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Baggage I try to be prepared for flight. A few weeks prior to a trip, I write a list of items, which I lay out a week ahead. I place my clothes in neat piles by category: shirts, pants, skirts. I cordon off a separate area for my carry-on items. From Seattle, any destination in the central or eastern time zones requires a four-hour flight. I fly a few times each year to Texas and Indiana, states in which I have lived, to visit friends and family and to the Midwest or east coast for conferences. To pass the time, I must have choices: a book, some music, a pen for the crossword. But I like to keep my bag light and portable, so every item is carefully evaluated. Each object has a proper place in the bag for easy in-flight retrieval. As a small child, I observed a careful ritual when eating a slice of American cheese. After discarding the plastic wrap, I folded the slick orange square until it cleaved into two evenly split pieces. I halved the two rectangles into four equal squares.

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Barely South Review - April 2012  

Barely South Review's inaugural PDF/e-reader issue, featuring fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, and the first-annual Norton Girault Literar...

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