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Zimmer Tourism LTD. Moshav Bet Hillel 12255 Design and Graphic Production – Sveta Designs | Graphics – Moran Mashash English Translation – Lea Dovrat Cover Photo - Ein Harod Country Suites, Valley of Jezreel (See page 81) Photography: Meir Doron This magazine is produced by ZIMMER TOURISM LTD. with the assistance of the tourism operators who diligently labor on behalf of the development and prosperity of rural tourism in Israel. © All rights reserved, 2011 | Printed in Israel, 2011 | It is strictly forbidden to photocopy, translate, copy, record, store in databases, or duplicate by any information-recording means, or distribute any or all portions of this guide. Any commercial use of material included in this guide is strictly forbidden without permission in writing from ZIMMER TOURISM LTD. Dear Guest, Welcome to the new way to tour and get to know Israel and its people. Israel's rural tourism - comprised of over 10,000 "Zimmer" (guest rooms & cabins) all over the country, in kibbutzim, moshavim and villages is highly developed. Zimmer hospitality is an unforgettable experience, opening new ways for tourists to learn about Israel. You can travel up and down Israel, visiting its tourism gems and becoming acquainted directly with the locals. A broad range of zimmers is on offer, from standard accommodation units to prestigious, luxurious cabins and suites. All come with en-suite WC and shower at the very least, along with airconditioning, TV and kitchenette. This guide is divided into two parts. The first part includes articles that describe the possibilities and types of country lodging and agritourism in Israel, as well as entertainment, touring and vacation sites throughout the country. The second part consists of sponsored ads describing the enormous variety of zimmers in Israel. Specific details regarding each accommodation, complemented by many photos and maps, can be found on our website: YOU ARE VERY WELCOME TO OUR LOVELY COUNTRY Eli & Nati Mashash Chief Executive Officers Zimmer Tourism LTD


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Table of Contents Rural Tourism & Country Lodging – Zimmer


Kibbutz Country Lodging


Agri-tourism in Israel


Kibbutz Lodging Forum – Upper Galilee


Boutique Hotels and Luxury Country Lodging


Field Schools Lodging


Druze Lodging




Romantic Country Lodging for Adults Only (no children)


Israel National Trail


Jesus Trail


Rural Attractions


Biking Trips


Country Lodging with Pets


The International Bird Watching Center


Kayaking and Rafting on the Jordan River


Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee


Country Lodging in the North – Western Galilee


Country Lodging in the North – Lower Galilee, Sea of Galilee & Valleys 76 Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights


Country Lodging in the Center and Negev


Attractions throughout Israel


Contents Lodging Upper Galilee Location B&B / Hotel P Amiad – Kibbutz Amiad Country Lodging 51 Amnon Sweet Dream 54 Amirim Switzerland in Amirim 62 Birya Bikta Betzel Hahar 50 Beit Hillel Agada Shel Makom 40 Beit Hillel Gan Paradiso 40 Beit Hillel Wood House Inn 40 Beit Hillel Kidmat HaGalilee 40 Beit Hillel Havaya BeYarok 42 Dafna-Kibbutz Ganei Dafna Country Lodging 45 Dalton Bemordot HaHar Cabins 61 Dishon Nofim Be'Dishon Cabins 60 Dishon Nahal Dishon Cabins 60 Ein El Asad Mitzpe Kinneret 46 Gonen – Kibbutz Nofei Gonen Country Lodging 37 Kadarim, Kibbutz Kadarim Country Lodging 47 Kahal Mul Havadi 52 Kerem Ben Zimra Ahava Bagvahim 53 Kerem Ben Zimra El Hanof 52 Kerem Ben Zimra Bait BaKerem 52 Kerem Ben Zimra Rita's Suites 52 Kfar Hanassi Kibbutz Country Lodging 53 Kfar Tzoald, Kibbutz Bakfar - B&B 41 Kfar Yuval Razulla's Cabins 36 Kfar Yuval Jacob's Dream – Cabins 36 Kfar Yuval Hai Cabins 36 Kfar Yuval Betzel Mihnaf Cabins 36 Kfar Yuval Grand Vista – Boutique Hotel 39 Kiryat Shmona Spa HaGalilee Suites 60 Kiryat Shmona Ein Zahav Cabins 60 Korazim Pinna Bagalilee 58 Korazim Be'kaze HaKinneret 58 Korazim Romantikan – Wood Cabins 58 Ma'ayan Baruch, Greek Village Begova Ha'ananim 58 Ma'ayan Baruch, Greek Village Kalimera 59 Ma'ayan Baruch, Greek Village Inbalim Baruah 59 Ma'ayan Baruch, Greek Village Sagapo 59 Malkiya, Kibbutz Malkiya Country Lodging 49 Metula Cherry Cabins 44 Metula Ben Atzei Haduvdevan 44 Metula Rauner House – Hospitality Units 44 Metula Tamari's – Guesthouse & Pottery Studio 44 Metula Alaska Inn – Boutique Hotel 42 Misgav Am Kibbutz Country Lodging 80 Mishmar Hayarden Orpaz Cabins 55 Mishmar Hayarden Liat's Estate 55 Mishmar Hayarden Shoshanat Hayarden Cabins 55 Mishmar Hayarden Shoshanat Hayarden Suits 55 Netofa Nof Eretz HaGalilee 62

Nof Kinneret Nof Kinneret Rosh Pinna Rosh Pinna Rosh Pinna Rosh Pinna Rosh Pinna Rosh Pinna Rosh Pinna Rosh Pinna Ramot Naftali Ramot Naftali Ramot Naftali Ramot Naftali Safed (Zefat) Safed (Zefat) Sde Eliezer Sde Eliezer Shear Yeshuv Shear Yeshuv Shear Yeshuv Shefer Shefer Shefer Peqiin Yesud HaMa'ala Yesud HaMa'ala

Kesem Lenof Kinneret 48 Anat's Vacation Apartments 48 Villa Tehila 56 Dalia's Inn 56 Hapagoda BaPina 56 Havaya BaNof 56 Shula & Rami's Inn 57 Ahava BaPardes 57 Mikis – Fanya & Yhiel's Cabins 57 The Green Inn 57 Bikta BaHar 38 Nofesh BeHarim 38 Aviv BaKerem 38 Olam Umelo'o 38 Even Sapir Cabins 50 Hess Luxury Apartments 62 Eitan's – Wood Cabins 50 Susannah's Wood Cabins 50 Or Gani – Schnabel 54 Nuriel's – Fruit & Hospitality 54 Tal HaHermon 54 Gabi – Biktze HaYa'ar 61 Nof Shamayim 61 Pninat Hen 61 42 The Spring Motel 46 Hadar Bakfar Cabins Among the garden flowers 46

Lodging Western Galilee Location Adamit, Kibbutz Avdon Betzet Bustan HaGalilee Bustan HaGalilee Bustan HaGalilee Eilon, Kibbutz Farod, Kibbutz Gesher Haziv Hazon Inbar, Kibbutz Manot Manot Maona Moran, Kibbutz Nahariya Shavey Zion Shazor Tuval, Kibbutz Yehiam, Kibbuz

B&B / Hotel Adamit Country Lodging Hadas's Love Cabins Bein Har Leyam Bikta Bamata Bein Galilee Vayam Katom Suites Travel Hotels – Country Lodging Kait Farod B&B Travel Hotels – Country Lodging Getz's Vision Cabins Inbar Country Lodging Ilana's Galilee Cabin Villa Provance Katzale Wooden Cabins Moran Country Lodging Shtarkman Erna Hotel Al Hayam Yefe Nof Eatate Tuval Country Lodging Teva BeYehiam Country Lodging

P 80 70 68 67 67 67 74 71 74 68 73 70 72 74 69 68 70 68 80 66

Lodging Sea of Galilee & the Valleys Location B&B / Hotel Afikim, Kibbuz Afikim Country Lodging Ashdot Ya'akov Ihud Nahara - Country Lodging Arbel Holiday Home Arbel Deganiya B, Kibbuz Deganiya B Country Lodging Daliyat al Karmel The Village Estate Ein Harod Ihud, Kibbuz Country suites & Guesthouse Kfar Ruppin, Kibbuz Kibbuz Country Lodging Kfar Baruch Provence in the Valley Kinneret HaMoshava Mitzpe Ha'agam Suites Mizra, Kibbutz Pina BaEmek Country Lodging Nir David, Kibbuz Nir David Country Lodging Tel Teomim Zimmer Tov Be'ahava Vered HaGalilee Vered HaGalil Guest Farm Moonlight Yavne'el Netanel's Estate Yavne'el Pninat Smadar Yavne'el Tzvaim BaGalilee Yavne'el

P 80 78 82 83 82 81 80 82 80 78 79 80 43 84 80 84 84

Lodging Golan Heights Location B&B / Hotel Habayit Bagolan Suites Aniam Kesem Belavan Aniam Villa Romantica Aniam Knights Castle Aniam Palgei Mayim Avnei Eitan Eden Mikedem Avnei Eitan Noah in the Golan Avnei Eitan Ein Zivan-Kibbutz Lan Bagolan Country Lodging Givat Yoav Jimmy Jeep Estate Kipat HaShamayim Givat Yoav Bikta Mul Shkia Givat Yoav Biktot Rina BaRama Givat Yoav TAL&TAL Had Ness Wood & Stone Cabins Had Ness Zimmer LeOhavim Had Ness Nitza's Cabins Had Ness Terra Nostra Had Ness Woodstone Had Ness Katzrin(Qazrin) Ronit's Hospitality Ma'ale Gamla Ba'Pardes Wood Cabins Ma'ale Gamla Dvash BaGolan Ma'ale Gamla Bashan in the Golan Ma'ale Gamla Bikta Barama Ma'ale Gamla Biktz Hakfar Ma'ale Gamla Pnina Shel Makom Ma'ale Gamla Simch Bakerem Matsok Orvim-Kela Mountain Ridge Suite Tami's Place Ne'ot Golan

P 91 92 93 93 96 97 97 91 88 88 88 88 98 99 99 99 99 98 92 94 95 96 95 94 94 94 96 90

Nov Neve Ative Odem Ortal, Kibbuz Ramot Ramot Ramot

Halom Shel Bikta Mills Holiday Suites Odem - Country Lodging Ortal Country Lodging The Musical Courtyard Nurit's Place Window to the Stars

92 92 89 89 90 90 90

Lodging Center and South Israel Location B&B / Hotel P Ein Hod B&B Batia and Claude 107 Ga'ash – Kibbutz Hamei Ga'ash Country Lodging 105 Habonim Nof & Hof Zimmer 104 Herzeliya (Marina) Gali Naama Yacht 102 Mazkeret Batya Hapina Shel Michal 106 Mazkeret Batya Lemazkeret 106 Revadim, Kibbutz Revadim Country Lodging 104 Sde Yitzhak Zimmer LaSadot 106 Taoz Pink Zimmer 105 Tarom Magic on the Water 104 Tel Aviv Liart Suites 104 Tzuba-Kibbutz Hotel Tzuba 103

Attractions Location Attraction P Couples Ride in Abirim 119 Abirim Agmon-Hula A Paradise for Birds & People 120 Ashdot Ya'akov Ihud Naharayim Park 118 Beit Hillel The Milk Way - Kurlander Farm 115 Bet Lehem HaGlilit Nirale's Gallery 109 Ben Ami Ofan Bateva – Bike Rental 111 Betzet Delart-Pottery & Decorative Gourds 111 Dishon ATV Trips 5 Ein Gev Marinado Restaurant 118 Goren Belev HaGoren – Electric Bicycle 111 Ga'ash – Kibbutz Hamei Ga'ash 105 Hagoshrim Hagoshrim Kayaks 114 Had Ness Horseback Riding – Rohvey HaYarden 109 Isfia Druze Heritage 109 Kfar Baruch Duck Farm Visitors Center 115 Kfar Blom Kfar Blum Kayaks 112 Kiriyat Motzkin Hai Park Zoo 116 Kiryat Shmona Manara Cliff 117 Metula Canada Centre Club 113 Ma'ayan Tzvi Fishing Park 115 Nir David Gan Guro Park 110 Rosh Hanikra Grottoes & Cable Car 117 Tiberias Golden SPA 119 Tzuba Kifzuba Park 103 Vered HaGalil Horseback Riding & ATV 120 Yated SPA Bereshit 115 Yehiam Rimoney Hagalilee – Jeep Tours 66


Articles Rural Tourism & Country Lodging – Zimmer The word ‘zimmer’, originally from German, has become a generic name and symbol for many Israelis of a wondrous place and a particularly enjoyable vacation, far from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Nuriel B&B

Zimmers are overnight lodgings (for one or more nights) for people who want a peaceful and pampering country vacation. Country lodging in Israel is particularly common in the north – in the Galilee, with its abundant greenery, its mountains, streams and valleys, near the beautiful Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights, and close to Mt. Hermon and its winter sports site. In the center of the country, in the vicinity of TelAviv – the city that never sleeps – near spacious sandy beaches and spectacular sunsets, guests can stay in country-style lodgings, which provide the ultimate combination of proximity to the big city with its variety of activities and the tranquility of isolated and romantic lodgings.

Tzuk Gamla Cabins

The holy city of Jerusalem also prides itself on country lodgings situated nearby on mountain slopes, in pine forests and in picturesque neighborhoods. All of these places are but a short drive away from the multitude of attractions that our capital has to offer. In the south – the Negev and the Arava – in the heart of unique desert landscapes, country lodging lets you experience the pleasures of total silence, an exciting climate, and infinite open spaces. Desert tours, winter floods, innovative agricultural produce, and comfortable weather – you can have all of these and more if you choose country lodging in the south in the wintertime.

Tzuk Gamla Cabins

The building standard of zimmers in Israel is very high and seems to be improving from year to year: Authentic wood cabins hand-built or imported from Scandinavia, dark stylized caves, stone-built suites (some of which are part of ancient renovated structures), well-kept villas surrounded by rolling lawns, family holiday units with an attic gallery for the children, and spacious open spaces where a group can spend time together around the swimming pool, yet still maintain their privacy. Most vacation sites have convenient access to pastoral touring and camping areas, or are in the very heart of nature. Most lodgings belong to families of farmers and agricultural village members

Articles who found an alternative way to make a living, now that agriculture does not always provide a livelihood. This flourishing industry offers Israelis and tourists a desired and exciting service – and primarily a personal attentive touch that cannot be found in big hotels. Zimmer owners entice their customers with varied attractions and a dizzying array of fittings and gadgets. Most lodgings pride themselves on a big hot tub, a king-size bed with quality mattress and linen, candles and incense, sun porches and quaint patios. To this are often added relaxing hammocks and cushion seats, big-screen TVs, modern sound systems (often with a good library of pleasant atmosphere music or quality DVD movies). Table tennis and snooker tables and various games consoles are also some of the means to make your stay more pleasant.

Nuriel B&B

Nowadays, zimmers are usually outfitted with a coffee and tea corner, seasonal fruit, excellent wines, and a variety of homemade sweets and pastries. Your hosts will also be happy to supply names of local coffee shops and restaurants, often with a discount coupon. An even greater pleasure is the gourmet meals, home-cooked especially for the guests. This is not available in all zimmers and lodgings, but when it is – you are in for a special treat. Meat dinners, ethnic food or rich dairy buffets can be offered, but more common are the homemade breakfasts that include fragrant baked goods straight from the oven, freshly chopped salads, jams and comfitures made from fruits from the nearby orchard, excellent cheeses, eggs prepared

to your liking, and many more authentic rural delicacies. Freshly squeezed juice, refreshing shakes, first-rate coffee and herb tea (grown on the premises) will be served, to make your breakfast unique and unlike any other served in regular coffee shops.

The surrounding vicinity of the zimmer has also been upgraded. For example, agricultural tourism has become very popular among zimmer guests and vacationers, and includes businesses such as petting zoos, fishponds, fruit orchards, vegetable plots, wineries, dairy farms, olive presses, etc. In addition, rolling shaded lawns for relaxation and meals, swimming pools surrounded by elegant decks, outdoor Jacuzzis and many other exciting surprises are there to make your stay more interesting, graceful and joyful. So much so that you sometimes do not feel like leaving the premises, and spend most of your vacation time enjoying the variety on site, which often surprises even those with the wildest imagination. All you have to do is arrive, unpack, go out to the patio or balcony, the swimming pool or the hammock, gaze at the spectacular view – and let yourself relax in the full sense of the word. Pictures of "Nuriel B&B", Shear Yeshuv Village. Photography: Nuriel Reshef. Pictures of: "Tzuk Gamla Cabins", Ma'ale Gamla. Photography: Albert Adut * For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.



Articles Kibbutz Country Lodging The kibbutz is a type of settlement that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, only here in Israel. Despite the many difficulties at hand the kibbutz provides a wonderful standard of living. In recent years country lodging has become widely popular on the many kibbutzim around the country, which offer peace and quiet, warm hospitality, breathtaking views and a simple but unique atmosphere.

There are hundreds of kibbutzim spread all over the country, from the Golan to Eilat, from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean coast, which offer over 3000 guest rooms in a kibbutz country atmosphere. In addition to country lodging, quite a few kibbutzim offer hotel accommodations, like the Lavie Hotel, the Goshrim Hotel and the Tzuba Hotel near Jerusalem. You can also find guest house accommodations and vacation villages by the Sea of Galilee. All the kibbutz accommodation units include an adjacent shower and toilet, air conditioning, television, a refrigerator and coffee corner. The rates normally include a full Israeli breakfast and allow full use of all the kibbutz facilities.

