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Partnership Proposal

Partnership Proposal

For the Victoria and Soho College Centres



Vision and Promise This document contains the outline proposal for a partnership between Westminster Kingsway College and Barcode (including the NLTS). These ideas are the first step in sharing a vision for a collaboration between training partners. Students at Westminster College already enjoy a prestigious standard of training and education in cheffing and hospitality. The partnership with Barcode will augment existing courses with specialised content that focuses on the craft of the professional bartender with spirits and wine education and contemporary barfocused skills. Our students will enjoy state-of the art facilities, training from industry experts and gain a strong understanding of the skills, attitude and plans necessary for a successful future as a 21st century hospitality professional.

The Partners: WESTMINSTER KINGSWAY COLLEGE Westminster Kingsway College has a long and proud tradition of fostering excellence in the hotel and catering industry and in 2010, the School of Hospitality celebrated its 100th anniversary. Auguste Escoffier himself was closely identified with the School from its early years, and was part of the team which developed the Professional Chefs Diploma; still delivered today.

Standard in recognition of its contribution to the education of students from all parts of the World. The School of Hospitality was also graded ‘Outstanding’ in terms of its educational provision at its most recent Ofsted inspection, and has won many awards for the high-quality food and impressive service in the two College restaurants. The Vincent Rooms have a justifiably high reputation among London food and drink cognoscenti.

The School of Hospitality at Westminster Kingsway College has been awarded Centre of Vocational Excellence status and the National Training Quality

BARCODE THE NATIONAL LICENSED TRADE ASSOCIATION Barcode and the National Licensed Trade Association are focusing considerable effort into training opportunities for the drinks industry. The current content has been designed to give bartenders and drinks retailers the knowledge to do their job more effectively and with renewed confidence, offering new opportunities for career development, as well as formal qualifications. Together with policies to encourage responsible drinking, we are also committed to having a positive effect on anti-social behaviour caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

After consultation with industry, the National Licensed Trade Scheme has created a benchmark to improve quality of service and competence within the Hospitality Sector. The board members of the ‘National Licence Trade Association’ are drawn from: Industry Trade Associations, Charity Groups, Industry Media, Producers, Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Independent bar Operators and Training Groups.


The partnership in context The Barcode Team, and its extensive network of contacts in the UK hospitality sector, has the experience and the skills to add value to the world-class provision that Westminster Kingsway College already delivers. Barcode already effectively delivers the National Licensed Trade Association Training programme, as an on-line Entry Level qualification for the industry (The Red Card) as well as training and accrediting assessors to both deliver and assess NVQ/SVQ Level 2 competency (the Silver Card), and providing a entry route to higher level courses. Beyond the capacity to deliver motivated new learners into the FE sector, and to guide and educate those

interested in a long-term career in the hospitality sector, the Barcode organisation is able to add value in a unique and ground-breaking way. In London, the core team members are able to build on their deep and long-established connections and experience within the cutting edge bar and restaurant business to deliver genuine and sustainable business partnerships. As a team we believe that Westminster Kingsway is ideally placed to take advantage of a new type of relationship.


About the scheme The Card Scheme is in short, an interactive tool for learner, Provider, Employer, and Awarding Body (Edexcel) to use as a communication platform. It allows the learner to talk to other learners, to seek advice on their chosen field, search for a job, and watch training films with helpful tips . They can also upload images and film to use as evidence in their portfolio, or to use within a CV - all online. The Empolyer can view

the candidate through the search tool on the home page of the website. This allows realtime details of the candidate, with references, a CV, images and video, employment history, qualifications, a full personal profile. The scheme will give that added value to the learner across their continual personal development.

THE CARDS The Cards are a tangible asset to the learner; something to be proud to hold. They start with “Red� - a Pre Apprenticeship Card which shows that the Learner has achived Key / Functional Skills, and a Technical certificate in their chosen field. They can then choose to progress further to a Silver Card (Level 2) and Gold (Level 3). Each card has a picture of the Learner and a 16 digit UIN on the front along with a security hologram. To the reverse, there is an area which displays the qualification they are currently undertaking, or achieved, and a QR code with a link to the website.


TRAINING VIDEOS This is a function that can stream to a PC or mobile phone - E-Shots sent to the Learner with weblinks directing to the host (You Tube) can be tailored to the modules that are applicable to the member. Iconic public figures (Jamie oliver, Nikki Clarke, Lewis Hamilton) can be filmed with “top tips” and trade secrets, as aspirational support.

JOB SEARCH An apprenticeship is vocational , therfore an integral part of the scheme is to help with employment. A job search application will be built into the website, with a simple, user-friendly interface. Here an employer can upload a job which has to meet a criteria fitting of the apprentice . The application should also link to the DWP (Job Centre) and other agency’s offering high end employment. The apprentice can then search by either using the website or a phone App.

