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The title of which memoir was, in a sense, a response to a Rudyard Kipling quote, “What do they know of cricket who only cricket know?”

most FC runs. Who?

Generally an abstainer, Jack Hobbs had started drinking occasionally which his wife Ada Hobbs felt was beginning to impact his game. As a result, ahead of the 1925-26 Ashes in Australia, Jack Hobbs put in a special request to MCC and refused to tour if the condition wasn’t agreed to. MCC relented. This started a trend in cricket that BCCI has had some issues with in the past few years. What’s the trend?



Before leading Australia in his first Test in 1886, which was the 25th overall, Percy McDonnell saw Sydney Cricket Ground host a match between New South Wales and Victoria where neither of the teams could score 100 runs. This is believed to have been an influence on a decision he took in his first match a few days later that was seen as quite bold. What ‘brave’ decision did McDonnell take that made him the first captain to do something?


Boot Hill, or Boothill, is the name for any number of cemeteries, chiefly in the American West. During the 19th century it was a common name for the burial grounds of gunfighters, or those who “died with their boots on” (i.e., violently). What is this term used to refer to, albeit occasionally, on a cricket field?

In the 19th century, there existed no single panel to select the English cricket team. Instead, the MCC committee chose the England team for the Test at Lord’s, the Surrey committee for the Oval match, and Lancashire for Old Trafford. A decision by the Lancashire committee about a ‘Bird of Passage’ towards the end of the century led to the end of this system and the formation of a national selection panel. What was this contentious decision?


4. 5.


What did Warren Bardsley do the first time in Test cricket in 1912 that Sunil Gavaskar, David Warner, and Ricky Ponting have done on most occasions? This is a description by John Arlott of the every ball routine of a man who sits 4th on the list of most FC runs:

Two Hampshire wickets would fall and then he would walk out. He took guard, looked around the field, twirled his bat and then, turning to square leg, touched his cap to him one, two, three, four times; next he tapped his bat one, two, three, four times in the crease, took one, two, three, four little shuffling strides up to it. Then the bowler might bowl – but not before he went through that ritual before every ball he ever received: scores of thousands of them. Sometimes a bowler would try to hustle him and bowl before he had completed it; but he would just step back, signal that he was not ready, and begin all over again. This is a description by John Arlott of the every ball routine of a man who sits 4th on the list of


Playing against Somerset in 1907, Albert Trott achieved a rare feat that has been achieved only once since then. With Somerset chasing 264 in the final innings, he first got 4 wickets off 4 balls and then came back to add another hat trick to skittle Somerset for 98 and finish with figures of 7/20.However, it is said that Trott himself wasn’t too happy with what he had done. Why so? As Australia started using touring caps bearing a national coat of arms since 1890, England started looking for a similar ‘cap for all England’ in the early 1900s. X, who was the English Cricket captain in 1907, suggested for silver lions on the cap, a design directly borrowed from the badge on shirts of England football players. Who is X? What unique distinction does he hold among all English cricketers?


After John Wisden’s death, Charles Pardon took over as the editor of the Almanack and saved it from disappearing after Wisden died heirless. However, Charles too passed away at the age of 40 in 1890 and his younger brother Sydney then took over to remain editor of Wisden for 35 years. What did Charles start just a year before he passed away that still lives on?


X had more than 100 wickets at an average of 17 and 1775 of them in FC at an average of 16. However, his FC career came to an abrupt end for his actions during a Yorkshire vs Lancashire match that resulted in his captain ushering him off the ground. “Lord Hawke put his arm around me and helped me off the ground - and out of first-class cricket,” he said later. “What a gentleman!” Who is he and what had he done that came back in news again in 2013 when a team did it, albeit after the match?

What is being talked about?


What words, that also form the name of a famous cricket book, complete the first stanza of the Rupert Brooks poem: ‘The Soldier’Rupert Brooke, 1887 - 1915If I should die, think only this of me: That there’s some _______ ___ __ _______ ______ That is for ever England. There shall beIn that rich earth a richer dust concealed.



13. 14.




One of the finest batsmen of his era, Billy Murdoch is well known for scoring the first double hundred in Test. However, he also achieved a little known first when the captain caught Henry Scott off AG Steel to finish the first innings at Lord’s in 1884. What little known first did Murdoch achieve? In the history of cricket, Montagu Toller and Alfred Bowerman are the only two FC cricketers with a unique distinction. What’s the distinction? A certain punishment was meted out to John Platts pertaining to an incident with George Summer. What was the punishment that emanated from an unwritten rule and if would have continued till date, who would have been affected by it in 2014? While Trevor Molony, who represented Surrey in three matches in 1921, did it to follow custom, people since have provided some interesting reasons for resorting to the same. Some of them are mentioned below: Trinidadian cricketer Syed Mubarak Ali was no-balled 30 times for throwing in a match against Barbados in 1942. As rain threatened to end the match between Victoria and MCC in 1928–29, the MCC bowler Fred Barratt did it to allow BillWoodfull to score a four to complete his hundred andVictoria to win. DilipVengsarkar did it in the match between West Zone and England in 1984–85 when the latter delayed their declaration. Similarly, when Lancashire batted on for too long against Oxford University at Oxford in 1990, Phil Gerrans, an Australian playing for Oxford, did the same.


W.G. Grace has the best bowling figure in a First Class innings of 10/49. However, the list of bowlers who have picked up all-10 wickets in an innings does not include his name, along with two others. The reason for the exclusion is the same for all the three. What is the reason for this exclusion? If Thirush Kamini was the first to get out in a particular fashion in Women’s cricket, who was the first man to get out that way in Men’s cricket in the 5th Test at The Oval in 1951 between England and South Africa?


Among male cricketers, what was English cricketer Roger Prideaux who played 3 Tests in 1968-69 the first to do that was replicated by Sri Lankan Guy de Alwis and most famously by Mitchell Starc in 2016? The 1978 book called ‘The Immortal Victor Trumper’ despite being a book on one of the finest cricketers of the early 20th century is more famous (or infamous) for a sensational claim made by the author about an incident that took place in 1933 whose blame he had carried throughout his career. Who is the author of the book and what was the sensational claim?


The third Test between India and Pakistan on India’s tour to Pakistan in 1954-55 was another dull affair where the three completed innings saw the run rate languish below 2. Like the previous two Tests, it also petered to a draw. Ahead of this Test, however, something momentous was done by the authorities on both the sides which was happening for the first time in the history of the newly formed nations and underlined the healing power of the game. What was done?


The Wisden almanack of 1916 was merely of 299 pages as opposed to the previous edition that ran up to 791 pages. It had the obituaries of two of the greatest names – W.G Grace and Victor Trumper. However, till today, it remains the rarest of all the almanacks partly due to its massive purchase by non-regular Wisden readers. Who were these non-regular Wisden readers whose massive purchase meant that the copies of this particular almanack are hard to find?


On the 1948-49 tour to South Africa, Reg Hayter was handed a suitcase full of unopened letters by his travelling companion. As he began reading the mail, some of it months old, and sifted through offers of making public appearances, after dinner speeches and writing books and newspaper columns, he said, ‘Christ, _______, you’re sitting on a fortune. Hayter soon helped this person get in touch with his shrewd friend Bagenal Harvey, which turned a fortune changer for him. Who is the cricketer in question and what famous association came out of his meeting with Harvey, arguably the first and most famous of its kind in cricket, something with which this cricketer’s name is still associated with?


Ken __________ only one Test for Australia but became an important figure in Western Australia Cricket as he coached some of the big names coming from the state. His son and his grandson went on to represent WA too and they became the only father-son grandson trio from Australia to have FC centuries against their names. His son came back in news in 2007 for giving one of his pupils an advice that created a controversy but won his pupil something far


bigger. What’s the family name and what 2007 incident brought the son back in news?


In what can be considered a howler by Wisden, a passage in the Yorkshire Notes of the 1950 Wisden Almanac read, “Yorkshire gave a trial to three young players, Lawson, an opening batsman, Close, an all-rounder, and _________, a spin bowler.” In hindsight, a visiting team two years down the line would have wished this description of him was true, which obviously wasn’t. Whose infamous and incorrect description?


X had been living in the United Kingdom and hadn’t played a Test for 6 years when he was brought back to his native country to make a comeback by people raising more than £1,000, just so that he could play in the series against England in 1954. However, Y, fast and fiery on his first tour and never too big on reputations, broke his arm soon after he came to bat. This angered the crowd and Y needed a police escort as he left the field. Who were these two legends of different eras up against each other?


A keen cricket man, X wanted to attend the third Test in Lahore when India visited Pakistan for the first time after partition in 1954. However, on the last day of the 2nd Test in Bahawalpur, he passed away while listening to Talyarkhan’s commentary. X’s nephew Hamid Jalal, a Radio Pakistan news editor, who was in the Press Box when he received the news of X’s death scribbled a note to his colleagues: ‘The Umpire has at last declared X out. He died this morning.’ Who thus died at the age of 42 after a prolonged affair with alcohol?


X was playing his benefit match in 1955 when his brother, known for his awful running between the wickets, ran him out without X facing a single ball. The brother also holds the embarrassing record for being dismissed most number of times by another mode of dismissal. Who is X? What’s the brother’s unwanted record?


Fondly known as ‘Master _____’, he was both a coach and father figure to most of the cricketers that Pakistan produced in its first 30 years, including the Mohammed brothers. Although he had appeared in two “unofficial” Tests against Jack Ryder’s visiting Australians in 1935, his international career never took off due to an eye injury he copped while keeping. His son though played 29 Tests and also went on to become the first cricketer to receive a certain honor.Identify the father-son pair.


At the age of 17, English off-spinner Fred Titmus was included in the MCC side that was to play Surrey at Lord’s. Before the match started, an announcement was made: “Ladies and gentlemen, there is a correction to your scorecards. For FJ Titmus read Titmus, FJ.”Why was the announcement made?


According to Wisden, the most famous single copy of Wisden is a 1939 edition belonging to X, who had it with him when he was taken prisoner by the Japanese. It proved so popular with the other PoWs that it had to be reserved in advance like a library book, and could be borrowed for no more than 12 hours. It was stamped “Not subversive” by the guards and became so heavily thumbed that it two prisoners rebound it using rice paste as glue. X died, aged 92, in 2000; the book, battered but unbowed, is in the museum at Lord’s. Who is X?


According to X’s Biography ‘X: Peter Pan of Cricket’ by Norman Rogers, X didn’t want to play the Oval Test as the series had already been lost 3-0. Moreover, playing that match would have meant missing out two Championship matches for Warwickshire, a team for whom he took 2201 wickets with his leg spinners. However, since he had picked up 8 for 107 in a tour game against the visitors, the selectors persuaded him to play the Test in which he went on to pick a fifer. What ‘historic’ did he end up doing in this Test?


Still the youngest to play for West Indies, X made his debut against an English team in 1930 that featured Wilfred Rhodes who had made his Test


debut 13 years before X was born, as well as Y who had played his last Test before that 1930 match a few days after Y was born. Who are X and Y?


The first of seven such occurrences took place in 1932 and about which Jack Fingleton wrote ‘an unbelievable hush of calamity, for men refused to believe what their eyes had seen. What’s being talked about?


Nicknamed “Father”, Charles Marriott was a renowned googly bowler who, because of teaching duties at Dulwich College, only played for Kent in the summer holidays. He was almost 38 when picked to make his Test debut. He was a poor fielder though, and a genuine rabbit toohis career-best score being 21 and he averaged 4.40, taking more first-class wickets (711) than he scored runs (574), something that people credit the adversity for. How is his Test career unique?


Contrary to public perception, it was introduced in 1930 by Kent & Curwen. Believed to have immediately set a global trend, it was adopted by film stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood too such as Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, Laurence Olivier, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and C Aubrey Smith, all members of the famous “Hollywood Cricket Club”, thus taking it to newer highs. What invention is being talked about?

37. 38.

Bill Ashdown and D.B Deodhar had long careers in the game. What unique feat connects the careers of the two men? What statistical feat connects Reggie Duff with Bill Ponsford, Greg Chappell, and Mohd. Azharuddin. What two other names would turn the list in which these men feature into an exhaustive one?


It’s happened on more than 90 times now. The first instance of this was when England played the two matches of Ashes in 1893. The last time they managed it was in the Centenary Test at Melbourne in 1976-77. The record for a match stands at 20 in the England Australia Test at Lord’s in 1953. What’s being talked about?


George Griffin was handicapped by an accident when he was just a schoolboy. It left him unable to fully move his right arm properly. His cricket career was cut short because of the same reason. He remained unfazed though and represented his state in multiple sports. He is best remembered by cricketing aficionados due to a unique feat. What was his feat?

41. 42.

What connects England’s Alf Gover to Gavin Stevens and Australian cricketer Sean Abbott?

Hans Ebling played a solitary Test for Australia in 1934 before he took to administration where he went on to become the President of the Melbourne Cricket Club. He was the brainchild behind something that happened in 1977. What was this idea that was attributed to him?


Harry Calder’s Wisden story is unique. He became Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1918, the first time the honor was given after the Great War. Calder soon went off of the cricketing radar and when he was tracked down in 1994, he was declared the longest surviving Wisden Cricketer. However, Calder also revealed that he did not know he had ever been a Cricketer of the Year. However, there is still something more unique about Harry Calder that separates him from all the recipients of this honor. What?


He was one of the most gifted pioneering athletes of India. He not only represented India in cricket and tennis, but was also proficient in field hockey, soccer, table tennis, chess, and polo. He was nicknamed “Rainbow ____” because of his expertise in these seven sports. He represented India at the Davis Cup in 1924 and 1925, and also at Wimbledon for five years and in 1926 reached the quarterfinals in doubles.


He was one of the first Indians to compete as a tennis player at the 1924 Olympics. He scored the first ever century in the Ranji Trophy in the inaugural season and was the treasurer of the Indian team on their tour of England in 1936 and also played in several matches. He was also on the team in the unofficial Test match series against the Australians led by Jack Ryder. Name this legend.


Which cricketer who passed away in the Battle of Bullecourt aged 21 years holds the record for the highest FC average courtesy a knock of 207 in his only First Class appearance?


Although Bodyline generated enough controversy in 1932 itself, it was continued to be used till much later. In 1934, when West Indies arrived to play England, they were unhappy to see that England had prepared soft pitches to reduce the effectiveness of their fast bowling. In response, Captain Jackie Grant ordered his bowlers X and Constantine to use Bodyline tactics. X was an instant success, troubling the whole English batting line up and getting Hammond to retire after hitting him on the chin, finally ending with 5/73. While the rest struggled against X and Constantine, Y notched up a century against the intimidatory bowling, the only one of his career. Who are X and Y?


Scoring a ton and picking up a fifer in the same match is a feat that is achieved rarely in Test Cricket. Playing for Yorkshire against Somerset in Bath in 1906, X, however, went one better when he scored 111 and 117 not out with the bat and returned with figures of 6 for 70 and 5 for 45 with the ball. Such a double has never been achieved in cricket after that. Who is this English county great?


After more than a century of denial, acknowledgment finally came in 2004 due to increasing pressure from political and sporting circles. As a result The ________ flag was flown at major cricket grounds and offices on May 12th, 2006. The 14-members were assigned individual player numbers. They were also inducted in the national Hall of Fame in 2002. What group were given their due recognition this way?


On the list of batsmen who have scored centuries in both the innings of a Test, how do Jack Moroney, Wajahtullah Wasti, Peter Fulton and Yasir Hameed form a little club of their own?


In December 1953, Bob Blair received news that his fiancée, Nerissa Love, had been killed in the Tangiwai railway disaster on Christmas Eve. Blair was not expected to bat when his turn came on Boxing Day, as an announcement had been made that he would take no further part in the game. However, with his team at 154/9, when X started to walk back to the pavilion he came out to join him.Sadly, Blair’s show of emotional courage has got overshadowed in time by X’s show of physical bravery, an image that still lives on in cricket. Who is X and what’s the popular image?




A Barbados cricketer named B.B.B Yearwood played 2 FC matches, 2LA matches, and 2T20s from 2003 to 2009. His parents named him after an English Batsman, a Swedish Tennis Player and a World Cup-winning Football captain (in that order). What’s the complete name of this cricketer?


He was offered cash to repeat his actions from a 1975 Test at the Grand National and at Wimbledon but turned all offers down, returning to the comparatively quiet life in ships’ kitchens. He was later quoted as saying “It wasn’t something I was going to make a career out of. It isn’t something you put on your CV.” Who is this person who didn’t play the game but gave cricket one of its iconic images?


About which phrase did Bill Frindall once write the following? “It infuriates me when I hear commentators reveal their ignorance by using this trite phrase. Whenever it has occurred in the TMS box I have usually reprimanded the culprit. The fall of a wicket produces a major pressure point in any scoring system except perhaps the original ones involving notching a stick or putting leaves into an old hat.”


Post-1950, what are these the only six instances of? Mar 12-17, 1977 Aug 28- Sep 2, 1980 Jan 29- Feb 2, 1987 Dec 14-19, 1979 Jan4-8, 1980 Feb 1-6, 1980


In 2013, a former English cricketer was ordered to pay £250 in costs and a £15 victim surcharge after pleading guilty to harassing his ex-wife by displaying a picture of his ex-wife and one of a witch in his vehicle alongside the words “Which is Witch?“ As a matter of fact, this cricketer held an obscure record related to ODI batting averages from 1989 to 2007. What unwanted record that is held by David Boon in ODIs and Morne Van Wyk in T20Is hasn’t changed hands in Tests since it was created in 1977 by a Pakistani opener against England?