In the past only relatives of kibbutz members could visit and enjoy a holiday on a kibbutz, but today the majority of kibbutzim have opened their gates to tourists and visitors.. This type of accommodation is unique in its exquisite culture and abundance of beautiful wood cabins that include a luxury double hot tub, delicious meals and more; however, some of the kibbutzim offer the more

simple amenities which can be enjoyed just the same at attractive prices.

Lodging on a kibbutz is also suitable for the religious community and many keep a kosher kitchen. Some Kibbutzim belong to the religious sector, and provide all the necessary amenities that a religious tourist might require. Family events are very popular at the religious kibbutzim and cater to bridal showers, Shabbat Chatan and other religious occasions. Alongside the air conditioned, spacious, clean and comfortable rooms, the wonderful wide open spaces of the kibbutz are there for the guests to enjoy: beautiful well-tended lawns, colorful flowers, hidden pathways, swimming pools and sports courts; some of them still have dairy barns, chicken coops, petting zoos and other agricultural attractions.

The nostalgic aroma of the kibbutz adds to this unique experience. You will also be able to make personal acquaintances with the kibbutz locals and their fascinating life style. Without a doubt, country lodging on a kibbutz is a wonderful experience suitable for anyone at any age, be it romantic couples, families, tourist groups, special family events or individuals. Pictures of Kibbutz Ein Harod country suites & Guesthouse; Photography: Meir Doron * For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.

Articles Agri-tourism in Israel The phrase “Land of Milk and Honey” is mentioned in the bible 21 times, usually to describe the Land of Israel. The “seven species” that are listed in the bible are the unique agricultural products of the Land of Israel, and are still significant in modern-day Israel’s rich agriculture.

In recent years, and with the support and assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, there has been an increase in the variety of agricultural attractions all over the country. This is the face of Israel, culturally and geographically, and more and more farmers are opening their gates to invite the general public to visit. Visitors come to enjoy a wonderful experience, to explore the tranquility, the beautiful views, the earth scents and the connection to the homeland. Agricultural tourism is defined as activities which take place in the countryside and that are connected directly or indirectly by agricultural activities, which constitute attracting visitors who wish to study or simply to enjoy a pleasurable experience.

For agricultural tourism enthusiasts there is a large variety of attractions for all tastes such as: modern dairy farms, boutique wineries and spice farms, an abundance of colorful flowering fields, olive oil extraction plants, fruit orchards,

cactus gardens and many other magical sites. Visiting these sites offers the public an experience with a difference: by leaving the busy and crowded cities, enjoyment of pure nature, obtaining an impression of Israel’s agriculture with our new and modern technology, and also an acquaintance with different styles of living for people, plants and farm animals. It’s the children who enjoy these attractions the most, as they are the ones who get excited when they see cows from the window. Now they can appreciate that cucumbers and peppers have a life of their own before they reach your carrier bag in the supermarket. In addition, many of these agricultural attractions allow participation from the whole family with: grape pressing, suckling young calves, fruit picking and more.

When these fun recreations end and its time to go back home, everyone will leave joyfully with either a jar of natural honey or unique goat cheese, fruit or vegetables fresh from the field, fresh olive oil and other products. To create a perfect holiday, agricultural tourism can be combined with country lodging – to ensure complete enjoyment of everything that our “Land of Milk and Honey” has to offer. Special thanks to Mr Shay Dotan for preparing this article. * For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.



Articles Kibbutz Lodging Forum – Upper Galilee Kibbutz lodging is a delightful experience that combines peace and tranquility with relaxing simplicity. A vacation in the Galilee – a beautiful region that encompasses spectacular panoramas and a magical atmosphere not be found anywhere else in the world – is always recommended. Combining the two – kibbutz lodging at one of the ‘Kibbutz Lodging Forum’ kibbutzim – assures a unique experience: perfect relaxation for the body and mind; breathtaking forests, mountains and streams; wonderfully satisfying Israeli breakfasts; meticulous well-appointed hospitality units; and an affordable price range.

The Kibbutz Lodging Forum is an organization of a number of kibbutzim in the Galilee. Its goal is to promote country lodging in the Galilee kibbutzim, and includes the following: Dafna, Farod, Gadot, Gonen, Inbar, Kadarim, Kfar Blum, Kfar Hanassi, Kfar Szold, Mahanayim, Malkiya, Manara, Misgav Am, Moran, Snir, and Yiron. Each kibbutz has its own unique qualities, and all share the inherent advantages of first-rate kibbutz hospitality: spacious well-tended lawns, modern swimming pools, enjoyable playgrounds, ease of access to a variety of attractions – nature reserves, museums, kayaking, rafting and more, direct contact with the kibbutz and its teeming agricultural activities, and of course fascinating acquaintances with kibbutz members, justly nicknamed “the salt of the earth”.

At Gonen you will find a holiday village with a range of one - to three - room units, as well as luxurious wood cabins – the crowning glory of the resort – with Jacuzzi and balcony. At Dafna you can enjoy the unique attraction of bubbling streams flowing in between the cabins, and Kfar Blum offers lodgings specially suited to groups or a number of families vacationing together. At Kfar Hanassi you can enjoy a holistic treatment center, an art gallery selling unique work by kibbutz members, and proximity to Ziv Park with its panoramic view of the Golan Heights. Kfar Szold offers pampering family lodgings and a fascinating sculpture garden for adults and children to enjoy. The Mahanayim guest house provides a wide range of vacation units, and in Malkiya you will find a horse riding ranch and a lovely petting zoo. Manara is situated in a charming spot – about 880 meters above sea level – and within walking distance of the exciting Manara Cliff cable cars. Farod offers the visitor holiday units situated in a magical grove, along with its miniature golf course, olive press and cheerful pub. In nearby Moran you will enjoy a true sense of freedom, a plastic arts gallery and a swimming pool with the loveliest view in Israel. Kadarim provides holiday units and wood cabins, an ideal convention or lecture hall, basketball courts, tennis courts and children’s playgrounds, and Snir offers pampering suites within walking distance of the Banias Nature Reserve. Hospitality at one of the Kibbutz Lodging Forum kibbutzim – a truly Israeli vacation

Pictures of Kfar Szold and Gonen; Photography: Reuven Shibak, Sasha Alchov. For example, at Kibbutz Gadot you will find double and family rooms, an active pub on Tuesday and Friday nights, a petting zoo for the children and an impressive art gallery of kibbutz members’ work.

* For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.

Articles Kibbutz Amiad

No. of rooms

Types of rooms


Disabled access

Available (in lodgings and kibbutz)









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Dafna Telephone Fax

Farod Telephone Fax

Gadot Telephone Fax




Inbar Telephone Fax


16 16

972-4-6980711 972-4-6849040


38 26


972-4-6939188 972-4-6939191

56 38

Telephone Fax


972-4-6945011 972-4-6945794

31 25 38

1 1

972-4-6955220 972-4-6955247

18 972-4-6987302


17 5

Telephone Fax

Kfar Blum

972-4-6986300 972-73-7018267


Telephone Fax

972-4-6948608 972-4-6948431

Kfar Hanassi


Telephone Fax

972-4-6914870 972-4-6914077




Kibbutz Kfar Szold Telephone Fax


No. of rooms

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972-4-6907176 972-4-6907187



Telephone Fax

972-4-6946882 972-4-6945436



Telephone Fax

972-4-6908198 972-4-6908222

Moran Telephone Fax

Snir Telephone Fax

Yiron Telephone Fax

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34 972-4-6933221 972-4-6935655

Telephone Fax

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Telephone Fax

Misgav Am

Disabled access



12 12

972-4-6953112 972-4-6953658


23 5

972-4-6987310 972-4-6988986


18 972-4-6952508 972-4-6952403

38 972-4-6868394 972-4-6868562

16 22


Articles Boutique Hotels and Luxury Country Lodging A vacation in Israel is always an excellent pursuit – hospitality at a delightful boutique hotel or zimmer upgrades your pleasure, and creates an experience that is a dream come true.

Boutique (or “design”) hotels are relatively small but beautifully appointed hotels, popularized by the increasing demand for real quality: structures that boast a fascinating architectural style, luxurious rooms, inspired design, top quality art, a welcoming atmosphere and gourmet meals cooked by the best chefs. Boutique zimmers provide all of the above, with the added value of a number of unique and significant advantages: secluded intimacy, a particularly high degree of privacy, total discretion, personalized attention, flexible and attentive service that caters to every whim, extravagant amenities, Jacuzzi spas in the heart of nature, flowering gardens and a truly pastoral country atmosphere. The dreamlike hospitality and natural surroundings make boutique country lodgings the ideal location for happy family celebrations or for surprise getaways for our loved ones.

The high-quality lodgings and boutique hotels are situated in romantic pine forests, among orange groves or plum orchards, on the magnificent Gamla Cliff or overlooking the magical view of Rosh Hanikra; in carved caves on a

hill in Lachish Region or in a regal villa in the Ella Valley; facing the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City or in the bustling center of Tel-Aviv; on the shores of the Kziv Stream or the precipice of the Ramon Crater, and in other prime locations throughout Israel. Each boutique hotel or lodging has its own unique character. In one boutique hotel you’ll find a Louis XVI stylized salon, in another an amazing hydroponic pool or a blazing fireplace for magical stormy winter days. The top-quality lodgings meet the highest standards of boutique hotels, and in some cases even surpass them – with round domed ecological structures, swim spas, a real brook trickling through the yard, an embracing hot tub with aromatic oils, or your own private swimming pool.

All of the top-line zimmers and boutique hotel have in common meticulous attention to each and every detail, and an abundance of pleasures for the ‘good life’ enthusiast: from candles and incense that add romance to you vacation, to espresso machines, to top-of-the-line TV screens and sound systems, giant beds and luxury linens. When you add an unusual atmosphere, a sense of relaxation that engulfs visitors and unique gourmet meals – you have the perfect vacation and an experience made up of priceless moments of happiness. Pictures of Villa Provence, Boutique Hotel, Western Galilee; Photography: Dani Shavit * For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.




Field Schools Lodging The ideal accommodation that will give you a real feel of Israel is at one of the SPNI Field Schools scattered throughout the country. At a field school visitors can enjoy, in addition to a comfortable air-conditioned room, happy comradeship of travelers like themselves, close acquaintance with Israelis and their warm chummy attitude, the advice and recommendations of the staff, and proximity to nature – which is always within walking distance.

HaHevra LeHaganat HaTeva (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel – SPNI) – a non-profit organization – operates most field schools in Israel, and is great advocate of the environment and maintains natural values and cultural heritage in Israel. You can find field schools all over Israel: in the highest nature reserve in Israel on Mount Meron, at the foot of Mount Hermon, on the Achziv coast, overlooking the Ramon Crater, at Ein Gedi, and near the spectacular reefs of Almog Beach in Eilat. A short walk from the gates of the field school will take you to a hidden spring, a majestic waterfall, the brink of a giant cliff, to roll in soft sand dunes or to gaze with amazement at a stunning sunset.

Field schools offer guests, besides reasonable prices (that would prove to be particularly attractive if you want to enjoy a longer stay in

the Holy Land) and a sense of companionship also: pleasant air-conditioned rooms, showers and toilets, spacious lawns, coffee corners, a dining room that serves a kosher Israeli menu, basketball courts, lecture halls, clubs, and an enchanting atmosphere. Some of the field schools allow camping, and in others, you can enjoy unique attractions such as hyrax strolling between the rooms, or geological and archeological exhibits – another excellent way to learn all about Israel’s hidden layers. A major asset in field school activity is the professional guides, who help you make the best of every day in Israel and every trip. The guides are familiar with every fold of the terrain and every creek in the area; they are well versed in a variety of topics including history, geology and botany, and are constantly learning more. All of the above, combined with their vast experience, enable guides to fit optimal hikes and trips to any individual or group, whether local or tourist.

Lodging at a field school is the ideal way to blend in with nature and the Israeli essence, to get to know them on foot and at eye level, and to benefit from an authentic experience with benefits. The management and majority of guides speak English. * For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.


Name Mount Meron Field School Upper Galilee

No. of rooms

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Tel. 972-4-6980022 Fax. 972-4-6980081 

5 Email:

Hermon Field Shool – Upper Galilee


Golan Field School – Golan Heights

34 2

Alon Tavor Field School – Valleys

31 1

Achziv Field School – Western Galilee

31 1

Har Hanegev Field School – Mitzpe Ramon


Ein Gedi Field School – Dead Sea

49 1

Hatzeva Field School – Arava Desert Eilat Field School – Negev


Tel. 972-4-6941091 Fax. 972-4-6951480 Email: Website: Tel. 972-4-6961234 Fax. 972-4-6965033 Email:


Website: Tel. 972-4-6766250 Fax. 972-4-6766272


Website: Tel. 972-4-9522599 Fax. 972-4-9522159 


Website: Tel. 972-8-6588615 Fax. 972-8-6588616 




Website: Tel. 972-8-6584288 Fax. 972-3-6388688 

Email: Website: Tel. 972-8-6581576 Fax. 972-8-6581546  Email: Website: Tel. 972-8-6372021  Fax. 972-3-6388688  Email:





Druze Lodging The Druze community is one of the most fascinating ethnic groups that live in Israel. Their warmth, culture, well developed hospitality, colorful markets, authentic art, and of course their unique cuisine, all create a wonderful Druze lodging experience. The majority of the Druze community lives on Mount Carmel (in Isfiya and Daliyat el–Carmel), the Golan Heights (where the most popular villages are Majdal Shams and Buka’ata) and the Galilee (Julis, Peki’in, Beit Jan and many more). They first and foremost consider themselves as Druze, secondly as Israelis and lastly as Arabs.

Druze style accommodation, which has gained momentum and has become very popular, is mainly suitable for those who seek unique luxuries combined with warm hospitality. The Druze villages have lodgings that offer a personal and traditional welcome, with restaurants that serve their local and traditional cuisine including dishes such as: tabula, mensaf, mankish, muhamaar, baklava and more. Part of the experience is the warmth of the service.

In addition there are other unique Druze attractions which include folklore shows, storytelling, stands that sell colorful rugs and carpets, straw furniture, pottery jugs, wind chimes, plants and other beautiful clay and copper ornaments.

Guests will also experience the magical views from the wonderful observation points on Mount Carmel, the Galilee and the Golan Heights. In addition, guests will learn about this modest ethnic group with stories about their heritage and culture, their generosity and welcoming hospitality to all visitors with no boundaries. Druze lodging will also offer special activities such as fascinating lectures about their belief in reincarnation, the woman’s role in Druze society, and the ‘seven commands’ which obligate the entire Druze community.

Articles Another area which has become very popular in the Druze community is art. Druze lodging can be combined with exploring the Druze art galleries that are widening their horizons. Famous Druze artists include the poet Asad Azi and the painter Ovadia Elkara whose works are exhibited.

Pictures of “Me-al HaAnanim” (Above the Clouds) – Druze Hospitality, Beit Jan Photography: Sasha Alchov. The unique combination that can be enjoyed with the Druze community and consists of its wonderful culinary tastes, the warm and hospitable locals and the scenic beauty, creates delightful harmony and makes Druze lodging an unforgettable experience.

* For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.


Druze Lodging Hurfeish





Beit Jann

Ein al-Asad

Karmiel Rama



Isfiya Daliyat Al-Karmel



Mt. Hermon

Magdal Shams

Ein Kinya Masa'ada Buka'ata





Camping When you desire a real holiday out in the midst of nature, the perfect way would be lodging under the skies in a large tent with the glittering stars overhead, the sounds of the crickets and trickling water in the background, the cool breeze and an extraordinary magical feeling of being out in the countryside.

On the many camping sites, the majority of which offer free entrance or a very small entrance fee, you will find convenient toilets and showers with hot water, barbeque stands, picnic tables, kitchenettes with basic utensils including refrigerators, electricity outlets and tent hire for families and groups, in addition to shaded huts and, of course, lots of nature. Some of the camping sites offer their own special attractions such as: games facilities for children, swimming pools, drumming circles, karaoke nights, antelope farms, fishing and more. Other camping sites offer a variety of activities with walking and cycling routes, jeep tours or extreme sports such as rafting and tire rafts.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority allows field lodging in national parks and nature reserves all over the country: Achziv, Yehiam Fortress, Sachne, Yehudia, Tal Forest, the Bonim Beach, Ein Hemed, Beit Govrin, Eskol, Mamshit, Yotveta and many more beautiful spots. At some of these places the entrance fee to the camping sites also includes entrance to the national park. Keren Kayemet Le’Israel – Jewish National Fund has funded camping sites all over the country. You can find them at many beautiful spots like: Lavie Forest, Britannia Park, the Malachim Forest and Sapir Park.

Of course there are many more sites where you can enjoy a camping holiday: Kibbutz Elrom in the Golan, Beit Hillel and Dafna in the Galilee, Dor Beach on the coast, Chan Ha’Shayarot and the Zeit Farm in the Negev Desert, the Cactus Village in the Arava and many other delightful natural locations. In recent years, camping has come back into fashion. Enjoying the simple things and connecting with mother earth and the wonders that nature offers combine to make a special and unique camping experience in the magical land of Israel. * For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.