E-PORTFOLIO The E-Portfolio is at the heart of the scheme. This is a portable, realtime, online CV which displays Personal details, references, employment history and education. An images of the member, and the current card will be generic. Anyone can access this infomation as long as you have (a) the members name and (b) the 16 digit number from the card. Here the learner can upload imges of their work or short videos. This can also forward on to their portfolio, where the assessor can gain further evidence towards their qualification. This is like a “facebook” approach; infomation can be circulated, online workshops, blogs, walls, chatrooms , can be accommodated. An online diary with access rights to assessors and training providers (granted by the member), will be a help tool for appointments, with reminders to the member of up-and-coming events.


Site Proposals VICTORIA AND THE VINCENT BAR The Victoria Site should develop a fully operational and working contemporary bar – The Vincent Bar - to support the Vincent Rooms and to be self sustaining. Both the bar and front-of-house area should look and feel like a premium London on-trade environment, and this design process will be supported by a bona-fide creative agency, already working in the industry. The Vincent bar should have the capacity to function both as an educational facility and a fully functioning business operation, with state of the art EPOS system and stock control systems, and will be partnered with an existing West End operation to ensure best industry practice. The Vincent bar will be supported by a professional PR company, to provide opportunities for students to get involved in marketing best practice. Importantly the Vincent Bar will embody all aspects of responsible service and responsible consumption within the industry.

The Victoria Bar School at Vincent College will provide educational facilities for bartender training combined with the opportunity to test these skills in a live working environment. The school will offer a comprehensive education in the history of all aspects of the modern bar industry and drinks service and there will be dedicated training rooms for drinks creation wine and spirits appreciation. There will be shared facilities where the students can learn about new techniques that have often migrated from the kitchen environment into the bartenders world. The site will be funded through business partnerships, including the NLTA , Barcode, Diageo, Pernod Ricard and Bacardi Brown Forman Brands. The School and the Vincent bar should be supported by stock agreements and point of sale material provided through such partnerships.




The food offer would focus on street food trends, and would initially change quarterly to hero a different global street-food offer. Street food trends are exciting, gastromically diverse and democratic, and are at the heart of urban food culture across the world.

The bar concept would be delivered to the same exacting standards as The Vincent Room Bar, designed to deliver a genuinely stunning bar environment, high quality drinks and to become an iconic educational facility for aspiring bartenders.

Borough Market exemplifies the spirit, excitement and engagement of the street food movement, and design elements will be borrowed from this globally significant London site.

The focus of the drinks offer would change to reflect the focus of the food offer giving the students the opportunity to work with new ingredients and drink styles on a seasonal basis.

Practically, the provision of street food requires a less complex kitchen operation and is best suited to venue.

Students would also be encouraged to develop new bespoke cocktails as the food focus changes. They would work alongside professional bartenders who would form the senior team members of the operation.

Students from Vincent Square would have the opportunity to work in a live open-kitchen environment with a varied menu under real-time pressures and expectations.

Stock control, pricing and effective bar management will all form parts of the bartender curriculum as part of the Soho Bar School.


DELIVERY Student engagement would be encouraged and embedded in the development process. The team would call upon their industry connections and experience to develop a well-resourced and well-supported project programme and the prime location would also allow us to draw in industry professionals to lead master-classes on a regular basis for the students. The school would bring in external trainers to reflect the seasonal menu changes who can share their specific understanding of international bar trends. Classes would reflect the requirements of the modern bar world with a balanced emphasis on an understanding of the production skills and commercial awareness necessary to succeed in business. We would also partner with other established bodies like the Sherry Institute to offer specialist courses for the students. The Soho Bar School alongside the Victoria Bar School would become the leading centres for apprentice-style practical bartender education in London.


The Delivery Team SAM SURL The World of Bars. Sam’s background in the drinks industry spans 25 years, starting as a bartender for the Maxwells Group in the late 1980s. In 1988, he was part of the team which successfully converted two previously under-performing pubs in Notting Hill into groundbreaking venues - The Market Bar and Beach Blanket Babylon. In the early 90s, by day he taught Politics and Business Studies in a South London sixth form college, and by night he managed Albero and Grana on Sloane Avenue; then a Michelin starred restaurant. Working closely with Como Holdings also meant that he was part of the development of the Met Bar at the Metropolitan Hotel, with Joe Woolfe and Cairbry Hill. In 1997, he formed part of the opening team at iconic Alphabet Bar in Soho with Spike Marchant and David Paskins. The bar attracted an astonishing bar team, many of whom are senior in the industry today, and was one of the first venues that can truly be credited with the ‘democratisation’ of cocktail culture in London. In 2004, after the sale of Alphabet and Amber, Sam joined Steve Kelly’s Rising Star Leisure Ltd which owned The Underdog Bars, The Establishment, and The Dime Bar, all of which were successful and vibrant London venues. Sam was Managing Director of the group until its sale in 2013.

