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BARCOLANA: TOURIST PACKAGES FOR FOREIGN VIPS ARE READY Presentation in Moscow on Thursday 12 September Three nights in Trieste in a 4 star hotel, a professional skipper, a cruising yacht, parking and a special reserved space along the waterfront: these are the basic ingredients to attract VIP tourists - from Russia in particular - to the Barcolana. In addition to this, there are several more details among which a personal shopper, a city bike to visit the historic centre of the city, food and wine tasting tours through the best restaurants of the area and the Barcolana clothes collection designed by North Sails. The “Barcolana package” has been presented today, on 12 September, at the Royal Yacht Club, Moscow’s most important sailing club and one of the most active clubs in Russia having greater contacts with Italy. “Created by Evolution Tourist Marketing and in particular by two experts in tourism, Francesco Comotti and Silvio Rebula, the project – explained Barcolana marketing manager, Federico Prandi – is a new initiative aimed at developing what we consider one of the winning aspects of the Barcolana, tourists can take part in the event as protagonists. They are not only spectators but main characters in the event, experiencing at the same time the city and its territory during one of the most lively and fun weeks of the year”. “It is an experimental initiative – explained Francesco Comotti, general manager of Evolution Tourist Marketing – aimed at assessing the interest and the feedback of far away markets with a direct and dynamic approach. We are starting with Russia but we will continue to involve other markets to spread the name of Trieste and the Barcolana in all the most important International Sailing Clubs”. The project starts with this year’s Barcolana, but looks at the future: “At this stage– explained Vincenzo Spina, president of the Società velica di Barcola e Grignano – we are focussing on the Russian market also because it is the year of the Italy-Russian cross-tourism project which will continue in 2014; information and promotional channels enabling synergies and contacts have been already opened; the package is dedicated to all high-spending markets, targets which help to promote the territory, but also provide more opportunities to Trieste’s commercial and accommodation facilities, as well as in the whole Friuli Venezia Giulia region”. “Among the strength points of this year’s Barcolana – declared Mr. Spina – there is a closer collaboration with local authorities and with many private businesses in Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia which aim at joining the Barcolana to promote their activities and products. By working with them we want to better play our role within the region’s economy and in the partnership with the public authorities that support us: the Barcolana is becoming a sort of driving force for public-private initiatives in terms of tourist marketing”. This is the case of Boatsharing, the application developed for the Barcolana by CrowdM and available on the regatta’s Facebook page, which – following the famous American carsharing service – aims at making demand and offer of places on boats meet, both free of charge or sharing expenses. “In three weeks – explained Silvio Stafuzza, CEO of CrowdM – over 500 skippers used the application offering places on their boats or looking for a boat and the traffic, as we get closer to the regatta, is increasing rapidly. The Boatsharing service helps charter business, who offer places on a boat (from 50 to 300 euros, this is the current price for one place), but sailors can also find places for free, sometimes helping the boatowner to sail the boat to Trieste and return”. Among the new public-private partnerships, the Barcolana will launch an initiative dedicated to bloggers, Instagram and Twitter users: the official hashtag #BarcolanaLive together with #TriesteSocial will become an important social promotion tool for Barcolana, Trieste and the entire Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

MARKETING INNOVATIONS FOR THE PROMOTION OF BARCOLANA VIP TOURIST PACKAGE – Promoted by the Società velica di Barcola e Grignano, Evolution Marketing, Nautilus Italia and Promotrieste, aims at promoting the incoming of a high-spending foreign tourists to Barcolana. BOATSHARING – Created by CrowdM with the collaboration of the Società velica di Barcola e Grignano and Nautilus Italia, the application on Facebook helps demand and offer of places on a boat during the regatta meet – for free or sharing expenses. #BarcolanaLive + #TriesteSocial – the social story of Barcolana and Trieste (created and managed by Rosy Russo of Errequadrato, Giovanna Tinunin of Dof and by Instagram Fvg), with the collaboration of the Società velica di Barcola e Grignano, Promotrieste, Federalberghi and TurismoFvg. GENOA BOATSHOW – Agreement between Barcolana and Ucina (Confindustria Nautica) which aims at promoting the Barcolana at the International Boat Show of Genoa and vice versa. ROYAL YACHT CLUB OF MALTA – The partnership aims at promoting the Barcolana and the Middle Sea Race of Malta at international level.

BARCOLANA PRESS OFFICE Wordpower srl - Uffici stampa, PR e comunicazione d'impresa Viale Miramare, 3 Trieste - tel. +39 040 4261048 Francesca Capodanno - +39 349 8810482 - Valentina Petto - +39 320 3433323 - Alice Sannia - +39 040 4261048 - Giacomo Baldassari - Studio Baldassari Comunicazione - +39 393 0640336 -


Presentation in Moscow on Thursday 12 September

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