Articles Romantic Country Lodging for Adults Only (no children) A vacation in a zimmer is primarily a synonym for romance, an exclusive vacation for two. It is a blessed getaway, a place to be together to talk into the night, to cuddle under the covers, a loving and pampering dip in the Jacuzzi, candlelit dinners – in other words, an adventure for lovers!

Young couples that do not have children yet, or older couples that need the romantic time away together, can take advantage of an exciting and enjoyable option – romantic vacation sites for couples only. A zimmer vacation without children is an opportunity to totally relax and enjoy the time spent only with your partner. Only adults are staying in the surrounding zimmers (if there is more than one on the premises) – other couples like yourselves who are also seeking tranquility, intimacy and mutual enjoyment.

Hospitality in lodgings classified as “no children” or “18+” is for people seeking the perfect vacation: wake up naturally, enjoy a late breakfast, spoil yourself with a massage or other spa treatments, have an afternoon siesta to the sound of the AC and no other noises or have a glass of wine in front of the fireplace in the winter, enjoy long showers and gourmet meals for two, and most importantly, spend quality time with your loved one. A vacation in an “adults only” zimmer is the ideal gift for lovers. Your hosts have lots of experience, and can help you plan a surprise or design the room as a unique loving gift. They will gladly give you advice how to plan the surprise, and will be happy to add large or small treats, such as champagne, flowers, balloons, rose-petals scattered on the bed, etc. This is all free or at a symbolic price. Boutique hotels and romantic country lodgings for adults have put a lot of thought and care into designing a pampering and romantic (rather than functional) ambience. Most country lodgings sites for adults have no more than 2-4 zimmers, each very romantic and secluded to give you the utmost privacy – just you, nature, serenity and love.





National Trail

The INT is a hiking trail that combines previously marked trails and is marked along its entire length - some 1,000 km., from Beit Usishkin near Kibbutz Dan, in the north, descending to Taba border crossing at the red sea shore near Eilat in the south.

INT can be hiked continuously in both directions - from north to south and vice versa. Hikers can walk its entire length in “one shot" or may choose to do it a few sections at a time. Non-stop INT hiking may take 35 - 50 days, according to the hiker’s ability and experience. The best months for hiking are February - April and October - November. We recommend that in the first days you hike no more than 20 - 25 km. a day. You may increase the daily distance later on, according to your ability and the difficulty of the terrain.

INT has a special tri-color marking (white-blue-orange) which is painted clearly on rocks or other objects along the trail. We recommend using trail

Articles maps for your hike. There are 19 maps comprising the entire length of the trail. Maps are currently available in Hebrew. Information Boards are placed along the trail and include a map, safety instructions for hikers, etc.

The trail crosses sacred sites, cities, towns, villages, national gardens and nature reserves. While hiking through nature reserves or national parks, hikers must follow instructions given by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (an admission fee may be charged at the parks' entrance). Groups that sign up at the Israel Trail Committee office can purchase a certificate indicating that they have hiked the “Israel National Trail�. In addition to the certificate, copper, silver or gold pins will be granted to the hikers according to the number of trail sections they have walked.

Also available are Israel Trail passports, allowing hikers to collect stamps as they reach points of interest along the trail. There are 22 stops where hikers can stamp the passport. The INT Passport grants hikers discounts at field schools, youth hostels and more in addition to benefits with Trail Angels.

Passports are available for just 5 NIS – and can be purchased at the Israel Trails Committee office at 2 HaNegev St., Tel Aviv, Tel.: 972-3-6388719 where the Israel Trails Committee also offers a biweekly briefing for INT hikers.

Wrote - Moti Ben Chetrit, director of the Committee for Israel National Trails. * For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.




Jesus Trail Many pilgrims visit the Holy Land to “walk in the footsteps of Jesus,” but spend most of their time on a bus! The Jesus Trail, a 60-kilometer pilgrimage hiking trail in the Galilee region of Israel, aims to provide an alternative way of experiencing the sites on foot. The Jesus Trail connects sites from the life of Jesus, as well as beautiful scenery and other sites of historical interest. The Jesus Trail begins in Nazareth, Jesus’ childhood home and now the largest Arab city in Israel. Hikers can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Old City market, learn about the time period of Jesus at the open air museum Nazareth Village, sample delicious local sweets, and even spend the night in a restored Ottoman mansion at the Fauzi Azar Inn.

The first day, hikers walk from Nazareth to Zippori, an impressive archeological site that was an important administrative city at the time of Jesus. From Zippori, the trail continues through the village of Meshhed to Kfar Cana, the traditional site of Jesus’ first miracle of turning water to wine. A small family-run guesthouse has started in Cana where walkers can enjoy hospitality with a local family.

Articles The next day, the trail continues through tranquil forests to the Moshav of Ilaniya, where an organic goat farm offers charming rustic cabins and fresh goat cheese. Or if hikers continue a bit further, they can stay at Hotel Lavi, in one of Israel’s few religious kibbutzim. The third day is the most scenic, as the trail winds over the Horns of Hattin with its magnificent view of the entire trail, and continues to Nebi Shu’eib, the holiest site in the Druze religion and a peaceful place to stop for lunch and refill water bottles.

From there, hikers continue through ancient olive groves in the Arbel Valley to arrive at Moshav Arbel for an overnight in this peaceful village. The final day, the trail continues down the dramatic Arbel Cliffs, which provide an amazing view of the entire Sea of Galilee.

Through the plain of Ginosar, hikers then arrive to the northern Sea of Galilee to visit sites such as Tabgha, the site of the multiplication of loaves and fishes, St. Peter’s Primacy church on the peaceful shoreline, and finally Capernaum, the base of Jesus’ ministry.

The Jesus Trail philosophy is that hiking trails are a way to bring people together and build bridges between different communities. The Jesus Trail aims to provide excellent resources for hikers, to connect diverse communities, to encourage economic development in rural areas and to encourage environmental awareness and protection. An excellent guidebook to the trail is available: Hiking the Jesus Trail and Other Biblical Walks in the Galilee.

It is also possible to book 7-day/6-night tour packages on the trail. * For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.




Rural Attractions A popular Israeli song says that Israel is “a small country with a moustache, half a pin on the world map…” – but nevertheless, a variety of attractions can be found throughout its length and breadth, particularly in rural surroundings.

The small size of the country has an undeniable advantage: a short drive can take you to the heart of the countryside, to participate in one of the varied activities provided by farms, to enjoy a bike ride, to learn about the unique history of Israel, to celebrate at one of the many festivals, to hike a trail that winds along beautiful changing landscapes, and to end the day in a pampering zimmer.

Israel’s long-standing and varied agricultural tradition and its many kibbutzim – the Zionist model developed by the Second Aliya pioneers at the beginning of the 20th century, and which has not stagnated but is constantly adjusting to the times – provide tourists with an opportunity to milk cows; to fondle day-old chicks; to pick (and, of course, to eat) mulberries, raspberries, nectarines, figs and a variety of other fruits – to feel like farmers for the day. Boutique wineries and olive presses open their gates to guided tours that naturally include delightful tastings. Other visitor centers display exotic animals that “made Aliya” to Israel, such as alpacas, llamas, kangaroos, koala bears and beautiful antelopes.

Israel also boasts a plethora of historic, religious and cultural sites, which can be combined to make an enriching and eventful trip – for instance, the “Jesus Trail” in the Galilee is a beautiful hike along significant milestones in Jesus’ life. The vehicles with which you can tour the country are multiple: from bikes for athletic types, to kayaks for adventurous water-lovers, to jeeps and ATVs for off-trail rides. Another option, no less attractive, is horseback riding or camel riding, available to visitors at some sites.

Israel is also a festival-loving country. The moderate climate almost all year round, the fresh air and free atmosphere make nature the ideal place for festivals of all kinds – whether celebrations of agricultural events (such as the beginning of the olive harvest), events marking holidays of the various religions, spirituality and awareness festivals, music festivals catering to a variety of tastes and styles, and a range of large and small happy gatherings.

We recommend that you end your eventful and pleasurable days in a zimmer – calm and graceful country lodging, which will recharge your batteries with positive energies in preparation for another day of delightful rural attractions. * For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.

Articles Biking Trips Cycling and nature trails are two of life’s greatest pleasures. It is only to be expected that a combination of both – biking trips – are a particularly popular pastime. Vibrant urban landscapes, peaceful hills, green valleys, tangled forests, commanding stretches of desert, alongside flowing creeks or on the bank of the Jordan River – you will find sweaty, cheerful cyclists all over Israel.

Bicycles, besides being a convenient, economical, quick and environmentallyfriendly mode of transportation in towns, allow us to enjoy nature in all its glory – the forms, colors, intoxicating scents and amazing soundtrack. The joy of being in the fresh air amidst breathtaking landscapes is enhanced by the pleasure of cycling. Physical activity increases the secretion of endorphins in the brain which instantly improve our mood, and as our sages said: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. In many cases the experience of travelling on two wheels has an added emotional value: biking trips connect us to the child within, and fill us with nostalgic memories of innocent adventurous forays with our childhood friends. And not just the child within – cycling is a great way to bond a group of cyclists – family members, friends or athletes – around a rolling, invigorating and joyful experience.

Bicycle lovers can enjoy a variety of possibilities and trails. More and more cities are showing awareness for the public’s love of biking, and have allocated resources and two-wheel lanes accordingly. In open country one can find numerous routes and trails, and many vacation sites provide bicycle rentals as well as recommendations of enjoyable trails. The JNF (KKL) is also catering to the passion of two-wheel, handlebar and bell enthusiasts, and has prepared a variety of trails – circular or one-way, moderate to challenging inclines – in which guided or independent trips are provided, at varying degrees of difficulty and at a reasonable price. The highlight is the cross-country Tel AvivJerusalem bike trail. Inaugurated in 2010, it starts at the Yarkon River estuary, passes through Tel Afek, Ben Shemen Forest, Nahal Refaim and ends at the delightful Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.

The extensive increase of cyclists has grown an entire industry of tourist services, including rural cabins and hotels. These sites are designated “Bikefriendly” (BF), where cyclists can enjoy suitable technical and logistical services in addition to the accommodations. So, put your helmet on (compulsory!), wear bright colors (a regular shirt and comfortable pants are fine too), and join us on two wheels anywhere in Israel. * For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.



Articles Country Lodging with Pets Many a romantic or family vacation would be less than perfect or impossible at all, because most country lodgings do not allow pets on the premises. This is a serious problem for people who do not want to part with their pet or have no other “pet-sitting” solution while they are away. Not every host will accept you with your pet, so it is best to find out beforehand and avoid “surprises”. Sometimes the reason is that your host wants to avoid confrontations between his pets and yours, or is concerned about possible litter and noise your pet might cause. Pet owners know their “best friend” and know whether its nature allows it to be in a new place without making a commotion, but you may not always be able to convince your reluctant host.

The good news is that country lodging with your beloved pet is not a dream and can actually come true. Some zimmer owners have recognized pet-owners’ need to go on vacation with their pet. In order to find lodgings that allow you to bring your pet along (or, for those of you who are allergic or averse, to know where not to go) – search for zimmers that define themselves as “pet lovers” or “accept pets”. These will be happy to have you with your dog, cat, ferret or guinea pig, understanding that some people are simply unable (emotionally

or technically) to leave their pets behind, and that their vacation would not be perfect without their beloved pet. Nevertheless, and with all the good will of your petloving hosts, guests must notify the zimmer owner in advance about the pet or pets that will be coming, and receive confirmation before booking the vacation! When you are getting ready for your vacation with your pet, please take care to know the behavior rules in the zimmer and on the premises. There might be a special enclosure where your pet will spend the night, or you may be allowed to have it in your room. Naturally, you will have to bring the pet’s food, to clean up after it, and to make sure it behaves and doesn’t disturb the other guests – so that you and your pet and the other guests can have a good time.

* For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.

Articles The International Bird Watching Center of the Jordan Valley A Paradise for Birds and Birdwatchers Once you have seen tens of thousands of storks, cranes or kites roosting in the fields, you will always want to come back to the northern valleys of Israel for a similar experience.

Israel is a "bottleneck" of the migration routes for most of the European and West Asian species. Located between the Mediterranean and the Arabic desert, it has become the highway of bird migration routes during the autumn and spring of the whole Palearctic. For hundreds of other bird species it is a paradise because of the abundance of food, fishponds and green fields. For that they stay during the warm winter months.

Accommodations located near the bird watching sites are available for visitors’ convenience. The centers also serve as research and nature conservation stations. You are welcome to visit the centers at Kfar-Ruppin, Maagan Michael, the Hula Valley, the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, Kibbutz Lotan and Eilat.

The Birdwatching Center of the Jordan Valley at Kfar-Ruppin has comfortable rural accommodation within easy walking distance of the birding sites. They also organize guided tours for groups on various topics such as the environment, agriculture, history of the area and kibbutz life.

For more information and reservations: 972-4-6068396 In the Birdwatching Centers the visitors receive up-to-date bird watching information, maps and a local checklist. They also provide guides, bird watching tours and information for visitors.

* For more information and how to reach the website directly, please scan the Barcode (QR-code) which can be retreived via your cell phone.



Articles Kayaking and Rafting on the Jordan River An ideal summer experience for any age One of the unrivaled delights for travelers in the north of Israel is the Jordan River, with its uniquely beautiful landscape and its historical, cultural and religious heritage. The most attractive way to enjoy this impressive river and its tributaries – the Dan, Snir and Hermon, is kayaking: an experience that combines total oneness with nature, physical activity and family or social bonding.

You can find sites to rent kayaks, rafting boats or tire rafts all along the river and the tributaries, offering routes of various lengths and degrees of difficulty – from calm routes suitable for children (accompanied by an adult, of course!) to extreme routes for adrenalin seekers. All of the routes share the most beautiful scenery – nature in its full glory including: spraying water, chirping birds, rich foliage, play of light and shade, gliding

between thickets and wide open spaces, and the irresistible combination of green and blue. The typically winding river adds to the fun – there’s a new surprise around every bend!

The kayaking operators are scrupulous about security, and in addition to the sporting activities offer special attractions for children, inviting lawns to relax on, well-maintained showers and toilets, camping tables and canteens – because, as we know, nothing works up an appetite more than physical activity in the open air.

Articles Not to forget the social aspect: kayaking creates unique social interactions – it makes any family wet and enthusiastic and any team surprisingly close. Thanks to Israel’s comfortable climate, kayaking is possible for most of the year, primarily from March to October. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen! Kayaking – the refreshing water spraying your body, your happiness sky high, and even the occasional scratches are a sweet reminder of this exhilarating experience.

Our recommendations: Jordan River Rafting

* Family kayaking * Extreme kayaking * ATV trips * Bicycle trips * Restaurant

Hagoshrim Kayaks

* Family kayaking * Extreme kayaking * Overnight camping * Bicycle trips

Kfar Blum Kayaks

* Family kayaking * Extreme kayaking * Overnight camping * Bicycle trips * Adventure park

Tel. 972-4-9007000 Fax: 972-4-9007001

Tel. 972-4-6816034 Fax: 972-4-6816036

Tel. 972-1-700-506611 Fax: 972-4-6905791

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Scan the barcode for a 20% discount coupon


Map of the Upper Galilee

Upper Galilee


Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Razulla’s Cabins

Jacob’s Dream – Wood Cabins

In the heart of a charming fruit orchard, 4 wood cabins suitable for couples and families in a typical Galilean atmosphere. Our hospitality includes a delicious home-made country breakfast. Razulla’s is situated near a variety of activities and tourist attractions.

At Kfar Yuval, in the Upper Galilee, near all the local attractions, are our accessorized wood cabins with AC, luxurious Jacuzzi, grassy yard, pecan trees, and beautiful garden, all with a fantastic view of the Hula Valley and the Golan Heights.

Kfar Yuval Tel: 972-54-5397494

Kfar Yuval Tel: 972-4-6941287 972-50-5319529



Biktot Betzel Mihnaf (Rosewood Cabins)

Hai Cabins

Come enjoy a country experience in the magical Galilee! 4 luxurious beautifully equipped wood cabins with a spectacular garden. Ideal for families (up to 4 children) and family gatherings. Kfar Yuval Tel: 972-4-6949601 972-52-3215810 972-52-3781564 4

Couples and families, come visit our beautiful cabins. Outside you can enjoy a spacious flowering garden with secluded seating corners and a breathtaking view of the Hula Valley and the Hermon Mountains. Each cabin is equipped with a giant romantic Jacuzzi. A delicious country breakfast is served on the attractive balcony. Tuscany in the Galilee!

Kfar Yuval Tel: 972-4-6943238 972-52-2845094 4

Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

NOFEY GONEN HOLIDAY VILLAGE NOFEY GONEN RESORT is an enchanting corner of nature in the north-east of the Hula valley, at the foothills of the Golan Heights. The green open spaces and glorious nature provide the ideal atmosphere for a vacation in the north.

WHAT’S IN THE APARTMENTS? You are invited to enjoy one of 56 holiday apartments (4 with ensuite Jacuzzi). The wide-open green spaces and the glory of nature will make your vacation perfect.


