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BCFN Young Earth Solutions YES! It's a way of life: towards the triangles of the new food system Abstract: European food consumption model is running in reverse. We eat in a poorly and badly way taking the major risks to our health and helping to destroy the planet. This perverse system is maintained by some particular interests of agribusiness companies (example of Monsantofs logic). This essay presents the Double Triangles model to implement the change, where the agricultural production and food processing are based on the double food and environmental pyramid (first triangle). This is the upstream which must take downstream, following the logic of industrial flow known as Kanban. For this goal, we must mobilize the actors of the Golden Triangle (States, industrial process and consumers), the second triangle of our model. While the constraints are strong and the revival of food processes should not oppose the strong to the weak, the solutions to be deployed should be part of economically viable models. To illustrate the paths, we can include the redeployment of agricultural land use, the redesign of the retail merchandising and development of the business portfolio of industrial process transformations. In this great movement which will ensure the survival of future generations, innovation will find its place, as to the sociology of eating behavior.


Valeria Deon Fabrizio Delage Paganini

BCFN YOUNG EARTH SOLUTIONS ~ BCFN YES! ~ 2012 Food and Sustainability: how to reduce our impact on the environment, while securing health and access to food for all.

It's a way of life: towards the triangles of the new food system Fabrizio Delage Paganini UniversitĂŠ Paris Dauphine (France), Advanced Master in Technology & Innovation

Valeria Deon UniversitĂ degli Studi di Milano (Italy), Master of Science in Biology Applied to Nutritional Sciences 20 August 2012

Introduction: Are we going into the wall in terms of protecting the planet, in terms of improved public health and in terms of agricultural land use? What would our children think in 2030 if their health will increasingly impair due to food (obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.), the environment will be totally polluted (greenhouse gases, soil pollution, contaminated water, etc.) or the food distribution will base only on marketing products and not on the qualities of the food? They would think that the generation that preceded them remained in a short-term view of agribusiness, suicidal for their progeny. The Europe food situation is currently being rapidly redefined by new driving forces. Income growth, climate change, high energy price and globalization are transforming food consumption, production and markets. We live in an Era where the undernourishment has largely disappeared in high income countries. Food deficiency diseases are giving way to health problem caused by over-nutrition and low micronutrients intakes. Meanwhile in the world, one billion people remain undernourished due to poverty and lack of supply. Moreover the Europe agriculture is faced with sustainability problems and competing claims on natural resources. In this short-termism and catastrophic scenario that has no chance to exist, it is clear that the Europe needs a renewal on the food system to reduce health risk and ensure sustainable food security for itself and the world. Despite unsuccessful attempts (labeling, pollutants, etc.), we must organize the renewal of the food system in all production models that lead us into the "wall". A new change must be based on awareness that our actual food business is based on completely reversed bases compared to the ideal food pyramid (Fig. 1.1). This induces agricultural production "dis-oriented" in terms of product types and volumes.

Figure 1.1. The double food and environmental pyramid model, proposed by BCFN in 2010


We propose to make our contribution to solving the complex equation with three unknowns as follows: - How to consume better, with the least environment impact (ecological footprint, circular economy, green growth)? - How to guide the food production toward the development of nutritionally healthy foods? - how to drive the consumers to buy the best foods both for their health and the environment? The Double Triangles Model for an eco-efficient solution: from a vicious circle to a virtuous circle In order to development a new eco-efficient food system, we propose the adoption of the “DOUBLE TRIANGLES MODEL”, a synergy between the double food and environmental pyramid presented by BCFN and our triangle called “Golden Triangle”. This latter is a cooperation between the actions taken in the market by the three vertices or economic actors: the State (S), the industrial process (agriculture system industry - large scale retail trade, (I)) and the consumers (C). These main actors may work together in order to develop an industrial model healthy for the consumers and sustainable for the whole environment. They have to achieve the balance (epicenter of the triangle) between the three parts. Moreover, all decisions taken by the Golden Triangle must be in compliance with the Double Pyramid, which have a central role in our model. In practice, the Double Pyramid is the heart of the Golden Triangle (Fig. 1.2).




States I/D: Industrial / Distributors C: Consumers


Our recommendations: Lifecycle of the Golden Triangle + Lifecycle of the eco-renewal food system (*) = Pyramid of good habits

Agricultural Production




Industrial Processing


Figure 1.2. Representation of the “Golden Triangle� with the heart of it who is the eco-renewal food system (*) needs to build the good habits pyramid.

In our model, each actor have to consider: - the nutritional aspect - the security and quality - the environment impact of the food products The Golden Triangle can obtain all these factors if it works on the conscience and responsibility of the industries, on the consumers education and on the role that governments must play.



Figure 2: Matrix of the suggested actions


Conclusion: The current food model has nothing efficient except for those who selfishly enrich themselves on such a "perverse" system. It does not reduce the ecological footprint and does not meet the nutritional standards of consumers. Successful change according to the methodology proposed in this document must go through a political volunteer of the actors of the golden triangle. States should support in conjunction with the agricultural and industrial drawplate, the considered transformations (grants, subsidies, retraining, etc.) and ensure that the interests of men (small farmers, SMEs, consumers, etc.) will be preserved against the lobbies. If this pattern of constructive and community renewal was rejected by some players who may have reason as interest short-term (power of shareholders and investors, etc.), only a consumer revolution against agribusiness could destroy the old illogical model to build the foundations of a new sustainable food model respecting the health, welfare and the human environment, the most important issues for future generations. In short, this site will have to be organized around collaborative innovation actors, an industrial innovation combined with an innovative sociological pattern. The challenge will be to mobilize players on innovation which is a key factor in competitiveness that will make the new business models economically viable and organize the economic transition. If we implemented the change as recommended, we would ensure a win scenario for all.


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