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Issue 10 Dec 2009

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Cooker Hood or Modern Sculpture?

Elica’s Fabrizio Crisà reveals his passion, technology and sources of inspiration.

Sweet! The brand new programme from KAL and

AB Distributors to help improve your brand and your business.


The Neff SlideAway® door does exactly what its name suggests. When you open the oven it slides smoothly away into the compartment below in an effortlessly light action. Which means you can baste and turn food without having to lean over a hot oven door. So you can give the trickiest of dishes all the pampering they deserve. For more information and the recipe for cooking perfect lamb with sage, rosemary and lemon visit or for a free brochure call 0844 892 9033.


Sinks, taps & accessories

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in this issue of Fresh 11 Fresh Thinking

Paul Lupari gives Fresh the lowdown on the latest cutting edge appliances at IFA Berlin.

13 The Future Starts Here

Cooker hood or modern sculpture? Forget the cold, industrial design of cooker hoods – now they are more like works of art, as Italian company Elica is showing.

16 The Great Food Waste Debate By Ashley Munden, InSinkErator.

18 SWEET Special!

A distributor who wants to make your business better for free? SWEET! Fresh launches the brand new incentive programme from KAL and AB Distributors that helps retailers improve their brands and their businesses.


21 Close that Deal

Looking for a way to boost sales? Read Gerry Faloona’s top 10 sales tips to improve your sales effectiveness.

22 Neff’s Energy Efficient Dishwasher Lineup

Energy saving is a key ingredient of Neff’s new line up of built in, semi and fully integrated dishwashers for 2009 and beyond.

23 Foodie Corner

Our resident food columnist Stephen Taylor Winter, turns foodie agony uncle to tackle your most asked culinary conundrums this month.

25 New Doors of Opportunity

Renowned for keeping its collection fresh and inspiring, PWS has launched seven new fabulous finishes.

29 Carron Phoenix Pacific sink and filtration Dante tap


We review the Carron Phoenix Pacific sink and competitively priced filtration Dante tap.


30 Question Time

Two retailers talk to us about the recession, recovery and reveal their secret talents.

32 Neff Masterpartner

KAL recently launched Neff Masterpartner in Ireland. Six retailers tell us why they signed up to the programme.

33 AB Fab

With the high performance Antony Worrall Thompson Juice Extractor by Breville it’s quick and easy to prepare a multitude of health-giving drinks.


34 FaceBook

Check out whos doing what in our Fresh Photo Diary this month!


Fresh is produced by Barefoot Design & Beverley Moazzen Communications. If you are interested in contributing to Fresh, email EDITOR Beverley Moazzen - DESIGN Gabriel Muldoon - COVER Elica Victoria

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The fuTure is noT whaT iT used To be.

Gold stream. whoever could have imagined a hood like this? we did. we imagined new shapes and exclusive materials, a blown glass sculpture inspired by the air. we imagined a small, “magic” cylinder – evolution – a revolutionary system enclosing all the air treatment functions of a cooker hood. we imagined another future. showrooms Milano - osaka

As someone who loves a bit of sparkle I do love Elica’s Victoria cooker hood (our cover shot). I was delighted to meet Fabrizio Crisà Product Design Developer and Design Chief at Elica, the most cutting edge cooker hood company in the world. In a wide ranging interview, he talked to us about passion, technology and sources of inspiration. Paul Lupari meanwhile reports from IFA Berlin on the hottest new trends and cutting edge appliances. His column on page 11 is essential reading to keep you abreast of developments in the world of kitchen products going into 2010 and beyond. In an ever more competitive marketplace we all realise that customers are expecting more for their money. Which is why we are delighted to announce the launch of Sweet, a brand new all Ireland incentive programme from KAL and AB Distributors, designed to help you improve your brands and your business in these challenging times. Turn to page 18 for our Sweet 4-page special which includes details on this new enhanced service, the photo diary of the NI launch and sales tips from motivational trainer, Gerry Faloona. PWS is renowned for keeping its collection fresh and inspiring and on page 25 we profile Fenton and Seton, the next generation of Shaker and slab doors, launched in response to the demand for affordable furniture that unites lasting value with modern design. We also bring you the latest updates on sink and tap combinations, energy efficient dishwashers and Stephen Taylor Winter answers all your culinary conundrums in Foodie Corner! We hope you enjoy this edition of Fresh and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!

Beverley Moazzen.


THE TEACHER’S PETS Our range of products is at the very top of its class. Not only is each one good looking, clever, quiet and efficient, but they’re very popular too.

Brain Box!

t o h S t o H


Smarty Pants!


! e i k o o C Smart

Second Nature Kitchen Collection

w w w. s n c o l l e c t i o n . c o . u k t e l . 0 2 8 3 8 3 2 6 9 4 3 (NI) t e l . 0 1 4 1 3 6 4 4 4 (ROI)

Fresh Thinking

Tomorrow’s World Months before they hit the market, manufacturers’ newest kitchen products debut at IFA in Berlin. Paul Lupari viewed the latest cutting edge appliances and talked trends with industry experts. He gives Fresh the lowdown…

Though exhibitions focusing on design and technology are popping up everywhere, the IFA Berlin is still the world’s leading consumer electronics trade show. For an idea of how big it is, imagine 1.7million square feet of exhibition space housing 2,700 exhibitors with visitor figures in excess of 200,000. It’s the place in Europe for manufacturers to roll out their latest offerings so consumers, journalists and those in the trade can eye them up close. Most significantly, there was no recession evident here with an eye watering 3 billion euros worth of orders generated during the show week.

height freezer, which Neff will launch in 2010/11. BSH has been leading the development of energy efficient products since the 1990’s, evidenced in the vastly improved energy ratings within the group (as much as 60% over the last decade) which translates into impressive savings for home owners.