38 amazing wood chalets, fully equipped to provide you with your dream vacation. In the chalets, you will enjoy a Jacuzzi overlooking the view, a kitchenette with microwave oven, fridge and electric kettle, cable TV and DVD, and a wooden balcony with table and chairs. Each Chalet can accommodate a couple and 3 children.


Groups – We can organize full holiday packages tailored specifically to your requirements, including unusual trips with certified guides, kayaking and rafting, trips by jeep, ATVs, horses, bicycles and more. Individuals – We are happy to provide our guests with a list of optional tours (at varying degrees of difficulty), including a map and recommendations of restaurants and other attractions along the route, for which we also supply discount vouchers.


GROUPS: We can organize interesting programs and a guided tour of the Kibbutz (in a variety of languages). Convention Center: The Kibbutz can provide lecture halls and classrooms, overhead projectors, TV screens and other aids.

NOFEY GONEN HOLIDAY VILLAGE KIBBUTZ GONEN – UPPER GALILEE Tel & E-mail for groups: 972-4-6955286, Tel & E-mail for individuals: 972-4-6955220, 18




Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee Aviv BaKerem – Wood Cabins

Bikta Bahar Club & Spa

4 adorable cabins, overlooking the valley, abundant with vineyards and orchards. Amazing view and atmosphere of tranquility. Cool breeze blowing from the valley of vineyards. Each cabin contains a double Jacuzzi highlighted by candles and aromatic perfumes. Also, a shaded seating area, a lawn and a place to barbecue.

At the summit of the Naftaly Mountains, 40 minutes from the Sea of Galilee and 10 minutes from all the Hula Valley attractions, overlooking a breathtaking view of the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights, 4 spacious, romantic wood cabins in a lovely garden await you. This is the perfect place for vacation and romance. Each cabin has a Jacuzzi, fireplace, air-conditioning, accessorized kitchenette and a host of other amenities. The couples’ court includes a billiard room, fitness center and sauna, and families can enjoy sports facilities, table tennis and a children’s playground. Ramot Naftaly Tel: 972-4-6950997 972-50-5634425 2


Olam Umelo’o

Ramot Naftaly is situated 550 meters above sea level overlooking the Hula and Kadesh valleys, with a splendid view of Naftaly Mountains, Hula Lake, Golan Heights and Mt. Hermon. We offer 3 holiday units for an unforgettable vacation. Each unit includes 2 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchenette and seating area. There is a dining room and a yard with spacious lawns. In the summer – free entry to the Moshav swimming pool. Ramot Naftaly Tel: 972-50-7438213 3 Ramot Naftaly Tel: 972-4-6902591 4

Nofesh BaHarim B&B A magical, pastoral vacation in a rural atmosphere facing the Hula and Kadesh valleys. Amid spacious green lawns and a beautiful orchard – 4 country lodging units and 4 meticulously accessorized deluxe cabins. All units are comfortable and equipped with a Jacuzzi and panoramic balcony. You can enjoy a heated private swimming pool, and a lovely dining area that serves rich breakfasts and chefcatered Galilean meals for dinner or special occasions. We are Ministry of Tourism certified, and have the highest ranking in the IBB grading system. Ramot Naftaly Asaf: 972-50-5594872 4


Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Grand Vista – Boutique Hotel & Spa Our boutique hotel & spa Grand Vista in the Galilee – for couples only – offers you a country atmosphere at the highest international standards: 8 large rooms with especially high-level standards, stone tiles, African walnut-wood furniture, a Jacuzzi overlooking the natural habitat, the purest white curtains and bed linens, spa aromas in every possible corner, and many more surprises… At the entrance to the Grand Vista Spa, you will find a beautiful Jacuzzi facing the spectacular northern landscape. Nearby, a high-standard dry sauna and treatment rooms filled with relaxing aromas that add to the romantic atmosphere. In the relaxation room, you will enjoy first-class wines, herb teas, coffee and gourmet pastries…

The Grand Vista Coffee Shop serves sumptuous, unique breakfasts – to titillate all your senses.

Grand Vista – Boutique Hotel & Spa Kfar Yuval – Upper Galilee Tel: 972-77-5388010, 972-52-6388783 | 8



Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Kidmat Hagalil

Within walking distance of the Hatzbani Stream, wood cabins, spacious luxurious romantic suites and country lodgings await you. In the wood cabins and suites you can enjoy a candlelit Jacuzzi, a rich breakfast and other treats. We have a petting zoo for children. Each cabin has its own private garden and pleasant corners. Special deals for mid-week guests. Bet Hillel Tel: 972-50-7505044 972-52-5335502 4

Agada shel Makom )Fairytale Place( Situated within an abundance of greenery, near an olive grove, we invite you to enjoy our 3 country-style wood cabins fitted with a pampering Jacuzzi, which guarantee peace, quiet and privacy, with touches of artistic design. Bet Hillel Tel: 972-4-6944732 972-50-5391210


Biktot Gan Paradiso Luxurious romantic wood cabins for couples only. Each cabin has a private Jacuzzi spa, an elegant king-sized bed with orthopedic mattress, a home cinema system, kitchenette and more. Strictly kosher, sumptuous country breakfasts can be ordered and delivered to your cabin.


Wood House Inn Within walking distance of the Hatzbani Stream, among flowing water in a pastoral atmosphere, we offer 4 holiday units. In the spacious yard, among the citrus trees: a Âź-olympic swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa for 10 people, original Finnish sauna, table tennis and giant chess game. All these will make your vacation a unique and memorable experience.

Bet Hillel Tel: 972-50-2959511 5


Bet Hillel Tel: 972-4-6949747 972-50-5275866 4

Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

“Bakfar” Country Lodging B&B A unique holiday site in Kibbutz Kfar Szold in the Upper Galilee – one of the most beautiful places in Israel, surrounded by streams and brooks and on the way to Mt. Hermon and the Golan Heights. We offer 31 air-conditioned and fully equipped holiday units for families, couples and groups.

Trips and attractions in the vicinity:

• Mt. Hermon site, Hula Valley Nature Reserve, Tel Dan National Park, Banias and Ayun Rivers, Manara Cable Car and much more. • A variety of restaurants and cafes. • Kayaking, jeep trips, dune-buggy rides, Canada Center (a sport and health spot in Metula), horseback riding and more.

“Bakfar” Country Lodging

Kibbutz Kfar Szold – Upper Galilee Tel: 972-4-6907176 Fax: 972-4-6907187 | 31



Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Havaya Beyarok Come enjoy a romantic vacation at “Havaya Beyarok”: 3 luxurious wood cabins including a Jacuzzi spa with a skylight, and 4 beautifully designed cabins. All of our cabins can accommodate couples and families (sleeping gallery for children). The rolling lawns and pecan trees will make your stay more pleasant. The surrounding area offers a variety of hiking trails, other attractions and restaurants. Bet Hillel Tel: 972-4-6941806, 972-52-2357561 3

Alaska Inn

Boutique Hotel Alaska Inn, a unique boutique hotel, where you can wake up to a sumptuous breakfast, inhale the clear mountain air, be dazzled by the view, and enjoy the house delicacies. In the rooms, spoil yourself with a pampering Jacuzzi, LCD TV, AC, Wi-Fi and more. The hotel has a swimming pool (in season), garden and balcony, nightclub and a unique mountain viewpoint (Mitzpe Eitan). Metula Tel: 972-4-6997111 972-54-2228888 72


The Spring Motel Druze Country Lodging

Welcome to the Druze Spring Motel in Peki'in where you are invited to enjoy a special Druze accommodation experience. At the motel there are 10 luxurious and furnished accommodation units which offer all the main luxuries including a country breakfast. Additional meals are available at an extra charge, and there are many restaurants and attractions in the nearby vicinity. Peki’in Tel: 972-54-2201181 10

Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Vered Hagalil Guest Farm Vered Hagalil Guest Farm is located in the heart of the Galilee overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights, with lush green gardens and lawns all around. We offer 31 charming guest suites/cottages/cabins built of basalt stone and wood for couples and families. In the rooms - coffee corner, fridge, air-conditioning, TV, DVD, Jacuzzi in most units, porches with stunning view of the Sea of Galilee and Ginossar Valley: all in natural setting of Galilee boulders and vegetation. Our rustic Kosher restaurant serves a high quality breakfast, lunch and dinner, special menus for groups and events. From our stables located at the heart of the farm, we take horse-riding trips on beautiful trails overlooking breathtaking views. Our ATV and jeep tours will also display the spectacular landscapes of the Galilee and the Golan Heights. "Close to Nature" treatment center offers a variety of massages, sauna and large outdoor jacuzzi.

Vered Hagalil

Open: All year round. Getting here: 10 minutes north of the Sea of Galilee on road 90, 1 km. south of Amiad junction.

M.P. Drom Hagolan Tel: 972-4-6935785, Fax: 972-4-6934964 E-mail:, 31



Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Cherry Cabins In Metula in the Upper Galilee, facing spectacular views of Mt. Herman and the Galilee mountains, we offer 2 spacious and fully accessorized Finnish wood cabins for a couples-only magical vacation. Each cabin boasts a romantic Jacuzzi with glass roof through which to gaze upon the moon and stars, and a private balcony, spacious lawns, night lighting and a pergola. The Ministry of Tourism IBB rating gave us the highest grade (A).

Ben Atzei Haduvdevan

)Between the Cherry Trees( Facing spectacular views, in a peaceful rural atmosphere in green Metula – our 7 romantic wood zimmers await you. The cabins can accommodate couples, families with children and groups. You can enjoy a huge Jacuzzi spa overlooking the view, dry sauna, vineyard, seating corners, greenery and much more. Home-made country breakfasts can be booked.

Metula Tel: 972-4-6941302 972-50-5701502

Metula Tel: 972-57-7458863 972-57-7699541


Rauner House – Hospitality Units At Rauner House you will enjoy 3 luxurious units, surrounded by greenery and a spectacular view of Mt. Hermon. The units are well-preserved and accessorized, with AC and central heating, cable TV + DVD, kitchenette, and many more amenities. Outside you can enjoy a charming garden, herb garden, seating corners, barbecue, and peace and quiet in a unique rural atmosphere.

Metula Tel: 972-4-6949369 972-57-7784030 3



Guesthouse and Pottery Studio Six modernized, fully equipped holiday flats situated in a serene rural atmosphere suitable for both couples and families. Each unit has its own patio with an outdoor sitting area. Guests are invited to visit the owner’s gallery and pottery studio. The owner’s ceramic artwork is offered at a discount. Guests can also practice working on the potters’ wheel. Metula Tel: 972-54-4393969 972-4-6940552 5

Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Ganei Dafna – Country Lodging Three streams flow through our kibbutz, very near the holiday units, and create an ambience of greenery, rolling lawns and fantastic scenery. In the winter, the snow-topped Mt. Hermon is right in front of us. We offer you 22 air-conditioned family holiday units, which give you privacy and comfort. Garden furniture, outdoor meals, the trickling of the Dan River – contribute to create the perfect rural vacation. ** The kitchen and dining room are kosher ** No pets allowed **

Ganei Dafna – Country Lodging Kibbutz Dafna – Upper Galilee Tel: 972-4-6945795, 972-4-6945011 | 22



Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Hadar Bakfar – Wood & Stone Close to most tourism sites of the Upper Galilee, enjoy country hospitality in wood cabins and spacious suites including a Jacuzzi and many more amenities… The cabins and suites are beautifully crafted wood and stone, set in a fruit orchard. Outside you can enjoy a green lawn and relaxing seating corners. A nearby swimming pool (free entry) is open during the summer. This is the perfect place for your perfect vacation!

Yesud HaMa’ala Tel: 972-52-3744422 2


Mitzpe Kinneret

Among the garden's flowers

Our warm country lodging site offers 5 large accommodation units with a spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee, Mediterranean Sea and the Lower Galilee. We offer you a unique kind of holiday with traditional Druze cooking which will leave you wanting more… The units are well - accessorized, and include a balcony with a spectacular view.

Lovers of family holidays are invited to our 2 large holiday suites (each with living room and 2 separate bedrooms). The suites are accessorized with all conveniences for an enjoyable family vacation. Outside you can enjoy our lovely garden, barbecue corner, hammocks and lots of fresh air. Our zimmer was awarded an A (highest rating) on 140 criteria by the Min. of Tourism IBB scale.

Druze Country Lodging

Ein al Assad Tel: 972-4-6980969 972-50-5472236 5 Yesud HaMa’ala Tel: 972-50-8576218 972-4-6934543 2

Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Kadarim Galilee B&B Kadarim Galilee B&B offers pleasant Holiday Apartments and Luxury Wood Cabins situated in a serene park atmosphere with beautiful views and the tranquil natural surroundings of the Galilee.

• •

There are many Christian sites in the area, Mt. of Beatitudes, Tabgha, Capernaum, the Jordan River and Nazareth. Jews, Druse, Bedouin and Christians share the Galilee. It is the rich embroidery of different lifestyles and cultures that make the Galilee more then just a beautiful landscape. Kibbutz communities, villages and historic towns, each with its own flavor, are one of the unique features of the area. For birdwatchers the Hula Nature Reserve is a world renowned site for wildlife and bird migration.

Kadarim Galilee B&B

Kibbutz Kadarim – Upper Galilee Tel: 972-4-6986300 E-mail: | 17




Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Anat’s Vacation Apartments At the top of the mountain, across from Mitzpe Hayamim and near Rosh Pina, 3 high standard furnished, air-conditioned and spacious apartments await you. Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets and a large living room, with an open view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan mountains. Also, a spacious 6-room house suitable for large families or bachelor parties. We are close to all the attractions and touring sites in the north. It will be worth your while!

Nof Kinneret – Rosh Pina Tel: 972-3-5329779, 972-52-2745655 5


Kesem Lenof Kinneret 2 spacious beautifully designed villas with separate entrances await you overlooking the breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. Each villa has 2 suites highly equipped with Jacuzzi, AC, LCD TV & DVD, Kitchenette and a living room with a panoramic view. In the lovely garden you can enjoy a swimming pool, big hot tub and dry sauna with a window facing the Sea of Galilee. Spa treatments and a sumptuous breakfast can be booked. We guarantee a tranquil atmosphere, prefect for your vacation in the north.

Nof Kinneret – Rosh Pina Tel: 972-54-7980708, 972-54-7980608 2

Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Sound of the North Seasons

In the 'Finger of Galilee', at the northern tip of Israel, in the land where the earth is near the sky, in a breathtaking ancient landscape, you'll discover the guest rooms of Kibbutz Malkiya. The pastoral landscape with its apple and cherry orchards, vineyards and wine, and the primeval view of the scarred rocky mountains Not far from activity centers and attractions, in short, the best place at the northern tip of Israel. The moderately high mountain provides a wonderfully temperate climate, which is dry and airy in summer, and cool and uniquely pleasant in winter.

You've never been closer to heaven.

Malkiya – this is how nature makes you feel Kibbutz Malkiya – Upper Galilee Tel: 972-4-6946882, 972-52-5347882 Fax: 972-4-6945436 | 14



Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Bikta Betzel Hahar

Even Sapir Cabins

“Bikta Betzel Hahar” is a wood holiday unit suitable for couples or families at affordable prices. The unit includes a living room, pampering Jacuzzi, AC, cable TV + DVD, a kitchenette and an abundance of other amenities. Birya is situated in the heart of the Galilee’s popular tourist attractions: the old city of Zefat, Bat-Ya’ar Farm, Birya Forrest, Amud Stream Nature Reserve, Dalton Wineries and more.

Imagine your holiday: intoxicating mountain air and a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee. The 2 suites are luxurious and romantic, built from the finest ancient stone and a wood ceiling. In the courtyard, enjoy a large private Jacuzzi, with a seating area to enjoy the view and a well-kept garden with flowers, plants, statues and romantic night lighting. Enjoy a vacation full of romance and love at the Even Sapir Cabins. Birya Tel:

972-4-6922696 972-50-8616675

1 Zefat Tel: 972-50-8434385 972-50-3022155 2

Susannah’s Wood Cabins

Eitan’s Wood Cabins

Between Rosh Pina and Metula, in the Upper Galilee, Susannah’s wood cabins await you in a rural, pastoral atmosphere. The 2 spacious and accessorized units and the large luxurious wood cabin look out over an enchanting view. Suitable for romantic couples and families seeking the perfect getaway. Manicured lawn, barbecue, sun tanning beds, and a peaceful country ambience.

In the Upper Galilee, in an area rich in attractions and tourist spots, 6 luxurious wood cabins suitable for couples and families await you. Each cabin is fitted with a double Jacuzzi, TV & DVD, kitchenette and other treats. In the yard, enjoy a large swimming pool, giant Jacuzzi spa, green lawn, BBQ corner and hammocks. Sde Eliezer Tel: 972-50-7236486 972-4-6936628 1

2 Sde Eliezer Tel: 972-50-5285242 972-4-6937470 6

Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Joseph’s Well Country Inn – Amiad

Joseph's Well Country Inn invites you to Kibbutz Amiad

in the north of Israel, and offers 27 comfortable, quiet and well-appointed guest rooms – in the heart of the Upper Galilee and minutes away from the Sea of Galilee. Our guest rooms are suitable for couples, families and groups, and have handicapped access. We provide free Wi-Fi connection and pets are allowed (please notify in advance). Our website includes more information about us, prices, deals, picture gallery, information about nearby attractions & restaurants, suggestions for trips in the area and activities for children.