As the 1964 Manchester Test was coming to an end, in a rare sight, the English fans started cheering for Aussie off-spinner Tom Vievers. Reminiscing about the day, he says “Even the English players were behind me. Wally Grout at one stage said to Umpire Syd Buller ‘Don’t you dare give anyone out unless we appeal’ Eventually, late into the day, seeing a very loose ball from the offie, tailender John Price swung his bat at it only to get out bowled.What and whose record was Vievers chasing? While you’re at it, tell me how does England’s Tom Cartwright is related to that record?


West Indies vs India 1970-71 in Jamaica England vs Pakistan 2001 in Lord’s

Due to something that happened on the first day of the two matches, a rare cricket law 13.3, introduced in 1914, was applied. What aspect of Test cricket is the law related to and what does it say?


A ruthless detective sergeant in Queensland’s drug squad who had no qualms in using ‘rough and unacceptable tactics in clearing streets and public places of hoons, vandals and all manner of loud-mouthed louts’, he offended most Englishmen and almost caused a diplomatic row when he asked for the evidence of a misdeed of Trevor Guy, whose photograph with X is an infamous one in the history of the game. X later dedicated a chapter in his book titled Bitter Rows with _______ _(name of the person in question)_. Who is X and who is the detective sergeant?


The subject of the book ‘Howzat’ by Grahame Loyd was found by a 17-year-old Richard Lewis on 31 August 1968 nearby St Helen’s Avenue who duly returned it to the ground without realizing its worth. In 2006, Lewis’ discovery sold for £26,400 with a certificate of provenance signed by X. However, Y, another person associated with the item in question, claimed that the sale was fraudulent and wrote to Christie’s, suggesting that they made a mistake. Given how we know of him till today, his testimony seems stronger. Who are the two men in question?


On 5th January 1971, English Umpire Charlie Elliott who umpired in 42 Tests, found himself in a unique role. While the umpiring duties in the match between England and Australia were handled by Tom Brooks and Lou Rowan, Charlie Elliot had a different responsibility, a responsibility that no other umpire had any experience in at the international level. His job, however, was made easier by England’s John Edrich. What was Charlie Elliott’s special responsibility on that day?


He made his debut against England in the final Test of 1981 Ashes. After scoring 24 in the first innings, he reached to 99 quickly in the second but it took him 25 minutes more to bring up his century, which ate up valuable time as Hughes couldn’t have a go at the English openers in the last hour of the play and the Test ended as a draw. The batsman was subsequently dropped from Australia’s next match. Who was the batsman?Which record did he create in the match which he only shares with two Indians?


Paul Bogle was a Jamaican Baptist who led the 1865 Morant Bay protesters on a march for justice and fair treatment for people in Jamaica which led to him being hanged before he became a national hero. In 2011, X, after being hastily called up from the USA and honored amidst fanfare, committed the mistake of indirectly comparing himself to Bogle in a radio interview where he indicated that he hoped for a similar fate as Bogle. This irked the Jamaicans and the honor was distastefully withdrawn soon leading X to sue Jamaica Cricket Association. Who is X and what honor was given and taken away in a bizarre manner?


When West Indies toured England in 1966, their tour lasted for more than five months, stretching from May to September. It would have been a little shorter had it not been for more than a month’s gap between the Third Test and the Fourth Test. What was the cause of such a long gap between the two Tests?



What words follow?

Lillie’s pounding down like a machine. Pascoe’s making divots in the green. Marsh is takin’ wickets. Hooksie’s clearing pickets. And the Chappells’ eyes have got that killer gleam. Mr. Walker’s playing havoc with the bats. Redpath, it’s good to see ya back. Laird is making runs. Dougie’s chewing gum. And Gilmore’s wielding willow like an axe.


In Australia’s limited over cricket tournament that began in 196970, three teams apart from the six state-based teams played for different periods of time. Two of them were ACT Comets and Cricket Australia XI. Which was the third team that participated in five tournaments, won three of them and finished runners up in the other two?


Due to his parsimonious nature, what nickname did English cricketer David Steele earn? Hint – Think of an idiom and what he wouldn’t do because of being parsimonious.


When Anurag Thakur became the BCCI President last year, many media houses wrongly reported him to be the youngest to take over that post. That feat, however, belongs to X who served as the BCCI President from 1963 to 1966. While you’re at it, also tell us with which team did India compete, albeit briefly, for a trophy named after him?


X had a brief but stellar career where he took more than a hundred wickets at an average below 25 in Tests. However, he also found himself on the wrong side of two of the worst last overs in ODIs. He was the bowler who conceded 18 runs to Y in 1987 at the SCG when his team was defending and he was also the batsman who failed to score 2 runs off the final over of Z in Hobart in 1990. Who are X, Y and Z?


The Primary club is a cricketers’ charity in the United Kingdom that raises money to provide sports and recreational facilities for the visually impaired. It was started in 1955 by four slightly inebriated young bachelors, depressed by their own performance with the bat. It gained a lot of prominence when Brian Johnston started talking about it on TMS in the 70s. And gradually it became a tradition for TMS staff, who were members of the Primary Club, to wear their Primary Club tie to the studios. What is the simple criterion of being a member of the Primary Club?


The following are someone’s performances in a World Cup.

Vs India – 6 runs required, conceded 4 Vs New Zealand – 7 runs required, conceded 3 Vs Pakistan – Scored 16 off the final over to take the team’s total to 267 Vs England – Bowled the 49th over with 21 required, conceded only 2 and took the danger man out

What nickname did they earn him?


While South Africa dons pink jerseys once in a year, no other international team has gone for that color for their jerseys since the introduction of colored clothing in cricket. However, in the World Series Cricket in the late ’70s, a team representing X wore jerseys of Coral Pink color that was shocking to many. In the words of a noted commentator from the region, “It’s a color which carries strong homosexual overtones in the region”. Which team?


In the 1987 World Cup, X saw his team staring down the barrel at 104-7 chasing 243 before he made a 118 run partnership with Iain Butchart. When X was on 142 and his team close to overhauling the target, X was caught at long on by Y. The spectacular catch by Y ensured his team won a thriller by 3 runs. Identify X and Y.


X had a stellar record as an English captain as in his 7 Tests as skipper, he had won six and drawn one. But it ended abruptly due to a county fixture between Yorkshire and Warwickshire in which he led Yorkshire and Warwickshire had been set 142 to win in 100 minutes. When the match ended, Warwickshire were 133 for 5, nine runs short of victory, and the match was drawn. However, Yorkshire managed to bowl only 24

overs, with only two being bowled in the last 15 minutes. MCC saw this as unacceptable time-wasting and gamesmanship and overruled the selectors who picked him as captain and replaced him immediately. Thus ended the captaincy of one of the bravest men in cricket. Who is this former English captain?


Roger Davis had a 14-year long county career for Glamorgan spanning from 1964 to 1978. He became headline news in 1971 when a ball hit him on the side of the head while he was fielding in the dangerous “short leg” position, causing his heart and breathing to stop. He is also remembered (or forgotten) for a catch that he took at long off early in his career which was disallowed as he fell over the boundary in the process. Interestingly, it was only due to a new rule introduced in 1968 that the catch had been disallowed. Had it not been for the rule, what could Roger Davis have stopped from happening?


Born in Durban, X played 8 Tests from 1983-86. While his debut wasn’t auspicious, as he was bowled first ball by Hadlee, he recovered well to have a decent 1983 but wasn’t picked for the tour to West Indies in 84. He added one more Test to his name in 1986. Two years later, his brother made his debut and ended up having a distinguished international career with over 60 Tests and 70 ODIs. Who are these two brothers?


The first of the three words is the name of the father, the second, as was customary, a word derived from the bible. The third word told the story of how Ilikena returned alive from the hospital at the village of Nakula on Lakeba Island in the province of Lau. And hence, a peculiar record. Who am I talking about? And what’s the record in question?


West Indies tour to India in 1966 brought X to his last journey to the subcontinent, and although he wasn’t playing, his charisma and crucial interventions in a series hit by controversies brought him many fans. One of them was a foodie named Amarjit. The story goes Amarjit had a stopover at Beirut during one of his journeys, where he ate the something that he found so tasty that on returning to India, he at once gave it an Indian tweak and started selling it. It was an instant success. When it came to naming his invention, he remembered his favorite cricketer and

named it ________. Identify the cricketer and Amarjit’s much popular recipe.


Paul Terry had a 2 match Test career that began and finished against West Indies in 1984. His final appearance at the highest level was a strange looking one and one that came in defeat. It, however, remains largely forgotten while something similar done by Malcolm Marshall in the previous Test continues to be remembered and written about.


X’s name is most famously associated with two catches. One that he took of Y playing an unorthodox shot on 8th November 1987, his only contribution in a match that marked the highest point of his career. The other was a catch that he falsely claimed of Z on 26th December 1987 the media and public reaction to which is said to have affected him, even leading him to write a letter of apology to Z. Y’s country’s media came up with headlines of ‘____ the Liar’ and the controversy surrounding the catch resulted in W, with an experience of 6 FC matches getting a nod ahead of him when his team went on the next away tour. Identify all the cricketers in question.


“When I got my highest Test score, 97 in Adelaide, it was over 100 degrees every day. In the end, I’d been in that long, I was a bit knackered and knew I’d nicked it down the leg side, so off I went. But there was only a stifled appeal from behind the wicket. To add insult to injury, the umpire, Max O’Connell, came into the dressing room at the close of play and said, “Thanks for walking,___. I wouldn’t have given you out .”Who is talking about his highest score in 57 Tests?


During his time, he was the youngest Australian to take 100 first-class wickets with his slow-medium bowling, first to take it before the age of 21. He even played a couple of ODIs for Australia, both coming in the 1987 World Cup. Persistent shoulder problems, however, cut his career short and he was forced to retire aged just 23. Who is this cricketer?


With 22 wickets in 5 Tests and 44 scalps in 25 ODIS, X was statistically one of the most impressive bowlers of his time. But his injuries and Ian


Bishop’s rise meant his career remained short. Who, whose Google image searches mostly throw up photos of a former English captain?


Due to lack of resources with the team, what did Frasat Ali of East Africa do throughout his international career that has become commonplace in the 21st century, especially in shorter formats? Interestingly, the two names who have done this on most occasions didn’t play beyond 2000.

35. 36.

When the English cricket team toured the subcontinent in 196162, what did they do between their first and second Test against Pakistan? Although now this 1978 Test match is famous for Botham deliberately running out Boycott, it had another interesting bit of interaction between Botham and X. While X has no recollection of it, Botham claims that when coming out to bat, he warned X “Be careful what you do son, you have already died in a Test match once.” This was, in fact, a reply to a warning by X that he’ll do to Botham that he did to the batsman he was replacing which was then only the third such occurrence. Who is X and what was he threatening Botham with?


About the India vs West Indies match held at Bangalore in 1978, Wisden wrote “At the end of the fourth day, West Indies, with only two wickets in hand, were 266 ahead. Had play gone on the next day, it would have been with a second new ball that had been used for only five overs. It was a situation that promised a gripping last day’s cricket.” What non cricketing reason ensured that no play took place on the 5th day?


In the 1977 match against Pakistan, Geoff Cope came close to a rare achievement when he had Iqbal Qasim caught at slip by Brearley and the umpire gave him out. However, as Qasim started walking off, Brearley, uncertain of the validity of the catch, recalled him. What achievement was he deprived of?


‘I could never _____ ____ ________ __ ____ ____ again‘. This statement became popular as Ian Botham’s reason to not go on Rebel tours to South Africa. Botham got enormous mileage out of that one, and his image as a boy’s own hero was enhanced. “That comment,” Botham later wrote in his autobiography, “made in good faith and sent to all the newspapers was attributed to be in a statement prepared on my behalf by [the journalist] Reg Hayter, which I never saw.” What was the comment?


He has often described himself as the ‘straight breaker’ due to his inability to turn the ball much despite being a leg spinner. One statistic used by him to demonstrate his lack of penetration with the ball is that he is the bowler with the highest percentage of wickets out ‘caught’ in the history of Test match cricket (44 out of 53 wickets, 84%). Who is the cricketer who one authored a book titled ‘Turn, Turn, Turn… Please’ to take a dig at his own bowling?



When Ian Botham was dismissed in the 1992 World Cup final, Aamer Sohail famously sledged and asked about the woman, “Who’s coming in next? Your ______?” This was a jibe at a controversial statement Botham had made in a radio interview after returning from the 1984 Pakistan tour. What was the infamous statement? How did he make amends in 2000-2001?


When Pakistan toured New Zealand in 1972, the final Test of the three-match Test series at the Eden Park saw the 134th instance of something, the first of which happened in 1906. This concept made a comeback when South Africa played their Boxing Day Test in 2017 as an experiment by ICC. However, the result meant that ICC didn’t have much to derive conclusions from. What is being talked about?


With Mumbai facing a title drought in the ‘80s, a bowling academy was opened to scout local talent. Nari Contractor got the services of an English literature graduate from Durham University’s Hatfield College who had taken to teaching English, French, and History at the Carey Baptist Grammar School in Melbourne. X did a great job and helped unearth the likes of Kuruvilla, Mhambrey, and Ankola who revived Mumbai’s fortunes and finally helped Mumbai win the trophy under Shastri in 1993-94. Who is this student of Literature who is said to have soothed tormented batsmen with verses on his follow through?

Peter Philpott had a largely undistinguished career where he played 8 Tests for Australia without much success. A coaching assignment landed up in his lap in the early ’80s which brought him back on the field to bowling leg spinners. What was this job about that made Philpott the only cricketer to do something?


Angus Loughran is a racing pundit and journalist who rose to fame playing Clive ‘Statto’ Cohen, the resident statistician on the 1990s BBC2 TV show Fantasy Football League. His tryst with Cricket includes his actions as a 15-year-old kid when he came out at the Oval in a 1982 match vs India with a stool to protest something? What was he protesting against?



While X was the odd one out in a certain way in a group of five, few people know that it was a forced oddity. It was forcibly instilled when he was growing up because of the way the rest were in his group. To achieve their purpose, the rest in the group tied his one hand behind his back when he used to play cricket as a kid. Who is X? How was he different from the ‘group’?


X had 36 Test 5 wicket hauls and till 2015 possessed all of those balls with which those fifers were taken except one. The only ball missing was the one from the 1987 Boxing Day Test where he had taken 10 wickets and came very close to helping his team level the series. However, No.11 Y stole X’s thunder by playing out the final over of the Test bowled by X and helped his team steal a draw and win the series. The wicket-keeper walked up to Y and gave him the ball saying, “You’ve earned this, you’ve deserved it.” In 2015, on March 27th Y handed over the ball to X finally. Who are X and Y?


X represented Pakistan in 8 Tests and 16 ODIs in the ’80s. He holds a dubious record in ODIs that was created in 1980 on his debut. While his career remains largely forgotten, his name became very popular in India in 2001 due to a superhit movie that was banned in his country. What record does he hold? What’s his ‘infamous’ name?

score a century in an innings. Solve for X, Y, and Z.


X was selected to play for Australia by Sir Donald Bradman. He made his debut in the final Test of an Ashes full of controversy. He ended up with more wickets than Dennis Lillee in the match and was also the batsman on the crease when the Ashes was lost. However, this cricketer, who played one more Test in his career, claims to remember little of his debut or Test career because of the remnant of something that he was the only cricketer to have been involved in three years before his debut. Who is he and what was he involved in?


Rated by Trevor Bailey as the most formidable English batsman without a Test cricket cap, Peter Marner played 414 FC matches for Lancashire and Leicestershire. His name in the record books, however, is due to his performance in a List A match in May 1963 when he became a beneficiary of innovation started by Gillette, something that was still not a practice outside Rugby, where it had started in mid-1940’s as a tribute to Lance Todd. What first is associated with Peter Marner in cricket?


In 1977, when England played Australia in an ODI at the Oval on 6th June, the United Kingdom was preparing for celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee which was on the next day. How did that have a significant impact on the way the second innings pan out, which in normal circumstances wouldn’t have happened?


All Blacks Rugby Team’s Bryan Williams and Sid Going, and Australia’s former number 1 tennis player Evonne Goolagong Cawley were bestowed upon with a certain not so honorable honor in the 70s. 18 more men joined these sportsmen in 1982? Who were these 18 men? What ‘honor’ is being talked about?


This Australian cricketer after his 30 Test career became a popular television personality in the 90s in the ‘Mahatma Cote’ avatar where he acted as a cricket tragic that also offended many for racial stereotyping. He was effectively banned by his board from appearing at its functions over the 2012-13 season. This was after another performance during a Test that resulted in allegations of racism from the South African cricket team. Who is this cricketer?


Robert Carr was a 20th Century British Conservative Party politician who was the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom from 1972 to 1974. Later in life, he would also go on to become the President of Surrey cricket club. Where (or doing what) have most Indians seen him?