Quality Counts

There was also a big vibe at the show to sell on product not price. Christian Gerwens, director of Miele Deutschland was on record stating that the company expects an increase in sales of 5–10% compared with IFA 2008, and that consumers were investing in new appliances – not buying on price.

This year IFA brought out all the big names you’d expect like BSH Group, Samsung and Sony as well as hundreds of smaller companies. I’ve edited the vast array of new products that caught my eye and I’ve attempted here to sum up future trends going into 2010 and beyond.

The issue of The issue of ‘German Quality over Chinese Manufacturers (OEMs)’ ‘German Quality over was also hotly debated, particularly Chinese Manufacturers interesting against a backdrop of a country coming out of recession, (OEMs)’ was also hotly when often price is a deciding factor in purchase. However, creating and debated, particularly sustaining brands in developed markets is complex, expensive and uncertain and interesting against – based on orders at IFE - it seems that a backdrop of a the industrial engineering background the German products were winning country coming out of of out. recession Smart Fun

Greener Cleaner

Big Load Small Space

Predictably, environmental concerns and energy efficiency are issues that are top of mind for today’s appliance manufacturer. Sustainability was evident almost everywhere, in particular I was impressed by the BSH Group with their ultra efficient new dishwashers and washing machines, as well as a new full

An emphasis on laundry was apparent at the show and there was a keen interest in large capacity washers like LG (a massive 11kg) in a standard cabinet, offering great efficiency for extremely heavy duty loads. I anticipate that other manufacturers are likely to follow suit in the near future.

Smart kitchens were a fun trend at IFA demonstrated in everything from refrigerators featuring digital photo frames, DVD players and PC modules, to a message centre with built in microphone to record notes for family members…which makes my current system of post-it’s on the fridge door seem positively historic!








Worksurface and integrated sink made from DuPont™ Corian® in the Lymm Water Tower. Photo Jake Fitzjones.

Worksurface made from DuPont™ Zodiaq®, private apartment, Germany.

Worksurfaces designed with DuPont™ Corian® and DuPont™ Zodiaq® – materials made exclusively by DuPont – offer both beauty and performance. Synonymous with style, they also mean strength, durability, hygiene… and that certain something extra : Inspiration ! With Corian® solid surfaces and Zodiaq® quartz surfaces you can personalise your design to create the kitchen that really works for you. And all with the peace of mind that comes with a 10 year warranty. 0800/962116 (UK) 800/553252 (IRL) The DuPont oval, Corian®, Zodiaq® and DuPont™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. Only DuPont produces Corian® and Zodiaq®. © Copyright 2008 E.I du Pont de Nemours & Company or its affiliates.

The future starts here Cooker hood or modern sculpture? Forget the cold, industrial design of cooker hoods – now they are more like works of art, as Italian company Elica is showing.

Is that really a cooker hood? It’s a question that you will often ask yourself as you look through Elica’s impressive back catalogue. Sometimes it’s only the fact that it’s hung over a cooker that gives the game away. Elica, based in the town of Fabriano in central Italy, is at the forefront of cooker hood design and manufacturing. From their humble beginnings they have grown to produce 5m hoods a year, employing over 2,000 people in 10 factories in Italy, Germany, Poland and Mexico. But the really striking thing about this company is the design of its products. Forget what you think a cooker hood looks like; Elica are tearing down that traditional image, using shapes, sizes and materials not seen in hood design

before. In Elica’s hands, hoods are becoming sculptured showpieces. And the best bit for us as retailers is that they aren’t produced for exclusive restaurants or hotels, but for domestic use – these are hoods for our homes.

Stirring the emotions

In charge of Elica’s design team is Fabrizio Crisà, product design developer. In a wide-ranging interview, we asked him about passion, technology and sources of inspiration. “A good hood design must stir the emotions of the person who’s looking at, touching and using the object for the first time. You have to make them fall in love with it! “We’re reaching out to people that are passionate about 13

“We’re reaching out to people that are passionate about cooking as well as design” Fabrizio Crisà, Product Design Developer and Chief of Elica Design Team

cooking as well as design. A company like Elica is working at a global level in markets that are socially, culturally and economically completely different, so you can understand how complex it is today to know what the products of tomorrow will be like. “We here in the Elica Design Team try to understand and intuit what these changes are going to be, analysing how they will affect people’s tastes and choices, and then we try to design products that will be suitable for these new requirements. “There’s no single source of inspiration. We cast a wide net over every field, from those similar to ours, such as domestic appliances, to other ones further away like fashion and cars. “The world’s changing all the time socially, culturally and 14

economically and that changes the way people act and how they do things. And all these changes are different depending on where you are in the world because different countries develop in different ways and at different speeds. “Inspiration can come from a variety of places, from a specific requirement, from a particular function, from a dream or emotion…”

Changes in industry

It’s not just the design team that share Fabrizio’s passion, but it runs right through the entire Elica company and it’s even evident in the industry as a whole, he explains. “Domestic appliance producers themselves are becoming more experimental. I think the direction the domestic

appliance world is moving in is to have simple objects, ones that work well, which do what they’re supposed to do well, without too many complications. And companies are having to experiment in order to move in that direction. “Elica’s Innovation and R&D team are always hard at work on something that’s highly important to us – airflow or, more generally, the movement of the air. The way things are going is that we want to make our products more and more efficient in terms of performance, by which I mean the relationship between airflow capacity, consumption, noise and size. The final aim is producing objects that are functional, versatile and with a unique design.” Like any good design, there is as much emphasis on how the hoods function, as there is how it looks.