Joseph’s Well Country Inn – Amiad Kibbutz Amiad – Upper Galilee Tel: 972-4-6909829 | 27



Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Rita's Suites

High in the Galilee Mountains, 2 spacious and well-appointed suites including a pampering Jacuzzi spa, overlooking Mt. Meron and the valley vineyards. The suites are ideal for couples and families seeking peace and quiet. You can also enjoy a swimming pool and a hot tub in the yard. Kerem Ben Zimra Tel: 972-4-6987258 972-50-2264991 2

Mool Havadi (Across from the Wadi)

With an amazing view of the Sea of Galilee and Wadi Amud, 5 holiday units await you. Each unit is accessorized and spacious, with a panoramic balcony. In the yard – seating corners overlooking the view, barbecue facilities and more. Breakfasts and bicycle trips can be booked. Here you will find the peace and quiet to make your vacation pleasurable. Kahal Tel: 972-4-6860596 972-52-3703308 5

El Hanof Facing an amazing mountain range, 3 lovely wood studio cabins await you, equipped with a Jacuzzi spa, swimming pool and many other amenities. The cabins can accommodate couples and families. Kerem Ben Zimra Tel: 972-54-8311536 3

Bayit Bekerem

House in the Vineyard In a Galilean landscape, at the edge of the village – charming, romantic suites. You can pamper yourself in a heated massage tub adjacent to the bedroom. Our accommodations are ideal for couples and families, who want to relax in a warm calming atmosphere. There is a large swimming pool at your disposal, and a sumptuous country breakfast is served. Kerem Ben Zimra Tel: 972-50-7376804 3

Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi Tourism Hospitality at Kfar Hanassi is an amazing experience: 20 guest rooms in a pastoral atmosphere, air-conditioned and equipped with TV, fridge, and kitchenette. All of the rooms open out onto green lawns with shady corners and BBQ facilities. Rich country breakfasts are served. You can enjoy the kibbutz swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, and walks. Nearby, a tranquil mountain lookout with a spectacular view of the Jordan River.

Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi Tel: 972-4-6914870, 972-52-2381858 Fax: 972-4-6914077 20

Ahava Bagvahim If you’ve fantasized about romance and Galilean charm, if you’ve dreamt about luxurious suites and a magnificent view, come make it come true at “Ahava Bagvahim”. 3 beautiful fully furnished stone suites to accommodate couples. Outside the suites you will enjoy a large well kept courtyard with seating areas and hammocks facing the pastoral view and in addition a huge luxury spa Jacuzzi.

Kerem Ben Zimra Tel: 972-50-7220147, 972-52-8119037 3



Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee Nuriel’s

Sweet Dream

In an Upper Galilee Moshav, in the heart of the Banyas and Dan tributaries, you are invited to an extraordinary vacation experience that combines country lodging with our unique trips: nature, heritage, agriculture and self-picked fruit. Come stay at our comfortable complex, enjoy the private corners of the garden, participate in cooking and laughter workshops, and relax in the heated swimming pool. A great experience any time of the year.

“Sweet Dream” is located to the north of the Sea of Galilee. You are invited to stay in 2 romantic suites with a round Jacuzzi, in a peaceful rural atmosphere suited for couples and families. In the yard you can spend time in the swimming pool and enjoy the manicured lawn. We supply rich, varied breakfasts and dinners, specializing in gluten-free meals.

Fruit and Hospitality

She’ar Yashuv Tel: 972-50-6992270 972-50-6992272 10

Or Gani – Schnabel North of the Hula Valley, at the foot of Mt. Hermon, encircled by the Dan and Banyas tributaries – 5 “green” ecological lodgings on an organic farm offer clean air and atmosphere together with a kosher, organic and rich breakfast. You can also purchase our organic produce and cheeses. Our lodgings, 2 studio units for couples and 3 suite units for families, assure a vacation connected to nature and love. For special treats you can book a massage. She’ar Yashuv Tel: 972-4-6942375 972-52-8702626 5 Amnon Tel: 972-4-6930555 972-52-5060333 2

Tal HaHermon

Stay in the heart of the most popular vacation site of the Galilee, Golan and Mt. Hermon, at "Tal HaHermon" guest rooms. Enjoy one of the six guest units, with luxurious amenities such as: Jacuzzi, AC, fully equipped kitchenette, T.V and seating corner. Discount coupons for attractions and entertainment spots are available. She’ar Yashuv Tel: 972-4-6942738 972-50-5675633 5


Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Shoshanat HaYarden Country Suites

In the heart of the Upper Galilee, 2 wooden country suites for couples and families. The suites are accessorized for maximal comfort and pleasure, and guarantee space, privacy and tranquility. Discount coupons for local attractions. Tips on trips in the area.

Mishmar HaYarden Tel: 972-4-6934582 972-54-5723791

Shoshanat HaYarden Country Cabins

In the heart of the Upper Galilee, 3 country wooden cabins for couples and families. The cabins are accessorized for maximal comfort and pleasure, and guarantee space, privacy and tranquility. Discount coupons for local attractions. Tips on trips in the area.

Mishmar HaYarden Tel: 972-4-6934582 972-54-5723791



Liat’s Estate

Orpaz – Cabin & Zimmers

“Ahuzat Liat” in Mishmar HaYarden offers 2 air-conditioned wood cabins, with a spacious bed, accessorized kitchenette, and one with a double Jacuzzi. The cabins are suitable for couples (with a child). Guests enjoy a private swimming pools and free bicycles throughout their stay. A rich Israeli breakfast and spa treatments can be ordered. We supply a fruit bowl, beverages, chocolate and wine to make your vacation more enjoyable. We are members of the 2009-2010 Israeli Service Treaty. Mishmar HaYarden Tel: 972-52-2855577 972-54-2565465 2

On the banks of the Jordan River with a spectacular view of the Golan Heights, you will find these delightful country zimmers. Orpaz Guest House has one elegant wooden cabin with Jacuzzi, and 4 vacation units for families. Lodging here is also suitable for the religious public. The guests can enjoy a large swimming pool (heated in the winter) and a big Jacuzzi spa in the garden. Mishmar HaYarden Tel: 972-52-8235507 972-4-6937704 1




Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee Shula and Rami’s Inn

Hapagoda Bapina

In the picturesque town Rosh Pina, we built our beautiful home including 2 new guest units: stylish, romantic, and fully accessorized for a romantic getaway. The house and units were designed by your hostess, who is an interior architect. A country breakfast can be ordered to your room.

In Rosh Pina, with a breathtaking view of the Galilee and Mt. Hermon: Spoil yourselves by relaxing in the romantic Jacuzzi, as you look out at the magnificent view. To make your perfect holiday experience complete, each suite is equipped with a kitchenette, satellite TV, and you can relax in the lovely garden. A sumptuous breakfast can be delivered to your suite. Rosh Pina Tel: 972-4-6931018 972-50-7491135 2

The Green Inn Hostel in the Galilee

Rosh Pina Tel: 972-4-6930606 972-54-9988348 4


Ahava BaPardes

Situated in a charming green garden, you are welcome to stay in the "Green Inn” lovely guest rooms in a pastoral country atmosphere. Close to all the holy spots and tzadikim burial places in the north. Synagogues within walking distance. A secluded swimming pool is available. The guest rooms can accommodate groups, families, couples and singles who want to enjoy a pleasant vacation. Close to all the sightseeing attractions in the north.

In the picturesque town of Rosh Pina amid citrus trees, 3 new suites: “Pomelo”, “Mandarine” and “Grapefruit”, and a holiday unit “Orange” equipped with all you need for a romantic and pleasurable vacation. You can enjoy a flowering garden, large parrot cage, barbecue corner, herb garden and many more amenities that will make your holiday unforgettable. Rosh Pina Tel: 972-4-6822288 972-54-5280488

Rosh Pina Tel: 972-54-4656926 5



Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Havaya Banof

Villa Tehilla

In a beautiful peaceful place surrounded by a fantastic view, 3 beautiful suites await you – 2 stone-built and a 2-storey wood cabin ideal for lovers. Outside you can enjoy a large Jacuzzi spa in an open wood structure. In the morning we will serve a rich homemade breakfast on the balcony. Trips at reasonable prices with a certified tour guide through fascinating landscapes and to magical hidden corners in the Golan and Galilee.

Villa Tehilla is a one of a kind family-run inn, situated on a Galilee hill in the 130-year-old village of Rosh Pina. Surrounded by a blooming garden, our beautifully decorated double/ family guestrooms have en-suites, kitchenettes and cable TVs. Facilities include outdoor heated swimming pool, sauna, library, Irish pub, pool club, and WiFi. Homemade breakfast served overlooking the breathtaking view. According to Lonely Planet, “The idiosyncratic luxury guesthouse Villa Tehilla is Israel’s most unique accommodation option” (2006 ed., p. 324). Rosh Pina Tel: 972-4-6935214 972-54-6335214 1

2 Rosh Pina Tel: 972-4-6937788 972-4-6935336 11

Mikis – Fanya & Yehiel’s Cabins

Dalia’s Inn – Jacuzzi Spa

Come and enjoy 5 romantic units for couples, on top of the mountain in Rosh Pinna, 2 of them luxurious wood cabins equipped with a private dry sauna in every cabin. All 5 units have a private Jacuzzi each and outside is a lovely garden.

Quiet, comfortable area with a fantastic view of the Naftaly Mountains. Big yard with a wooden cabin and guest rooms. Suitable for religious families and handicapped accessible. 2 units are for romantic couples, with a Jacuzzi in the room. A rich, full breakfast you can eat in your room or in the garden includes: almond bread, sweet rolls, vegetable omelets, doughnuts, and blintzes, jams and cheeses. Rosh Pina Tel: 972-4-6800855 972-52-2710818 2 Rosh Pina Tel: 972-50-5255022 1





Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee Be’Kazeh Ha’Kinneret In Korazim, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, where water, mountains and sky meet, we offer 4 holiday units. The classic style of the rooms creates a romantic atmosphere, including Jacuzzi, kitchenette and an abundance of amenities. Outside, enjoy wide lawns, a deck and a hot tub with a spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.

Korazim Tel: 972-52-2792286 972-4-6930259 4

Pina BaGalil

Pina BaGalil in Korazim has one of the most spectacular views around the Sea of Galilee. The rooms open out onto a beautiful garden adorned with seasonal colors and a variety of fruit trees. Uninterrupted views of the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Mountains, the Jordan River, Gamla and Mount Hermon. The rooms are tastefully furnished and well-equipped. A typical Israeli breakfast is served in the room or garden upon request. Wired or wireless internet access. Korazim Tel: 972-4-6931952 972-52-3736171 2

Zimmerim Begova Ha’ananim Come pamper yourself at the Venus and Eros suites, ideal for lovers seeking romance, peace and quiet. The suites are fitted to the highest standard, including a private swimming pool for our guests. You will be delighted by the magnificent view of Mt. Hermon all the way to the Hula Valley… Ma’ayan Baruch Greek Village Tel: 972-77-7112214 972-52-6300789/6 2

Romantikan Wood Cabins Our 4 romantic and pampering wood cabins are located in Korazim, facing the scenery of the Golan and Galilee mountains. Each cabin is equipped with everything you need for a magical vacation, with a balcony overlooking Mt. Arbel. In the yard enjoy a private swimming pool, seating corners, a lawn and barbecue facilities. Korazim Tel: 972-4-6936935 972-50-3343001 4

Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Kalimera Guesthouse Kalimera Guesthouse - The Greek Village at Maayan Baruch: Tucked away in the Upper Galilee with views of Mount Hermon, the Hula Valley and the Naftaly Mountains. A perfect vacation for couples and families. We offer our guests 2 spacious guesthouses with garden and Jacuzzi spa. Breakfast and other meals are available upon request.

Ma’ayan Baruch Tel: 972-77-5491360, 972-54-7888568 2

Sagapo The Greek Village at Ma’ayan Baruch offers 2 luxurious suites for romantic couples seeking the perfect vacation. The suites are air-conditioned and beautifully accessorized with a large Jacuzzi, fireplace and balconies overlooking the pastoral view. Outside you can enjoy a huge Jacuzzi spa overlooking the view and a canopy bed under the stars! Ma’ayan Baruch Greek Village Tel: 972-50-5741900 2

“Wind Chimes” B&B

(Inbalim Baruach) In the Greek Village of Maayan Baruch. We offer two large garden suites for couples and/or families. The rooms come with a jacuzzi, and other perks to pamper and accomodate your needs for an enjoyable vacation. We offer massage treatments and a home made breakfast as well. Views of the Golan Heights and the Hula Valley create a special place for rest and relaxation. Ma’ayan Baruch Greek Village Tel: 972-4-6817233 972-52-3800966 2



Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee Nahal Dishon Cabins

Nofim Be’Dishon

2 wooden accessorized, air conditioned cabins for couples or families. The cabins each have a luxurious Jacuzzi, accessorized kitchen and more. Every cabin has a big porch and a seating area with a view of the Dishon River.

Here on the Naftaly Hills in the Galilee, you will find 3 new wood cabins, for your perfect country holiday. Each cabin has a large Jacuzzi next to a window with a view and three balconies, two of which face the magical view of the hills. In between the cabins there is a large lawn, a small orchard, two giant Pecan trees and seating areas. Dishon Tel: 972-52-2812221 972-52-5594906

Wood Cabins Dishon Tel: 972-52-4448168



Spa HaGalil Suites

Ein Zahav Cabins

This beautiful complex offers 4 large suites for families and couples Including the religious public), all very elegant and spacious to the highest standard, with a large lobby and separate entrance to each unit. Surrounding the site you will find: beautiful gardens, private basketball court, table tennis, seating and barbeque areas, swings, romantic night lighting and private parking. The guest house is near the most beautiful tourist attractions in the Galilee and the Golan.

In the northern tip of Israel, you are invited to 4 luxurious and pampering wood cabins, suitable for families or couples. The cabins are identical and equipped to a high standard: lavish bedroom, Jacuzzi, accessorized kitchenette, AC, LCD screen connected to satellite TV, home sound system and more. In the yard you can enjoy a heated spa pool and dry sauna, a spacious lawn and seating corners overlooking the pastoral view of the Naftaly mountains and Manara Cliff. Kiryat Shmona Tel: 972-4-6943270 972-50-8587668/9 4 Kiryat Shmona Tel: 972-50-5350100 972-50-7758770 4

Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee At the Edge of the Forest

Gabi’s Cabins Our 4 log wood cabins are right at the edge of the forest. They are luxurious and fully furnished and are suitable for couples and families. In the yard you can enjoy a private swimming pool, green lawns and seating corners overlooking a spectacular view. Rich breakfasts can be booked. Shefer Tel: 972-4-6989577 972-54-2300050 4

Pninat Hen Wood Cabins

On the lovely Galilean road near Safed (Tzfat), our place is surrounded by greenery and mountains – a typical Galilee landscape overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We offer 3 luxurious wood and stone cabins, equipped with all the amenities to make your stay perfect. In the yard you can enjoy a huge Jacuzzi spa and private swimming pool with a spectacular view.

WWW.8852120.CO.IL Shefer Tel: 972-52-8852120 972-57-8150915 3

Nof Shamayim )Sky View(

In the heart of the green Galilee, with a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights, 4 luxurious suites and a romantic zimmer with Jacuzzi and all amenities. The suites can accommodate families (up to 5 children), with a separate compound for couples. In the yard you can enjoy a swimming pool, green lawns and seating corners. Breakfast and spa treatments can be booked.

WWW.SKY1.CO.IL Shefer Tel: 972-52-2611435 972-4-6989851 4


Biktot Bemordot Hahar Make your vacation a pleasurable experience. You are invited to meet the new standard of northern hospitality. Wake up to the silence, breathe in the fresh air, have a glass of wine, and know it’s exactly what you needed. 2 stylish wood cabins overlooking the splendid Galilee landscape, but still maintaining your privacy. A rich home-made breakfast is served for your delight. Dalton Tel: 972-57-7783329 972-4-6920002 2



Country Lodging in the North – Upper Galilee

Nof Eretz HaGalil

Switzerland in Amirim With a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee, Mt. Tabor, Mt. Arbel and the Golan Heights, 7 luxurious holiday units at “Switzerland in Amirim” await you. Amenities include a pampering Jacuzzi, cable TV and kitchenette. There is also a secluded hot tub in an orchard overlooking the sea. Outside you can enjoy a flowering garden, hammocks, herbs and an organic fruit orchard.

2 large lodging units overlooking the magnificent Galilee landscape, including a private swimming pool, outdoors hot tub and sauna (separate hours for each zimmer), trampoline, games and relaxing corners. Our facilities are for the religious public only, so you will not encounter any problems regarding modesty, kashrut or keeping Shabbat. We will be delighted to see you. Yehuda and Yehudit Cohen

Amirim Tel: 972-4-6989207 972-52-2378705 Fax: 972-4-6987769

Mitzpe Netufa (Religious village) Tel: 972-4-6782197 972-52-5257197


Hess Luxury Apartments Come spoil yourself in 3 luxurious apartments – two 2-bedroom and one 3-bedroom – with a charming view of Safed, Birya Forest and Mt. Meron. The apartments are equipped to a high standard with Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, plasma screen TV and a host of other amenities… We accommodate families and couples. Safed (Zefat) Tel: 972-52-4442698, 972-50-5566005 3

Map of the Western Galilee

Western Galilee

Country Lodging in the North – Western Galilee

Teva Be’Yehiam – Country Lodging Our country-lodging complex – Teva Be’Yehiam – in Kibbutz Yehiam in the Western Galilee,

invites you to 52 crusader-style holiday rooms and 8 country-style rooms.

