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Additionally, in speaking with the local nutritionists of Nairobi City we will be able to gather information on which fruits and vegetables will be most easily grown and beneficial to the malnourished. We hope that these suggestions will also be some of the higher calorie yielding foodstuffs available to incorporate into their everyday diet. After meeting with the nutritionists we will collect seeds from willing farmers and benefactors. This will make the collection of resources efficient and inexpensive. Lastly, in order to educate and involve the highest possible amount of people in the Nairobi City community, we would like to set up a series of informational training sessions. These sessions would consist of teaching the community about the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables as well as how to properly grow and tend them. These sessions would also act as a sort of job training; we hope training the citizens will not only invoke knowledge, but also a sense of purpose and interest in bettering the community.

4. CONCLUDING REMARKS We hope that our idea not only provides a new source of sustenance for the people of Nairobi City, Kenya, but additionally brings the community together both

socially and educationally. We hope to instill a new found sense of pride and accomplishment to these people, and in doing so, foster a better lifestyle for these individuals. With the time and the success of our project, we hope to further expand greenhouses throughout the region of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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