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products and trips 2012-13

Allmountain Performance

Grown skis are high tech with a warm look and a natural feeling- the OutGrown model delivers allmountain performance for Alpine downhill, Freeriding, Tour, and Telemark: wide powder base, even flex with a sweet spot, high torsion for edge hold.

Trusted by professionals

Grown skis are skied by professional guides and scientists since 2007.

Dr. Philipp Schneider, Guide for the German Alpine Association and Hydrologist, high above Zermatt on the Schw채rze glacier.

High tech and super tough Grown skis are high tech constructions that deliver their unique allmountain performance over years of extreme use-tested tough in the Arctic: - Sandwich woodcore construction: beech hardwood guarantees for strongest binding screws resistance and long lasting responsiveness and agility of the skis - Triaxial sandwich belts from 100% volcanic basalt fibres deliver exceptionally high torsional rigidity and better dampening in high speeds than conventional glas or carbon fibre - Side walls from extremely tough and water resistant European Robinia wood

Female skiers love the new OutGrown in 170cm and 96mm width at the waist - even flex, responsive, agile, light for its size - and beautiful.

Pioneering eco-design Grown skis are the most eco-efficient skis on the market. Our success started in 2008, winning the first ISPO eco design award, pionering eco perfomance and transparency of our products:

- first skis without glass and carbon fibres: we use 100% volcanic basalt fibres - wood core, wooden top sheets and side walls from European sustainable managed forests - no plastic top sheet and side walls - recycled transparent ski bases and glue based on biological components in the testing phase - first skis with a complete life cycle assessment - first company communicating the carbon footprint per volume unit ski: 9.43g/ccm, which is at least 30% lower than comparable high quality skis made as well in Europe

neutral product

CNC cut inlays from European walnut wood Transparent base showing the lower cherry wood veneer Wooden top sheet from European cherry wood, treated with mutiple layers of natural linseed oil

Oval ‘high tech window’ showing the basalt fibres below the lower cherry wood veneer

Side walls from super tough European Robinia wood

CNC cut inlays from European walnut wood

Sandwich construction with a wood core from European beech hardwod and light poplar, and triaxial fibre belts from 100% volcanic basalt

Skis 2012-13 For this season we offer the Allmountain Freeride Ski ‘OutGrown’ in three lenghts: Length 170cm 180cm 190cm

Dimensions mm 133-96-126 133-96-126 140-104 -127

Radius 19m 21m 24m

Weight 1800g 1900g 2150g

Order online or visit a Grown dealer.

Inspired by skiers The design of the G from Grown is inspired by two ski turns in the powder snow - elegant, fluent, and sportive.

Handcraft and computer technology A computer controlled cutter (CNC) very precisely cuts out the letters GROWN from the cerry veneer, and by hand they are replaced with CNC cutted letters from dark walnut veneer, creating a contrasting inlay.

Tough sidewalls The Grown skis sidewalls are engineered from Robinia wood - the most waterproof and tough wood we have in Europe, and in addition soaked in natural oils.

Transparency The extremely hard transparent base makes the lower cherry wood veneer visible. The oval hole in the veneer shows the unique triaxial 100% basalt fibres belt, together with the upper belt sandwiching the wooden core.

Ski across the Alps Join the Grown Trans-France ski trip from Lake Genevea to Nice in the Mediterranean in January 2013: 800km of travel distance, 450km on skis and on snow, skiing 30 ski resorts, climbing about 3000m on skins only, skiing down 42000m vertical! A climate friendly ski adventure using only existing ski lift infrastructure and public transport to ski as much as possible while exploring the French Alps with their world class skiing and their natural, cultural and culinaric secrets. Date: January 2013

More info and booking:

Ski acrosss the Alps Facing Mont Blanc, Trans France

Skiing the Monomark Too fast for the lead change - right turn in the left turn Telemark stance to avoid suddenly appearing rocks.

Pain au chocolat No start of the skiiing day without a freshly baken French pain au chocolat. Trans France ski trip.

Ski across the Alps More info and booking:

Explore the Arctic on skis Join the Grown ski exploration to the Arctic of Svalbard in May 2013: Experience a one-of-a-lifetime adventure on the Artic archipelago of Svalbard with the main island of Spitsbergen: receive and Arctic survival and Husky dog training; embark on a survival boat to a remote frozen fjord; pack your pulka and let the Husky pull your equipment; spot Polar bears hunting for seals on the ice from your camp spot; ski the lightest snow you have ever skied. A unique scientific wilderness experience learning about climate change impacts on Arctic ecosystems and about the history and culture of former and today’s life in the Arctic. Date: May 2013

More info and booking:

Frozen fjords Far off the main settlement of Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

Cinder cones Spitsbergen - the name of the island promises what you find.

Ice blue, wild, trustworthy Huskies are skiers’ best friends in the Arctic - pulling the pulka and warning against Polar bears in the night.

Into the wild Fresh tracks in the lightest powder ever skied?

Panorama Beauty.

Keep off Polar bear hunting for selas on (still) frozen sea ice, Svalbard, Arctic

Anchors in the storm Sleeping tight knowing that Grown skis secure the tent on a remote Arctic glacier.

Explore the Arctic on skis More info and booking:

Grown accessories

The Grown hat - functional and eco A highly functional woolen beanie from 100% Italian itch-free merino wool, knit in Switzerland. Four layers of windproof fine fabric around the ears and the forehead, two layers of fabric in the upper part. A bright grey ‘G’ on the right side, ‘Grown high tech eco’ on the right side knit in. Size: unisex Colours: blue and aubergine Order online or visit a Grown dealer

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Grown catalogue 2012-13  
Grown catalogue 2012-13  

Grown high tech eco freeride skis