Azio Luxerion

Elica has patented intelligent airflow systems that collect fumes, odour and vapour in the quietest way possible. They reckon that their latest system, the science fiction-sounding Deep Silence, cuts noise by 35% compared to traditional cooker hoods. In fact, at low speeds, there is no perceptible noise at all, they say. They have also managed to reduce the size of all the mechanics, so that the motor, filter, lighting, electronics and control panel all fit into a super-compact steel cylinder. This gives them immense flexibility in terms of design. Currently, they are working on a system which will use 50% less energy.

Fast-forwarding the future

So, are there constrictions in designing a hood? “Yes, there are lots – lots! The biggest limitation for hood design is the fact that there are a lot of regulations to respect. A hood has got to work near flames, so obviously

we’re limited in what we can use in terms of material and technology. The materials have to be fireproof, selfextinguishing and resistant to high temperatures. “They have to be resistant to oil and grease stains and everything else that’s produced during cooking. And glass has to be tempered, of course, for the safety of the user. “Apart from technical limitations, there are also certain restrictions where shape is concerned as well. A designer hood is an eye-catching element in the kitchen, but it’s one that has to work together with other objects and, as such, it has to be able to integrate with everything around it in the kitchen and the other domestic appliances. So all in all, this makes designing a hood an extremely complex and difficult procedure!

Filippi Luxerion

“I’m proud of all our products, especially those that are successful and even more so if they’ve been innovative. But the products we’re proudest of are the ones we’re working on at the moment – you’ll be able to see them at the Eurocucina 2010 fair. “Elica has demonstrated its capability to see beyond the immediate horizon into the future and, thanks to its perception of the realities envisaged there, has been able to seize opportunities presented and transform them into concrete successes. In this way, Elica was the first to change the traditional way of thinking about the product, reinventing the cooker hood as an everyday design object.” So, as chief of design at the most cutting-edge cooker hood company in the world, what does Fabrizio have in his own kitchen? “I’ve got a hood produced by Elica – it’s an Igloo and it’s nine years old. Come to think of it, it’s about time I got a new one!” 15

The great food waste debate

By Ashley Munden, InSinkErator


ousehold waste has become something of a topical issue, with the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle driving the way in which households now approach its disposal. Whilst on the face of it this may be considered an altruistic move to become more environmentally responsible, an EU Directive that requires the volume of biodegradable waste sent to landfill to be reduced by 25% in 2010, 50% in 2013 and 65% in 2020, is in fact a core reason behind further drives to move this debate forward and encourage consumer behaviours. Currently household waste in the UK for example accounts for more than 30 million tonnes, of which approximately 6.7 million tonnes is kitchen food waste – around 20 per cent. The targets set by the directive therefore go a long way to explaining the reasoning behind initiatives introduced by local authorities to encourage more householders to separate rubbish correctly and recycle what they can. However, for many consumers it does not necessarily justify the impending widespread introduction of kitchen caddies, which can be seen as a somewhat archaic solution to a modern problem. Householders are required to fit a rather large amount of food waste into a rather small container and then have to wait up to two weeks for it to be emptied. Like many others, I would suggest that this is not the most hygienic option. So what is the alternative? Food waste


disposers are one option available to householders. This simple kitchen appliance offers a highly convenient, hygienic and environmentally responsible method of getting rid of kitchen food waste. Food waste disposers greatest appeal has always been, and continues to be, its fantastic simplicity. It eliminates the messy process of scraping food waste in to the kitchen bin, and then eventually transferring it to the wheelie bin ready for collection. Householders can simply wash kitchen food scraps down the sink into the disposer, where it is ground into small particles before it is flushed away through the standard sink plumbing using running water. Typically you might empty the kitchen bin every few days, throwing away the waste and eliminating the rather unpleasant smell that always accompanies a bin bag full of household rubbish, including food waste. But with a kitchen slop bin you will have to keep that food waste in your home for as long as two weeks. Even if the box is sealed, the thought of opening it several times a day to throw away food waste is a relatively unpleasant concept – by the end of the first week it will already have started to decompose. In stark contrast, food waste disposers immediately remove kitchen food waste from the household, eliminating any potential unpleasant odours and take away any burden on the householder to sort or store kitchen food waste in their home.

Food waste disposers greatest appeal has always, and continues to be, its fantastic simplicity

The most compelling argument for the introduction of kitchen slop bins is that collected food waste is transported to a recycling plant. This ensures it is diverted away from landfill and therefore presents an environmentally responsible option. However collection of the bins on a weekly or fortnightly basis potentially generates pollution associated with transportation from homes to the recycling plants.

fertiliser, which is rich in key nutrients that can be used to nourish the land and complete the nutrient cycle. This has already been put to very good use in the US by Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, creating Milorganite – a domestic fertiliser that has also provided a good revenue stream for the water treatment plant. During this process, methane can also be captured and used to create biogas, a non-fossil fuel that can be used to generate electricity. It has also been used in Sweden as fuel to power city buses. It is quite clear that we must reduce our reliance on landfill. In taking steps to do this it is important that local authorities consider all options and do not focus on a single solution to a given problem – such as kitchen caddies. What must be taken into consideration is the wealth of independent information globally that demonstrates the valuable role food waste disposers have in diverting kitchen food waste away from landfill and facilitating recycling methods.