The rooms are in 2-storey buildings, each equipped with private shower and toilet, kitchenette and accessories, a double bed and a pullout sofa. In the yard, you can enjoy BBQ facilities, a spacious lawn, picnic tables – all in the midst of natural vegetation. The excellent location of Kibbutz Yehiam makes it an ideal starting point for trips in the Western Galilee. Our guests can also enjoy a lavish breakfast and the kibbutz swimming pool (in season).

Teva Be’Yehiam – Country Lodging Kibbutz Yehiam – Western Galilee Tel: 972-4-9856058, 972-50-4444362 60



Country Lodging in the North – Western Galilee

Bein Galil Vayam Between the Galilee and the Mediterranean, among orchards, fields and gardens – come enjoy a suite and 4 luxurious villas. Each villa has a private balcony overlooking rolling lawns and the fields beyond. Pampering body treatments and sumptuous country breakfasts can be booked. We are minutes away from the Mediterranean.

Bustan Hagalil Tel: 972-54-4722946 4

Katom Suites Amid mulberry trees, pomegranate orchards and banana groves, 2 accessorized and pampering suites suitable for couples and families (up to 3 children) seeking privacy, peace and warm hospitality. Each unit has a Jacuzzi, king-sized bed, living room, balcony and private garden with herbs and secluded seating corners. You can enjoy a rich charming (pre-ordered) breakfast in a magical country atmosphere. Bustan HaGalil Tel: 972-77-3366790 972-52-3750569 2


Bikta Bamata

Come enjoy the perfect vacation in our serene plantation. Hidden between avocado trees two spacious and fully-equipped wooden cabins offer you the peace and privacy you were looking for. The rich homemade Galilean breakfast is made of fresh products from the family farm and served by the owner, also a quilt artist, whose studio you are welcome to visit. Bustan HaGalil - Western Galilee



972-4-9811771 972-54-4770015


Country Lodging in the North – Western Galilee

Getz’s Vision

Yefe Nof Estate

4 luxurious wooden cabins on Mt. Hazon with a spectacular view of the magical Galilee. Romantic atmosphere for couples in love and for families. In every cabin there is a Jacuzzi, AC and TV. Outside there’s a private pool for the guests, a huge Jacuzzi spa and garden furniture. A rich breakfast can be ordered.

Yefe Nof Estate consists of 6 amazing wood cabins, accessorized to the highest standard with a pampering Jacuzzi, equipped kitchen, AC, internet and a balcony overlooking the magical view. The cabins can accommodate couples and families, the religious community and groups. Outside you can enjoy a wide green lawn, barbecue facilities and seating corners with a peaceful and relaxing view.

Moshav Hazon – Upper Galilee Tel: 972-52-6615735 972-52-6615736 972-4-6980891 4

Ben Har Leyam

"Between the Sea and the Galilee" in Betzet, we built the most charming and well-designed zimmers: 5 wood cabins, outfitted with all you need for a pampering vacation. Each zimmer includes a large Jacuzzi, fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi, cable TV and DVD. A private deck around the zimmer will enable you to relax and enjoy the large lawn, fish pond and a built-in barbeque area. Our accommodations are suitable for families and couples.

Betzet Tel: 972-52-5607666 5 Shazur Tel: 972-52-5050606 6

Shtarkman Erna Hotel Shtarkman Erna Hotel is located in a quiet residential area, a few minutes’ walk from the Mediterranean seashore and the center of the lovely city of Nahariya, known as the vacation resort of the Galilee. Shtarkman Erna Hotel offers 20 Classic and 7 Executive guest rooms designed to provide a feeling of privacy and tranquility. Nahariya, 29 Jabotinsky St. Tel: 972-4-9920170 Fax: 972-4-9928917 30

Country Lodging in the North – Western Galilee

Kibbutz Moran Country Lodging The Kibbutz Moran Lodge is surrounded by ancient olive groves and a natural habitat that truly gives you the feeling that you are in the Galilee. Perched on a hilltop in the Beit HaKerem Valley, the country lodge allows you to sense the history and significance of the Upper and Lower Galilee. While relaxing at the poolside, you have a breathtaking view of the eastern Galilee and the Golan Heights. An early morning walk or run around the kibbutz is an experience you won't forget, especially if you catch the sunrise as it comes up over the hilltops of the Galilee. The lodge is located near to the Jewish holy cities of Zafed and Tiberias, as well as just minutes from Akko and the Sea of Galilee. Karmiel is just 10 minute drive from the lodge for all of your shopping needs.

Kibbutz Moran offers 28 airconditioned and fully equipped guest rooms for couples, families and tour groups.

Some places were made to be holiday sites, Kibbutz Moran is one of them.

Kibbutz Moran Country Lodging

Kibbutz Moran – Western Galilee Tel: 972-4-6987310, 972-50-5679093 | Fax: 972-57-9556614 | 28



Country Lodging in the North – Western Galilee

Ilana’s Galilee Cabins – Sauna & Jacuzzi


Imagine… a uniquely romantic, luxurious and perfect experience, down to the smallest details. Ilana and Harry have two wood cabins, suitable for couples and families (privacy for parents). In each cabin: dry/wet sauna, giant Jacuzzi, wood fire, espresso machine and so much more. There is adjacent parking for each cabin, private courtyard, hammock and balcony overlooking the view. Tours, massages, sumptuous breakfasts and dinners can be booked. On the Moshav there are an active synagogue and mikveh.

Manot – Western Galilee Tel: 972-4-9806004, 972-52-2855804 2

Hadas’s Love Cabins At Hadas’s Love Cabins there are 2 beautiful and romantic wooden cabins which are in the perfect location. The site is close by to Nahal Kaziv, Montefort Fortress, Rosh Hanikra and a short journey from the Achziv Coast. The cabins have adjacent parking. For an intimate and tranquil holiday we welcome you to enjoy our warm and pastoral hospitality. Moshav Avdon Tel: 972-4-9807262 972-50-9807262 2

Al(OnHayam the Sea)

A single, secluded, prestigious suite for a couple, two minutes walk from the beach. The suite is equipped with the finest amenities and is ideal as a romantic getaway. We offer delightful green corners and amazing sunsets, and are located between Acre and Nahariya, with many touring options in the Western Galilee. Shavei Tziyon Tel: 972-4-9820369 972-54-4450894 1

Country Lodging in the North – Western Galilee

Farod Country Inn Farod Inn invites you to country lodging, and to enjoy the view, the air and the atmosphere. Farod Country Inn is situated in a magical natural grove overlooking Mt. HaAri in the Mt. Meron Nature Reserve, facing the Sea of Galilee, and offers you 32 high-class holiday units. Our accommodations are comfortable and suitable for couples, families and tour groups. Our hospitality includes a sumptuous kosher Israeli breakfast, served in the kibbutz dining room. Kibbutz Farod is on the main road between Acre and Zafed, which makes Tiberias, Zafed, Nazareth, Acre and the Sea of Galilee easily accessible

The main attraction of Kibbutz Farod is its unique climate: In the summer, the air is cool and clear, and in the winter, we often get snow. In the winter, Farod Stream and its magnificent waterfalls are an exciting place to visit.

Farod Country Inn

Kibbutz Farod – Western Galilee Tel: 972-4-6980711, 972-4-6849030 | Fax: 972-4-6849040 | 32



Country Lodging in the North – Western Galilee

Villa Provence Villa Provence, in the little and peaceful village of Manot, situated in the western Galilee near most of the Galilee attractions. Villa Provence includes 6 luxurious and fully equipped suites with LCD television, home theater system,refrigerator, Jacuzzi, air conditioning, central heating, coffee corner etc, and a rich breakfast. Our gusts enjoy a private swimming pool, a Sauna and a Turkish Hamam and they can order different proffesional body massages. Villa Provence is suitable mostly for couples taking a romantic holiday.

Villa Provence

Manot Tel: 972-4-9806246 6

Country Lodging in the North – Western Galilee

Inbar Country Lodge The kibbutz is particularly fitting for groups of family and friends who wish to spend quality time together in both a spacious and private atmosphere. Our wholesome breakfast is served in the kibbutz's homey dining room. Inbar's location allows quick and easy access to a variety of recreational activities including hiking, swimming and biking. The variety of options offered at Inbar assures an enjoyable and memorable vacation that will cater to the desires and needs of all your family members. The kibbutz's Health Workshops Center is open to guests who are interested in a unique and rejuvenating experience.


(the smallest kibbutz in Israel!)

a secret heaven in the heart of the Galilee, amidst a green mountainous landscape. Inbar's guests enjoy 18 air-conditioned rooms, surrounded by shady lawns and scenic resting spots.

Inbar Country Lodge Kibbutz Inbar – Western Galilee Tel: 972-4-6987302 | 18



Country Lodging in the North – Western Galilee

Katzale Wooden Cabins On the mountainside in Moshav Maona, 3 wooden suites that can accommodate couples or families. In the yard you can enjoy a heated, covered swimming pool, dry Finnish sauna, lawns and flowering gardens. Spa treatments or country breakfast can be ordered to the cabins. During your vacation you can visit a mushroom farm and receive a guided tour. Unforgettable memories are an integral part of Katzale’s hospitality.

Maona Tel: 972-4-9997288, 972-50-4979832 3


Travel Hotels – Country Lodging Your vacation starts in the Galilee, and the Galilee starts with Travel Hotels! Eilon Travelers’ Hotel is located in Kibbutz Eilon in Western Galilee. The hotel features 28 guestrooms, with a spectacular view of Idmit Range and the seashore. Kibbutz Eilon boasts a swimming pool (in season), coffee house, concert hall and mosaic factory. Gesher HaZiv Travelers’ Hotel is located just 1 kilometer away from Achziv beach. The hotel, with rooms for couples and families, is designed like a Greek village. Guests can use the kibbutz swimming pool (in season). Tel: 972-4-995-8568, 972-4-995-8416

Map of the Lower Galilee & Valleys

Lower Galilee, the Valleys & Mt. Carmel


Country Lodging in the North – Lower Galilee & Valleys

Pina BaEmek B&B In the green valley in a lovely rural corner, 73 vacation units for couple, families and groups. The rooms are pleasant, spacious and air-conditioned, in a relaxing country atmosphere. Outside the rooms you can enjoy comfortable seating corners under the trees and BBQ facilities. Also at your disposal in the kibbutz – a swimming pool, tennis courts, sports grounds, guided tours of the dairy barn and a petting zoo. Kibbutz Mizra is halfway between Haifa and the Sea of Galilee, near Nazareth and other holy Christian sites.

Kibbutz Mizra – Jezreel Valley Tel: 972-4-6429230 Fax: 972-4-6420676 73

Nahara – Country Lodging 43 holiday units surrounded by green lawns and lush palm trees. Maximum comfort for our guests: AC, TV, coffee corner, shady awnings and Barbecue units. An ideal setting-out point for tours of the Galilee and Golan Heights.

Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov Tel: 972-4-6756404 Fax: 972-4-6756641 43

Country Lodging in the North – Lower Galilee & Valleys

Nir David Experiences



Country Lodging in the North – Lower Galilee & Valleys

Mitzpe Ha’agam Suites

3 luxurious and accessorized suites for couples, specially designed in wild wood and stone, to make you feel as close to nature as possible. Each suite has a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee, Golan Mountains and Jordan Valley, and includes a private courtyard with Jacuzzi spa overlooking the view.


Vacation Tourism Afikim - Recreation and repose close to the Sea of Galilee. Many attractions in the kibbutz including Café Afifit. Misgav Am – Northern mountain vacation, guided tour of the observation vista included. Tuval – Lodging in the heart of nature in a serene Galilean atmosphere. Halls for conventions, family gatherings and retreats available. Adamit – Where the mountain rises out of the sea. Wake up to special breakfast with pita fresh from the oven and a guided tour of the area. Kfar Ruppin - In the heart of the Jordan Valley. Bird watching Center and nature hike included for our guests. Moshava Kinneret Tel: 972-4-6752264 972-50-2824238 3

Zimmer Tov Be’ahava In the village of Tel Teomim in the Ma’ayanot Valley, 2 charming wood cabins suitable for lovers or anyone else with a romantic streak. Each cabin provides a pampering Jacuzzi, LCD TV set, air-conditioning and a host of amenities… In the garden you can enjoy a giant hot tub, shaded seating areas, and a spacious green lawn. A great place to celebrate honeymoons, birthdays, marriage proposals, etc. Tel Teomim Tel: 972-52-7814990 2

Netanel’s Estate Villas for Couples and Families In breathtaking scenery, Netanel’s Estate is a compound of 8 villas (a total of 48 rooms) in a tranquil and private atmosphere. The villas are modern and well-equipped, each with a large pool, a green garden with seating corners, barbecue facilities and more. Kosher le’mehadrin dairy morning and evening meals can be booked. Yavne’el is situated very close to many major attractions and sites for the entire family.

Yavne’el Tel: 972-50-9569566 972-50-8907700 8

Country Lodging in the North – Lower Galilee & Valleys

Ein Harod

a holiday experience at the foot of the Gilboa

At the top of a green hill, overlooking the Harod Valley and the Gilboa Mountains, with a spectacular view in a quiet pastoral atmosphere, we offer three lodging options:

Ein Harod – a holiday experience at the foot of the Gilboa

Iris Suites – 6 deluxe wood suites for couples. Gilboa Horizon Country Lodge – 10 wood cabins for couples and families. Kibbutz Hospitality – 26 fully equipped rooms. All of our holiday units are on the ground floor, clean and fully equipped. You can enjoy an Olympic swimming pool (in season), convention halls, two museums, free internet, a coffee shop, scenic observation posts, a petting zoo and much more... We provide discount coupons for many restaurants and recreation attractions in the vicinity.

Ein Harod – a holiday experience at the foot of the Gilboa Kibbutz Ein Harod Ichud Tel: 972-4-6486083, Fax: 972-4-6486750 | 6





Country Lodging in the North – Lower Galilee & Valleys Arbel Holiday Homes

The Village Estate

A rural, pastoral vacation on Mt. Arbel near Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee. Six fully accessorized Scandinavian wood cabins. Outside the cabins is a charming garden, barbecue corner and herb garden. A spa including a dry/wet sauna, a large Jacuzzi, a treatment room and a private swimming pool (roofed and heated in the winter) are at your disposal. In our dining room, we serve rich country breakfasts (book in advance).

In this peaceful Druze village, we have built 4 quaint private suites equipped in good taste and perfect for your stay. The pleasant lobby has a welcoming fireplace. Meals cooked by your hostess can be booked. The rooms are surrounded by a beautiful courtyard with a garden overlooking the breathtaking view. The estate is a good starting point for numerous tours to the green and beautiful Carmel, and charm of the local marketplace.

)Konwitz( Arbel Tel: 972-4-6793355 972-50-5281911

Daliyat al Carmel Tel: 972-54-4841111 972-54-4842111



Carmel Visitor’s Center

Provence in the Valley

You are invited to learn about a fascinating world, to watch artistic scenes about Druze life throughout history, to hear about women’s status, to taste our culinary delights, to tour the village, and to visit the ancient olive press. Suitable for families, groups and tourists. An authentic or kosher meal can be ordered. Pre-arranged visits also on Friday and Shabbat.

Between the flowering Gilboa and the evergreen Carmel, you will find 3 beautiful, large wood cabins, suitable for couples and families, offering the utmost privacy. You can enjoy a flowering garden, swimming pool, seating corner overlooking the spectacular view, hammock, swings, games room and much more.

Druze Heritage Osafia Tel: 972-54-4665617 972-52-8449591

Kfar Baruch Tel: 972-77-4000036 972-52-8312027 3

Country Lodging in the North – Lower Galilee & Valleys

Degania Bet Country Lodging Degania Bet Country Lodging provides relaxation for body and soul in a pastoral kibbutz atmosphere, where beauty and tranquility reign – with the Jordan River on one side and the Sea of Galilee on the other.

The lodgings are surrounded by greenery in a free and peaceful environment. We offer 58 fully equipped holiday units for couples, families and groups. Catering services can be booked. A magical place in the Jordan Valley that enfolds fascinating chapters of Israel’s history since the early 20th century.

Degania Bet Country Lodging

Kibbutz Degania Bet – Jordan Valley Tel: 972-4-6755758, 972-4-6755660 E-mail: | 58



Country Lodging in the North – Lower Galilee & Valleys

Pninat Smadar Surrounded by endless open fields and countryside views, Smadar’s 2 lovely zimmers await you. The units are luxurious and romantic, and are suitable for families and couples seeking intimacy and romance. The warm design creates a wonderful atmosphere that will make your holiday here unforgettable. In the courtyard there is a large garden with a swimming pool, horse stables, barbeque area, hammocks, swings and seating areas facing the view.