The World of brands. Sam has been proving important commercial insights about the on-trade for at least a decade, and delivers anything from a pithy ‘brand health’ check to detailed ethnographic analysis of consumer in-bar and at-home behaviour. He is an expert on trade commercialisation strategies, both for existing brands and brands in development, and is particularly interested in unpacking the emotional connection that both bartenders and consumers often invest in a spirit brand. Sam is a non-executive director of Sipsmith Ltd, and consults for Realise Consulting, The House Worldwide, Laurent Perrier, Heineken, Diageo, Bacardi Brown Forman Brands and Pernod Ricard.


SPIKE MARCHANT Bars and Hospitality

Brands, Corporate & Consulting

Spike has an extensive professional background working in some of London’s top bars for over twenty years. Spike was part of the opening management teams of the seminal institutions of the nineties and he also worked on a wide variety of openings of new bar operations throughout the West End for many years. His experience spans working with cutting-edge entrepreneurs like Oliver Peyton through to large-scale managed operations like the Conran Restaurant group. In1997 he opened his own venture, the award-winning venue Alphabet Bar part of the class of new-wave bars that drove the transformation of cocktail culture in London, and followed this three years later with his second barrestaurant Amber an Iberian-Brazilian fusion operation. He sold them onwards in 2004.

Spike has worked as a spirit ambassador for several major spirit companies over the last fifteen years including Absolut Vodka and Bombay Sapphire. From 2005-2008 he was also part of the highly awarded Gorgeous Group Consultancy working on projects like the Bar at the Dorchester, Cloud 23 in Manchester and the 5-star Molino Stucky Hilton in Venice as well as other projects across Europe. Spike travels extensively and for the last few years has been centrally involved with ‘World Class’ for Diageo Reserve Brands as its roving Global Ambassador since 2008. Over the last five years ‘World Class’ activity has brought the world’s finest bartenders together and Spike created all of the bartending challenges for the competition.  Spike has also been involved in creating training content for the global Diageo Bar Academy program due to engage with 100,000 participants in this financial year.  


MARCO ARRIGO Marco Arrigo is the Head of Quality for world renowned coffee brand illy. He also runs the University of Coffee in Islington where he has taught countless baristas who now serve London’s thirsty coffee drinkers, ensuring that they can easily rustle up at least a cappuccino, a latte and two macchiato in a couple of minutes with flashy leaves and love hearts in the milk. He’s been in the coffee game for over 20 years, is an excellent teacher and has hundreds of stories up his sleeve, including being one of the inventors of the espresso martini, which Kate Moss was the first to try.

ANDY BISHOP Andy Bishop has spent many years working in the UK and international bar sector as publisher and director of events. Andy launched Theme Magazine, the UK’s first magazine for Bar Culture twenty years ago and ran the prestigious Theme Awards, Theme Design Forum and Theme Best Bartender events that helped to launch the UK bar industry. In 2000 Andy launched the London Bar Show, a dedicated exhibition for bar owners and operators, bartenders, drinks companies and designers. At its peak the London Bar Show attracted over 12,000 dedicated bar professionals from throughout the UK and the world. Andy exported this winning format to the Netherlands and more recently to Russia with the launch of Moscow

Bar Show in 2011. The Bar Show format has been imitated many times across the world, uniting the industry and creating platform for brands to meet bartenders and trading partners. Andy has launched a new event for 2015 - the Global Drinks Forum, based in Ibiza - a future looking conference for the European drinks business. As well as Moscow Bar Show, Andy works as an independent consultant to the international bar sector, working with United Business Media and Barcode.



Summary The opportunity for Westminster Kingsway and Barcode to work collaboratively is an exciting proposition for both parties. The Barcode team have the opportunity to work alongside staff and students who are genuinely passionate about the hospitality industry and to embed positive attitudes to alcohol and responsible drinking. Westminster Kingsway can expect partnership with Barcode to attract more learners to their centres, add value to existing courses, to help develop new ones and to meet growing demand from the industry for true professionals in the bar environment.

Both The Vincent Bar and The Pulteney will offer unique opportunities for students to experience a real-world business environment, as well as offering Westminster Kingsway a genuine commercial opportunity, and the support and sponsorship of major brands. The success of Jamie Oliver at Fifteen demonstrates that business and education can and should sit comfortably side-by-side, providing great opportunities and best outcomes for 21st Century learners.


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