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Legislative Proposals for the future Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 Bulgarian Positions

Dobrinka Krasteva Министерство на финансите

Programming of EU Funds Directorate Council of Ministers

Cohesion Package 2014-2020

A set of six legislative proposals on the EU Cohesion Policy for 20142020      

Common Provisions Regulation Proposal European Regional Development Fund Regulation Proposal European Social Fund Regulation Proposal Cohesion Fund Regulation Proposal European Territorial Cooperation Regulation Proposal Proposal to amend Regulation 1082/2006 on European Groupings for Territorial Cooperation

Published by the Commission on 06.10.2011 The national positions on the regulations were approved by the European Affairs Council on 15.11.2011

The draft regulations and the national positions are published on Министерство на финансите

General Position

Acknowledgement of the role of the Structural funds for achieving the economic, social, and territorial cohesion of the regions in the EU

Effective management of the funds without additional administrative burden for the beneficiaries and the delivery structures

Flexibility for Member States to implement Cohesion policy while taking account of local needs

We do not support the proposed ceiling of 2,5% of GDP for the national Cohesion allocations as it is not in line with the solidarity Министерство на финансите principle

Common Provisions Regulation

Bulgaria supports the adoption of a Common Strategic Framework, which unites the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (CSF funds)

Support for the key role of the CSF funds in achieving the goals of the Europe 2020 strategy by focusing on 11 thematic objectives

Support for the introduction of ex ante conditionalities as a guarantee for the effective implementation of the future programmes

Министерство Support for the introduction of macroeconomic conditionalities, на финансите which will have a disciplining effect on Member States

Common Provisions Regulation - 2

We do not support the possibility for increased co-financing rate for Member States with temporary financial difficulties because of the de-motivating effect of the measure

We do not support the introduction of a 5% performance reserve, as the proposed mechanism will not lead to more effective implementation of programmes

We support the proposed instruments for territorial development (Community-led Local Development and Integrated Territorial Investments)

Министерство We support the extended scope of financial instruments for the на финансите next period

Общ регламент - 3

Support for multifund programmes financed by the Structural and the Cohesion Funds

We do not support the transfer of funds from the Cohesion Fund to the Connecting Europe Facility

General support for the Joint Action Plans

Support for the suggested rates of co-financing for the CSF funds in the less developed regions, objection to current proposed rate of 75% for the ERDF for cooperation programmes Министерство на финансите

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund (CF) Regulations

General support for the scope of support of the 2 funds and the investment priorities with some comments:  Investments for reduction of greenhouse emissions  Tourism, marginalized communities, and investment infrastructure as priorities for the ERDF

We do not support the concentration requirement for 50% of the ERDF funds to be allocated to thematic objectives 1, 3, and 4 as we consider it will restrict the programming of the funds

We support sustainable urban development as a specific priority for the ERDF and the establishment of an Urban Development Platform Министерство на финансите

European Social Fund Regulation

General support for the scope of support of the 2 funds and the investment priorities with some comments :  Investments for improving the quality of education  Investments in labour market institutions

Support for the proposed concentration requirement of 20% for the Promoting social inclusion and combating poverty thematic objectives

We do not support the proposed concentration requirement at OP level of 60% of funds on up to 4 investment priorities as we consider it a limiting requirement

Министерство Support for access of NGOs to resources with no mandatory на финансите allocation of resources for capacity building of NGOs

European Social Fund Regulation - 2

Support for mandatory allocation of funds to promote equal opportunities and non-discrimination,

We do not support mandatory investments to promote gender equality

General support for social innovations and transnational cooperation

General support for proposed simplified cost options for the ESF Министерство на финансите

European Territorial Cooperation Regulation

Support for a separate European Territorial Cooperation regulation

Support for proposed concentration of programmes on up to 4 thematic objectives and possibility for a sole project beneficiary

Support for eligibility rules at EU level, as well as for establishing eligibility rules for the programme territory by the Monitoring Committee

Support for merging the functions of the Managing Authority and the Certifying Authority на финансите Министерство We suggest that each Member State is able to authorize the

Managing Authority to perform verifications on its territory

European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC)

Support for extending the scope of the regulation to allow participation of third countries in EGTC

We do not support the proposal of the EC to introduce a “Silent

Consent System” that allows the establishment of an EGTC in the absence of justified objections of the national bodies within reasonable time

We suggest introducing a uniform approach to the responsibility of the partners where the national rules of the participants in the EGTC differ Министерство на финансите


The EC is expected to publish a draft version of the Common Strategic Framework in February 2012 and consultations on the document with the stakeholders can begin.

The draft regulations are expected to be approved by the Council and the Parliament in the end of 2012.

It is suggested that the Common Strategic Framework is adopted by the EC up to 3 months after the adoption of the General Provisions Regulation, but a majority of Member States prefer that it is adopted by the Council and the Parliament as an annex to the regulation. Министерство на финансите

Thank you for your attention!

Министерство на финансите

Legislative Proposals for the future Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 Bulgarian Positions  

Legislative Proposals for the future Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 Bulgarian Positions

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