convenient billing option for members, especially for those who want a consistent monthly payment. But don’t forget, each year you’re required to settle the amount of unused or overused energy consumption. | myMTEMC



Customized bill payment options to fit your lifestyle

electricity bill will be. There is a settlement period, though, at the end of the year where you pay any balance that’s due or are refunded if you ended up paying too much.”

Sue Poppell weighs in on our new billing methods Sue Poppell started at MTEMC in the stock department doing purchase orders and steadily moved up the ranks to her current position as a Member Data and Billing Coordinator. In every position, she always went the extra mile to make things easier for members. She recently explained MTEMC’s new billing options that she says can make it easier for members to pay their bills. The first option is called Variable Budget Billing. Sue said, “This type of billing fluctuates slightly each month, according to an average of your previous 13 months of usage. This option reduces the variations in your monthly bill.” “The other option is a new choice called Fixed Budget Billing. With this option, a monthly average of your bills is calculated, and this becomes the amount you pay each month. This allows you to budget your spending to make plans because you know what your


So, while bill paying is never fun, now you do have options that make it easy. When asked which billing method she thinks will get the most interest, Sue said, “I think many members will switch to Fixed Budget Billing due to their need for a set monthly budget.” At Middle Tennessee Electric, we want our members to have options to fit their lifestyles. If one of these options works for you, give us a call at 877-777-9020 to enroll or stop by one of our seven local offices. Sue adds, “So, while bill paying is never fun, now you have more options to make it easier.”

APRIL 2019

The biggest energy efficiency mistake An interview with Don Shoults Don Shoults, one of our esteemed energy services coordinators, says, “The biggest mistake people make in trying to achieve energy efficiency is complacency during the transition of the seasons.” The reason for this complacency? Between seasons, you get into the “shoulder months” when the temperatures are between 40 and 70 degrees and your energy bills are lowest. This can cause you to procrastinate on taking the steps necessary to keep your heating and cooling system efficient. “A good spring project would be to do a self-audit of your home to identify ways to improve energy efficiency.” Some things to do every year are an insulation check, reset of the water heater temperature and caulking. Over time, caulking can deteriorate,

so the annual checkup is really necessary. For selfassessment, members can go to EnergyEfficiency for additional efficiency tips. Don also mentions that if you see condensation between panes of glass, it’s probably time to consider a window replacement. The “best bang for the buck” when it comes to lowering your bills is to adjust your energy habits. For example, TVs and other electronics pull electricity even when they’re off. Your habit may be to turn off such devices at their power buttons and walk away ... but a more efficient new habit would be to put the electronics on a power strip and flip its switch when you’re finished using them. To wrap it up, Don reminds us to be proactive in finding problem areas where your energy efficiency is the weakest. Address these first–for example caulking or insulation–for the most impact. Then, as one last important point, he adds, “As for professional energy assessments done by MTEMC, we’re always just a phone call away.”


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