Yavne’el Tel: 972-57-8191227, 972-57-5631935 2

Tzvaim Bagalil In the picturesque town Yavne’el, on the road leading down to the Sea of Galilee, amid green fields and wide open space – 3 cabins await you. Each cabin is secluded and styled with love in peaceful colors that instill a sense of calm and intimacy. We have a lovely swimming pool; and supply excellent breakfasts and massages to pamper the body and soul. Discount coupons available for .local restaurants and other attractions Yavne’el Tel: 972-54-5490991 972-4-6708919 3


In the amazing town of Yavne’el, facing the magnificent view of the Golan, 4 splendid holiday units and a luxurious wood cabin await you. Suitable for couples and families. The units are surrounded by a lush garden, including fruit trees, a swimming pool and a pampering Jacuzzi spa.

Yavne’el Tel: 972-52-3761515 972-4-6708132 1


Map of the Golan Heights

Golan Hieghts


Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

Jimmy Jeep Estate Cabins and Jeep Tours For couples – luxurious wood cabins with all the amenities. For families – large, spacious cabins with sleeping space for children in the gallery. For nature lovers – jeep trips in the spectacular scenery of the Golan Cliffs down to the Sea of Galilee. Givat Yoav Tel: 972-52-4204222 972-52-2543323

This is the place to wake up to peace, quiet and the sound of chirping birds: 6 beautiful wood cabins in an enchanting country atmosphere. Our cabins can accommodate romantic couples or families seeking a relaxing vacation. There are attractions and trips all around us, and we are 10 minutes from the Sea of Galilee and 15 minutes from Hamat Gader. Givat Yoav Tel: 972-4-6763003 972-50-5656582 6


Bikta Mul Shkia We invite you to enjoy the amazing sunsets and a spectacular panoramic view of the Hills of Galilee, Golan Heights and Sea of Galilee. Here you will find 4 beautiful, spacious log cabins, fitted with a pampering hot tub. 3 can accommodate couples or families with children and one, the “New Log Cabin” is for romantic couples and has a HUGE, square Hot Tub, facing the landscape. Givat Yoav Tel: 972-4-6763954 972-50-2793118 3

Biktot Rina BaRama


Kipat HaShamayim

Wood Cabins The Guest Room site “Kipat HaShamayim” in the rural community of Givat Yoav, lies among the green hills and breathtaking landscape of the Golan Heights. This well - developed site contains 3 exclusive wood cabins built with love of people in mind, and providing hospitality with the aim of giving our guests a perfect and unforgettable holiday experience. Private swimming pool. Givat Yoav Tel: 972-54-2397335 3

Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

Odem – Legendary Hospitality Odem is located in the northern Golan Heights, at the foot of an inactive volcano, in one of the most beautiful places in Israel, surrounded by an oak forest with a breathtaking view of the Hula Valley. Mt. Hermon is within reach and in the winter we get snow. The Moshav offers an array of attractions for the whole family, all in one place! Odem Hospitality: 8 family units that include kitchenette, dining corner and TV, and 6 additional units with a Jacuzzi. Outside – seating corners, BBQ, sports facilities and playground. Har Odem Winery: Visit the production facilities and learn all about winemaking. Deer Forest: Children’s paradise, where they meet wildlife up close. Trip Trek: Jeep trips in the natural wild landscapes of the Golan heights. The Horse and Cherry Farm: Self-pick cherries (in season) and enjoy horseback riding. Fruit-Picking: Pick your own cherries and other exotic fruits – a great experience for the entire family.

Moshav Odem Tel: 972-4-6837724, 972-54-2600111 Fax: 972-4-6837780 | 14

Hanof Hatzfoni On Kibbutz Ortal in the Northern Golan, in a magical setting, Hanof Hatzfoni Holiday Resort offers 10 luxurious, Scandinavian wood cabins and 42 rooms surrounded by rustic woods and greenery. The cabins and holiday units are equipped to the highest standard, and can accommodate couples, families or groups. Alternative treatments – for body and soul – can be booked.

Kibbutz Ortal Tel: 972-4-6960808 Fax: 972-4-6960784 10 42



Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights The Musical Courtyard

Wood Cabins In Moshav Ramot with a spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee, you will find 3 romantic wood cabins: “Chord”, “Flute” and “Bell”, ideal for lovers. The cabins are exquisitely fitted and inspired by the love of music. An unforgettable experience! In the summer – a private swimming pool. Ramot Tel: 972-4-6732711 972-52-2414368

Nurit’s Place

Wood and Stone Cabins

In Moshav Ramot overlooking the magical landscape of the Sea of Galilee, you are invited to enjoy 8 beautifully designed cabins made of wood and stone. The cabins are all furnished to the highest standard; in each you will find a Jacuzzi in the bedroom. The courtyard has a large lawn with shaded seating corners and barbeque facilities. Our European style country restaurant offers a sumptuous fresh breakfast. Ramot Tel: 972-4-6732104 972-52-3688759 8


Window to the Stars Luxury Suites

Two luxurious, elegantly designed suites, surrounded by a garden - made to give our guests a feeling of privacy and tranquility, Overlooking the Sea of Galilee, you will find “Window to the Stars” suites. Each suite is equipped with: A swimming pool, a hot tub, central air conditioning, entertainment center, satellite TV, Wi-fi internet, equipped kitchenette, and a large double bed beneath a window to the stars.

Ramot Tel: 972-52-4401148 2

Tami’s Place Opposite the breathtaking view of the Golan mountains and amid greenery, trees and many beautiful flowers we invite you to stay at one of our 13 cabins suitable for families and couples. The cabins are air-conditioned and well-equipped. Each cabin has its own balcony where you can sit and take in the fresh air of the Golan. We have a dining room that seats 50, for conventions, workshops and special occasions. Rich, fulfilling breakfasts can be ordered, as well as other home-cooked meals. Ne’ot Golan Tel: 972-4-6763139 972-50-2693989 13

Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

Ein Zivan Hospitality Ein Zivan Hospitality includes a range of activities:

• Tomcar/Ranger/Jeep trips for the entire family (from 6 months old) • Self-picking of cherries, apples, pears, berries and more • Country lodging – zimmers • Luxurious wood cabins • Outdoor camping • Meals, including outdoor catering • Suggestions of hiking trails and trips We are prepared to help any of your wishes in the area come true.

Ein Zivan Tel: 972-4-6993610, Fax: 972-4-6993611

Habayit Bagolan Suites Facing the spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee and Golan mountains, you are invited to 2 charming suites built with basalt stone. The suites are spacious and fully equipped (including a pampering Jacuzzi) and can accommodate romantic couples or families (separate room for the kids!) Outside you can enjoy a flowering garden, balcony and seating corners overlooking the view. Our hospitality will give you an unforgettable experience.

Aniam Tel: 972-4-6827877, 972-52-4307527 2



Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

Halom shel Bikta

Ronit’s Hospitality

(A Dream of a Cabin) A dreamy, secluded cabin suitable only for a couple, equipped with sound system, TV, VCR, electric fireplace, kitchen, huge Jacuzzi spa and sauna – all yours inside the cabin! Nov is a religious Moshav, so you will find a minyan for all prayers, no traffic on Shabbat, and a mikveh for men and for women. At extra pay you can order meals or massages (for men or women).

At Katzrin on the Golan Heights, we invite you to 3 luxurious fully equipped lodgings, suitable for couples and families. In the yard you can enjoy a Jacuzzi spa, private swimming pool, green garden and seating corners. We offer you the peace and quiet that will make your vacation relaxing and enjoyable.

Moshav Nov (religious village) Tel: 972-50-5939130 972-77-2062035 1

Kesem Belavan (White Magic Cabins)

Moshav Aniam, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, is situated between the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve and the Zavitan Stream, and is within walking distance of the Ayit Waterfall. You will be accommodated in one of 2 magnificent, new log cabins with private swimming pool. Enjoy the panoramic, pastoral landscape, the clear air and the perfect combination of pampering and romance. The cabins are spacious and welldesigned, private, and can accommodate couples or families.

Aniam Tel: 972-50-2223253 972-50-4525150 2

Katzrin Tel: 972-4-6961742 972-52-2853265 3

Mills – Holiday Suites In Neve Ativ on the Golan Heights, in a European - style romantic atmosphere, the Mills family will be your hosts in comfortable luxurious suites to be enjoyed in the cool summer and snowy winter. Neve Ativ Tel: 972-4-6984818 972-54-4626814 6


Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

Villa Romantica When did you recently find the time to rekindle love and passion? Without the kids, in-laws, without the boss, the customers and suppliers. How long have you promised yourself to get away from it all to an isolated and calm place? A place you can enjoy together. At Villa Romantica we have 2 guest houses named after the mythical love goddesses – Aphrodite and Venus that promise to rekindle the flame again in a vacation that won’t be easily forgotten. You will relieve stress by relaxing in the big Jacuzzi, Sauna or in front of the big TV screen, with a selection of treats like local wine, chocolates, cake, soft beverages and a selection of tea and coffee. In the morning we will wake you up at the requested hour with a sumptuous Israeli breakfast.

Aniam Tel: 972-4-6970198, 972-54-4590096 2

Knights Castle Romantic couples are invited to a magical experience, a getaway from everyday bothers, in a pastoral setting on the Golan Heights. The artistic design combines statues of knights, wood furniture, ornamental metal work and spectacular murals to create a medieval atmosphere. A canopied bed, a bubbling Jacuzzi, and other delicacies make for a wholehearted royal stay. Home-cooked chef’s dinners are available.

Aniam Tel: 972-4-6974705, 972-54-6333506 1



Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

Simcha BaKerem

Ba'Pardes – Wood Cabins

Come stay at “Simcha Bakerem” in a unique Mongolian zimmer. We have two spacious, round yurts (Mongolian tents) with a king-size bed. The yurts are situated in a vineyard, amid ornamental plants next to a waterfall and outdoors Jacuzzi spa. Large swimming pool between the trees. The yurt is insulated and airconditioned – cool in summer and warm in winter.

Welcome to Ba'Pardes – luxurious wooden cabins set in a lush, green orchard. The cabins are private, offering a relaxed atmosphere suited for couples and families with children, including a private swimming pool. For your convenience, our cabins contain a fully equipped kitchenette, 2 TV`s, a bath with Jacuzzi and AC. We`ll be glad to assist in planning your holiday and making your stay an unforgettable experience.

Ma’ale Gamla Tel: 972-54-5402595 972-4-6732155 2 Ma’ale Gamla Tel: 972-52-3664329 2

Biktze Hakfar Wood Cabins

At Maa’le Gamla on the Golan Heights, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, you are welcome to be accommodated in our 4 one or two storey wood houses each with panoramic deck, private spacious Jacuzzi surrounded by garden with an outdoor swimming pool in season. Ma’ale Gamla Tel: 972-52-8133831 972-4-6734465 4

Pnina shel Makom In a rural landscape, amid flowering greenery, between a lemon grove and pine trees, 4 beautiful wood cabins await you. The cabins are stylish and equipped for enjoyable personal hospitality, with many relaxation, entertainment and touring options. If you’re looking for tranquility and romance, quiet and the sound of chirping birds – you’ve come to the right place. Ma’ale Gamla Tel: 972-54-5402744 972-4-6732453 4

Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

Bikta Barama – Pool, Spa & Sauna Facing the spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights, 4 romantic spacious wood cabins suitable for couples and families. Here you will find all you need for a perfect holiday any time of the year: private swimming pool, outdoors Jacuzzi, dry sauna, fireplace and Jacuzzi in the cabin. Outside you can enjoy a wide green lawn, BBQ facilities and magical hidden corners in the garden. Nachshon, a professional tour guide, will give recommendations for trips and attractions in North of Israel.

Ma’ale Gamla Tel: 972-4-6797574, 972-54-8063631/2 4

Dvash Bagolan These lovely wood cabins are located at the end of the Moshav, and luxuriously furnished and equipped with a pampering Jacuzzi and wooden terrace facing the mountains and Sea of Galilee. For your enjoyment – a heated and roofed swimming pool with Jacuzzi all year round! The garden around the cabins boasts a spacious lawn, fruit trees and a gazebo overlooking the panoramic view.

Ma’ale Gamla Tel: 972-52-2562082 4



Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

Bashan in the Golan Facing the Sea of Galilee and the Galilee Mountains are the wooden cabins of “Bashan in the Golan” with a private swimming pool, lots of greenery and a brook with goldfish running through the garden. Here you will find peace and quiet and privacy. Pets are welcome.

Ma’ale Gamla Tel: 972-4-6731745 972-52-8741421 4

Palgei Mayim (religious)

On the Avnei Eitan Moshav in the Golan Heights you are invited to stay at one of our 3 air conditioned and fully furnished guest houses, on the banks of the El-Al Stream. Also available is a large apartment for families. Couples will receive the finest treatment at the guest house and can have use of a private spa, 7 minutes drive away. Children can enjoy playing areas, fun with the local animals and other activities. Moshav Avnei Eitan Tel: 972-4-6762190 972-54-2226470 4

Mountain Ridge Suite 3 new luxurious guest rooms in “Matsok Orvim” (Crows' Cliff) on the Golan Heights. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in a spectacular location....and be treated like royalty. There are 2 well-designed and unbelievably romantic suites, and 1 villa with a variety of luxuries that will help you connect with nature. Each spacious suite has been lovingly planned with attention paid to the smallest details, making all the difference.

Matsok Orvim – Kela Tel: 972-52-6298997 972-50-8511411 1


Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

Eden Mikedem Natural wooden lodges in the Golan Heights at moshav Avnei-Eitan (an orthodox community) Suitable for couples and families (with up to 8 children). In each cabin is a master bedroom, Jacuzzi, 2nd floor loft for children, living room, Coffee area, kosher kitchenette fully equipped for Shabbat. In the courtyard-shaded porch with picnic table, garden, hammock Kosher Barbeque and children's play area. Fully A/C, cable TV LCD screens. Strictly kosher breakfasts and Shabbat meals may be ordered. Short walk to nature reserve and El-Al waterfall, close to many attractions. English speaking host. Avnei Eitan (religious) Tel: 972-54-5684210 2

Noah in the Golan At Moshav Avnei Eitan in the Golan Heights, we have 2 wooden cabins, both fully furnished and designed to make your country holiday all the more enjoyable. The spacious cabins are suitable for families with lots of children, catering also to the religious community. The breathtaking views, beautiful sunsets, the quiet and tranquil atmosphere are all part of your experience here at “Noah in the Golan”.

Avnei Eitan (religious) Tel: 972-4-6762401, 972-54-6671601 3



Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

TAL & TAL Tal & Tal, the place to indulge yourself, to rekindle the flame and to fall in love with each other all over again. 2 luxurious suites – “Bamboo” and “Basalt” for romantic couples. The suites are spacious and stylish, with white parquet floors, white ceilings and a magical blend of special treats. The suites have a swimming pool and a deck with stylish garden furniture. Had Ness Tel: 972-54-4580503 972-54-5801724 2

Wood Stone

“Wood Stone” - 4 charming wood and basalt stone cabins facing the spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee. The cabins are ideal for lovers seeking peace, quiet and romance. The cabins are spacious and equipped to a high standard including a Jacuzzi overlooking the view. In the yard you can enjoy a lawn, seating corners, barbecue facilities and more. Had Ness Tel: 972-52-4200567 4

Country Lodging in the North – Golan Heights

Nitza’s Cabins

Wood and Stone Cabins

In Had Ness – facing the impressive view of the Sea of Galilee, Golan Heights and Jordan Park, 3 pampering wood cabins for romantic couples, accessorized to a high standard including a Jacuzzi. Outside the cabins you can enjoy a large, well-kept garden, a deck with seating area surrounded by trees and greenery, hammocks, ornamental pond and barbecue area. Rich, varied meals can be ordered to the cabins.

In Had Ness, near the Jordan Park, 2 wood cabins for romantic couples and 2 luxurious stone cabins for families await you. All of the cabins are surrounded by greenery and have a roofed balcony overlooking a spectacular view of the Golan and Sea of Galilee.

Had Ness Tel: 972-4-6921626 972-50-2912870 3 Had Ness Tel: 972-52-3241124 2


Terra Nostra

Zimmer LeOhavim

In Had Ness, facing the Sea of Galilee, 2 prestigious and luxurious wood cabins for romantic couples, families and the religious public, seeking the perfect vacation! The cabins are beautifully accessorized with Jacuzzi, dry sauna, AC, cable TV, and kitchenette. Outside you can enjoy a well-tended yard with private swimming pool, herb garden, fish pond and seating corners with a spectacular view.

In Had Ness on the Golan Heights, facing a magnificent view – a luxury suite for a couple in love. The suite is spacious and has every amenity for a magical holiday, including a large, hot tub overlooking the breathtaking view of the southern Golan and the Sea of Galilee. Massages and country breakfasts can be ordered to the suite. Had Ness Tel: 972-4-6826080 972-54-5708614 2 Had Ness Tel: 972-52-3736735 1


Center & South


Country Lodging in the Center and South

Galey Naama Yachts

Galey Naama Yachts

Sailing trips on luxury yachts in Israel and around of the world (Greece, Caribbean and more...)

We invite you to experience the joy of our luxurious cruise yacht in Israel - Herzliya Marina - B & B on the water including sailing for couples.