When kitchen food waste is put down the sink and ground down by a food waste disposer it then enters the sewage system. Thereafter it has the potential to be recycled by waste water treatment plants to create soil conditioner, a form of

Food waste disposers are certainly not the complete solution, but this simple kitchen appliance can work in perfect harmony with more traditional methods, such as composting, to help support the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle. At the same time, food waste disposers also present a far more convenient and hygienic solution that may have greater appeal to householders, particularly those in high density urban areas such as flats.


SWEET A distributor who wants to make your business better for free? SWEET!

Sweet is a brand new incentive programme from KAL and AB Distributors that helps retailers improve their brands and their businesses. With the offer of free appliance sales training, onsite refresher courses, clever point of sale, in store animations and incentivised selling, the KAL Group is hoping to encourage hundreds of retailers across the country to offer a more complete and therefore more satisfying kitchen offer to their customers. KAL Sales Director Jonathan Hughes stated, “Sweet is all about encouraging our retailers and their customers to think of the kitchen as an entire room, not just a series of cupboards, doors and worktops. We do this by educating sales people about how to maximise a sale by offering not just a new kitchen, but a new lifestyle. This enhanced service will help retailers to build their brands and therefore grow their businesses in an ever more competitive marketplace”, 18

“We hope that the bright, memorable graphic style and friendly wording used in Sweet will prove effective in the recruitment of participating retailers and in speaking to the purchaser directly. We have developed a suite of communications that will perform a number of functions. We have information for us to introduce retailers directly to Sweet, then we help them inform their staff of the benefits of the programme and learn how to sell in the ‘Sweet’ way, and finally we have materials to help with the communication to the consumer,” commented KAL Marketing Manager Eadaoin Keane. AB Distributors launched the programme to Northern Ireland retailers at the first of a series of Sweet Sales in November (see overleaf for photodiary of the event). Paul Lupari, Managing Director, AB Distributors, commented, ‘The world of kitchen retailing is changing rapidly and as in every

other sector, customers are expecting more for their money. While many retailers find it hard to compete with internet competitors on price, they can beat them hands down with customer service and Sweet promises to help communicate this to customers. The opportunity to have your whole kitchen, including appliances delivered, unpacked, installed, fitted and have the packaging taken away all at once is very attractive for customers, because it gives them an easier life and is a very powerful way to build a brand’. Across Ireland the KAL Group is known as one of the most proactive distributors in the marketplace, and has already demonstrated this through their KAL Academy and other previous initiatives, but Sweet is the first time that such a wide range of services have been made available to retailers. The excellent KAL advisory centre in their Dublin Headquarters will be used for some of the training, but it is

also open by appointment to retailers who want some help with persuading or educating their customers. With its extensive display of products and a team of highly experienced experts, the advisory centre currently boasts of a sales conversion rate of nearly 80% and many retailers are taking advantage of this to boost their offering by sending their customers over so they can find the exact product they need. KAL and AB Distributors are also offering a coaching service, where an appliance expert will work alongside retailer’s staff in their premises, giving staff the unique opportunity to learn on the job. Sweet is open to kitchen retailers across Ireland. To find out more or to arrange an appointment with a Sweet representative, please contact AB Distributors on 028 3832 6943 or KALMarketing on 01 4136400 or email 19

Retailers braved the wettest night of the year to attend the first Sweet Sales launch at AB Distributors Cookery Theatre. Gerry Faloona entertained and inspired with his motivational sales training and afterwards guests enjoyed Cordon Bleu food by chef in residence Stephen Taylor Winter.

Carolyn and Ian Dougan (LD Units)

Patrick Canavan (Patrick Canavan Kitchens) Anita McAlinden

Kevin Fearon (Fearon Bros) Janice Sutherland (Alwood Kitchens)

Gerry Faloona and Paul Lupari

William Dunlop (W Dunlop Kitchens) Paul McCahon 20

Alfie Briggs (Alwood Kitchens) and David Calvert

Close That Deal ‘Sweet Sales’ trainer and motivational guru, Gerry Faloona shares his top 10 sales tips with Fresh readers.


The 3 P’s, Preparation, Preparation, Preparation. Yes it’s a cliché, but there is absolutely no substitute for 1st class preparation. Before speaking to a prospect, research competitors, their prices, and their perceived Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Study your own products, services, processes and procedures and identify your USP. Now you know why they should buy from you!

Sell to your clients emotions. People decide to buy or not based on a feeling, a need, or an emotion, and not necessarily through a logical thought process. So sell to their emotions! This is a powerful selling process!

2 34 5

Deliver value for money. Value is relative to what you’re selling, what others charge, what the prospect is used to paying, how badly they want it, and how they perceive the difference between our offer and others. To close a sale, you must demonstrate a value that appears equal to or greater than the asking price. The greater the perceived value, the quicker the prospect will say yes!

Meet the client’s Needs. When people buy, it’s not because you wield some magical power over them. You can urge. You can push. You can entice. But ultimately, people do what they want to do. This means your job is to show how what you’re offering meets their needs.

Lead with Your Biggest Benefit. What’s the biggest benefit you offer your customers? (Sole supplier, Specialist Service etc) That benefit (your USP) is your strongest selling tool, use it to get the attention of your client and then you can move swiftly towards closing.

The introduction. Practice your opening statement, know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. Make sure that throughout the opening you give the prospect plenty of good reasons to say yes when you go for the close! A great introduction allows you to answer most of their anticipated questions in advance!

