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“One of the most interesting new labels in Danish jazz” is how the American magazine All About Jazz describes Barefoot Records; a musician-­run record collective consisting of 9 musicians from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Estonia. During Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2014, Barefoot Records presents 18 concerts at the cozy "Christianshavns Beboerhus", a vibrant cultural meeting point in the heart of Christianshavn, Copenhagen. The program presents some of the strongest and most exciting musicians the contemporary Danish jazz scene has to offer in addition to a a strong line-­up of international guests that features appearances from over 10 different nationalities. Since its inception in 2006 Barefoot Records has been releasing a steady stream of critically acclaimed albums and making its mark as an important concert organizer on the vital Copenhagen jazz and improv scene. Christianshavns Beboerhus has been one of the hot-­spots in Copenhagen for exciting and improvised jazz for many years. The atmospheric community house has been the stage of many of the world's leading improvisers while keeping a down-­to-­earth vibe, selling inexpensive beer, wine, drinks, coffee and cakes. The concerts are sponsered by The Danish Art Council, JazzDanmark, Copenhagen Municipality and the Danish Musician’s Union.

Web :­ Facebook : Admission : DKK 50,-­ (1 concert) / DKK 80,-­ (2 concerts)

July 4th

21:00 Markus Pesonen Trio 22:30 Maria Faust Sacrum Facere

July 5th

21:00 Jacob Anderskov/Adam Pultz Melbye/Peter Ole Jørgens 22:30 Jaak Sooäär/Kristian Tangvik/Kasper Tom

July 6th

21:00 Jaak Sooäär/Markus Pesonen/Dan Peter Sundland/Håkon Berre 22:30 Markus Pesonen Quartet

July 7th

21:00 Jeppe Zeeberg/Anders Provis 22:30 Torben Snekkestad/Stephan Sieben/Håkon Berre

July 8th

21:00 Herman Müntzing/Anders Filipsen/Håkon Berre 22:30 JapGaf

July 9th

21:00 Kasper Tom 5 22:30 GNOM

July 10th 21:00 Kasper Tranberg/Adam Pultz Melbye/Yasuhiro Yoshigaki 22:30 Jacob Anderskov/Kasper Tom/Rudi Mahall July 11th 21:00 The Mighty Mouse 22:30 Jesper Zeuthen PLUS July 12th 21:00 Dødens Garderobe feat. Laura Toxværd 22:30 Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe

Venue address : Christianshavns Beboerhus Dronningensgade 34 1420 Copenhagen K Presale :

Thursday July 10th 22:00

Selvhenter Sonja LaBianca (sax), Maria Bertel (trombone), Maria Diekmann (violin) Jaleh Negari (drums), Anja Jacobsen (drums)


Den Magnetiske Ørn


100% Max

Michael Rexen: vocals, flute, radio, Adi Zukanovic: keys/modular Martin Ullitsdahl: guitar, masinqo, kazoo, Matias Wolf Andreasen: drums, triangel

A 6-­piece band with musical references to Fela Kuti, Captain Beefheart and Talking Heads. I the centre of it all you will find the dancing, singing and bongodrum playing Max Buthke, also known as Bo Marley, who is the singer and percussionist in Analogik and BliGlad.

Friday July 11th 22:00

Ane Trolle feat. Hyhne/Toldam/Hagemann Ane Trolle – vocals, Mads Hyhne – trombone, Simon Toldam – keys, Silas Hagemann – drums


SAV Mija Milovic: Vocals, Keys, Lars Bech Pilgaard: Guitar


Jagwa Music (TZ) From the streets of Dar Es Salaam to your eardrums, Jagwa Music brings the funk The concept sounds like it could be next-­level hipster experimentalism: a band that makes music exclusively on percussion and miniature vintage Casio keyboards wired through megaphones. But those are the exact ingredient of mchiriku, a kind of party-­music heard throughout the rougher parts of Bongo, as the gritty East African city of Dar es Salaam is affectionately nicknamed by locals.

Saturday July 12th 22:00

Orquesta Libre (JP) 'plays Duke' Yoshigaki Yasuhiro: drums, Aoki Taisei: trombone, keyboard, harmonica, Shiotani Hiroyuki: soprano saxophone; clarinet, Fujiwara Daisuke: tenor saxophone, Watanabe Takao: trumpet, Gideon Juckes: tuba, Takara Kumiko: vibraphone, Suzuki Masato: bass, Shiiya Motomu: guitar, steel guitar, Okabe Yoichi: percussion + guests: Suga Dairo: piano, RON×II: tap dance


Kresten Osgood & Hvad Er Klokken feat. Magnus Jochumsen, Jonas Müller, Prins Nitram, Aurora Nealand (US), Mads Mouritz, Ed Schuller (US), Eliot Cardinaux (US), Martin Philadelphy (AT) og Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (JP) Magnus Jochumsen -­ percussion, Jonas Müller -­ cornet and more, Prins Nitram -­ vocals + guitar, Aurora Nealand (US) -­ banjo/sax, Mads Mouritz -­ vocals/guitar, Ed Schuller (US) -­ bass, Eliot Cardinaux (US) -­ keys´, Martin Philadelphy (AT) -­ guitar, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (JP) -­ drums, Kresten Osgood –-­drums and more, Jesper Løvdal -­ sax, Thomas Vang -­ bass