What did England’s Tony Piggot have to postpone since it was clashing with his debut Test (for which he had got a surprise call) that West Indies’ Clyde Butts did in the middle of his debut Test? Why can’t Butts’ feat (if it can be called so) may never be repeated again?



On 24th October 1969 playing against New Zealand, Xs (A+B) became the second set of brothers to open the innings since Ys. On 24th October 1976 playing against New Zealand, Xs (B+C) became the second set of brothers after Zs to


Greg Mathews has often claimed that X and not Dean Jones was the real hero of the Tied Test. He claims that the 33-year old X was very sick but when Border called, he respected his skipper’s call of duty. “I can’t believe that this 33-yearold had just hit the deck. He gives his cap and takes three wickets. We were back in the game. No one ever talks about it. No ____, no tie, we lose.”Seeing X take the field, he also did something in the match that would have made no sense to anyone present there. But he reveals that it was a psychological ploy. Ricky Ponting also did something similar during his century in Barbados, but that had to with superstition.


Having represented his country in Hockey in the 50s, Jasmer Singh Grewal turned his focus to cricket and popularized cricket in the region in the next 50 years of his life. He established the Menzeer Quadrangular trophy in the region and became the only one from his country to be awarded Honorary Life Membership of the M.C.C in 1992 and a life time recognition award by the ICC in 2005. Apart from that, he managed two teams, one in 1975 and the other in 1996. Which two teams did Grewal manage?

ing from long leg while Eddie Hemmings was bowling. Although not associated with him generally, he recovered from the controversy well to post his highest score of 98 in the next Test. Who is X and what controversy was he involved in?


Although he himself could achieve only 8 of them, Graham Gooch, when he joined as the Batting Coach to the England team exhorted his batsmen to achieve ______ _________. And that’s how the two word phrase has entered common parlance in cricket, especially Test Cricket. Alistair Cook told the media six years ago, “The phrase comes from Goochie, he doesn’t really count anything under ____. The phrase haunted Virat Kohli’s Test career until last year. What’s the phrase Gooch has coined/ popularised?


Having made his FC debut for Tasmania in 1981-82, X was on the verge of a record in 1988 which was last achieved by Richard Hadlee, for which he needed more than 200 runs in his team’s last game of the season. However, not too many backed him to get it for he hadn’t made a single century for his county. But not only did he make scores of 111 and 117 in the match, he also finished with 10 wickets. Which cricketer and which record was he chasing?


Playing for Natal against Transvaal in a Currie Cup match in 1964, Jackie McGlew took the wicket of Tony Tillim to wrap up the innings and then in the next innings, he got Ian Fullerton and Gerald Innes with his first two balls. This way he achieved a rare split hat trick. However, among all those who have taken a hat trick in First Class, McGlew himself stands out in a very unique way. How?


Much like Steve Smith, even X started his career as a leg spinning all rounder and picked Richard Hadlee as his first wicket in 1976 in his first Test. He picked 13 wickets in his first 6 matches but finished with 17 in 122 matches. He had more prolific numbers with the ball in FC cricket where he had 191 wickets at 34 with a best of 7/39. Who?


He was asked to not bowl a bouncer to the opposition captain by his skipper. Yet he did and was duly reprimanded for it. He missed a straight forward run out opportunity in the same over and then dropped the easiest of catches. Still, his over remains etched in the history of the game. Who is the bowler and the events of which over have been described?


X was the leading wicket-keeper of South Africa during their isolation period and would have definitely played Tests had it not been for the isolation. When South Africa returned to the fold he was expected to be handed the gloves, even though he was then 38, as much as a reward for his service as anything, but the selectors opted to pick Dave Richardson. Thus, it must have been of some relief to him when his son made his Test debut in 2016 and scored a ton. Who is X and his son?



He was one of the many English cricketers who was hailed as the ‘new Botham’ before fizzling out. In only his third match, he was at the center of a controversy that resulted from his walk-


Following the incident with the receptionist at the hotel ahead of India’s fifth test against England in 1962, Kripal Singh and Subhash Gupte were dropped for disciplinary reasons which effectively ended their careers. This also resulted in someone being drafted into the squad just a couple of days before the Test. This player would play only two Tests before returning to engineering and would resume his career 5 years later. Who got his lucky break because of this incident?


X’s first tour to India in 1976 was an ill-tempered affair during which the visitors were unhappy with the umpiring. In the final Test, X frustratingly flung a bail at the umpire after Anshuman Gaekwad wasn’t ruled out hit-wicket. To make things worse, the heat and humidity contributed to him falling violently ill ten minutes into the game, and kept him off the field for a day and a half. He swore that he would never return to the subcontinent. He kept his word and even went on to give the 1987 World Cup a miss. But X finally did come back in 1988 in pursuit of a record and achieved the record within 18 minutes of the first match he played. Who is this cricketer? What record did he come chasing in 1988?


Leigh Kasperek is an off-spinner in the New Zealand woman’s cricket team while Neil Mallender was an unfortunate English bowler who took 8 wickets in his first Test but was dropped after one more Test. Both Kasperek and Mallender share the same nickname. While Kasperek has her surname to blame for the nickname, in case of Mallender, it was his almost albino complexion that got him that nickname. What was the common nickname?


The 1974 Organisation of the Islamic Conference was held in the backdrop of growing bonhomie among the Islamic nations after they had scored a victory against the West by causing the Oil Crisis of 1973. Notable names of the Islamic world gathered to show solidarity with the host nation. One of them also spoke in support of the host nation’s nuclear programme. What was the result of it seen in the world of cricket?


There were two rebel tours from his country to South Africa during South Africa’s cricketing isolation and he was on both of those tours. While many were banned for life for doing the same, this cricketer, a veteran of 64 Tests, had the good fortune of getting amnesty from his board on both the occasions and coming back to represent his country as well. Who was this lucky fellow?


X was the father of Y who played 15 Tests, 3 less than his son. Their Best Bowling in an Innings was a six for and came against the same opposition almost four decades apart. Both had their brief but successful careers curtailed by injuries. Apart from his bowling, X is known for playing out the all crucial final over in the final Test against West Indies in 1967-68 where his team was in danger of giving up the 1-0 lead and with it the trophy. Y, on the other hand, is known for one series that his team won against a particular opposition after 16 years. Who is the father and son pair?


Rusi Surti warned X about the bowler’s action which he thought wasn’t legal. However, his captain shunted him down because it was distracting him. He told him that instead of shouting across the wicket, he should report it to the umpire. That, he now recalls, caused the loss of concentration. What did that result in?


Albeit an aberration in 1969-70, this seems to be the most plausible explanation for this – There were 6 Tests in the 1974-75 Ashes and, thus, in order to fit them all in one overall schedule, a certain modern tradition was started. What’s the tradition?


Issued on January 18, 1962, the world’s first cricket stamp came from the Portuguese colony of CapeVerde, now an independent nation.  The first stamp to be released from a test playing nation happened a couple of months later though. Which country was this, whose name was inscribed in English, Urdu & Bengali on the same?



Quiver Full of Arrows is a 1980 collection of twelve short stories by British writer and politician Jeffrey Archer. One of the stories, titled “The Century” revolves around the protagonist, an unnamed Oxonian who has an ambition to succeed as a cricketer for Oxford and follow his famous father’s footsteps. The aforementioned character is in fact based on a real-life cricketer, someone who Archer adored & looked up to throughout. Who?


Raquibul Hassan played 2 ODIs in 1985-86 in the Asia Cup before he became involved with the Bangladesh Cricket Board from behind the scenes. He even served as the tournament director of the Under-19 World Cup in 2004. What unique distinction does he hold as a Bangladeshi cricketer?


Quite surprisingly, after 20 years of the initial development, the England touring team did this for final time during the 1996-97 tour of New Zealand. What is being discussed and how would one relate it to the J&W Nicholson and Co. Ltd.?


In the North Zone vs West Zone Duleep Trophy final in 1990-91, one of Indian cricket’s most controversial incidents ensued: One of India’s one Test wonder had been needling X throughout the match and the tempers snapped on the final afternoon. “It was senseless, yet far from unprovoked,” wrote Wisden, as another beamer was aimed at X’s then followed by uprooting a stump and chasing a stunned batsman all the way to the boundary. A crowd riot ensued, unsurprisingly, and both the men were banned for their actions. Who were the two cricketers involved in this incident?

the Indian wicket-keeper. Who is this famous cricketer?


The late 1980’s were turbulent times for English cricket. In 1988, they went to the Caribbean and were thrashed 4-0. In the five match series, the English captaincy changed hands four times, leading this disastrous campaign to be mocked as ‘Summer of Four Captains’ in the English media. Just name the four Englishmen who led the team in that series.


John Guy played 12 tests for New Zealand from 1955 to 1961. After an unremarkable career in cricket, he joined Newbery Bats. There he developed a unique looking bat which looked like a cross between a club and a baseball bat named X. X was used to brutal effect in the 1970s and 80’s by its most famous user Y. What was the bat called and which Kiwi cricketer wielded it famously?


X is one of those very few batsmen to have a century and a double century in the same test to his name. After achieving it once in 1971, X came close to an encore in 1979 when he followed his 107 in the first innings with 182 not out in the second. As a captain, he declared the innings when he was 18 runs short of a double to give his team enough time to win the Test. Unfortunately, on his return to pavilion, he was welcomed with pelting and booing. Who is this cricketer?


She is considered one of the greatest woman cricketers of all time. In the St.Kilda Test against England in 1957-58, she became the first cricketer, male or female, to score a century and take a 10-wicket haul in the same test. Imran Khan and Ian Botham emulated that record years later. Name the cricketer. Who is she?


An Australian bowler who played only 5 tests, between 1950-51, where he picked 21 wickets with a best of 6/27 in an innings came back to public memory in 2008 for a particular reason. Who is the cricketer and the emergence of which other cricketer brought him back to public consciousness in the late 2000s?



This famous cricketer’s complete name is Syed X Y Kirmani. However, he was known only by his middle-names X Y, and had no relation with


X didn’t his six sixes in an over, yet hit six sixes off six balls -4 sixes off first over’s last 4 balls, the batsman at other end played out the next over maiden and he hit the first two balls of the next over off the same bowler for sixes, making it six out of six. Besides the famed names of Sobers, Shastri etc., he stands the only one to have done so in FC. But since the sixes didnt come in an over, his feat is often forgotten. Who is this South African giant?


West Indies tour to India in 1966 brought X to his last journey to the subcontinent, and although he wasn’t playing, his charisma and crucial interventions in a series hit by controversies brought him many fans. One of them was a foodie named Amarjit. The story goes Amarjit had a stopover at Beirut during one of his journeys, where he ate the something that he found so tasty that on returning to India, he at once gave it an Indian tweak and started selling it. It was an instant success. When it came to naming his invention, he remembered his favorite cricketer and named it ________. Identify the cricketer and Amarjit’s much popular recipe.


The Delhi test of 1984 against England has become popular in quizzing circles for Kapil Dev’s rash shot which got him dropped and broke the sequence of what could have been the longest career without missing a match. However, the same match proved to be the last match of 28-year-old X who had scored a century a match ago and had decent scores of 31 and 40 in the Delhi test. Whose career thus prematurely ended?


A landscape consultant who moved to Kenya in the late 1950s, his World Cup career was a cameo in hindsight. He was 43 when his team was invited, thus eventually he played in just two matches, went wicketless in both, and sadly never played a List A match again. How is this cricketer connected to a 1983 World Cup winner?


On September 6, 1959, X, Y and medium-fast bowler Tom Dewdney met after their respective Lancashire League games and were all set to travel through the night to London to take part in a charity match the following day. They waited for Z to turn up, but living up to his fickle minded reputation, Z made the three wait and didn’t turn up after which the three decide to drive to London in their car. What happened next? Also, Give X and Y.


With a First Class career spanning almost two decades, he played illustriously for Gloucestershire and Northamptonshire until retiring towards the end of the last century. His most famous performance on the World Cup stage is, however, lost perhaps in the glory of someone who overshadowed his effort and also for a different non-cricketing reason. Who is the cricketer? How did his best performance get lost/overshadowed?


James Ngoche (debut: 2010), Shem Ngoche (debut: 2010), Nehemiah Odhiambo (debut: 2006) and Lameck Onyango (debut: 1996) of Kenya are four brothers from the same family who have played ODIs. However, they are only the second family to have as many as 4 brothers playing ODIs. The first instance was of a family which had the 4 brothers making their ODI debut in 1982, 1989, 1993 and 1994. What’s the surname?



Yorkshire and England wicketkeeper in the 90s Simon Guy once suffered a fractured cheekbone early in his career. The result was this grotesque looking helmet cum mask. Talking about it, the wicket-keeper said ‘I use it mostly for one-day cricket when you’re standing up to guys bowling at 70 or 75mph. ‘When batsmen are playing all kinds of sweep shots you’re going to take one in the face eventually. It’s my livelihood and I can’t afford that.’ What nickname did he earn due to his strange looking helmet?


Written by David Tossell, the book titled ________ focuses on the Test series between England and the West Indies of 1976, when England skipper Tony Greig made the mistake of taunting the tourists. The foreword of the book is actually a transcript of an interview of Tony Greig that he gave to BBC1 on June 2 in 1976 before the tour where he used an infamous word which formed the title of the book when he said, When they’re on top, they’re magnificent cricketers. But when they’re down, they _______” What’s the title of the book?


His final Test was the Centenary Test between England and Australia at Lord’s in 1980. Following the public announcement and the close of play, the entire Australian team in the field and the two England batsman joined in the ovation, with the image of Geoffrey Boycott removing his batting gloves to applaud sticking over the years. Who are we talking about?



The ‘Man in the Middle’ is an autobiography of X which he wrote early in his cricketing career in 1980. The autobiography explores the cricketer’s struggle in England and his difficulty in making a choice as to which country to choose to play for at the senior level. Eventually, he choose to not play for England and built a successful career. Which cricketer?


‘Who writes your scripts?’ is a famous question asked by someone after someone took the wicket of Jeff Crowe in 1986. Who are the two gentlemen involved? What prompted the questioner to ask this question?


When Baseball was chosen as a demonstration sports in the 1956 Olympics, this cricketer was selected to play for Australia but was ruled ineligible because he had received expenses as a Sheffield Shield cricketer while playing for New South Wales. Who is he?


Bernard Thomas, the English team Physiotherapist in the 70’s and 80’s, who is also famous for having saved the life of Ewen Chatfield when the latter was struck by a Peter Lever bouncer, had represented Great Britain in which sport in Olympics?


Currently a football stadium for one of the ISL teams, this stadium was used for cricket from 1956 to 1965 and saw 9 matches hosted here when it used to have a different name. The first fixture here saw a world record being erected which came under threat in 2006 and was eventually toppled 52 year later in 2008 in a South Africa vs Bangladesh fixture. Which stadium? What was the record?


X and Y are two wicketkeepers from the same country but from different eras. X played only 54 Tests but had 78 catches and a whopping 52 stumpings, the most by any Test wicketkeeper. Y, on the other hand, played 96 Tests to take 343 catches but affected only 12 stumpings throughout his career. Who are these two cricketers?



“I was focused on X bowling. It all happened in a split second with the six and I was focused on X because he was throwing his arm band on the pitch and was quite dejected, then Y popped into the frame and it happened. The whole match, both teams had so much respect for each other. It was nice to illustrate that.” Getty images photographer Hannah Carters talking about which iconic image from 2015 World Cup?


Lionell Cann was a hard-hitting all-rounder from Bermuda who retired with a SR of 117 and hit 29 sixes in 26 appearances for Bermuda. He is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar. In fact before India’s World Cup 2007 tie with Bermuda, his captain jokingly said in the press, “Right now I’m hoping Tendulkar does not hit a catch to him because he will probably drop it to watch him bat.”


While four cricketers have hit six boundaries in an over, the longest streak of boundaries in Tests is of seven. This happened when X broke loose against Pakistan, first hitting 5 fours and a six off an over from Younus Khan and then followed it up with another four off Fazl-e-Akbar’s bowling on the next ball he faced. X got out on 98 on the next ball though, caught at point boundary by Waqar Younis. Who is this cricketer?


A portmanteau of two rather contradictory words, this word, whose coining is credited to a certain Dave Tickner, captures an annoying practice of Stuart Broad, who remains one of the most prominent cricketers to do it. What’s the word?


When this person came to this country seeking asylum, his case looked thin on paper. Govt briefing documents reveal that the department thought his case was “borderline” from the beginning and was worried it “may result in an adverse impact” on other asylum seekers “who apply through the normal channels”.

What personal non cricketing thing did he do in 2005 that when repeated by a South African in 2015 made a lot of news in India?


Having been selected to play in the Test against West Indies, X found himself in a fix as his wedding date coincided with the second day of the Test match. X arranged for a helicopter to take him from the ground to the church where he got married an hour after the scheduled close of play. Interestingly, X returned on Day 3 to dismiss Brian Lara twice on the same day. Eventually, X ended up dismissing Lara 8 times in 6 Tests. Who’s this Lara tormentor?


There have been 15 partnerships of over 500 runs in First Class Cricket. Only two men have been involved twice in such partnerships. One is West Indies legend Sir Frank Worrell. The other on the list is an Indian. In the first instance, he shared a 539 run partnership with Sagar Jogiyani. Next time he was involved in a 520* stand with one of his India teammate. Who is this Indian?

