Barco Annual Report 2019

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Barco annual report 2019

Letter from the CEO Dear customers, business partners, employees and shareholders,

2019 has been a good year for Barco as a group - and for every division. I’m delighted about our results, as they are the fruit of the hard work and the investments that we made in the past years to become a more resilient and focused company.

Building on solid foundations When I joined Barco in 2016, we drafted a roadmap for the future, focusing on performance first. For three years, we have worked hard to boost operational and commercial excellence, ensure cost efficiency and build out our commercial footprint and intensity. At the same time, we shaped our organization, product portfolio and product-market strategies in line with the refreshed business strategy. The journey was not always easy; it implied some tough choices and big efforts from every single Barco employee. But we did what we said we would do – and that has led to solid results in 2019. Barco is now a different company with a healthier and more resilient platform for future growth: we are ready to capture new opportunities and further expand Barco’s capabilities, footprint, skills and portfolio in order to keep leading in our markets.