Back up your pitch with facts. Make sure that when you have appealed to the prospect’s emotions, you can back it up with facts and figures. People buy high end products because it makes them feel good (things like kitchens, stylish furniture and expensive cars) but they only buy when they can then justify it rationally.

6 7 8

People buy experience. People want to hear what others have bought, so use anecdotes and good news stories that match your prospects situation. People buy people, people will buy you!


Overcome the objections. Objections are usually a request for more information, if your preparation is right, you can answer any objection professionally, giving you another opportunity to close! If your introduction is right you should have overcome most anticipated objections already!

ABC. “Always Be Closing” Great sales people are closing from the moment they start to speak. They tick off all of the customer’s expectations and fears one by one as they proceed through their sales proposition, taking every opportunity to cement the deal from the get go. Always be closing and never miss an opportunity to seal the deal. 21

This issue we review Neff’s energy efficient dishwasher line up


f you still belong to the school of thought that believes washing dishes by hand is more environmentally friendly than using a dishwasher, then let us introduce you to one of the new models recently unveiled by Neff.

Energy saving is a key ingredient of Neff ’s new line up of built in, semi and fully integrated dishwashers for 2009 and beyond. All 11 models in the range boast a triple A rating for washing, drying and energy efficiency, plus whisper quiet operation using as little as 41 decibels, 10 litres of water and very low consumption rates of less than one kilowatt per hour on some models. Top drawer for top-of-the range Top-of-the-range Series 6 models (S41T69 semi integrated) and S51T69 (fully integrated) both include a practical new storage area at the top of the appliance. Called a VarioDrawer, this useful third shelf provides additional storage for smaller items such as cappuccino cups and cooking utensils. The S51T69 also incorporates a highly sophisticated new fascia panel with LED display and Piezo touch control. The addition of sensitive Piezo control allows you to operate the metal control panel with only the gentlest of touches.


More room to manoeuvre Capacity has also been significantly increased on most models (14 place settings on top models) with flexible loading to accommodate all sizes of crockery, pots and pans. More room equates to less washes and even more energy savings. Other highlights of these top of the range models include 6 programme options with 3 automatic programmes, half load and hygiene functions, child lock, VarioFlex plus cutlery baskets and foldable racks in the lower and upper baskets. Impressive line-up Three semi integrated models and eight fully integrated versions comprise Neff ’s impressive new Series 3 to 6 dishwasher line up. All measure a generous 60cm wide, except compact model S5943 which is slimline at just 45cm. Within the fully integrated range are two models offering adjustable heights of between 86.5 and 92.5cm to accommodate different kitchen worktop heights. The three semi integrated versions feature coloured fascia panels in white, stainless steel, black and brown to coordinate with the cooking appliances in the 2009 range for a streamlined finish. To celebrate our 40th anniversary Neff and AB Distributors are giving you the chance to win a trip for two to New York! Visit for details.

Foodie CORNER Just Ask! Stephen Taylor Winter, Chef in Residence at the AB Cookery Theatre (and our foodie agony uncle) tackles your most asked culinary conundrums this month. When using my Neff Circotherm what number of shelf do I use? Use shelf no 1 when using one tray only, and either shelves 1,3 and/or 4 when using more than one tray. This is because shelf 2 is cooler. Why should I not pre-heat my Neff circotherm oven and why should I cook with a lower temperature than other ovens? You should not pre-heat your Neff circotherm oven because the unique circotherm system uses one heating element and a powerful fan to force the air through strategically placed air ducts. This forced air system means a lower temperature can be used. Here’s a handy reference table to make things easy for you. CircoTherm ®C 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200

Conventional Electric ®C 100 110 130 140 150 160 180-190 200 220 230 250

Is there a way I can reduce my cooking time for meats & poultry? And the answer is yes here too! Use the function circoroasting. The grill element cycles on and off alternately, and the fan distributes the heat produced by the grill. This method can reduce cooking times by 35%-40% and is ideal for meats and poultry if you are after a rotisserie result.

Gas Mark _ _ _ 1 2 3 4-5 6 7 8 9

How do I keep my Neff oven clean? Most Neff ovens are fitted with CeramiClean liners, which are designed to absorb and oxidise grease particles, helping your oven to stay remarkably clean. To make maintenance even easier, some have a special Oven Cleaning function, which helps clean and regenerate liners. Try to clean noncoated surfaces after every use, to prevent grease and spilled food getting burnt on next time you cook. Use soap and water, glass cleaner, and a specialist stainless steel cleaner. You can also use a special microfibre E-cloth, which works with just water. Magic! Can I cook a joint from frozen? A. Yes, you can. If you don’t have time to use the defrost setting (this uses the circotherm fan to circulate unheated air throughout the oven) use circotherm intensive. This uses a combination of circotherm and heat from below to help distribute the heat as it defrosts and add 20mins - 40mins on the cooking times for your joint.