However, thanks to a situation where the country desperately needed a player in a particular department, he is said to have received special treatment from both major political parties in the country due to pressure from the cricket establishment. His Test appearances, however, remain zero till 2019. Who is the cricketer?


What happened in Kakul Army School of Physical Training in May 2016 that was commemorated in a Lord’s Test a few months later by an iconic celebration?



In the Pakistan vs England ODI in 2016, where England piled up the then highest ODI score of 444, a 13-year-old record held by Shoaib Akhtar, achieved against the same opposition, was broken? What was the record?


On 3rd April 2016, writing for, Sam Ferris recalled his ordeal he had to go through the previous night. He wrote “Following the press conference I’m swamped by the local press. This is what the players must go through, and it’s pretty daunting. I couldn’t remember anything I said, what happened and I had to check my accreditation for my name.” What resulted in him getting swamped by the local press?

remembered forever in cricket history. Who is this cricketer and what was the sledge?


Considered a prodigy at junior levels, he was selected to lead his country at the U-19 World Cup ahead of Graeme Smith under whom he would make his test debut in 2004. Not just that, he was an extraordinarily talented hockey player who represented his country at the highest level. But it all fizzled out and after a career of three Tests, he ended up as the cricketer serving the second longest bans in cricket for corruption (not taking into account life bans). Who is this Proteas cricketer?


In Goa vs Tamil Nadu match in the Ranji Trophy in 1989, two Tamil Nadu batsmen scored triple centuries in the same innings helping their team score 912, which to date remains the only such occurrence. Who were the two batsmen?


Standing 6’7, he represented Netherlands in ICC trophy between 1990 and 1997 but it was in the English county where he terrorized batsmen with his pace that Butcher said made Waqar feel like a medium pacer, Haynes said was the fastest he had faced in county and Hugh Morris admitted standing far into the crease against it in fear. While playing for Somerset, his bouncer crushed Jimmy Adams’ cheekbone and eye socket. A week later he bowled three bouncers in an over to Nigel Llong and was ordered out of the attack for after he knocked the bat out of Graham Cowdrey’s hands with a high full toss. Who is this cricketer?


He was banned for 19 months in 1996 for taking cocaine. He was fined and banned again for five years for betting against his own side in 2004. He was also no-balled for throwing. In between that he squeezed in a 4 Test career where he managed to win a Man of the Match award in the second Test for a 5-15 and also took 478 FC wickets. Who is this English cricket’s bad boy?


In 2014, it happened for the 100th time in Test cricket but the South African batsman, the man who did was only the 98th cricketer to do it. Who is the batsman? Why was he the 98th to do when ‘it’ has happened 100 times in cricket?


This bowler lost the top of his middle finger at the age of three or four when his sister slammed a door on it, resulting in the loss of a centimeter of the top of his finger, making it the size of his index finger. Another additional trivia about him is he made his FC, List A, T20 as well as Test ODI and T20I debut in 2011. Who is this bowler?



After making his second Test appearance in India, he got on the wrong side of his coach when he rejoined the squad in New Zealand in less than perfect shape. The situation was worsened by an unflattering photograph of him without a shirt on taken during a net session which found itself on all British tabloids. That effectively ended his Test career. However, his a famous sledge in his debut Test ensured he is


In an interview in 2015, he said that it all began at an early age as a dig at selectors, “Right back when I was at age group I got dropped a couple of times when I got hundreds,” he told Wide World of Sports. “Then I did that - (after) I got dropped - against Australia, my second ODI hundred. Ever since then my daughter has been pretty happy when I do this and that’s pretty much for her as well.” Whose signature celebration? What is he seen doing as a part of the celebration?


X made his views about Y clear after he took over the team and decided to drop Y ahead of the England tour. During an interview, he said, “He as a team man can only cause hassles and as fantastic as he is - can sometimes ruin a team. His ability as a cricketer is very good, but his ability as a team man is not very good and he kind of can infect a team and bring down the youth.” And this brought to an end the career of a superstar of the game who faded away after a few more matches in a failed comeback in 2004. Who are the two cricketers at two ends of a frosty relationship?


In 2005, X was in imperious touch before Ashes 2005 with his Kookaburra ______ bat before English media raised doubts over its legality. A year later, the MCC ruled that his bat was illegally enhanced by graphite stickers covering the back of the blades, following which Kookaburra agreed to withdraw the bat from international cricket. Who was the cricketer? And what was the bat called which is a word for a wise man in Hawaii and became more popular through a cult Hollywood movie of the early 90s.


In a 2006 Test against Sri Lanka, X went on to score a belligerent 142 in a total of 295 in response to opposition’s First inning score of 141. During that innings, he pioneered two innovations. While the first came off the bowling of Muttiah Muralitharan and came to be copied by many, the second was given its unique name by David Ilops and came back in news in 2015 when the same name was given to a tailender’s funny looking defensive prod. Who is the cricketer and also name the innovations in question?


Asked to address the team on the subject of drugs and their dangers before the 1996 World Cup, Prof Tim Noakes recalls. ‘When I’d finished, X, in front of the team, said: “Your job is not to stop us taking drugs; it is to supply us with whatever drugs we may need to make us more competitive cricketers.” He adds, “It was an invitation for me to be dishonest. I don’t believe he was serious because he never followed it through, but if I had offered them he would have been in control of me, too. He was always looking for the weakness in colleagues, friends and acquaintances in order to heighten his control over them.” Who is this man who used this trick with his other colleagues too?


A painting titled The Great Escape was drawn to commemorate a valiant match-saving partnership in the mid-1990s of 119 runs. Identify the painter who was one half of that glorious partnership.



While he did manage to have the more famous record to his name by a big margin, the other record related to the same feat still remained with Don Bradman. He could have broken that record too, but for the fact that Bradman’s innings wasn’t interrupted as many times as his own, once for a drinks break, and twice more because the ball he had been facing was sent halfway down Christchurch High Street. Who is the cricketer and what record could he not make his own?


X and Y made their ODI debuts together opening the batting. X lasted one series while Y has lasted much longer and even represented his team in a World Cup. X’s average is above 50 and double of Y’s average. In fact, X went on to record a century on ODI debut. Y, on the other hand, has two centuries as an opener but hasn’t been used as an opener for more than half of his career. Who are the two cricketers?


At the end of day 4 of the third Test, he was sledged by Border and Waugh as the players walked off the field. In the evening, he burst into the Aussie dressing room and threw his helmet at Waugh and yelled, ”Man, you’ll have problems tomorrow. I’m going to kill you.” He took 5 to skittle Australia out for 114 and ended with 9 wickets in the match. Two matches later, when Bradman visited his team’s dressing room, he said “You Don Bradman? I’ll kill you, man. I bowl at you and split you in two.” Who was this fierce bowler who, hurt at the treatment meted out to him by the board, slipped off the radar post-retirement and lived a life of anonymity before being traced down by Indian journalist Bharat Sundaresan?


The 1992 World Cup saw a lot of new innovations and introductions. One of these introductions took place on the morning of the first semi-final before the Toss. While its verdict was unchallenged, its timing, however, with three games still to go meant that the verdict could have gone wrong. Better sense prevailed among the administrators and from the subsequent World Cups, its timing has been corrected . In a 2005 meeting between X and Y, the conversation moved to ‘luck’. When Y said to X, “If anyone should know anything about luck, you should. What more, you should get down on your bended knees every night and thank God for me.” Y was right in claiming so for the first delivery X faced in Test cricket, he got hit on the head by an Ian Bishop bouncer that split the back of his helmet. Moreover, when he appeared in his 100th Test, he had to retire hurt after the first ball by Makhaya Ntini again hit him on his head resulting in him not taking part for the rest of the match. Who are X and Y?

Who are X and Y?


BigAnt released Don Bradman Cricket 17 early in 2017 after the success of DBC 14. To counter piracy, the developers have introduced a bug in the game due to which something happens in the matches which is pretty similar to the fate that the following matches met. ODI - India vs Sri Lanka, 1992, Mackay T20I - England vs New Zealand, 2013, The Oval It ensures that those who download the pirated version can install the game, begin matches but are left frustrated after that. While you’re at it, also tell me which cricketer witnessed both the matches?




In 2009, X scored his highest ODI score of 154 and helped his team chase a big target. For his performance, he was awarded the joint Man of the Match which he shared with Y. About Y, X said later in an interview, “I congratulated him and told him that he could keep the trophy. He deserved it. You don’t make world records every day. It was a truly magnificent innings.”


Forced to choose between cricket and football, this cricketer picked the former early in life because cricket presented more traveling opportunities than football. After bursting onto the scene with a 49 ball 90 on T20I debut, this cricketer did the impossible in 2013 by becoming the first player to achieve the number one ODI ranking in both batting and bowling simultaneously. Greater glory followed in 2016 as a captain. Who?


Playing against Delhi in October 2016, Maharashtra’s Swapnil Gugale and Ankit Bawne forged a record-shattering partnership of 594*. In the process, they went past Vijay Hazare and Gul Mohammad’s 577 for Baroda against Holkar in the 1946-47 final. And came within sniffing distance of breaking the world record partnership of 624 between Kumara Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene when the captain declared. Who was the captain?


was about three inches off the handle at the time. Cricket rules state that a glove can only be considered part of the bat when contact is made “between the ball and any part of a glove worn on the striker’s hand holding the bat”. Which dismissal from a 2005 Test is being talked about?


When Kate and Daniel decided to tie the knot in early 2014, they got the blessings from Kate’s elder brother, whose international career had looked over at that point. However, in a curious turn of events, the day the two got married in 2015 coincided with arguably the most important match of her brother’s career who decided to give his sister’s wedding a miss for national duty. Who is Kate’s brother and which match was he involved in?

In a 1994 First Class encounter between Durham and Warwickshire, what did Warwickshire’s Michael Burns do for the final and more decisive time which was done more infamously by Durham’s keeper a couple of days before him?


The longest streak achieved is of 4. Sourav Ganguly holds the ODI streak, Muttiah Muralitharan holds the Test streak and Shane Watson holds the same record in T20Is. What is the streak about?


The former captain’s favorite cricketer is Brian Lara. However, when his twins were born, the astrologer suggested the couple to choose a common middle name for both of them starting with a certain letter. What common name did the couple choose? Who is the captain who remains the first cricketer to have scored an ODI century coming in at no. 7 after his team was given a 300+ target courtesy his favorite’s highest score?


The 1992 tour of England to India was a disaster for the team as it suffered not only defeats but heat, fear of riots and travel problems. All of it took a toll on the team scorer, a 71-year-old gentleman called Clem Drivers who collapsed during the First Test and returned home. Who took over the job from Drivers for the rest of the tour who, as it came to light in 2016, was a primary teacher of Hong Kong’s first Olympic medalist?



Nick from Adelaide graduated from Pembroke School in January 2017 earning a superb Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) score of 44 out of 45. Nick was forced to give up cricket as a youngster as he felt too much pressure on him. While his score was undoubtedly good enough to deserve plaudits, what made it more headline-worthy in several Australian as well as English newspapers?


As a part of one of the most memorable moments in Test Cricket, X was technically not out when Billy Bowden raised his finger. The bouncer did brush his right glove as he took evasive action, but television replays revealed that his hand


On the day Sachin Tendulkar announced retirement from ODI cricket, two cricketers managed to grab a bit of the cricketing headlines for themselves with a 392-run partnership in a match between Karnataka and Haryana, the highest in the history of Ranji Trophy cricket for the eighth wicket. X has a Test average of 21.60 and was involved in a 144 run partnership with Tendulkar once while Y who made his Test debut after Tendulkar’s retirement has a Test average of 45.60. Who are these two discarded cricketers?


When X was included in the Test squad in 2016, one of his mentors and former Karnataka batsman Barrington Rowland said in an interview about him, “He is one of the most focused hardworking cricketers who deserves this opportunity. His patience and resilience have helped him stay strong and keep performing for the last 7 seasons and finally get a break. “He is a very humble guy and always remembers his roots. He used to be a medium pacer at under 14s Gujarat before moving over to Y where he worked on his batting.” Who is X and where did he move to(Y)?


In an ODI against Sri Lanka in 2017, X returned with the figures of 5-27. Despite Indian pacers’ rich vein of form in the last few years, it was the first time in three years that an Indian pacer had picked a fifer in ODIs. Who is X and who was the last to pick a 5 for India before X in 2014?


Wensleydale Creamery have long been the official sponsors of English county X. They were in for a rude shock when X’s new coach lambasted the Dairy industry in an interview in 2016.


Before Zafar Ansari announced his retirement months after making his debut, two other Englishmen had also taken similar calls on their careers. X after playing his sole ODI in 2006, retired the next year at the age of 27 to focus on business commitments. Y, after representing England in 30 Internationals, called it a day in 2011 at 30 and now works as a psychologist. Z in his autobiography later wrote ‘Going through the whole of summer of 2005 without getting called up was disheartening. Didn’t have a problem with Udal or Batty getting picked, but when guys like Y and X were called up, I considered my England chance gone.’ Who are the English cricketers X,Y,Z?


Nicknamed ‘Diva’, X had a largely unfulfilled career with Australia where he lost out to the likes of Mark Waugh and Gilchrist for the opening slot. He sprung a surprise comeback in 2012 when he decided to play for Italy for the World T20 Qualifiers in UAE in 2012. Who is this Australian cricketer?

He said, “We treat animals like s**t, we really do. And in my opinion, there’s no justification for that. These slaughterhouses, dairies and piggeries, zoos It’s cruel and it’s speciesism [the idea that humans have greater moral rights than animals] at its very worst and I don’t want to be part of it. Hopefully one day the dairy industry can be shut down.” Which county and who was this outspoken coach?


What unusual sight (not on the pitch) was seen as a result of a bet between players of Rising Pune Supergiant and their coach when the team played in the finals against Mumbai Indians in 2017?



In 2000, the ICC celebrated its Cricket Week which also included the famous match between Asia XI and Rest of the World XI. However, the thrilling match where Michael Bevan’s 185* brought ROW XI to a sniffing distance of the 320 run target was overshadowed by the events that had begun to unfold in the same part of the world. What had happened exactly a day before the match?


South Africa defeated England at Lord’s in 2012 to rise to top the world Test rankings and earn the mace after the winning series. During the presentation, Smith and Kallis were seen carrying a hastily scribbled ‘We miss you ________’ message on their shirts for someone. Who was the message for?


“When I took up that ball in that last delivery, I had one thing in my mind: trying to bowl a delivery, my best delivery - what has been working for me throughout the tournament - a short delivery to see if he [will] have a waft at it, to see if it can go up in the air and we can get him out. Although we would have lost the game, I was still thinking of getting him out, and using my strength, what I had been doing.” Who is this who was explaining his action wasn’t deliberate? What had he done? Few months before this, in an IPL match, his actions had come under scanner when he had deliberately run a run short to keep strike with himself in the final over of a chase.



Among a lot of things that Steve Waugh did to reconnect his team to Australia’s glorious cricketing past during his captaincy, he also inadvertently started a tradition when he called on Bill Brown to do something when Australia played Pakistan in 1999. Since then, even other teams have followed suit, if not very consistently. What did Waugh call the man in the picture to do? Who was the first ‘beneficiary’ of this tradition?


England’s disastrous 3-0 loss in 1992-93 evoked a lot of excuses from the management. After their loss in the Calcutta Test, chairman of England’s selectors X, promised to commission a report into something due to which he believed English players couldn’t perform and lost the Test. While his comments were mocked in the media and resulted in his eventual resignation, in the light of what ‘happened’ to another team that recently visited India, his report doesn’t seem like that terrible an idea. Who is X? What did he promise to commission a report on?

X was the youngest to reach the milestone of 100 and 200 ODI wickets at 20 and 22. But since he finished his career with 288 wickets, the youngest to the milestone of 300 wickets became a man who was 30 years old when he reached it. Both X and Y also took two ODI hat tricks. Who are X and Y?





Two years after India’s 2011 World Cup win, a documentary ________ ___ ___________(6,3,10) directed by Susrut Jain was released which wasn’t exactly a documentary about the World Cup. It instead followed the stories of three characters during the time of the World Cup. One of them is Sudhir Gautam, India’s most recognizable fan. The other is Akshaya Surve, an 18-yearold girl trying out for the Mumbai Under-19 team. The third is X, a 12-year-old prodigy from Mumbai whose father is obsessed with making him the next big thing in Indian cricket. What’s the name of the documentary and who is X? In 2012-13, X (a portmanteau of a surname and another word) the excitement generated by the rapid ascension of the un-drafted, un-heralded, 23-year-old a basketball sensation of the New York Knicks, was acknowledged as an English language word according to the Global Language Monitor. This term (with a variation in spelling) has made its way to cricket as well and is associated with the T20 pyrotechnics of a cricketer who has played only a single ODI apart from a handful of T20Is. Who is this cricketer?

X was in the squad for the 2004 U-19 World Cup as the first choice opener but an injury forced him out of the squad just days before the team’s departure. His place in the squad was taken by another opener Y who would grab the opportunity with both hands. X’s first-class career made steady progress but could only earn him a single match at the highest level. Y, on the other hand, managed to successfully ascend to the next level although after a period of wait. Who is X and who is Y?