ILK Music invites you to a ten-­day extravaganza of uncompromising music at our venue 5e during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2014. ILK is a creative collective and record label consisting of 22 artists, who invite the audience to join in for unique experiences of simple, intimate and original quality music. This years concert series consists of more than 45 concerts featuring the ILKs in various constellations as well as guest appearances from Tyshawn Sorey, P. O. Jørgens, Thomas Morgan, Christian Lillinger, Ceci Quinteros, Ned Ferm, Eliot Cardinaux, Marc Lohr and Peter Danstrup among others. Our venue 5e is a raw old slaughterhouse located in the old meatpacking district in Copenhagen that now functions as a modern community house. Each night 5e will open the doors to their new eatery, where you can enjoy a delicious meal before the concerts. The ILK concerts at 5e have been praised from NYC to Trondheim and Kim Faber from Danish newspaper Politiken gives his praise as well: “I wish that many, many more would head out to the slaughterhouse to get an experience that will include both ear scuffing and clear brainwork. Amen.” ILK guarantees great music experiences that will lighten up your festival. Go get some ILK!

Venue adress : Slagtehusgade 5e, 1620 Copenhagen V Admission : DKK 80,-­ (all efternoon) DKK 100,-­ (all evening) Presale : Web : Facebook :

July 4th 16:30 18:00 20:00 21:30 23:00 00:30 July 5th 16:30 18:00 20:00 21:30 23:00 00:30 July 6th 16:30 18:00 20:00 21:30 23:00 00:30 July 7th 21:30 23:00 July 8th 20.00 21:30 23:00 July 9th 20.00 21:30 23:00 July 10th 20.00 21:30 23:00 00:30 July 11th 16:30 18:00 20:00 21:30 23:00 00:30 July 12th 16:30 18:00 19:30 21:30 23:00 00:30 July 13th 16:30 18:00 20:00 21:30 23:00

Angel (Dk/No) Torben Snekkestad/Hasse Poulsen/Jakob Davidsen (Fr/Dk) Gunnar Halle w. Band Ericson/Klapper/Edwards/Strid (Uk/Se/Dk) Anker/Bauer/Edwards/Lovens (De/Uk/Dk) Phonebook Toxvaerd/Anderskov Rosor Och Tulpan Jacob Anderskov's "Just In Time" Toxværd/Snekkestad Duo (Dk/No) Mark Solborg Trio & Guests (Dk/Us/No) Ericson 4 Sekten Ferm/Quinteros/Cardinaux/Schuller/Osgood (Us/Fr/Ar/Dk) Homies Setién Solo Snekkestad/Nilssen-­Love Duo (No) Kjærgaard 4Tet Kostcirkeln Andersson/Anderskov/Nilsson "Triofolded" (Se/Dk) Phoenix City! Stefan Pasborg Solo St-­And-­By Book Of Sounds Jacob Anderskov’s Habitable Exomusics Lofi Feat. Sofia Jernberg (Se/Lu/Dk) Mockunas/Haug/Bruun (Li/No/D) Klökkeblömst Osgood/Cardinaux/Morgan (Dk/Fr/Us) Kjærgaard/Egetoft/Vestergaard The Unusual History Of Ether Eggs Laid By Tigers Busk Dell/Lillinger/Westergaard "Grammar" (De/Dk) Firebirds (Banke/Filipsen/Pasborg) Kresten Osgood & Hvad Er Klokken Simon Toldam Orkester Stork Osgood/Toxværd/Toldam Jakob Thorkild Trio Løvdal/Danielsen/Mahall/Heenan (Us/De/Dk) Anker & Friends Simon Toldam Trio Solborg/Banke/Heebøll Osgood/Philadelphy (Dk/Us) Halle/Solborg/Skjødt (Dk/No) Nanchen 3,14 Feat. Qarin Wikström (Se) Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (Dk/It) Zeuthen/Anderskov/Skovbakke/Kielsgaard

Copenhagen Trashzzfestival, presented by Lygten Station and Mom Eat Dad Records, celebrates its 5 year anniversary with an exciting line-­up of local artists. The Trashzzfestival started out as a rebellion towards the soul-­less and rectified official jazzfestival, but has now transformed into a annual celebration of the diversity now flourishing on the danish music-­scene. As always a dayticket can be purchased for only kr. 50,-­ as well as beer, wine etc will be sold at very affordable prices. Lygten Station, which used to be a railway-­station is one of the most beatiful venues in the city and hosts fantastic acoustics, a tremendous chandelier and a relaxed vibe. Transportation: Bus 6A and 5A will almost take you to the doorstep and Nørrebro S-­train station is right beside Lygten Station). NB: Cash only!