What function do I use for the best roast potatoes? For the tastiest roast potatoes, steam or par-boil floury potatoes for 20mins, leave to cool. Meantime heat oil or goose fat in the Neff oven on circotherm intensive, (this uses the bottom heat and the fan) then carefully add potatoes and roast until golden. Why do you recommend using circotherm for making some cakes and conventional heat for others? While it’s true that you can cook virtually anything using circotherm, cakes will tend to have a domed top as the fastmoving air forces the mixture up, giving it a better rise. For some cakes this effect is fine, but for others - especially if you’re going to decorate them - you want a nice flat top. The solution is either to slice off the dome to create a level surface or, less wasteful, simply cook the cake using conventional heat, which naturally gives you a flat-topped cake. 23

BLACK MAGIC Steel’s legendary high performance appliances delivering professional cooking quality multifunction ovens

matching extraction system

various cook top conf igurations

The Steel range is available from the following retailers: McGovern Kitchens Derrylinn 028 6774 8855

Kitchen Design Centre Belfast 028 9066 4455

R&G Kitchen Design Coagh, Cookstown 028 8673 6881

Kitchen Concepts Ballymena 028 2565 8111

Parkes Interiors Belfast 028 9020 9209

Alwood Lurgan 028 3832 3296

Hanna Kitchens Carryduff 028 9081 5054

McAuley Kitchens Belfast 028 9038 8222

Lonsdale Woodcraft Belfast 028 9065 7373

Pennys Kitchens & Bathrooms, Larne 028 2827 2899

Mark 5 Joinery Maydown, Co. L’Derry 028 7186 1288

Donaghy Bros Kilrea 028 2954 0429/0

Wilsons Bespoke Kitchens, Dromore 028 9269 2304

New Doors of Opportunity from PWS

Renowned for keeping its collection fresh and inspiring, PWS have enhanced its portfolio with seven new fabulous finishes. Launched in response to the demand for affordable furniture that unites lasting value with modern design, the new Fenton and Seton ranges are the next generation of Shaker and slab doors. Taking advantage of the latest developments in material technology Fenton and Seton offer a commercial colour palette that has timeless appeal. Pared-down and cool, Fenton Graphite embraces the less is more look with a design that puts texture at the forefront.


Seton Walnut’s simple styling makes the kitchen modern and practical, but also homely thanks to the warm walnut finish.

Typical of the simple, pure lines of the Shaker style, Seton Alabaster encompasses the traits of both modern and classic.

Tactile and inviting, with an informal, natural style, the mellow tone of Seton Oak is perfect for creating a relaxed interior.

Seton, simply Shaker

Bringing a hint of traditional values to the modern day kitchen the Seton door collection is an irresistible mix of Shaker design and classic tones. Seton is available in three finishes, alabaster, oak and walnut. The timber finish options have an authentic look and feel, the walnut is especially warm and realistic whereas the oak is mellow and light; Seton proves that looking good doesn’t always have to be expensive. Typical of the simple, pure lines of the Shaker style, Seton can be dressed up or down and is equally at home in a town house or a country cottage. Whatever the styling the result will fit today’s lifestyle, creating a warm and welcoming interior. Available with a screen glazed feature door, Seton is offered with a full range of accessories including plate and bottle racks and a choice of cornice designs. As with the majority of Second Nature doors, the Seton collection has achieved FIRA Gold award status. 26

With a focus on symmetry, Fenton Alabaster brings light and space into the kitchen for a balanced and harmonious aspect.

The dramatically dark and streamlined Fenton Wenge proves that less can be best for an effortless contemporary look.

Fenton Oak combines a visually appealing design with a tactile surface that adds depth to the natural oak finish.

Fenton, another design winner

Echoing the very latest continental trends, Fenton combines an understated design with a tactile finish, creating a range that is refreshingly simple yet extremely stylish. This new door family is available in four finishes offering retailers and consumers an enticing combination of minimalistic styling with a palette that will suit most tastes. For lovers of darker colours there’s pared-down and cool graphite or exotic wenge for a strong and edgy look. Or for a light and airy feel, soft-toned alabaster or mellow oak. Fenton is a simple slab door, however the beauty of this range lies in the depth of the design, which comes from the subtle textured finish. This affordable and fashionable slab door design offers the freedom to personalise any kitchen setting. Granite, timber, quartz and stainless steel provide perfect partners for Fenton, ensuring endless design possibilities. Added to this are the many mix and match options available to team Fenton with other feature doors within PWS’ extensive range. 27

Wash your food waste problems clean away! The world-leading InSinkErator® range of food waste disposers offers a hygienic, convenient and environmentally-responsible way to deal with your household food waste. • Virtually all types of food waste are ground to fine particles and safely washed away – no smelly and messy bins, no build up of bacteria! • Compact and easy to install under most new or existing sinks – you could even fit one yourself • There’s a clear environmental benefit – they reduce household waste by around 20%, increase recycling rates and reduce methane from landfill

For more details of the InSinkErator food waste disposer range, go online at or call 0800 389 3715.


This issue we review the Carron Phoenix Pacific sink and competitively priced filtration Dante tap. Dante tap Pacific Sink


itched as an entry level sink, the brand new Pacific range from Carron Phoenix has all the right credentials for the contract market: long lasting quality, versatile bowl sizes, modern workable shapes and superb value for money.

At a glance • • • • • •

Pacific comes in three models – a choice of two single bowls (Pacific 40 and Pacific 50 as well as the 1_ bowl, Pacific 150) Pacific 150 features square shaped bowls and straight drainer groove pattern, making an easy to specify design Measuring 510 x 1030mm the large bowl is 435x350x200 and the half bowl 320x170x130mm. Reversible for left and right hand application, the sink fits a 600mm cabinet. Accessories include a wooden chopping board, stainless steel basket and strainer bowl. The welded sink model comes in a satin polished finish that guarantees a durable, easy to clean surface.

In response to the growing awareness of filtration taps, Carron Phoenix introduced the new Dante model in early summer at a competitive price point, aimed at mid market consumers and budgets.

