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Space Song Rocket Ride NEW! MARCH 2018


Outer Space Coloring Book

Produced by Petit Collage

Embark on a creative journey to outer space! Featuring bold lines, fun textures and large spaces for coloring, this unique coloring book is perfectly sized for on-the-go or rainy day fun.

Written by Sunny Scribens, illustrated by David Sim and sung by Mark Collins

Blast off with a team of kid (and animal!) astronauts as they zoom past moons, asteroids, meteors and more. This rocking singalong is packed with facts about space exploration to fuel your next mission to the stars! Includes audio singalong and video animation. AGES 3 – 7 32PP 10 X 9¾ IN PAPERBACK WITH ENHANCED CD 9781782850984 $9.99 usd / $12.99 cad

AGES 3+ 36 COLORING PAGES 6½ X 8 IN 7000004208 $6.99 usd / $8.99 cad

Into Space 64-Piece Puzzle & Coin Bank Produced by Petit Collage

Develop future astronauts’ fine motor skills with this colorful puzzle and handy coin bank! AGES 4+ 64-PIECE PUZZLE FINISHED PUZZLE 10 X 12 IN CANISTER 8½ X 3 IN 7000004054 $16.99 usd / $21.99 cad

Interior from Space Song Rocket Ride

Outer Space Stickers Produced by Petit Collage These 80 vegetable ink–printed stickers are a fun way to reinforce the facts in Space Song Rocket Ride and inspire creative play. AGES 3+ 4 SHEETS OF 80 STICKERS 7000004150 $4.99 usd / $6.99 cad

Star Seeker

I Could Be, You Could Be Written by Karen Owen Illustrated by Barroux

If you could be anything, what would you be? Where would you go? This fun rhyming text about the power of imagination features a reassuring message that’s great for bedtime — or anytime! Includes instructions for making your own mask. AGES 2 – 6 32PP 10 X 9¾ IN PAPERBACK 9781846867637 $7.99 usd / $9.99 cad

A Journey to Outer Space Written by Theresa Heine Illustrated by Victor Tavares

Travel with two children as they soar across our solar system! Poetic text and imaginative illustrations blend science with mythology, making for an engaging, wonder-filled read-aloud. Includes information about the solar system and star lore. AGES 5 – 11 32PP 8½ X 10¾ IN PAPERBACK 9781846863851 $8.99 usd / $10.99 cad

Spring / Summer 2018


Spring / Summer 2018 Barefoot Books Catalog  
Spring / Summer 2018 Barefoot Books Catalog