In 2017, X announced his retirement from First Class cricket. Explaining his decision, this one Test wonder who sits on the 4th position of highest averages in First Class cricket said, “I was told there was a technical hitch that I had not announced my retirement from the game to be considered for the pension and other benefits. Hence this announcement.” Who is this cricketer?


A 2006 ODI between England and Ireland, (which was Ireland’s first ODI) saw something very unique and rare happen in International cricket which had happened only once in a Test between South Africa and England 1892. What unique occurrence connects these two matches? While we are at it, If the surname in 1892 was Hearne, what was the surname in question in 2006?


______ ________ is located amidst the Sahayadri ranges, 135 km from Mumbai. It was slated to be the country’s first artificially created hill station and was being developed as a city-cum-adventure tourism centre in the early 2000s. By November 2017, though, thanks to its owner’s plummeting fortunes, it was put up for auction. What’s the name of the township and what’s its connection to Indian cricket’s certain World Cup Campaign?


He might have played just a couple of T20Is, but he has attracted media attention since long before he made his international debut. He was arrested in 2016 under a drunk driving charge after he crashed his car into a wall. In 2013, he had also caused mild panic onboard a flight, when he attempted to open a cabin door at 35,000 feet while returning from a tour with the Sri Lanka A side. In 2017, again he was arrested for assault and drunk driving. Who is this cricketer?

on 112, did something that has been done by three men before him – George Mann, Intikhab Alam and Michael Clarke, most famously of them all, in 2012 against at Hyderabad. What gamble did X take which didn’t pay off either for him or Clarke?


In 1994, X had asked Y for his autograph after a Warwickshire game in Swansea, where X was playing for a club. Y had declined. After taking 3 for 15 against Y’s team in a memorable match for X’s country a couple of years later, he went up to Y in the changing room after the game and handed him his autograph. “I asked for your autograph and you wouldn’t give it. Now I am saying you can have mine.” Identify the two cricketers.


After getting hit for a six by X that broke the glass of the commentary box, Y was dropped for the most bizarre of reasons for the subsequent matches of the 2014 tri-series as he was found guilty of sharing X’s video on the team’s Whatsapp group which the board thought had demoralizing effect on his teammates. Who is Y and what video of X did he share that brought him a ban as well as a fine of $US1000?


Looking back at his team’s biggest win in LOIs, David Trist says that ‘ it somewhat flew under the radar as it was mid-October and well before our country’s cricket season had started, and it was in ____ (name of the host country) and thus not an ideal time zone for viewers back home to watch.’ Which team did he coach to a massive victory that according to him went under the radar?


In August 2016, Sambit Bal, Editor-in-chief of ESPNCricinfo and wrote an article named ‘An Explanation.’ In the article, he addressed a controversy that had come up regarding a piece written by X which bore striking similarities to parts of a piece published in the magazine Y a few days prior to its publication. The plagiarism charges led to many in the media draw parallels between X and Melania Trump. X has not written for the website ever since. Who is X?



In a 2016 Test, X overheard a conversation between the opposition’s opener and umpire where the umpire told him that he couldn’t bat straightaway because of the time spent offfield nursing an injury. Hearing this, X, batting


The Test at SSC Colombo in 2006 between South Africa and Sri Lanka is best remembered for the record 624 run stand between Jayawardene and Sangakkara who both racked up scores in excess of 200. However, the record stand and the record defeat for South Africa overshadowed something historical about the match that had happened even before two teams took the field. What was so historical for one of the teams about this Test match?


During a Test match in Bangladesh in 2006, Gilchrist was heard extolling the virtues of numerous Cricket Australia and personal sponsors. “Come on Bing - one for the boys at Travelex now,” “Travelex Foreign Exchange boys! Plenty of energy from a Milo Energy Bar. Keep it well oiled with Castrol boys. In the ongoing South Africa Test series, Australian players used similar tactics. What were the Aussies trying to do?

denied his wish of having a stand in the stadium named after Y. The president of the region, Azim Bassarath, had gone on record saying, “India have so many stadia and I don’t know any of them have stands named after any of our West Indian greats so why must we name a stand after Y. I thought there would be stands named after Ian Bishop, or Larry Gomes or Gus Logie. Not Y.” Who are the two legends in question?



Before the Melbourne derby on the New Year day in 2017, Renegades captain Aaron Finch found Dwayne Bravo injured and feared that his team’s batting depth has gone. Moreover, he wanted to take advantage of Michael Beer’s bowling who used to open the bowling for Stars. What did he do that has since benefited the likes of Dwayne Bravo and Shakib al Hasan and an Indian opener among others?


This cricketer made his debut against Kenya in 2006 and scored 53 off 81 in a chase of 228 where Masakadza and Taylor outscored him. He still walked away with the MoM award. Who is he and what was unique about his debut that was brought back to public consciousness recently by someone’s sudden ascension? He isn’t the only man with this unique achievement but is the only one in this century among the top 10 teams to have done so.

The premier first-class tournament in the country, called the X cup, took off in 1993-94 and interestingly all the teams competing for it had names beginning with the same letter. Which country? Also, what’s the cup called, which shares its name with a superhero movie starring Hugh Jackman?


He remains the only cricketer to have been dismissed on 99 on ODI debut when he received a contentious decision from umpire Kyle McCallan. It got worse as the verbal outburst after the dismissal got him a visit to the referee – all on a debut. Who is this cricketer who later went on to become a successful LOIs captain?


In the ODI Final in Sharjah, now remembered for his teammate’s 7 wicket effort, this cricketer had scored 98 before cramps forced him to retire. The 98* would prove to be the highest score for this cricketer who would also end up the final of the World Cup as the 12th man. Sometime later in his career, he was also recorded as saying that there was no ‘Cornered Tigers’ speech from his skipper which is believed to have turned his team’s fortunes in the World Cup. Who is this forgotten cricketer?


Malcolm Fraser was the 22nd Prime Minister of Australia. In 1986, while serving as the chairman of the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group, he met X who was wearing a pinstripe suit that was specially tailored for him because he was meeting an ex Australian PM. The question X asked Fraser about Y has found itself a place in cricketing history. Several years later, when Fraser met X again, he presented him an autographed bat that read, “To X, in recognition of a great unfinished innings” – Y. Who are X and Y?



Initially supposed to have been made for the 2007 World Cup, the X Cricket Academy Stadium in Tarouba could only host its first high profile matches in 2017. But right before that, it got embroiled in another controversy as X was


When X last played a Test in 2013, he took 5/40 and 5/49 to get to his best match figures of 10/89. However, despite earning the MoM for his performance, the loudest cheers were reserved for Y during the presentation due to obvious reasons. Surprisingly, the Test proved to be X’s last and currently he sits in the list of very few cricketers whose final test yielded 10 wickets. Who was the Man of the Match in that Test? What was the reason for his performance getting overlooked?


In the 2000s, Jagmohan Dalmiya was seeking the role of the BCCI’s patron in chief and to install Ranbir Mahendra as President. On the other hand, Sharad Pawar had forged a cricket alliance with IS Bindra and was looking forward to becoming the BCCI supremo. It was in this background that Pawar’s loyalists declined a certain request by someone for a match that he didn’t play but would go on to change his career. Which match that resulted in a ‘Final Frontier’ being breached and what was the request?

in a 2002 ODI against Pakistan. Who is X? What record was McMillan doubting and why?


When Australia and West Indies confirmed their refusal to play 1996 World Cup matches in Sri Lanka because of safety issues, the Sri Lankans saw this as a slur on their hospitality. To show that the country was safe for cricket, they arranged a substitute Goodwill match in Colombo one day before the tournament commenced in Ahmedabad. Against which team did Sri Lanka play this Goodwill Match?





Although his board was open to a request to skip ‘it’, X decided to opt for a devil may care attitude. When asked about it, he said“I’m not bothered. A Test debut at Lord’s, walking through the Long Room with Y to open the batting for England - it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?” In hindsight, X might have done better to skip ‘it’ as his brief stint at the top ended soon with him averaging a meager 20. Who is X and what is ‘it’ all about? Walter Lawrence Trophy is an award instituted in 1934 that is given at the end of the County season. In 1993 and 2006, ‘technically’ the award should have gone to Glen Chapple and Mike Pettini. However, they didn’t win it. For what achievement is the award given and why didn’t these men win it?


When Sanath Jayasuriya played against India in 1997, squeezed between his scores of 340 and 199 was an innings of 32. Although meager, this score was then the highest in a certain way. Two years later, in the Test where he was left stranded on 99*, England’s Alex Tudor also scored 32* in the same way and thus displaced Jayasuriya from the top. In what way are these innings highest in Tests?

Among batsmen who have scored more than 20,000 runs in First Class Cricket, Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar occupy the first two spots in terms of averages. Which left-hander, who surprisingly had a mere 27 Test career from 1998 to 2004 in which he averaged almost 45, is third on the list with more runs than Tendulkar and an almost equal average? X in 2016 became the first opening batsmen to remain not out in both the innings. He scored 142* in the first innings carrying the bat and scored another 60 while chasing the target. X’s countryman Y, another opener, has carried the bat in Tests on the most number of occasions and, in what is believed to be the only such appearance in First Class Cricket, was the last man out in both innings of a Test match in 1979-80 against New Zealand. Who are the cricketers?



When X achieved this Test record in 2015, Craig McMillan had his doubts. He said “I was surprised when it came up on the TV... maybe someone in the truck was having a bit of fun. I’m not sure whether the wrong button was pushed... you’d have to ask Rosco about it.” McMillan’s opinion on the matter, however, can’t be taken lightly due to something that happened to him


Making his first appearance as an international reserve official in the series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in 2008-09, Ahsan Raza was shot when his bus was on the way to Gaddafi Stadium. Raza claims two things saved his life. One was Match Referee Chris Broad, who lay on his wounded body to stem the flow of blood. What was the other thing that partially stopped one of the bullets?


Matthew Brimson was a left-arm spinner for Leicestershire who had a county career spanning from 1993-1999. In 2000, a few days after the Wisden Almanack got published, his career was over as something that he did before the 1999 season started was exposed on page 257 of the 2000 Almanack. What was the expose all about?


What happened for the first time since 1996 for the English ODI cricket team when they played New Zealand in the first ODI of the series after their dismal 2015 World Cup performance?


Marc Mcleod is an extremely popular chap in NZ sporting circles as he is the announcer at any New Zealand venue where the All Blacks or the Black Caps playing. However, in a January 2016 T20I, he was heavily reprimanded for having played a cash register sound effect in the match. Why?


In the team’s 1996 World Cup squad, Saeed Al Saffar and the captain were a minority in a certain way. Who was Saffar’s captain and what separated them from the rest of their squad of 15?

other commitments at that time. He is good friends with the person who was chosen in his place and whom he replaced in 2018. “We used to work together. He is a good friend and we get along very well. When I was announced as the _________, he texted and congratulated me. Then I rang him up. We had a nice chat and he wished me good luck again before hanging up. He did sound a bit disappointed but that’s human nature only. Even I would have been disappointed if I was in his place. ”What role did this person assume in 2018? Whom did he replace?


Something happened in the 2009 Cape Town Test between South Africa and Australia that had happened more famously in the 1991 Adelaide Test between Australia and England. The 1991 ‘event’ is well known because of the players involved who had close to 300 Tests between them. The same can’t be said of the 2009 event, since one of the players involved played only this Test in his career. What is being talked about?


After X’s century against England in 2019, his celebrations attracted the attention of West Ham’s Chairman David Gold who with a photo of the cricketer, wrote on Twitter that X is “clearly a massive West Ham Fan.”Some suggested that it might be a _______ _______salute, since many athletes of his ilk, including Tymal Mills, have celebrated that way, since it became popular in 2018 courtesy an Oscar-winning movie. However, X has been celebrating this way from the time before the movie’s release. Taking hints from West Ham’s logo, tell me who is X? Also, fill in the blanks.


Only two players have made their ODI debut in a World Cup knockout game. Wayne Larkins made his England debut during the semi-final of the 1979 World Cup. The other was a spinner who made his debut in a 2015 knockout match which, however, turned out to be his solitary ODI appearance. Who?


On 2nd February 1993, an ICC meeting took two important decisions. First was holding the’96 WC in the sub-continent. The other decision meant that something that Graham Gooch had achieved on the tour to India in 1993 had to be re-accomplished which he duly did against Cambridge in May that very year. What was the decision? What achievement had to be re-accomplished?



According to X, he was the first choice in 2008 but couldn’t do what was asked of him due to


Although X’s century celebration always included a celebratory leap, in the last few years it started bearing an uncanny resemblance to the leap seen in the photo, associated with a brand Y, leading X’s century celebration to be called the Y jump. Since X was also one of the ambassadors of Y, the celebration started a debate in the media about whether commercial branding should impinge on sporting celebrations. Who is the cricketer and what’s the celebration called which wasn’t seen for some time from 2018 to 2019?


After picking up a historic 6/46 against India in July 2017, X foreshadowed a change that was made in early 2019 by the authorities by cheekily placing a sticker on the Lord’s honours board here with the name and figures. Another first was achieved by this cricketer in 2018 that Michael Vaughan achieved in 2003 in his own ‘category’.Who is X? What 2019 long-awaited change is talked about? What other first did X achieve in 2018?


Nicknamed Pingu, this bowler got the opportunity to lead England in a T20I in 2013 against New Zealand. Much to his dismay, though, the match lasted only two balls. Since he never captained England again, his captaincy tenure can be considered the shortest that lasted only a couple of balls. In 1992 World Cup, when India met Sri Lanka, X made his debut, the last Indian to make his debut in the World Cup match. Since that match also lasted 2 balls to be the shortest ODI, his debut remains the shortest. Identify both the players.

he won the Australian amateur junior welterweight title on the Gold Coast and was talked about as a possible prospect for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, but from that point on he lost interest in the sport, eventually quitting it after his 25th amateur fight. He returned to boxing back in 2007 when he made his professional boxing against Wes Ryder. He is known in cricketing circles though for a completely different reason, something for which his house was subjected to arson while he and his family received death threats from cricket lovers in 2004. What did he do to gain such infamy?


When X began his final Test Innings on Oct 12, 2007 with a session left in the day, he was seven runs away from becoming his country’s highest scorer and overtaking Y’s tally of 8832 runs. However, as luck would have it, he was stumped two runs short of Y’s tally. Y thus remained on top of the top run-getters for eight more years before he was finally overtaken by Z. Identify the three cricketers X,Y and Z.





Currently worn in the Indian team by Hardik Pandya, the number 33 jersey made a brief but important appearance in 2005. In fact, it was suggested by Bejan Daruwala himself. In an interview, he revealed, “A month ago, his brother came to me and I suggested 33.” The change worked as X scored 93 and 67 in the first two matches wearing it. Daruwala added, “While the credit for those runs goes entirely to X, the change could have helped him overcome the _____ ____ and pass off bad luck.”Who is X? Also, FITB. Viv Richards called him the fastest bowler he had ever faced in his first season. However, injuries pushed him out of the scene soon. At the end of a much-publicised case in April 2001, he was banned from elite level cricket for a period of 18 months and thus inherited the unfortunate legacy of being the first player in Australian cricket to be found guilty of a drug-taking offence.

The ICC T20 2016 saw a rather interesting innovation being implemented which improved the viewer’s experience from both stands as well as on TV screens. The innovation, however, was partial in some sense, and only Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Scotland were required to make the necessary arrangements. While we are at it, another innovation of similar nature and with a similar purpose was introduced at the 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup. What was it?


Zdravko Micevic is a Melbourne-based Serbian professional boxer. In 1998, aged 16,


In the list of combined firstclass experience of each nation’s inaugural Test XI, the first is England with 1574 matches. The third is New Zealand with 516. The team above them and below England is the only other the sum of FC matches whose First Test XI was more than 1000 matches. Which is that team on number 2? While we are it, also tell me the team which stands at the bottom of the list with 0 matches?


When Sri Lanka played against Pakistan in 2000 for their 100th Test, their team featured X who had played the country’s first Test and was also involved in their 100th Test. Similarly, last year, when Afghanistan played its 100th ODI in 2018, it featured Y who had, in fact, gone one better from X and was involved in each of his country’s first 100 ODIs. Who are X and Y?



Wayne James played 4 Tests and 11 ODIs for Zimbabwe in the 1990s. He holds the world record for most dismissals in an innings by a fielder - nine (seven caught, two stumped) and in a match - 13 for Matabeleland against Mashonaland Country Districts in April 1996. Along with that, James also holds one of the most unfortunate records in First Class cricket that he shares with a former Indian left-handed batsman who represented Madhya Pradesh before having a brief career with the national team. Identify the Indian cricketer. Also, what connects the two?


When X played Y in 1991 in an ODI, Y’s team manager W surprised everyone by lodging an informal protest against the home side for ball tampering in the second match itself. He put the future of the tour in jeopardy by visiting the Press Box and making the issue public. The home side denied any wrong doing and X’s Board President Z at whose home ground the match was played, threatened to call off the series. However, Y’s Board President Geoff Dakin tendered an apology to calm things down and saved a historic tour from being called off. Which small but significant series was thus saved by Dakin’s apology? Who are W and Z, who were instrumental in making the series happen?