Venue address : Lygten Station Lygten 2 (next to Nørrebro Station) 2400 Copenhagen NV Admission : DKK 50,-­ (cash only!) Web :

Monday July 7th 21:00

Henrik Pultz Melbye Breathtaking cascades of saxophone Henrik Pultz Melbye -­ saxophones

22:00 Boda Boda duo 10 years of art-­metal from a hard-­hitting duo Jakob Thorkild -­ guitar, Bjørn Heebøll -­ drums

23:00 To/To feat. Oliver Hoiness Tribal drumming-­experiments in a ritual setting Tobias Kirstein -­ drums, Toke Tietze -­ drums, Oliver Hoiness -­ guitar

Tuesday July 8th 21:00

Lars Bech Pilgaard Enigmatic, ethnic and sonic explorations of sound on the electric guitar Lars Bech Pilgaard -­ guitar

22:00 Boujeloud One of the most interesting acts to emerge out of the sprawling danish underground, combining akward dance-­music and punkjazz Emil Palme -­ guitar, Anders Vestergaard -­ drums, Mads Egetoft -­ saxophone, Xenia Xamanek Lopez -­ saxophone, Phillip Steen Dyssegaard -­ bass

23:00 Kaptajn Ørentvist feat. Laura Toxværd Trendsetting freejazzin´ oldboys team up with significant improviser Jørgen Teller -­ guitar, P.O Jørgens -­ drums, Laura Toxværd -­ saxophone

LiteraturHaus has been a part of the Copenhagen underground scene for the last nine years with 150 seats in an intimate former church building in the Nørrebro-­district. Liter-­ aturHaus stages events and festivals in different art forms such as literature, free-­jazz, electronic music, cabaret, stand-­up-­opera, electro-­acoustic music, advanced classical music, video-­art and various combinations of these.This year will we also have late-­night concerts in the cozy basement of LiteraturHaus. Here you can hang out, drink a beer and listen to great organ-­jazz in a casual atmosphere.

July 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th & 12th @ 22:00 in the café: Organ Trio Nights with Kasper Dreyer and Morten Skøtt July 4th

20:00 23:00 July 5th 17:00 20:00 23:00 July 6th 17:00 20:00 July 7th 17:00 20:00 23:00 July 8th 19:30 20:45 22:00 July 9th 17:00 23:00 July 10th 17:00 20:00 23:00 24:00 July 11th 17:00 23:00 July 12th 20:00 23:00

Katrine Madsen og Great Danes Big band Merging Quartet Thomas Maintz/Aaron Parks Maintz/Thorsen/Bjørnstad/Whitta/Simonsen "LytteRum" Thomas Maintz Trio Tjek & Tjak Kalejdokant DUO Johanna Borchert & Markus Pesonen Trio Tchikanné Jernberg/Anker/Sandell Søren Gemmer Quartet Jeppe Zeebergs 'The Forgetful Trio' Jakob Davidsens 'Kammerat Orkester' DUO Carsten Dahl & Markus Pesonen Bunk Brothers Graulund/Munkholm Duo Malthe Rostrup Trio feat. Jesper Zeuthen Simon Toldam and friends AlternaJam Arreanna Jaye med Venner Paul Lovens and guests Copenhagen Art Ensemble's "Reuterswärd" Jacob Anderskov's ”Just in Time”

Venue address : LiteraurHaus Møllegade 7, 2200 Copenhagen N Web :

KoncertKirken opened in october 2009 as the first of its kind in Denmark. A still functioning state church, that is used as a concert hall in the evening. Koncert-­ Kirken stages classical music, jazz, electronic music, middle-­eastern/eastern music and modern dance. It has a capability of 300 seats, and is located at Blågårds Plads, in the very centre of Nørrebro. July 4th July 5th

July 6th

July 7th

July 8th July 9th July 10th July 11th

July 12th

20:00 21:30 20:30 22:00 24:00 20:30 22:00 24:00 19:30 20:30 21:30 24:00 20:30 22:00 20:30 22:00 20:30 22:00 20:00 21:15 22:30 20:30 22:00

Agusti Fernandez/Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard/Bjørn Heebøll Qarin Wikström & Emanuele Maniscalco DUO Emanuele Maniscalco & Markus Pesonen Hendrik Schwolow & Delicious Big Brass Cracker Band Orchestra Hendrik Schwolow & Delicious Big Brass Cracker Band Orchestra Ericson/Anderskov/Melbye/Strid August Rosenbaum Solo Idian Hat Becker/Toxværd/Haastrup Melbye/POJ/Dørge Toxsværd/Dørge/Osgood Tyshawn Sorey Birthday Concert Herb Robertson/Mark Solborg Davidsen/Ferm/Sorey Johanna Borchert & Maria Laurette Friis Jesper Zeuthen Trio Anderskov/Davidsen/Sorey Raffnsøe/Segerberg Duo Henriette Groth & Guest Jacob Anderskov’s "Strings, Percussion & Piano” Rudi Mahall/Kasper Tom Søren Kjærgaard/Jonas Westergaard/Kresten Osgood IKI Venue adddress : KoncertKirken Blågårds Plads 6A, 2200 Copenhagen N Web :

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Take a walk on the Smelly Side of Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2014  

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