GALEY NAAMA Yachts Herzliya Marina Tel: +972-50-4600470 |

Country Lodging in the Center and South

Tzuba Tourism



Country Lodging in the Center and South

Magic on the Water “Kesem al Hamayim� is located in Moshav Tarom in pastoral mountain countryside, 20 minutes from Jerusalem and 30 minutes from Tel-Aviv. 3 charming old-style zimmers styled as a cave are suitable for couples, families or groups. A private swimming pool and panoramic balcony are at your disposal. The zimmer is spacious and accessorized with all you need for a romantic pampering vacation. Tarom Tel: 972-52-6999968 972-54-5858892 3

Nof & Hof Zimmer With stunning sunsets over the Mediterranean, our 2 comfortable well-equipped units are suitable for couples or families (up to 5 people). Each unit has a sea-front balcony, garden and lawn with barbecue and hammocks. Spoil yourself with a full Israeli breakfast or a massage and reflexology. The Hof HaCarmel area has many attractions for your pleasure: horseback riding, paragliding, vineyards and more. In the summer you can spend time on the beach, in the spring enjoy the beautiful tulips reserve. HaBonim Tel: 972-4-6396824 972-54-4706717 2

Country Lodging

in Revadim Kibbutz Revadim invites you to enjoy one of 40 top-quality country-style rooms. The rooms are airconditioned and pleasantly furnished, each with a private balcony covered in fronds, and a swimming pool (in season). Kibbutz Revadim is situated in the heart of many nature routes, historical sites, health and medicinal sites and water amusement parks. Kibbutz Revadim Tel: 972-8-8588762 Fax: 972-8-8588747 40

Liart Hotel Suites for Couples

In the magical old neighborhood of NeveTzedek in southern Tel-Aviv, within walking distance of the beach, 3 stylized suites suitable for couples only. The suites are pampering and well-equipped with Jacuzzi, AC, LCD TV and DVD and an abundance of other pleasures. Tel-Aviv Tel: 972-52-5658991 972-50-4050410 3

Country Lodging in the Center and South

Hamei Ga’ash

The only spa in the center of the country, 5 minutes from Herzliya - here you can take a break from life’s hassles and spend a relaxing day of health and tranquility.

* Pools of mineral water drawn from the depths of the earth, at temperatures of 36°C and 40°C. * A breathtakingly beautiful and pampering pool with 40 thermo-mineral water jet. * Exceptionally large wet sauna and dry sauna. * A water massage center with high pressure sulfur jets. * A beautiful new spa center offering body and health treatments by experienced and professional therapists. * Semi-Olympic swimming pool and toddler pool (in season). * “Brunch” kosher meat and fish restaurant. * Dairy café. * Rural guesthouse (32 rooms) in a calm and tranquil setting.

Kibbutz Ga’ash Tel: 972-9-9529402/3 Fax: 972-9-9521138

Pink Zimmer

At Pink Zimmer in Moshav Taoz in the Judean mountains you will find 3 holiday units for couples and families (up to 10 people). Our units are comfortable, simple, clean and pleasant, accessorized and well-tended. We supply professional advice to tourists and our prices are very affordable. Milka Shavit is a professional certified tour guide, specializing in content trips about various topics, and unique tailor-made trips suited to the customer. Taoz Tel: 972-52-4546434 3



Country Lodging in the Center and South

Hapina shel Michal In the charming European- style village of Mazkeret Batya, (established 1883), 30 minutes from Tel-Aviv, you will find our warm, relaxing and homely Boutique hotel (Kosher B&B) – “Hapina shel Michal”. Our hotel, close to Rehovot, 15 minutes from BenGurion airport is the ideal stay over for business people and families wanting to be in the area.

Mazkeret Batya Tel: 972-8-9340415, 972-52-3228275 10

Zimmer Lasadot Close to Tel Aviv and Highway 6 A modern cozy B&B in a farmland, surrounded by all-year-round blooming flowers. The B&B is well equipped for utmost comfort, ecological pools in the private garden for relaxation, massage treatment upon demand.

Moshav Sdeh Yizhak, Hefer Valley, Northern Sharon Tel: 972-544-933378 972-577-361366 1

Lemazkeret Country Lodging In the main street of the town Mazkeret Batya, in one of the first houses built when it was founded (1883), you will receive hospitality in a pastoral and comfortable environment. All the eight rooms have the most modern comfort and equipment: AC, cable TV + DVD, mini bar, WI-FI, Jacuzzis or showers. The rooms can accommodate families, couples and singles.

Mazkeret Batya Tel: 972-77-5100611 972-54-3975883 8

Country Lodging in the Center and South

B&B Batia and Claude in Ein Hod "Unforgetable holiday in the Artists' Village"

On mount Carmel, between Haifa and Zichron Yaakov, close to the sea.2 beautiful suites with private entrance and parking. Each unit is decorated in a different style with private entrance, kitchenette and outdoor porch. "Provence" is a charming 2 room apartment, quiet and romantic, with antique furniture, paintings and a library. Just like the south of France. "The Green Room" is a split-level studio, Retro style with all amenities. Most of the furniture is 'for sale', as it belongs to the Antique Shop close by. Claude will give you a tour of his furniture restoration workshop and his antique shop. Batia will invite you to her painting studio for a visit. You will enjoy the special atmosphere of this village by day and by night.

You won't want to leave!

Ein Hod Tel: 972-4-9841648 972-50-5319266 972-77-5541648 2



Attractions throughout Israel

Nirale’s Gallery Located in an old style dairy barn in the colorful Moshav Bethlehem of Galilee, “Nirale” is a studio, café and art gallery. We have alternating art exhibitions, where you can view and purchase unique items of your choice. A welcome coffee break with Nirale’s homemade cakes can be enjoyed. Nirale works with and teaches ceramics to special classes for birthdays or any other happy event, including coffee and cake. Bet Lehem Haglilit (Bethlehem of Galilee) Tel: 972-4-9931594, 972-52-8590364

Horseback Riding

Rohvey HaYarden Horseback riding trails to the mountainous Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee for the whole family. The horses are well-trained and no prior knowledge of riding is necessary. Special packages for lovers – a sunset ride and romantic outdoor meal. Come ride with us in the spectacular scenery of the Sea of Galilee and along the Jordan River.

Had Ness Tel: 972-52-3736735

Carmel Visitor’s Center

Druze Heritage You are invited to learn about a fascinating world, to watch artistic scenes about Druze life throughout history, to hear about women’s status, to taste our culinary delights, to tour the village, and to visit the ancient olive press. Suitable for families, groups and tourists. An authentic or kosher meal can be ordered. Pre-arranged visits also on Friday and Shabbat. Osafia Tel: 972-54-4665617 972-52-8449591



Attractions throughout Israel

Nir David Experiences

Attractions throughout Israel

Ofan Bateva – Bike Rentals At Ofan Bateva you can rent a bike and helmet and take off. We can also supply a child’s seat, trailer, 3 or 4 wheel bikes and tandem bikes for two. We organize guided cycling trips for groups or families, and offer logistic support: transportation of bikes and equipment, technical backup, food and drink, drop off and pick up – upon request. Ben Ami Tel: 972-4-9824339, 972-54-4441587 Fax: 972-4-9824587

Electric Bicycles Belev Hagoren No sweat, no effort – climb up onto our electric bikes for cycling trips along the Western Galilee mountains including Goren Park. Each trip is an hour long for cyclists over 14 years of age. Imagine riding along quietly and quickly, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Come enjoy this unique experience with us.


Pottery and Decorative Gourds

Delart is a joint enterprise of 2 artists, Nitzhona Blaustein – a pottery sculptor, and her son Yair who produces decorative gourds. You can view and purchase sculptures and decorated gourds; purchase gourds as raw material for art and music from the largest collection in Israel; participate in creative workshops for children and more. Hours: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-18:00, Friday 09:00-16:00 For further details: Yair 972-52-3751752

Goren Tel: 972-52-8995358 972-54-9879387

Betzet Tel: 972-52-3751752



Attractions throughout Israel

Kfar Blum Kayaks

Attractions throughout Israel

Canada Centre - Metula

The e entranccludes: n ticket sikating, ice ming swim and pool zzi Jacu

Canada Centre offers a wide range of sporting activities, entertainment, culture and holiday activity for all ages, the whole year round. Olympic size ice rink allows even those who have no skating experience to enjoy the sensation of skating. Indoor swimming pool, children’s pool and Jacuzzis. Bowling - 10 bowling alleys. Spa - In the spa you can relax in the Jacuzzi, the wet or dry sauna, enjoy a relaxing treatment in one of the treatment rooms and following the treatment you can relax on one of the loungers while enjoying the Galilee scenery. Canada kids – jamboree for toddlers. The Shooting Range – a great challenge for the whole family.

Canada Centre

1 Ha'Rishonim St., Metula 10292 Tel: 972-4-6950370



Attractions throughout Israel

Ma’ayan-HaGoshrim Kayaks HaGoshrim Kayaks and Ma’ayan Camping Site invite you to enjoy a cool kayaking experience in the clear blue waters of the Snir River. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than an enjoyable ride downriver. The kayak route is an experience to remember – cool, clean (drinkable) water, rich aquatic flora, shady corners and numerous birds and fauna. Your safety is our top priority – experienced guides and tour operators are at your service; we produced a special instruction video to prepare you for your rafting trip; we installed safety equipment along the route – all to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience. At the end of the route, you will find showers and toilets, and our shuttle service will take you to the buses. Family Route – starts at Kibbutz HaGoshrim, is about 5 km long and lasts about 1½ hours; cruising through calm water with an amazing vista of butterflies and birds… An experience for the entire family (aged 5 and upwards). Challenge Route – starts at Ma’ayan Baruch Camping Site, is about 6 km long and lasts 1½-2 hours; rafting on choppy waters and small waterfalls through eucalyptus and poplar trees; after about 1 km this route flows into the family route – a great experience for adventure-lovers (aged 10 and upwards). Outdoors Camping at Ma’ayan Camping Site includes: 1. Lawns and shaded areas for up to 1,000 guests. 2. Showers and hot water 24 hours a day. 3. Picnic tables. 4. Meals (per your choice). 5. The area is fenced and guarded. 6. Accommodation for guides and drivers in nearby zimmers. 7. Hiking trails along the Hatzbani – one of Israel’s loveliest nature reserves.

Kayaking season: from April to October Hours: 09:30-16:00 In season: 09:00-17:00

Ma’ayan-HaGoshrim Kayaks

Kibbutz HaGoshrim – Upper Galilee Tel: 972-4-6816035, 972-4-6816034 Fax: 972-4-6816036 |

Attractions throughout Israel

Kurlander Farm

Hamam Bereshit Spa

* A fascinating journey along the milestones of the dairy cow's life; * The secret of milk production; * Feeding the cows; * Bottle feeding the calves; * Fresh and tasty chocolate milk; * Olive oil tasting and purchase, along with other farm products, are available in the visitor’s center.

A private beautifully appointed spa near an organic fruit orchard and herb garden. The spa includes a Jacuzzi pool, dry sauna and pampering treatments: massages in a variety of styles, peeling, facials and more. Hamam Bereshit is well known for its peace and quiet. This is the perfect place for lovers, a gift for birthdays or anniversaries, bachelor parties, etc. We also supply meals upon request. Bet Hillel Tel: 972-52-4585058 972-52-8316624 Duck Farm Visitors' Center

The Wonder of A New Life

A professional and fascinating tour: water birds, embryonic development of the duckling in the egg, hatching process, petting corner, creative art for children, etc. Please, book your visit in advance.

Kfar Baruch Tel: 972-4-6540882 972-52-3221357 Moshav Yated Tel: 972-8-9982642 972-50-4285714

Fishing Park At the foot of the Carmel Range, varied activities for the entire family: shaded lawns, aquatic plants, seating corners, picnic areas, barbecue facilities, camping and fishing. You can rent bicycles for an enjoyable ride between the fish ponds.

Ma’ayan Zvi Tel: 972-4-6391603



Attractions throughout Israel

Hai Park – the nicest zoo in Israel Hai Park Kiryat Motzkin - the best zoo in Israel! The flora and fauna on the HAI-PARK’s 130 dunams (approx. 520 acres) of breathtaking parkland comprise Israel’s most beautiful outdoor zoo with over 1,000 individual animals from all over the world, plus exhibits simulating their natural habitats. The park features rich tropical vegetation, a beautiful swan lake, fountains, water plants arranged with a designer’s eye, wide pathways, shady sitting corners, lavatories, children’s play areas, pony and camel rides, a restaurant and snack bars.

Hai Park – the nicest zoo in Israel 79 Hahashmonaim St., Kiryat Motzkin Tel: 972-4-8747445

Attractions throughout Israel

Manara Cliff Manara Cliff, with the longest cable car ride in Israel, is a memorable experience of magical scenery and colors. The 12 cars ride up and down simultaneously to a height of 742 meters and length of 1740 meters. The ride is suitable for all ages. Along the ride there are 3 stations with unique attractions, such as mountain slides, trampoline – bungee dome, guided tours, the children’s house, inflated facilities playground. Our team will be happy to welcome you at any time.

Kiryat Shmona Tel: 972-4-6905830, 972-4-6905833

Rosh Hanikra Tourism In the northwestern corner of Israel, where the Mediterranean meets the mountains, is the Rosh Hanikra site. The site offers interesting experiences to families and groups of any age: tour of the grottos, cable car ride, train ride, bike rentals, light & sound show, restaurant, and a spectacular lookout point over the Mediterranean shoreline.

Rosh Hanikra Tel: 972-73-2710100 Fax: 972-73-2710131



Attractions throughout Israel

Naharayim Park – The Island of Peace Naharayim is situated south of the Sea of Galilee, east of the Menachamia Junction. In the 1919s the Jordan River was diverted by Pinhas Ruttenberg to join the Yarmuk River. Together the 2 rivers formed a reservoir and dam to produce hydro-electric power. The building took place during the years 1927– 1932 and supplied the North of Israel with electricity until independence war in 1948. The ever-straying Jordan River formed the island.

Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov Ichud Tel: 972-4-670-9143, Fax: 972-4-675-1777 Levin Ofer: 972-50-7222-787

Marinado – Meat from the Golan Marinado Meat restaurant is part of a complex that includes an excellent butcher shop, a delicatessen selling wines, sauces, and spices, and a restaurant, where you can taste our superb cuts. Our meat is fresh, grown and aged here, and then roasted on Marinado’s amazing grill, to produce soft and succulent meals. Our meat restaurant will be happy to host private and company meals of up to 80 guests. We also supply meat to your home, for any event or occasion, and we will cater a varied, tasty meal for you. The restaurant is open 7 days a week. Please book ahead.

Ein Gev Tel: 972-4-6658555

Attractions throughout Israel

Couples Ride in Abirim A mounted ride for two in an oak forest – cheese and wine on the cliff-top – a view of the Mediterranean and the spectacular scenery – the silence that imprints a smile on your face – beautiful horses, personal guides, coffee, homemade goat cheeses and excellent wines – recapture the taste of the moment you met. An open jeep, driving through the landscape, the ocean up ahead, you alone as far as the eye can see, driving along charming roads with short rest-breaks… A meal for two, a tablecloth, cheese and wine, only you and nature under the skies… Return to Abirim for coffee, and take the sweetest memory home with you to cherish.

Abirim Tel: 972-52-5832632

Golden Spa Want a break from routine? Want to stop and enjoy a soothing experience for body and soul? Golden Spa offers pampering massages by a professional team. We have luxurious treatment rooms and a large Jacuzzi, in a candlelit and perfumed, peaceful and calming atmosphere. Also, at Golden Spa, a dry and wet sauna, gym and swimming pool.

Tiberias Tel: 972-4-6723323, 972-52-4442724



Attractions throughout Israel

Vered Hagalil Guest Farm Vered Hagalil Restaurant: A rambling field-stone, pine-wood building, Quality, eclectic Israeli menu plus traditional American style. Horseback Riding: riding-tours from one hour to all day rides on friendly horses with knowledgeable, qualified guides to lead the ride. Novice riders are given instruction and demonstrations at outset of the rides "Close to Nature" tucked away in quiet shady nook of the farm, wooden cottage with rooms for various massages and treatments, homey atmosphere, sauna, Jacuzzi and hot-bath under the open sky. Personal attention by qualified and experienced staff. ATV and jeep tours – over an hour ATV tours present spectacular landscape of the Galilee and Golan hights.

M.P. Drom Hagolan Tel: 972-4-6935785 Fax: 972-4-6934964

Agamon-Hula A Paradise for Birds and People Agamon-Hula Ornithology & Nature Park is situated in the heart of Hula-Valley, a part of the Great Rift Valley, and one of the most significant bird migration routes in the world. During every migration season, over 500 million birds of over 300 species migrate through the valley's skies. Thousands remain at the Agamon-Hula during the winter, and others choose to nest here during the spring and summer. Agamon-Hula invites you to a unique and magical experience, in nature without partitions where you can observe thousands of unique birds, animals and plants, in their natural habitat. Photography: Thomas Krumenacker

Agamon-Hula Tel: 972-4-6817137

Israel Zimmer Guide - Country Lodging & Rural Tourism  
Israel Zimmer Guide - Country Lodging & Rural Tourism  

Israel`s rural tourism, comprised of 10,000 of `Zimmer` (Guest rooms) spread out of allover the country, in Kibbutzim, Moshavim and villages...