In a European Championship Division One match in 2006 at Ayr, X and Y made their ODI debuts. X was 36 on his debut while Y was 19. What was unique about this match was that X had earlier played for Z (team) eight years ago which Y would later go on to represent. X, and Y?


On November 2 2018, Anthony Everard from EGM Events and Leagues shared a few photos of the dressing room branding installed at the Optus Stadium on his Twitter account. Something written on the branding caught everyone’s attention and soon questions started flying on the internet about it and on the same day Justin Langer was answering questions about it. What was all the fuss about?


Under the policy of ‘Pfekazvakanaka’ in Zimbabwe in 2007, what did the trio of Tawanda Mupariwa, Christopher Mpofu and Keith Dabengwa agree to do which Douglas Hondo refused to, thus effectively ending his


X was an India prospect in the 2000s. In just 20 FC matches, he had 92 wickets at an average of 18. Yet, his career came to a sudden halt very soon, which he puts down to a case of idol-worship gone wrong. Who is the cricketer? What put a halt to this cricketer’s career?


If one searches for this former Pakistani bowler on Google Images in India, the images of a Bollywood director show up. If one searches for him adding ‘coach’ to the search, a Bollywood’s superstar’s images show up. Who is this cricketer who played 4 Tests and 10 ODIs from 1994 to 2000? Whose rise was he responsible for as a coach in the late 2000s?


Like Gary Pratt X never played for England, but earned the wrath of Ricky Ponting when as the 12th man he kept making appearances on the pitch repeatedly when Australia needed just 1 wicket to win the first Test of 2009 Ashes. However, the last wicket pair of Anderson and Y played out 69 deliveries to eke out a draw in the first Test of an Ashes that England won 2-1. Identify X and Y.



Theunis de Bruyn scored a fighting fourth inning 101 against Sri Lanka last year and was the only South African to score some runs in a 0-2 drubbing at the hands of the home side. His trip to Sri Lanka came after a brief and unexpected stint with an English county team. Why was his stint with Surrey unexpected?


In March 2018, a couple of Pakistan players were spotted wearing X during the match. This alarmed the ICC and anti-corruption officers came down upon Sarfraz Ahmed’s side to bar them from wearing it on the field. Although wearing X is not strictly prohibited as per the ICC’s playing regulations, the possibility of it being misused resulted in the Pakistani players being slapped on the wrist by ICC. What were the Pakistani players wearing that irked ICC’s Anti Corruption unit?


If the siblings’ names are Kissinger, Reagan, and Golda Meir, what’s the name of the brother who played 19Tests and 45 ODIs for West Indies?


When Sanath Jayasuriya scored 151 against India in Mumbai in 1997, he made a unique record his own in ODIs. However, three years later, when Muttiah Muralitharan took 7/30 three years later, he lost the claim to that record. In 2017, when X took 6-55 against Afghanistan, he became the only cricketer to hold this record. Who is X and what’s the unique record in question?


In the second Test of New Zealand’s tour of Australia, David Warner scored a magnificent 123 in the final innings to win the Man of the Match but couldn’t prevent the Kiwis from levelling the series on the back of Doug Bracewell’s second inning 6 wicket haul, and he ended with 9 wickets in the Test. What innovation that was introduced in the match before this was called off after this Test because the outcome of the system trialed revealed an obvious bias?


X, in a 2009 interview, had this to say about an innovation of his, “The facemask is much lighter than a batting helmet, so you don’t sweat as much. The grille is designed so it doesn’t obstruct your vision. It’s a design I worked on based on my requirements while wicket-keeping. Y spoke to me about in New Zealand and was impressed. His using it during the IPL made it popular.” Identify X, who took inspiration from the baseball for his innovation, as well as Y.


Ian Chappell (after X won the Toss) : You’re known as the Lion of Lahore. What’s this? X : That’s what I have been telling Allan I want my team to play like a _______ ____. You know that’s when it is most dangerous. Who is X? Also, FITB


Playing against Zimbabwe in 2001, Ridley Jacobs had taken 5 catches already in the match. He had a real chance to make the world record his own when he went for the 6th catch off a bat-pad opportunity. However, something happened, due to which he wasn’t able to make the record his own. What first did ODI cricket see happen in this match as a result of which Jacobs was denied an opportunity to have the world record of 6 matches in an innings?


A left-arm spinner with modest returns in his international career made up of 7Tests and 4 ODI appearances, what ‘first’ did Claude Henderson achieve in 2004 in cricket? A number of his countrymen have followed him on that path in the subsequent years.


While West Indies great Gordon Greenidge was unceremoniously sacked by BCB in 1999 World Cup, another team was left without a coach in the early part of the tournament when X had to resign midway through the World Cup. This resulted in Y, who was a commentator with BBC during the tournament, take over the team. Y had an even more torrid spell as a coach and has never coached again. Who are these two legends of the game?



Babita Malkani was responsible for the creation of something in 2009, which was the year of its first appearance, that has since then been created/designed by McCan Bespoke twice. What’s this creation of theirs, although not used on the cricket field, was seen once again in 2017 in only its third appearance?


When Bangladesh took on Kenya on 20th March, 2006 Kenyan spinner Collins Obuya didn’t have an inkling that he would go down as the last X in cricket history. However, an announcement the next day about an end to something ensured he was the last. While you’re at it, connect Shane Bond, Jeetan Patel, and Malinga Bandara.

the match) happened for the first time in this match that repeated itself 72 times until 2004?


In 2009, playing in a T20I, X took one of the most unusual hat tricks which no one including his fellow players and commentators noticed when it happened. He had Angelo Mathews with the last ball of his penultimate over and took 2 more in the last over of Sri Lanka’s chase. It was only when he reached the hotel and read his father’s congratulatory messages that he came to know he had taken a hat trick. Who?


The last time X, a brilliant fielder but an occasional keeper at best, had donned the wicket keeper’s gloves was one year before this 1996 World Cup match and had effected 4 dismissals. However, injury to the regular wicketkeeper meant that he had to don them again in the match. He did well to get 5 dismissals this time around. The further events of the day though ensured that all the limelight was taken away by his opposite number. Who is X and who was his opposite number in the match?


It is widely believed that South Africa’s World Cup 03 exit came on the back of poor calculations in their last match against Sri Lanka. However, more than miscalculation, it was the case of misinterpretation of two words on the D/L sheet that led Boucher to block the last delivery that ensured their exit. What two words are we talking about and what confusion do they lead to even now?


X and Y made their Test debuts together. X scored a century on debut but after one more Test things took such a turn that ICC told his board that if he played in the first Test of the next series, its official status would be taken away. Hence he was dropped and Y scored his first century in that Test but his career ended soon as he played only 8 Tests. X, on the other hand, went on to play 104 Test matches. Who are these two Indian cricketers?


Michael Hussey captained the English county side Durham in 2005. On 27th August, he called one of his team members and asked him to be present for the team’s one day match against Scotland the next morning. However, upon driving all night from Nottinghamshire to reach the venue on time, this man found himself warming the bench as his captain didn’t play him. He later admitted at being pretty annoyed at the treatment and hinted that it had to do with something he had done the previous day. Who is the player?


Only two men in ODIs have gone on to score 90 plus scores in their final ODI without achieving a century. Both such innings came against Pakistan. The first was by Bruce Laird who scored 91* in 1982. The second was a score of 93 at Dhaka, again in a losing cause, by a 29-year-old cricketer in 2000, who never played again and thus holds the record of highest score in the last ODI from his country. Who was the cricketer? Also, why didn’t he play again?



The India Sri Lanka 1999 World Cup match is famously remembered for Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid’s 318 run partnership as well as their big centuries. Robin Singh also achieved his career-best figures in the same match. However, due to an injury to a player, what (related to one of the players playing in


In 1996, two days after England had been beaten in the first Test by Pakistan, they faced another defeat, this time in courts. X was accused by two teammates Allan Lamb and Ian Botham of calling them uneducated racists in course of an interview granted to India Today journalist Shekhar Gupta. Much to everyone’s surprise, X won the contentious libel case and Lamb and Botham were made liable to pay 500,000 pounds instead, making it the most expensive libel case in cricketing history. Who is X?


In 2015, X was diagnosed with a congenital back condition: his spinal cord and his vertebrae were found to be too close together, meaning the former could become seriously aggravated if he continued doing what his job was. In 2017, something happened after which he said in an interview, “My back injury could have been the best thing that’s happened to me.” Who is X and what happened in 2017?

er bowled 13 expensive overs in the match, for the wicket of nightwatchman Paul Harris, and hasn’t played again since. Who is this cricketer who wasn’t on ground when making his debut?


“Dreadlock Holiday” is probably the most well-known pop song to mention cricket. 10cc’s hit single reached number 1 in the UK in 1978. However, the song has only a tenuous connection with cricket, mentioning it in the chorus. This particular bit though was immortalized decades later when something was launched in the early 2000s. What/how did the chorus go? What brought it back into limelight?


The Mumbai Indians journey underwent a change after the 2009 season. Delhi designers Shantanu and Nikhil created a dark blue colored jersey with a gold foil strip running from one shoulder to another. About this design, Nikhil said, “We have captured the strength of the X. The gold foil lines on the front symbolise it, which conjoins the old and the new part of the city — representing the mix of experience in the team which will give it an edge over the others.“


Who was adjudged the Man of the Match in the 3rd Test between South Africa and New Zealand when the Kiwis toured South Africa in 2000-01?


138. 139.





What served as the inspiration behind the gold foil lines on the jersey? In the 2002 Test match between New Zealand and England, which is now best remembered for Nathan Astle’s 153 ball double hundred, which unlikely batsman had earlier notched up the then third fastest double century, bringing it up in 231 deliveries before Astle’s effort pushed him to the fourth place on just the next day? What did Ali Naqvi and Azhar Mahmood do in a 1997 Test against South Africa at Rawalpindi that had happened only once before that in Test cricket, that too way back in 1933 in a match between India and England in Mumbai? This Guyana fast bowler missed the start of his first Test - against South Africa in Bridgetown in June 2010 - because he didn’t know he was playing. After a late injury to Nelon Pascal (himself a late replacement for Darren Sammy), the lanky pace bowler was whistled up from the High-Performance Centre a few miles away in Barbados. West Indies batted first, so he wasn’t greatly missed. He lat-

Only once has the ICC Cricketer of the Year award been shared. Who were the two gentlemen who won it? What was unique about the mode of dismissal of both Mahela Jayawardene and Marvan Atapattu, in the 2nd Test of the Asian Test Championship 2001/02, at the SSC Colombo, against Bangladesh? Which Bangladeshi cricketer made a world record in this same test, and what was the record? The current record for most runs conceded in a 10 over spell in an ODI innings is held by Mick Lewis when he conceded 113 against South Africa on 12 March 2006. From whom did he take over this dubious record who had given away 99 runs?


What first was tested in the Regional Four Day Competition match between Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago held in January 2010 at the Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua?


St. Kitts born Right-arm fast bowler Joey Benjamin was a one Test wonder whose debut came late at the age of 33 in 1994. He came out all guns blazing in the 1st innings with the best figures from his team with a 4/42. However, in the 2nd innings, due to something by another Jamaican, Benjamin’s efforts were completely overshadowed and forgotten. And after his sole appearance at the highest level, he became history. Who was the Jamaican and what did he famously do?


When X came to India in 2008, X writes in his autobiography that Y promised him that X would be producing the theme song for the 2011 World Cup to be held in subcontinent. X concludes by writing “I’m disturbed by what has happened, but believe the sheer weight of public and financial support for it will ensure that it continues to grow. As an aside, Y’s ouster meant my chance to produce the 2011 World Cup song disappeared.” Who are X and Y?


Aftab Gul played 6 tests for Pakistan in the late 60s-70’s. His initial selection in the Test side, when England toured Pakistan during 1968-69 amid political turmoil, had less to do with his cricketing abilities and more to do with his position as a student leader, in an attempt to placate the rioters. Aftab played a few more Tests without much success, and was then arrested after a change of government: he supposedly had some grenades and a rocket launcher hidden under his bed. For what dubious reasons did he come back in cricketing news in 2010-11?


Waterford Crystal is a crystal manufacturing company. Named after the city of Waterford in Ireland, it is owned by WWRD Holdings Ltd, a luxury goods group. Chandeliers made by the company adorn Westminster Abbey, Windsor Palace, and Kennedy Center among others. It also makes the famous New Year’s Eve Ball that is dropped each year in New York City’s Times Square. What is this company’s very important cricketing connect?


Ahead of Ashes 2005, Herefordshire’s coach Henry Pryor developed a program-

mable bowling machine called Merlyn which it was claimed could bowl any ball known to man. One of the greatest of Pryor’s claim, and according to him the whole purpose of making Merlyn was that it could emulate X’s deliveries. Its mechanism has not been publicly revealed, though it is safe to assume it is much more complex than the other machines. Although England did win the Ashes, on the hindsight, Merlyn’s wasn’t a great success. Why?


On a cold November 2012 morning, Bangladesh Captain Mushfiqur Rahim , in a bid to unsettle the opposition’s openers, used the ploy of starting with his debutant spinner. Starting the match with a spinner, though rare, wasn’t the first such occurrence in Test history, but what happened next was. What? The record created has even been bettered. Who bettered it?


In a Tripura versus Orissa Ranji Trophy match at Cuttack on December 20, 1997, ‘he’ was sitting on the boundary edge chatting with ‘his’ team manager while the umpires called ‘drinks’. The match resumed soonafter, after the very short drinks break. Who is he and what happened next?


When jersey numbers were introduced in ODI cricket, Shane Warne chose the no. 23, after wearing it at Under-19s level for St. Kilda in the AFL. Later, he handed over the number to Michael Clarke before the Chappel-Hadlee series of 2004-05. Warne originally chose 23 because someone else wore the number, and like Warne and Clarke, was also sponsored by Nike. Who originally wore the no. 23 which we are talking of?



In 2012, opener X struck two consecutive tons in ODIs against Pakistan. His fellow opener Y then followed it up with a couple of his own in the next two matches following which he announced his retirement from ODIs. In the next series, Z who was replacing Y at the top of the order, blasted a ton in the series opener. In the next match, X again scored a ton, making is 6 consecutive centuries for the team scored by its openers. Who are the three batsmen involved?


Donald Bradman passed away at the age of 92 on 25 February 2001. Some of his fans got together on 4 August 2008 for a celebration dedicated to Don. What exactly were they celebrating on 4 August 2008?

152. 153.

Who was the title sponsor of the 2000/01 Women’s Cricket World Cup held in New Zea-

ries from 2010. Which two teams were to originally compete for the British Asian Cup, which didn’t take off after the inaugural edition?


Ahead of a World Cup tie between X’s team and India, X made a statement in the pre-match press conference that surprised a few. Talking about Sachin, he said, “Sachin’s just like another batsman in the Indian team, and there are a lot of others in the Indian side.” Sachin then went on to demolish X in the crucial match and even hooked him out of the ground for a six in the match. X finished with 69 runs in his spell of 10 overs. Who is X?


Late in 2008, this player achieved the unusual feat of winning his first Test cap while a First Class match he was playing in was still going on. He scored 243 for his domestic team, sharing an opening stand of 462 with A Mukund who went on to score 300 not out. He was cutting a cake to celebrate his double-century when news came through that he’d been called up to play Australia, as Y had been banned for one match. By the time his team completed victory, this batsman was facing Brett Lee and Mitchell Johnson. Who is this cricketer?


With a win over India on 15th March, X had more or less qualified for the Semifinals in the World Cup. However, whether they would play the Semifinals or not, the board had indicated, was to be decided based on the results of something back home, an event of global significance that was to take place on 17th March. Which team is X and what was the all-important event that was to decide their appearance in the World Cup Semifinal?


Pakistan cricketer Shadab Kabir’s ODI career consisted of 3 matches, in which he faced five balls and scored 3 ducks. Yet, he ended up with a man of the match award and that too on his debut. How?



X was more famous for his poor batting than his bowling. X’s coach once made him a bet in a test against Pakistan. ‘You get 30 and I’ll buy you 30 pints of Guinness. That’s a promise.’ Remarkably, against Wasim and Waqar, X started to score quickly and was on 24 with five boundaries. “It was then that he gestured to the dressing room, and even shouted Get ‘em in. However, he was soon bowled by Wasim without adding to his total. Who is X? What connects him to the answer of the previous question?


This cricketer started off his 1st World Cup by scoring 62 runs and scalping 3 quick wickets against England in his 1st and 2nd outing. After this, he joined the MCC Young Cricketers Program and soon afterwards, scored a 38-ball century – the fastest in the history of MCC Young Cricketers. It was, however, in his second World Cup that he made it to the record books? How did this man find himself in the record books?


The British Asian Cup was conceived as an annual tournament in 2009. The first match was played in Jul 2009 at Lord’s and marked the first of an annual charity series. It was decided that the portion of the proceeds from the game would go to the British Asian Trust, a Prince of Wales charity. Moreover, the fixture was to be played as a best-of-three se-


The Last Man Stands Tournament is a unique tournament organized in six different countries, having a very different set of rules with each side comprising of just 8 players. Usually, a low-key affair, the South Africa edition of the tournament hogged limelight for a remarkable inclusion. Such was the popularity of the new team that it was carried forward to the event in England. Who were invited to play in this tournament?