Pacific offers a very strong specification/price proposition that is hard to better for a contract sink, backed by our lifetime guarantee. Pacific is good, functional design Neil Clark, sales at its very best and marketing manager, Carron Phoenix

Design wise, Dante is based on the popular swan neck, two lever style that is a hugely popular choice with consumers, appealing to traditional and modern tastes alike, and is available in chrome and brushed nickel finishes. Dante offers two filter options: limescale and antibacterial. Both provide excellent filtration performance, improving taste and removing impurities. Each is targeted at different geographical markets, depending on local water hardness. For more information on the Carron Phoneix sink and tap product range contact AB Distributors on 028 3832 943 or 29

QuestionTime Two retailers (from both sides of the border) talk to us about the recession, recovery and reveal their secret talents! Gordon Kerr

Manging Director CFL Kitchens and Bedrooms

What does it say on your business card? Gordon Kerr, Manging Director CFL Kitchens and Bedrooms. Where are you based? Just off the M1 in Portadown. What does your business do? We sell kitchens, bedrooms and home study furniture. CFL offers a complete service, from design and installation to services including plumbing, electrical and tiling. Our aim is to make projects as simple and straightforward as possible. How many people do you employ? We have seven full time staff. How has the recession been for you? There’s no doubt that it has changed the direction of the business. Until the end of 2007 I would say about 80 – 85% of our work was with architects, builders and designers for contract work, and the larger developments. We did private work too but were so busy that we didn’t develop that side of the business. When the credit crunch hit, we decided to use the decline in business to upgrade our showroom, which is in a prime location just off M1, next to the Jaguar and Audi showrooms. I’m hoping that our revamped showroom – which was a major investment - will attract more private customers. Already, thanks to them we’re realizing we’re more than just kitchens, and now offer home living furniture like entertainment suites, home studies and dressing rooms. What lessons have you learnt from it? The big lesson is not putting all of our eggs in one basket. For example, we always did bedrooms, but never displayed them! We’re now displaying sets in our home living section of the showroom. I would say it’s all about getting yourself out to public and showing them what you can do. What do you think the kitchen market will do in 2010? I’m looking forward to 2010, things are going the right way 30

– our enquiries have increased 6 fold in past 2 months, and we’re pricing and selling more to private customers, but people are more wary how and why they spend money. Builders have also started to come back. In fact, one came in today with development plans for 210 new houses around Ireland. However, I think it will be Easter 2010 before things really pick up. Who do you most admire in business and why? It’s hard to say, but if pressed there’s one man in particular in the kitchen trade and that’s Wilson Briggs of Alwood. When I was starting out, Wilson introduced me to people that were just names or brands. Wilson has contacts world wide, he’s lethal! He took me to shows all over Europe and introduced me to everybody; thanks to Wilson I’ve made not only made contacts, but good friends in the industry that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. What would you be if you weren’t in the kitchen business? I’ve been in the kitchen business for 26 years now – I worked for the company for 14 years before buying it in 2003. But I’ve always had an interest in missionary work… as a church goer, I feel the need for that in this world, and is maybe something I’ll do in the future. At Christmas, instead of gifts, the company gives a donation to a missionary based charity. Favourite night out? Any good really fine dining with my wife, Cecilia. Locally, I like to go to a lovely wee family Italian restaurant in Portadown called Zaos with my two girls and Cecilia. If I could choose anywhere in the world it would be the Riverside Café in New York (make sure you enter AB’s draw to win a trip to New York in the New Year! Ed).. What’s your secret talent? To wind down I like model making grand prix motor bikes!

You have to put your business in front of people, get customers in the door and give yourself a fighting chance. Seamus Naughton Fitted Kichens and Bedrooms

What does it say on your business card? Seamus Naughton, Fitted Kitchens & Bedrooms. Where are you based? Galway Road, Roscommon. What does your business do? Manufacturer of quality kitchens and bedrooms and retailer of quality appliance brands such as Neff, Nordmende, Franke, Elica, Insinkerator and Falcon. We specialise in handmade Kitchen ranges with emphasis on attention to detail and highly trained manufacturing and installation staff. How many people do you employ? We employ nine staff. How has the recession been for you? Its actually not been as bad as I thought it would be, although we’ve had to work twice as hard for not as much return. During the Celtic Tiger years, I found I was often too busy to give special attention to certain areas of the business. Now I find I can manage more effectively and give more time and attention to the customers and on getting them in the door. There’s new challenges all the time and we are learning more as we go along which is never a bad thing. The continued investment in our showroom has also been a big help to us in terms of the quality of our offering. What lessons have you learnt from it? I find I really have to micromanage every aspect of the business, identify problems and rectify as quickly as possible. To prioritise whats important immediately and act on it straight away is essential.

I also feel that it has been essential for us to maintain or even increase the level of advertising that we do. It definitely makes a difference – you have to put your business in front of people, get customers in the door and give yourself a fighting chance. We are always looking for new avenues and new markets. What do you think the kitchen market will do in 2010? I think there will be a further contraction of the overall market in the first half of the year anyway, but I believe that those who have their affairs in order, and who have invested in their showrooms will be okay – otherwise I think it will be harder to survive. Who do you most admire in business and why? I think any owner of any business that is doing well during the recession deserves admiration – it takes diligence, innovation and hard work to hold it together and stay afloat during these challenging times. What would you be if you weren’t in the kitchen business? Its hard to say – I’ve been in the kitchen industry so long – it sounds strange but I think I would probably like to work in the IT industry in the design end – I like seeing the results of something you’ve created yourself. Favourite night out? A Thursday night when I can get out, I will head to the local for a couple of pints of Guinness – you can’t beat it! What’s your secret talent? I’m actually a very good singer - but I won’t tell you the song I sing because I’ll only be plagued with requests!