In a match of the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Twenty20 memorial tournament in 2008, Zaid Mir did something very rare and bizarre, a feat which promises to remain unmatched. He later cited that he was suffering from a leg strain while the officials maintained a physical and mental fatigue as a reason for the same. What did he do that gave a unique look to his bowling figures?

Pitch Invasion, in its first season of existence, built up a credible following of over 40,000 people. Who started this online radio channel?


Nezam Hafiz worked his way through the ranks as a junior player in the Caribbean, eventually becoming the Guyana Under-19 captain in 1988, The following season he made his debut for Guyana’s senior team and wound up making six first-class appearances over the next three years, struggling to secure a regular spot in a side team that was particularly strong through the late 1980s and early ‘90s. We remember him for a completely different reason though for something that happened in 2001. What’s the reason?


The 1998 autobiography ‘Save the Last Ball for Me’ Kiwi seamer Chris Pringle had a chapter called _____ __ _____ that turned heads. In this aptly titled chapter, he admitted carving up a ball with a bottletop during a Test in Faisalabad in 1990, as New Zealand strongly suspected that the Pakistani bowlers were doing something similar. In that match, he took 11 for 152, while in the rest of his career, he managed 19 wickets at an average of 65. What is the name of the chapter, which is a reference to what the hosts were up to and a part of an extremely popular proverb?


For someone with a career as illustrious as Dennise Annetts, she was unceremoniously dumped from the Australian team in 1993. While the board cited lack of performances as the reason, Annetts had a different version, one which seemed in alignment with accounts of a lot of other players from her time. What was the reason she stated for her ouster, thus disputing a first which came about almost two decades later? Conceptualised by Fox Sports CEO David Hill, it initially horrified the cricketing folklore. It was thought of as brash coverage of the game; so much so that subsequently, broadcasters such as the United Kingdom’s Channel 4, upon announcing that they would be covering the English cricket team in 1999, stated that there will be no ______ to avoid controversy. Since the turn of the century though, it has become a regular feature and has become quite popular. What is being talked about? “Cricket commentary on TV left us with two options - suicide or pitch invasion. We chose the latter,” This was the first tagline Pitch Invasion opened with in 2011. Described as ‘the illegitimate child of long-time buddies’,



Like the book, the cover also captures the subject. “This wasn’t a knockout, but a slow strangulation,” writes the author, Jarrod Kimber.“They have more support staff than Mariah Carey for a reason and that was to build a professional, well-drilled and organised team that was better that its opposition.”For the uninitiated, Kimber first shot in to prominence with his blog- “cricketwithballs”. What’s the book called?

168. 169.

What is the name of the ground in Kent where earlier a lime tree stood inside the ground? Also, in which year did it fall? The 1999 World Cup Semi Final drama would not have occurred had X held on to Klusener’s catch in the deep when the equation was 16 reqd off 8. Instead he parried it over the boundary for a six. Who was this Aussie who would play only one more ODI in his career after this game?




Right before the World Cup in the subcontinent in 1996, this player withdrew from the World Cup squad and when the 1999 World Cup came calling, he retired again right on the eve of the tournament. Yet, this man went on to feature in three World Cups. Who is the cricketer?


X had a productive 9 year career in Test where he played close to 60 Tests and picked up more than 200 wickets. However, despite his career spanning from 1994 to 2003, he never bowled to Sachin in Test cricket, despite his team facing India on several occasions in that period. Who is this cricketer?

banners read ‘No X, No goings’. Who was this cricketer?



Saleem Malik made exactly 100 in his first ODI and Test tons. Nick Knight did the same when his first Test and ODI centuries were scores of 113. Who joined them in the 2000s, when his first ODI and Test tons came in his 5th ODI and Test appearance against the same opposition and were the same scores?


Ahead of the 2016 World T20, all teams barring one agreed to sign a gentleman’s pact to not use Mankading in the tournament as a means of dismissal. A bowler from the same team had Mankaded a batsman in the Asia Cup qualifying tournament a month ago despite officials instructing all the teams to not do it before the tournament. Which team was this?

At Wankhede in 2002, the fourth ball saw Anil Kumble getting run out. On the fifth ball, with 6 required off 2 balls, Javagal Srinath was bowled. The scene that followed didn’t receive a lot of attention then but got more than enough attention a few months later. What happened?


X was fined $20,000 over his drunken behaviour at the after-party of the Steve Waugh Medal where he made offensive comments towards a female player. He was suspended by his state’s cricket association but when on the Bangladesh tour, a bowler was injured, he was called in as the replacement, stirring a controversy. Who is X?


When X played against South Africa at Buffalo Park in East London in 1999, their scoreboard had a unique appearance at the end of the 50 overs. Despite making 292 for 9 in their 50 overs, only two batsmen could score in double figures. In fact, they both scored centuries which meant no one on the scorecard had scored in double figures. Which team was it? Who were the century scorers?


“The big tumour I grew over the _____ affair from nothing over 20 days, which was four by three centimetres (1.6 by 1.2 inches), has reduced down to one and a half centimetres (0.6 inches). It fuelled my anger, my negative emotion, my response to a fight that wasn’t even mine. “It just conjured up 20 years of suppressed anger towards this organisation that I had devoted a lot of my life to. I literally couldn’t stomach what was happening to X.” Who is saying this in 2013 and who is X?


After David Warner’s 2013 pub altercation with Joe Root and ahead of the Ashes series that year, X released a video, in which he challenged Australian opener to a match with him and his ‘24-inch python’ arms. Who was the unlikely challenger?

180. 181.

What was started by David Peacock, Paul Burnham and Gareth Evans during England’s 1994/95 Ashes tour of Australia? In his biography written by Ivo Tennant in 1994, who admitted to have gouged one side of the ball with a bottle top against Sussex in a match in 1981 to attain reverse swing?



Barbados hosted the historic Test where South Africa made their reentry to the Test era. However, Barbados decided to boycott the match because X was not included and Kenny Benjamin was handed his debut. One of the


In 2004, X was hit on the head by a delivery by an Indian bowler Y. Although no conclusive links have been established between the incident and the subsequent behavior, but this player’s behavior proved fairly erratic post this incident. In 2006, he was banned from playing cricket in England after threatening spectators. He was arrested for arson at the offices of the Harare Sports Club the same year. Who are the two cricketers in question?


What long standing record associated with an Indian for three decades was first equaled by Aneurin Donald in 2016 and then broken by an Afghanistan batsman Shafiqullah Shafiq?


When Andrew Johns made his T20 debut for New South Wales in 2007, he was asked to bowl a single over only and then came out to bat at no. 11 where his captain Simon Katich refused to give him strike during the final over of the chase. In his next and last T20 match, he didn’t get to bowl and came to bat at no. 9 to score a 10 ball 9. Why did Andrew Johns have such a strange career?


X made his ODI debut for Kenya in 2006 against Zimbabwe. In 2007, he enrolled in an Indian University and it did not allow him to represent the Kenyan side for the next three years. He, however, returned back to the squad in October 2010. Interestingly, in 2012, he played for Deccan Chargers as a local player. In 2013, he played his last for Kenya. In 2014, he was back at the auctions where he was picked up by the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Identify the cricketer.


Intern Pete is a producer at The Kyle and Jackie O show, whose real name is Peter Deppeler. In August this year, on a show called Disgrace, he revealed his experience post that incident in March. “To be honest and I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for me, but it was the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life,” he said. “And you know what, I asked the question, I went on the press conference but I didn’t want to be told I should get murdered or want to hang myself before, get HIV and die tomorrow.”What was the press conference about? Why did Deppeler cop nationwide abuse?


No cricketer has suffered this misfortune in ODIs. Joel Garner and Ian Smith came closest. In T20Is, this apparent misfortune befell on Shahid Afridi (unless he decides to reverse his retirement decision). On whom did this misfortune befall, very infamously, when it comes to Test cricket?


In a 2006 Test, X had been instructed by his captain to pad up in case any wicket falls in the final hour of play. A wicket did fall and X went to the middle. However, he also went on to run his captain out, who was the world no. 1 batsman at that time, on a well compiled 52. “I didn’t want to go back into that dressing room and cop a spray from the captain – a deserved spray too because I was too wrapped up in my own defensive technique to be thinking about taking that run.” What resulted thus?


When Rohit Sharma made his Test debut in 2013, he helped himself to a rather unflattering record which he took over from his teammate, interestingly another batsman who, like him, had scored a century on debut a few years ago. This year Sharma surrendered his record to X, interestingly who also went on to score a century on debut against Pakistan. What’s the record? From whom did Sharma take over and who currently holds it?



Retiring jerseys isn’t common in cricket. But with the Indian Premier League growing in stature as well as history, a couple of jerseys have also been retired in the Indian Premier League. Team X retired 10 for Y in 2013. Team W retired 12 for Z in 2018. Which are these two IPL teams and who are Y and Z?


________ _________ in 2009 became the 100th ground to host a Test match when it hosted the first Ashes match of the 2009 series. However, the ECB received a lot of criticism for holding the first Test on a ground making its debut and not on Lord’s as was largely the norm. The Test turned out to be a thriller, though with Panesar and Anderson denying Australia a win by digging in for more than 60 balls. Before this, the ground’s claim to fame was hosting the 2005 ODI in which Bangladesh defeated Australia. Identify the ground.


India’s 2004 series versus Australia again could have been a different affair altogether had weather allowed play on the last day of the second test at Chennai. Sehwag scored a 155 in the first innings and looked threatening in the second innings as well before rains washed out the 5th day. The question is who was Sehwag’s opening partner in that particular Test?

________. Fill in the blank with the name of a city.


When Robin Peterson was struck 28 in an over by Brian Lara, he was at the receiving end of the dubious record of having conceded the most number of runs in a single over in a Test match. In the first five deliveries, Lara had hit him for 4,6,6,4,4. At this point, Mike Haysman made a reference to which particular historically significant number, especially for the host country of the match. What was the number?


On 28th September 2016, the official handle of Lord’s Cricket Ground tweeted a photo of Sourav Ganguly with the iconic Lord’s bell. The text of the tweet, however, included a line that said, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” What development in Indian cricket was the tweet taking a dig at?



Although he played only 6 Tests, his gritty 22 on debut proved to be a match winning knock for India in the series deciding Chennai Test against Australia in 2001 where they had lost 8 wickets in a chase of 155. Identify him.


While Y holds the record for most consecutive tons on the trot, X in 2002 came close to claiming this record. After scoring three consecutive centuries, X raced to 97 off 66 in a chase of 155 against Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s spinner Alok Kapali though quashed any such hopes by bowling four wides, leaving X stranded on 97. Who are X and Y?


X made cricketing headlines in 2018 when he became the first to make his international debut for a composite side. However, he wasn’t the first to make his debut for a composite side. In fact, a pair of pacers who opened the bowling together on several occasions in the last decade, made their ODI debuts for composite XIs in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Who is X? Which two bowlers?


When Brian Lara scored 277 against Australia at the SCG, he was so overjoyed that he named his daughter after the city. It is said that Michael Holding wasn’t quite impressed with such a dedication and quipped cheekily that he’s glad that the double ton hadn’t come in


X had a torrid time during the 1996 Cricket World Cup in the subcontinent. He played 5 matches for his team but averaged 0.40 with the bat and an equally forgettable 106 with the ball. All this despite his team making it to the knockout stages of the tournament. Who was this cricketer?



1. Beyond A Boundary


2. Taking wives along on away tours

12. He was the first substitute fielder to take a catch

3. The decision to choose Ranjitsinhji in the team in 1896 irked the MCC headed by Lord Harris who had opposed his selection

13. Only two First Cricketers to have won Olympic Medals in the 1900 Olympics

4. Scored centuries in both the innings of the match

14. Sean Abbott; Platts was asked to bowl slower for his ball had resulted in the death of Summer

5. Phil Mead

15. Bowled under-arm

6. He won the toss and chose to field first

16. Country of a Foreign Field – The name of RC Guha’s book on cricket and Indian society

7. Short Leg

17. Because these figures were registered in matches where there were 12 batsmen

8. It was his benefit match that he had cut short by bowling excellently

18. Len Hutton was the first man to be dismissed Obstructing the Field

9. RE ‘Tip’ Foster who remains the only man to have captained England in both Cricket and Football

19. He married a woman who represented England in cricket

10. Started the Wisden Cricketers of the Year (which began in the form of Six Great Bowlers of the year)

20. Jack Fingleton claimed that Don Bradman made the infamous ‘Adelaide Leak’

11. Bobby Peel. He urinated on the 39

21. Borders were opened


22. Families of those who perished in the First World War in 1915

33. Derek Sealey, George Gunn

23. Denis Compton and Brylcreem 24. Meulemen. Bob gave Adam Gilchrist the idea of using a squash ball in his gloves for the 2007 World Cup Final against Sri Lanka 25. Fred Trueman 26. X – George Headley, Y – Fred Trueman

34. Bradman getting out for a duck 35. Only cricketer to have taken a 10 wicket haul in his only Test 36. Cricket sweater 37. Both of them played First Class cricket before the World War I as well as after World War II 38. All of them scored a century in their first and their last Tests. Andy Gantaume and Rodney Redmond scored tons in their only Test

27. Sadat Hasan Manto 28. Leslie Compton, His brother Denis was out Hit wicket a record 5 times

39. All eleven in a team were Wisden cricketers of the year

29. Aziz Durrani, father of Salim Durrani

40. He was called for chucking in the same match he picked up a Hat trick at Lord’s

30. He was still a professional and not an amateur. To distinguish amateurs from professionals in the scorecards, their initials were placed before the surname.

41. They are the only three international cricketers to have been born on 29th February

31. E.W Swanton

42. Centenary Test

32. X – Eric Hollies, Dismissed Bradman for duck in his final

43. Only Wisden Player of the Year to have never played FC cricket 40

44. Syed Mohammad Hadi

48. Recognition for the 1868 Aboriginal tour to England

45. Norman Callaway

49. Their all scored two centuries in their entire Test careers, both of which came in the same match

46. X – Manny Martindale, Y – Douglas Jardine 47. George Hirst

50. Bert Sutcliffe playing with his head bandaged


SOBERS TO TENDULKAR 1. Barrington Bjorg Beckenbauer


2. Michael Angelow. The streaker from the 1975 Lord’s Test

9. Lou Rowan, X – John Snow 10. Garfield Sobers and Malcolm Nash

3. Went without troubling the scorers

11. He was to judge the Man of the Match in the first ODI match

4. Test matches between England and Australia where the Ashes wasn’t at stake

12. Dirk Welham. Only the third cricketer apart from Gundappa Viswanathan and Prithvi Shaw to score a century on both First Class as well as Test debut

5. Kim Barnett. Averaged 84 from the only game he played 6. Slowest Century; Mudassar Nazar

13. X - Lawrence Rowe. The players’ pavilion was named after him at Sabina Park, Kingston before JCA withdrew the honour

7. Most records by a bowler in an innings. Cartwright bowled the most overs by a pacer in an innings

14. The Football World Cup was taking place in the country

8. “13.3. First day’s play lost. If no play takes place on the first day of a match of more than one day’s duration, 1 above shall apply in accordance with the number of days remaining from the actual start of the match. The day on which play first commences shall count as a whole day for this purpose, irrespective of the time at which play

15. Come on Aussie, Come on! 16. New Zealand 17. Crime (Because Crime doesn’t pay)


18. Fatehsinhrao Gaekwad. The 1994 India West Indies Test series trophy was named after him

29. He batted one handed in his last innings with a plaster on the other hand

19. X - Bruce Reid, Y – Allan Lamb, Z – Chris Pringle

30. X – Greg Dyer, Y – Mike Gatting, Z – Andrew Jones, W – Ian Healy

20. Member should have been out for a Golden Duck at any level of cricket

31. Bob Taylor 32. Andrew Zesers

21. Steve Waugh earned the nickname ‘Iceman’ due to his performances in the 1987 Reliance World Cup

33. Tony Gray 34. First cricketer to have opened the batting and bowling for his country in an ODI

22. West Indies in World Series Cricket

35. Played a 5 Test series with India

23. X – Dave Houghton, Y – Martin Crowe 24. Brian Close

36. Ewan Chatfield had just ‘Mankaded’ Derek Randall

25. Gary Sobers’ Six Sixes

37. Arrest of Indira Gandhi

26. Chris Smith, elder brother of Robin Smith

38. He could have become only the third cricketer to get a Hat-trick on Test debut after Maurice Allom and Peter Petherick. Damien Fleming eventually became the third.

27. IL Bula, longest ever name of a cricketer to have played First Class cricket 28. Frankie’s Tibb is named after Frank Worrell

39. Look Vivian Richards in the eye 40. Kerry O’ Keefe 43

41. He was asked to coach the cast of ‘Bodyline’. He himself ended up playing Clarrie Grimmett and becoming the only cricketer to act in Bodyline.

50. Australia’s chase took place under rain and hail as broadcasters couldn’t have broadcasted the match next day because of celebrations.