Being a Masterpartner enables us to give consumers the opportunity to talk to sales staff who have the skill and knowledge to deal effectively with their appliance requirements Brian McAdam, McAdam Kitchens


AL has launched the Neff Masterpartner programme in Ireland with an initial six Masterpartners signed up so far. “Neff Masterpartners are kitchen retailers that we are confident will provide consumers with the best opportunity to see Neff appliances in a kitchen setting and be advised by salespeople who really understand their requirements. We want consumers to be delighted with their choice of Neff appliances, and we see Masterpartners as being an important partner in achieving this.” says KAL Marketing Manager Eadaoin Keane. Neff Masterpartners will be chosen because of a commitment to an excellent representation of Neff product, expert product knowledge from staff and the ability to provide working appliances so that consumers can experience the quality of the brand. Once awarded this status, the kitchen retailer will benefit from Neff Masterpartner signage and vehicle livery, their details will be promoted as Masterpartners on the Neff website, and they will get access to exclusive artwork for regional or local advertising.

to offer the highest industry standards and get the support from them to do so’. Seamus Naughton, owner of Naughton Kitchens McAdam Kitchens, Unit 1 Kilmore Business Park, Dublin Road, Cavan McAdam Kitchens, Old Castle View, Kilgobbin Road, Dublin ‘Being a Masterpartner enable us to give consumers the opportunity to talk to sales staff who have the skill and knowledge to deal effectively with their appliance requirements, and experience all the benefits of Neff in a working kitchen environment, offering them an experience that is second to none’, Brian McAdam Surreal Design, Unit 18, Briar Hill Bus. Park, Galway With access to Neff special offers, exclusive and extended promotions and priority updates of Neff news, product training and brochures we can ensure our offering to consumers is always up to date’’

Other benefits include training and a guaranteed number of demonstrations per year, held by the Neff trainer demonstrator on their premises, along with a priority brochure service, and exclusive promotions. The six retailers tell Fresh why they’ve signed up: Exclusive Fitted Furniture, Hollyhill Ind Est, Hollyhill, Cork. ‘We are delighted to be one of the first Neff Masterpartners in Ireland. Buying a kitchen can be daunting, but with the ability to provide practical demonstrations and expert knowledge on Neff appliances, along with the support material and backup from Neff, we feel we can offer a complete package for consumers’ says Edward Kelleher, owner of Exclusive Fitted Furniture. Brian Dukes Kitchens, Belvoir Main street, Donegal. ‘With benefits such as the Masterpartner priority brochure service, training and artwork support, we feel we have the backup required to give an excellent service to consumers’.

Denis Holmes, Murroe Wood, Murroe, Co. Limerick ‘Because we are now listed as Masterpartners on the Neff websites in the UK and Ireland, anybody researching online for a Neff showroom can be led to our own website, and contact us directly’.

Naughton Kitchens, Clooneyourish, Roscommon ‘Neff is setting the standard for built-in appliances, and by joining them as a Masterpartner it gives us the opportunity

To find out more about how to become an Neff Masterpartner in Ireland, please email for further details, or call KAL Marketing at 01 4136444.


ABFAB Creative Juices

In the run up to Christmas it’s all too easy to overindulge, but a simple, pleasurable way to help detoxify the body is to drink some homemade fresh juice (and it tastes fantastic!) With the high performance Antony Worrall Thompson Juice Extractor by Breville it’s quick and easy to prepare a multitude of health-giving drinks. This powerful Juice Extractor boasts a 950-watt motor which maintains a constant speed during juicing. A unique patented extra wide feed chute takes whole fruit and vegetables – a great time-saver! You can also choose from two speeds: one for hard and one for soft fruits. Other features include: a 2 litre capacity pulp container; an easy pour 1 litre juice jug with froth separator; stainless steel micro mesh filter; a Food Pusher; a Juice cover; and Safety Locking Arm – the juicer will not operate without the juicer cover in place and safety locking arm in place in the vertical operating position; on/off switch; and cord storage facility.

For more information contact


FACEBOOK Darren Taylor (Penneys Kitchens & Bathrooms) and Paul McCahon (AB Distributors Ltd) Very impressed with the Astor Oak Display

Leeanne Grimason (AB Distributors Ltd), David MacArthur (PWS), Fergal & Deborah McGurgan (Woodbank Kitchens) and Melanie Kidd (PWS)    

Declan Fearon & Charlotte Bradley (Fearon Bros) checking out the new Izari range.

Darren Taylor (Penneys Kitchens & Bathrooms) - just can’t drag me away from this Astor kitchen. I have to put this on display!

Some of the current PWS Second Nature dealers viewing the new ranges released in 2009 and enjoying a preview of the new ranges to be released in 2010.


Full house at the NEFF & Breast Cancer Research Cookery Demo

Cyril Mangan and Karen Finnerty at the NEFF & Breast Cancer Research Cookery Demo

Bernie Beattie picks up some customer service tips from Gerry Faloona at the Sweet launch Clodagh McKenna presenting a cookery class at the Ideal Home Show Cooking Pavilion featuring Neff appliances.

Michael Boland of KAL enjoying the sights at a recent Neff trip in Germany!


the AGA season With Christmas quietly calling,‘tis the season of AGA installing

Free home survey Free delivery Free installation Free cookery demonstrations

There’s never been a better time to buy an AGA. For more information on AGA products please call 01 6636166.

Fresh Issue 10  

December 2009