42. Chris Tavare’s slow paced knock

51. He is seen handing the Prudential World Cup to Kapil Dev in the pictures from the 1983 World 43. Sadiq Mohammad was the only Cup left handed batsman among the Mohammad brothers 52. Wedding. Butts married on the Restday of his debut Test 44. “Pakistan is the kind of place to send your mother-in-law for a 53. X – Mohammads, Y – Graces, month, all expenses paid” Z – Chappells He brought her along when doing commentary duties for England’s 54. Tony Dell, Only Test cricketer tour of Pakistan in 2000-01. to have been involved in Vietnam War action 45. Four Day Test 55. The title of ‘Honorary Whites’ 46. Frank Tyson was bestowed upon some outstanding people of color. The 18 47. X – Richard Hadlee, Y – Mike men were the West Indian cricketWhitney ers who went on the rebel tour 48. Ashraf Ali. It was also the name of Amrish Puri’s character in Gadar

56. Greg Ritchie 57. X – Ray Bright. Mathews bowled wearing his jumpers in the Chennai heat

49. He was the first cricketer to win the Man of the Match award when the concept was first introduced in the Gillette Cup in 1963

58. East Africa in 1975, Kenya in 1996 44

59. Franklyn Stephenson

70. John Emburey

60. Since his Hat Trick was spread over two overs, he is the only cricketer to have a FC hat trick without ever taking 3 wickets in an innings

71. Jeff Jones and Simon Jones

61. X - Ray Jennings, Keaton Jennings

74. Pakistan

72. X – Nari Contractor 73. Boxing Day Test

75. MAK Pataudi

62. David Capel. He was the fielder who moved as a result of which Shakoor Rana and Mike Gatting got into an ugly spat.

76. He was the first Bangladeshi to play for a representative Pakistani side

63. Daddy Hundreds

77. It was the last time that an English team wore the egg and bacon colors of MCC. It’s said that the colors were adopted by MCC after J&W Nicholson owner secured the club’s position at Lord’s with a loan.

64. Javed Miandad 65. Wes Hall. He was talking about the last over of the Tied Test 66. EAS Prasanna

78. Rashid Patel and Raman Lamba

67. Richard Hadlee. He was chasing the wicket that would make him the highest wicket taker in Test

79. Betty Wilson 80. Jack Iverson. He was one of the earliest mystery spinners who was brought back to public consciousness with the emergence of Ajantha Mendis

68. Ghost 69. Bhutto paid back by renaming Lahore’s stadium as Gaddafi Stadium

81. Zaheer Abbas 45

82. Mike Gatting, Colin Cowdrey, John Emburey, Graham Gooch

1983 World Cup fixture between Zimbabwe and India

83. X – Excalibur, the bat used by Lance Cairns of New Zealand

93. Grovel 94. John Arlott

84. Sunil Gavaskar

95. Gordon Greenidge

85. Mike Procter

96. Graham Gooch asked Ian Botham the question after the latter marked his return from a ban for Marijuana use by picking up the wicket of Jeff Crowe that gave him the record of the Most wickets in Tests

86. Frank Worrell; Tibb’s Frankie 87. The car crashed. Collie Smith passed away while Gary Sobers survived 88. Ranatunga

97. Norm O’Neil

89. Hannibal

98. Gymnastics

90. Sandeep Patil

99. Corporation Stadium which is now the Nehru Stadium. It saw Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj Roy’s then highest opening stand of 413

91. Don Pringle. Father of Derek Pringle who also played the World Cup in 1992. Roger Binny, the 1983 World Cup winner saw his son Stuart selected in the Indian World Cup team for 2015. The two were joined by the father son pair of Kevin Curran and Tom Curran when the latter was selected for the 2019 World Cup

100. Bert Oldfield and Rodney Marsh of Australia

92. Kevin Curran. He was responsible for bringing India to 17/5 before Kapil Dev struck 175 in the 46

TENDULKAR AND BEYOND 1. X- Dale Steyn, Y – Grant Elliott. Photo of Grant Elliott extending his hand to a crestfallen Dale Steyn after he hit him for six to beat South Africa in the 2015 World Cup Semifinal.

10. Mahendra Singh Dhoni called him up to the head table after he asked him whether Dhoni planned to retire after the 2016 World T20 exit in the post match Press Conference.

2. Cann named his daughter India before Jonty Rhodes did. His son is named Sachin.

11. WV Raman and Arjan Kripal Singh 12. Andre Van Troost

3. Andre Nel

13. Ed Giddins

4. Ravindra Jadeja

14. James Ormond. He famously sledged Mark Waugh saying ‘at least he is the best in his own family’ after Junior Waugh asked whether he is even good enough to play Test cricket.

5. Craig MacMillan 6. Celebrappeal from Celebration and appeal. It captures Broad’s habit of celebrating before realising he is yet to appeal

15. Thami Tsolekile

7. Fawad Ahmed

16. Stiaan Van Zyl. 100th time a century was scored on debut. Rowe and Hameed made two of them on their debut

8. Pakistan’s bootcamp ahead of their 2016 England tour took place there. The push up celebration by Misbah at Lords was a tribute to it.

17. Patrick Cummins

9. Highest score by no. 11 in ODIs. Mohd. Amir went past Shoaib Akhtar’s score of 43 to make a 28 ball 58.

18. Ross Taylor. He celebrates his ton with a tongue out expression. 47

19. X – Graeme Smith, Y – Lance Klusener

at least a ball was bowled). Both had to be abandoned after rains intervened after just 2 balls. Javagal Srinath was the player in the ODI and the referee in the T20I.

20. Ricky Ponting; Kahuna 21. Kevin Pietersen; Switch Hit and the Flamenco Shot

31. Stephanie Taylor

22. Nathan Astle. Donald Bradman still holds the fastest double ton by time 23. Hansie Cronje

32. Swapnil Gugale was the captain himself!

24. English wicket keeper batsman Jack Russell

33. Dropped Brian Lara. He was fielding as a substitute for Durham despite being in the Warwickshire squad

25. X -Michael Lumb, Y - Mooen Ali

34. Consecutive Man of the Matches

26. Patrick Patterson

35. Mother of Dermot Reeve (Reeve was born in Hong Kong)

27. Man of the Tournament was given to Crowe before the Semi Final match

36. His IB Diploma score of 44/45 translates to the highest possible Australian Tertiary Admission Rank of 99.95 — just eclipsing the Don’s famous Test average of 99.94.”

28. X – Justin Langer, Y – Kerry Packer 29. X – Tamim Iqbal, Y – Charles Coventry, who had equaled Saeed Anwar’s then highest score of 194 in the match

37. Michael Kasprowicz getting out in the Edgbaston Test with Australia just 3 runs away from a win

30. It begins to rains after 1 ball. These 2 matches are the shortest ODI and T20I respectively (where 48

38. Grant Elliott. He was playing the 2015 World Cup Semi Final against South Africa, his country of birth

bowled a no ball when Evan Lewis was on 99* in a CPL match 50. X – Saqlain Mushtaq, Y – Chaminda Vaas

39. Hashan Tilakaratne. The middle name of both his sons is Sachin

51. Beyond The Boundary, Prithvi Shaw

40. Amit Mishra and Jayant Yadav

52. Lynnsanity for Chris Lynn

41. X – Jeet Raval, Y – New Zealand

53. Adam Gilchrist was presented the cap by Bill Bro

42. X – Alex Loudon, Y – Jamie Dalrymple, Z – Graeme Swann

54. Ted Dexter. He promised a commission on Fog in Indian cities

43. Michael Di Venuto

55. X – Faiz Fazal, Y – Shikhar Dhawan

44. Delhi police charged Hansie Cronje with fixing the ODIs played against India in March.

56. Ajay Sharma

45. X – Jasprit Bumrah, Stuart Binny had figures of 6/4 in 2014 against Bangladesh

57. Brothers made their debuts against each other on both the occasions. Frank Hearne played for South Africa while Alec and George played for England Ed Joyce played for England while Dom Joyce played for Ireland

46. Yorkshire, Jason Gillespie 47. RPSG Coach Stephen Fleming stood wearing a suit at the dugout 48. Boucher, who had sustained a career ending eye injury before the beginning of the series

58. Amby Valley, The Indian team sported the Amby Valley logo instead of Sahara since the latter clashed with the name of the South African brand Sahara

49. Kieron Pollard infamously 49

59. Ramith Rambukwella


60. Ed Smith

71. Zimbabwe’s Logan Cup

61. Faf du Plessis declared on Day 1 but went on to lose the Test

72. Eoin Morgan 73. Zahid Fazal

62. X - Maurice Odumbe Y-Brian Lara

74. Pragyan Ojha. He got those figures in Sachin’s final Test against West Indies in Mumbai in 2013.

63. X – Mitchell Johnson, Y – Tinashe Panyangara

75. India vs Australia, Nagpur Test, 2004. Sourav Ganguly had requested the curator for the grass on the pitch to be trimmed. Instead, India were given a green track

64. New Zealand to the ICC Knockout Trophy win in 2000 65. South Africa were led in Tests for the first time by a non white skipper (Ashwell Prince)

76. Adam Lyth was the 666th (666 is considered the Beast’s number ) player to represent England

66. They were trying to get the stumps mic turned off by doing Ambush Marketing against the official sponsors 67. Finch sent Sunil Narine to open the batting

77. It’s given to batsmen who hit the fastest ton in the County season. Pettini and Chapple’s centuries came against declaration bowling

68. Terry Duffin was the captain of the Zimbabwe side on his debut

78. Highest score where all runs came in boundaries

69. X – Nelson Mandela, Y – Don Bradman. Mandela asked the question, “Is Bradman still alive?”

79. Mitchell Starc broke the 100mph barrier. McMillan himself was at the recieveing end of one such delivery by Shoaib Akhtar in 2002

70. X – Brian Lara, Y – Sachin 50

80. India and Pakistan XI

90. Hugh Edmeades replaced Richard Madley as the IPL auctioneer in the auctions held ahead of 2019 edition

81. Darren Lehmann 82. Kraigg Brathwaite Desmond Haynes

91. A player made a Test debut replacing his brother. Albie Morkel replaced Morne in the 2008 Test while Mark Waugh replaced Steve in the 1991 Test

83. ICC handbook 84. He had exposed his genitalia in the pre season team photo that went unnoticed and came to notice only once the Almanack had been published

92. Roston Chase, Wakanda Forever 93. X - David Warner and Toyota Jump

85. England’s World Cup leading skipper didn’t get sacked or resigned himself.

94. X – Anya Shrubsole. Lord’s honours boards now have names of women cricketers as well. She was the first woman to appear on the Wisden Cover

86. He was supposedly taunting Mohd Amir who was returning to cricket after serving a 5 year ban for Spot-Fixing

95. James Tredwell, Ajay Jadeja

87. They were the only two men in the squad who were born in UAE

96. X – Sachin Tendulkar, Tennis Elbow

88. Tharindu Kaushal

97. Duncan Spencer

89. FC status of Rebel Tour matches in South Africa was revoked. Gooch who had scored his 100th FC ton in India had to score it once again after his no. of centuries was reduced to 99 as he had a ton in the Rebels game in 1982

98. He was the bouncer whose punch caused the death of David Hookes 99. X – Inzamam-ul-Haq, Y – Javed Miandad, Z – Younis Khan 51


100. 2 Kits to ensure that the colors of the two playing teams are different on the match day. 1999 WC was the first ICC tournament with numbered kits.

111. He was the replacement of Virat Kohli at Surrey in 2018 112. Smartwatches

101. Ireland is at Number 2, while South Africa sits at the bottom with zero Tests

113. Nixon Mclean 114. X – Peter McGlashan, Y – Dinesh Karthik

102. X – Arjuna Ranatunga, Y – Mohd Nabi

115. X – Imran Khan, Cornered Tiger

103. South Africa’s first ODI series after readmission against India in 1991. W – Ali Bacher, Z – Madhavrao Scindia

116. While attempting the catch, his cap fell on the ball. Penalty Runs to Keeper under Law 41.2 had been recently introduced

104. X - Dougie Brown, Y – Eoin Morgan

117. Paul Stirling. Holds both the Highest Score and the Best Bowling figures records for his team.

105. Elite Honesty 106. They were asked to chop their dreadlocks

118. Man of the Match was chosen on the basis of a TV Poll. Warner won it while Bracewell got overlooked

107. Scores of 99 and 99 in the same FC match

119. First Kolpak signing

108. Mohnish Parmar. He tried to copy the action of Muttiah Muralitharan

120. X – Malcolm Marshall, Y – Vivian Richards

109. Kabir Khan

121. The winners jacket of ICC Champions Trophy

110. X – Bilal Shafayat, Y – Monty 52

122. X – Super Sub, These three cricketers won the Man of the Match award as Super Subs

132. Bandra-Worli Sea Link 133. Graham Thorpe

123. X -Jimmy Adams, Tariq Iqbal stole the show with his comical catch of Brian Lara which helped the Kenyan team pull off an upset against the West Indies

134. Two debutants scoring tons on debut. It happened first when Bryan Valentine and Lala Amarnath scored tons on debut in 1933

124. Par Score refers to runs required to ‘Tie’ the match and not win it

135. Brandon Bess 136. The chorus was I don’t like Cricket, oh no, I love it. It was used in the promotions of the T20 Cup in England in 2003

125. Ajay Jadeja. He was banned by BCCI for alleged Match Fixing 126. It was the first time in his career that Rahul Dravid was the designated wicket keeper

137. Groundsman Chris Scott and his staff 138. Jacques Kallis and Andrew Flintoff in 2005

127. X – Jacob Oram 128. X – Virender Sehwag, Y – Deep Dasgupta

139. Both were Retired Out. Mohd. Ashraful became the youngest to score a century in Tests, overtaking Mushtaq Mohammad

129. Gary Pratt, the substitute fielder who had famously run Ricky Ponting out in the Ashes Test

140. Muttiah Muralitharan 141. Pink Balls

130. X – Imran Khan 131. Tymal Mills. He was bought by RCB for 12 crores in the IPL auctions of 2017 53

en and Ian Bell

142. Devon Malcolm took 9/57 against South Africa after making his famous, “You guys are history” when hit on the head by a bouncer while batting

151. Don Bradman’s 99.94th Birthday 152. Cricinfo

143. X – Brett Lee, Y – Lalit Modi

153. Murali Vijay (Y – Gautam Gambhir)

144. He was the lawyer of Salman Butt in the spot fixing scandal

154. South Africa, The referendum on Apartheid in the country was to take place on 17th February

145. The urn is not used as the trophy for the Ashes series, and, whichever side “holds” the Ashes, the urn remains in the MCC Museum at Lord’s. Since the 1998/99 Ashes series, a Waterford Crystal Trophy has been presented to the winners.

155. He was a part of the match against England when Tom Graveney decided to give the entire Pakistan team the Man of the Match award 156. Winner of the IPL and the Winner of English T20 Tournament

146. X – Shane Warne. Warne still finished with 40 wickets 147. Chris Gayle hit the first ball of a Test for a Six for the first time in history of the game. Kraigg Brathwaite got seven from his first scoring shot against South Africa in the Cape Town Test in 2015

157. Andrew Caddick 158. Alan Mullally (Coach was David Lloyd) 159. Dan Van Bunge

148. Hemulal Yadav was given ‘Timed Out’

160. Masai Tribe 161. Bowled 10 consecutive noballs and conceded 31 runs without bowling a legitimate delivery

149. Michael Jordan 150. Alistair Cook, Kevin Pieters54

163. She was the only heterosexual in a team of homosexual cricketers

which came at Lord’s when Sourav Ganguly celebrated by taking his shirt off after India’s Natwest Trophy win.

164. Waddles

178. Steven O’ Keefe

165. Anupam Mukerji

179. West Indies; Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Carl Hooper

162. When in Rome

166. Only FC cricketer to die in 9/11 crash

180. Barmy Army

167. Australian Autopsy

181. Imran Khan

168. St. Lawrence Ground. The tree fell in 2005

182. X - Mark Vermuelen, Y – Irfan Pathan

169. Paul Reifel

183. Fastest double century in FC cricket. The record earlier belonged to Ravi Shastri

170. Carl Hooper

172. MS Dhoni

184. He was a famous Rugby player who was included in the team to get more people to the stadium

173. Oman

185. Tanmay Mishra

174. Martin Crowe talking about Ross Taylor

186. Steve Smith’s apology press conference post the ball tampering scandal. He interrupted it with a prank.

171. Darren Gough

175. Hulk Hogan 176. Anderson Cummins

187. Mumbai Indians retired no. 10 for Sachin Tendulkar while Royal Challengers Bangalore retired no. 12 for their fans

177. Andrew Flintoff took off his shirt to celebrate, the retaliation of 55

194. Installation of a bell at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens

188. Mohd. Azharuddin ended his career with 99 Tests. Afridi ended his career with 99 T20Is

195. Samir Dighe

189. X - Jason Gillespie. He scored a double ton against Bangladesh in 2003 after running out Ricky Ponting

196. X – Herschelle Gibbs; Y - Kumar Sangakkara 197. Sandeep Lamicchane. Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel

190. Most ODIs played before making Test debut. Sharma took it over from Suresh Raina and Kevin O’Brien currently holds it

198. Lahore 199. Nelson Mandela’s prison cell number which was 466/64

191. Sophia Gardens

200. Keith Arthurton

192. X – Curtly Ambrose, Y – Steve Waugh 193. Yuvraj Singh


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Barefoot Cricket Quiz Book  

All questions from 13 editions of 'Beyond a Boundary' - the Marquee Cricket Quiz at Barefoot Sports Quizzing Festival

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